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Photo: Nick Soveiko

Photo: Nick Soveiko

The Geriatric Tour/Follow-Up

Deep Purple live at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Woodlands, USA 2017-08-18) Back at home after a Great night of music for the most part. I will start with Edgar Winter. I previously said a 30 minute set. Actually was 45. 5 classic songs if your old enough to know them. Band was very good. Lots […]

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Time For Bedlam on The Strip

Deep Purple live at Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, USA 2017-08-12) I managed to catch the first two nights of the tour. Vegas was great,my wife and I were front row on Steve’s side.The guys came out firing on all cylinders with 3 killer tunes then Uncommon Man drops the energy level from the […]

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An Odd Couple

Deep Purple live at Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, USA 2017-08-12) Upon the announcement of the Deep Purple / Alice Cooper co-headlining tour (w/Edgar Winter in support), I was ecstatic! My favorite band and two rock legends in support! I ponied up to get great 8th row seats and counted the days, until the […]

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The Geriatric Tour

Deep Purple live at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Woodlands, USA 2017-08-18) If it’s OK with everyone, I’d like to do something I’ve never done. I’d like to write a pre concert review & follow up after I see it to see how I stacked up. After a 5.5 hour drive, we arrive @ The Cynthia […]

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Rainbow review and interview in Burrn! magazine

Rainbow Live Review, O2 Arena, London, 6/17/2017 (Summary) Did Ritchie Blackmore really enjoy his return to the world of rock in 2016? The answer must be yes as he is actually seen to be smiling in the DVD from the shows. Most of Ritchie’s fans gave accolades to the 2016 lineup, so it was no […]

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Episode Six “I Hear Trumpets Blow”

A new addition to “Videos from the bottom drawer” on RGs official website: Read Rogers comments about the video and join the discussion.

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Hellfest Footage – ARTE details

The previously announced showing of the Deep Purple show from Hellfest 2017 will air this evening, Saturday 29th July at 10:55pm for those able to get the ARTE station in Europe. However thanks to their website and video stream you can watch the whole 61 minute production right now apparently… More details here (in German) […]

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Johnny’s Band as a Single in Europe…

So, now that ‘All I Got Is You’ is the current radio single in the UK we get news that recent radio single, ‘Johnny’s Band’ is about to be released as a physical single. Additionally a new version of the video with a commentary track has been released…. Track listing: 1. Johnny’s Band (Album Version) […]

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One Night in Frankfurt

Having seen Deep Purple in concert in 2004, 2006 and 2007, as well as buying a ticket to their cancelled Reykjavík gig in 2013, I finally saw the band again in Frankfurt’s Festhalle on June 10th. I must admit that I was nervous, strange as that may sound coming from a member of the audience. […]

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Glenn Hughes Australia Tour

Glenn Hughes will be performing a short tour of Australia this September/October with the band ‘Classic Deep Purple Live’. “Most Purple fans rank Burn and Stormbringer among the greatest albums the band ever made, in any incarnation,” Glenn says.  “Over that Mk III period, we were also performing Mk II classics like Smoke On The Water and Highway Star every night on massive world tours.   ‘My lasting memories […]

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El concierto fantastico

Deep Purple live at Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid, Spain 2017-07-03) Absolutely fantastic show in Madrid. The Spanish audience really loved the band, and showed it. Band started with Time for Bedlam going straight into Fireball, then Bloodsucker and after that Strange Kinda Woman. All in a row without breaks. What […]

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Blackmore interview on The Quietus.

Ritchie Blackmore speaks to Michael Hann about the inspirational nature of Tommy Steele, playing badly on purpose and why he prefers the sackbut, the crumhorn, the shawm, the hurdy gurdy & mandola to the lute…. some snippets include Do you have a favourite era of Rainbow? RB: I liked right in the beginning, with Ronnie […]

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Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow in Glasgow 2017

This past Sunday evening June 25th I had the good fortune to see Ritchie and his band perform at the Hydro SSE Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. I estimated the crowd size to be about 6000 to 7000 or so. When the lights went down we could hear the first strains of Land of Hope and […]

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Rockpages interview with Don Airey

The media blitz continues, this time it’s the turn of Don Airey to be interviewed by Rockpages.gr. On Blackmore Rockpages.gr: Do you think that will ever be a chance that the guys would bury the hatchet and Ritchie of course and play all of them together? Even if it’s for one show? Don Airey: No! […]

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106.6 Radio Rock Interview with Ian Gillan

A few days ago in Rome Ian Gillan was interviewed on the local Radio Rock station. And the whole show can be heard on the link below, mostly in Italian excepting IG’s answers. For those on Facebook (isn’t EVERYONE?) you can access their page and view more pictures and video of the day. https://www.facebook.com/radiorock106.6/?fref=nf

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Deep Purple – Hellfest footage

The ARTE channel in France have posted some footage of this years Hellfest festival, including from around the 22 minute mark Smoke on the Water and Uncommon Man from DP’s set. A further longer show, approx. 1 hour, of the Deep Purple set is due to be aired in July for those with access to […]

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Steve Morse – Ultimate Guitar interview

A lengthy, technical at times, and very interesting interview with Steve Morse has appeared on the website of Ultimate Guitar. UG: What’s the Purple album and solo you’re most proud of? Steve: I don’t know. I don’t dwell too much on the albums or the solos. In a way it’s like children you give up […]

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Brilliant concert

Deep Purple live at Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel, Belgium 2017-06-17) I was on saturday 17th of june in Dessel at the Graspop Metal Meeting & I saw once again Deep Purple as Headliner of the day. No doubt about it, it was a fabulous GIG. I saw Purple many times but this time it was […]

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The (last) Stuttgart Show?

Deep Purple live at Schleyerhalle (Stuttgart, Germany 2017-06-14) Here we go again …Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle. MONSTER TRUCK were one of the better guests Purple had during the years as far as we were concerned. Us being the girl and me and two of our boys, 16 and 10 years old, that are really in DP (and […]

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The media bandwagon rolls on, and on….

The last few days of the European tour are upon us, and in Germany the media bandwagon has been rolling on, with many interviews being broadcast and published. First on our list is a broadcast from SWR, a lengthy interview with IG knocking in at half an hour or so, and in English (allegedly) for […]

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