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Ian Gillan, Caramba! (Q&A 47, Oct 2002):

I think The Highway Star is an excellent site, and operates best within its existing ethos. [..] So, please continue to support The Highway Star with positive contributions, it’s the only way really, considering the democratic way in which it works.

Reviews In The Media

Record Collector (March 2000):

The mothership of all Purple sites is The Highway Star – The Official Deep Purple Web Pages which is that rare beast, an official site that is absolutely brilliant. Everybody else should take a leaf from this. The site adopts a newspaper/magazine format and is put together by a cast of devoted Purplephiles from around the world.


Whether it’s biographies, discographies and editorial that grabs your attention, or sound files, movie archives and gossip, your appetite will certainly be sated here; everything is catered for in a well designed and easy to use format.

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We’ve got lots and lots of them (and thank you very much to all of you who’ve sent them), but we simply don’t have time to edit all them down for inclusion here.

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