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New dates for Whitesnake, Hughes, and Paice

Ian Paice bass drum; London, Ontario, Feb 11 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

Our Purple calendar has been updated. A whole bunch of new Whitesnake dates in Connecticut, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri had been added to this summer US tour.

Glenn Hughes has announced a 10-gig UK tour in October.

And last, but not least, Ian Paice will make an appearance at a festival in Italy this weekend.

More details you-know-where.

3 Comments to “New dates for Whitesnake, Hughes, and Paice”:

  1. 1
    ricrae says:

    But still another year without a half decent UK Purple tour. For their original and longest running fans!

    This year- Germany 13 gigs , France -6, Switzerland!!-3,Italy-4, UK-one!

    This repeats the last 3-4 years. Sorry guys. Not good enough. And in case you’r bothered DP are my all time favourite band having started following them in 1970.

  2. 2
    Chris Clark says:

    If only it was Coverdale, Hughes, and Paice together…in the same band! With a certain pilgrim hat wearing guy on guitar.

  3. 3
    Paul Anderson says:

    With previous arguments, it is the booking agents that need to have a kick up the ass as well. Gillan has stated, and i have heard other bands say, it is the booking agents that put their proposed tours in for each country. Yes i suppose the band should say, we want more gigs in this and that country, or maybe they have but some venues arent available when needed.
    My point is that the band sometimes does not have the say on where and when they perform for tours. And DP are one of my all time favs bands, all versions of it as well.

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