The Brixton 1996 amd-p Gathering

A few snaps - fond memories for those who were there, mayhaps fun for those who weren't, but only know the participants from their written words. To the best of my knowledge, all snaps are from the Saturday 9th of March gathering + the concert at the Brixton Academy the same night.

The amd-p meeting started at the Hope and Anchor, which turned out to be much further down Acre Lane than even Dave had expected when he picked the place using a small scale map. Featured in this picture is (around the table, starting front left:)
Svante, Trond, Christer Lorichs, Anders Danielsen, Garry Smith (I think - the picture's a bit dark here!), Tom Eirik Pettersen, Erik Stormer, Dave, Håkon Vold-Johansen and spotting the nights biggest grin (thus far): Colin Irwin
The fashion models sporting the chic amd-p t-shirts turned out to be Steve Hawker and Trond. The untrendy Swedes Svante and Christer are watching in admiration.
[Deep Purple, Brixton Academy, March 9th 1996] The local pub band turned out to be a positive surprise, they even played some old Purple numbers. Someone must have tipped them about us being in attendance. Stathis Panagiotopolous managed to whip out his camera just in time.
Deep Purple, Brixton Academy, March 9th 1996 The amd-p crowd gave the band ("Dick Pimple", or something? Did anyone catch their name?) thumbs up as the bass player pulled forth a Rickenbacker for "Smoke on the Water". Someone thought he was one of us, making a surprise appearance on stage.
Spotting an amd-p reader that had missed the first part of the gathering, Trond and Dave bullied their way into the backstage area, where they finally managed to catch up with BASec5, a.k.a. Roger. Kids: don't try the trick Trond is performing at home, it can seriously damage your health. Its just an illusion. Yeah. Photo manipulation.
[The amd-p mafia.] It turned out others had thought the same thing - suddenly nearly all of the amd-p mafia found themselves gathered in one space. Ah, what one RB fanatic with a handgrenade could have accomplished when this shot was taken... Left to right: Dave, Håkon Vold-Johansen (who's incidentally taken some of the piccies above), Svante, Trond and Stathis. Steve Hawker handled the camera.
Grumpier old men: Tony Ashton reveals to amd-p'er Jon that he's a closet Deep Purple fan. Håkon pulled the trigger at the crucial moment.

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Memories rekindled by TJS.