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Blackmore to tour Over The Rainbow

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It looks like the hotly debated Purple Rainbow story is getting an unexpected twist. A press release from Russian promoters Prestige Concert states that the new band will be called Over The Rainbow and will consist of:

Joe Lynn Turner — vocals
Bobby Rondinelli — drums
Tony Carey — keyboards
Greg Smith — bass
Jürgen Blackmore — guitar (yes, Ritchie’s son)

The band is said to start its world tour in February in Russia.

Thanks to Dima Zykov (deep-purple.ru) for the info.

Update (Nov 28):
Tickets for the first show in Moscow on February 18 just went on sale. We should mention that on the venue’s website the band is advertise as simply “Rainbow featuring Jurgen Richard Blackmore”, not “Over The Rainbow”.

Update (Nov 29):
Prestige Concerts issued a statement that the project is called “Over The Rainbow” and above appears to be a case of unscrupulous advertizing on the part of Moscow club’s management. It will be corrected shortly.

236 Comments to “Blackmore to tour Over The Rainbow”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    A very interesting line-up. I am looking forward to this and hope they record–both a new in-studio work and a later alive album.

  2. 2
    Thunderhawk says:

    J.R. Blackmore, wel that’s interesting, i have al his cd’s and tho he has a other playing style than his father, he’s a great guitarist.
    He got the looks and the talent from his father mostly.
    But Jurgen is a very easy man to handel with, could’nt realy say that from his father.

    But i think because Jurgen’s in the band, Ritchie’s son, ritchie gave premission to use the Name Rainbow in this band.

    I hope it will work fine, and if they come close, i defently gonna see them 😀 .

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, that was funny
    Visiting the thread on which I appearantly missed out somewhere in july
    Cannot remember why I did
    Was it the beach that lured me away or was I feeling intimidated by certain passionate others, dunno…..

    And so the seasons change indeed

    Well, did we swim in dirty water or not….

    The pic above

    First thought I saw Dougie, but it is Tony…..

    Maybe I should go to sleep

  4. 4
    clay says:

    When I saw the line “Blackmore to tour over the Rainbow”,I was thinking Ritchie of course.
    Now that I know it’s his 44 year old son,I can stop paying any attention to this thread.
    When Ritchie and Ronnie decide to reform the real Rainbow, that’s when I (and a lot of other fans!)will become interested in the band again.

  5. 5
    stoffer says:

    I think ready for this ….. so BRING IT ON!!

  6. 6
    T says:

    It would be interesting if Blackmore the Elder were to suddenly ‘guest’ at one of the gigs.

  7. 7
    Manolis Kroussaniotakis says:

    This is mildly interesting for Junior to play his father’s songs….. For the other guys, it is a bit sad. They are all accomplished musicians, JLT has 5-6 songs in my “Favourites” from both Rainbow and DP, yet they need a history crutch to be able to draw some attention? C mon guys. Make a band together sure, but write your own songs, and only play one or two songs from the past. And definitely don’t plagiarise on any name.

    I would still like to see TMIB return to Rock, and the Maestro to the Hammond. But not to play old DP numbers….

    Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on”.

    So play on my friends.

  8. 8
    Giacomo Brunoro says:

    no… no… this line up is very very sad…

  9. 9
    stefan says:

    They just couldn´t leave the past alone, could they??
    “Over the Rainbow”….. very creative,shame on you Turner,Carey & Rondinelli!!

    It should be capital punishment for former hired hands of Rainbow,Whitesnake & Deep Purple to use those words in any formation of bands after leaving those bands!It´s an tasteless attempt to capitalize on the major forces, and original members of said bands!

    Can´t say I´m worried though…..they´ll probably just fade away and die in silence, when lack of originality and quality shines through!ROCK ON!

  10. 10
    Rascal says:

    Another tribute band for JLT to strut his poncy leather clad aging ass with………..The only question that might exist with this line up is ‘which shade of lipstick will he wear?’

    Another boring ‘circus act’…………..friggin hell!!

    Guess how long it will last…………..

  11. 11
    andre sihotang says:

    Hehe..very new topic again

    Yes, I’m wonder what this line up would be? And what will they bring to the table. If it’s the same food and drink again like their own old days, then I prefer to pay attention for something new with Kaiser Chiefs, The Strokes, Backstreet Boys, Matchbox Twenty, Stereophonics
    Oasis, and the others.

    I hope they will give something fantastic. Give them a shot

  12. 12
    Renzo says:

    Oh my God!!

  13. 13
    George Martin says:

    Everyone knocking this just shut up and let them play! If you are interested in seeing them by all means go, if not then don’t. No one is forcing you to spend a dime on them. If anything it should be interesting. I just hope they don’t do something stupid like play Burn or Highway Star. Stick to the 3 Rainbow albums Turner sang on and maybe throw in something from Rising and Strangers In Us All (for Carey and Smith) and let it go at that. Any Deep Purple other than Slaves thrown in could be a big mistake. Then I think you would have earned the right to rip them apart.

  14. 14
    Rascal says:

    I dont need to earn the right to rip them apart.

    Its just another JLT ‘freak show’………..

    If YOU need evidence as to whether they do something stupid!!! Duuuhhh….The name for starters……….

    I’d like to give them a shot………..ready aim FIRE!!!

  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    Hey very good line-up,the closest one to the original(in fact I think Ritchie will never refom Rainbow…)
    I will go to see them but :’please come to Italy!!!!’
    I own J. Blackmore’s album and is very good

  16. 16
    Roberto says:

    and… I hope to they will do a new record!
    these are the new Rainbow!!!!

  17. 17
    Roberto says:

    …but please don’t play deep purple songs live!!!!you are Rainbow so you have to do only Rainbow songs!!!

  18. 18
    Jaro says:

    Rainbow without Ritchie is a tribute band.
    Deep purple without Ritchie and Jon is a tribute band too.
    Queen witchout Freddie…
    Ten Years After witchout Alvin…
    And Maybe Led Zeppelin witchout Robert…
    It’s only for money.No progression.
    In my opinion solo Turner projects are wery poor.Compare to any
    Rainbow record.
    Catch the rainbow guys:-)

  19. 19
    SEVEN-47 says:

    What happened to Craig Goldy?

  20. 20
    Kraatzy says:

    Oh my god…

    If you read the names at first corsorily – I will say, it´s like a Gillan scream: Eeeeaaaooouuwww!
    But if you read the exacly names and their “music-history, talent and success”, you only have one real answer:

    ( sorry, but only MR.SON, he is not like Ritchie expect the same *familyname*, they have nearly nothing in common )
    ( after 2-3 sucsessful years with Ritchies Rainbow, it slowly goes down under )
    ( nobody knows him before, after and without Ritchies Rainbow )
    Greg Smith:
    ( the same like B.Rondinelli )
    Toni Carey:
    ( the same like the other; but after Rainbow, he had success with “A room with a view”.

    I think:
    As time goes by, they have many ideas … how to get any kind of money with the success of DEEP PURPLE or ( in this place ) of Ritchie Blackmore´s RAINBOW.

    The worst case scenario will be:
    Mr.Glenn Hughes will be replace Greg Smith.
    If this will happend, I would say good by to Mr.Voice of Rock !!!

    The horniestly scenario will be:
    Mr. Ritchie Blackmore( himself, who else ??? )
    Mr. R.J.Dio ( why not ? )
    Mr. Glenn Hughes ( THE Voice of Rock !!!)
    Mr. Jon Lord or Don Airey ( any questions ? )
    Mr. Ian Paice ( because Cozy Powell is in heaven… )

    Long Live Rock´N´Roll

  21. 21
    George Martin says:

    So I guess no one can form a band and play music unless the band consists of all original members. Well if that’s the case most the bands around today should not exist! Any singer or musician has the right to form a band and play whatever material they choose. If it stinks it stinks, if it works it works. Lighten up Rascal, this is not that big of a deal, they will probably do a few shows and then dissapear if the audience is not interested. Live and let live.

  22. 22
    Rascal says:

    Hey George………….If its no ‘big deal’

    Whats the problem?

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I first thought of RB as well

    Now I d have liked to see Stuart Smith do it, Jurgens pic reminded me of that great student of RB

    Maybe Ritchie and Candice can hurry a bit with those kids, the family needs new Blackmore blood to inject in the off spring bands

    For now I m not looking forward in anticipation , the whole thing seems dubious

    JLT said that there might be something bigger than PurpleRainbow on the cards for 2009
    Dissappointment if this it.

    And because the men of Mk 2 probably stay at loggerheads there is no joy either

    MK 8 fans cannot be happy either, no new album, only more and more repeating tours with the same wrong banjoplayer

    Maybe the new Gillan albums gives us some old fashioned hardheaded rock and roll

    Oasis, Backstreet Boys and so on……

    I suppose that……..

    Anybody cares for Boudewijn de Groot en Doe Maar, or…..

  24. 24
    George Martin says:

    Rascal, no problem here, just saying let them give it a shot.

  25. 25
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Interesting indeed, a chance to hear Jurgen play his fathers music.

  26. 26
    George says:

    What a stupid decision


    silly Joe Lynn Turner tries everything to sell 50 tickets more, than Purple Rainbow managed to sell…
    Of course, putting Blackmore’s son in the band will help them to sell 50, maximum 100 tickets more than they used to sell before…

    Turnes is absolutely stupid man, he is the biggest looser in Purple family.
    every former Purple/Rainbow members do their things, all of them create new music. look at Jon Lord’s new concertos, Coverdale’s Whitesnake, Hughes projects, remember Gillan’s solo band, Blackmore’s Rainbow all of them created their own great music after Purple…
    But Turner can only cover what those great musicians created 20-30 years ago…

    What a poor man he is…

  27. 27
    Jaro says:

    My words George.You are right.

  28. 28
    Rascal says:

    Just squeezing that last drop of money out of the Rainbow machine.

    Give it a chance, and lets get it over with….

    Then ‘shoot that dog’……………

  29. 29
    max says:

    Hi there –

    please do not forget: these are musicians, they do it for a living. And while they were not as lucky as some others of their trade they try to make the most of it and take their chances. While none of them could sell out any bigger hall maybe together they can. I Don`t think it is what they would like to do most, it is just the best chance to make some money. There is nothing wrong with that, we all have to. And – as was stated above – it is up to you to go there or leave them alone. I mean, we don`t talk about selling guns or drugs or something…they just play some rock`n`roll songs. Any cover band does so too without being blamed for it…Ease up a bit on this one, I`d say…

    Regards, Max

  30. 30
    Annemie says:

    I can’t wait to see them…I just love this to happen 8)

  31. 31
    George says:

    To MAX,

    If we Talk about ANY other cover bands, I think we mustn’t blame them for covering any artists (especially covering Deep Purple)

    BUT when we see 4 former members of such a great bands trying to cover what their bandmates have done before, It just a shame.

    I’m ashamed that Joe Lynn Turner was in Deep Purple even for just 2 years. Deep Purple shouldn’t have such a weak musician. Joe even can not make new music…

    Look to Blackmore, Gillan, Coverdale, Hughes, Lord, Glover
    after leaving Deep Purple:
    Blackmore formed another hard-rock dinosaur band – Rainbow
    Ian Gillan formed “Gillan” which topped the premier-league of british metal in late 70’s
    Coverdale formed also another rock dinosaur band Whitesnake
    Hughes became one of the most popular ever FUNK artist
    Jon Lord began writting classical music, and now his concertos are played by the world’s most famous orchestras
    Glover tried himself as producer and became the producer of 5 rock-dinosaurus bands…

    THIS IS THE REASON WHY DEEP PURPLE IS CONSIDERED TO BE SUCH A GREAT BAND, because ALL of Deep Purple’s members were world’s one of the greatest musicians in and out of Deep Purple…

    And what is JLT doing now? he’s the man to be shamed of…
    Ok, he wants to make some more money… then why doesn’t he form a new band with new, with their OWN music???

    I remember JLT talking about Ian Gillan, as if Gillan is one of the most stupid person, bad vocalist and the full shit… and if it’s is true, then why can not he write some new songs and why does he sing songs written by Gillan???

    JLT is a absolute looser… don’t let him to use Purple’s or Rainbow’s name, he doesn’t deserve it…

  32. 32
    Alex says:

    JLT…… UGH~! Please go away!

  33. 33
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Can you tell me why you dismiss all JLT s solo albums and his committments in Malmsteens Rising Force and Brazen Abbot as not doing something new as opposed to his work in Rainbow, Fandango or DP

    I m the first to admit I feel lots of doubts with this new project but call him a loser because of that…..

    When is someone a loser….

    You could easily say that more than one person in DP loses over the last 40 years

    Btw, again and again, JLT is not the only one who talks nonsense sometimes

  34. 34
    stoffer says:

    Give it a chance, I am so glad they dropped Purple from their name. Please do not play any DP material stick to Rainbow and have “fun” with it. Why is it that the mention of Blackmore (Sr. or now Jr.) or JLT brings out such angry responces?? Let them do their thing and see where it ends up, they might fall flat on their ass or they could be a hit. Give it a chance.

  35. 35
    Scottbuster2000 says:

    Out with JLT and in with Doogie White.

  36. 36
    T says:

    We all have our own fantasy line-ups, which in all likelihood never would come to fruition, whether it be Blackmore the Elder, Doogie White, or any other former member of the Rainbow/Deep Purple family.

    In my case, Karl Cochran would be the perfect guitarist based on his work on “Stroke of Midnight” and “Blood Red Sky,” the former of which proves he could do a nearly perfect imitation of Blackmore and the latter of which proves this guy could do original Rainbow-esque material in his own way.

    But it’s not up to US. This is the line-up as it stands right now, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens before making a snap judgement.

    I don’t have a problem with this line-up. I think the Jürgen Blackmore angle is an interesting one. Perhaps this is why it is “Over” the Rainbow–the next generation? Having members from across various line-ups and tied together with the younger Blackmore is very intersting and a great idea.

    Like most, I agree that as far as the old material is concerned, they should keep it to those songs with which a member is associated. There is a nice catalogue there with more than ample material to choose from.

    I disagree that “Burn” is inappropriate. It was the opener for Turner-era shows and is not (nor is it likely to be) in the current Purple’s setlist. Turner has an association and a history with it, albeit admittedly a passive one.

    Good luck to this band. It is much needed in today’s music climate, and I am very much looking forward to it.

  37. 37
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, what to make of HORNIEST SCENARIO…..

    I hope that was a typo

  38. 38
    andre sihotang says:

    HEY, why everybody here bring the fire on about love, hate, disagreement, like or dislike, and any other comments? OVER THE RAINBOW even not make any music yet! It’s just established. I can’t make any comment other than about the line up because there’s no music right now

    Yeah, this is new (or reformed) Rainbow line up and as I know they are great musicians regardless if there are any loser on the band. I hope they will bring something new to the table

    As I said before, let’s give them a shot. And after that we can directly comment their music, whether they are new band, cover band, entertainer or just money maker ,winner, or loser at all. Just take it or leave it.

  39. 39
    Patrick says:

    i dont know what to think ……..??? i saw the words blackmore and rainbow and was like WTF!!!!!!!!

  40. 40
    Crimson Ghost says:

    My guess is that Russian promoters are getting riskier than ever.
    Where this goes from Russia purely depends on how good it is.
    (the grand scheme of things is always lurking)
    Do we thank the promoters or not, is the question… again, depending on how good it is.

    I hope it’s good.

  41. 41
    Staycee says:

    Kraatzy. You posted
    Greg Smith:
    ( nobody knows him before, after and without Ritchies Rainbow )
    This is not true! Greg Smith had and still has a busy career before and after Rainbow. Before Rainbow he was with Alice Cooper for years and played with Blue Oyster Cult and Plasmatics. After Rainbow he went back to Alice Cooper, then went on to play with Dokken, Ted Nugent, and Alan Parsons. I think he even plays for Billy Joel from time to time. I hope they come to California! I’d LOVE to see them! JLT is awesome BTW and I can’t wait to hear Ritchies son!

  42. 42
    Tim says:

    Cool News. I am a big fan of J.R. Blackmore. Have a look at his website. I love his music http://www.jrblackmore.com

  43. 43
    Bo says:

    George – YOU are a looser – BIG BIG TIME looser. And so are all of you fools who cant admit that Joe LT is a great singer and that he in a free world can play what he wants when he wants it. On top of that I’m very happy to hear some great songs that no-one these days are playing. So just bring it to me. I will be there.

  44. 44
    purpletemple says:

    Can’t be worse (or better) than Company of Snakes…
    And will it really be different than JLT solo?

  45. 45
    Steve Feedback says:

    Calm down Bo. O.k., o.k. JLT is not a bad singer at all. He’s not an artist, he’s an imitator. Always has been. Look at his posing. Puh. Singing covers is the best he can do. He does it well.

  46. 46
    Rascal says:

    I cant admit something that I aint agreeable with.

    But I do agree he can sing whatever he wants………no problem.

    I just dont rate him………..my opinion.

    Thankfully his tribute acts are short lived. Ive no reason to think this effort will be anything more than his un-inspired previous attempts to cash in on his ‘Rainbow’ days……

    Will he leave DP out of it………I doubt it, he hasnt enough succesfull material of his own to do that………..a Song Robbing Has-Been……Ritchies Bitch

    If you dont like my opinion…………do you really think I care?

  47. 47
    Annemie says:

    Noone of us have the time to think on your personal cares! 😀 We are all too busy, dealing with true important stuff! 😉

  48. 48
    Mike Eriksson says:

    Come on folks, Joe has just released a good live-CD that would make most Rainbow-fans quite happy (as long as you had any interest at all in the Turner years), and his last studio album “Second Hand Life” is good as well. Not that some of you guys would know about this or anything. Why listen when you already know how “bad” it is, eh?

    There are hundreds of coverbands doing Purple, Rainbow stuff. This project lands somewhere inbetween, but it just might be quite enjoyable when it comes down to it. These guys were all handpicked by Ritchie Blackmore at one time or another. And as for his son being involved, well I don´t mind finally having a chance to hear/see him.


  49. 49
    Rascal says:

    Well if they were handpicked by Ritchie!!! Why didnt somebody say that earlier on?

    Does anyone have a list of who Ritchie has dropped over the years?

  50. 50
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I dont think Bo was over reacting

    On the contrary, like Mike Erikson says you guys are very negative and dishonest about JLT s efforts

    It s sheer Bullshit to say JLT only sings or sang covers well
    Listen to all he did, DID YOU OR NOT, Rainbow, Malmsteen, His solo efforts and repeat that…..

    They could very easily compose asetlist of SUCCESFULL Rainbow material from the JLT era
    Not everyone in this world has eyecaps on and only listens to Rainbow with Dio

    Yeah, thats my favourite period too, but I enjoyed the cds with Graham and JLT very much
    I like Stranger in Us All too, but I dont like the Scottisch accent so much, that gets on my nervers after some time

    Although I can understand that people think its logical to demand JLT not singing any material from Dio or Bonnet days, I hope he does some of them anyway

    BTW. I still have not been around hearing what he did with the orchestra in Russia.
    I remember he did things like Gates of Babylon over there

    I MUST stress that I very much agree with people who loath it when they would do BURN, Smoke ….and so on…..
    I ve heard those wayyyyyyyyy too much anyway

    It really got on my nerves when Roger and the others of DP now explained their setlists with that they have to cater for all those millions of morons that get depressed if DP would not play that song and other classics

    I m afraid it wont help but maybe WE zould suggest a good setlist for OVER THE RAINBOW

    Mine could be everything
    But, so many choices!!!!!

    1 Over the rainbow INTROTAPE
    2 Spotlight Kid
    3 I surrender
    4 Stranded
    5 Gates of babylon
    6 Street of dreams
    7 All night long
    8 Snowman
    9 Tarot woman
    10 Eyes of fire
    11 Miss mistreated
    12 Desperate heart
    13 Blame it on the night or something else from Fandango
    14 Rising force tracks
    15 S and M tracks like Truth Hurts or Fire in the basement or……
    16 And so on

    Please, NO other DP tracks, leave me in peace . I ll listen to the right versions at home

    No HUSH

    No Woman from Tokyo!!!!!! He did that recently. Very very very stupid.

    Talking about over reacting…….

    Thinking again…..

    Do I really want or need this……Over the Rainbow project


  51. 51
    Kraatzy says:

    Hey guys – especially RASCAL:
    Ritchie has dropped over nearly a lite bit over a million good musicans. Some after a few minutes – other after a few years. Except his Candy-nice wife …

    Don´t understand the wrong site of my message. They are all together good musicians, but successless.
    For me, if I want to hear/see my “Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow” live, look at my post no.20.
    This is THE (im)possible ultimate list.

    Long Live Rock´N´Roll


  52. 52
    Roberto says:

    4 ORGINIAL MEMBERS ON 5!!!!!!!!!!!
    4 ORGINIAL MEMBERS ON 5!!!!!!!!!!!
    4 ORGINIAL MEMBERS ON 5!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the closest tribute band to the original…
    I’ve never seen Rainbow live and I will go to see them if they will come to centre Italy…(Blackmore Jr. is a great guita player,you have to know him!!!!)
    I hope they will do a great new album together!!!!

  53. 53
    Roberto says:

    The best guitar player insted of Blackmore for this project in my opinion is the awesome ULI JOHN ROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but eve Graig Goldy and Stuart Smith are very good…

  54. 54
    AndreA says:

    I am afraid,..Who knows if RB is also grandfather?

  55. 55
    Roberto says:

    …but please Joe remember…NO DEEP PURPLE COVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56
    Sami says:

    It’s gonna be a great live act, I’m sure. We wouldn’t get a much better line up than this for a Rainbow-tribute band, now could we people!! They should leave DP songs out though, enough is enough.

    Well said Annemie, cheers.

    Yours truly, a musical prostitute 😉

  57. 57
    Rascal says:

    I dont thinks its dishonest to say that JLT’s successful years were the 3 (i think) Rainbow albums he did in the 1980’s.

    Since then his efforts have been largely un-exciting, un-inspiring…………and forgetfull. Why else does he draw on the material he does?

    His post Rainbow attempts are relatively unknown. Thats not being negative…………thats just how it is.

    He belongs to a three ringed circus, a tribute show, a covers band…………and if thats all he is capable of these days………thats just fine

  58. 58
    stefan says:

    Dear Mike & Others!

    I´ve always enjoyed JLT´s solo efforts,they´re actually quite good! But the big question is:why do he bother doing them, if 95% of his live material is old and rehashed DP & Rainbow numbers????Where is the confidence in his own material???

    As long as he insists recycling, he´ll never see his career take off again and are doomed to small venues as a tribute/covers act!ROCK ON!

  59. 59
    Annemie says:

    To Sami
    Thnx ,and cheers to our new musical job 😉

  60. 60
    panos says:

    come here in Greece..

  61. 61
    Tracy Heyder says:

    As I harped on relentlessly when this topic first arose months ago, and even Tony Carey got involved which showed his desperation:

    The only thing wrong with this is……

    1. Using a name which is a rip off of the bands they are credited with….Purple/Rainbow anything is ridiculous.

    2. Mainly doing ‘Tribute Covers’ of their old ‘Rainbow/Purple’ days is even more ridiculous.

    Other than that, more power to them. I truly think they could put out some really good “Original Music”. They are all accomplished musicians and have all written some very good music, aside from Rainbow and Purple material. They have proven who they are individually. That is where they should hang their hat, and how they could gain some respect and even have a future with this rather than rely on the past…..

    Therefore, my suggestion to this ensemble is this:

    Put out a Kick Ass Album….Tour the whole Album and throw in a couple of tunes from your past accomplishments, but rely on and promote mainly the songs from a NEW RECORD and call your band something that has nothing to do with PURPLE or RAINBOW. HAVE SOME FRIGGIN’ DIGNITY!!!!!!!

    I don’t think anyone would have a problem with them playing a few tunes from the “Glory Days”. hell it would be expected. Just don’t turn this into a “Lame Tribute Act”.

    Jurgen started out professionally in a band called ‘Iron Angel’. I have the vinyl version of this record. It is called “Winds Of War”. He then went on to collaborate with others and eventually put his own self titled band together called ‘JR Blackmore’ and has released a couple of very good records.

    Go to his MySpace page….(http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfmfuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=54902365)….

    and listen to his music. Very European Metalish, and actually very good. You can definitely pick up his fathers influence in there. Not so much that it becomes cheesy, but enough to reflect on.

    Unless they approach this in a fresh, new effort, it will only fail and just be regarded as another feeble attempt to stay in the “Purple Club”.


  62. 62
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I still dont get it

    Why is it ok for nowadays Deep Purple to use the name even when most important members are gone
    Why is it all of a sudden blasphemous when these guys use something they were related to

    Again, I m still not so sure this is a good idea for JLT, Tony, Bobby and so on….
    I have love and respect for them but….

    I dont know…..

    I just fear this is going to be an effort to be ashamed of
    While the potential may be there all the same

    Indeed, if you really want to proceed, try to gain some credibility

    Not like MK 7 and 8 mostly playing songs written by someone not in the band.

  63. 63
    stefan says:


    In your case it´s spelled “Blackmore”!
    If he was the only original member in DP today with four hired guns,I´m sure you wouldn´t whine at all!That´s obsession for ya´!ROCK ON!

  64. 64
    eiricd says:

    when are people gonna understand that Ian Paice’s drumming and Ian Gillan’s vocals were just as important as Ritchie’s guitar and John’s organ in Purple??

    Ritchie WAS Rainbow. after Long Live Rock and Roll, it didn’t matter who played bass, sang or played keys.

    as a Rainbow tribute band, this will probably be phenomenal. but unless they produce some new stuff, this will never be more than a first class tribute band

    I’m hoping they’re coming my way though!!

  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 62


    Dont talk nonsense

    I would NEVER approve on such a joke

    Yes, the rest of MK 2 or MK 1 and MK 3 really mattered

    After that…..

    Well, they tried
    It gave us a nice album, COME TASTE THE BAND, even more Purple than MK 7 or MK 8 gave us.

    Hell, even WHITESNAKE with Lord, Coverdale and Paicey sounded more Deep Purple

    Jon Lord said it very clear when he said this band needs all 5 bpersons to call it Deep Purple

    I cant help he strayed from his opinion. AGAIN!!!!!!

    That s Jon Lord, saying this and saying that…..

    Its like this

    No Blackers, NO Purple

    No Blackers, No Rainbow

    No Gillan, Evans or Coverdale and ]Hughes, NO Deep Purple

    Although I see the Rainbows with Dio, Bonnet, Turner and White,,,,,very often I tend to forget him, as 3 different line ups with RB as THE MAN

    Yep, I know,,,,,,

    Cannot help it
    Cannot happen here….

  66. 66
    stoffer says:

    priest… you must be Starstruck, DP MK7 & MK8 are not supposed to sound like MK2 & MK3 its called evolution. Obviously since RB left DP you have been Stone Cold, and NO all the “important members” are not gone. We could discuss this All Night Long but I Surrender, we all have our opinions. I hope the new group does well, and the son of The Man On The Silver Mountain really kicks ass. Please don’t get Bent Out Of Shape lets all try to enjoy this since the Spotlight Kid is at the guitar. Cheers and Long Live Rock And Roll

  67. 67
    andre sihotang says:

    It’s just an opinion, isn’t it? Could be different with each other.

    For me, looking back is not a joy. I want to look forward and enjoy Deep Purple mark 8 music(only Bob Dylan tour could be compared with their busy days even at their 50′-60′), Blackmore Night music (strange for some people, but I still enjoying that as one of wide-variety of musics – you can’t only just hear rock music, don’t you?) Whitesnake mark (??? – regardless silly solo guitar, but a nice album) music, Glenn Hughes music (new album is fantastic, back to soul/funk as Glenn Hughes put his heart), Jon Lord classical, Heaven and Hell (crazy!!), and this Over The Rainbow.

    Memories is memories, glory days is glory days, but it’s all over now. Music is music and it always progress, no matter who is the musician.

  68. 68
    dr g says:

    Relax, people!
    -it’s just MUSIC to us, isn’t it?
    If r.b. wants to stay in that 15th century bubble, that’s fine. I’ll go see him & the missus, if it’s conveniant.
    If these X-MEMBERS of RAINBOW are in the vincinity, i’ll go & see them, too(i’ll MAKE it convenient; i wanna hear those songs live-but not the ‘john dowland’-versions..!).
    So should you all- & if that gets rb out of the funny hats & tights- even better! Mrs. Night did a great job on the tambourine behind rb’s amp on the ‘stranger in us all’ tour in the 90’s…
    These guys are master craftsmen at what they do- let them do their craft!
    We are either there, or we’re not- it’s just entertainment to us…

  69. 69
    Rascal says:

    Its not the name of the band…………….its what they play……….

    I suppose we have to be thankful JLT wasnt hired by Black Sabbath, ACDC, or Judas Priest etc

    Imagine THAT ‘Circus Act’…..fuck!!

    By all means rape & pillage Rainbow and S&M material.

    I guess its easier than writing another solo effort that sinks without much trace, ‘banished’ to the ‘bargain bucket’

    Hail to the King of the ‘COVERS’……….

  70. 70
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Like many others you perceive me wrong

    I have not been STONECOLD after RB left
    On the contrary
    I went to see gigs, bought their albums

    Its just……
    After all those years I still dont like his sound

    Like someone else said somewhere……

    I like onions but not in my dish of strawberries.

    BTW, The Spotlight Kid is Ritchie, not Jurgen
    Or do some people think otherwise

    I must admit I dont know any Jurgen music but I feel it s safe to say he cant be his father, thats never possible

    The father can or could write and had all these other traits which made him unique

    Its the same problem as with Led Zeppelin

    How good Jason is he is not his father

    Well,maybe I ll enjoy this venture anyway

    I ll try, ok

    With a few alcoholoic endorsements or a few coffee


  71. 71
    Roberto says:


  72. 72
    Steinar says:

    Well… With the son on guitar we can always hope for some guest appearances from the man himself 😉

  73. 73
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m afraid this is going to be a very long thread again

    It stirs up a lot of emotion

    Do you people know why……..this is.

    Don t be afraid, is the Black Masquerade!!!

  74. 74
    Patrick says:

    i think we all need to just release all the madness within….. LET IT ALL BEGIN …. every1 is coming up with such good points and opinions , were at 72 wow ….

    i mean if they came to tampa i would see them , im not gonna make 1200 mile road trip tho …. if they put out an album we’ll prolly buy it

  75. 75
    Tracy Heyder says:

    When Narrow Minded Chickenhead Emotion runs ramped, Good Sound Reasoning goes out the window…….

    Anyone who compares this little rip off Cover’s Band to MK8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 or even MK9 if it happens, hasn’t a clue to ‘Apples with Apples’.

    Again, I see nothing wrong with this line-up. As a matter of fact, it seems quite intriguing to say the least. Unfortunately, where the controversy begins is with the approach, and their inability to ‘Man Up’ and start from Scratch. Drop the name and tour on a new fresh record…..

    That being said, Rainbow actually had No Original Line-up. Why? Because the Man in Black stated from the beginning that he was going to make personnel changes throughout and he did. No 2 records had the same line-up. And None of these guys were in the same line-up together. Rainbow was the shorter name for it’s original name…..’Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow’. It was and still is Ritchie’s band. He owns the rights and it is HIS.
    He isn’t in Deep Purple and is only a ‘past member’ such as Jon Lord, Nick Simper, Rod Evens….so on. Deep Purple have maintained a constant strive toward producing and playing some outstanding music since they regrouped as MK2 in ’84 and including some personnel changes, to this day are a powerhouse band, just as original as any other MK. All Mks are Purple. It’s just that each of us have a variety of preferences as to which one we like most. But, calling MK8 a Cover Band is a shy short of ridiculous and pompous. Get real and stop making childish remarks that show your stupidity. Just because YOU don’t like Purple without a certain member, does not diminish the bands status as ‘Authentic’. It just means you have to go somewhere else for your musical pleasure….

    I’m sure if Ritchie ever decides to put together Rainbow again, it will be a fantastic effort. Then there will be yet more bitching and whining about that line-up…..I can hear it now…”Only with Dio”…”Only with JLT”….you get the drift.

    I’ll give them a shot, ONLY IF THEY DO AN ALBUM and TOUR IT!!!


  76. 76
    HolyBlacksteen says:

    NO! NO! NO! Not Joe Lynn Turner!
    I can’t imagine him singing Kill The King or Stargazer!
    We want Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore 🙂

  77. 77
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont like water in my wine, sorry.

    You can go on and on defending your Morse line ups but……

    Do you agree then that Whitesnake with Lord and Paicey was a Deep Purple line up as well, I think you should because it had 3 members of a great MK
    The same as with MK8, that is

    BTW, I think I m not going to see DC anymore, My love lies with the old original blues rock led outfits and I m very afraid of hearing DC in bad shape

    Or am I going to regret this decision David

  78. 78
    jose luis says:

    Of course it’s not the Rainbow that I would have chosen, but someone said previously 4 out of 5 original members….wowwwww

    I would have chosen the Rising line-up, but…I miss you Cozy
    But remember JLT wrote some really good material (I promise Bent out of shape is my favourite from Turner era and there was really good stuff in that album)

    So if Ritchie is not, who cares if the rest of the band is not your favourite members. They are going to play fantastic songs, don’t think they are going to recover that magic, but…If they come to my city I’ll go to see them.

    Good luck in this project Joe, Jurgen, Tony, Greg and Bobby

    PD: I also miss the classic Whitesnake, the best guitarists for David Coverdale are Moody and Marsden…THEY ROCK

  79. 79
    andre sihotang says:

    Again, again, it’s just some different opinions.

    What Led Zeppelin would be without Robert Plant?
    What Rolling Stones would be without Keith Richards?
    What The Beatles would be without George Harrison?
    What is KISS without Ace Frehley?
    What is Pink Floyd without Roger Waters?

    Some would like it. But others would not.

    Many people think Van Halen was over when Dave Lee Roth exit. Then comes Sammy Haggar, and it became different band. But both of them gained success. I think Roth – Hagar and Brian Jones – Ron Wood are the same case with some opinions Blackmore is different with Steve Morse. We have our heroes, don’t we?

    To be honest, Deep Purple is not a very great band. The problem is the songwriting, which is IMHO extraordinary important on the run of a band’s career.
    Why U2, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Bon Jovi could have bigger success (sales, attendance, popularity, etc) when Richards or The Edge is far away from Blackmore when talking about guitar skill. Only SOTW, HS, BN, and PS in my opinion had attracted many people outside DP fans. If Mark 2 could last very long, then Deep Purple could be the champion, but there were many things happened beside the music, that possibly caused great effect for their songwriting (that one is not happened in Led Zeppelin – one death, four is over).

    We discuss Deep Purple (and Rainbow) because we are their fans. So it’s truly our opinions about band (or band personal) we like and we love. So come on guys, let’s just taste the band. Take it or leave it.

  80. 80
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Sorry, your post are very confusing.
    I tried and tried to understand what you are trying to say…..

  81. 81
    stoffer says:

    Sorry, andre sihotang..but Deep Purple is a VERY GREAT band and I agree with priest

  82. 82
    T says:

    The whole point of putting these particular members together in the same band along with Blackmore’s son in the same room is to create an allusion to Rainbow and its history.

    To totally distance themselves from Rainbow and start “from scratch” with no kind of emulation to that band would be pointless.

    Over the Rainbow is intended to cater to a ready-made audience, i.e., Rainbow fans, with the former members across its history and the inclusion of Ritchie Blackmore’s son as the publicity angle. That angle has got us talking–therefore it has succeeded in creating interest.

    Otherwise, hire any musicians from any background and call the group anything you want, in which case such a band would be irrelevant on this site.

  83. 83
    Crimson Ghost says:

    This subject just got interesting, thanks to JR.
    How this thing can go wrong is a good question. Check out ‘Out Of Time’ with ELA at youtube or Jurgen’s website, very good stuff and so are his albums imo.

  84. 84
    Rascal says:

    Morse maybe your ‘water in your wine’, but Blackmore was the ‘piss in my beer’ in the last momemts of MK2 DP……..DP today may be a different cocktail…….but regardless of the name they are still a good band. They make albums, and they tour with reasonable success.

    JLT should stick to what he is known for……Rainbow, S&M’s ,and his solo stuff (?)………….so essentially its just Rainbow!!

    Let the circus begin……

  85. 85
    R says:

    Very good.
    This is not Rainbow of course.
    This is like Company of Snakes.

  86. 86
    Alex says:


  87. 87
    Alex says:

    Maybe DP will use 2 lead guitars in future)))))))

  88. 88
    andre sihotang says:

    So let’s look what will be happened in February.

    Even I’m a die hard, but to be honest (I’m so sorry guys) I have to say that Deep Purple is not greater than Led Zep, Black Sbbth, U2, Rolling Stones. I am refer to career and musicianship, not just about an icon, riff, vocal, guitar, rock’n roll, or touring. It’s my opinion and that’s the point. But don’t get me wrong, I love Deep Purple music more than the others I mentioned before. That’s why I write here. Sorry ’bout my English, I’m still learning. Thanks.

    But I admit that Deep Purple is absolutely the best touring band ever!!

    Joe Lynn Turner, along with Jeff Scott Soto, Eric Martin, Bryan Adams, Graham Bonnet, Ian Hunter, and (maybe, correct if I’m wrong) Paul Rodgers are excellent vocalist. But unfortunately they never have a great career in a successful band, so their talents seem wasted in front of my eyes. Maybe that’s why Coverdale and Jagger are more popular than them. Solo career for a rock vocalist never interest me (unlike pop singers). So Over The Rainbow might be good for Mr. Joe.

    Again, Over The Rainbow will come in February.
    Maybe it’s good, but maybe it will be over soon. It’s just music.

  89. 89
    davedp says:

    They recon theres a pot of gold over the rainbow
    but I dont know whats gonna be in the pot for
    these guys.

  90. 90
    Cranberry says:

    Piss pot?

  91. 91
    Roberto says:

    U2 as great as Deep Purple….oh my god…..

  92. 92
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Apart from your English…..

    Paul Rodgers, Bonnet, Soto and so were never in a great band?


    Never heard from FREE, Bad Company, Rising Force,Journey etc?
    And I dont think you have to be sorry for Bryan Adams as well, Dont think he had no succes. Wish I had an ounce of that!

    Rascal, apart from different tastes, you really cannot be serious that RB was making no efforts during the TBRO tour
    Maybe you are one of those people who did no go there?

    I have to go now now
    Yep, swimming again…..

  93. 93
    Rascal says:

    Or maybe I was one of those people who did………..

  94. 94
    stefan says:

    Andre sihotang!

    You´re leaving me dazed & confused,what´s your point?,are you a DP fan at all but in reality a pop poofster babbling `bout Oasis,Coldplay and other crappy bands?Sorry mate…seems to me you´ve failed your medication or overdosed on some Kylie Minouge!

    To Priest…..I suddenly pictured you in a swimming suit and it hit me…FREE WILLY!!!ROCK ON!!

  95. 95
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You are beyond help.


    At least I look more sane these days, hehehe
    Free Willy? Was that not kind some kind of whale? Orca?
    I must admit after losing a lot of weight beginning 07 right now I have to fight my way back……
    Wish I had the real swimming power of a whale though.
    I ll keep on trying.
    A man has got to do what he has got to do….

    There is hope
    After a lifelong being kinda fat IG now gets reactions he s too thin
    Maybe I should pick up running again, like he did.
    I did that before
    Losing lots of weight too
    In other words………

  96. 96
    dr g says:

    well, maybe that`s just me, but;

    -can`t understand how judas priest can keep on touring
    under that name…

    …without JESUS in their line-up; how DARE they?
    i`d never go see them..!

  97. 97
    Tracy Heyder says:

    You know, after giving this more thought……after a few heavyweight jolts of my favorite pleasure……WHISKEY (shaken, not stirred) I have come to this conclusion……

    How Fitting the name…..”Over the Rainbow”, yet these ‘has beens’ can’t seem to ‘Get Over the Rainbow’ Days. Poor Saps indeed.

    Jurgen…..DON’T DO IT!!!!!! Don’t become a part of this pitiful display of arrogance and desperation.

    I have listened to your music, from “Iron Angel” till your present material…..and own it all. It is truly original and quality material.

    Don’t sell yourself short and fall into this “JLT/TC/BR Has Been Show”.

    Even your father has more dignity than that…….(I think). Maybe not…..(OK, forget I said that) But you could stick to some Real Guns and decline this cheesy offer, unless it is done as an “Original Band”, promoting Original Material. Come on…. Drop the “Rainbow crap” and do something REAL together!!!!!!! That would be much better received and respected. Chart New Territory.

    Otherwise, I’ll send you a business card with an address where you can book your little “Tribute Band” here in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. There are plenty of small pubs that will hire you as the “Rainbow Tribute Band”. Hell, even JLT faired pretty well here with his “Scrap (crap) Metal” appearance where he sang 4 songs from “Rainbow” and then totally butchered “Highway Star” on the encore. (oh, gotta go. I might just puke, reliving that shamble of a performance and I hate wasting good booze).

    Hey, you could do worse….NOTTTTTT!!


  98. 98
    andre sihotang says:

    I’m still young. I like hard rock. But I like country, modern rock, and alternative rock too. So I have many favorite bands, from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to the twentieth century. I do not know too much about Free, Bad Company, or Rising Force. Hey man, I have almost all Deep Purple’s CD, so I am real DP fan. It’s just my opinion, maybe I’m right but maybe I’m wrong.
    Kylie Minouge? Who is she???? Pop music, oh nooo….you get me wrong.


    This particular forum become extremely fun. It is nearly has 100 posts. I have to save this page then read it again one of these days.

    I wish there are new topics such as “Coverdale and Hughes shared stage”, “Blackmore and Lord shared stage”, “Deep Purple playing Child In Time again”, “Deep Purple new album”, “Heaven and Hell new album”, “Whitesnake splits”, etc. Then we will get 200 posts or more.

    Or “Deep Purple Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame Induction”, this forum could last until 500 comments

    Or “Blackmore and Gillan reunited (READ : MARK IId)”. I’m sure there will be around 1000 comments!! We will going crazy!

    Cheers too..

  99. 99
    Rascal says:


    You and me both then………..

  100. 100
    Rascal says:

    Surprisingly the Blackmore ‘die hard’ fans (you know who you are)seem to welcome this Rainbow ‘abberation’…………another guitarist to ‘water the wine’ of the great minstrel’s work………..

    Maybe they need to think about this a bit more……..

    Or maybe its just ‘Morse’ they disaprove of. A man who took a faultering, abused band, and injected life and consequently fun back into it.

    OH and Priest….. thats the difference between TBRO tour and a DP/Morse tour………the latter has life and creates enjoyment.

    Your ‘hero worship’ created your ‘blinkered’ and ‘short sighted’ view………….You need to get out a bit.

  101. 101
    Roberto says:

    Ok I close this blog….by by

  102. 102
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Do we really needs smiling faces in the band which once made music full of exitement instead of Mac Donald fake happiness?

    It has all become sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring.

    I guess thats the price of being happy, boredom.

  103. 103
    TruthHurts says:

    A few opinions from me:

    1. JLT is NOT a ‘cover artist’. He is a songwriter, and co-writes pretty much all the original material on the albums he sings on. He co-wrote every song on “Slaves And Masters” except “Too Much Is Not Enough”, for example.

    2. In an ideal world, all artists would be able to play their latest/greatest compositions and not have to rely so much on the old classics. But this is clearly not what attracts audiences these days, it’s the same for EVERYBODY, the Stones, Queen, McCartney (how many more times do you need to hear him ‘Hey Jude’), the band at the pub, corporate events…EVERYBODY. Even Deep Purple Mk.VIII!(and they know it) Take away the classics and let’s see how many will turn up.

    3. If JLT has no right to sing DP classics, then you could argue neither has Steve Morse the right to play guitar in Purple. Neither were around when MKII were creating the classics that earn them a living.

    SM has been DP’s guitarist since ’95.
    JLT has been performing “Smoke On The Water” and other DP songs since the early ’80s when he joined Rainbow which featured Blackmore and Glover. Later he became Deep Purple’s lead singer, and a few years ago collaborated with Glenn Hughes on a couple of albums and tours.

    4.I have made it clear on previous posts that I don’t think much of DP with Morse (p*** weak tone, clueless widdler) and (in my opinion)a past-it Gillan.
    But unless legal action is taken to prove otherwise (like Rod Evans fake DP 1980) no one can say it’s NOT Deep Purple.
    Some still don’t even acknowledge DP MkIII with Coverdale/Hughes, saying it’s not Deep Purple!!
    If you want a band to go exactly the way you want, form your own!! Chances are you’ll have to play classics you didn’t write to get the ‘punters’ in too.

  104. 104
    andre sihotang says:

    In some points, I agree with Priest (except “wrong banjo player”). DP mk VIII should drop most of Blackmore tunes (only Mr.Black could play those better), left some obligatory songs (SOTW,HS,BN,SKOW) and rotate two other hits. The rest must be Morse-era songs (about 10-12 tunes) and we all will be satisfied. I will sell my motorcycle to watch them life if they do this! Coz’ it’s boring to hear them play the almost same set list in every show.

    I mean, look at Heaven and Hell, no Ozzy tunes but they still gaining success. Don’t mention Queen+Paul and Whitesnake tribute band! Steve Morse is a very humble man and he’s willing to do all Blackmore tunes day to day and made those his own. But he has been doing that for 14 years or so. Now it’s time for changing. I (and you) need ‘new’ Deep Purple.

    About cover band, have you heard Blackmore’s Night doing Dylan’s “The Times They’re A Changin'”. Different, but it’s great.

  105. 105
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hey Rascal, JLT was formally invited to audition for Black Sabbath, and so was Coverdale, so it’s funny you mention it.
    Of course neither of them understood why they were asked by them, which is totally understandable, and in both cases would have been a huge failure being neither of them fit the job at all.

    I’m all for this line up if they make sure to kick ass.

  106. 106
    HolyStargazer says:

    for me, RAINBOW without Dio is very boring and commercial
    thats it

  107. 107
    Jerry says:

    101 messages then TurthHurts lives up to his name! Couldn’t agree more. This band has far more validity than the average tribute act, which of course this isn’t. But if others who have absoloutely no affiliation to Rainbow / Purple can play the music to paying customers, why the hell shouldn’t this lot? I say best of luck to them, and it would be great if they did some new material as well, although as others have pointed out, its the classics that the audiences invariably want to hear. Hope they can arrange plenty of gigs in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

    The fact that this post has resulted in so many responses, in itself can only be a plus for the guys.

  108. 108
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Totally Mind-blowing…….

    Here is where ‘TruthHurts’ loses his truth and becomes ‘FalseProphet’…..You too ‘Priest’, mainly because there is no reason to any of your points except that you despise MK8 and love the Poofy JLT Pop-Star and MIB.

    Your pointless points regarding MK8’s validity is purely made from raw, negative emotion and not even close to actuality. MK8 IS DEEP PURPLE. This line-up is a continuation of the progression of ONE BAND. When one member left, another was brought in to take their place, but the integrity of the band remained. It remained due to the immediate effort to produce a New Record with each New Line-up….from MAKE all the way up through MK8. This is what separates this band from the rest of the “Old Classic” bands that stopped producing fresh material, yet continue to only tour on 20 year old hits, hence ‘Grand Funk’, ‘KISS’, ‘Yes’, and even ‘Sabbath’ when they get together during the ‘Oz Fest’ tours.

    Deep Purple are no less legitimate today than they were at the beginning. The names have changed ever since their first year in existence and each time they change, they add something new to the table and it has all been great. Even S&M was a good record. Each MK has it’s place in someone’s heart, more than the others, but that is an individuals taste.

    As far as playing other’s hits, you are way off the mark in your response. Deep Purple ‘Should’ play any and all the songs from the Purple catalogue. It doesn’t matter which MK the songs are from, they are DEEP PURPLE songs. It would be foolish to exempt any from the list. It’s the beauty of the Band. It doesn’t matter who wrote the songs, if they are Deep Purple songs. It doesn’t matter if we are up to MK20. As long as each MK continues the integrity of producing quality Deep Purple Music as each torch is passed, then they are the inherent owners of the prior MKs material.

    Now, when a member has either left on his own, or been fired and no longer is a “Member”, and forms his own band, WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS for this NEW BAND. That’s all I’ve been saying. I have NO PROBLEM with JLT covering some of the tunes from HIS Rainbow and Purple days, but do it to a MINIMUM, and stand on the PRESENT MATERIAL from your new band.

    Deep Purple is Deep Purple. When Purple tour, THEY PLAY DEEP PURPLE SONGS. It’s a ‘NO BRAINER’. As far as them playing songs that Steve Morse didn’t partake in writing, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT? Never play any MK1 or MK2 stuff? That is the most recognized era of Purple. Not because it is any better or more legitimate, but because of the timing, happened to be when they got their most exposure. Ian Paice has been there for them all of the MKs. So was JON Lord until he left MK7. Hell, I’d love for them to do some MK3 and MK4 stuff, even something from S&M. That would be just as legitimate. Because it’s DEEP PURPLE music. Not RITCHIE BLACKMORE music. Rainbow is RITCHIE BLACKMORE music….hence “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”. He Owned it. Deep Purple is a BAND, NOT A SOLO ACT with backing musicians like Rainbow truly was. Ritchie left Deep Purple….TWICE! They continued without him, just as they continued without other members whom have gone by the wayside.

    Now, back to “Over the Rainbow”…..
    as long as they are going to make reference to “Rainbow”, they are going to be considered a “Rainbow Cover Band”. Surely you see the point here. As long as they are going to mostly play “Rainbow” songs, they are going to be considered a “Rainbow” Cover band. You know why? THEY AREN’T RAINBOW!!!!! You know why? RITCHIE ISN’T IN THE BAND!!!!! Now, if he were to bless this line-up with a ‘passing of the torch’ and officially denounce his connection to his band ‘Rainbow’, then I guess these guys could then legitimately be Rainbow, but otherwise…..sorry, just a Rainbow Cover Band is all they are if they mainly cover Rainbow material live.


  109. 109
    stefan says:

    Thanks Tracy….well put,that´s what I call a wrap!

  110. 110
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ritchie and Jurgen discussed the whole thing and he is likely doing it because he has his fathers okay.
    Along with a frenzy of others, I will be interviewing him soon and getting many questions about it, him and Ritchie’s role in his life answered.

  111. 111
    TruthHurts says:

    I agree with the above post (#106) to some extent – no one can say to Deep Purple you can’t do songs from your own catalogue. I’d certainly be ‘all ears’ if they were to try some Mk.3,4, and 5 material!

    And I agree that OTR should make a new album. But making a new LP isn’t like it used to be – no real chance of getting a big advance from the record company to make it, and downloading eating up most of your sales when you release it. The only real option is to play live. I’m sure they will write some new songs in due course, but it will probably always be a very small part of the show.

    Why? Because the typical ‘punter’ doesn’t have the culture or knowledge or interest of the posters here.
    He will most likely be thinking something along the lines of the following when he buys a ticket:

    “yeah, ex-Rainbow members…no Blackmore, but Blackmore’s SON…Joe Lynn Turner..Spotlight Kid..I Surrender..hope they do Since You Been Gone..Tony Carey from Dio days..Man On The Silver Mountain..Kill The King..wasn’t JLT lead singer in Deep Purple once?…Burn..Smoke On The Water….”

    And that’s being generous. I’ve been to countless gigs where I’ve felt like I was in a very small minority who really knew anything substantial about the artist’s history and catalogue. Gigs are attended by an enormous percentage of hearsayers. And they bring along their friends who know even less than them!!
    Without them however, even small venues may not be filled, and the artists whose music means so much to us would probably be reduced to sharing the bill in a corny ‘entertainment package’ or playing discreetly in the corner of a ‘Pizza Express’ restaurant, like many original jazz players do.(and still the ten people in attendance want to hear some ‘classics’!!)

  112. 112
    purplepriest1965 says:


  113. 113
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Yawn?….that’s all you got?

    Nuff Said….(Yawn to the present Blackmore Music.) Meanwhile, the ‘Worshippers keep on waiting’……poor bastards.
    Perfect redemption…..Beat That. Meanwhile, PURPLE REIGNS!!!!


  114. 114
    Tracy Heyder says:

    TruthHurts….nice try, but……

    If your argument was worth salt, then “Nobody would record new music, or put out a CD”. Truth is, the true musicians, still go through the trouble to ‘write, record and produce’ new and current music. Even Deep Purple, whom (if they wished to) could be “Lazy” and just rely on their past. Kind of like JLT and Co.

    If you are creative and hungry, you just do it. If you are “Lazy”, ‘you just stay in bed’ and rehash old BS.

    Funny how much fun you all poke at MK8, whom 3 fifths of the band are 60 plus, yet continue to tour relentlessly and also find time to record new material, while these ‘short time’ one off has beens, are given so much leeway regarding covering songs that are 20 plus years old, just to hold on to your ‘Blackmore Days’.

    Just another example of “Tunnel Vision”, or maybe better yet, “Victims of the “Black Masguerade”….


  115. 115
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I say bring this on either way… I wasn’t keen on the Craig Goldy factor at all, but this is different, an album or not… if you ask the artists they’ll always tell you it’s much more exciting to play in front of a crowd then to record an album, but I think that can result in cheating them too, but they aren’t to blame, the record labels and promoters alike are… it’s not getting any better where they’re concerned, but at least promoters still go out on a limb to make sure people buy their tickets. Maybe I’m just happy to be getting an interview, I don’t know exactly, but it’s beginning to excite so I hope they actually deliver, I’d hate to see it flop, ya know…

  116. 116
    TruthHurts says:

    Dear Mr Heyder,
    As the owner of all Mr. JLT’s CDs you will know he has put out a lot of stuff over the last decade or so.

    I only own four of his post Rainbow/DP albums, “Second Hand Life”, “Sunstorm”, “Fire Without Flame” and “Hughes-Turner Project”. The same amount of studio albums that Deep Purple has made since Blackmore left!!

    I don’t own any Blackmore’s Night CDs – don’t feel the need to, but he has put out quite a lot of CDs too, and plays 95% of his new/ancient stuff live. Good luck to those who like it!!

    I don’t know a single songwriter anywhere that would not prefer you to hear their most recent compositions instead of old chestnuts.

    How many times have comments been left regarding DP setlists saying they would greatly prefer a recent Morse-era tune to an old Blackmore classic?

  117. 117
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Completely right TruthHurts!

    Yesterday I was playing these great Brazen Abbot CD s again
    Almost every one with some jlt sung tracks.
    This music has exited me so much more over the last 10 years than the so called DP.

    I m eagerly awaiting the new stuff from Nikolo Kotcheff called DRACONIA, the rock opera.
    Time and time again I get the feeling it takes someone with European roots to deliver the real classical music underlining in rockcompositions.
    Americans kinda lack that connection, I m afraid.
    But they can sing over them, hehehe

    Bring on RJ , JLT, and so on

    I also played DICK PIMPLE the jam which I ordered once through the fanclub
    Compare this with SON OF ALERIK and you know the difference with DP MK 2!!!!

  118. 118
    Roberto says:

    what’s the best Joe Lynn turner solo albums and collaborations?(excluding Rainbow,Deep p.,Hughes Turner project and Malmsteen)
    Maybe ‘Holy man’, ‘Joe lynn turner’ and Brazen Abbot?

  119. 119
    Tracy Heyder says:

    TH..I agree as to the fact that JLT has produced some good Solo records and been a part of some good side projects and guest appearances, such a Brazen and various Tribute albums. I have never discounted his ability to sing, or write. On the contrary. What I have stated, is how cheesy this particular effort is for musician of their caliber, if they do not make this project something other than a Tribute Act. If they were just some unknown musicians and Rainbow Fans, I could see this approach, but as mentioned above, they are much more than that and making a mockery of themselves by taking this approach is to say the least..lame.

    Once you go down that road, it becomes what you are…..a Has Been known for playing old songs from whence you were one day somebody. ‘Barry Manilo’ comes to mind….If they do not produce a record with knew material, written by themselves, and only tour, tributizing 20 plus year old songs, then I guess they can join up with ‘Scrap Metal’ (another group of has beens) and tour the circuit as has beens play music “some folks remember”, and most don’t even know who the original artist was…..or cares. They will do just fine in Bars and Pubs, and if they come to my town, I will go and see them, but it doesn’t change what it is…..

    Hopefully they will take heed to this blog and look in the mirror (OK, we know JLT will do that), and take the proper approach toward this effort and make it something to remember, and not something I still try to forget (Scrap Metal).

    “Priest…..here is just another example of you being “oblivious, even to the most casual observer”. Your biased view regarding your hatred for as you put it “The Banjo Player” overwhelms your ability to truly have an objective opinion regarding Purple. Sorry but ‘Dick Pimple’ kicks ‘Son of Alerik’s’ ASS. I remember when I heard the short version of ‘SOA’ the first time and I thought “OK, this is pretty cool. An obvious left over jam that was a B-side”. Anything new from the Purps at this time was Gold to me, or any Purple Fan whom finally got to hear something new from their long lost heros. Then the ‘LOOOOONG’ version was released….sorry, but it becomes just a monotonous tune that seems as though the shorter version was just put on a ‘Loop’ and never ends….like Chinese Torture after awhile. I don’t think I have ever heard it in it’s entirety, usually do to either falling asleep or just clicking ‘next’. Here is an example of what was to come. This song sounds like a tired bunch of blokes, just sitting and barely even into the jam. And this was when they first reunited. “NO FIRE in That Basement”, which is why they only did one more album ‘House of Blue Light” before the honeymoon was over. Then the “Gillan firing came and the JLT/Rainbow effect came. Then Gillan came back…THEN, Finally BLACKMORE LEFT and the band lived ‘Happily Ever After’

    “Dick Pimple” or the “Turtle Island Session” is hand over foot, more listenable and more creative. The band is in great jovial form here, just jamming and all having a great time. Here is an example of a bunch of blokes truly inspired and showing it with this very fun well rounded ‘all participating’ session.

    You know what Priest? I think I have finally figured you out. You are so miserable in your life (you state it all the time in so many ways) that you can’t stand the fact that Purple exude such pleasure in their place. You are truly jealous of how happy they are while you wallow in your own self pity. It’s a classic deflection syndrome and very evident in your entries. You should book a guest shot on the ‘Dr. Phil Show’. We will all sign up for that episode and go in your behalf and be audience members in support of your efforts to help yourself. Now, the rest is up to you…..”Knowing is half the battle” and “The Battle Rages On” inside you. You want to like and support MK8, but you just can’t stand the happiness that surrounds them……


  120. 120
    Roberto says:


    Tracy COULD you EXPLAIN WHAT ARE:Dick Pimple” AND the “Turtle Island Session” ?

  121. 121
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Never knew that there was a short version of SOA first. I bought the maxi single with the normal long version when it was released.
    IG s effort on Dick Pimple is emberraSSING
    The whole thing is nothing short of a joke.
    SOA, how funny the title in short is, is boring?
    Well, that says it all.

    You have figured ME out?!

    Take a look in the mirror, Mister Vagina, and please let me be….

    And stop that contradictory talk
    One moment your are talking with respect about what JLT did and can, the other you are trying to ridicilise him.
    Same thing with RB, BN and so on…..


    My own misery has nothing to do with this DP without integrity.
    Fun is ok, but it lacks drama, excitement
    In the guitardepartment that is.

    Trying to make fun of me , and others btw, is YOUR THING and does not serve you well

    And every sensible person would, could and should know that is ridicilous to even try talk or compare the possibility that Steve is a good alternative for the man in black

    The SM era has some nice tunes and tracks but the sound remains wrong , espescially when playing the old tunes.
    He s just not the right man for that.

    Yeah, I know,
    I should have ignored you a long time ago.

  122. 122
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Ofcourse not everything JLT did is exciting or something makes you want to play it over and over again.

    Its a matter of taste but personally I found his contributions best placed in a context where the level of the compositions is more than average
    Brazen Abbot made about 6 albums, I think,
    The first, LIVE AND LEARN , has 4 tracks with Glenn Hughes, I remember.
    The albums after that had JLT on 4 tracks each album, I think

    There was also the band MOTHERS ARMY which did less for me, but its not bad

    Maybe you could start on Wikipedia and Myspace to find your way into discovering what you like?

    BTW. There is a live album with JLT on vocals with BRAZEN ABBOT as well
    It contains BA tracks, DP tracks, Rainbow tracks……

    And I ve not heard it yet.
    Same goes for the CD and DVD called A Decade Of Brazen Abbot

    There s so much

    Outside DP family, outside music, outside THS…….

  123. 123
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Sorry Priest for ‘overindulging in my sarcastic antics’. I forgot how thin skinned you are and how your fragile tolerance level impedes you. I’ll try to remember that when I address your morbidly narrow view of Deep Purple and you lack of being able to get past the Blackmore Sound. You have the right to prefer the SOS of old. But when I go to the extremes that I do to convey the issue with pertinent examples that you ignore and wipe your ass with over and over again, it a little tough to restrain from throwing bombs with my ‘Silver Tongue’ at your ‘Glass Head’.

    Again, re-read what you wrote……Totally Blind Love for TMIB and unadulterated hate for SM. I still say you need to separate your personal issues from your musical relationship.


  124. 124
    Tracy Heyder says:


    Dick Pimple was the title used for a CD that was issued by THS back in 1996. It was a jam session by MK7 otherwise known as the ‘Turtle Island Shuffle’ which was an outtake jam from ‘Purpendicular’, whereby there is an obscure introduction to the band by Mr. Gillan which comes across very reminisant of something he did back in his solo ‘Gillan Band’ days when they put out an EP called “The Split Knee Loons” which is just a bunch weird tune the band played very tongue and cheek. They even swapped instruments for the hell of it. Something worth finding and checking out.

    Here is the link to the “Turtle Island Shuffle” on YouTube….

    Please do me a favor and compare this to “Son of Alerik” the jam outtake from Perfect Strangers and please advise which of the 2 you prefer to listen to.


  125. 125
    Mark Davis says:

    I’ve noticed every two months or so there’s a new band consisting of Ex Rainbow/Osbourne/Quiet Riot/Black Sabbath, etc… They all claim they’ll tour and release albums, but it never happens. Over The Rainbow is probably another of these bands. There’ll be internet hype, but no follow-through.

  126. 126
    HolyStargazer says:

    what i hate the most its when an artist play song that he didnt participate, i mean he wasnt a part of the writting process.

    I never heard Ronnie James Dio played stuff of sabbath (ozzy era) when he made his own band after sabbath, only stuff that he was involved.

    I also never heard Gillan played Sabbath stuff (dio or ozzy era) live after his departure with Sab.

    I hate that when i heard Hughes and JLT played SMOKE ON THE WATER only because they were with DP in the past. its sucks…

    anyway, i just my humble opinion

  127. 127
    Roberto says:

    I find the comparison a little bit stupid…
    ‘Turtle island shuffle’ is just a blues to warm up(even if very well played,particulary by Gillan);it’s the tipical stuff you play when you begin to play with new members (but to me the best part is the begin and the finale which are very funny) while ‘Son of Alerik’ is a ‘serious’ instrumental track where Blackmore shine and which has been criminally omitted on ‘Perfect strangers’ and it’s really good…(they did the same with ‘when a blind man…’ on ‘ machine head’)

  128. 128
    Roberto says:

    Just few months ago Turner with Big Noize, now over the rainbow….it’s strange….

  129. 129
    purplepriest1965 says:


    It was me who came with that comparison
    I came up with it because they are both are served as left overs of an album session.


  130. 130
    Rascal says:

    @120….’He s just not the right man for that’

    And the truth you cant face……..Blackmore aint the man for the job either…….remember he ‘jacked it in’………..he now plays ‘minstrel’ mandolin shite…….and may as well just play with his ‘dick’

    Thats what you cant get over……..people ‘DO’ like SM…………..Ritchie who???

  131. 131
    Annemie says:

    To Roberto
    Glad you didn’t ‘close’ this blog 😉 ! At least your good feeling and ears are allright!
    SOA is indeed not to compare with that TIS. The manner the two geniouses Blackmore and Lord who are ‘answering’eachother and improvising and changing te rhytms and tunes all the time, not to mentionning the wonderful Paicey…is to become overwhelmed with joy and admiration, over and over again. That other thing is just a daily ordinnairy funny tune!

    Very well said Priest, what a lot of knowledge you have ,and this about a lot of bands and artists!
    And also ‘When a blind man cries’ is a million times more beautiful in simplicity and sensitivity than SM ever could perform…
    btw What about JB in DP ? (just kidding 😉 )

    129 &123,
    It is so terrible STUPID to write ‘Ritchie who …’ and all etc. Blackmore and Lord are loved and admired every day again on this Purple site for their everlasting musical heritage.

    I posses as much DVD concerts/stuff of all Marks as possible.The diversity of RB and JL is astonishing.
    SM can be nice, but when COMPARING RB with SM , the latter stays far behind. This in composing (Steve who ?) in sensibility(Steve always overloading), being unpredictable (Steve eternal Smiley), style ( Steve wanking indeed ), temper and charisma…
    sweet and generous and boaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoring…
    …………but not as much, as your poor narrow minded comments.

    I know it must be hard for you, but despite all nice things of SM, the foundation of DP IS RB…and they use his material every day!!!
    The band is happy you don’t stop repeating…but what about the fans at this moment? I want a band that is exiting and that uses also fresh material and again new stuf.
    Stop smiling Steve and make progres and new compositions!

    btw imho Don Airey is much more in respect of Jon Lord , and still, it would be just such defeat to ever write ‘Jon who’.

    And yes,fanatic Morse groupies, SM IS smiling…and the whole band with him…spot on for the best place to enjoy, Tracy and Rascal… 8)

    Cheers to DP for all times 😀

  132. 132
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Roberto: Sorry to burst your bubble here, but SOA was NOT a ‘serious instrumental. It was just a jam that ‘Went On and On and On…..’. It just happened to be on tape and was then later added to the “Perfect Strangers Sessions” B-Side stuff. “Turtle Island” is basically the same thing from the “Purpendicular Sessions”. There is even points with SOA, where you can here some catching up when it appears the jam is over and then they get back into the groove. They are both relevant, but my point wasn’t as to whether one was better or worse, or more valid. It was only as stated, which one was more listenable or entertaining. That’s all. So as I asked in #123, take a total listen to both, and then answer the simple question. Which one do you find to be more enjoyable to listen to. No smoke and mirrors here. Just a Simple Friggin’ Question.

    Priest: I will answer your word ONE MORE TIME. I am NOT a HYPOCRITE!!!! At least not in the description you convey. I have always honored the talent and the magnitude of legacy that Ritchie and JLT have paved in the way of the structure and building of “All that is Purple”. You have never read anything from me slighting the footprint that these two individuals have left in their tenor in and outside of Deep Purple. I have only expressed to you “Worshippers” that IT’S OVER. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” you need to find peace with that. It’s as Simple as That. I LOVE RITCHIE!!! Not him personally. I don’t even know the man. I even (please forgive me for this) LOVE JLT!!! Don’t know him (nor do I wish to), but I do have major admiration for their gift and there offer of such great music by which I spend a huge amount of time listening to. But, what they did and what they do are 2 different things. I am very critical about it because Purple and Rainbow is a Real Dynamic that has Real entities, and people using it is different than people Being In It. I have ALL of their records, even in VINYL. It’s too precious a force to make such a cheesy effort with and be taken serious. Either be a part of the REAL BAND when and if it happens again, or just let it rest and MOVE ON!!!! There are Tons of Purple/Rainbow Tribute Bands……for FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!

    Annemie: Just to clear one more thing up. I AM NOT a SM Groupie. I just happen to totally support the Present Purple Line-up, which happens to include Steve Morse. I would even do the same for JLT if he had continued on to maintain his ‘Poofy’ self as frontman. If that is where they found themselves, then that is what we would have. We will never know who or what line-up is or would have been better, but we will always know what we get when it is said and done. They are the players, we are the listeners. For those who want to constantly complain because their favorite player isn’t in the band anymore, go listen to what they are doing and find a new band. Purple today is just as powerful and relevant as they were 40 years ago. You know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE A PRESENT BAND with PRESENT MUSIC and it’s DIFFERENT and FRESH, and it Kicks Major Ass!!!

    Now, to all the ‘Blackmore Worshippers’, go crank up some “Blackmore’s Night” or actually more appropriate…”Night’s Blackmore”, and try Rockin’ the Night Away on that shit……

    Enough with all this……I must chug down some “Arrogant Bastard Ale” to cool down my one finger that typed all this shit…..


  133. 133
    Rascal says:

    Priest is just bursting with knowledge…….its frightening……an Artist in his own right!

    @130 ‘The band is happy you don’t stop repeating…but what about the fans at this moment?’

    If they fans aint happy they wouldnt be attending the gigs, and buying the music……..now would they……??

    You are unable to come to terms that Blackmore (ritchie Who?) is no longer a member of DP, a ‘Has-been’, and ex-DP-guitarist, and ex-rock guitarist………….

    But you can always get out your Blackmores Night Christmas Carol cd and……..piss yourselves laughing………….

    a fucking mandolin………I ask you

  134. 134
    Annemie says:

    We will never know how many fans go to concerts in unlimited loyality and how many have quit .(I always will go).But it seems just not intelligent to me ,to accept all stuff with blind adoration from this current line up, while they are making no progres or no new album for a too long time.
    IT IS NOT BECAUSE ONE IS A FAN, THAT THERE SHOULD BE NO HEALTHY CRITICISM !I refer here, to their too long abcensce for new musical creativity.Therefor the comparisons between the earlier line ups and this one automaticly increases.This came to my attention while reading so many times the demand for a new album, for a different setlist, and yes,many demands for RB returns, etc.
    What is the point in ‘it is over’….it occurs to me as a ‘déja vu’ ,that many things are not as over as it sometimes seems…
    btw. These days, a RB solo on the Fender during BN moves me more then a SM solo !

    Oh well 🙂 fucking, pissing,laughing…all with one finger……very technical…if you are no SM groupies you dick around a lot with him !
    Cheers!!! 😉

  135. 135
    Rascal says:

    This isnt about ‘blind adoration’ for SM……its about appreciating the DP we have today, and have had for 15 years or so.

    If you think it lacks creativity or infrequent ablums………..dont bother with them…..go elsewhere!!

    Your obviously not a fan of the current DP line-up………….find something else……its that easy. To be loyal to something that is so disapointing to you is just………..weird.

    To pay good money to see a band that you dont enjoy………….its just frigging ODD!!

    Help is out there…………..are you able to leave the room? Do you have visitors? can you remove the jacket?

    Is it me………or are people here stranger than usual?

  136. 136
    Annemie says:

    People are strange…when you’re a stranger…

    You are probably ‘the usual ‘, I’m ‘a strange kind of woman’…and it’s a privillage to be 8)

    You are supposed to be a very good reader….I’m talking of the present, you may not be stucked in the past 15 years…
    This DP just should make an album , add some surprising exiting things, change the setlist… that is not asked too much isn’t it!

    It is often odd to love something ,even when it is not without criticism…

    Aha…and going elsewhere…leaving the room…oh no……”I don’t look for trouble…but I never ran…I don’t take no orders…from no kind of man…” 8:

    Read you later alligator…read you in a while crocodile…funny song….where stays my help…aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

  137. 137
    Rascal says:

    Lost in translation…………..

    Or just couldnt give a ……………….

  138. 138
    Annemie says:

    a **** ? a ****? a ****?

  139. 139
    Tracy Heyder says:


    “Oh well fucking, pissing,laughing…all with one finger……very technical…if you are no SM groupies you dick around a lot with him !”

    Hmmmmm….Dick around a lot with SM. Not quite sure where that came from, but I guess it makes sense to you.

    I see that we have various groups of dissatisfied Fans, and I use the term ‘Fan’ loosely. There are those whom just can’t get past Ritchie bailing out on them. There are those who just can’t wait for a new record. There are those who when they stop touring to make a record, bitch because they want to see them Live, and touring enough. There are those who JUST AIN’T HAPPY PERIOD.

    Back in the early days of Purple, it was the usual for a band to put out an album almost every year. Hell, they put out 3 during ’68 and ’69. They followed the album a year thing until they disbanded in 1976. One thing that helped inspire new records, was New Line-ups. Between 1968 and 1976, there were 4 different line-ups. Being the Real Deal that Deep Purple is, they went directly into the studio each time there was a line-up change, and recorded an album in support of the New Members, which thereby made each change an Iconic moment each time. They never toured the New Boys on the Old Material without giving something new from them.

    Then, Deep Purple broke up officially and for 8 years, every Purple Member did their own thing, and pretty much all of it was Great. Some fine music came out of this period. In 1984, MK2 is BACK. Perfect Strangers is released and there isn’t a new record until 1987, 3 years later. ‘House of Blue Light’. Then things start to get weird again and in 1990, Gillan is OUT. Finally a new record ‘S&M’ with ‘Poof Boy’ is release in 1991, which was when they were going to release it anyway, Gillan or Not…..4 years between. Then the shit hits the fan again, and ‘Poof Boy’ is out…Gillian Returns…..New Record, 1993..’Battle Rages On’. Only 2 years between. Then, the Gods are mad and all the Saints and Demons are powerless to stop what happens next….’Blackmore Bails Out’ in mid tour, in 1994. Have no fear…..’Satch’ is here, and finishes the tour, and Blackmore isn’t even missed (not by me anyway). Satch can’t commit, so in comes ‘Steve Morse’ to save the band, and THAT HE DOES!!!! A new record is released at the end of 1996, ‘Purpendicular’, and they tour it. 1998, just 2 years later comes ‘Abandon’. They tour that one, then in mid stream, Jon Lord pushes to re-do the ‘Concerto’ again. Though there is no “Studio Record” release, there is an ‘Official Tour Release’ in 1999, DVD and CD. They tour this for a year. They continue to tour extensively, the Purpendicular, Abandon, and Concerto material…then in late 2002, Jon Lord spits, Don Airey is planted and out sprouts ‘Bananas’. This gets another full 2 years of touring and in just 3 years comes, ‘Rapture of the Deep’. They have been touring their asses off ever since, and are slated to work towards a late 2009 release of yet, another record. I would have to say, these guys are producing more records than Any Other long time act that still exists today, and totally tour more also.

    Ever since Ritchie left and there was some consistency in the band, they have averaged a new record every 3 years. This totally beats what they were doing after the ‘Reunion’ in 1984. Hell, if it wasn’t for the many line-up changes, I guarantee there would have been even less albums from ‘TMIB’.

    So, all you have to do is decide here, which ‘Unhappy Fan Category do you fall under?

    By the way, I have graduated to 2 fingers now. Pretty soon I’ll be able to use the whole fist……so get ready and BEND OVER.


  140. 140
    Rascal says:

    Tracy – I think maybe we need to pity these poor souls……..The Guitar Hero they once knew is no more…………He has ultimately let them down……

    Its probably recognised as a medical condition…….’Blackmores Syndrome’. Unable to face reality, a kind of clinical depression.

    Face your fears…………..you fucking freaks

  141. 141
    AndreA says:

    oh Annemie!

    you gotta evil in your soul! ahahahah 🙂

    you make me smiling!

  142. 142
    Annemie says:

    I usually prefer the finger(s) 🙂 … for typing of course….
    You are right about albums and dates, and I can agree about the hard working, although, all line up’s did.

    I always will be glad that there is a DP, you know that from me, but …and I just explained why ….
    I FEEL and DECIDE to be a BLACKSTER 8)
    in every inch of experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In fact,I believe it is inevitable to admire and discuss great musicians as RB (or truly anyone else) on this varied forum .
    Cheers! (not easy while bending over 😉 )

    Congratulations with your ‘one man’ tribute band, covering stale comments…don’t tell me you look poofy ? 😮

  143. 143
    Annemie says:

    But AndreA ,
    I don’t have a soul… 😉 or…perhaps a very Black one !
    X cin cin X

  144. 144
    AndreA says:

    Oh Mamma Mia! La Maga Circe!

    “Evil woman don’t you play your games with me”

    guess the song,Annemie


  145. 145
    Annemie says:

    Wonderful AndreA
    That can’t be but ‘Evil Woman’ of BLACK 🙂 Sabbath
    Cheers to you with Cristal Alken this time !

  146. 146
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Well you know what they say….

    Once you Black, you never go back…



  147. 147
    Tracy Heyder says:

    sorry, but I forgot ‘go’.


  148. 148
    Annemie says:

    Wonderful AndreA ,
    That can’t be but ‘Evil Woman’of Black 🙂 Sabbath !
    Cheers to you with Cristal Alken This time !

  149. 149
    AndreA says:

    Cristal Alken ?
    from november to the end of march i take only stout beer! Is it?

    Rainbow,Blackmore…a lot of words.

    a lot of dreams we got,the truth is only that we have only a real rock band (DP) and that we are looking foward a new release from them,from Gillan etc..nothing more.

    IMHO,Tony Carey belong to the (best era) first Rainbow,Rondinelli to the last,among we find JLT…

    So,it is sure only one thing:they love this project,the would feel adrenalina with the old songs but i can’t appreciate JLT singing THE MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN,or to see Carey playng STREET OF DREAMS.

    I have always thought that Carey made one of the best performing with rainbow,on stage he was a myth as we can listen on Rainbow’s cd live (still I’m sad solo)….another kind of rock
    different than JLT era that was more pop AOR even if good pieces. They all love this project but my dream remain another good band,not a cover band!


    I could appreciate this new project with only a new release,not with the songs from the past.


  150. 150
    Annemie says:

    I’m not such an expert in the Rainbow line up’s.The ones you propose are terrific ! I love especially Dio/blackmore/Rondinelli !
    Above all, I’m happy there will be A Rainbow line up, and I’m very curious to hear and watch JB.

    Beside this I’m much more curious what for special (evil 🙂 ?)reason it can be, that you have to drink Stout from November till the end of March…not to mention my concerns what about the other months..? 🙂
    Cheers with stout, and a sparkling weekend 8)

  151. 151
    Thunderhawk says:

    Omg i hope they’l do songs from al the Rainbow Era’s, even the album they made in the 90ties.
    And Joe please put in some, Fire in The Basement, with some King of Dreams, and maby if you have time i would love to hear The cut Runs Deep(which is one of my favo Purple songs).

    A great set list would be IMO:

    Over the Rainbow(intro).
    Spotlight Kid.
    Street Of Dreams.
    Gates of Babylon.
    Fire in the Basement.
    Sixteenth Century Greensleeves.
    Man on the Silver Mountain.
    Black Masquerade.
    King Of Dreams.
    Since you’ve Been Gone.
    The Temple of The King.
    Still i,m Sad.
    The Cut Runs Deep.
    Kill the King.
    Hall of the Mountain King.

    Tarot Woman.
    To Late For Tears.
    Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll.

    This would be cool, some good Rainbow songs and some good songs from DP from the S&M album 😉 .
    That would be very interesting and cool 😀 .

  152. 152
    Annemie says:

    WOW, Thunderhawk…
    Great setlist…All night long 😉

  153. 153
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Did you attend RAINBOW shows in the early 80 s?

  154. 154
    AndreA says:

    No My God!
    No purplepriest1965

    I think they never played in Italy in eighties,
    I discovered this bands (DP Rainbow BS…) in 1982 when I was 14TH….I saw Rainbow in 90’s,oly once,the last line up…

    Why dear friend PP1965? 🙂

    I consider Rainbow (like most of you) divided in 2 era.
    One is epic sound (the Dio’s rainbow..ops sorry Mr RB),and another that belong toward AOR. I like both,I love the 1st.

    These are 2 completely different sounds, and if I see what now plays RB plays I wonder why he hates to reform the old Rainbow, the first…

    I love the stout primarily for these reasons

    tends to bitter taste,
    inflate little
    little pee
    is substantial as a syeak
    in winter the taste prevails on thirst


    Have a good WE
    Dear Annemie,
    and you all


  155. 155
    AndreA says:

    syeak—> STEAK

  156. 156
    Roberto says:

    I never saw Rainbow live…this could be a semi-chance…

  157. 157
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It would surprise me very much if RAINBOW never played gigs in Italy in the early 80 s

    I think you can only judge a line up fairly by seeing them live

    I did many times see them with JLT and Rondinelli, way better than in the studio

    Believe me , Rondinelli is not inferior to Cozy
    I first thought that as well, btw
    Listen to his work with The Lizards, Rondinelli, visit a clinic of him…I did….

    My favourite line up btw is the Long Live Rock and Roll one with David Stone on keyboards and Bob Daisley on bass and backing vocals

    Daisley is also a very good writer, listen to what he did for OZZY, later to be deleted by that liars Ozzy and Sharon

    I always wondered what he could have done for RB and Rainbow on the writing level

  158. 158
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I still wonder

    There s so much more than DeepPurple and co

    Why are we HERE?

  159. 159
    Bo says:

    Some people says that this new group cant play Dios Rainbow tunes and only Purple tunes from “S&M”. Fine, but is ok that Deep Purple today are playing Hush and Wring that Neck with only the mighty Paice left from DP Mrk I?

    Come on, this is 2008. Anything is possible these days.

  160. 160
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Because one can ……
    One should not do it because one can…..

    But, ofcourse, what do I know?

    I never said I m bursting with knowledge
    Nice compliment, but I ll be the last to affirm that statement

  161. 161
    AndreA says:


    I have always admired Rondinelli drumming,
    I saw him last time on a BS tour,He is a great drummer,like he was with Rainbow.

    Bob Daysley..
    of course everybody knows him at the time of OzzY’s era.

    Another Bassist I admire is Rudy Sarzo that I have seen on the last tour here in Italy with Blue Oyster Cult. great musician (from Cuba! I never known ths before).

    From the last Bob daysley’s work (THE HOOCHIE COOCHIE MEN)
    you can see on dvd he plays a bass guitar with 4 strings: I find it very cool…I like this,the feeling before the technic..

  162. 162
    Tracy Heyder says:


    Funny…..Rudy Sarzo. Also originally from Quiet Riot. He Actually was born in Cuba, and then from my home town, after he ‘rafted to the US’, then is from Hialeah, Florida. Where I worked as a Firefighter for 25 years. I remember seeing him in local bands, then later, because when I was first playing in my first cover’s band, back in 1984, we did “Come On Feel the Noise”. It was awesome to see him rise to his Plato. We also did some Dio and Sabbath tunes, “Mob rules”, and “Rainbow in the Dark” back then. Yes, Sarzo has been around and quite a good Bass player. Actually, one of the best.


  163. 163
    AndreA says:

    honor to all the firefighters in the world, the real heroes: Congratulations TH.

  164. 164
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Very remarkable , the cross overs between Deep Purple related bands and Blue Oyster Cult

    Micelli for Rainbow in 97
    Rondinelli for BOC, Black Sabbath, Rainbow
    Rudy Sarzo for BOC, I did not know that, from Whitesnake fame

    Yesterday I read that BOC was the support for rainbow in the USA in the 70 s


    How do all those connections start , evolve and so on…..

  165. 165
    Patrick says:

    BOC was one of the opening groups at the old tampa stadium june 16 1973 DP -my dad was there …..there was 68,800 people there

    the highest attendance in tampa’s history …other than the canceled zep show when they walked off stage due to lighting storm …which resulted in a riot !that made national headlines

    to my dads knowledge BOC never opened for rainbow in the US

  166. 166
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Actually, I have been retired from ‘Herodom’ for 5 years, after doing 25. I am no longer a ‘Hero’. That was then, this is now. Kind of like MK8. Time to move on. Though the past was great, the present and future are even more ‘Awesome’. I am now just another…..”Zero the Hero”. At this point, I officially change my blog name to: ‘Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero’.


  167. 167
    Roberto says:

    70000 people only for purple?
    someone knows what has been in deep purple concerts the one with more people?(excluding festivals)
    very interesting…

  168. 168
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Well, maybe I misread or remembered
    I often read those things late at night.

    Will check again the Rainbow fan Clan site

  169. 169
    Patrick says:


    the concert was in this order -billy preston family,savoy brown,blue oyster cult,Deep Purple

  170. 170
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And Rainbow …..NOT Blue Oyster Cult was the SUPPORT during the Down To Earth tour in 1979 in the USA

    Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!!!!

  171. 171
    purplepriest1965 says:

    In other words…..

    BOC was the HEADLINER

    Dont know much about BOC , apart from 1 song



    Guess I m years late in catching up

    In 2009 they will do a show over here

    Maybe I should…..

  172. 172
    George Martin says:

    FYI, Rainbow did indeed open for BOC in 1979 (The Down To Earth Tour)but only when they played the large arenas. 18,000 or more. Rainbow was the headliner when they played smaller venues, 4,000 or less. I remember a new wave band called the A’s opened for Rainbow and they got booed pretty bad. At the Capitol thearte in Passiac New Jersey someone jumped up on the stage and punched the singer in the mouth. I never saw a band in my life take more abuse. It diddn’t help that the singer told the crowd, Boo all you want, we got your money!

  173. 173
    tony carey says:

    by the way, folks, ritchie played all the basses on ‘long live rock n roll’, and I played most of the keyboards… the lp was about 3/4 finished when I left.

  174. 174
    AndreA says:

    I knew that RB played the most of bass on LLRnR..

    Wishin well to yoy Tony!

  175. 175
    XL says:

    I hope it`s stops before it`s starts.
    This lineup is a big joke…..

  176. 176
    AndreA says:

    DearsAmerican Friends

    I have just spoken with a music shopkeepr (a my friend)
    and he tells to me that he can give me

    “Ian Gillan- Live in Anaheim”

    just only from USA

    but he ask to me if my stereoDVD belong to AREA1
    (dvd area1).

    what a mess,confusion to me!!
    I don’t know what does it mean!
    my dvd stereo is one like this


    by this image could you help me to tell if it is good for this dvd?

    however it will be..
    thank you

  177. 177
    Roberto says:

    please do a new album with new material and don’t try to emulate Rainbow or Deep purple…just experiment and be yourselves…
    don’t play deep purple tunes live…
    don’t let this band be a big joke…

  178. 178
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Mr. Carey; What happened to Craig Goldy?

  179. 179
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Craig probably was busy doing work for the MAGICA trilogy?
    Hopefully he now stays put in DIO instead of that fiddler that is coming back into the fold now and then.

  180. 180
    Patrick says:

    to tony

    the circus magizine article (in the 70’s) stated that you were in your hotel room in bed, and the foot of your bed caught on fire with no apparent reason and you tried to brush it off as one of ritchies practical jokes… but you were so scared that you called your dad then drove straight to the airport … quit and never looked back – that was the end of you and Rainbow

    We know this dident really happen! we’d love to hear you comment on this

  181. 181
    Rascal says:

    Circus Magazine……………how apt!

  182. 182
    tony carey says:

    well, it wasn’t quite that simple. ronnie’s spoken at some length about the ‘long live..’ sessions… ‘scared’, no. ‘fed up’, better.
    wally and I had a hate/hate relationship at the time. plus I wouldn’t play on his soccer team…. 🙂 but hey, that was 30 years ago. who cares? the one thing that bemused me was the lyric to ‘LA Connection’ being about me – I’m from fresno, can’tcha even get THAT right, y’know?
    as for RB, despite everyone in the world being in general agreement
    regarding his sometimes atrocious behaviour – nobody who’s worked with him will say anything demeaning about him, you notice that?
    Same goes for me; they broke the mold after him.
    as long as he keeps one jump ahead of the sherrif of nottingham, he’ll be allright. tc

  183. 183
    Roberto says:


    you are a good composer, and in my opinion you shoul call bob daisley which is a good composer too.
    please do a new album with new material and don’t try to emulate Rainbow or Deep purple…just experiment and be yourselves…
    don’t let this band be a big joke…

  184. 184
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    AndreA: I didn’t know there was a DVD of this show. I have the CD, and it can be played on any machine….

    As far as this Blog, It’s this simple…..Do something original, creative, and only do small amounts of Rainbow/Purple live. Oh, and again, Change the Name. No, not from one ‘purple name to another’. As with going from “Purple Rainbow” to “Over the Rainbow”. You have to get ‘over the rainbow’ thing and do YOUR OWN THING. A sprinkle of your old stuff is fine during a tour, but come on…..you’re better than that…..or are’nt you. Hmmmmmmm

  185. 185
    tony carey says:

    tracy, I thought that was all a given. two things I’ll clear up here:
    the first, the idea that we’ll be playing any purple material at all.we won’t. we’ve got
    (I think anyway) quite an interesting setlist worked up, representing
    the best parts of each member’s run in the band. (we’ll leave JR out of that for now, he’s there in spirit and is a great player in his own right.)

    the second, you don’t start a band in your basement as a teenager, play in places that make the Black Hole of Calcutta look like Versailles, go on the road till you have enough material to attract some attention, get a record deal, aim for the Hot 100, and all the rest – not in 2008. the members of OTR have a common heritage, and that heritage is the logical starting point for the band. You also don’t throw 5 musicians in a studio somewhere and tell them to make a record – an act needs time
    on the road. this act will need less time than some, I expect.

    now, having said that, this band will be about the Sound and the Fury,
    to quote faulkner – and about fun and entertainment.

    I appreciate your advice, I know it’s sincerely meant and in the right spirit – and I won’t insult your intelligence by quoting the Bard – (faulkner was pretentious enough…:)… but please, the righteous indignation about the name is getting old fast.

    in any case, you don’t have long to wait – in about 8 weeks we’ll be touring, and I hope to see you at a show as my guest – don’t know where you live -. I’m sure we’ll ‘talk’ again somewhere down the road.

    best, tc

  186. 186
    Roberto says:

    Tony Craey
    please come to Italy, Macerata at the Cine teatro Italia.
    Last week I saw there uli jon roth and Ritchie Kotzen together.This week Carl Palmer…
    It will be great if you will soon come here.Every time there’s a rock concert that place is full…
    Remeber:your aim is to do a new record with new compositions(and please don’t try to be the new Rainbow but be yourselves)
    I wish you well Tony

  187. 187
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I appreciate your candor here, yet unfortunately the skeptics (including myself) are a little dismayed with the approach of this project. I think overall, WE ALL ARE INTERESTED IN THIS VENTURE. But, at the same time you have to understand, that the majority of the folks you are going to be targeting are “Purple Fans” whom only became “Rainbow Fans” due to Purple spitting and Rainbow forming, but never the less, these are fans whom are not like most music fans. They by the most part hold the Purple name with the purist of thought. Some cheap rip-off of the name to catapult a short tour and ‘possibly a new recording’ is to say the least, ‘Cheesy’ and unnecessary.

    Look, nobody expects your band to wind up with a record in the top 10 or whatever. It’s about the integrity of the unit. Since when do the creative minds in music only bank on a great record deal before they write their songs? Especially today. You guys are obviously taking the shortcut and just going to make a run on Purple and Rainbow. Say what you want, but if you guys go on tour, with nothing new to offer, and just ‘cover’ some old stuff, it will be scrutinized and you will not get the credit you could receive by showing that you are something besides a has-been, washed up, cover band…..

    This is not a personal attack by any means. It’s just me being as totally frank as I know how while corresponding with someone whom I was a total admirer of back in the days of Rainbow. Now, all I ask is that you rejuvenate that admiration by skipping the ‘Rainbow/Purple’ coverband approach and make it something REAL.

    I live just outside of Nashville,Tn.
    JLT played in a place called the “Wildhorse Saloon” last year around this time with ‘Scrap Metal’. Ask him about it. It’s a Great Venue that was packed for that gig.

    Look forward to the show…..just hope you guys change the name and do a record first…..
    There is nothing wrong with promoting your relation to Purple or Rainbow. There are many artists that put out a record and put a sticker on the front which states: ‘so and so, the singer from the band so and so’. There is nothing wrong with referring to the familiar entity as a promotion. But ripping off the names and then just playing their songs…..CHEESY!!!

    Good Luck


  188. 188
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    “Here is one for ya”…..

    How about, since you guys are hellbent on keeping the “Over the Rainbow” name you use this for your “Concert Poster”….

    Revamp the ‘Wizard of Oz’ Poster and replace the faces with..

    Joe Lynn Turner — ‘Dorothy’
    Bobby Rondinelli — ‘Tin Man’
    Tony Carey — ‘Cowardly Lion’
    Greg Smith — ‘Scarecrow’
    Jürgen Blackmore — ‘Toto’

    Since you are ripping off a couple of Great Bands, you may as well do it in style and rip off some album art too…

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself….it just keeps coming at me like those flying monkeys…aarrrrrrggh!!!!!


  189. 189
    purplepriest1965 says:

    AnneMie, T think she s got it….that DVD

  190. 190
    Rascal says:

    Like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ idea……….excellent

    And lets face it………JLT wont need anymore time than usual in ‘makeup’ to play the part of Dorothy.

    Maybe a different shade of ‘lipstick’….thats all

    What about a cameo part for Priest………. playing ‘Auntie Em’…..

    When do the tickets go on sale………

    Finally JLT maybe onto a winner………….AT LAST

  191. 191
    TruthHurts says:

    Dear Mr Carey,
    On behalf of 99% of persons who read/post on these forums, let me state that the offensive and insulting nature of comments left by Rascal and Tracy Heyder are an embarrassment to us, and wholly unrepresentative of fans of Deep Purple, the Deep Purple family, and hard rock in general.

    Looking forward to hearing you kick serious ass (as only musicians of your experience/caliber can) playing the music that impacted our lives (and of course,yours)so greatly.


  192. 192
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Wow!!!! I didn’t that 99% of the posters here were represented by this Suck Ass…..TruthHurts. I say we take a pole on your little statement here.

    Number One….if you were insulted or offended, call the ACLU.
    Number Two….I guess you along with others who only read one or two lines and then get ‘insulted or offended’ by the little you comprehend afterwards, can’t quite take all the message in and digest it. Try reading it backwards, from the end to the beginning……
    I stated some very plain and frank points, combined with a little sarcasm. I doubt TC will be nearly as PC as you are, and I believe he will take my point to heart.

    But at least I see where you get your Blog name from……Obviously the Truth Hurts You…
    You need to be a little less thin skinned and a little less ‘Starstruck’ and wake the f..k up.


  193. 193
    Rascal says:

    I dont think ive ever mentioned ‘Dear Mr Carey’……….

    Had to look him up to fnd out who he ‘WAS’……

    When was this 99% poll done anyway?

    Does ‘TruthHurts’ need a torch……… must be quite dark when your stuck so far up ‘Dear Mr Careys’ Ass.

  194. 194
    stefan says:


    Kissing ass is one thing “TruthHurts”……but licking the actual hole!!! Priceless!!!

  195. 195
    Roberto says:

    I don’t understand the necessity to say these bad words…

  196. 196
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    That is just wrong….on so many counts…..FUNNY, but wrong.

    But, if laughing at what you wrote is ‘wrong’, I don’t wanna be ‘right’.

    They are just words…….Legal in ‘some’ parts of the world.

    Even in the land of PURPLE.


  197. 197
    tony carey says:

    hey, I’M having fun- and I have a thick skin, don’t worry, TH. tracy, now that you’ve revealed how geographically challenged you are, a ‘special needs american’ as it were, all your previous sins are forgiven. and sure, I hear where you’re coming from – (no pun intended, cracker).
    post hocto proc.


  198. 198
    Rascal says:

    So……………I guess it’s just TruthHurts that lacks a sense of humour then……….Aint that a pity!

    You need to get off your knee’s, Boy……..

  199. 199
    Roberto says:

    that words are legal in my country too…but I am a pacifist and I don’t like them…

  200. 200
    Rascal says:

    ‘Ass licking’……………a declaration of war??

  201. 201
    stefan says:

    Here comes the butt police!!!!!

  202. 202
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Now I am reminded why you and JLT get along so well. Your professionalism and grandeur overwhelm your lack of conjure for appreciation. In a nut shell, “Your Alligator mouth overloads your Hummingbird Asshole”. You 2 are a match made ‘Over the Rainbow’.

    Let me get this straight…..you are slighting me because I am an American? Special needs?

    Hmmmmmm. let’s cut through the chase….

    I have always tried to stay away from politics and nationality issues here on these blogs……It never ends very pretty.

    BUT: In your case……here we go.

    GERMANY, France, Norway, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Algeria, Morocco, Romania, Kosovo, Panama, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Demark, Kuwait, Egypt, Montenegro, New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Greece, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Albania, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Libya, Korean, Japan, Italy, and presently under way…Iraq..

    These are all countries whom need to sit back and reserve a round of THANKS, to this little 200 year old ‘Special Needs’ Democracy that has been a major component of ‘Liberating and Freeing’ your little countries from Dictators and famine…..

    Your little Nazi Dictator that WE took out, would not have afforded you to hang around with the likes of your cross dressing, lipstick wearing front man back in the day…….He would have made a ‘Lampshade of your skin’.

    Must be a drag to owe so much to a pitiful 200 year old ‘Special Need’s’ Country like the USA…….

    Now, what do you say we get back on the subject huh?


  203. 203
    tony carey says:

    tracy, I wasn’t talking about americans; I’m from california. I was referring to hilbillies.

  204. 204
    TruthHurts says:

    All sins are forgiven, eh?

    With ‘fans’ like these, who needs ‘enemies’

    The above pos(t)ers remind me of the hooligans who are always present at football matches, thinking they are entitled to behave outragously because they have purchased a season ticket.

    The funny thing about these individuals is that they tend to lose their sense of ‘humour’ when a little fun is poked at them in return. Or even when someone dares to oppose their view with some constructed criticism!!

    It is always great to get any member of the Deep Purple (extended) family contributing to this forum, I hope it happens more. I think personal attacks and insults like the above jeopardise the chances of this happening more often.

    Btw, when Hitler committed suicide as a result of Berlin being occupied by RUSSIANS. Britain declared war on Germany when it invaded Poland in 1939. The United States came into the war later on, near the end in fact, notably ‘contributing’ atrocities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (people in these areas are still being treated today for the after effects). I agree Iraq has been liberated…of its oil reserves, infrastructure, law and order…
    Republicans have tried to convince us that criticism of foreign policy and right-wing conservative ideology is ‘anti-American’ and ‘unpatriotic’ I hope better times are ahead now that the Democrats are back in power.


  205. 205
    stefan says:


    “Do you rally want to hurt me”…….Bring it on on!

    Lighten up man…..It´s not supposed to be taken seriously and is very much tounge in cheek! If you´re so sensitive and can´t mustard the lingo,then maybe you can take “Purplepriest” with you and go elsewhere!May I suggest the “Tonedeaf anonymous” site!!Enjoy!

    ROCK ON!

  206. 206
    Rascal says:

    Has TruthHurts finished whining on?

    Has he finished slobbering over his ‘Dear Mr Carey?

    One minute he’s on his knees ‘blowing’, the next he is on his ‘horse’ whiter than white…….

    Another ‘Ass’ with double standards………gives it out when he likes…….and ‘Blubbs’ when its returned………

  207. 207
    AndreA says:

    Tony Carey,
    did you lived in Germany? have you been living there?
    I have seen on internet you speak German very very well!

    I wait your concert in Italy,you must know this!


  208. 208
    stefan says:


    Don´t worry, you have no ememies and don´t need them…..with a verbal diarreha like that, an ENEMA on the other hand,wouldn´t hurt!!!!

  209. 209
    Roberto says:

    Trecy Heyder
    I think you are a little bit mad…but this is not the place where to talk about politic…

  210. 210
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    As usual, you pick out a couple of words or sentences (that weren’t even aimed at you in the first place) and make your response to the isolated area that ‘Hurts’ you. You are like a chick. That is why you call yourself TruthHurts. You’d rather be told a little lie that you can digest than receive the whole truth. I am not saying the US takes Total Credit for the liberations above……BUT, We had a lot to do with it, and in some cases ALL. I’m not going to go into the details of % per country. As I stated, I try to shy away from the Political and National differences here. But, due to TC’s entry that I obviously misinterpreted, I had no choice but to answer in the defense of my great land. Just as I would expect any other here to do…..

    Mad? Only when I am attacked personally on grounds that have absolutely NO MERIT. And as I too stated, you are absolutely right, this is No Place for Politics…..
    Now as far as the language used? I can’t help you there……

    Now, TC:
    Thanks for clarifying your point above. But, sorry to say either way, I take major offence to your general statement regarding the demographics of where I live. Number One, Hillbilly is a slang term that has become a target for anyone Not living the City. I live out approx. 1 hour north of the Beautiful City of Nashville, where the people are absolutely awesome and very welcoming. I in the rural farmlands on 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills and creeks where I hunt and fish on my own land, not having to contend with an overwhelming amount of people. I choose that life and I do have many neighbors whom are career farmers. You’ve probably eaten some of their corn, or other crops they grow for yours and the rest of the worlds benefit.

    Funny also, California? That explains it. The land of Gay Marriage, cross dressers like(JLT)……not that I hate gays…..I just don’t care for their BS. Anal sex….”A Shitty Attitude toward sex”……just keep it in your own house, stop pushing the filth on others….

    I presume you voted for Gay Marriage there? Ahhhh yes….hence the ‘Rainbow Connection’. Isn’t the rainbow the gay pride sign? It’s all coming together so clearly now…LOL.

    Nashville is an awesome city. Matter of fact it’s nicknamed ‘Music City’. There are some awesome pubs and bars down on ‘Broad Street’ and as I indicated to you above, your little Poofy Prancer played a gig with ‘Scrap Metal’ last X-Mas there at the ‘Wildhorse Saloon’. Since you are a Big Time, successful Jet Setter due to your “Rainbow Income”, I suggest you come out here and check out the sheer beauty of this great state and city. You will be truly surprised I guarantee. It was quite a positive change from where I grew up, Miami Florida. I lived there all my life and 3 years ago, decided to experience something different. We get all 4 seasons here instead of just Summer as in Florida. As a matter of fact, we are getting some snow flurries right now as I type….

    Anyway, enough with the personal BS….
    Here, check out my entry and review from the ‘Scrap Metal Gig’:


    Anyway, back to this topic……(think we can stay on it for just a little while?) I’ve stated all there is to state regarding your little venture with the “Rainbow/Purple” tribute. I think that you will find that the majority of posters here would be much more interested in you guys doing a record, touring on That Record, with a little ‘nostalgic stuff’ thrown. Now, unlike ‘Truthhurts’, I don’t speak for 99% of the folks here……nice try TruthHurts. But I am very observant and I do recognize that the ‘Majority’ of the entries regarding ‘Over the Rainbow’ are in support of you guys putting a band together, but are negative about your ‘Tribute Approach’…..

    Hey, thanks though again for showing your ability to correspond at a reasonable level (TruthHurts needs to take lessons from you. You already have him wrapped around your little Keyboard Fingers. Please help him get over being your little buttplug. Of course, sounds like he might want to come out and visit you in Homo Land where ‘Love Conquers All’ and the ‘Cut Runs Deep’ in the anal cavity of his affection for you…..


  211. 211
    tony carey says:

    see, tracy?I got this thread over 200… ps joe’s from NJ. I love nashville.. seeya around.. you guys are fun. tc

  212. 212
    Roberto says:

    I always hated nationalists…

  213. 213
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Thanks for being so ‘stand-up’ and hangin’ in there long enough for us to delve through all our jargon to the point of clarification and actually understanding.

    Yeah, I know JLT is from Jersey. I was just poking fun at you and him getting close in ‘Gayvillefornia’. Nothing sinister, just me and my sarcasm that is rarely understood (my load to bare).

    I presume your statement above pertains to me? Look, I am the last one here to ‘Wave the Flag’ first. I continually state that I prefer to leave politics, religion, and nationality out of discussion here…….BUT, I will not stand back and be attacked by others for my obvious national origin. I have only responded to others whom bring it to discussion first. Then, of course as I would expect from any other individual, I step up and state my plea in return……Am I a Proud American? Absolutely. As with all other nationalities, it is something to be proud of and patriotism towards your homeland is something we all should hold dear to our hearts, unless of course you are Not proud. Then I can only feel sympathy for your lack…….

    Let’s all try and convince TC to convey to his fellow band mates, the importance of recording a record FIRST, changing the name of the band, and going on tour in support of a fresh record of some great material, while throwing in a few of the old familiar tunes to complete what could be a truly great venture and something that might actually ‘Last Awhile’…..
    It’s time these guys open a New Chapter in the Land of Purple instead of just paying tribute.


  214. 214
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Who is too sensitive here?
    Yeah great fun……

    If it would not be so sad!

  215. 215
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Actually Priest, it’s called being ‘well rounded’. You can’t expect me to be a prick all the time. Then I’d be boring and predictable like you Blackmore Worshippers whom are single dimensional……..MK2, hell MK42, I can’t wait…


  216. 216
    Roberto says:

    I am surely not happy with my first monster, or sorry… minister, as you should not be happy with your last president…
    About Usa:You are not the Saviours…You brought freedom with arms and weapons and you have done it for second interests…it’s very contradictory…
    How can you be proud of your country?To be critical is good to reflect on itselves…
    But this is only my opinion, not the TRUTH…

  217. 217
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I accept your last sentence………


  218. 218
    TruthHurts says:

    Here we go again…the rantings of our Deeper Purplers Rascal and THAKAZTH…

    1. Mr. Rascal being such a great and knowledgable fan of DP and hard rock that he hasn’t even heard of Ritchie Blackmore or Tony Carey…

    2. and Mr.THAKAZTH…
    a)PLEASE do not share your nightmares about gays/homosexuality here with us. You are not the only straight guy in the world. We are not about to be taken over by inhabitants of ‘the other side’.I don’t know anyone here that is not straight. The population of California is 95% straight, as is the rest of the human race. And you full well know that Mr.JLT is a married man with a daughter.So what’s the ‘rub’?…

    b)THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CROSS DRESSING. Because we are all (male and female) wearing what we want (or should be).Women are actually bigger ‘CDs’ than men, I think we have discussed this issue in length before.
    Btw, have you read Ian Gillan’s autobiography where he talks about his dressing up antics?!?

    c)you can be a patriot and love your country and oppose senseless war…it happened in the 60s with the ‘conscientious objectors’, we can only wish it happened earlier in Germany when the Nazis were in power. When the Iraq war started millions of UK citizens signed up to a group called ‘Not In My Name’.


  219. 219
    Rascal says:

    Has TruthHurts come up for air……….Thought he was to busy sucking up!

    Ive heard of Blackmore………he used to play a fender in DP…………..not sure what he does these days…………has he retired?

    ‘Dear Mr Carey’…………never heard of him. What did he do in DP? Hey TruthHurts why dont you enlighten me.

    A knowledgeable fan?? I like the music I like. I dont feel the need to investigate and study the individual members of every band vaguely connected to DP.

    Obsessions over Has-Beens, or No-Marks…….is your problem. Finish ‘licking’ and search for a life…….

  220. 220
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I have a feeling TruthHurts breaths through the ‘Snorkel’ while diving deep into the ‘Anus’…..picture that.

    Again, you don’t take the time to get the whole message one conveys….that is why the Truth Hurts so much. You never face it. All you care to respond to is the small miniscule parts that effect you or that you can relate to. Try reading and comprehending the Total Entry before responding. You might find ‘The Truth Hurst So Good’…..

    All I did was make one of my typical sarcastic blurbs in about 3 lines of an entry that contained about 50. I did it tongue and cheek (no not like your tongue between TC’s cheeks). Start paying attention. You have been writing and reading on these blogs long enough to know the cast of characters whom frequent here. PAY ATTENTION!!!!!


  221. 221
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 219 This is a fan forum. It is about getting obsessed about old records and gigs, and even new ones if they are worth getting obsessed about. That includes off-shoot bands by current and former members. We love it. Great music is always great music: Mozart, Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles etc.etc.etc. If you regard it as having ‘no life’ and ‘getting obsessed’ over has-beens, well….

  222. 222
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Still wondering WHY we all write here

    Dont we have something better to do?

  223. 223
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    If you wonder…..”Don’t Write”…..

    from the sound of things, I’m sure you have someting better to do….



  224. 224
    Rascal says:

    So let me get this straight……..TruthHurts

    Because Im not interested in ‘Dear Mr Carey’……I aint a DP fan? The logic in that is what?

    To be a fan……you have be obsessed with a band and all its off shoots……???? Im capable of making my own mind up as to which bands, singers, guitarists I enjoy………..Obsession doesnt come into it.

    You need to re-evaluate your life………

  225. 225
    Michael Scalia (NJ, USA) says:

    Excellent!!! What I have been waiting for and for a VERY LONG TIME. I hope they come to USA or else I have to update me passport and go overseas. I have always wanted to visit RUSSIA but maybe they tour Netherlands and Italy too (I hope). I would love if Tony could sing a few of his solo songs such as “First Day of Summer” and “Why Me”. A “homecoming Concert” for Joe here in New Jersey, USA would be the “icing on the came” IMO (in my opinion). Do I wait for them to come to the states (i.e. USA) or take a holiday and go to Europe or RUSSIA?

  226. 226
    Andy says:

    Having seen all Rainbow incarnations live and having all the albums it is my opinion that JLT is by far the weakest vocalist out of all of them. Dio the obvious choice but that won’t happen however give Doogie a call, he has a better voice, range and stage presence than JLT. Graham Bonnet’s voice is now shot.

  227. 227
    David In Houston says:

    I cannot wait to see these guys. Yes, RB would be much better and I have seen him before with Rainbow, but beggars can’t be choosers. I would definitely perfer Graham Bonnet (even with a shot voice). Down to Earth was my favorite Rainbow album and if they could get a better guitar player, it would really rock.

    Just my 2 cents.

  228. 228
    GC says:

    God, so much whining!
    Listen to what so many of you are saying here…… and being sooooo mean. Someone’s gonna talk shit about you too, how’s that gonna feel?

    I, for one, sure are gonna go listen to them. Happily!
    Been looking forward to this, big time!

  229. 229
    chris says:

    THIS IS JUST SO WRONG its a piss take, its ritchies rainbow, always has been always will be, i for one would not cross the rd to see this bunch of half baked wanna beeeeees, line up sould be, ritchie, of course, roger glover, don airy, cozy, bless him cant make it , so ian paice, or bobby rondinelli, n yes i know ian never played in rainbow, but neither has the black mans son, then graham bonnet or ronnie dio or both of um, not jo puffy lynn turner………. thats my opinion anyways… rainbow.1962@hotmail.com

  230. 230
    ManDan says:

    I don’t understand why people are so afraid of this new Line-up

    I am a gigantic Blackmore (Ritchie!) Fan,And obviously would prefer Ritchie instead of J.R on guitar but hey! J.R is the only guy who can pull this off,He’s a fantasic guitar player. Admittedly J.R has a different style to his Father (Come on…he plays an Ibenez! *Spit*) but i still think this is going to be interesting

    With that cleared up onto JLT

    Yes he’s rubbish but i liked his songs,He cannot sing but alot of my favorite Rainbow songs are with JLT so i’m not too sad about that one.

  231. 231
    Valera says:

    The first show in Minsk (Belorussia) February 14th
    Tarot Woman
    Kill The King
    Street Of Dreams
    Man On The Silver Mountain
    Death Alley Driver
    Eyes Of The World
    Can’t Happen Here
    Long Live Rock’n’Roll
    Since You Been Gone
    I Surrender
    All Night Long

  232. 232
    Magpie says:

    All of this stuff about JLT living off memories and other people’s work…
    1. He wrote a lot of Rainbow’s lyrics, so it’s his work. Give him some credit!
    2. He’s hardly sat on his backside waiting for the next one-off Blackmore’s Night track to come along. Malmsteen would have something to say about that, among others.
    3. Why shouldn’t he do this anyway? If people want a Rainbow rehash, they’ll pay good money to see it. JLT and the others are meeting the fans’ needs, as well as their own. Would you deny the fans the opportunity?
    I know most of these points have been made already, but so what? I’m trying to reinforce them, not plagiarise them.
    Maybe it’s a bit less “Over the Rainbow” and a bit more “Over the Hill”, but if it sounds good and hits that spot, does it really matter?

  233. 233
    Kamellya Petrova says:

    I’m from Bulgaria and I’m a big Deep Purple and Rainbow’s fan.This project is interesting and I hope that I can see “Over The Rainbow”.My dream is to see Rainbow live…But that won’t happen…That’s why I’m happy.Joe Lynn Turner is one of my favourite singers.I know this is not Purple or good old Rainbow but…We can’t do anything about this!

  234. 234
    skua says:

    I think we can all agree that there is a magic in the ‘live’ music that is not the same magic that gets captured in a studio. Some live performances can be devoid of the magic altogether.

    I’m a huge Ritchie Blackmore/Deep Purple/Rainbow fan and I’ve never had the opportunity to see Rainbow songs performed live. I figured that I never will. When I saw that a bunch of Rainbow alumni were going to tour with Ritchie’s son on guitar I was intrigued and a bit excited at the possibility. No one else out there is playing Rainbow music live… so why the hell not? It was especially interesting to know that Jurgen obtained the nod to proceed from The Man himself. Go forth and play! Keep the music ALIVE! I’m all for it as long as it’s done with respect to the original.

    Having all ex-members and the son of the captain is about as close as I’ll ever get to seeing Rainbow… so I went last Friday night to a small club in Allentown, PA. Over the Rainbow put on a great show for about 350 (maybe 400) fans of the music… and it was cool experience. I’m sure the band didn’t make a killing that night so I don’t see this as just a money grab. Living off past glories? Maybe a little… but it was SUCH a glorius past that I feel they have the right to savor it a bit. Anyway… it’s good exposure for Jurgen!

    Maybe the complainers were lucky enough to see the ‘real’ Rainbow live. Maybe they just don’t see the value of keeping the music alive by performing it live. If the whole thing is OK with Ritchie… well that’s damn well good enough for me.

    Go see the guys play live and let the nay-sayers sit home and bitch.

  235. 235
    Rick Toure says:

    I saw them in Allentown on Friday. Jurgen was excellent and the band played a lot of the Classics which I always longed to experience!

    Given another chance, I’ll see them again.

  236. 236
    Jet City says:

    I saw Over the Rainbow in Chicago July 3rd- I will have to say it was an honor to have been able to attend their first performance in the USA since the tour started. They ROCKED!!! I will definately see them again. So I hope they tour the USA again and soon!!!

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