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This is a mirror of Ram Samudrala's collation of some really excellent covers of Deep Purple tunes by Internet people. I've added a potted review of each - but they are my humble opinion only. A tape of these tunes may be ordered from Ram. Hunt down the details from his his homepage.

SongArtist/BandShort AU SizeShort mp2 SizeFull mp2 SizeComment
When a Blind Man Cries Rod Cathey 224k 336k 2.4M Music to slash your wrists by.
Burn Donald 285k 428k 4.2M Hey Beavis, this kicks butt!
Child in Time Dennis Bozemen 298k 447k 4.8M Pass the throat lozenges!
Fools The Hooded Crow 250K 376k 4.9M Good, faithful and powerful.
Highway Star Titan 318k 477k 4.2M Smokin' Tyres
Living Wreck Purple Turtle 291k 437k 3.3M Spacey cover of a great song.
Smoke on the Water The Lassos 386k 580k 2.1M Smoke as you've never heard it before!
Stormbinger Twisted Product 296k 443k 2.5M A new spin on an old vortex.
Woman from Gaza Kevin Ferguson 309k 400k 3.6M Shreds.
Wring that Neck/Owed to 'G' Christopher Oberst 267k 400k 5M Excellent.

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