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This page is no longer updated and is retained here purely for historical purposes.

These are links to various places on the Internet that we think might he of interest to a Deep Purple fan. For an exhaustive list of DP links, visit Brian Currin's behemoth The Deep Purple Web Index.

Last update: Oct 21, 2007

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The Fine Print

"Why won't you add my site to your links list?" is one of the most common complaints heard at the Links desk. Well, here's why -- we have to use some criteria to try to limit our links, or the list would get too unwieldy; as such, we've arbitrarily decided to just list those sites with a direct connection to Deep Purple (eg. for musicians, those who've worked with DP folks), or which provide a useful service to the Deep Purple fan. We hope you can understand our position -- even with those strictures, our links list is already overly long.

Another common one is "Why haven't you updated the links list yet?". The answer to this is very simple: life gets in the way. In other words, this website is a volunteer effort and as such must take a back seat to things with higher priority that come up (like work we are getting paid to do, family, and so forth). This doesn't mean we feel good about it, just that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything one wants to. However, all things have their day and you can rest assured that the updates will happen, just not necessarily as fast as you might want. Patience is a virtue, it is rumoured...

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