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I want to sign something!

Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore unboxing marble vinyl of the Shadow of the Moon 25th anniversary edition

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Aviator is flying high

This is from the recent brief tour of Steve Morse Band in February 2023. Good to see Steve in great spirits and in great form. This was recorded on February 27 at The Vogel in Red Bank, NJ. There’s more where this came from.

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Lift the spirit higher

Paul Gilbert has an RJD tribute album coming out on April 7 via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group. It is called simply The Dio Album and contains purely instrumental covers of tracks spanning Dio’s career in Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and solo. An instrumental tribute album dedicated to a vocalist is definitely an interesting concept. Here’s […]

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Black vinyl only

Blackmore’s Night record company is running a ruffle. Two copies of the black vinyl set of the Shadow Of The Moon 25th anniversary edition will include golden tickets that can be redeemed for Ritchie Blackmore signature Fender Stratocaster signed by the man himself. As attested by the video.

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Big fat tyres and everything

A 1969 Jaguar E-Type once owned by Jon Lord (in which he drove himself down to Montreux, no less) is up for sale at the Evoke Classics auction site. The starting price is £20,000, and as a carefully restored low mileage classic car it is expected to fetch well into the six digits even without […]

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With the wind in their hair

Deep Purple performing on February 16, 2023, out at sea, on the deck of Rock Legends Cruise. Pretty good quality audience recording. Check out the ‘all hands on deck’ moment during Lazy

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Dancing in an Eastern Dream

Ultimate Classic Rock has a story of the making of Woman From Tokyo: One of Deep Purple’s best songs came out of one of their worst times. The band was in disarray while recording “Woman From Tokyo,” which arrived in March 1973 as the lead single from Deep Purple’s seventh studio album, Who Do We […]

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Next stop: Indonesia

There was no official announcement, but judging by the social media posts (here and here), Deep Purple had a writing session in Nashville, slotted between the short US tour and the upcoming visit to the Far East. They are once again working with Bob Ezrin at the helm. Special thanks to Tobias Janaschke for reporting […]

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Making of a true classic

The latest issue (#312) of the Classic Rock magazine has making of Machine Head as the cover story. How many times does a freak accident change the course of hard rock history? Not all that often, we’d wager. But had a suspended ceiling in a Swiss casino not caught fire, then Deep Purple’s sixth studio […]

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The Steve Morse Band Delivers the Goods at the Ridgefield Playhouse

The Steve Morse Band delivered a solid performance in front of a packed house at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT, on February 26, 2023. With, obviously, Steve at the helm, the three-piece group’s other two members included Dave LaRue on bass and Van Romaine on drums. Each band member got their time in the […]

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Liberty Bells and parking lot shenanigans

Shout out to the fellow purple maniacs Nathan and John at The Deep Purple Podcast. They’ve started in 2019 and now are up to 200+ episodes. Each episode is about 2 hours of Purple-filled banter from the hardcore fans. The latest, #202 is dedicated to the recent shows in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with our […]

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Mr. Richard Hugh Blackmore was a romantic gentleman

A branch of the family tree rarely explored — an interview with Shoshana Feinstein, a former Blackmore’s girlfriend, who sang background vocals on the first Rainbow album. Christopher: How and in what circumstance did you meet Ritchie Blackmore? Would you tell me when and where the story with him begins? Shoshana Feinstein: I met Richie […]

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The tenure, the royalty, and the status

A review of the St. Petersburg, FL, gig on February 20, 2023, from the Creative Loafing Tampa Bay e-paper. Forgive them for their ‘Mr Grover, Mr Gillian’ snap of judgment, if you can. There aren’t a whole lot of bands around who have the tenure, the hard rock royalty, or the status of Rock and […]

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Amazing (despite)

Deep Purple live at Steinmetz Hall (Orlando, USA 2023-02-21) Hi Folks, Had the pleasure of seeing the band last night in Orlando. Fantastic show. Set list as has been for the last 6 months or so. One bad thing about the internet, no surprises because everything gets posted (my own fault I guess, i dont […]

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Introducing the unknown

Another article from the New Musical Express issue from September 29, 1973. This one unveils the new Deep Purple lineup that became known as Mark III.

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Celebrating Burn in the UK

Glenn Hughes will continue his 50th anniversary of Burn tour with 11 dates in the UK in October. The tour starts on October 10 in Holmfirth and wraps up on the 29th at the Manchester Academy. Soren Andersen on guitar, Ash Sheehan on drums, and Bob Fridzema on keyboards will round up the band. Special […]

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Hush on the high seas

Deep Purple performing Caught in the Act medley and Hush on the Rock Legends Cruise that sailed from Florida last Monday, February 13, 2023

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A lot of soul

A vintage interview with a freshly purplerised (is that a word? it is now!) Glenn Hughes, that originally appeared in New Musical Express on September 29, 1973: He’s got one of the best voices in modern music and he is also an accomplished bass player – but what did he listen to himself when he […]

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Twelfth root of two

Technically, this has nothing to do with Deep Purple. Or everything to do, depending on how you look at it. There was a discussion some tome ago in our comments about the connection between music and math, and then this video came across our attention. In half an hour it explains the fundamental mathematical problem […]

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Communication through horse’s eyes

Paul Mann was interviewed by a Hammond aficionado Nick Foley. In this lengthy chat, they’ve talked about his work with Jon Lord, the Concerto revival and continuing performances, speaking English in Romania, among many, many other things. We highly recommend listening to the whole thing (it is an hour and a quarter long). The man […]

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