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Here she goes again

Lovely Elizabeth the opera singer is counting dead bugs on Tawny’s face while trying to figure out the difference between White Stripes and Whitesnake.

7 Comments to “Here she goes again”:

  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    One day ahead of my birthday, you’re really spoiling me with an embarrassment of riches, Nick! Between all of Lizzie’s nose wrinkling and Tawny’s intimate buffing of car hoods, I feel really distracted and somewhat confused: So Tawny was actually David’s sister and she played drums in his band? You live and learn, but Seven Nations Army was always my favorite Whitesnake song.

    Lots of priceless moments here: “He’s in some way connected to Deep Purple …”, “Whitesnake – wonder where that name came from?” (perhaps you shouldn’t dig to the scaly depths of that, Lizzie!)”, “They’re always shown together, yet he sings ‘Here I go again on my own’ …”. :mrgreen:

    Not sure about the bugs-on-face comment though, that could be misinterpreted as lacking piety given how poor Tawny has left not only Jag hoods, but this world as a whole not so long ago. (Besides, anybody who has spent some time with women will warily attest to the fact that the number one concern with hanging female scantily clad butts – however shapely – out of a car window is – you guessed right – bladder infections rather than chitin debris!)

    She mentions how David “budgets his voice”, that may be true on that rerecording of a song (where, ironically, David was coming to terms with the demise of his first marriage to Julia in the original and which shot to MTV fame heavily featuring his soon-if-not-long-to-be second wife Tawny in the reworking), but live David did anything but ‘budget’ his voice in the latter part of the 80ies – with the severe repercussions lasting to this day for him.

    I was surprised that she didn’t get more into DC’s trademark heavy breathing, but to be fair that is not as evident on the heavily processed HIGA 1987 recording as on a lot of older Whitesnake as well as Mk III + IV material. (I remember a scathing review of Lovehunter in German Musikexpress where the journo wrote: “Coverdale always sounded like his mouth was full of popcorn singing with Purple; on this record he now grates with his extreme short-of-breath’ness.”)

  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    Happy Birthday Uwe, another day older & another year gone. All the best. Regarding the video which I will not watch, I didn’t realise there was any difference at all with any of those horrible hair metal bands. Would have saved her the time & she could have analysed something of more decent relevance. Each to their own. Cheers.

  3. 3
    Max says:

    Uwe, I remember that review of Lovehunter too! 44 years down the line you realise what really had an impact on your life, don’t you … And even more I remember how angry I got. I mean … some writer without any clue putting down the hero of a 15year old me … Much to my satisfaction another reader must have felt the same like poor young me and put things straight in the letters to the ed.-section of the next issue, stating that the journo in question did not have any ears to listen obviously and that David Coverdale more than anyone else did sing with “feeling”. Ha.

    BTW: Around the same time – I think it was in SOUNDS- some d*ckhead wrote Rainbow on the Down to Earth-tour were kind of a fascist act.

  4. 4
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Happy Birthday Uwe, better late than never, have a great strong years ahead 💪🍻
    Peace ✌️

  5. 5
    marcus says:

    Two weeks ago I was listening to Pick of the Pops, and they were doing 1987.

    So we got three covers, Billy Idol’s version of “Mony Mony”, and George Harrison’s version of “I’ve got my mind set on you”, and the ersatz, “Here I go again”.

    You know there is something odd about a week when it includes two songs that have inspired Weird Al

    As far as i can tell, Al has never tackled anything from the Purple family.

  6. 6
    Kalle says:

    I’m pretty sure sad she’d loved the original Saints & Sinners Version of “Here I Go Again” with the late Bernie Marsden and Jon Lord more. David sung much better there.

  7. 7
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The original version was emotionally more sincere. The reworking was sung to impress (those high notes in places where they lyrically really don’t make any sense) and be ‘larger than life’. Contrived. Also more chest-beating “I’m gonna get through this” than the air of melancholy that pervaded the Saints & Sinners original.

    And of course Jon’s organ intro. All the Adrians, Vivians & Rudys of this world pretending to play the later synth intro (in fact performed by Don Airey) could never match that.

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