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Win tickets to Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow is currently on tour and will hit Sweden for their first shows since Sweden Rock Festival this summer. If you can get to their Malm√∂ show on October 13 you might be interested to know that the official Blackmore’s Night Scandinavian Fan Club is running a competition where you can win tickets to the show at Kulturbolaget.

To have a chance to win, simply answer the questions below along with your name and city in an email to: otrmalmo@blackmoresnight.nu no later than 2 October. Please put “OTR Malmo” in the subject line.

1. What was the title of the first Rainbow album with Joe Lynn Turner?
2. Bobby Rondinelli has played at KB before as a support act to Glenn Hughes. What was the name of that band?

Winners will be selected at random from all those who have answered the questions correctly, and will be informed by email. Only one entry per person.

Clue: All answers are available at the Blackmore’s Night Scandinavian Fan Club site. Good luck!

12 Comments to “Win tickets to Over the Rainbow”:

  1. 1
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I allready participated.

    I wonder if they could give price winners from abroad a travelticket as well?

  2. 2
    George says:


    You want to see Ovet The Rainbow live? can’t believe, you want to see Rainbow’s OFFICIAL TRIBUTE BAND while you all time call current Deep Purple a tribute band (with 4 OLD members Gillan, Glover, Morse and paice in it) and blame them for it???
    that’s so strange…

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi George

    You call ME strange?!
    Thats so funny……

    Well maybe I am but ….there s a difference.

    I honestly dont know the exact words I chose to compare DP and OTR but…..

    1 I always feel that JLT and OTR are being treated too harsh, even though I can understand the objectives.

    2 DP is called DP but lacks the main composer, drive, and so on mister Blackers.

    3 Morse indeed by now is an OLD member, he even starts to look that way hehehe, but he s not an equal IMO
    4 I have my doubts on several level concerning OTR but—

    I love JLT and Bobby
    I like to hear those numbers

    5 I NEVER said OTR is Rainbow or something…..

    6 Maybe I find Jurgens contributing better suiting or less annoying than Morseys?

    7 It might become a dissappointment mainly because Joe tends to have a bad voice now and then.

    But Ian Gillan shows the same tendency, so……

  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Getting wired up for next saturday when Over The Rainbow will be playing in Uden , the Netherlands , over here…..

    Hopefully we all will be in good health and very very hopefully its not going to be a dissappointment in one or more departments.

    The support act I already know and sucks big time.

    And its one of the reasons the HEADLINERS end too late for some.

    People who use public transport to remote places like these often unneccessary have to decide AGAINST buying a ticket.

    The supportact are nice guys with a lot of enthusiasm but…….
    People like us who have to catch the train get real nervous and annoyed instead of enjoying their efforts because it all takes time off the real thing.

    We ll have to make alternative adjustments to sort this out and that takes energy we d rather have spent on the gig.

    Joe, I m counting on you.
    No raspy vocals please….

    Not too many Dbs soundman, we want to hear clear sound and espescially VOCALS!!!!
    And although I LOVE Bobby I dont want to the drums to dominate everything.
    Oh man, is it really so hard to make a good mix????!!!!

    I read that Gates Of Babylon and Cant Let You Go are now in the SETLIST.

    Way to go, guys.

    Now skip Since You ve Been Gone and replace it with Love s No friend and or Bad Girl, thank you.

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I was a bit afraid it would be a dissappointment…..

    But on the contrary!!!!

    Awesome show….

    All of the band played with great heart, a very long show incl killers as

    Eyes Of The World
    Gates Of Babylon
    I Surrender
    Death Alley Driver
    Ariel into Wolf to the moon
    Tarot Woman
    Kill The King
    All night long
    Jams and other seemingly spontaneous improvisations
    Long Live Rock And Roll
    Cant Happen here
    Jealous Lover
    Since You ve been gone

    The list is not chronological and I might forget 1 or 2.

    Unfortunately there had been soundproblems all night.
    The show started late due to investment in time trying to fix this.

    A boring supportact which started late and played too long was not helping.
    The frontman of this outfit resembles a redneck full of tattoes and thinks he s very rock and roll when he pours his beer over the crowd.
    DONT DO THAT!!!!!!
    You re not Ozzy Osbourne as well.

    This act seems to be very attractive to book.
    They pop up at different gigs so that one gets them time and time again.
    The guy even said we would see each other again when DEEP PURPLE plays Amsterdam , this year.
    Me and some other visitor exhanged meaningful glances …..
    The man on bass kept talking about RAINBOW this and that.
    Its Over The Rainbow, you dumbass.

    The band OTR NEVER shouted they were RAINBOW, so stuff it Tracy.

    Gregg who I spoke after the show said there were serious plans for a studio album and a return to the region.
    They try to perform in Belgium next february……

    On the whole OTR was exiting and worth every penny though.

    Joe did some of his raspy vocals but also phenomenal good singing

    Great crowd but the hall way too small for all those people.
    People were standing into the lobby!!!!

    Nice meetings and reunions afterwards with even people from my hometown which I left around 20 years ago.

    Scary and emberassing though that they all knew my name but I just remember faces and now seeing them again years older, weird experience.

    People from the Rainbow FanClan were there and even Tonny Steenhagen, wellknown at DPAS headquarters surprised me by popping out of the woodwork.

    Could have stayed there for ages, such a nice atmosphere….
    But my back ache was killing me and my company felt tired too.

    I have said it for ages now….

    SKIP THE SUPPORT ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 They are just a waste of precious time
    2 You have to wait too long and all your enrgy is drained by the time the headliners arrive
    3 People who like to catch the train ALWAYS are in stress or even problems due to the late start of the proceedings
    Part of is caused by adding useless support acts.

    Not everybody owns a car and I thought one of the goals of the band and organisation should be to sell as much tickets as possible.

    Maybe they thought they did?

    Well, I think there is enough enthusiasm in numbers to fill a BIGGER LOCATION than this one.
    Very friendly people at De Pul, but its too far away and too small.

    Maybe next time in Paradiso or De Boerderij?

    Nice pictures already by Frans on The Rainbow FanClan site.

    Pity I did not get to Bobby in time to sign a very old fanmag by now on which he poses as the new drummer in Rainbow while Ritchie is dressed in fishnetstockings.

    Well, maybe next time?

    Thanx guys for a wonderful evening!!!


  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    First ad………..


    Man On The Silver Mountain

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:


    me and my impatient nature….

    I was so happy they played SPOTLIGHT KID as an encore……

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Great to see you had a blast building the little Pot of Gold for tribute band OTR. Don’t get all fired up now…I would have gone also, had they come to a place near me. Sounds like you enjoyed it….NOT ONE COMPLAINT. Funny how you become such a slobbering Fan when it regarding TMIB or a Tribute to him….

    As for the Opening Acts….it’s how smaller not yet Big Bands have always worked their way up the Food Chain…..if you can’t handle wasting your precious time….just get there later, after they are done and just in time for who you want to see, so you don’t have to donate any of that precious time for said opening band. Funny, OTR should actually be one of those Opening Bands since they are actually just a Tribute act…

    Headline when an Album is out. I bet the Opening band you are complaining about already has one out….OTR should probably have opened for them.


  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    All the BS about the tribute thing aside……
    YOU are a tribute or cover thing with YOUR Lost Cauz……., not them.

    I could say a lot more about the OTR evening
    Maybe I will

    It was a feast for the eye and ear.

    Great crowd and atmosphere….

    Wish every gig could be like this.

    Unlike the average Dutchman I m not very big, although I m bigger than JLT, Bobby or DIO hehehe, so I have to be early to get a place up front.

    I dont push people aside after arriving too late a gig, I d not like that kind of behaviour either.

    I did not check if SQY has an album out
    Maybe YOU should order it for your collection?


    Well, not really…..


    Its just that there are differences to me and appearantly not evident for others …..

    Why should one try to explain these things?

    Putting yoghurt on a pizza instead of cheese …….
    Thats DP with SM for me……
    When others dont get that…….its hopeless.

    RB and BN

    Its ok here and there and for 2 albums or a tour now and then but ……

    In general I agree with Paicey hes wasting his time.

    NOT that I need him to be in DP or Rainbow although I d clearly love that…..
    I just feel, like many others, he has much more in him.

    We ll see……

    Clock is ticking…..

  10. 10
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Priest I always stated my Band, LOzT CAUz was a Covers Band. Never said otherwise. Never boasted it to be what it wasn’t. We did do a couple of originals, but never recorded them in the Studio. Played them during practice sessions but didn’t go any further. We were just a Garage Band that played the local Pub circuit for fun. Believe me, it wasn’t for the money….LOL.

    Again, we were a Covers Band, whereby we covered Many Bands songs, not just ONE in Tribute. We didn’t act like we were the Band who originally played the music. We did Our interpretation of it and that was that. It’s a blast playing for patrons in these pubs. My common statement to the crowd was….”Drink UP, the More you Drink, the Better we sound…..”. Seemed to work.

    SQY??? Never heard of them. But then again…..nobody I know has heard of OTR either…..

    Just goes to show….If you aren’t in the Purple/Rainbow circle, you’d never know they exist. And when they do come to town someday….I’m sure they will be advertised as a band playing songs from the now defunct “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”…..aka….Tributizing.


  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dont think SQY will be your cup of tea


    They do some Sabbath, incl Never Say Die…….

    Dedicated to the relatively old crowd, that is.

    The singer has thing of poring beer over the audience.
    He desperately seeked for approval but someone shouted …..HOMO!!!!!

    The guy seemed a bit confused and flashed into association about JLT

    Have you seen Joe Lynn Turner? He looks so goood!!!!


    More corn on your mill, I suppose.

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    can somebody post alink to the GATES OF BABYLON rendition of OTR recently in Thessaloniki?

    Its great quality…..

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