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Nice bell bottoms

Glenn Hughes played in São Paulo, on November 11, 2023, in the course of his Marks 3&4 tour. Red-hot chili pepper Chad Smith happened to be in the neighbourhood and sat behind the kit for a couple of tunes.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

41 Comments to “Nice bell bottoms”:

  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    What’s this thing that Glenn never plays bass on Highway Star? It can’t be a coordination thing, he’s very good at singing something different to what he’s playing and the bass lines to Highway Star aren’t even counterpoint to the vocals.

    He always looks weird to me without a bass hanging round his neck and shoulder, it’s why I never liked his “just lead vocals”-role with Sabbath either.

    And Chad Smith might be a good drummer, but he’s obviously under-rehearsed here, consequently the overall performance suffers. On a song like Burn you better be accurate.

    Never been a fan of this “so-and-so is here tonight, he’s gonna play a few songs with us”-celebrity backslapping.

  2. 2
    AndreA says:

    I don’t like this HS and I think I could not endure my grandfather with these clothes..

  3. 3
    Davedp says:

    I have come across many hard necks in my lifetime but Glenn Hughes has to have the hardest neck in the world. Why anyone would pay good money to listen to him is beyond me. Could not listen to him.

  4. 4
    Fernando Azevedo says:

    I was at the show in Rio de Janeiro the day before. Glenn Hughes and band were amazing. Follow a You Tube channel making a list of Glenn Hughes’ worst and best solo albums

  5. 5
    Jean-Christophe says:

    @1 : on his “Burning Japan Live”, back in 1994, he performed as “just lead vocals”. Weird enough, indeed.

  6. 6
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Yeah, that episode when, essentially, the guys from Europe were backing him. That wasn‘t a bad live album nor was From Now On a bad piece of AOR, but I guess Glenn thought the music too tame, he doesn‘t really consider himself to be a pop rock/AOR singer. His blond hairdo was all weird back then too, he took the wrong fashion advice from DC. And a bass belongs in his hands – always.

    Davedp: One thing you have to grant to Glenn is that he is a committed live performer. No background tracks, no other vocalists, nothing to hide behind. And he performs his set a little different every night. I‘ve seen him in near-empty clubs or with a bad cold, he never failed to give the people what they paid for – high work ethic.

  7. 7
    Davedp says:

    Uwe Hornung: I will grant that Glenn is a tryer. He has tried with anyone who will play with him. But I still can’t listen to him.

  8. 8
    sidroman says:

    I love Burning Japan Live, a great live album. As to why Glenn chooses not to play bass, he views himself as a singer who plays bass, not as bass player who sings. I think he sometimes just doesn’t feel like playing. I personally think from a technical standpoint that he was Purple’s best bass player, even though Roger is the perfect bassist for the band, because of Roger’s songwriting, producing, etc.

  9. 9
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Davedp@7: You sound like my wife! “Are you listening to Glenn Hughes again? I need my headache pills. Furchtbar.” :mrgreen:

    Sidroman: Yes, but he has also said that he feels naked on stage without a bass. But then that’s Glenn to you. I think his vocal phrasing is even more rhythmic if he plays bass to it, I like that.

  10. 10
    MacGregor says:

    Maybe Glenn Hughes just wants to concentrate on the vocal delivery only. My point from a few weeks ago regarding lead vocalists & guitarists springs to mind. Although I did & always will acknowledge many fine bass guitarists who are also very good lead vocalists. But the plethora of mighty lead vocalists who do not play an instrument whilst singing is in a league of it’s own. Cheers.

  11. 11
    Davedp says:

    Uwe Hornung: When my wife has a headache she always says NO. What the hell are you thinking. Your wife sounds like a wonderful person with great taste. Did she know that you listened to GH before you married her?

  12. 12
    Gregster says:

    @11 said qt.”Uwe Hornung: When my wife has a headache she always says NO. What the hell are you thinking ? Your wife sounds like a wonderful person with great taste. Did she know that you listened to GH before you married her”?

    I would suggest that this is a very, very complicated issue to try & resolve, that likely goes back to GH being Herr Uwe’s first bassist/singer major influence, since Uwe is a bassist, & did mention that the Mk-III & Mk-IV DP were the first DP he’d heard…Which is strange when one considers how much GH didn’t help DP, & only aided its demise in the 1970’s…

    But GH’s life has been one of one poor decision / action after another,after another,after another…He has missed so much opportunity & let so many people down, it’s unbelievable…And yet, for myself, the insight given in the Mk-IV DVD “Phoenix Rising” sheds some light into the idiocy of this man, & so, on balance, it’s good that he has stayed clean for a few years, & can actually remember where his successes originated from, & wants to celebrate them…

    There’s so much water-under-the-bridge now 50-odd-years-later, even I cut him some slack. But the best advice I can give is to hit the “fast-forward” when ever he opens his mouth in DVD or CD during SOTW, or he’ll get you really upset…Some idiocy will never leave his reputation.

    I suggest that Herr Uwe offers / defends the work of GH that was not affected by his idiocy.

    Peace !

  13. 13
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Davedp re marital matters and such: Edith has been aware of my serious DP affliction since 1976/77 when our English teacher asked us for “a British artist whose work you find especially impressive” and my much younger self quipped on the spot:


    Poor Herr Immel didn’t know who Ritchie was, we had to explain it to him, but Edith did and burst out laughing – as did the class.

    We are both now in our second marriage, so it took a few more decades for us to get together, but, yes, and I never fail to kindly remind her of this, Edith only got to know who Glenn Hughes is through me! Alas!, she is only moderately appreciative of this, but she saw him at the RAH at the Celebrating Jon Lord event and finally admitted that he’s technically a great singer with still strong pipes, but a tone of voice she finds like “screeching chalk on a blackboard”. But then she is no fan of Rob Halford or Graham Bonnet either – “they all press too hard”.

    Edith is a Pink Floyd/David Gilmour nut, but she has by now an appreciation for Jon Lord and Tommy Bolin solo albums. David Coverdale is a Paul Rodgers knock-off to her + Steve Morse wears “the imaginably most dreadful T-shirts for a man his age”, but Child in Time and Perfect Strangers are her favorite Deep Purple songs. She was a casual DP listener as a teenager and never “got” back then that the lead vocalist on Hush (she likes that song too) is not the one on Burn (she hates that track), she visualizes Deep Purple with Ian Gillan singing, full stop. And though she despises medieval festivals/renaissance fairs, she’s seen Candice and Ritchie more than a few times with me, she rates the effortlessness in Candice’s voice and that she doesn’t oversing. She did even mention recently that she wouldn’t mind seeing the two again (BN are to tour Germany next year), but passed on the opportunity graciously extended by me to join me on two (!) Glenn Hughes gigs on his upcoming German tour. Her loss. (She’d probably say: “No, YOUR loss – of hearing especially!” :mrgreen: )

    I’m personally and in all modesty of the opinion that my closer presence has benefited her knowledge of all things Purple greatly in the last 15 years or so. She agrees, but is in two minds whether that is really anything to brag about …

  14. 14
    MacGregor says:

    Your wife has good ears Uwe, please don’t destroy them, ha ha ha. Chalk screeching down a blackboard is a very good way to describe Hughes at times, especially live in concert, but I would say that wouldn’t I. Halford is annoying to my ears also at times & Bonnet is a yeller when trying to sing hard. You can tell her a red kangaroo (I am a Ranga by the way) also hears what she hears all the way out in Australia, if that means anything at all. She will probably sign off though & admit ‘I do think my husband is definitely losing it’, he he he. Cheers.

  15. 15
    Davedp says:

    Uwe Hornung: Ah Uwe, she likes Pink Floyd, Paul Rodgers and Ian Gillan. You should really take this on board. She really has great taste. Here in Ireland we have the Banshee to screech for us so we don’t need GH.

  16. 16
    MacGregor says:

    @ 15 – nice, I like that. The only question I ask is does the Banshee play a bass guitar? The poor thing if she has to do that. No wonder she goes off all the time. Cheers.

  17. 17
    Davedp says:

    @ 16: If the Banshee does play the bass guitar no one can hear above the screeching ’cause she don’t have an amplifier. Anyway she’s not connected to the Electricity grid. There’s a thought. Power cuts wherever GH is screeching.

  18. 18
    Gregster says:


    Davedp said qt.”Power cuts wherever GH is screeching”.

    I couldn’t agree more ! Too bad the sound-man working-the-desk in the 1970’s didn’t hit the fader & remove the idiocy…

    Imagine how fantastic the Cal-Jam, Live in Paris, Live in Graz, & Longbeach 1976 would sound if the sound-man did his job properly ???…

    Could you imagine how stunning a Mk-IV follow-up album would have been if GH had of kept his mouth shut ???…

    All he had to do was keep his big-mouth-shut…Amazing…

    Peace !

  19. 19
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Best regards from the Birmingham Banshee!


  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    @ 17 – your idea of a power cut has me thinking of a decibel dB cutoff of sorts at the microphone. As soon as Hughes attempts a scream or banshee wail the mike doesn’t work at or above that frequency & all other microphones have that also just in case he reaches for a replacement or an alternative. That should restore things to a somewhat normal scenario & everyone may then enjoy the concert. Cheers.

  21. 21
    Uwe Hornung says:

    LOL, bunch of naysayers and detractors you all are, Glenn ROOLZ !!!




    – Chairman of the Bass-Playing-Birmingham-Banshee’s-Reputation-Preservation-Society –

  22. 22
    MacGregor says:

    That is a mouth full Uwe, I have been trying to practice saying it really quickly, it is tricky, but it can be done & even sound quite poetic, he he he. Cheers.

  23. 23
    Gregster says:

    @21…Herr Uwe said…

    qts.”LOL, bunch of naysayers and detractors you all are, Glenn ROOLZ” !!!….”– Chairman of the Bass-Playing-Birmingham-Banshee’s-Reputation-Preservation-Society” –…

    There have been other bassist / singer / frontmen that have made the Platinum sales of albums, with original music & success made off-their-own backs & efforts of their original bands…Here’s a short 1-hourish concert of just such a band, that played to a Canadian TV crowd of around 1,000-1,500 people in honour of their feat. It’s a little-bit staged for the TV, but sounds sublime when cranked-up, & how good were these (then) very young musicians, delivering the goods back in 1996 ???…And you’ll love this guys axe Leiber Uwe…( Allow a minute or two for the show to start & camera to zoom-in )…


    If GH ever beheld a sceptre, it was passed-on decades ago, to better, more honourable & worthy people.

    Peace !

  24. 24
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Spacehog is cool, any band opening their set with a number by the great, yet underrated Tin Machine must be doing something right.

    I never said that Glenn held a scepter; to casual listeners of Mk III or Mk IV he was possibly the most unimportant member, not part of the holy virtuoso trinity of Blackmore – Lord – Paice and not the frontman lead singer. It went unnoticed to a lot of the public how much he sang lead especially on Burn where he basically sang 50% of six of seven songs, the eighth one being an instrumental. And most people never cared too much who plays bass with DP either.

    But his vocals with their amazing range and their strong black influence in an otherwise white hard rock setting + his bass playing that is on one hand gung-ho hard rock’ish (at times with almost Punk energy) and on the other hand sneakily funked up, put him into a class of his own. There is no one who sings and plays bass like Glenn, period. For me, it’s a joy to watch and witness though he probably suffered from ADHD as a child! :mrgreen: But then a lot of artists have.

    Now if you said that Glenn’s work with Trapeze – a band with a unique sound – was more original and defining for him than anything he did with Purple, I probably wouldn’t argue too much.

    No scepter, but his own little pedestal! He’s no Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce or Sting, but he holds his place among other bassists/lead singers like Geddy Lee, Phil Lynott, Martin Turner, John Wetton, Greg Lake, Suzi Quatro, James Dewar, Gene Simmons, Alan Lancaster, Rick Danko, Benjamin Orr or Peter Cetera. There are not that many of them.

  25. 25
    Gregster says:


    GH has great ability, there’s no denying that, as that’s how he got so-much-work through the decades…

    I haven’t analysed his playing specifically, as I try not to do that with anyone, I simply decide as a whole, whether what’s delivered is good, or needs more work, ( or in the case of say RB, it was obvious he was sick & tired of the same-old-thing, & so he painted himself into a corner, & took the frustration out on everyone else, instead of working through the catalyst )…

    GH singing ability to my ears lands squarely in the realm of Geddy Lee’s timbre & range, but where Geddy is a perfect fit for RUSH by default, GH was never ever going to suit DP as the front-man. He did a solid job as harmonizer to DC mostly.

    GH also had a superb stage presence, & showmanship ability. His problems that “should never have been” were drug related, & that’s where he crossed that delicate line again & again & again, of not only making himself look like a fool, he brought the others along with him too…Idiot…He had the whole world at his feet, plenty of money, fame, world travel, recording contracts & tours with the world then most popular band, & he blew-it for everyone…

    He also had the opportunity of regenerating & moulding Black Sabbath into an entirely new beast, that was handed to him on a plate, with the record made, already out-on-the-shelf & selling reasonably well, but drugs ensured that didn’t happen, since he lost not only his mind, but his confidence too…Very foolish…

    GH may well claim that he’s “worked with everyone”, but he’s blown-it for a lot of people too. In fact, he should be recognized as one of the worlds best at what he’s done, but he shat in his own nest way-too-many-times, & never learned any lessons it would seem. Blaming the drugs is one thing & opening-up about it, but taking responsibility for your actions is a step that he is yet to take…. But let’s just say that’s water-under-the-bridge.

    Kudos for him for cleaning his act up, which is not easy to do, but there’s a limit to how much credit he warrants, since he limited the success of many projects rather than augmenting them.

    As Jon Lord says, “when someone buys a ticket to see you, that’s a contract that states you will be in great shape to deliver the best performance you can deliver on-the-night”…GH must have forgot the most simple of understandings within the entertainment industry, & that lowers his overall contributions regardless of where he’s been, or who he’s played with, or how well he may have performed on occasion.

    I won’t go on & on lol !

    Peace !

  26. 26
    Daniel says:

    He’s made up for lost time since 1991, Gregster. Buy a ticket to his current DP tour and you will see what 35 going on 72 looks and sounds like 🙂

  27. 27
    MacGregor says:

    Glenn Hughes looking like 35? I have noticed some here comment on how he looks GREAT. The amount of money & time he has spent on his image is, well enough said there, vanity. Cosmetic surgery & dental also, just look at Dolly Parton especially now she has entered the ‘hallowed halls’ of serious ROCK music! Here I was hoping I would get through my life without something like that happening. We notice these things in life & what is that saying, the mirror NEVER lies. Father Time again reminds us that there is one thing in this life we can all be assured of. Cheers.

  28. 28
    Gregster says:


    Regretfully, that’s difficult to pursue living on a little island bound to Australia ! No doubt it’s a great show, powerful, musical & the right songs played. But I’ve never thought of GH as having that great a voice to be quite honest. It’s a great musical tool / instrument, but not a leading front-man voice for my tastes. For sure a song here & there to break-up the soundscape in say a DP Mk-III or IV concert would be fine, but I wouldn’t enjoy myself to be honest…I have watched to odd You-tube post in here, & he’s got a lot of momentum going rehashing the Mk-III-IV material, & that’s enough for me.

    Listening to Paris, Graz, & Lonbeach doesn’t help the GH cause either, which are stunning recordings, that get torpedoed by his antics.

    And we also have the “real” DP band gigging in full-flight, that’s as good as ever, so why see GH without DC or the dearly missed TB ( RIP ) ???…DP is the show to go out-of-your-way to see, not for my tastes the GH reissue.

    DP with Steve finally secured a very happy & musical band, that pushed onwards & upwards & expanded the DP musical palette, which is what most of the reformed Mk-II boys wanted, & naturally wanted to move into…You have to remember that money, hits, & all the usual draw-cards to doing this thing was mostly absent with the reformation, since all-of-that-stuff happened in the 1960’s & 70’s, & then came crashing down. It was about having fun, touring, making new & exciting music, & hopefully pleasing many along the way. They had all the success & money that they needed already, it was about having a good time, since life is too short.

    And now with Simon unexpectedly onboard, that pursuit of making good music continues ! There’s also no doubting Simons ability to fill anyone’s shoes, so there’s everything to get excited about with the new record arriving soon !

    I wish GH every success in his multiple projects going on, but look forward to the new DP album with much more want.

    Peace !

  29. 29
    MacGregor says:

    Talking about Dolly ( I can just hear them all sighing & saying ‘from Taylor to Dolly, this guy has a problem’) he he he. What has Rob Halford done? Do we deserve this intrusion into our sacred hard rock musical realm? I blame Halford of course for snivelling up to Dolly, although wasn’t it Dolly sidling up to Rob as there were rumblings a little earlier than that. Maybe Rob was getting a little frustrated & had a momentary lapse of reason. Who can tell. Stand Bi your man? Sorry that was Tammy Wynette with that song, but it sort of works here as well. Celebrity showbiz has no bounds it seems & also rock ‘n roll & even country music. Would they welcome Rob into their universe? Now there is a thought. All I know is lately I cannot go to a few of the well known ‘rock’ music sights & avoid Dolly this & Dolly that. Any news is good news & no doubt is their motto, so if it sells, sell it. Todays or yesterdays news is about the joker Sammy Hagar & his cash in Van Halen tribute gig & ‘baiting’ his old foe David Lee Roth. Who says rock music is dying? Or should that be ‘celebrity news’ is dying. I wish. Cheers.

  30. 30
    Uwe Hornung says:

    For what it’s worth: The new Dolly Parton is good fun, pleasant to hear, but it won’t replace Sgt Pepper or Dark Side Of The Moon any time soon, ok? She’s tipping her country hat to rock, that’s all. Some of it works better than other songs, but it’s all entertaining enough.

    Like a lot of gay men, Rob H adores Divas, Joan Baez (who complimented him for Priest’s Diamonds & Rust cover when they met at Band Aid and has been known to introduce her own song at her own gigs with “I’m now gonna do my son’s favorite song of mine because Judas Priest play it!”), Madonna (he’s met her, she knew who he was), Lady Gaga (she greeted him from stage after she found out he was in the audience incognito, she’s a Priest fan) and of course Fräulein Doro Pesch, my country(wo)man:


    And when Rob is not honoring Country or Metal Divas, he can still rock out a little (even in 6/4!), new album coming up, so there!


    And now why should someone see Glenn Hughes, Herr Gregster? Simply because no one else does Mk III/IV era music as well and once he stops doing it, it will be more or less forever lost in a live setting. It’s not supposed to compete with what DP Mk IX do, it’s two different kettles of koalas so to speak.

    And as regards his – by now prehistoric – 70ies substance abuse excesses and how they affected his stage demeanor: Give the guy a break, he’s been clean for three decades and I’ve seen him about a dozen times since he cleaned up, not once was a performance of his compromised.

  31. 31
    Daniel says:

    Having Paicey play with Hughes would have been the best of both worlds, seeing that Glenn’s current drummer is the weak link in that band. Not to say he’s bad but he is no Paicey. I’d much rather hear vibrant Glenn renditions of old Mk 3 songs than Airey and McBride covering Mk 2. The former is closer in spirit to me. Regarding the teeth :), Glenn’s obviously had something done, similar to Gillan. I don’t see any support for cosmetic surgery though.

  32. 32
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The color of Glenn’s new teeth (he’s had them for a while now) is something approaching alpine white, it looks California fake. But then I found David Bowie’s new set of US style gnashers at the time disturbing too – I missed his NHS originals, they were a part of his androgynous look. He all of a sudden had this new, more masculine jaw line.

    As regards Glenn’s overall optics and style I don’t see anything that should surprise one with an entertainment artist guy who has voluntarily lived more or less half a century in the City of Angels. It’s a place where you don’t accept nature if you can do something about it (and can afford it!).

    Jon Lord said as early as in the 80ies that “Glenn has become very American by now” – very West Coast American to be precise.

  33. 33
    Uwe Hornung says:

    No drummer has played with Glenn like Paicey. And vice versa, though the PAL rhythm section of Martinez/Paicey came close.

    Paicey built great tandems with Roger Glover and Neil Murray too, they both had/have a distinctive flowing groove of their own, but playing with Hughes and Martinez, who both have a funk edge to their rock bass playing, provided some welcome extra inspiration.

  34. 34
    MacGregor says:

    Just when I was hoping it could be safe to go to the classic rock sites again this abomination turns up. And before anyone laughs (let’s face it, that is all it is good for) hold your breathe as Deep Purple could be the next cab off the rank for Miss Dolly, the ‘I wanna be 30 years old again’ rock star. Cheers.


  35. 35
    Gregster says:


    Whilst it’s good to look back & enjoy the past, it’s better to live in the present, & look to the future imo.

    And DP with Simon is a pretty-good thing to look forward to.

    Burn is superb, the shoe-shine album is pretty good too, but there’s something really special about CTTB…It was a happy band, it was enjoying itself, & it surprised everyone at how good these guys can not only return to form, but deliver an extraordinary album.RIP TB.

    I will say no-more about GH…I had forgiven him & laughed things off decades ago. The release however of the near-sublime Paris, Graz & Longbeach shows clearly display why the band folded, you only need to take-a-listen. These unfortunately resonate like a toothache when GH’s idiocy cuts-in…And who likes a toothache, yet alone getting it again & again & again. As mentioned, once I edit out his idiocy on these sublime shows, all will be well !!!

    I’ll bet anyone here that he’s not playing or even hinting at “Georgia” now-days…And it’s good to see that there’s hardly any residual-stupor left in his demeanour.

    Peace !

  36. 36
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Alas!, I love it when Ms Parton gets to the musical core of things:

    “I’m not going out looking for it, but I’m open to anything. Anything’s possible. Who knows? They’re Led Zeppelin – and I got the balloons!”

    Yes, balloons, quite my dear! What an udderly apt statement.

    When Jimmy teamed up with DC, wasn’t that sort of a, uhum, dry run for future big hair collaborations, nein?

    If that happens, I want Cher to guest with DP.


    I’d even have an idea for a song …


  37. 37
    Uwe Hornung says:

    But I listen to Glenn’s version of Georgia On My Mind regularly! Ever since I heard it on a bootleg in the 80ies, Long Beach had not seen an official release yet. I thought it stunning, still do!

  38. 38
    MacGregor says:

    That Roxanne & Smoke mashup is hilarious & interesting at the same time. We often hear certain music that sounds like or that could fit with something else. Not that I have ever thought too much further than that. I will also have a listen to a few others shortly. Yes indeed Cher is another old timer still dollying it up. I know that is who they are etc, but I just look at it as a touch comedic & sort of embarrassing these days.
    We all only ever have a certain amount of time in regards to ‘fun in the sun’, just like a flower. Not to worry, each to their own. Bring on the DP with Cher & the Led Zep with Dolly big band battle, who will win? We could be onto something here, had better copyright it quickly, ah, too late & someone has already done just that. Damn & blast, I could hear those cash registers ringing loudly too. Cheers.

  39. 39
    janbl says:

    The “Roxanne smoke” mashup made me look at “The Temptations and Deep Purple – “She Said ‘Burn'” which is actually pretty good (in a funny way).


  40. 40
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Janbl, that ‘I wish it would burn’-mashup is brilliant, thanks for posting!

  41. 41
    MacGregor says:

    I did listen to a few other mashup tracks but not that one with the Temptations, I will check it out. The Pink Floyd Bee Gees track was predictable as that song Brick in the Wall part 2 was influenced by ‘disco’ at the time, well the rhythm was. That dastardly producer Bob Ezrin had Gilmour & Mason go out to a few night clubs to get a feel (no pun intended) of what was going down. Gilmour was against that totally but did comply with the orders & ventured out & was appalled & rightly so. The guitar & drum thing was implemented into the song. That Ezrin guy really should be put on a leash or muzzled or both. Outrageous behaviour & he is still carrying on like that with DP. Oh well at least Gilmour survived & did work with Ezrin again following The Wall sessions. Apparently Roger Waters & Ezrin didn’t get along back then, no surprises there then. Cheers.

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