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The DP editorial team? Yes I can picture you now, shirtsleeves rolled up, smoke hanging in the dusty room, a single light bulb holding back the gloom, all of you wearily slouched around a scuffed up conference table. Empty coffee cups and brandy bottles litter the surface, barely discernable beneath the mountains of Deep Purple quotes from which the one, THE one, must be found before the deadline. Trond breaks the ominous silence. “There’s only one thing to do. We must Email RG.” Eyebrows arched, brows furrowed, shadows moved across faces as heads turned to the speaker, who stood his ground grimly. “He’s the only one you can count on,” he muttered darkly. Slowly he reached for the computer, all the time expecting any one of them in the room to lunge for the cable, but no one moved except for a stinking rat that scurried away in the dark. Suddenly….

Roger Glover, December 12/1996

The Highway Star is the original Deep Purple Fan site, created by the fans for the fans. It’s origins can be traced back to the Deep Purple FAQ written by Trond Strøm for the alt.music.deep-purple newsgroup back in 1993.

At one point we were also the official Deep Purple website and getting some funds to pay for hosting fees, but a number of years ago the band’s management decided they wanted a more “corporate” site, with a store and resources for promoters and media, and wegave up the deep-purple.com domain. At that point we changed our moniker from the official Deep Purple pages to original Deep Purple pages.

In 2007 Thames Talent decided to make a deal with Paid Inc. (a company that runs “fan sites” for various bands) to set one up for them — and that’s why they use the “official fan site” moniker.

There’s nothing official about The Highway Star now. We are a non-profit organisation that exists to publish material about Deep Purple, its past and present members, and serve as a place for the fans from around the world to communicate with each other.

The Highway Star operates on your donations and referral fees from our shop. No part of this money goes to any personal benefit of any of the editors. It all goes to pay the expenses to run the site. And we thank you for your continued support.

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