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Blackmore: “Je pense rejouer du rock”

Ritchie Blackmore, St.Petersburg June 11, 2008. © 2008 http://spblife.info/, used with permission.

In anticipation of the Blackmore’s Night visit to Paris Olympia, French newspaper Le Parisien has published an extensive interview with Ritchie and Candice. Bear in mind that everything Ritchie says in an interview has to be taken with a generous pinch of salt. And twice so when it comes from a reverse translation. That being said, his most interesting talking points were:

  • There will be a comprehensive career retrospective DVD documentary out some time later this year. He has not seen it as he doesn’t like to watch himself on the screen.
  • Yes, he’s got an itch to play some rock’n’roll again. He will scratch that itch by doing 3 or 4 shows in June 2016 playing Purple and Rainbow tunes with a rock band. JLT will not be a part of this adventure “and he does not know it yet”.

Thanks to Rock Voorne for the info.

46 Comments to “Blackmore: “Je pense rejouer du rock””:

  1. 1
    Russ says:

    JLT will not be a part of this adventure “and he does not know it yet”.

    Priceless RB. Love it!

  2. 2
    Jérémie Cazeuneuve says:

    If Ritchie does not joke, I see here at least three good news:
    1- Rock again
    2- Possibly a show at Hellfest (since an appearance at a French festival is mentioned)
    3- No JLT involved!

  3. 3
    Jim Collins says:

    And Jolene doesn’t know he’s not involved yet? This is classic Blackmore!!

  4. 4
    byron says:

    Ritchie said that he’ll probably play a french festival in June next year.I think it could be the Hellfest-that’s the only hard rock/metal festival in France.
    Poor Joe…he was the first to bring the news..and he still does not know he’s not part of the project.Ritchie is Ritchie…

  5. 5
    LRT says:

    Oh boy, here come the Glenn Hughes fans fighting for stage rights. lol

  6. 6
    Heepfan says:

    This was the best news in the world of Rock and Roll since 1997, when Ritchie quit playing rock !

    What Ritchie (and the same applies to the Led Zeppelin guys) has to understand is that there’s a whole generation that loves his music but has never had the chance to see him performing live.

    I am 33 years old and lived most of my life in South America. I was only 14 when Rainbow played there for the last time and my parents just didn’t take me to the show . After that I just never had the chance to see him live playing rock.
    It is time for the best guitar player in history (and I mean it) to get back on stage and give us a chance to appreciate such wonderful music ! I can’t wait !

    By the way, JLT must be so sad…

  7. 7
    Arthur. says:

    Well he’ll know now….!

  8. 8
    al says:

    One thing is for sure,he won’t play with Joe Lynn and that is good! 3-4 shows not bad! I hope they will be recorded and filmed for DVD.

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    First of all, great if this is true that JLT will not be involved, Hooray for that!
    Heepfan @ 6 – it is called life, people live it the best they can, Blackmore & the Zeppelin guys owe no one anything! Those guys do understand! If people missed out, that is the way it goes. Father Time waits for no one! Cheers.

  10. 10
    byron says:

    Maybe Rod Evans is involved and he does not know it yet.

  11. 11
    Andy says:

    OK, so this is good news and I hope he releases a live recording of the shows, but June 2016?? And only three shows? I’m a bit underwhelmed.

  12. 12
    Andres says:

    “I think that Joe will not be part of the adventure, and he doesn’t know it yet. He does his thing, I like him, and I made good albums and good songs with him, like ‘Street Of Dreams’. But I’m thinking about doing a mixture in the band, with famous people and not so famous ones. That’s my state of mind at the moment, and you’re the first person I talk to about it.”


  13. 13
    George Martin says:

    As soon as Joe knows he’s not involved, he’s gotta be pissed! I hope those 3 or 4 shows are in the New York area and there is a recording cd/dvd to remember it by. One can only hope it happens.

  14. 14
    Ron Harper says:

    Wonder if we might get him to add a new CD to the equation? Hey, one can dream, right? How are you and Peg doing out there in Kansas, Jim?

  15. 15
    Patrick says:

    Read the full article in French. Ritchie does indeed talk about playingd 4 to 5 dates in Europe next year . He apparently have already an idea about who will play with him . He does not talk about recording a new studio album with his future bandmates. Just that he would plays Purple and Rainbow songs. Talk a lot about soccer and his admiration for former french players, Rocheteau, Platini … and that he is a fan of PSG and Zlatan….talk about having athriatis in his hands and treating it with cream, his admiaration of Mick Jagger stamina ( Jagger’s run 6 miles a day , Ritchie cannot match that due to back problem…… Talk about taxes, politics and so on with the french journalist….He seens to have a great sense ogf humour and being in great spirit, talked about turning 70s old

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    A band with players of his choosing. The JLT plans were not Ritchie’s they were JLT’s. Ritchie is talking about something else, plan does not involve Joe.

  17. 17
    Anthony says:

    Great news! Will take a portion of the finer details all with a pinch of medieval salt. Does seem odd that Ritchie would play a festival in France..I would have thought he would go for Wacken as it is in his beloved Germany. Anyway, a few dates with a top notch produced live DVD/CD will do me for sure 🙂

  18. 18
    Paal Hanson says:

    This is at best, irrelevant news in that it’s a three show return to rock.

    It would have been so much better with a proper rock’n’roll record, that more people would be able to remember or even get to know Ritchie Blackmore from.

    Even a return to re-record some of the old songs with an all star band behind him would be better than this.

    But I do respect his wish to do a few R&R shows, and then go back to the minstrel stuff.

  19. 19
    maya says:

    Oh Ricrado Ricardo wherefore art thou Ricardo 🙂 that artiritis needs strat venom 🙂 love how he doesnt give a flyin but acutally does heeps, bring it on Mr B 😉

  20. 20
    Marco Paice Mastria says:

    Simply impossible to miss it !!!

  21. 21
    Ricardo says:

    There are bigger chances HE seeing himself playing with Cozy, Jon and Dio than WE see him playing in a rock band in near future. Much bigger.

  22. 22
    Brad Lorton says:

    Let me be the one to stick up for Joe Lynn Turner — he’s been tenacious — and if Ritchie does follow through on this, you can thank JLT for keeping the buzz going. That said, Glenn Hughes still has one of the best voices rock music ever produced — I’d love to see him front this effort. Of course, it’s up to the Man-In-Black himself as to what transpires.

  23. 23
    André says:

    I am a great Blackmore fan. I am so happy to hear he is still alive. I wasn’t sure any more. Because musically, he is dead, or at least asleep since more or less 20 years. Come on Ritchie, wake up, and rock again!

  24. 24
    R.Fleenor says:

    Ritchie’s probably just yanking JLT’s chain, unless he’s being vengeful, he knows how badly Joe’s been chomping at the bit for this.

  25. 25
    Russ says:

    Now in interviews JLT will say that he is the reason Ritchie is famous and how there would have been no Mark 2 Purple if it wasn’t for his stint in Rainbow.

  26. 26
    kraatzy says:

    What did I say … bye bye JLT … you was … and you are … and you would be a dreamer, to play one time again with our majesty of the Stratocaster:
    Mr.Ritchie Blackmore



  27. 27
    Rick says:

    The big question is if not JLT then who? Won’t be Coverdale, no way Gillan. I doubt Doogie White or Graham Bonnet. His choice of who to share the stage with will be the topic of many guessing games for months.

  28. 28
    Alan says:

    I for one hope that Ritchie is not joking about this and that at least one of the gigs is in the UK. Much as I love the BN albums and have seen most of their UK shows it would be AWESOME to see Ritchie rock again with a bone fide rock band. A studio album to go with the shows followed by a live album/DVD after would be incredible. I wonder who else would be in the band. Familiar names or unknowns ? Either way we can be sure they would be of the highest calibre.

    Rock n roll on June 2016

  29. 29
    Rock Voorne says:

    Ritchie, always trying to fool people and piss someone off.

    I hope it will ALL go through and let us please have JLT as well.

    I ll try to see as many shows as possible.

    Even if I have to travel far away .

    Probably he lets me do that and then, proclaiming the first were a pilot, gives us a TOUR 🙂

    Sincerely yours, a life long fan from Rotterdam. 🙂

  30. 30
    Elprupdeep says:

    The only old members ( and best) who could be playing with Ritchie are not there anymore.
    Misters R.J. Dio and Cosy Powell. Rip.both.
    For the rest forget it.
    But I am sure Ritchie is going to put on the best band in the world without any problems. The problem will be having to many choices… As ( even being Ritchie) I am sure a lot of musicians want to join the master.
    Hope he will do more than 3/4 shows. world tour please.

  31. 31
    Scott W says:

    I wonder what the location will be for these shows? Having been fortunate to see him live 4 or 5 times, it would be fantastic to see him one more time! Fingers very crossed… my all time fave musician!

  32. 32
    John says:

    Good to see Blackers wanting to rock again…but I’m not getting my hopes up yet. Let’s see if this idea gets past his mother-in-law first…

  33. 33
    Rick says:

    I would guess he would play Hellfest,Rock AM Ring, Sweden Rock Fest, and Glastonbury.

  34. 34
    MacGregor says:

    I am not sure why certain ‘fans’ mention most of the past vocalist’s who Blackmore has worked with! Why, they are history, excepting a ‘guest’ appearance possibly & I am talking more of Ian Gillan for a song or two, otherwise forget the rest! Get someone younger & with no strings attached! RIP R J Dio. Now in regards to the band, imagine Keith Emerson on keyboards, well i have! Also needed is a decent old school drummer, hmmmmmmm, let me see, might as well throw Carl Palmer in! Bass player? Bob Daisley would do!
    Talking off bass players, Vale Chris Squire from Yes, who passed a week or two ago! One of the great bass players in rock, my favourite, what a sound & what feeling & melody for the instrument he had! The end of an era indeed!RIP.

  35. 35
    Graham says:

    It’s probably a bargaining tactic – he’s trying to get Joe to do it for free… 🙂

  36. 36
    George Martin says:

    Here is my guess as to what musicians would make the most sense to me:

    1. Keyboard player – Don Airey if Purple is not touring or recording at the time. He makes the most sense. He knows both Purple and Rainbow tunes obviously and gets along well with Blackmore at least as far as I have read.

    2. Bass player – Roger Glover for the same reasons as above, but I know they have hit a ruff patch in there relationship over the last few years. Maybe they can bury the hatchet at least for these few shows. It’s time to let go of past disagreements.

    3. Drums – This one’s tough, I’d like to say Paicey but there is a lot of double bass drumming in Rainbow songs and Ian really doesn’t play that style that much. Fireball is the only song that comes to mind at the moment. This will be interesting.

    4. Vocals – I am going out on a limb here and going to guess Paul Rodgers. Ritchie has always said he’s one of his favorite singers and has always wanted to do something with him. Why not!

    Now I am sure I will be completely wrong about all of them!

  37. 37
    LRT says:

    I don’t even know why I read the comments. Expect all new comers. Get off the JLT and other past Rainbow and Purple members.

  38. 38
    MatsB says:

    Wise words:-)

  39. 39
    Ole says:

    Paul Rodgers would be my top pick as singer. He was Ritchies first choice before Coverdale joined Purple, and still is a great singer. 🙂

  40. 40
    Deeperpurps says:

    I am thinking this one-off /3 concerts thing is somewhat similar to the Led Zeppelin reunion show of 2007. It is one last hurrah never to be repeated again. My dream line-up on stage beside Mr. Ritchie Blackmore would be:

    Keyboards: Rick Wakeman…..(a great admirer of Jon Lord).

    Drums: Simon Phillips…..(excellent drummer who has played for Toto, Judas Priest, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, The Who, and others)

    Bass: Geezer Butler…..(what can I say? His powerful serpentine basslines would be magical on the vintage Rainbow songs)

    Vocals: Paul Rodgers…(for the bluesy Purple Mark III songs).

    Vocals: Bruce Dickinson…(for the hard rock Mark II songs).

    Vocals: Tony “The Cat” Martin…(ex-Black Sabbath….for the Rainbow songs).

    Has anybody got a better list than that?? 🙂

  41. 41
    Dpprpl says:

    For the sake of dreaming:

    Keyboards- Wakeman or Emerson- either will do
    Bass- Geddy Lee
    Drums- Palmer
    Vocals- Bring in someone who still has a voice. Not Plant, well Gillan is out of the question, or Coverdale. Mmhh, Dickinson? Don’t know if he still can hold it.

    And a setlist heavy on instrumentals or long songs like mandrake and a light in the black… Yes, a dream still.

  42. 42
    MacGregor says:

    I wouldn’t go with Wakeman, as much of a Yes & Wakeman fan that I am, he is too busy a player & also not a Hammond specialist like Lord & Emerson. Geddy Lee would be too busy also, a fantastic bass player, one of my favourite players.! The reason i mentioned Daisley on bass is because he fits the bill big time, not too busy, solid & a down to earth chap to boot! I am not sure why some people think Paul Rodgers would be a fit, he wouldn’t fit in book, never! A totally different style to any past members, for replicating certain parts! Just because Blackmore thought he wanted to work with Rodgers 4 decades ago means nothing to me! I have always thought that would have been a mismatch indeed! A great vocalist & a very good songwriter also is Rodgers, but not with the man in black! Need a new, younger vocalist, not sure who, maybe someone we have never heard of perhaps! Drummer should be Palmer, from what I have read he loves that old school hard rock! Apparently he was in line for Sabbath’s 13 sessions, but couldn’t make it due to commitments with Asia! Bummer eh? Cheers.

  43. 43
    Rock Voorne says:

    Vocals : Amongst some others : JLT
    Drums : Rondinelli
    Bass : Bob Daisley
    Keyboards : Tony Carey

  44. 44
    Rock Voorne says:

    The return of the Spotlight Kid 🙂


  45. 45
    Nigel Young says:

    In the meantime:
    Blackmore’s Night – The Other Side (Official Audio)

  46. 46
    purrfect strangers says:

    Vocals I suspect an unknown
    Drums the guy in sabbath or the guy in the scorpions
    Bass John Paul Jones
    Keyboards I suspect a former member of Rainbow

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