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Stargazing in Odessa

Over The Rainbow have finished their trek across the Eastern Europe and I must admit that although the band still has a long way to go in terms of mutual understanding on stage, the progress from the first shows is nothing short of staggering.

Stargazer, Odessa, Ukraine, February 23, 2009:

Thanks to abuuu1978 for the clip and to Danny Nichols for reporting it.

82 Comments to “Stargazing in Odessa”:

  1. 1
    stoffer says:

    Lots of upside to this band, JLT sounds pretty good on this Dio tune. Keep this group together,take your time, write some material and go into the studio and be “themselves” there IS potential here.

  2. 2
    The Greek Tychoon says:

    This song belongs to Ritchie and Ronnie.
    What I just saw is Sacrilege.

  3. 3
    Tom says:

    Is that Mickey Rourke on keyboard?

  4. 4
    Daniel Todorov says:

    No it’s Tony Carey

  5. 5
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Hmm. much betteer, than I exceptet. they improve much!!!

    Great Keyboards!! Typical Carey as he played in the 70s. the guitar solo is very good fits weel into the song.
    And the Joe Lynn Turner is no Dio, but he don destroed the song. Only his “dancing” on stage don’t really fit to the song……

    But I hope the will also play in Germany.

  6. 6
    Tom says:

    If they came to Germany I`d surely buy some tickets, mates! Although I`d prefer any original line-up, you`ve got to acknowlegde the fact, that this is rather unlike… great keyboards, acceptable voice and – in my opinion – fantastic guitar work! J.R. does a good job! Rock on! Combined with a very heterogeneous setlist, I think it would be a very interesting family tree evening with kick-ass-music!

    Better than nothing and better than annual renaissance faires, which bother me more and more…

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. 7
    HardRockPete says:

    Now, that’s a band playing to half empty halls….but then again, it must be fun for TC who I guess hasn’t had crowds like this since his Rainbow days:-) Good work TC!

    Seems like young Blackmore is improving too, and that’s great. Even if I think this is a….”weird” band, I wish him the best of luck. He has a long way to go to fill his fathers shoes, but that’s a impossible task anyway…

  8. 8
    Johan says:

    Keep it up, Blackmore Jr has surely stepped into his fathers shoes with skills and made Blackmore Sr. very proud !

  9. 9
    Crimson Ghost says:

    The Moscow bootleg sounds good and energetic throughout, lots of power and very professional, especially keyboards, drums and guitar. JLT is helped by competent backing vocals and it helps the whole thing work. This clip shows no incling as to the effect listening to that whole concert has. I’m not sure they’re a visual monster, but they are an audio one.

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    Just few people there…but it’s a tribute band, so…
    this song seems to slow…I would add a little bit of speed…
    Please comes in a studio and write your own material!!!!

  11. 11
    Purplemaniac76 says:

    JLT shoudn’t sing Dio songs… There is only one man that can do it really good: Jorn Lande. Thank You!

  12. 12
    Bo says:

    Please ignore the people who cant see what it’s. Great music performed by five people who whants some fun and want to play great music no one else is playing these days. OTR can do it and they play/sing very well (and better than 99% of the rest out there), so please keep on rocking and I hope to see you around as soon as possible. And then into the studio.

    All the best!

  13. 13
    Sami says:

    Agree with you 100 %, Bo. JLT has hinted that there might be an album in the future, let’s hope so.

  14. 14
    Arthur says:

    Sounds really good, Rondinelli doing a fine job filling Cozy’s shoes, again! I’d happily go and see them.

  15. 15
    AndreA says:

    This is a good band,everybody knows it is not Rainbow
    MK 1,2,3,4,5,6…

    But I am sure that this band would make a studio album they will kick ass! This STARGAZER is really good and Turner sings well..

    I think it is important they will dedicate into a studio project before to get J.Blackmore bored to cover “his father”…also because he is a good musician and needs to be creative with new stuff.


  16. 16
    Juan says:

    Tony Carey = Jabba + Ray Bans


  17. 17
    HardRockPete says:


  18. 18
    elprupdeep says:

    the interpretation is allright but nothing will replace the original.
    original this is the least we can say about ritchie.
    the other day on you tube I saw an interwiew of ritchie (french tv) and he was saying that he doesn’t consider himself an artist.modest!!!!!
    if ritchie is not an artist who else is??????? long live ritchie and DP.

  19. 19
    elprupdeep says:

    What I want to add is (OTR) do a studio album and make a tour.
    and if it sound like rainbow we won’t say nothing because you were once part of the magical RAINBOW. But don’t live on other people stuff.

  20. 20
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Well, this track is part Tony’s. The only tracks none of these guys were on originally are the Bonnet tracks and Man On The Silver Mountain, if I’m correct. Otherwise at least one of them, besides JR was a part of the songs they’re playing. So it’s partly theirs to dredge up if they want, and what I heard couldn’t be too denied from many fans I know.
    The only one living off other peoples stuff would be JR. Last time I checked, living off your Dad is something people do at different times in their lives, depending on availability… it needs no further explaining, concerning who this is about.

    Odd bunch… kid plays in so called father tribute band, yet he is older than fathers wife, who plays with said father in a Teilman Susato/folk/classic rock tribute band, lol! “Not nostalgic… well then give me another word for it.” -JB

  21. 21
    T says:

    Very nicely done all around. JR’s playing fits well with a much more legitimate sound than the cliché-ish “metal” style of some tribute bands who feel the need to zip up and down the fretboard until it’s just a blur. Very strong vocals, too.

  22. 22
    George says:

    Odessa Sports Palace is tooo big venue for the cover-bands like that, that’s why it’s less than half-full (only standing tickets are sold, as I see there)…

    What about the band, JB is the higlight of the show, he plays quite well & I have absoluetly no pretension that he copies his father 100%. as JLT already said in interview, OTR is a tribute band and they’re paying tribute to Ritchie. So, the son pays a good tribute to the father. If you think that this is your cup of tea, it’s up to you… Personally me, don’t wish to pay any attention to the one of the Rainbow tribute band out of thousands…

    Audience is extremely calm (shame on the band), they don’t sing along with the band, JLT didn’t manage to make them singing along, and the venue is maybe 40-50% full… Is that the reason JLT throw this big bottle to the audience???

  23. 23
    George says:

    and just to add, he threw the bottle in an extremely agressive way…

  24. 24
    Danny says:

    George George George….I think you need another time out. Yet another short sighted and not very well though out comment aimed at pissing off anyone who actually appreciates the OTR effort. Don’t blame the band because the audience is listening. You say half empty hall, I say half full. Get one thing straight…I have seen Rainbow live and other bands which these guys have been involved with and have been in studio during Rainbow recordings. These are all pro world class musicians who could share the stage with anyone and still sound good. The fact that they are paying tribute to music which they had a part in creating at some point is not illegal and for people who want to hear those songs again it is a bonus. Deal with it…..

  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Very good cover of a classic RAINBOW SONG, by a very good TRIBUTE BAND. JLT actually surprised me here. Pulled it off convincingly. Not too shabby at all, I must say.

    For once George hit the nail on the head….except for his complaint about how full or empty the venue was…..That’s just how some venues go.

    So, to be consistent with my rant……Make a RECORD with Original material, thus transforming the Tribute Band into a legitimate Rock Band…..the masses will follow..


  26. 26
    micke says:

    Great guitar.. maybe JB could replace RB in the upcoming MK II reunion… create a more positive vibe if you know what I mean. ;-))

  27. 27
    AndreA says:

    or maybe not (I hope)

  28. 28
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Danny is right, and do yourself a favor my friends, and get a copy of the Moscow boot, this is nothing compared to listening to an entire show by these guys… although they do slow a few numbers down, like esoecially MOTSM, but Stragazer somwhat too… MOTSM is actually stripped back to a paced groove, and done quite well imo.

    But the rest will blow you out of your chair… I’m talking about the energy, chemistry and sheer power they play together with, from the first to last notes. It’s dazzling beyond the details, and that doesn’t cut it for some, but it keeps my ears open to them. A surprising act of courage this band is engaging in, if you ask me… so JLT’s whole “no fear” attitude is doing him/them wonders.

    It’s worth a rave one one level of another, but it’s not that grand or anything, I’m just happy when something sounds good to me, that’s all.

  29. 29
    HZ says:

    Very, very good!

  30. 30
    cpt.hook1971 says:

    JLT shouldn’t do this…and of course not that…
    maybe some should stop criticise – or even better: stop listening to his music. i’m tired of reading here the same bullshxx on almost every single tone he is singing.

    i don’t know him personally and didn’t have the opporunity to see him on stage yet, but i appreciate his singing very much. i think, all he wants to do is to entertain (- …and of course make his living).

    DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW will always be part of his life. he was at some point in time a band member – wether you like it or not.


  31. 31
    The Greek Tychoon says:

    if JLT wants to make a living, it’s OK for me, as long as he does it by singing his own songs and not by living in Ritchie’s shadow. What’s the matter with you people? Accept the facts: JLT, and all the others as well, are thriving because in some point of their career they were picked by Ritchie and now they are happy playing tunes that Ritchie doesn’ t want to play any more. If there was the slightest possibility of a TRUE Rainbow reunion, this band would have no meaning and should immediately pass into oblivion.

  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Okay “Ancient Greek”
    “you people?” What “people” does this remark make you?

    Thanks for your OPINION, your welcome for mine and any other “peoples.”
    And what does “accepting the facts” change? In fact, what “facts” are there, really? (see the word in caps above)

  33. 33
    daviep79 says:

    I thought this was a great version of stargazer. Give JLT a break. At least he is trying to make this work. Kudo’s to JR Blackmore. It cant be easy trying to fill his dad’s shoes. I think he sounds great and I would like to think that Ritchie would be proud. Long Live JR Blackmore!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 34
    HZ says:

    I don’t understand why people don’t like to hear music that’s composed by one of the best guitar players ever – if they belong to Purple family listeners (if they don’t it’s OK, but then they loosing their time around here). Why people still playing Mozzart or Bach??? Those violin and flute players they living in the shadow of Wolfgang, what would Wolfy do if he’s around….? I love to hear different versions of mister Blackmore’s tunes – I even listen to other tribute bands and tribute compilations like Catch The Rainbow and tunes done by Hammerfall, Stratovarius and Jorn Lande. Why? Because I allways discover something new, the way that somebody else feel this remarkable music. I allways tought that specific thing about all Blackmore’s work is that he’ll be done over and over again, even after he’s long gone, because he wasn’t trendy player and those riffs, sound and style will last within true rock community for a long time – hard rock is even now object for music experts to be theorized on (The Beatles are, as I speak, object for MD in Liverpool – so will be Purple in the future, and particularly Ritchie with his inovations, sound and style). I don’t think that he’ll do all songs we’d like him to do it ever again, and even if he’d decided to do that, ha can’t accomplish that in one show (show would last for 6-7 hours and him playing chosen tunes starting with Hush and ending with…). So, it’s great to see his son and his fellows that are highly tallented and good musicians to play those tunes in various ways. I say give us more – OTR, and every other respectable band that love this great music, whoever that band might be.

  35. 35
    HZ says:

    JLT isn’t my favorite Purple-Rainbow singer, to be honest, but he’s good – watch this video from Zagreb in 1991. I found it great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4r1c7P5uUI&feature=channel

  36. 36
    George says:

    People what happens to you? I read the comments and think: this’s when a blind man posts…
    btw, I’m not blind man and I’m not gonna post everything positive about ANY DP Family members only because they’re DP family members. the difference betwen me and most of you is you’re looking in the past, I’m NOT.
    Ok, JLT sang in Rainbow and DP but that doesn’t mean anything to me as it was THE PAST.
    As well as, Ritchie was an amazing guitar player for DP and Rainbow, but that doesn’t mean I have to like Blackmore’s Night just because it’s Ritchie’s project. If I have to praise Ritcie, I’ll praise him NOT for his past, but for his present.He was GREATEST back in time, but what is he now? for me present is the most important.

    what about JLT again, I’d like to listen to his newer stuff than to dream of old rainbow days and to live in nostalgy, It’s not my cup of tea.
    btw, what i said in my first comment on this topic, was that:
    1. OTR is a tribute band to Ritchie (I repeat JLT’s words and agree him)
    2. JB is copying his father 100%
    3. Audience on the Odessa show is extremely calm and the band didn’t manage to make them sing along
    4. Venue is half-full (to say exactly, less than half-full)
    5. and because of all this, JLT is too much agressive towards the audience and throws bottle to them.

    My question here: WATCH the video first, be objective and then answer me: what I posted is insulting someone and is negative comment, OR it’s a poor reality of the band (about tributing, copying, audience, venue and JLT’s agressive bottle-throwing)??

  37. 37
    HZ says:

    George, what is relevant is music, and music last – not persons, for pure fact that they going older, and eventualy dying. What’s important to you is totaly irrelevant for anybody here. Your toughts about who Ritchie is are irrelevant – what is relevant is his work – that stands trial of time – to all who love rock. You are very agressive young man, and my advice to you is to calm down, and stop posting about any person – try to focus on music, if you don’t like it in term of art, express yourself, but to say that music is bad because of: “tributing, copying, audience, venue and JLT’s agressive bottle-throwing”, is attribute of very young adolescent. There is no copying, these are Blackmore’s tunes, as when Vienna Philharmonic plays compositions by Schönberg, Bruckner, Chopin, R. Strauss, Wolf, Marx, Schubert, Haydn, Wagner and J. Strauss, they don’t copy them – they play compositions composed by those gentlemen. Try to think of OTR, Catch the Rainbow etc., in simmilar way – it’s music, not what you like. Calm down, evrything will be OK 🙂

  38. 38
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Smashing advice!
    I agree, and I also agree that someone like little George, if he is going to say this band is no good, or whatever, he should do like I did and get his hands on a bootleg if possible, Moscow will do just fine… listen to the thing and then talk… some or all of his prior words will likely get stuck in his throat. Judging this band from some tiny youtube clips is not recommended, especially after *hearing* one full concert. (most of the time, living through rock and roll times is much more credible than studdying it’s past so many years later, it’s a perspective thing)

    They have what it takes to do what they’re doing, and that is the only reason they need… the only reason anyone needs, to be up there still.
    Do what you can in life! You only live once… there is no crime in OTR, nor any shame. Even if you think it’s wrong.

    Watch as this becomes the tools needed to continue in this business, the only thing uncertain about it, is it’s future.

    If I don’t obtain anymore live recordings of OTR – fine by me, I’ll be listening to Moscow then, for years to come.

  39. 39
    HZ says:

    Agreed CG, and to be honest – if my dad, who’s legacy is two of ten best hard rock bands in the history, told me: do that with my ex bandmates, they are great artists, I would do it also. JR Blackmore is tallented, and if he’s smart, he’ll just push forward. Why not playing Rainbow or DP tunes, everybody does it (Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, Jorn Lande etc.). Why not Blackmore junior and ex Rainbow mates?! More joy for rock lovers! 🙂

  40. 40
    Alex says:

    I’m ready now to wait for a new material. If not – it’s a project for a day.

  41. 41
    tony carey says:

    reply to post 16 – they’re not raybans.

  42. 42
    TruthHurts says:

    Great performance – keep it up guys. Can’t travel to EE or Russia, but looking forward to seeing/hearing more quality clips.

    btw Mr.Carey can I ask what keyboards you’re using, and what JB’s guitar rig is (other than Strat/Marshall) ?

  43. 43
    tony carey says:

    I’m using a Nord 2 for the ‘hammond’, and a triton for the ‘minimoog’ sounds, which so far is all I need, oldschool and all that. Eventually I’ll play some fender rhodes stuff with the nord, too.most other synthesised sounds are great on their own but don’t fit well in a rockband,IMO.too full… JR has a Jackson guitar with a very cool-looking stompbox
    type of thing between the guitar and the amp. I’ll have to ask him what the brand is, but it’s relatively small and has all te bells and whistles. he loves it – (I like him straight throuhg the amp, but don’t tell him that.) I also have a small ‘club pa’ behind me to
    do my own submixes independent of the FOH, and I run an sm57 over to
    JR so I can turn him up and down – that’s the bending-to-the-left
    that you see in all these bootlegs, it’s me turning JR up during his solos, or back down to a roar in the verses… the cool thing about the Nord hammond (besides it’s unbelievable sound)is that it’s
    a carry-on in a gigbag – and as we’re not trucking a backline around, this eliminates the one thing that’s guaranteed to go wrong-
    the local promotor in say, odessa WON’T have a great hammond/leslie,
    that’s Murphy’s Law.

  44. 44
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Well you guys got out there and thus far you are all doing a Bang Up job Tributizing a Great Band of Old.

    Are you getting the itch to be creative yet? Or is ‘OTR’ really just going to wind down as ‘Of the Rainbow’……..

    I’m not ragging….just hoping you graduate to ‘BTR’…..(Beyond the Rainbow). Make it REAL. Put out some Original Material.
    The performances are very well done, but………still just a TRIBUTE. …(sorry if I’m not Starstruck by this Tribute Act).

    I hope you guys keep chasing that Pot of Gold all the way to Tennessee. Would love to see this Tribute Act Live and Up Close.


  45. 45
    marcinn says:


    I think you’re doing great there. I recently downloaded the bootleg from Moscow and you guys rock. The most important thing is that you bring happiness to people and that counts the most. Being young I haven’t got a chance to catch Rainbow live and that is why I appreciate what you are doing currently. Believe me as a fan I will be over the moon if you bring the project to the studio. Any chance you play in Poland?

    Btw, I aslo appreciate your solo career. I adore The Long Road. Thank you.

  46. 46
    cargath says:

    I don’t see what’s so special about this. It’s just another Rainbow-Coverband. And not even close to the best.

  47. 47
    Danny says:

    Great job Tony. Really hope OTR gets around North America this summer.
    Keep up the good work!

  48. 48
    tony carey says:

    here’s a dumb question – from where does one download the moscow show?

  49. 49
    Crimson Ghost says:


    A guy named “Vinny” who I believe is in good touch with Bobby, Greg and Joe, tells me you guys recorded some shows off the sounboard. Is this true? Must not be, if you’re looking for Moscow.

    I have it in both lossless (.flac) and .mp3 file types, whichever you prefer.

    I’d rather not go through your ‘fan form’ at your website.

    Shoot me an email at purplexed@msn.com and I will reply with the links to download it. (can’t post them here, as I didn’t originally author them… a ‘no no’ in this business) And on my end, you have to go through Administration to gain access to them, so this will be much faster.

    This applies to anyone else curious about just how hard they really do rock. Just shoot me an email.

  50. 50
    Michael says:

    I think it sounds great. JLT is no Dio but he does so much better here than he did when Rainbow played it in the 80s.

  51. 51
    james jay says:

    Tribute band my hiney–that was a nice job by all–Jr sounded legit to me, JLT nice voice as always, TC coming in loud and strong, and Bobby R. just fantastic. Great job.

  52. 52
    Annemie says:

    This is just fantastic…vocals, guitar ,keyboard , drum, bass…performance…it’s all superb!!!

    And I find OTR, more powerful and much stronger then DP current line up! They show character and tepmper!
    I wish and hope they will come to Belgium!!! 😀

    And…forgive me to show my black soul…but it is a pitty that DP didn’t took Jürgen in after Ritchie left! 8)
    Cheers 😉

  53. 53
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Annemie says:
    “And…forgive me to show my black soul…but it is a pitty that DP didn’t took Jürgen in after Ritchie left!”

    Yes, if you are looking for a MIB clone, then I guess JR would be the point man….He does well emulating his POPs. He’s Daddy’s little Squirt. Butttttt, Let’s see him imulate Steve Morse on MK7 and MK8 tunes……No friggin’ way…….

    JR is not doing as Steve Morse does. Morse has his own style and doesn’t attempt to emulate Ritchie. Partly out of respect and due to him being his own musician, and Deep Purple are a REAL BAND who make RECORDS of THEIR OWN. JR is in a Tribute Band, PERIOD. Therefore he has to sound like the ORIGINAL. Why? Because OR is a TRIBUTE BAND. Which is perfect for him. I’ve heard his solo stuff. It’s basically Blakemore’s style music. He is the Perfect choice for a Rainbow Tribute Band or I guess if you desire to take it further, a MK1, MK2 or MK3 Tribute Band, but there are many of those around. And they do a great job doing just that…..TRIBUTIZING.

    Annemie, you need to stop flip flopping….


  54. 54
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I take it you haven’t *heard* Moscow, Tracy.
    I usually wait for the evidence before I go sealing an acts fate.lol!

    It’s good, very very good!

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Suck ……

  56. 56
    james jay says:

    #35–that video proves JLT can front a great band and sing someone else’s song quite well. Most all bands play some other bands song–what’s the big deal. Dio is an all-time great–but I bet he would struggle to perform “Stone Cold” live.

  57. 57
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Actually I have listened to the Moscow show. As I have advocated…..They are a Great Tribute Band. They do a really good job Covering Rainbow tunes. It was their Goal and they have succeeded in doing just that. As I have stated Over and Over again, it’s a great line-up and they have great potential in being of their own. Obviously they are all superb musicians. Even JLT has figured out a way to pull of the Dio, Bonnett, and Doogie tunes to a degree where he fits well.

    Hopefully they will set a higher Goal and make their own mark by doing a record of their own…….with this ensemble…..but I believe they aren’t looking ‘Beyond the Rainbow’. Maybe “Pot of Gold” would have been more fitting a band name….LOL


  58. 58
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Priest has somehow resurrected……Yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    How was your stay in the Halfway House?

    Does your comment suggest that you thought OTR Sucks? Are you upset to see TMIBs kid wearing his pants while he is off prancing in Tights? Are you having a relapse? Did you forget to fill your prescription? Did they prescribe the wrong medication? Maybe you left too early……

    Please explain “Suck suck”…….


  59. 59
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I meant that noticed that some of you flipflopped and are trying to jump the bandwagon while at first you were extremely negative, not to say insulting towards this project and the people involved .
    Arew you still wannna play drums for the man you have insulted so many times?
    Then to suggest I m crazy?!

    Maybe you should take some medicine, Its kinda funny….to see you do repeat the same message for OTR again and again. Reminds me of same dishonest criticism towards me. Look in the mirror, man.

    I might have been silent for a few days, but I ve been very awake and reading.

    I was at home , nothing special.
    I was fed up with some of you people. Espescially Mister Polizei know it all CG who misunderstood something I referred to and got all crazy about it.
    I am amazed about writing here myself very often but this man Larry, is he glued to the THS screen?
    Does he not have something better to do?
    Yeah, I have….

    Keep on sucking, it suits you well, me thinks.


    Just did not have the appetite to join all the dirty and childisch confrontations.

    Talking about dogs, can you give George some prescription, please?

  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    For someone who has been just ‘Reading’ as you state, you sure don’t comprehend too much of what you take in. I have yet to Flip Flop. I haven’t changed my view of OTR. I have always given credence to good musicianship. No matter who they are. If they play good or what I like to hear, they get my kudos. I love Rainbow Music. So of course, if it is played well I am going to love it. I don’t care of Bon friggin’ Jovi plays it. If it is done well, I will give credit where due.

    I from time to time have to respond to some of the entries when the poster expresses certain things that go against my grain, or when it is the opposite of something I have posted regarding the same issue. Just I will respond in a positive manner when someone expresses something genuinely correct or that I agree with. I try to stay consistent and focused on points so that those whom have been around a while or those new to the blog, knows what I’m about. Guts, feathers and all.

    Here, quick recap of my view of OTR…..

    Great Tribute Band.
    Great Name for a Rainbow Tribute Band.
    As long as they are covering Rainbow Tunes and don’t offer anything original, they will be a Tribute Band.

    There, in a nutshell. It don’t get no simpler than that. It’s what I have said all along, even back when they were going to be known as ‘Purple Rainbow’. As far as me slamming TC and JLT, it was done due to his arrogance on that blog and he was even more arrogant with George if you will remember. One turn deserves another.

    When OTR goes BTR and makes a record, the respect will greaten immensely. Until then……..I rate them as I see them….Tribute Act. Thus a pretty good one at that.

    Now as far as that Suck issue. I’d much rather express this to the OTR boys than slobber and drool all over them. If more of us would push them for Album, maybe it will sink in and inspire them to do it. Just being glad they are playing Rainbow Tunes is selling it short. They obviously read this page….(at least TC does).

    Now as far as me repeating the OTR issue? It’s stated on a Blog regarding OTR. Unlike the millions of times you throw down the Blackmore vs Morse issue, no matter what the Blog subject…..
    That’s Honest Criticism……..Ask Anyone. “Any Fule Kno That”

    Either way, welcome back…….missed your ‘Strange Ways’….


  61. 61
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Wow… “you people” and “this man”
    what a belch.

    And to be exact, there was never a ‘negative’ word from me about OTR, prior to, or after hearing them. In case you were talking about me, Priest.
    It really is evident that you’re deeply disturbed, you need to stop sweating the small shit, really.

    I’m not ‘glued’ to anything, I happen to have technology at my disposal. I get up every morning, just like you, I just have luxuries you obviously do not. Plus I work at this stuff, but I don’t have to explain myself to you… just keep reading, it suits you best.

  62. 62
    Crimson Ghost says:

    …and increases your ‘limited’ wisdom.

  63. 63
    Annemie says:

    # 53
    Fair enough , like some humor !
    Cheers 😉

    What do you mean by ‘you people’?

    Just know that…

    Luxuries are not so important as the knowledge to use them well.
    Wisdom is a treasure that someone possesses or just doesn’t. It is mixed up often with possible knowledge.
    Overrated knowledge is a consequence of pretention or arrogance.

    Our wisdom increases by reading all comments and our knowledge by some of them…

    Not that it is so important…but, you WERE very negative about JLT at the start , I remember very well…
    I read also very heavy negative or bossy stuff on other subjects on a few other sites from you…

    I like to add that I don’t forget, that you do know an awfull lot of this all.
    But your opinions are therefore not self-evident the right opinions , and neither the obligated ones for all ‘us people’!

    Cheers 🙂

  64. 64
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It s a pity its not television, hehehe

  65. 65
    Annemie says:

    Perhaps it will become a series in future 8)
    Probably under hard censorship 😉
    Cheers !

  66. 66
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I wasn’t talking to you, but “you people” as quoted, did not refer to you, and if you had been reading, you’d know that.

    Then you proceed to get carried away… concern yourself with other things, quit butting in when I’m talking to Priest, you do it all the time… the man can speak for himself, obviously. I just plain wasn’t talking to you, okay?

    And who said anything about “knowledge?” Don’t be paranoid.


    Nice of you to enter this thread with a direct personal attack that has no topic relation, very “wise.” Now look at things.

    Have a nice day.

  67. 67
    Crimson Ghost says:


    One more thing.

    “Luxuries are not so important as the knowledge to use them well.”

    Again, if you had been reading you’d know why I said that, it’s not what you think, it was a direct answer to being told I am ‘glued’ and not a solitary thing more. So wake up and follow along if you’re going to involve yourself, at least… thank you.


  68. 68
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Just have to comment.

    Ahem… be careful what you wish considering an album Tracy, but then again, don’t. My money is on them doing one, at least. So I don’t see any reason to push something I already find very likely to happen in my strong opinion.


  69. 69
    Annemie says:


    You know, even when only reading THS, fans are ‘involved’. In all replies.
    They all decide to wake up, follow ,butt in or involve whenever they like to do that.

    You do have a lot of knowledge, and truly bring a lot of great information on this site.But that includes not rules or pivileges made up by you.
    This is a site with freedom of speech for all.

    Concerning being paranoid, it is you that got to wake up for one thing:
    You involve and mix yourself in so many replies.
    That’s all right, BUT:
    All other fans are involving with reactions and opinions towards each other too, whenever and with how many other fan’s and replies they choose or want to do that!

    Cheers, and a nice weekend , also for all of you 🙂

  70. 70
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    I welcome the effort of an Original Album by these guys. I’d be elated. But to tell you the truth, I don’t think it was a glimmer of a thought in the original concept. From the beginning as ‘Purple Rainbow’, the JLT banter was to Go On tour with an ensemble of prior Rainbow muzos to play the music that they were a part of. Overall, they got hammered pretty abundantly here on this site to the point where TC couldn’t take it any more and responded with his anal attitude, and he even made no bones about the fact that an album was not in the planning stages…..’Unless the Tour was an overwhelming success, making worth their while, created their desire to go through the effort’.

    So, I would have to say that all the scrutiny that has befallen our wondrous Rainbow Tribute band probably will have a lot to do with the decision to progress from Tribute Act to Class Act….

    I look forward to it and will be the first in line to purchase it, but as far as tickets to see the Tribute Act live????……I will be “The Last In Line”……..but I will still show up.

    Also, I was doing some more listening to the Moscow show and I took special notice to the fact of how well JR is doing covering his Tights wearing dad’s guitar work. Also how they are keeping very strict to the arrangement of the original versions. Then it made me remember the point about the difference between a Tribute Band and the Original Band. When you Tibutize another one’s work, it is very important to cover it as close to the original as you can, otherwise those whom attended to see the Tribute will go away with a negative attitude regarding how little the Tribute sounded like the Original. But when you are the Original, all is OK in OZ because you are walking in Your Own Territory, and that is why a band such as Deep Purple, even though there are many line-ups, the sound changes along with each line-up because they are the Real Deal and don’t have to emulate the prior members, unless they so desire. They don’t Tributize because ‘They Are IN the actual BAND. As with Gillan in Black Sabbath. He has his own credentials and upon covering the other Sabbath era material Live, he made it his own and didn’t try to emulate the other singers. He didn’t have to. He was the singer in a Real Band. It was his gig then and he made it his own……Just as Steve Morse does in Purple. Where he chooses to, he hits certain areas close to the original due to the ‘Signature’ sound of certain parts, but overall, the songs covered from other eras are done His way…..

    That is the difference between ‘Covering’ and ‘Being’……

    Just as with those female impersonators. The dude has to not only look like CHER , but also sound like her…..(Hmmm, if this OTR thing doesn’t pan out, that may be another outlet for Mr. Tribute himself…..JLT/CHER impersonator…..he does have the hair for it.)


  71. 71
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I am my own man yes…..

    But it appears that its not only me whos getting fed up with the role you have claimed here.

    You probably know more than every one else around here combined, thats true and I always have appreciated that but does that imply I have to ask your permission how and when and where to act?

    I ve said it before…..

    Like in real life people get into conflict without much need to.
    The differences on THS are often being blown into mega proportions, persons are being reduced to one dimensional lunatics, people get insulted on a personal level and so on.
    A shame because at the same time WE share much more common ground, believes, tastes than we often like to see, admit, notice, appreciate….

  72. 72
    Annemie says:


    Even if they would ‘only’ be a tribute band, your comment makes me sudden aware, never to speak about that label,just in an inferior way .

    Gary Moore said: “There is good and bad music…and the same goes for musicians…” It sounds very simple, but it is in fact very true .

    I think , it is perhaps too early to classify them…a lot will also depend on the response of fans , support and monney in the business world etc.

    If all previous is possitive, the expectation of a new album would then indeed be in order and great if realized!

    btw. Tracy…Cher is one of my favorite singers…special woman, lovely strong voice… 😉

    Cheers 🙂

  73. 73
    BlackSparrow says:

    Good to see that Tony is playing again. As for this band With Turner I must say I only like two songs EVER by this dude. But that is one better than a one hit wonder. As for the difference between what Morse has done in Purple and Blackmore himself all I can say is Morse just comes up weak as a live guitarist, not terrible, just his tonality is not anywhere near the top say twenty guitarists. Excellent studio work but weak live.

  74. 74
    marco polo says:

    blacksparrow, what are you talking about!! morse a weak guitarist????you obviously dont playyourself or if you do you are probably still paying from book one learn guitar ie blowing in the wind…steve morse is one of the most talented technically able guitarists ever..eve blackmore states so from previous interviews…watch him live on any dixie dregs or steve morse band videos…enough said…

  75. 75
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Here we go again…….

    Enough said?

    That smells like censorship

    Probaly more dissappointing is that BS, whats in a name there? A Black Sparrow full of BS? hehehe….ONLY 2 songs with JLT?!

    Which ones do you like BS?

  76. 76
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 73 :
    many of us have said this for years: Steve Morse – great guy, extremely proficient guitarist, but a WEAK, WEAK, WEAK tone for DP music!!
    As a young Japanese fan noted in his review of the first ‘Purpendicular’ shows, “hearing SM play Purple classics without growling lows and screaming highs, just all in the middle…is like they’re being played on a synthesiser”.

    No I’m not a Blackmore worshipper, I just want DP music to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…not send me to sleep, like Robert Fripp or those kind of boring jazzy musos.

    I play guitar, not a virtuoso, but competent.
    If I was SM playing vintage DP I would play a semi-acoustic like Gibson ES 335 through a powerful but clear stack amp like HiWatt or Orange. Peavey amps are best for shred players, Marshalls are legendary but are missing detail at the top-end (too ‘rolled off’)

    btw, JLT has more than two good songs (really)


  77. 77
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Not sure who to respond to or who responded to me, but….just to keep on the SAME PAGE….

    Simple retrospect…..

    Album with NEW MATERIAL….from OTR, makes for Real Band and legitimizes the effort.

    TOUR, covering RAINBOW TUNES, makes for TRIBUTE/COVER Band…..

    Place your votes here……

    Since OTR seems to keep making it to the THS Blogs, I thought it was appropriate to make it a question…….especially since they are SO restrictive to subject matter. I have offered many subjects referring to DEEP PURPLE specifically, but have been snubbed. Probably due to my ‘Sarcastic Demeanor. But I guarantee much more worthy than OTR BS…

    I guess I’m not PC enough for this site. PC, BS, whatever……still a DP FAN, long before THS existed and have much more nostalgic material than they will ever have……..

    Sorry THS, but you are dropping the ball……Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    THS won’t go there……but I will. (Sorry THS, but somebody had to clear the air…..)


  78. 78
    tony carey says:

    hi Tracy. do you know how many times you’ve said exactly the same demeaning things about
    our band? at what point do you think you’ll have MADE your point? man, time to move on, isn’t it? deal with it. I don’t think you’re sarcastic. I think you’re pathetic , obsessed, and boring, mainly. get a life…

    your BFF, but losing it quickly.

    to the rest of THS contributors,
    I really hope that this stops here. my advice: enjoy the ride, or don’t. your choice… simple, really.


  79. 79
    Sami says:

    ‘Nuff said!!!

  80. 80
    BlackSparrow says:

    Here we go again. I guess we agree to disagree. But I am leaning toward what Truth Hurts stated in Post 76. Morse is an excellent player I mean what they (not I) voted him Guitar Player of the year five times, so I guess he has some credibility, but to me not as a guitarist but as a vocalist I prefer Blackmore, Page, or even that bloke Mathias Jabs for tonality. And I guess Black Sabbath gets razzed for having those initials so me thinks it is better to have a BA than a BS The only songs I like by Turner are Stone Cold and Jealous Lover. I was going to throw in one more SNOWMAN but it just came to my memory banks that that one is an instrumental. THANK GOD.

  81. 81
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    So it is….the Great Tony Carey takes time off from his Tribute Tour to indulge in a Real Band’s Blog….

    TC, you are doing it again. You are letting a little verbatim get under your skin…..(could it be because the Truth Hurts?)

    Instead of responding with your blanket statements regarding what bothers you, how about answering my Point Blank statements I have made regarding OTR. I have made positive and negative comments.

    The Positive side I will address first. You guys do a great job at what you have set out to do…..TRIBUTIZE the band RAINBOW. I’ve listened to a bootleg recording from Moscow. Truly, very well done and I already stated such above….

    Now for the negative…..No Album, and taking the Rainbow name and touring Rainbow material reduces your status from what could be a True class act to just another Tribute Act….(sorry, just facts).

    I have advocated many times in your defense, that you are better than that…..but thus far, based on the interviews I’ve seen and read, the Tribute gigs and statements you have made on this Blog, you have shown quite the contrary…..(it may be time to go on one of those ‘Ex-Celebrity Reality TV Shows’). Nahhhh, they wouldn’t know who you are.

    Prove me wrong. Redeem yourself. Put out a New Album with original material, thus moving ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ before it’s ‘Over’, and shut me up…..or…. just stay in the shadow of what was a great band, and settle in ‘Under the Rainbow’…..

    Anyway, still forward to the Tribute Show coming to my area…..
    I love Rainbow Music, no matter who Covers it…..

    See ya there.


  82. 82
    IRAN Purple says:

    somebody please tell me the tracklist of over the rainbows live

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