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Last major FAQ update: October 24, 2002


This collection of information is an attempt to put in place the answers to the questions we get asked over and over. It began life as a handful of questions and their answers, put together by Trond Strøm; but as the scope of the questions widened the document did too, finally evolving into this behemoth you are now looking at.

Many thanks are owed all of those who've contributed information and/or comments, but three need to be singled out for without their Herculanean efforts over the years, this FAQ would not exist: Trond Strøm, Svante Petterson, and Mike Collins.

Below are, bar none, the most frequently-asked questions of all. For any other questions you might have, use the lefthand navigation bar to select the category your question likely falls under.

The Top 3 (plus one)

  1. Who is in the band right now?

    On the organ, Mr Don Airey
    On the drums, Mr Ian Paice
    On the banjo, Mr Simon McBride
    On the bass banjo, Mr Roger Glover
    On the bongos, harp and vocals section, Mr Ian Gillan

  2. Where is Ritchie Blackmore? Why isn't he in Deep Purple now?

    In a nutshell, he quit the band in 1993 near the end of the Battle Rages On tour. In order to fufill contractual obligations, they hired Joe Satriani to play on the Japanese dates and discovered that they were having fun again. So, rather than disband, they decided to find a guitarist who was compatible with them and settled on Steve Morse. This proved to be the best thing they had ever done, and since then DP has been making some exceptional music and having a fabulous time doing it. Ritchie, on the other hand, reformed Rainbow for a while, and then decided to pursue his real interest, which was the music of the Renaissance. He's made three CDs, and by all accounts is as happy as a clam. You can get more details at his website, www.blackmoresnight.com.

  3. Why aren't they playing my town on this tour?

    Money. Logistics. The great touring dartboard. The band doesn't set the itinerary, promoters do. If you have money to put up, talk to the booking agent and bid for the next tour. It worked for Australia, it could work for for wherever you live.

  4. Can you get me/us/my girlfriend/my boyfriend/my boss/my dog some autographs/signed photographs/tickets/passes/personal invitations?

    No, we can't. Please stop asking.

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