1997 AMDP New Year's Predictions

For the second consecutive year it's time for the 1997 AMDP New Year's Predictions. I didn't save last year's list so I can't gloat over my divine foretelling but certainly I nailed a few (Yuri did say something controversial). So, everyone carefully place your tongue in your cheek cause it's time for the 1997 predictions.

  • Trond, excited about the response to his old posts, produces a remastered, best of Trond 1996. Yes, it's a great chance for all of us to relive the great economic debate with Yuri and the 90s rock doesn't suck debate with Alex. The package includes extensive liner notes from Trond with complete spelling and grammar corrections.
  • Misty's Chia pet dies. Feeling depressed and needing a outlet for her grief, she writes a touching poem that she posts to AMDP. Roger, impressed by the sentiment, puts music to the words and it shows up on DP's 1997 album.
  • 3,257 how to get rich quick schemes are posted in AMDP throughout the year. No one gets rich but 3 misguided souls actually follow the instructions and lose $5.
  • RicardO AKA Mike AKA Keo AKA MikeKeo AKA Mike Fred is exposed to be in the FBI's witness protection program (ergo all the aliases). Needing a new alias he decides to move to Indiana and change his name to Mark Cantin. He figures this way he's got a 50-50 chance they'd get the wrong guy and that would be no big loss. Little does he realize that his choice of names makes him target number 1 for a certain Ritchie Blackheart.
  • Speaking of Mark, he regales AMDP with several funny top 10 lists throughout the year. However his credibility suffers when it is revealed that he was actually seen in public showing affection for his wife (or was that someone else's wife?).
  • Alex's friends decide to have an intervention. Alex is tied up for 3 days and forced to listen to Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins, Jawbox, Kula Shaker and other 90s bands. After 3 days he grudgingly admits that some of the music is okay. Unfortunately, later in the year, he is confronted by a group of grudge kids who are trashing Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and Status Quo. Alex, torn between showing an open mind and supporting his favorite groups, breaks out of his recent training and damns all music recorded by anyone under the age of 30 as crap. The good ole Alex is back.
  • Yuri begins the year by posting a couple of honest but critical reviews. He gets flamed for his opinion so he drops out of the group and buys a chain of newspapers. His empire grows until he becomes a huge financial and publishing magnet. Many years from now, his dying words are heard to be Rosebud.
  • Deep Purple releases a killer new album in 1997 (called Rosebud). It is generally loved by most of the AMDP readers except for the die-hard Blackmore fans.
  • Roger continues to demonstrate that he is truly the most down-to-earth rock star around and a generally all around terrific human being.


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