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OTR in St.Petersburg

JLT and Jurgen Blackmore live in St.Petersburg, Feb 16, 2009. Courtesy of nevex.tv.

Russian Internet TV company Nevsky Express filmed interview with all five members of the band and bits of the live show from the February 16th Over The Rainbow gig in St.Petersburg. You can watch the video on their web site. Click on ‘высокое качество’ to switch to higher quality stream (you need a rather fast Internet connection for it to play smoothly). Click on ‘скачать ролик’ if you want to download the clip. Otherwise it’s a pretty standard Flash player not unlike the one on YouTube and many other sites.

The interview is subtitled, not overdubbed, and the questions asked were:

  • Who’s idea it was to organize this tour?
  • Rainbow is like a sacred institution in Russia. It’s a big responsibility. Aren’t you afraid?
  • Jurgen, what does your father think about the project?

Thanks to Tatyana Marshanova for the info.

47 Comments to “OTR in St.Petersburg”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Already posted.

  2. 2
    Phil says:

    Reminded me of watching a remake of a ‘B’ grade movie. As for the interview, talk about possums caught in the headlights

  3. 3
    rik says:

    intersting to watch them all speak but would i buy a ticket?


  4. 4
    George says:

    Maybe some Russian provincials (who hadn’t seen A grade bands) will buy tickets… But in Moscow, where world-grade band play each month, OTR has the show in one of the smallest night club (Club B1), because of the toooo law ticket sales….

    So, Joe, play in Russian provinces, or maybe in Uganda you’ll attract some little attention…

  5. 5
    George says:

    Just watched to the Interview, ugly ugly uglyyyyyyyyy,
    Can’t believe that JLT has ever been “frontman” for Deep Purple. He’s like and old ugly gay….
    But no, he calls himself a “glamourous man” 😀 😀 😀

  6. 6
    Rascal says:

    I still dont fancy eating that ‘crow’……

    But……maybe I was being harsh when I compared it to a circus performance……..

    I really meant pantomime……

    I just cant take ‘Dame JLT’ seriously…….

  7. 7
    George says:

    wow, what a surprise, JLT told himself: “we take the original songs and we make our personal TRIBUTE to the band and to Ritchie”

  8. 8
    Gillan89 says:

    I agree with the others comments.
    Except Jurgen, other guys look like they hate each other.
    You can see that Bobby Rondinelli looks like he got from a trash can, and that he can’t find any gig for himself, so he was praying for B-type project like this.
    I also never liked Rainbow with JLT (he is totally not for english heavy rock, and that will never change).
    As for Jurgen. I like his attitude, he sees this as a big party (and you should have as much fun as you can).
    You can see on this interview that Tony Carey doesn’t belong here, and you can see that he’s grumpy to all others especially to JLT. Another thing that i don’t like is the set list. There are songs on that list that Jurgen could play it well (closely as his dad)but Joe couldn’t sang them if he wanted too. For example: Tarot Woman, Stargazer (especially))and of course Kill The KIng.
    I don’t know what more to say about Over The Rainbow.
    It’s on one hand a very good thing for the fans of Deep Purple family, but on the other hand you can see that they are not enjoy working together as a ex-Rainbow members from different periods.
    That’s all for me, i hope that someone is going to agree with me.

  9. 9
    kraatzy says:

    – W O W –

    Very very exiting – before of that, I had said:
    I don´t wan´t to watch plagiatism Rainbow-stuff
    … and …
    The only real RAINBOW ist only with Ritchie !
    … but now …
    … What should I say ??

    When do they come for gigs to GERMANY !!!!

    I´m still waiting …

  10. 10
    james jay says:

    If this project is suppose to generate interest like a Led Zep reunion or it is a failure is simply unfair. The DP reunion could not even match those expectations. This project is fronted by a good vocalist and some above average musicians.I am sure some good tunes will be kicked out wth a decent show. To assume it is a failure if Stadiums are not in venue is ridiculous. I last saw DP in the House of Blues A-C NJ. Full…yes…30000 fans..no…maybe 700-1500 tops. Great show.thanks.

  11. 11
    Rascal says:

    I like the ‘OTR’ reference to this band…..

    ‘Old Timers Reunion’ seems quite apt.

    Suggestions welcome

  12. 12
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    It’s not a REUNION. They have never played together. OTR better stands for ‘Old Tunes Ripped-off’

    Nice leather JLT. I think he needs a roll in the hay with Rob Halford……’Smack that ASS’


  13. 13
    George says:

    james jay,
    hey, you’re talking about Dp’s USA tour which can’t be considered successfull due to low ticket sales, but outside USA, Deep Purple sells out world’s largest arenas…

    And be sincere, the term “successfull” means high sales. Machine Head is considered to be Purp’s most successfull album because it sold more copies than any other albums they’ve ever made…
    what about Bananas? it’s a GREAT album, really great album musically, but can we call it a successfull album while it sold quite bad? definitely NO.

    So, successful album/tour means not musically good album, but commercial. DP tours aren’t commercial in the USA, but they still remain highly commercial outside USA…

    What about OTR, they have extremely low ticket sales EVEN in some Russian provinces… so, can we call it successful project? definetely NO!

  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Make that at least one ‘above average’ al round musical genius, which to me Tony Carey is and Blackmore said it himself but couldn’t hang with another genius in the band, and Bobby is a killer drummer too, I’d say way above average there. I’d also say Jurgen is quite above A himself, and that leaves the too prettiest guys in the line up, got to be the weaker links here, no matter how good a frontman, bass player and back up singer. But well suited for the project because Rainbow did not come and go without them in it. I don’t deny their talents, just their motivations, which aren’t much in the hard rock vein.

  15. 15
    james jay says:

    #13 success is defined in a funny way–The expectations of the DP re-union would outweigh the expectations of say a JLT band. Success for OTR would be a tour and an album. Setting high stakes like selling out stadiums is reserved for the elite of the elites. No JLT fan on this site mentioned OTR would go Gold and pack Yankee Stadium. Instead-we wish the band success and some new music put out for us tired of the same-o same-o.
    As far as demographics–you are correct. In the midwest a Ted Nugent Band would sell out The American Royal Areana—DP the Voodoo lounge. The difference—about 7500 seats. Do I agree? No–but that is how the cookie crumbles.

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    More on Bobby, he’s no punk of an artist, he co-wrote “The Encyclopedia Of Double Bass Drumming” and it’s a masterpiece of work.

  17. 17
    Crimson Ghost says:

    But I guess I must be his no# biggest fan on the planet? If so… amscre! tee hee! Ducking and running from the “naysayers.”

  18. 18
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Nugent in the northwest though? Sold about 500 tickets in a 3,000 seater last I saw him, but I was only there to interview drummer Mick Brown who Ted ordered off the grounds and back to the tour bus because of, he is the biggest f’ing asshole to fans I have ever witnessed in my 25 years of attention to the music business, bar f’ing none. He is not a human being, he is an out of control animal, a friggen freakazoid!

    I feel better now, don’t mention that ass again, I’d rather talk about anybody else!

  19. 19
    John Bartone says:

    I hope OTR works….
    p.s. D.P. came to Connecticut in ’08.. 8,000 strong… They always get a good turnout in CT and I’ve noticed they’re playing larger venues in the USA…Long live the Morse Era!!!!

  20. 20
    james jay says:

    #18–no fan of T-N either—I was just making a demographic point. I was at Arrowhead Stadium in 1982 and the line-up was REO (headliners), T-N, R-bow, J. Cougar, and 707. There were some in the crowd that were clueless to any R-bow tunes—but they cheered their a$$ off for the others–the fans appeared to be there for T-N and the BBQ. go figure.

  21. 21
    james jay says:

    #12 for an outed member of the gay community–R-H looks like he can kick some a$$ too. watch your back : )

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:


  23. 23
    George says:

    People, I got to know that Tony Carey is very angry that we call them tribute act (though the entire band know they’re just ordinary tribute puppies)…

    And I know he’s posting here, so, let’s begin applausing them, or Tony will come to our families and fuck our wives 😀

    (IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE, READ “HIS” COMMENT ON “JLT: Ritchie Blessed Us” blog) 😀

  24. 24
    stoffer says:

    Sweaty Teddy is a LEGEND in the midwest, I don’t understand why he just is! I have heard that he is an ass “off camera” (CG #18), apparently this is true? He has been co-headliner with DP and Lynyrd Skynyrd here in the US, but that will never happen overseas. He and his music are outdated he should stick to lame reality shows and leave ROCK MUSIC to Deep Purple.

  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Sorry but I have to stick up for my ‘Uncle Ted’ here.

    Been a fan since he was in the Amboy Dukes, as I was a Purple fan around the same time……’69.

    Funny how things circle back around sometimes. Ted and Skynyrd both opened for Purple a few years back, on the same bill and I ran into him right before the Purple Meet & Greet. I found him to be most humble and a blast to talk to. We hit it off really well being that I too am a (semi-musician) and an avid hunter and conservationist. We talked for quite a while and actually I found him to be a sincere and righteous dude.

    His music is what it is. Straight forward, bar crunching Rock. Obviously not the same category as Purple, but in it’s own place as good as anything else out there. It’s a matter of taste as usual. Sometimes a little basic raunchy rock is what the doctor orders, and I follow the doctors orders……..with a Whiskey Chaser.

    Now, what would have been a total shame would be if Purple opened for Ted. Then I might have a bone to pick. But Ted is Ted and it’s all good. I like him and his music. He’s a straight shooter (literally) and tells it like it is. Most can’t handle his ‘Black and White’ point blank views. One thing with Ted. No drama, no BS. You get what you get and you know where you stand.

    I like it like that….


  26. 26
    Crimson Ghost says:


    What I said about “The Nuge” has nothing to do with him as an artist or anything, just as an expressionist outside of music, whether he just played a show or hasn’t in years.

    He is one of the best guitarists ever, a wild man on the guitar, where I’d rather hear it come out.(sirens anyone?)

    I would never dispute that, but when someone is a downright prick to me and at least ten people around me for no apparent reason, other than the fact that he can’t sell tickets in that area, I have to see it for what it is, and this time he was bitter. For one, don’t book shows in tents.

    Also not the first time I met him, but obviously the first time with the wrong people taking care of him. And try getting an autograph from him with any air of comfortability, depending on what it is you’re having him sign… what an ass!

    Now I can see you two hitting it off, because even though he isn’t from the south, his attitude and swagger suggests he should be.
    That’s no jab either, it’s just that you two seem to have plenty in common there, you even look a bit alike.

    However, it’s not all city slickness up here either, I am a gun and other weapons owner and 2nd amendment enthusiast, and I do fish, but we just have a different approach up here in general when it comes to preserving nature, that’s all.

    Although it’s done everywhere by some, generally we’re just conservative about it and not exactly fanatical.
    I can see you and him hitting it off well, and that’s great, man, you should.

    But now I’m not going to go easy on him just because you and he hit it off together, he is a liar in my opinion, based on things he says about drugs and alcohol, and if you know enough about him and have heard enough to know he most certainly has done them in mass quantities but says he has never touched a sliver or a drop, you’d feel the way I do. It’s an absolute crock!

    How do I know?
    Well, let’s just say my wife is a doctor and you get to know signs like you wouldn’t believe by overhearing treatment factors all the time.
    No one would ever mention it as much as he does unless they have had major problems getting away from it and have turned so against it that they allude to the mention of it at every given opportunity. He has worked with people who’ve revealed his big secrets and it’s just a ploy to keep himself down on what once had a hold on him.

    For instance, here he is talking about how Woodstock was the biggest joke ever because of it’s advocation to the drug culture and everybody that attended was freaked out on them and they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Come on now Nugget, why the overzealous phobia about a culture that you actually represent somewhat with your long hair and rock and roll prowess? Please, the guy has major hang ups and needs to stop denying his own aborted demons never existed in him. Sounds like he just wishes he was a part of it.

    I don’t like him as a person, okay? I don’t like anyone who talks out of the side of their red neck. But I don’t have a hating bone in my body for his music, in fact I love it but can’t stand him at the same time, and that’s sometimes a common thing in life.(Ritchie anyone?)
    The first time I saw him was pretty bad too, it was when both KANSAS and the Scorpions opened for him in 79 or something… I’m telling you the place was half empty within minutes, once he appeared on stage in his big diaper, I thought there was going to be a riot, and I remember hearing several cities reporting similarily about it in the papers. I was pissed because my brother said lets go before we get stomped, and he was who we were there to see.But it wasn’t all bad, I still remember being blown away by Michael Schenker and Steve Walsh, thinking shit, how is terrible Ted gonna follow them. Well, he answered with the diaper on the whole tour, and I can’t help but think it was his way of capturing the crowds attention because he knew he was being upstaged.

    This behavior isn’t cool imo, but he still rocks.

    I do like Jesse Ventura though. lol!

    Is it alright to talk this way about him when you talk some pretty heavy shit about some artists yourself here? I hope it’s okay, I want to get along, we have too much common ground not to.
    (lord knows I duck the tendency to want to rip Blackmore a new one from time to time here, but I hold my mud out of respect for others who adore his farts)

  27. 27
    Crimson Ghost says:

    And just to add, I hear he rubbed off on Gillan during that tour to the point where he would go straight back to the tour bus after the outdoor gigs and not greet the fans a lot of the time, but when someone calls you “Buffalo Superstar” to the crowds, probably because his wild man factor is threatened by a drinking Brit who could kick his ass blindfolded after a smorgasbord of drinks, I’d come up with something like that too. Jealousy is envy’s ugly green cousin.

    LS, now they showed Purple some serious class, standing out in the hallway honoring them with high fives as they came out of the dressing room door on the first night of the tour, was massively humbling, said Roger… they instantly hit it off after that. Not that Morse being old friends with some of them didn’t help, but talk about class! They’re oozing with it compared to jealous Ted.
    Ah, one more thing… get a live sound Ted, yours was the worst I ever heard with the Damn Yankees.

    Liking takes nothing away from anyone, I just don’t. He’s a control freak in person if you’re in the wrong house.

  28. 28
    HardRockPete says:

    The sole reason grumpy Carey is in OTR is because the only one who should be there is in a real band. He’s in Deep Purple, thank God!

  29. 29
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Nice to see you too Pete!


  30. 30
    Rascal says:

    Careful………dont knock Mr Carey……..

    You may face the wrath of the moderators….

  31. 31
    james jay says:

    # CG–As far as above average musicians–I par most against DP–There is only one J. Lord–R Blackmore etc….So using that scale–OTR has a good singer and above average band—nothing against the OTR members–not many could compare to DP to include the led zeps a-smiths etc.. as far as musical talent—however Tony Carey did some outstanding work with R-bow back in the day along with Bobby R. No offense to the band—i hope they get to cook the crow and serve it.

  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not sure I follow why you’re addressing me with that.

    I see it a bit differently but I’m happily supporting it.

    For me the singer and bass are the least of it I’m happy with.
    I am a Tony Carey fan through and through, easily self proclaimed one of his biggest inside the Purple/Rainbow fanship, but even more into his own work, it’s truly beautiful stuff, all of it. And Bobby I consider a friend and one of the best rock drummers in the business, regardless of what band he earns his bread with.

    I don’t get into bitterness and try hard not to let it engulf me by resorting to it in response myself, as Nick says, I’d rather say nothing at all. I like to have fun and that is the bottom line, doom and gloom should be disignated to forums dedicated to exactly that. Not allowed to infect a newsgroup as vital as THS, but it has before and will again if it keeps up, trust me. I have never been a culprit of infection on this website, and won’t let some miserable individuals make one out of me, but it’s happened elsewhere, in a lesser spirited community that is supposed to be dedicated to DP… but a joke that management is indeed, so it’s no sweat off mine, and anyone reading this who knows what I’m on about and doesn’t like me, can “eat crow” too, so to speak!


  33. 33
    james jay says:

    #32 to make it clear–maybe i down played the talents this band has as musicians by using the term “above average musicians”
    it was meant as a compliment. The top of my tier is the Gillan-B-more-Lord-Paice-Glover-DP.So most (in my book) fall under that tier. hope that clears it.

  34. 34
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I see, nothing wrong with that, I’m with you there.

  35. 35
    Roberto says:

    deep purple should make free concerts in moscow , south america , asia and at the colosseum Rome…
    we will see millions of people there…why they never think about that?
    I once questioned to Paice in a room and we were alone (great moment)and He told me that they have problems with permissions but I think they should commit themselves more…

  36. 36
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Now that’s it’s done, positive and rightfully suggestive, a winning attitude.

    More of the same would be great.

  37. 37
    black64er says:

    What I see on this short rockument is great energy and great performance. Thank You ALL for forming OTR band.

    I recently realised, last year, who is Jurgen and listening
    his ‘Time Traveling’ from Recall The Past, was astonished how melodical player hi is.

    I strongly believe in OTR and hope that I’ll have a chance to see them.

  38. 38
    Crimson Ghost says:

    [edit] “Now that’s how it’s done”

  39. 39
    djm says:

    What is your problem? I have read your comments here and on the “Richie gives us our blessings” page and I really do not understand what your gripe is about. Nevermind the comments made here and on the other page. These were made by people giving their opinions on your comments. And was that really TC? Who knows. But the way you attack OTR is odd to say the least. This is just a tribute band with one-time members playing music that they helped to create. If they want to tour and there is an audience that wants to see them then who cares if they draw 200 or 2000? If I had a chance to see them I would probably go. Why not? I have been a Purple fan since 1968. I have seen every line-up (except Evans era and Satriani tour).I am a fan of everything Purple. I have had many years of enjoyment from the Purple/Rainbow/Gillan/Whitesnake/Huges/etc. family tree. A few stinkers – but mostly good. I would rather see OTR than 90% of the bands that are touring now. These are all quality musicians, at least they were at one time. Only seeing them in the present will let you know for sure. As far as all the JLT bashing on this site, this is another thing that I don’t get. If everyone thinks that JLT and his period in rainbow sucks than the only one to blame is RB. He Personally picked out JLT and kept him around for longer than any Rainbow singer. Dio left because Richie wanted a “softer” version of Rainbow. Check out some Dio interviews on youtube to confirm this. As far as JLT in Purple, well that was all RB too. JLT is what he is. Sure, he is no Gillan or Dio, but lets face it, those guys are icons.
    I saw JLT and his band last year (2008) in New York. It was a free concert with THE ANIMALS, and I’ll tell you, I thought he was really good. His band was tight. His voice hasn’t changed a bit, so if you liked him you still will and if you hated him you still will. My wife and I talked to him after the show and he came off as a nice guy. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that the JLT era in Rainbow can’t touch the DIO era, and SLAVES AND MASTERS still sucks(except for 2 songs) but place blame where it belongs – RB. And lets give OTR a chance. My expectations are not high, but you might be surprised.

  40. 40
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Anyone know exactly what Jurgen’s ear piece is all about?

    I guess it’s better than a hairpiece.lol!

  41. 41
    Zeiffelin says:

    Jesus Christ Joe, just take those little gloves off :/

  42. 42
    Rascal says:

    Is it an ear piece, or a ear plug…….?

    Just a thought!

  43. 43
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ear plugs do not have cords.

  44. 44
    Rascal says:

    Well, maybe he’s listening to some Rainbow…….

  45. 45
    Crimson Ghost says:


  46. 46
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    james jay #15,

    You mention a DP re-union. As far as I know, they are very much still together…! God bless Mk 7, brilliant, yeah!!!

    Va Voom! There she went again….



  47. 47
    peter wolf says:

    Just out of curiousity, it’s a great song, it certainly grows on you with each listen, a brilliant song, look forward to reaction from
    fans of Deep Purple, Rainbow, no doubt there will be varied opinions, check it out!!
    Featuring Carlos Carvazo, not sure about the spelling, Phil Soussan, Simon Wright and Joe Lynn Turner “Battlefields”. Go to myspace.com/abignoize.

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