From: Michael Davis <michael.davis@ferc.fed.us> 
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 13:12:13 GMT 
Subject: Re:New, Live & Hair! 

I was just visiting the DP homepage when I noticed that none of the songs from DP's latest CD were included in the New, Live, & Hair songlist. So I've compiled a list of songs from their latest CD that should be included on "The Roots of Deep Purple" CD collection:

  1. Vavoom: Ted the Bushwacker
  2. Rosa's Salon
  3. Soon Forgotten (postlude to baldness)
  4. Sometimes I Feel Like Dyeing
  5. Someone Stole My Toupee
  6. Don't Hold Your Breath (implants: we don't do miracles)
  7. The Hairy-navel
  8. Loosen My Curls
  9. A Toupee Away (from a bad sunburn)
  10. Cascades: I'm Not Your Stylist Now
  11. The Permanent Waltz (It's a Mexican Hairless' life)

Mike :-)
(easy with that electrolysis... Ian Wigman)

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