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alt.music.deep-purple is the Usenet group to go to if you want to discuss Deep Purple. Some people claim that we are a nice bunch of people. One of our more famous regulars recently wrote:

"...every time I come back to it I'm amazed at the vital atmosphere I sense on this news group. And the smell."

What can I say? He's right.

On this page we want to share the greatest hits of the newsgroup. The Remastered Anniversary Edition of the newsgroup perhaps. Things that maybe not always are related to the band we all love.

If you get confused about something in the posts try our list of Deep Purple Three Letter Acronyms.

If you don't have access to a Usenet server feed, you can try using a commercial supplier, such as Giganews Usenet Service, which will offer services such as large historical archives and high transfer rates.

Fun stuff

There is a load of funny guys and gals on the newsgroup. Here's some of their great moments.


Some of the people have actually met. It wasn't as scary as we thought it would be. Here are some reports from the meetings.


There is an IRC channel for Deep Purple fans. There are ususally someone there all days of the week but we are trying to gather people on the channel on Sunday afternoons/evenings. The meeting time is 7PM GMT (8PM CET, 2PM ET, 11AM PT). But please feel free to drop in any time, any day.


Yes, lutefisk. We blame it all on amd-p regular Trond J. Strøm. Read the stuff below to be prepared for a night on the IRC or the newsgroup.

"I can only suggest approaching the NG the way I try to approach life: learn a little, laugh a lot, and avoid what you do not like."
- Brad D., amd-p regular

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