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People are still not seeing the Rainbow

JLT was a guest on the 80’s Glam Metalcast, and he sounds like he’s still not over about Blackmore’s choice of personnel for the most recent Rainbow lineup and being smug about it:

Selected quotes from the chat (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

Most people don’t know this true story, because I didn’t try to really come out and make people understand it all, because I just said, ‘Look, the guy’s gonna do what he wants to do.’ But I was talking to his so-called ‘management,’ ’cause it’s his mother-in-law for a good year. I’ve got all the e-mails to prove it. We were going back and forth talking about what the reunion of Rainbow would be. And I wanted an authentic Rainbow reunion; I wanted to get authentic players. I wanted the real Rainbow — not just the Rainbow I was in — but I wanted to bring up Doogie White and Graham Bonnet and I had Bob Daisley. Unfortunately, Jimmy Bain had passed and so on and so forth, but Don Airey… I wanted to make it sort of a Rainbow extravaganza. There would be a core band, whether it was Rondinelli or Burgi on drums or Dave Rosenthal — I spoke to all of them. I was lining all this up.

You may or may not know anything about the Blackmore camp, as we call it, but they’re very guarded. And the mother-in-law — the story is I had a spy in that camp, and the story is that she was badmouthing me to Ritchie saying that I wanted to take full control of it all. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was talking to Live Nation, which we had over a hundred and sixty dates promised, either headlining and/or special guests at all the big festivals. Our label, Universal, was gonna release not only an album but a four-song EP. I had Rock Fuel Media out of L.A., which was gonna do a 3D video of the whole thing. It was just gonna be gigantic and enormous — amazing. And she turned around and just dropped it like a hot potato — didn’t even give me any reason why. And I found out in a newspaper called Le Parisien that I wasn’t gonna be in the band. So I kind of laughed at it — simply because he said that I didn’t know about it. But I said, ‘Well, he’s making a mistake, but he doesn’t know about it.’ And I know that’s my opinion today.

The Rainbow [Ritchie] put together is nostalgic, but it is not Rainbow. They never did an album, and all they do is these spot dates. And anybody who goes to see them, it’s all over YouTube. And that’s really all I’ve gotta say about it. If you ask me, he’s cheating the public. And that wasn’t my intention. So happily I go along. Ritchie is allowed to do whatever he wants to do, and so I am. And I don’t need the hassle. So it’s great.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

28 Comments to “People are still not seeing the Rainbow”:

  1. 1
    Andra Purple Aribo Thompson says:

    Not a great fan of Joseph remember he wasn’t impressed having to sing Gillan’s “drivel ” 🤏💦

  2. 2
    Jouko Juntunen says:

    This guy was the disease of Deep Purple.

  3. 3
    Keith Livingstone says:

    I actually spoke to him about a week before the new Rainbow line up was announced. He was convinced he would be getting a call from Ritchie.

  4. 4
    Kevin Staden says:

    All he seems to say is ” I had this, I organised that… I… I… and over again, me me me” But, it was never his band. He was just the singer Ritchie brought in. And thank goodness he didn’t this time cos Ronnie Romero is a fantastic find.

  5. 5
    al says:

    I heard this before.

    “I don’t need the hassle” so shut the hell up and stop talking about it.
    Yes you may have a point and I have the same reservations about that line up,but you sound bitter and angry about it.Old story!

  6. 6
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Whether you like JLT or not the guy knows how to write songs and all credit to him for the work he did with Rainbow. The guy did an amazing job to fill for Ian Gillan and did a great album with DP in slaves and masters but at the end his contribution is just as good as Ronnie James Dio but with a different style and background. BTW he is right in saying that the current Rainbow line up is cheating the fans but he forgot that the fans pays money to see Ritchie play and no one else in the band with all due respect to the band members.
    Peace and love and Corona free to you all.

  7. 7
    Nick Green says:

    Andra Purple Aribo Thompson I nearly smashed the TV when that idiot said that.

  8. 8
    Nick Green says:

    Jouko Juntunen perfect description

  9. 9
    Arthur says:

    I can’t see Ritchie agreeing to 160 dates with any line up of Rainbow, it’s not what he was looking to do.

  10. 10
    MacGregor says:

    I was gonna do this & I was gonna do that & everything was gonna be about me doing everything…………………………..and then, alas, I woke up, it was just another dream I keep having.
    Oh well, they say fantasy can be a good escape at times. The only trouble is, poor old JLT has trouble separating escapism & reality! Poor Joe, of course as he says he doesn’t care at all & still doesn’t, he just ‘kind of laughed it off’……………..no bitterness, letting it go………….wonderful attributes JLT.
    Sad really that he is still banging on about something that was never going to happen in his real world. It makes you wonder though, as his past dealings with Blackmore should have scuppered any thoughts of ‘gonna’. Cheers.

  11. 11
    AG says:

    So Don Airey would have been part of it but not Roger Glover? I wonder why.

    It would have sucked without Roger, who played on more Rainbow albums than any other
    member, and crucially helped shape the band’s direction.

    Bob Daisley is great and a legend in his own right, but his stint in Rainbow was not memorable, having only played on a couple of tracks on Long Live R&R. Daisley on bass and Bonnet/Turner singing would have made no sense.

  12. 12
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Ritchie isn’t up to it anymore…. he’s just an old man with a young family having a little fun, while his arthritis still allows him to.
    It’s just not a thing anymore.
    Proper Rainbow is done & dusted. We have the 8 studio albums & a lot of live stuff to listen to, that will just have to suffice.

  13. 13
    kraatzy110 says:

    Oh man oh man oh man … Mr.(Little) Joe …

    You are crying since 4 years …
    Why you live so deep in the past.
    Why you don´t accept, that you are not in this old boat.
    You are sorted out !!!
    And why are you sorted out ?
    I will tell you: Because you are a silly man of the past, who didn´t accepted that you aren´t the person,
    Ritchie like to have in “HIS R A I N B O W Team”.

    Be happy, that you are not a part of it, because now you are not one part of an old sinking boat …



  14. 14
    Bora Ciftci says:

    Deep Purple is primarily a basic example of “brand” business, “(rock) music industry” business. Ritchie Blackmore’s choise as businessman is every doyen’s “right” decision to protect his only possesion, his “brand equity”. As you see below..



  15. 15
    Bora Ciftci says:

    “The business and progressive side of being a human” I meant:

    “Although Yes performs with the spirit that — ‘the show must go on,’ — we’ve reached — the point — where various factors require us — to cancel — our forthcoming U.S. dates and cancel our appearances on the 7th ‘Cruise To The Edge,” guitarist Steve Howe said in a statement. “We are full of — regret —, as we’ve been preparing for these shows with maximum excitement. Running a relatively large show aided by our 12-piece crew and full production requires insurance coverage, which is — currently unavailable — to us for a variety of reasons — beyond our control —.

    Read More: Yes Cancel Concerts, Withdraw From Cruise Due to Coronavirus | https://ultimateclassicrock.com/yes-concerts-cruise-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR0vstLaP_j9aqg_ZnQhy0GKQ5e9vOGdx7UrcNkEFff2QxHtdH0N2pUDkgg&utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

  16. 16
    George G Martin says:

    I think the key part of this is Joe wanted over 160 gigs from this. Considering Ritchie only does about 6 a year. I am willing to bet Blackmore said screw it. I’m not doing that , I just want a few to have some fun. I’m not going on a world tour again and that’s that.

  17. 17
    uwe hornung says:

    Joking about Joe is real, real easy, after all his stage raps are awful and he is another big-mouthed man from the colonies (for the record: I have no issues with his skin complexion or his hair). But whether with Rainbow (2x), DP (1x and what a great gig at Hammersmith it was!) or together with Glenn Hughes (1x), I’ve never seen/heard the guy sing badly live. I prefer Dio and Bonnet too, but he is part of the Rainbow legacy, like it or not.

    I’ve seen Ritchie’s zombie Rainbow 4x now, they’ve (very) gradually improved, but the keyboard viking still doesn’t know how to swing and Ronnie Romero’s – as a non-native English speaker myself I’m perhaps allowed to write this without sounding too arrogant – singing is, uhum, sensitive to light; you better not listen too closely or the realization bites that his grasp of the English language (as regards pronunciation, speech rhythm and meaning) is limited (to say the most). I don’t know about you, but that bothers me big time. Come back Klaus Meine, all eeengleeesh langweeech crimes might not be vergessen, but compared to the new Ronnie they sure are vergeben.

    Joe might be on to something here. And perhaps Ritchie’s mother-in-law is not the most empathetic caretaker of Rainbow’s legacy. It’s just not as cutting edge as that neo-PROG outfit he now has with her daughter.

    And before we start turning circles again: No, I don’t hate Ritchie. Even worse, I adore him.

  18. 18
    mike whiteley says:

    Joe Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes can split the award for ” Past Members Of Deep Purple Who LOVE Talking About Themselves” Seriously, those two have made self – promotion an art form !

  19. 19
    uwe hornung says:

    “Bob Daisley is great and a legend in his own right, but his stint in Rainbow was not memorable, having only played on a couple of tracks on Long Live R&R. Daisley on bass and Bonnet/Turner singing would have made no sense.”

    @11: AG, I must come to the defense of my bassist colleague!!! Jimmy Bain was charming on stage (and a bit on the punky-sloppy side in his bass playing), Roger has a lovely swinging groove and melodic feel, but when it comes to pummeling accuracy with a pick, no one can beat Bob Daisley (well, perhaps John McCoy)! He is like clockwork with a huge amount of expression, listen to Gates of Babylon or the 1977 Munich Rockpalast gig (I was there at the time) and then tell me if you have ever heard Jimmy B or Roger G play Kill the King as immaculately and with as much note-for-note presence (even Ritchie didn’t on the studio take). Daisley’s bass playing could stand up to Cozy’s powerhouse drumming and still be distinctly heard, no mean feat.

    And as for matching Joe Lynn Turner with Bob Daisley, didn’t those three Mother’s Army albums that featured both prove the point? Marvelous bass playing on all of those too!

  20. 20
    Rock Voorne says:

    Yeah, some are right to call it old news.

    But to suggest he has been constantly nagging about this isnt true.
    He has a big point.

    As much as when Glenn said the touringband has little to do with Deep Purple.

    Ofcourse, the Gillanfanclub here will embrace every possibility to bask people like JLT and GH.

    They dont feel like admitting these 2 still can sing and delivered great work over the years.

    I guess JLT by now thinks : “I can say whatever I want, no holding back.”, because its evident now its too late now for a better way out.

    Maybe the likes of Rondinelli and Turner should be glad they werent part of this travesty called Rainbow since 2016.

    I m happy having seen Over The Rainbow with a mix of ex members and Jurgen.Does anybody know how is Jurgen these days?

    Glenn did an awesome next best thing to a MK 3 reunion with the Deep Purple shows.

    Having heard the “Rainbow”shows from the last 4 years I know the man in black had his magic moments, the feel and everything, it was sometimes.
    But it was mainly painful to watch and hear.

    The rest was as depressing as a Morse guitarsolo or witnessing and hearing Mister Living Wreck himself making a fool of himself on stage.

    I know people will bash me for this, I dont care.


  21. 21
    Rascal says:

    Problem with JLT is that his claim to fame is his time in Rainbow & a short stint in DP. His career outside these bands is mostly unmemorable and certainly not as successful.

    In short he needs ‘Rainbow’ more than ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Blackmore’ needs him.

    He is in the later stages of his dwindling career and appears to still be bitter about the whole ‘Rainbow’ & ‘DP’ saga. Time to let them go and get a grip.


  22. 22
    stoffer says:

    @18………right on!!!!!!

  23. 23
    Paulo Glover says:

    I think Joe did a very good job with Rainbow, very good albums. But his relationship with Ritchie and Rainbow -or what he thinks it’s a relationship- became paranoid, that’s stalking.

    “You may or may not know anything about the Blackmore camp, as we call it, but they’re very guarded. And the mother-in-law — the story is I had a spy in that camp, and the story is that she was badmouthing me to Ritchie saying that I wanted to take full control of it all.”

    “…And I wanted an authentic Rainbow reunion; I wanted to get authentic players. I wanted the real Rainbow…I wanted to make it sort of a Rainbow extravaganza…I spoke to all of them. I was lining all this up.”

  24. 24
    Micke says:

    @ 2 And who hired him..? Don’t blame JLT for everything..

  25. 25
    jeff says:

    I read an article that interviewed Paul Morris (Keyboards “Stranger in us all” era) I cannot speak to the truth of it but he indicated that Turner let him go over money. He didn’t want to pay enough to the point where it was ridiculous.. I think it mentioned it was not even like $100/night. (???!!!??) Where’s the “Authenticity” in Turners line- ups that he projects onto RB? Where are the original members from JLT’s solo album in his current lineups?

    RB owes him nothing. I remember in 1991 Worcester MA. (Slaves & Masters tour) It happened to be RB’s birthday that night and JLT was telling me that “It’s a whole new band” (Now that he was in it) Why did he say that? It wasn’t, in fact, it was one of the least remarkable shows I had ever seen by Purple.

  26. 26
    maurane says:

    je pense que ritchie est revenu trop tard à rainbow….et il le sait d’ailleurs nous ne le verrons pas cette année…..

  27. 27
    francis says:

    in any case the concerts that ritchie gave come too late because he is no longer able to play as before on the fender guitar … and I will go further the singer for my part has nothing extraordinary .. ..he does not have the charisma of others !!! what a pity that ritchie is not decided much sooner to replay because blackmore’snight lasted 10 years too long!
    but as we say in France this is only my opinion!

  28. 28
    maurane says:

    “Rock Voorne says:”

    I say BRAVO!!!!

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