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Re-Machined track listing


According to  Blabbermouth , the track listing for “Re-Machined: A Tribute To Machine Head” has been finalized and features:

  1. Smoke On The Water – CARLOS SANTANA
  2. Highway Star – CHICKENFOOT
  4. Pictures Of Home – BLACK LABEL SOCIETY
  5. Never Before – KINGS OF CHAOS (Joe Elliott, Steve Stevens, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Arlan Schierbaum)
  6. Smoke On The Water – THE FLAMING LIPS
  8. Space Truckin’ – IRON MAIDEN
  9. When A Blind Man Cries – METALLICA

49 Comments to “Re-Machined track listing”:

  1. 1
    Roberto says:


  2. 2
    kraatzy says:



  3. 3
    HZ says:

    Can’t wait. This is the best playing the best album of heavy rock.

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Love the line-up. But!! Now that there is the unfortunate situation regarding the passing of the Great Jon Lord, I hope they will delay and put in something special regarding such. Since there are duplicates of SOTW and Highway, how about and all out Hammond Bash of LAZY? Bring in the greats. Airey, Emerson, Wakeman. Nothing but KEYS and even some Piano. Still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m not a blind man, but I’m crying…….


  5. 5
    21BLACK says:

    Wonder if track #10 is the “DP track” Glenn mentions in his 19 Jul tweet:

    Glenn Hughes ‏@glenn_hughes
    On my way to the studio to record a DP track for Jon~Chad on drums, Vai on gtr, and yours truly Bass and Vox: goin’ to Geezers B’day P 2nite

  6. 6
    buttockss says:

    Oh nooooooooo………..please don’t . That is terrible idea.

  7. 7
    Héctor de San Martín says:

    Great musicians for the greatest album
    #5 – Maybe one of the best performances of Glenn.

  8. 8
    fdr says:

    the flaming lips

  9. 9
    stoffer says:

    This will be most interesting, can’t wait to here Pictures Of Home and When A Blind Man Cries not so much with Chickenfoot (not much of a VanHagar fan) but I will give them an objective listen!

  10. 10
    dale says:

    I think that this is the best rock album of all time..any the amazing thing is that it sounds better now ad ever…RIP our beloved Dr Jon Lord

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I suppose I already know the SANTANA version?

    James Hetfield and Jimmy Barnes on vocals?!
    Oh my God…….


    Well, maybe it delivers 1 03 t ok(….)versions of DP material.
    I now and then play some of the ones I have, sometimes quite enjoyable.

    I cant’t remember versions that transcend the originals.

    Right now I m listening to DP’s SPACE TRUCKIN’ in Wolverhampton, 1972.
    To be found on The Clock That Went Backwards again site. Or through Filefactory, if you like.
    After “legal actions” were undertaken recently and some sites were shut down it has become harder to download as a free user.

    One gets in very hard.

    Anyway, happy I got some : )

    Not all are “listenable”, although it depends on how much you are a trained DP listener : )

  12. 12
    buttockss says:

    Oh nooooooooo………..please don’t please don’t please don’t please don’t let this happen!

  13. 13
    MacGregor says:

    more tribute shite again………….ho hum………..z grade………an insult to a masterpiece in my book…….. nothing is left sacred……absolutely nothing! Why bother listening to other people trying to play someone else music????????? What is the point? And don’t try & waffle on about paying respect………..respect is sacred………..meaning, not touching something! That is the ultimate & only thing that matters!

  14. 14
    drew says:

    Yes Glenn Hughes flew back in to LA and assembled his ‘mates’ to cut Highway Star as a tribute to Jon ….it is an incredible track

  15. 15
    rik says:

    Not bad and initially comes with a 124page Classic Rock Magazine special edition, track 10 will only be available here.

    Wonder if track 1 is from his 2010 album or newly rerecorded?

    Not sure about The Flaming Lips…

    Lachlan Doley is worth checking out on keyboards, he knows how to work a hammond!

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    @Tracy -that won’t happen, as you can see they slapped shit on this from just last weeks recordings, let alone advertise the rest as new material, yet the Santana crap and others are just added to fill their lack of ability to come up with better for the project = sadass move! And then they toss this phony artwork together in days. I do doubt this is the final product artwork, and then the rest of the track list is certainly nothing but a laugh, man. This is such a cash grab to begin with, then put Lord’s passing and Purple’s long awaited album into the mix and that spells nothing but more cash grab! It might have started out differently, but Hughes winding up on it, which is nothing but a last ditch effort to get sales on this, has to be… and I simply don’t like the whole thing now, because of that. I don’t care if I haven’t heard it, it’s no different than people jumping for joy about something they haven’t heard yet. I will never fork over a dime for this! Good thing Youtube does exist now, for the review but I know it still won’t impress me. This has been a hell of a week, and now to see this…. there was going to be an announcement about it with the cover art, but it turned into a few more days after Lord passed, then they come up with the Hughes tribute to Lord and then resprung the news. Absolute bullshit!

    Save your pennies for the Oz ’84 DVD. It’s supposed to be out by the end of the year…. but don’t hold your breath concerning who’s putting it out. I do believe it will happen, just not on his word concerning when. That to me is a more legit Purple product, so everyone should get behind that and look at this like the joke that it really is. I’m sure you would agree and not call it putting out the same old stuff, even though the full concert on it has never even been seen by the fans eyes yet. Talk about putting out the same old stuff, here though, this is even worse than a compilation or any other re-release. Tribute album by name or not. What does it actually have to do with the band, as you often put these things? It shouldn’t be so heavily advertised in Lord’s wake either, EXTREMELY TACKY MOVE IF THERE EVER WAS ONE. This is more like blasphemy than a dedication to him.

  17. 17
    Micalonues says:

    Darn!! No Pat Boone.

  18. 18
    Mike Collins (aka Killans) says:

    Sounds interesting. A few of the usual suspects (e.g. Glenn Hughes), but also some unexpectedly big names (Metallica, Maiden). And respect is due for going with a totally out-there choice for “Smoke” – the song’s been covered a billion times, but I’m sure the Flaming Lips will bring something fun and new to it.

    I don’t usually go for cover albums, but this one has piqued my interest…

  19. 19
    Pete says:

    Should be some awsome versions of the best album of all time. Can’t wait to get it.

  20. 20
    Drumguy1988 says:


  21. 21
    Lajos says:

    I´m already looking forward to re-recording of the re-recorded Machine Head. 🙂

  22. 22
    Steve Roots says:


  23. 23
    Jouko Juntunen says:

    Who cares! Put the original album on!

  24. 24
    Chip says:

    How do you introduce classic music to new listeners? One good way is to have artists that are influenced by them do tributes to them. I doubt I’ll like the Santana or Flaming Lips versions of DP classics but I might be surprised. But the key is to get new listeners to look at Purple.

    Was it wrong for Eric Clapton or the Stones to do tributes and such for blues masters like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters? I say no.

    And as for selling out. The bottom line for recording artists is to sell their work. I hope the passing of Jon can reignite interest in a band that more people should be listening to….I see nothing wrong with that at all.

  25. 25
    Rick Damigella (@LinerNotes) says:

    Four words: Iron Maiden “Space Truckin'”. Mind, blown!

  26. 26
    Eddie6string says:


    Not sure about this – What do they hope to achieve?

    I hope they adopt the longhelp DP tradition of not sticking rigidly to original arrangements, as with Live performances.

    If they did this accross the whole range of DP output, it would be more interesting – I would very much like to hear a rendering of

    1) ‘Anyone’s Daughter’ by Neil Young.
    2) ‘Into the Fire’ by Ozzy
    3) ‘Hard Lovin’ Man’ by Robert Plant (Minus Kazzoo & Sitar)
    4) ‘You Fool No-one’ by Keith Emerson, Rik Wakeman & Paul Rogers

    Face in Cornflakes time again!

    Keep on Rocking in the economically Bankrupt world!

  27. 27
    deep lavender says:

    Flaming Lips on a Deep Purple tribute album? I thought anyone participating in a Deep Purple tribute would actually have to be a musician.

  28. 28
    Jack says:

    Yeah!! I´m waiting for this album, It’ll kick ass!!!! Awesome revisted Purple tracks!!!

  29. 29
    Anthony says:

    I am more interested in the magazine article on Machine Head than the actual CD but nevertheless should be interesting to hear other musicians and band’s interpretations of the songs. Still haven’t made my mind up about Machine Head…great album but I still think Burn is just as good and definitely on a par with it.

  30. 30
    Rascal says:

    Cant be a proper tribute without JLT – can it?

    These guys are stealing his frgging act!

  31. 31
    HardRockPete says:

    Not sure if this is a good idea at all, and the main question is why? Do we really need another version of this already perfect album?

  32. 32
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Don’t quite understand all of the animosity towards this record (cd). If it didn’t come out, you wouldn’t listen to it nor cry about it. Since it is coming out, you don’t have to listen to it nor cry about it. As far as I’m concerned, ANY tribute to Deep Purple by ANY artist is a positive thing these days. As Chip@24 states, it invites nubees into the world of Purple whereby they may not otherwise be exposed. Plus, what in the hell is wrong with other artists paying their respects to music that they love or may have even been influence by themselves? There are way too many critics here whom for some reason think They have the sole opinion how, when, where and why Purple music should be performed, expressed, recorded, produced, etc. I think it’s time for some self-realization here and folks to start taking their ‘Place in Line’ with who they really are and not ‘Who They Think They Are”. Apparently some folks here are total authorities on proper Deep Purple Business.

    I myself am looking forward to these renditions of these great tunes. The Santana version is probably the one from his ‘Covers’ album, so that won’t be new. All the rest will be new and most will be awesome. Either way, it puts Purple out there for exposure and that is a good thing. The more the better as far as I’m concerned.


  33. 33
    Prem says:

    Where is the King of covers….JLT…hehhehe.. Just kidding!!!

  34. 34
    MacGregor says:

    Tracy @ 33 – “proper Deep Purple business” this tribute rubbish isn’t Purple business at all. As to the people hearing Purples music from other artists, surely that could also put them off as well, I think this does happen with the so called tribute. Again, I am repeating myself as to people simply stating their opinion, the same as you do! And we remember your comments regarding Morse not being a ‘brother” in the band etc, for daring to venture outside it & stating his opinion etc, “Summer in the Studio” I think was the rant if my memory serves me correctly! Not to mention your other ‘opinions’ as to what, where, how & why they should record etc! You obviously don’t live in a glass house Tracy? Cheers from a self opinionated fan, who thinks he has the right to state an opinion as to certain meanderings, from the Deep Purple void! Or should I say abyss?

  35. 35
    mike whiteley says:

    Gotta say,this is a mighty lame idea.
    To be fair,1 man’s cover version is another man’s tribute.
    That said,I’ll neither buy,listen to,nor cry about this release.

    If you are indeed a newbie in the wonderful world of Purple,you need look no further than the 25th Anniversary Edition Machine Head.Remastered & remixed with a great,glossy,informative booklet.

    Since 3 members of the band that created Machine Head played the album from start to finish (with Airey & Morse ) on the 2004 North American Bananas tour,a live release of that part of the show would be more likely to find a place in my DP collection.

  36. 36
    Dave says:

    They should’ve got Steve Stevens to do Highway Star. The Atomic Playboys live version was killer.

  37. 37
    gonzalo says:

    only iron maiden mmmm we need huge bands like iron, keep iron and fu.. of the rest, this tribute needs metal monsters not santana, hughes, bonamassa, barnes, etc. Deep Purple is the father of metal, their sons can make a tribute, like iron maiden.

  38. 38
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Look, there have been many Deep Purple Tribute albums. I have a few of them. I will have this one. Yes, we all have opinions MacGregor, but some seem to have more cynical twists to them from a negative side in contrast to a positive point of view. My attitude towards Morse was due to his seemingly shluffing off Purple while leaning more positively toward ‘Flying Colors’. Sorry dude but though I do listen to and buy most anything that is Purple connected, Purple is the whole point. Purple should be the main focal point for Purple band members, Pure and simple. I am the first to appreciate any side project that the members do. But Purple should come first. As for what, when and where they should record as you state here, my only gripe is that their management and promoters basically suck and they slacked off on album output. That is quite obvious and surely we all agree with that. As for this tribute album, again, seems like some possible good stuff coming from this and I will listen to it before I bitch….


  39. 39
    Arthur says:

    My reaction was exactly the same as Steve Roots, why would you do this, who would ever listen to it more than once as a curio?

  40. 40
    Steve Hawker says:

    No Dream Theater presence? I am STUNNED…

    If you’re avoiding this because you hate tributes or covers, I’ll just throw in Hendrix’ version of All Along The Watchtower – he didn’t write it but he made it his own. Maybe Iron Maiden just took the snooze factor out of ST (seriously, can you listen to a 20 minute version and still be awake by the end?)

    It’s a shame that Mike Flowers or Rolf Harris weren’t involved because they both took classic songs and took them to a new dimension.

    Can we please have a Bjork version of Child in Time with Brass Section?

  41. 41
    Andrés says:

    Iron Maiden recorded this cover of ‘Space Truckin” during the recording sessions for their 2006 album A Matter of Life and Death. They also recorded covers of Focus’ ‘Hocus Pocus’, Thin Lizzy’s ‘Angel of Death’ and ZZ Top’s ‘Tush’ (with Adrian Smith on vocals). Only ‘Hocus Pocus’ has been released as of now (as a b-side of the lead single ‘Benjamin Breeg’).

  42. 42
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Joe and Yngwie did a good version of Pictures From Home on “Inspirations”(1996).
    Always hated it that they faded the song in the middle of the organ solo : (

  43. 43
    Scott W. says:

    I doubt i would play this more than once. Same as the other DP tribute albums… play them once then file them away…in the back! Look forward to the Magazine though!

  44. 44
    Wildtrooper says:

    Well said Tracey!! If this is anything to go by its gonna be a fantastic tribute album to the greatest hard rock band of all time: http://youtu.be/sDnQlgIBIgw

  45. 45
    John says:

    While I understand that there are some musicians out there who feel they need, rightly or wrongly to make a tribute album as it showcases the strengths of that particular band and album to newer, wider audience. We all have two choices. Either go out and buy it or do not bother, I do not go for tribute albums, prefering instead to get a compilation of that band and go from there or not. Speaking for myself, it is a product not needed, you cannot surpass the original and no doubt best. There seems to be a growing market for these type of product and the same culprits are on the majority. Glenn Hughes and JLT are two that spring to mind

  46. 46
    Judge says:

    Sorry, but these efforts are all fails…..

  47. 47
    Bob McKenna says:

    I’d like to echo the comments above of Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) , and also point out that there is a great “classic albums” dvd, with all the Machine Head personnel, though not all in the same room at the same time, and it covers every track on the album, including When a Blind Man Cries, EXCEPT: Lazy!! Dammit, how can they leave out Lazy!!!? Is it because it is a blues? It is also much more than a blues, keyboard entry from another planet!! (Especially really loud on an excellent sound system) to a blues, but then a modulation to a different key. How many blues tunes do that? “Classic Album” people, you did a great job putting that project together, great footage, interviews, insights, the master recording, soling individual tracks. It is incredible, but you should not have put Lazy on the cutting room floor. If anything it should have been the Blind Man, as was on the album. (Note, Steve Morse’s solo on When a Blind Man Cries, from the Perihelion DVD is priceless, and worth several spins)

  48. 48
    Maybe I'm A Leo says:

    I can’t wait for the Machine Head 40th box set. This re-machined won’t make it to my collection. Why ruin the greatest Purple album ever? The idea sounds like crap to me. What’s next? Burned? Come Smell The Band?

  49. 49
    Ron Huther says:

    Did anyone else notice the look on Glenn Hughes’ face as he was listening to the compliments to MK II? I like Glenn, but he is in some delusional sphere believing that MK III and IV were more special than MK II….ignoring that when he joined purple it was already the biggest band in the world. The look on Glenn’s face was priceless. To the people questioning this project….I say why not sit back and enjoy these awesome musicians pay homage to our beloved Purple. I am a firm believer that even people who win the lottery will complain about the something – taxes, vulchers, the cost of exotioc sports cars. I think this album will be awesome and lets hope it brings some attention to Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord and Paice!

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