New Deep Purple collection out now:

Deep Purple: New, Live & Hair -
             The Roots of Deep Purple
             Hairy Records : WIGCD-002 ; 1994

The new clean-cut collection spawns 41 hairy classics from all
of Deep Purple's studio albums!

Comes in a de luxe 6 CD box, with a nice booklet of out of focus
shots we've all seen before and a free purple plastic hairbrush with
the Deep Purple logo in neon green. The  first 100 copies has a
straw from Ritchie's wig attached to this brush. The cover is based
around the Slaves and Masters cover, with the shot of Mk Turner used
on the "Heavy Metal Permbringers" video added, the one where Turner
has his infamous "oh, you spilt my pint" look on his face. It'll retail for
about $ 150, of course.

The special "limited collectors ed." comes with a free bonus disc with
an 80 minute long interview with Bruce Payne, where he talks about his
hobbies, and costs $ 300.


 1.   And The Baldness (Instrumental off "Shades of Deep Purple", 1968)

 2.   Brush (from "Shades of Deep Purple", 1968)
       (Lyrics: "Brush, brush, she broke my comb
                 but I love her just the same, now")

 3 a. Prelude: Baldness ("Shades of Deep Purple")
   b. I'm So Bald

 4.   Mandrake Hair-Root ("Shades of Deep Purple")

 5.   Kentucky Wigman ("The Book of Taliesyn", 1968)

 6. a.Transplantation (instrumental, "The Book of Taliesyn"; 1968)
    b.We Can Wig It Out (The Book of Taliesyn", 1968)

 7.   Chasing Syrups ("Deep Purple", 1969)

 8. a.Hair Line (instrumental, "Deep Purple", 1969)
    b.The Barber ("Deep Purple"; 1969)

 9.   The Wig Has Flown ("Deep Purple"; 1969)

10.   Hairllelujah (first Mk II single, 1969)

11.   Black Wig (single, 1970)

12.   Baldsucker ("Deep Purple in Rock", 1970)

13.   Flight of the Mat ("Deep Purple in Rock", 1970)

14.   Hard Combin' Man ("Deep Purple in Rock", 1970)

15.   Strange Kind of Hairdo (single, 1971)

16.   Firebald ("Firebald", 1971)

17.   No Hair Came ("Firebald", 1971)

18.   Pictures of Comb ("Machine Hair", 1972)

19.   When a Bald Man Cries (b-side to "Never Before" single, 1972)

20.   Souper Toupee ("Who Do We Think We Are!"; 1973)

21.   Smooth Barber ("Who Do We Think We Are!"; 1973)

22.   Perm ("Perm", 1974)
      	(Lyrics: "And people laughed at Ritchie's perm....")

23.   Might Just Take Your Wig ("Perm", 1974)

24.   Coloured Hairius Rarewig (b-side to the "Might Just Take Your Wig"
         single, 1974)

25.   Permbringer (From the Mk III album "Permbringer", of course, 1974)
      	(Lyrics: "Permbringer's combin' down hair to stay...")

26.   Hair Don't Mean a Thing ("Permbringer", 1974)

27.   High Bald Shooter ("Permbringer", 1974)

28.   Syrup of Fortune ("Permbringer", 1974)

29.   Combin' Home ("Come Wear the Wig", 1975)

30.   Scratchin' On Your Bald Spot ("Perfect Transplant", 1984)

31.   Nobody's Comb ("Perfect Transplant", 1984)

32.   Grey Streak ("Perfect Transplant", 1984)

33.   Perfect Transplant ("Perfect Transplant", 1984)

34.   Bad Shampoo ("The Head of Blue Hair", 1987)

35.   Comb of the Mild ("The Head of Blue Hair", 1987)

36.   Bald Dog ("The Head of Blue Hair", 1987)

37.   Spanish Barber ("The Head of Blue Hair", 1987)

38.   Brush '88 ("Nobody's Perfect", 1988)

39.   Wig Covers All ("Braids and Thinhairs", 1990)

40.   The Baldness Rages On ("The Baldness Rages On", 1993)

41.   One Man's Hair ("The Baldness Rages On", 1993)

(Contributions from; Darker Than Blue no. 45, James Strange,
Ritchie Swann, Matt and yours humbly.)

					Trond J. Strom

					"I'm a ha-a-a-rd combin' MAAAAAAAN!"
					(Ian Wigman)