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Credits... or who do we think we are?


Name: Wolf Schneider

Email: lonewolf@thehighwaystar.com

What: Often found flying stunt kites on a wind-swept beach in Canada’s Wet Coast, Wolf’s alter-ego Chief Old Wrens is an archivist of arcane and obscure knowledge since trying to compete with Stathis as a collector of DP material is pointless.

Editorial Team

rasmus_ths.jpgName: Rasmus Heide

Email: rasmus@thehighwaystar.com

What: Rasmus joined our editorial team in 1996. Editor of mainly tour reviews and special features section, Rasmus earns his living as a news editor in corporate communications. He had ‘a previous career’ in international truck driving and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Loves diving (scuba, not stage!) and also edits Jon Lord’s official website, JonLord.org.

Name: Benny Holmstrom

Email: benny@thehighwaystar.com

What: Calling Sweden home, Benny sees the world from a unique perspective, and often captures it perfectly on film. Occasionally answers to the name Remm T Shobolynn.

Name: Svante Axbacke

Email: svante@thehighwaystar.com

What: The erstwhile editor-in-chief without a life, Svante’s finally seen the light and abdicated the big desk for a less-demanding role. Balancing on the fine line between being a Purplehead and a Blackmoron, he can be found masquerading around Sweden as Bat Cake Van Sex.

Name: Catrin Thul

Email: catrin@thehighwaystar.com

What: Originating from Hamburg and now moving back and forth in the Southwest of Germany, Catrin managed our international editions (and might be managing them if they appeared again), and some of us upon occasion!

Name: Stephen Graham

Email: stephen@communic-8.com

What: He’s not telling. He’s often to be found at the Drouthie Neebors bar in Edinburgh, though, so you can ask him yourself if you drop in and buy him a drink.

Name: Andreas Thul

Webpage: http://blog.thul.org

What: Partial to Pink Floyd, Epica, Sam Brown, and Jon Lord (not necessarily in that order), Andi hails from Germany. Once upon a time he’d elected to run Roger Glover’s website instead, but since things have been running smoothly over there, he returned to his roots.

Perhaps one?Name: Nick Soveiko

Email: nsoveiko@thehighwaystar.com

What: An aspiring freelance brewmaster, Nick possesses propensity for cold countries, good schnitzel and Dutch cigars. He works on the technical side of things and also manages our news and tourdates sections.


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