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Kansas violin

Steve Morse was a special guest at the 35th anniversary gala for Kansas that took place on February 7 in Topeka, KS. Classic Rock Revisited has a full account of the evening:

Former Kansas guitarist, and current Deep Purple axe-slinger, Steve Morse, joined his former group onstage performing the blazing “Musicatto” from 1986’s Power album. Morse stuck around for the emotional rendition of two songs, performed intertwined with each other, from the band’s underappreciated In the Spirit of Things album. “Ghosts” and “Rainmaker,” both penned by vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh, Steve Morse and legendary producer Bob Ezrin, were one of the highlights of the evening. Walsh sang his heart out on the song and the emotional refrain of ‘Rainmaker’ filled the arena with energy.

At the end of the song, Morse waved to the crowd and left the stage…

And later in the show:

Williams and Livgren played the intro to “Dust in the Wind.” The surprise of the evening came during the violin solo. Tonight, the Kansas faithful were treated to a duet on the violin between David Ragsdale and Steve Morse. Morse, looking much less confident with a small piece of wood and a bow than he does with an electric guitar, played standing next to the accomplished Ragsdale.

Thanks to Lukasz Slowinski for the info.

12 Comments to “Kansas violin”:

  1. 1
    stoffer says:

    Way to go Kansas and Steve I would have liked to have seen this show (maybe DVD?). Purple could take note from this??

  2. 2
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    stoffer and the rest of the Highway Star blogfreaks, my main man remains Sir Steve. I was freaked out when I first heard that he was joining a fave band of mine, let alone when DP grabbed him up for what remains brilliant muzak and comraderie. Baroque on The Water!!!

    Like he has done with DP (with EVERY DUE RESPECT TO THE MAN IN BLACK, as psychologically warped as he remains.. I still love you Ritchie, forgivenss is huge….

    Long and short, THINK OBJECTIVELY regardles of where your preference and desires lie. Steve is THE MAN!!!!!


    Oh, man…There she went again!



  3. 3
    andre sihotang says:

    I truly realized that his years with Kansas wasn’t too much great as with Deep Purple, but also not bad. Only the first album (Power?) gained some reviews while the second one did nothing. But to see Steve play with another musician is quite amazing. He has so so many live performances with other musicians from many genres which might be a primary reason why many acknowledge him as one of the most accomplished guitarist all the time. Shame he only played few tracks with them, while I wish that he played guitar duet with Livgreen on truly brilliant and classic “Carry On My Wayward Son”.

    I noted in ” Dust in The Wind”, he looked a bit uncomfortable because he did duet violin playing with an expert player (David Ragsdale) that had played with Kansas for many years before, while Steve maybe doesn’t used with violin. And I couldn’t clearly hear his violin playing, just for backing I think. Unlike previous Kansas concert many years ago when he played violin on “Dust In The Wind” alone. Why didn’t he prefer to join Kerry Livgreen on acoustic guitar to add and complete the magical and beautiful melody of that epic?

    I wish Mr. Smiley played the riff and solo of “Carry On My Wayward Son” in his riff parade on the next Deep Purple concerts. Have he ever did it before?

  4. 4
    elprupdeep says:

    as we all can see steve got (plus d’une corde a son arc).long live steve and DP. CHEERS.
    ps french expression( more than one string to his arch).means something in french but hard to translate…

  5. 5
    T says:

    Not to take anything away from the brilliant Steve Morse but rather question the thinking of some. Comment #2 calls for objectivity but his hardly objective.

  6. 6
    T says:

    Correction: “Comment #2 calls for objectivity but is hardly objective. It is *sub*jective.”

  7. 7
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    Thanks for standing corrected! And long live that Man In Black!



  8. 8
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I’m sure it’s often that one might question just about anyones “thinking” around here, judging from our posts… you’re certainly no exception.lol!

    (neither am I)

  9. 9
    daviep79 says:

    Great job ,Steve. He could have played this on his banjo with his eyes closed. and blown everybody off!!I hope this ends up on dvd.I agree with #1. DP should take note. I hope Ritchie Would want to do this someday!!!! Yeah,Right! It wont happen.Well, at least I can dream about it!!!!!

  10. 10
    alf+ says:

    Please Steve keep in Kansas for the next 20 years, the best next work of DP will be with Morse… in Kansas or wherever.
    Bring a real hard rocker, metal head, the same for the producer.

  11. 11
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Crimson Ghost,

    I continue to note that you and I are somewhere on the same page. Kudos to your commentary. It is obvious that you have more than half of a clue which many folks blogging away, may not have yet. But, who am I to judge with respect to opinions…?

    Nektar in NYC May 4th. These guys have that clue. Not tumeni gigs booked in America as of yet. But grab yer tickets! These guys are brilliant! (there I go again with opinion….)

    Can I buy anyone a beer?



  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 11

    Always, but I dont live around the block.

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