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Entirely new game

Another interview with David Coverdale, in which he talks Slide It In remasters, his health issues, and offers his view of the post-pandemic world. When I got back from Asia [in March]… I started off in Australia, and the first show was in Melbourne. The second song is ‘Slide It In’, and there’s a big […]

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No quite yet

David Coverdale spoke to the Appetite for Distortion podcast clarifying his retirement comments from last week and he sounds like he’s not quite ready to retire yet: Appetite for Distortion · David Coverdale’s Slow an’ Easy approach to Quarantine | Ep. 189 I was asked a question, and I just thought it was amusing to […]

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Coverdale on his retirement

Speaking about “those who can afford to retire, will retire”, David Coverdale said just that in his interview to Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown on Detroit radio station WRIF. Besides retirement, he’s promoting a new Whitesnake compilation and talks about the fate of ’84 album, noting that 50% of that band is now gone. I have […]

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Steven darling

In a recent interview to Guitar World Steve Vai reminisces on his time in Whitesnake: David Coverdale had a lot of experience working with gifted players when you joined the fold and seems to be someone who really values the interplay between a frontman and a dazzling lead guitarist. What was he like to work […]

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It’s not just the virus

David Coverdale announced today that all remaining Whitesnake tours for 2020 — the mainland Europe, the UK, and the double header with Sammy Hagar in the US — are now cancelled.

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Slide it in on red vinyl

Whitesnake’s Slide It In will be released on red vinyl via Rhino/Warner on both sides of the Atlantic on April 10. The 2LP set will contain the 35th anniversary remix previously released on Disc 3 of the Super Deluxe set from early 2019). Slide It In was always meant to be a structured, more electric […]

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Virus bites the ‘snake

The ill-fated Whitesnake Japanese tour, that has already been rescheduled for March from October 2019, is now postponed until further notice due to “the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus”. We regret to announce that WHITESNAKE’S Japan Tour which had been scheduled for March has been unavoidably postponed due to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus. […]

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Whitesnake in Brisbane cancelled

[UPDATED] Whitesnake show on the double bill with Scorpions on February 24 in Brisbane, Australia, has been cancelled:

Unfortunately due to a medical emergency within the Scorpions tour party, Scorpion and Whitesnake show scheduled to take place at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tomorrow, Monday 24 February 2020 has been cancelled.

🎟️Tickets purchased by credit or debit card will be refunded in full

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Whiteschenker or Michaelsnake?

Michael Schenker is on the cover of the current (#18) issue of the Rock Candy Magazine. In the cover story interview, he spoke about his abortive collaboration with David Coverdale. Back in the early ’80s when I had the Michael Schenker Group my manager at the time, Peter Mensch, believed we needed a new singer […]

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Tea or tequila?

Whitesnake will embark on another extensive tour of the US, this time on a double bill with Sammy Hagar. Night Ranger will be opening on all dates. The itinerary is strategically arranged in 3 legs of 10 shows each — one per July, August, and September 2020 respectively. All venues will be big corporate sheds […]

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