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Over the Rainbow announces new keyboard player

Keyboard player Tony Carey has left Over The Rainbow and has been replaced by Paul Morris.

Here is Over The Rainbow’s own press release:

After he received a great reception from over 12,000 fans at the Sweden Rock Festival, Over The Rainbow has officially added keyboardist Paul Morris to the band’s roster for several USA concert dates in July. Like all members of OVER THE RAINBOW (with the exception of guitarist Jurgen “J.R.” Blackmore), Morris was also part of RAINBOW as he recorded and toured with the band from 1994 through 1997.

Confirmed dates:

Bridgeview, IL
July 3
Toyota Park

El Paso, TX
July 4
Downtown Street Festival

Ocean City, NJ
July 6
Ocean City Music Pier

Auburn Hills, MI
July 8
DTE Energy Music Theatre/Palace Sports and Entertainment

Allentown, PA
July 10
Crocodile Rock Cafe

Asbury Park, NJ
July 11
The Stone Pony

Keyboardist Tony Carey has left the band and all of the members of Over The Rainbow, its management and staff wish Tony much success in all of his future endeavors. They emphasize that there is no ill will toward Tony and they all respect his decision.

Over The Rainbow would like to take the time to thank all of their fans for their incredible and loyal support and look forward to bringing the great music of all eras of Rainbow to the USA next month and to Russia and Europe in the fall.

Over The Rainbow is:
Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984)
Drums: Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983)
Bass: Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997)
Guitar: Jurgen (“J.R.”) Blackmore

79 Comments to “Over the Rainbow announces new keyboard player”:

  1. 1
    Roberto says:

    why tony left?

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I thought and or understood that it was temporarily due to illness.

  3. 3
    Ray says:

    On that way of replacements, the best could happen would be Jurgen and JLT left the band…

  4. 4
    Svante Axbacke says:

    According to melodicrock.com and DPAS:
    “Carey wishes to make it clear that there were no personality issues or clashes involving any other members. Carey is and was dissatisfied with the management, and feels that too many errors were made; unfortunately, the management came with the package, being Joe Lynn Turner’s people, and took over from the beginning. ‘I wish the lads all the success in the world’, says Carey.”

  5. 5
    DeepOz says:

    In true Rainbow style, a line-up change…

  6. 6
    Hard Rock Pete says:

    This is starting to get way too weird for me. What next B Payne to sue for roayalties?

  7. 7
    Sami says:

    What a pity…would have loved to see Carey with the band.


  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    that is all ridicolous.
    Tony Carey was the most involvedo to come back with Rainbow and now after few mounths he leaves the band.

    Over and Over and Over The Rainbow….

    Bye Bye to the band,this is not serious…

  9. 9
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Tony was for me the most interresting part of the band.

    He was the only who was part of the most important Rainbow-line-up in 1976/77.

    A pity, that we were not ableto see him in Germany. I hope he will do another rockproject.

    I wosh HIM the best.


  10. 10
    ffitz says:

    We could replace JLT with RJD and Jurgen with Ritchie. sadly Cozy isn’t available so keep Bobby and maybe Jimmy Bain for bass, then we’ll have something 😉

    Kidding aside, I like Tony, he’s my favorite Rainbow keys player.

  11. 11
    George Martin says:

    Tony left to join Blackmores Night!
    Sorry I could not resist that one.
    David Stone your on deck wherever you are!

  12. 12
    The Greek Tychoon says:

    Where is David Stone?

  13. 13
    stefan says:

    I told you so…..This is the beginning to the end…Just as well!

  14. 14
    Lajos says:

    With all respect to involved musicians in this project.
    Over,under,beside or after the Rainbow…or whatever they call themselves…..
    Only Rainbow was with the MAN IN BLACK,and no one else.
    Get back to basements,and do your lessons.There´s a lot of bands who are doing this stuff much better.

  15. 15
    SEVEN-47 says:

    First Craig Goldy, and now Tony Carey. I’m begining to lose what little interest I had.

  16. 16
    doc says:

    somebody suggested tony & jurgen are about to form “blackmore’s nightmare”…wouldn’t THAT be neat?

  17. 17
    doc says:

    And WHY isn’t mr. morris listed as a member?
    mr. carey’s name & pic s gone – but there’s no name or pic of morris…or any other keyboard player, for that matter.
    isn’t he the permanent solution, more like a “hired hand”?

  18. 18
    james jay says:

    the shoe has to fit before you wear it–maybe it wasn’t a good fit. never-the -less TC will most likely find a home.

  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Oh well….

    Just when I was finally conceding to this ‘Tribute Act’, due to Tony Carey advising me that they were going to begin work on an Original Album, looks like that is no longer in the cards….

    Back to my initial feelings of the ‘Tribute Act’. Ho Hum…….


  20. 20
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t contact David Rossenthal….

  21. 21
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @19: On the press conference at Sweden Rock Festival a week or so ago JLT and Rondinelli still said they had plans to do their own material.

    @20: Rosenthal has been working with Billy Joel for many years and I think that pays much better than a tour with OTR… 🙂

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:

    All interest lost indeed, for me simply because Turner’s management are a bunch of pricks and always have been, period!
    How do I know? Well lets just say you have to be from People Magazine just to get a phoner with JLT, seriously.

    As others pointed out, Tony was the only interesting thing about this, and I feel it’s the Dio era factor that caved this thing in. Joe can rest completely on his AOR laurals now and we all know he’ll likely do better in HIS element anyway. Good luck Joe, and especially Bobby.(the only interest left as far as I’m concerned)

  23. 23
    Bo says:

    Here we go again. I’m NOT talking about Tony leaving, but about all these (and one is far to many) who start “what did I say” bla bla…..
    Give this great band a chance. Purple these days has only ONE person left who is realy Deep Purple. And Whitesnake…..
    So OTR is so far the second best Rainbow we can have.
    If any of you clever people can get RB, RJD etc together then I’m for it 101%, but until then I’m HAPPY to se OTR is around. Looking forward to a CD – soon I hope!

  24. 24
    Viktor says:

    Well said Bo

  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Yes Bo,

    Overall you are correct, but in the end, due to the ‘FrontMan’ syndrome that exists in this band, the future is inevitable. Only from speculation due to experience and observation on JLT over the years….

    I too hope for a Record to surface, but “Don’t Hold Your Breath”. Until then, I will gladly go see the Tribute Act if it comes within Walking distance of my domain…..and only hope they prove this critic wrong…..


  26. 26
    doc says:

    yep, looking forward to some “new” music, & i hope whatever was finished with tc is released,

    …’cause who’s gonna write good tunes in this band NOW???( & svante, at SRF press conference, it was also, repeatedly, said that tc was still gonna be in the band – OF COURSE they were gonna write new music..!)

    -on another note, the Sweden Rock Festival gig was absolutely fantastic, the biggest disappointment was not having tc there. Response was fabulous, these tunes hasn’t been around “live” since -97, some never!
    saw a bunch of people up front in their TEENS who “grew up on rainbow”!
    i asked a kid “but you could’t have been BORN in the -80’s, when rainbow peaked saleswise? “no, but dad played these records all the time, still does, you know, and i thought i’d NEVER get to hear these tunes live!!!”

    but i agree with karl-heintz & the ghost: carey not in the band makes it less interresting, & he was ALMOST about to make it to sweden; so close to hearing the “tarot woman” intro by the only guy who wrote it & can do it properly…
    oh, well, maybe “blackmore’s nightmare” will incorporate it.

  27. 27
    Andrés says:

    Well said Bo!

  28. 28
    scott w. says:

    i agree with bo. at least we should be happy for what we have got. with all the crap new bands going i am just glad that these ex purple family members still keep the flag flying. it will not be long and we will have no more purple, whitesnake, BN, and all the great purple family lineups (what regretably is left of them)still touring and making music. they are obviously not going to stay in the music biz forever. if they suck live and on record, THEN make your comments and do not support them!

  29. 29
    james jay says:

    #23 so right–they have an up-hill battle as any rock band in this day and age of rap crap.

  30. 30
    Andy Mac says:

    Look, there is only one Rainbow….

    Blackmore, Dio, Powell, Bain and Carey….The Rising Line Up

    Thats it…….

    Andy from Downunder

  31. 31
    Masse says:

    I actually saw the band at Sweden Rock, they sounded GREAT! Far better than I expected. And super sound! They had a few new songs on the setlist, for example: Death Alley Driver, Wolf To The Moon… I’m a huge Rainbow/Blackmore fan and was never convinced when Turner did Dio songs. I guess he has gone back and listened to the originals as he stuck close to the original vocals, and he’s got a great voice no doubt, so I was surprised. They also played all songs in the right tempos which makes it all the heavier…usually the tempos seem to be faster live and thus make certain songs less powerful…All in all, the best performance of all bands on the festival. That says a lot if you look at the line-up which included among others Heaven and Hell… Unfortunately their gig (which I was looking forward to immensely) was ruined by an awful sound (or an idiot soundguy)..I left after 45 minutes, very disappointed.. You should aboslutely go and see them if you like Rainbow!

  32. 32
    Masse says:

    I mean Heaven and Hell’s gig was ruined by bad sound, of course… Just to clear up any misunderstandings..

  33. 33
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    So sorry to hear TC has left, most integral part or player in that situation, oops, BAND, But RB and RJD will probably never again rock out together, Dio is very happy being back in his enviornment with Sabbath, or H & H, but I guess stranger things have happened!! Did you guys hear about Blackmore saying that he thought that the 2 best vocalists he ever worked with were Dio, and Coverdale? I heard that on some website, and don’t know of it’s validity, but maybe Ritchie has finally softened over DC, What was his original beef with DC in the first place? I know all about the press releases where they slagged each other, but DC has always respected Blackmore gift! what do you think Tracy? Love and Light BP

  34. 34
    George says:

    Bill The Wizard Pierce

    Sorry but this would be just rumours…
    In the absolute majority of interviews with RB, he always states that Ian Gillan is the BEST vocalist he has ever heard…

  35. 35
    Roberto says:

    favourite singers by blackmore has been:
    Gillan (n.1)
    and Dio (n.2)

    Coverdale has been always seen poor in comparison with the others…personally Coverdale will always be my n.2 (and Gillan n.1)

  36. 36
    Gary says:

    Read tc’s comments on the ‘ LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL STORY ‘. I’m not privileged to any inside information, but a logical conclusion can be drawn.

    Who is the guitarist for OTR ?

  37. 37
    Rascal says:

    Out goes Tony (who?)………

    Wont be to long before we see a few more changes………

    Slip in SOTW, and afew unassociated tracks and we are back to the JLT self appreciation band………

    Jurgens next? Whos gonna bet against it?

  38. 38
    Patrick says:

    i always thought he said turner was his fav

  39. 39
    elprupdeep says:

    to 10…. Cosy Powell will not be available anymore!!!!!! R.I.P. Cosy.
    to 21…. Bob Rondinelli is busy with Blue Oyster Cult I think???
    long live DP and family.

  40. 40
    Jeffs says:

    Bo, how can you say that Purple only have one person left who is really Deep Purple?? Gillan, Paice and Glover are 3/5ths of the legend for gods sake!!!

    Tony Careys intro on Tarot Woman is sensational, he really understood the Modes Ritchie enjoyed and played a huge part in “Rising” Tony really is an underestimated Player…Would have been great in the new Purple line-up AND HE CAN WRITE!!

  41. 41
    Roberto says:

    in fact deep purple need to write huge songs as in the 70, but with the current line-up this won’t happen anymore…S.Morse is a fabolous guitarist but not as good as writer, the same for Don Airey…

  42. 42
    HardRockPete says:

    Hmmmm…. This could be interesting. The first member has now left the band. According to JLT, they don’t want anyone in the band who still do drugs/ alcohol. How long before they have to bring in one of those allegedly druggies? JLT hasn’t got that many ex-members to choose from before he has to bring in a junkie…

    JLT is a motormouth!

  43. 43
    doc says:

    JOE LYNN TURNER said that..???

  44. 44
    tony carey says:

    hi guys.

    I’ve never met paul morris, but I understand he did a terrific job with 4 days rehearsal. hat’s off and god bless him. somebody made the comment that the band sounds so heavy because the tempos aren’t out of control. well, in fact, in a couple of cases they’re slower… bobby and greg are the best rythm section out there right now, and our sound guy is really fabulous.

    my trouble with OTR: the bookkeeping and general information flow could be described as 1) a huge dense conflict of interest; a less kindly description would be ‘fruadulent’, an accurate descrition ‘criminal’. the band is in fact joe’s group of sidemen. they’ve ALWAYS
    been sidemen and are completely in the dark about the need to 1)first have a band, with an internal arrangement involving ONLY the band; 2) finding a manager to carry out their wishes. i learned this the hard way 35 years ago. to joe’s credit, he works so much and is in his own timezone, he doesn’t really pay any attention to money issues – which is why I said there were no ‘personal conflicts’ – there weren’t. I love joey, so shoot me for livin’.

    the whole band in fact is working for mark wexler in hackensack, who makes the rules, makes incredibly stupid
    decisions, and has a horrible reputation in europe. wexler owns all the rights to everything, won’t give an accounting or a receipt, and hey? 12 gigs since february? hello?

    I’m in contact with the guys, jurgen every day, bobby all the time, trying to sort this clusterfuck out. there’s nothing in it for me, as I’ve stated, management
    works for ME and doesn’t call the shots – so I’m gone.

    one funny thing here was the ‘official’ spin on my leaving: ‘due to the overwhelming response at sweden Rock. etc etc’. that got a smile. I had a very serious surgery a week before the show – and HAD to cancel – and that quote made my day.

    I’ll probably post some more as the infuriated responses
    roll in – but i don’t lie and was really looking forward to bringing OTR into the 21st century.

  45. 45
    Roberto says:

    I always preferred faster versions of the studio songs…

  46. 46
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Hey Tony,

    Sorry to see you go, and also hate to see JLT stay….

    Though I agree with you in your statement about it being JLT’s band and the rest are ‘sidemem’…..(Hmmmm seems that’s exactly what I stated way back when it all started), I will also have to stand my ground on the point whereby that was the defining factor which made it a loser project to begin with. Yes he Works hard…..it’s what he works hard at that directs the success of the effort. I would have loved to see Graham Bonnett or Doogie White tackle the effort instead and from the standpoint of doing an original album from the Get Go. Would have been much more worthy and probably wouldn’t be layered with the Drama that Poof Boy brings with him..

    Just My Humble Opinion. Sure was looking forward to you coming to Nashville eventually. I guess that isn’t going to happen.

    Good Luck TC, and maybe this will put some fire under your creative talent thereby inspiring you to show us what could have been….



  47. 47
    Stefan says:

    Well put Tracy, and good luck to Tony Carey whatever you choose to do in the future! With your singer/songwriter talents I´m amazed by the anonymousity generally…..You should be a BIG name, at least here in Europe!

    Have a Fabulous & Hot Rocking summer ya´all!!!!!

  48. 48
    kraatzy says:

    @tony carey

    Well done at this time for only two times:
    1.) Well done job as the keyboarder …
    2.) Well done to go …
    But for the
    3.) … please read this:
    If you really wan’t to make a very good job for your fans, why don’t you asked the others except JLT’s management to form a “new” Rainbow-Band like OTR with JR at the guitar and with the guys you and WE like and hope that they will perform the old rainbow songs. Maybe with RJD after his Heaven and Hell -Project ?

    I think, you have get a little taste of the rainbow fans. They are very hungry and wan’t to eat …

    I am very sure, that everyone, who likes the Rainbow-music had have a great hope in his heart, that OTR or like that will perform the hole world up and down. ( 12 gigs a week 😉 ) I’am sure, you (and all the other guys playing with you) will be very sucsessfull !!!

    Do I have anything more to say to you … ?
    I know, WE know and especially Y O U know: YOU have the right contacts to the guys and you can make it possible incl. a right management. So – Why not ??? What is the problem ?

    Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
    This is the only reason, ’cause we are here …


  49. 49
    tony carey says:

    hi tracy –

    i respect your opinion and always have. but: give the ‘poof boy’ schtick a rest, it’s not true and it’s demeaning.
    plus if you’ve noticed joey is singing better than he ever has, dead serious about getting it right, and in MY
    opinion is the only singer that could cover the ’75-’97
    period with consistency. seeya in nashville. tc

  50. 50
    doc says:

    well, i was in the front row at Sweden Rock Festival(for a little longer than planned, actually, couldn’t get out, ’cause the crowd went APE & i’m not 18 anymore..!), at most of the press conference, even had a couple of minutes with JLT afterwards.
    i asked him a few questions that he could have taken as rude/unappropiate/cheeky, and if he did, i’m sorry, but i didn’t get the impression that he took any offense.
    he was an absolute gentleman, very helpful, pollite & talkative, and answered as best he could.
    the “touchy” subject was, possibly, the appearance of new music from O.T.R., which has been of interrest here, as well as in other camps – curiosity is massive everywhere, & i felt i had to use the opportunity to ask.
    a similar question was put out at the press conference, & the answer i got was much the same; balance between heavy & heavy commercial material, in true rainbow tradition, but with a modern edge…no time aspect for eventual release, nothing very concrete.
    ok, so the band wants to keep this under the hat for now, fine.
    on my way home that night, i bumped into JLT & some of the others, said “thanks for everything, GREAT gig!”, and JLT was clearly in a celebratory state (no wonder, with that feedback!), & the last thing i told him was; “hope to see you in norway(where i live) very soon”, & “next year here at the “festival stage”, for twice the money – with new music out – & bring tony carey, will you..!” “yeah”, he said, “we’ll bring tony!”.
    When i got back to norway, i went to see journey the following monday, & called up a guy i know at the venue, checking if they were sold out(they weren’t).
    i told him about the immense succsess for OTR in sweden, & he was clearly interrested in getting touch with the management of O.T.R. with the intent of booking a gig in late summer/fall in oslo. i sent his contact info to the O.T.R. management, hoping they would work something out, the tour manager said he’d done the the place many times before, & left me with the impression that he felt i stepped into his “turf”, which is understandable, so i left it at that…
    what doesn’t seem logical is why OTR management doesn’t “forge when the iron’s hot”, but then, i’m not them…but i know i’d go see OTR in oslo again soon – at a PACKED venue..!
    now, i’ve heard there’s a territory west of oslo, over the pond, maybe that’s slightly more interresting…
    good luck to you all, guys, still hoping to see you in oslo sometime in the foreseeable future..!

  51. 51
    Jeffs says:

    Yes, thanks for your clarity Tony. What you are describing is unfortunately most prevavlent in the “small pond” which is todays “Classic Rock” business. A lot of the musicians (I’ll mention no names) Have become “Moronica” AS IG would describe it and the promotional aspects of the business is now run by so called fans who have a ridiculously inflated personal perspective of high importance…I can’t believe some of the promotors, managers, heroes (ex) that I have had the misfortune to deal with most recently in “the business”.

    As mentioned above…Your keyboard contribution to Rainbow for me was by far the finest!! Your technique and delivery are unique!! I’m very surprised that Ritchie didn’t hold on to you for longer…

  52. 52
    Frank says:

    Hello Tony,

    I was sorry to see you go to. Out of curiosity, any thoughts on JLT’s vocals? I’ve always thought he was criminally underrated and for the crap he has gotten over the years for covering other people material, he has been doing a wonderful job with all eras of Rainbow and to turn the table on naysayers, I cannot imagine another vocalist covering some of his signature tracks such as Stone Cold or Jealous Lover. I’ve always thought that Joe has a very elusive/soulful quality to his vocals. Any thoughts? Thanks.


  53. 53
    Rascal says:

    Keep you hand on the money, and your eye on the ball………….

  54. 54
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Kinda saddening and or frustrating moment this is.

    I always felt that a line up consisting of
    Ritchie, Ronnie, Bobby, David Stone and Bob Daisley was to be a fine reunion band……

    Ofcourse SENIOR should have been in this too but I was willing to try an let me get me convinced and enjoying.

    I hoped THIS OTR thing to work out despite all the hammering before and espescially the never ceasing personal attacks.
    You are very right there Tony.

    I like and love Joes contributions over the years even though he had and has bad singing moments and dubious talking as well.
    But the same counts for the other heroes like RB, Jon, IG and so on, so…….

    I was and am extremely happy Bobby is on board. I LOVE the man, his drumming and his wit.

    As we all know, playing but also WRITING are not talents most people have.
    Tony I expected to have the ability to write quality stuff
    And ofcourse it was some wish fulfilled to hear the ORIGINAL from those 2 CLASSIC albums which gave me tremendous pleasure since 1977.
    Espescially after understanding, quite late I must admit, he had his part in Long Live Rock and Roll, my favourite Rainbow album, too!!!
    I longed to hear Gates and Eyes from him, well…..

    It covered personell from all Rainbow periods, well except for Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow that is, but it is is debatable it was the real first album?

    I m not the man to judge the machine behind and around Joe and OTR, it sounds very bad though.
    Whats next?

    I ve not gone to Sweden and missed out on Heaven and Hell here in The Netherlands as well.
    Both due to the factors distance and money.
    Hoped they would make it here and H and H I prefer to see inside.
    I m not a sucker for festivals, too long, the weather is unstable overhere, I miss the intimacy of a good hall or preferebly a SMALL club.

    Vielleicht das nachstes Mal?

  55. 55
    tony carey says:

    hi frank –

    joey’s top 5 in the world for me, and keeps getting better. right now he’s at the top of his game… and yeah, he’s a soul singer, get him in the car singing along to the radio – he’s very nearly as badass as nyself… 🙂

    best, tc

  56. 56
    Gary says:

    Hi Tony,

    Though this ‘ episode ‘ may represent somewhat of a setback in your career, I know you have the talent to overcome it.

    Your contributions to Rock and Roll are notable and impressive.

    And I, for one, am looking forward to your next effort 🙂

  57. 57
    james jay says:

    #52–i agree–i was just thinking of JLT’s version of a Kansas song just the other day when i heard the original tune. he has a great voice. #55–anyone who played with RB can play with anyone period. his eye for talent is second to none. good luck TC and hope you surface soon–great keyboardists (is this a word?) are a rare treat.

  58. 58
    Frank says:

    Crimson Ghost wrote:

    All interest lost indeed, for me simply because Turner’s management are a bunch of pricks and always have been, period!
    How do I know? Well lets just say you have to be from People Magazine just to get a phoner with JLT, seriously.

    Out of curiosity, just because you couldn’t get an interview with JLT, you are trashing him? That seems like sour grapes to me. What magazine or Ezine do you work for?

    My 2 Cents,


  59. 59
    Vladimir says:

    Hi Tony
    You’re the best! I saw you in Kiev. It was great!!! Last Planet P Project is absolutely super. Looking forward to the next part. Hope it won’t take much time. Good health and success to you.

  60. 60
    Roberto says:

    Turner is singing very very well, in fact his best solo album is his last one…

  61. 61
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Making this about me, I see?
    Well, to each their own here, right???
    It was a passing comment, if you know what that is.

    Try supporting artists yourself beyond buying their output and attending shows, then talk to me about it.

    I work for myself as a fan, just as many do…

    So then, why support an artist that doesn’t want to be supported by one of the largest DP based communies in the world?

    Btw, the post count on the feature you can see by clicking on my username should tell you my work is followed, and elsewhere it’s in the thousands.

    To give respect to JLT, I didn’t say anything about his singing, which isn’t bad as far as I’m concerned, but that doesn’t mean he has his business straight…. some of us have better things to do then deal with his people, Tony Cary anyone?

    One last opinion on the subject:
    This line up should stick to what they do best, JLT era Rainbow… perhaps then it will be taken seriously.(album in the works or not)

  62. 62
    Frank says:

    Crimson Ghost wrote:

    Making this about me, I see?
    Well, to each their own here, right???
    It was a passing comment, if you know what that is.

    Well, I saw your post and thought that a request for an interview being denied, has nothing to do with Joe or his music, but I wasn’t really intending to make it about you.

    Try supporting artists yourself beyond buying their output and attending shows, then talk to me about it.

    I’ve helped a few friend/artists and have a least cursory knowledge of the music biz. From Joe’s perspective, I’m sure he can’t honor every interview request or he would never have a life.

    I work for myself as a fan, just as many do…

    So then, why support an artist that doesn’t want to be supported by one of the largest DP based communies in the world?

    That’s your perrogative, but again, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the music or will name calling his management help you get an interview. I do see that Joe did an inteview with the DP Hub a while back. My suggestion would be to try again. I’ve met Joe a bunch of times and he may not come off this way in interviews at times, but he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

    Btw, the post count on the feature you can see by clicking on my username should tell you my work is followed, and elsewhere it’s in the thousands.

    Cool interview with Ian Gillan.

    To give respect to JLT, I didn’t say anything about his singing, which isn’t bad as far as I’m concerned, but that doesn’t mean he has his business straight…. some of us have better things to do then deal with his people, Tony Cary anyone?

    That’s true and to be honest, I gloosed over the last part of your psot. To me it’s about the music. The other stuff is really none of my business.

    One last opinion on the subject:
    This line up should stick to what they do best, JLT era Rainbow… perhaps then it will be taken seriously.(album in the works or not)

    I actually like the variety and even when Joe was in Rainbow itself, he always covered all eras. I would love a new CD, but I think in time, hopefully, that will come.

    My two cents for what it’s worth or not worth 😉 Good luck with your interviews.



  63. 63
    Rascal says:

    This line up SHOULD stick to what they know best.

    Unfortunately with JLT at the helm it aint that simple. A decade + spent pillaging other bands ‘successful’ tracks is his claim to fame.

    As a tribute act……….Its quite good!

    Come on JLT…….1,2,3……#We all came out to montreux, On the lake geneva shoreline, To make records with a mobile……………….#

    Just a matter of time……………….

  64. 64
    TruthHurts says:

    @63 he’s been singing this song for over 25 years.

    As a band they are very good..PERIOD.

    As the Sex Pistols once said, “Never Mind The Bollocks”….

  65. 65
    BlackSparrow says:

    what a keyboard player tony is but JLT top five vocalist? compared to who? he would not even make my top 100 not sure if I am able to count to 100 though.

  66. 66
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 64

    Right now I m open for several JLT or DIO or Bonnet , sorry Doogie, fronted line ups which perform RAINBOW classics.

    The last few days I gave certain JLT solo cds another spin, like SLAM and HOLY MAN. Great albums and I push the repeat button often!!!
    Maybe that Japanese ..whats his name again, guitarplayer can replace Jurgen when the time comes?
    And Dio, Bonnet, David Stone, Bob Daisley….talking about a GOOD writer and a solid worker, are on my wish list too.

    I really detest songs like Power and Since You ve been gone in the setlist.
    Power always was crap and instead of SYBG there are much better DTE tracks.
    Don Airey and his band gave us a very good rendition of BAD GIRL. Grateful I was there.

    Where are Gates Of Babylon, Eyes Of Fire, Tearing Out My Heart, Stranded, Firedance, Love s No friend and so on…?

    Maybe Joe can do Emotional criminal as well?

    Good one with lots of Paul Rodgers like vocals. So…..

  67. 67
    Roberto says:

    ‘second hand life’ album is the best joe lynn turner ever did…listen to blood red sky or Love Is Life or
    Got Me Where You Want Me or Stroke of Midnight (one man’s meat)

  68. 68
    james jay says:

    JLT has great vocals in my book–he can rock and he can sing. I think people have problems with his polished looks. if he did not bath in months and grew a cheesy mustache some would place him in the top 100. I can careless about his style or looks–the dude can sing.

  69. 69
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 68

    You are very right, James.

    I still do not own every album he did, but I hope I will

    Ironically last night I dreamt I witnessed the performance of Blame it on the NIGHT in some strange context



    That was another great Brazen Abbot track with JLT

    Lets push forward to that one now…..

  70. 70
    oz says:

    Over the Rainbow news video on http://www.kvia.com under the TOP NEWS VIDEOS.

  71. 71
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Thank you… lately I’m onto the New York Dolls for refreshment concerning my musical appetite. See my review by clicking on my username, I had an absolute blast with them just recently.
    They’re just a good rock band, their new CD is a fine piece of work.

    About the video clip from Texas:
    It appears they are lucky they have the chops to pull this off, but the coverage is nice and they look like they are finally coming together. But of course that might be because the out of place yet best one involved is now mumped out of the picture.

  72. 72
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Opps, sorry about that, the link is now alive and I meant to say “bumped out of the picture” my bad.

  73. 73
    Lorenzo says:

    Hi Tony (if you’re still reading this),

    I just found out you are no longer in the band. The Detroit show is tomorrow and now I dont even want to go. My brother and I spent a couple hundy for 4th row tix but it was you we were going to see. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

    As a musician myself, I respect your decision. Hope to see you perform one day. Till then,……. have a fine, fine day.

    Lorenzo- drummer for Tokyo Blade

  74. 74
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Larry

    How about that book of yours?

    Pun intended or not, it would make me very eager to buy it…..

    My bad?

  75. 75
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Nope, not all all, very good in fact…. know any good publishers????



  76. 76
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Nope, I thought YOU were the one with ALL the information.

  77. 77
    JOEY says:

    David Stone really has dropped off the face of the earth. Great player!!! Too bad

  78. 78
    ROCKGOD1966 says:


  79. 79
    tony carey says:

    hi again, troops.

    I just stumbled on to this ancient post; I don’t know if anyone will still be following the thread.
    the business half of OTR was a big problem, but could have been solved.
    MY problem was cancer. (you might know this by now, though i didn’t advertise it much).
    now, 4 years later and a cancer surivivor (unless I get the fucker again), I invite JRB to guest at most of my shows, and will be on tour with JLT in june 2013… so nobody’s mad at anybody, and never were.
    (internally, I mean. the management disaster is a chapter in itself).
    the guys know exactly what mu situation was at sweden rock, and were polite enough not to say “TC’s got cancer and won’t make the gig’. paul morris did a fine job, on NO notice. I was having the first of 5 surgeries on the day of the gig…
    as I said, I don’t know who’ll read this at this late date, but that’s the real story.
    keep it real… TC

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