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Over The Rainbow premieres live

Setlist Over The Rainbow – Minsk February 14th:

Tarot Woman
Kill the King
Street of Dreams
Man on the Silver Mountain
Death Alley Driver
Eyes of the World
Can’t Happen Here
Jealous Lover
Long Live R’n’R

Encore 1
Since You Been Gone
I Surrender

Encore 2
All Night Long

Total time around 1:50

Thanks to Kevin Dixon, Rainbow Fanclan and Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

104 Comments to “Over The Rainbow premieres live”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    JR sounds fab here, the tone is very similar to Ritchie, I have to say… nice little high note from JLT too.

    Not bad anyway, that’s for sure!
    The bootleg for this show will likely surface any day now, I hope the person who shot this, captured the whole show, if it was done well, because uploading at youtube loses plenty, then having a video will be a treat.

  2. 2
    69 says:

    Needless to say a setlist like that is guaranteed to take the roof of any house no matter what.

  3. 3
    Roberto says:

    Hope they will come to middle Italy!
    how many people there?
    hope for new record!
    they should add a rainbow behind them…

  4. 4
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Wire them the funds and I’m sure they’ll have one, lol!
    They aren’t financing this out of their pockets, who ever does?
    If things were done that way, we’d be set.

  5. 5
    Crimson Ghost says:

    After seeing ‘Kill The King’ hhmm… great guitar playing.
    Joe, don’t blow your pipes before this thing is even started, man he hit a couple in this one too… nice effort indeed, I hope he can keep that up. Offence takers to comments about him take note… this is not DP, he is much more in his element here.

  6. 6
    More Black says:

    Nice to see JB.Well it only miss the rainbow back the stage.And whatset list .Tarot woman.wow.

  7. 7
    More Black says:

    Yeah Little Man in Black at the right stage ha ha yeah allright.

  8. 8
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Tarot Woman started a bit rough, perhaps they’d be better off starting the show with something from the JLT era.
    Underneath all the crowd freaking, that is.(man the Russian kids are passionate)

  9. 9
    George Martin says:

    I wonder if the set list will change much for each show. It would be nice to here something else from Long Live Rock and Roll and Bent out of Shape. Only Ariel from the Greg Smith album Stranger in us All. I would rather have Wolf to the Moon or Black Masquerede instead. Oh well you can’t have everything. At least they diddn’t play any Purple. Thanks!

  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    CG….you are right on, JR sounds great! and JLT does sound good, like he is in his “element”. The setlist is what you would expect no doubt I would go see them if they ever come close to home.
    p.s. the singer appears to have “good grooming habits”
    just kidding…Cheers

  11. 11
    tony carey says:

    hi guys. small correction: ‘wolf to the moon’ is indeed in the setlist, right after ‘ariel’…. tc

  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Thanks Tony, I hope you make it to the states sometime in the midst of it all. Tell Bobby and the others we said it looks promising so far.


  13. 13
    tony carey says:

    will do, but he’ll read it hissown bad self… right now we’re kids in a candy shop, never had this much fun out of bed…


  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Lol! Great to hear it…

  15. 15
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Sorry, but somebody has to stay grounded here and not be “Starstruck” over the first little inkling of a sound bite. I have to ignore this YOUTUBE stuff being that the first video of ‘Kill the King’ is ruined by the crowd singing so loud, you can’t hear the band. On Ariel, it is clearer, but it is a snippet of a Stranger in us All cover and is too muddy to grasp. Overall, it looks OK as it would be hard not to. I’ve witnessed many a cover band do Rainbow and Purple material and am usually moved by how Great is sounds. It’s hard to not like it. I loved it then. Why wouldn’t I now? Hell, I get a bang out of just humming the tunes to myself…..

    I do look forward to seeing them live though. Tony, remember our last correspondence. As I advised then, check with JLT and see if he remembers the ‘Blackhorse Saloon’ in Nashville. He played there with Scrap Metal. A fantastic venue for your band, and it was a packed house. Seems they love that era of music there. It’s a must play when you come to the States. Would love to assist Joe on ‘All Night Long’…..Hmmmm?

    I do like what I saw of the set-list though. Good array of tunes. You may make a believer of me yet..


  16. 16
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Crimson Ghost,

    From what I can ascertain, you are somewhere in my neck of the woods. Over The Rainbow at The Starland Ballroom? The Count Basie? B.B. King’s?

    It should be a fun gig, regardless. Keep it all in context…



  17. 17
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I’m in Washington state, actually on the border across from Portland OR, a bordering suburb but across state lines… called Vancouver U.S.A.
    (not to be confused with what most on earth know as Van, B.C. which is located about 300 miles directly north of me)

    Needless to say I travel far and wide to most gigs, but do keep up with the Portland and Seattle scenes. OTR, if ever were to play this area it would either be Seattle or Portland, and if Portland, which is five miles from me, then they would most likely play “The Roseland Theater” which is owned by my pal, a former tour manager who finally settled down a few years ago and became partners with the company. I’m pretty sure it would have to be a massive tour in order for them to visit this area, but if it were to happen, I’d be at the venue the entire day, and be one of the last to leave the building, for sure.

    But… I’d likely get on a plane over it if the situation was right.

    About OTR… I see it as no different than I did Company Of Snakes or M3, but I hope it goes much further.(I never heard a whisper from Coverdale about how he felt about them doing what they did… anybody?)

  18. 18
    Al Cornish says:

    Hey Crimson Ghost, I’m in The Dalles, Oregon about an hour from you. Good to meet a neighbor. JLT still sucks.

  19. 19
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Woweeeeeeeeeee!!!! small freaking world man, my in-laws live in The Dalles and we visit them whenever we can. I like it up there, the columbia gorge is a sight that the world must see, it’s got to be one of the most beautiful carvings on the planet imo.

    Too cool, nice to see a fellow Oregonian… I’ve only been in Vancouver for five years now, Portland will be our final residence in another year or so, gladly.

  20. 20
    George says:

    I’m too much happy that the “band” didn’t do ANY Deep Purple tracks, we don’t need Z grade DP cover band as we have the A grade masters themselves – Gillan/Glover/Morse/Airey/Paice

  21. 21
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I’m happy too, it looks like the Russian promoters didn’t press for it, like they did w/HTP, suggesting they play Highway Star, WFT, and SOTW… I just can’t blame Glenn and Joe for that, but who knows, maybe they did just because those songs are fun to play? Naw!

  22. 22
    TJ says:

    This is great! It actually sounds better than Rainbow ever did when JLT was in the band. He’s a much, much better live singer now. And it’s cool to hear him do all the Dio songs we wished he did in the old days. The set list is near perfect too. There’s just a couple of songs that I miss, like Gates Of Babylon, Can’t Let You Go, etc. But I think these guys will keep it going for quite some time. I *really* hope they will do albums too!

  23. 23
    lazy says:

    It was just great.

  24. 24
    james jay says:

    This video was like watching Capt. Kirk steer the Enterprise out of danger. Who ever took these shots had the Rickitts. That said—JLT not bad at all—good job. Agreed– this is his element.

  25. 25
    james jay says:

    #24 but thanks for the video and the glimpse of some good stuff.

  26. 26
    Roberto says:

    To Tony Carey.
    I like more Dio or Bonnet version of kill the king than this one with Joe…I think you should change “kill the king” for “spotlight kid” and “ariel” for black masquerade…
    still hoping for new record…
    please come to middle Italy!

  27. 27
    George says:

    Actually, I think that Doogie White was far better singer than JLT… I’ve listened Rainbow doing Perfect Strangers with Doogie White on vocals, it was just fabulous, Doogie had greater vocal than JLT

  28. 28
    Roberto says:

    and yes…tarot woman should not be the opener…

  29. 29
    andre sihotang says:

    So many relatively positive reviews…

    To be honest, I’m still dissapointed as the set list still made me confused that this band is ANOTHER RAINBOW COVER BAND. I really don’t care too much. What’s to be proud of??

    I’m looking for a new original album from this band. There’s no point to revival old days. The personal of this band are enough capable and great to perform. Why they don’t try to make and play their own stuff? An album from them is important so they’ll get what they deserve as musician.

    Mr. Jurgen (especially his position on stage) really reminded me much about his father’s old days. I hope he won’t live under the shadow of Ritchie by playing much of his father’s licks and riffs.

  30. 30
    james jay says:

    #27 JLT v D. White? I give JLT the edge….better grooming habits : )

  31. 31
    ormandy says:

    Go Go Go!!! Spread the word Joe!

  32. 32
    Patrick says:

    wow i think its great ..i hope they come to florida

  33. 33
    Aleх says:

    JLT like Gillan here)))

  34. 34
    Stefan says:

    It doesn´t change anything…..It´s still just another tribute act/cover band no matter what JLT & TC says!

    I have have to admit JLT sounds great though! Get your act together and record some original material, and maybe add some JLT & TC solo stuff to the live show and I´ll be there!! ROCK ON!

  35. 35
    big al says:

    It looked and sounded great… come to the uk!

  36. 36
    nsoveiko says:

    james jay: a better video of tarot woman was posted on youtube, so i’ve replaced the one we had featured originally.

  37. 37
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Too light riffing in Tarot Woman, they should come on strong after the intro, like the original.(unless it’s just plain inaudible)

    But anyway, I’m game enough and glad to see Tony rocking again, although I love his outside work to pieces.

  38. 38
    Maybe I'm A Leo says:

    Glad to see no Deep Purple songs played.
    Hey Crimson Ghost, I live in Seattle!

  39. 39
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Right on, I work in the area from time to time, love it up there.


  40. 40
    Slags to bitches says:

    Great stuff,
    Just what we need, some more differsity in the old well known
    Deep Purple / Rainbow collection.
    I can’t wait till these guys go somewhere close to the Netherlands. And who knows, may’be we will be lucky and get some new material out of this band too. It looks promising.


  41. 41
    John Bartone says:

    Stone Cold is a must..

  42. 42
    T says:

    When the Purple Rainbow idea was first proposed, the Turner bashing began in ernest and the naysayers came out in full force. Tony Carey had to endure undue criticism for something that had yet to happen. The “fans” here were unfair–not to mention rude–as they tend to be. Now that we have had a glimpse of this project, admittedly still in its formative stages, I am happy to see many eat crow.

    I am also amused that many of these same naysayers have suddenly jumped the line to become ardent supporters. Where were you when the project was first proposed?

    I was one of few in the minority to admit being excited about this project and the prospect of former Rainbow musicians reuniting under ANY circumstances. I was also one of the few Joe Lynn Turner enthusiasts to stick up for him–although he doesn’t need the help. He can hold his own. Like him or not, he remains a great vocalist with a rich history.

    It’s elating to see the change of tone in these comments.

    Give people a chance before pounding them into the ground. There will be both good and bad nights, and I’m sure certain people will find something negative to say in both respects. However, a few people said this would never get off the ground. We have lift-off.

    A round of congratulations goes to the entire band and best wishes for the future. I’m looking forward to an official–not bootlegged–live set and here’s hoping for an album of new material…eventually.


  43. 43
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Never said a negative word about it, still on the Jurgen interview list as far as I know… I know you aren’t mentioning any names, but… any JLT factors that don’t look pretty because of your bias coming from me have had to do with his tenure in DP and how he behaved on stage.(just claiming myself the supporter of this that I have been from the start, especially since JR became involved… in fact I don’t see anyone changing their tune much at all T, not all the same posters have commented before and after the fact)

    I agree with what you say about his rich history, I know I’ve contributed my share to support his success, hugely in fact, to the tune of several thousands of $$$$$$$$$$ a fine singer with some things that aren’t so appealing about him, like any other fine singer, I’m sure.(I don’t think it’s any more fair to bash the bashers than for them to bash Joe)

    But I’ll be sure and collect every bootleg because it’s a fact that some manage even better quality than live albums, so they’re worth gathering, if you have the connections, don’t cost a dime either.(being charged for them like the old days is another story… these people charging should be hung)

  44. 44
    George says:

    C’mon people,
    This is not JLT that makes you happy, you just want to hear Rainbow stuff live… so, Over The Rainbow is NOTHING than another Rainbow tribute act…

    JLT WAS and WILL always be someone’s puppy…
    Yes, he has contributed to the dozens of other artists’ albums but what is better: be a real rock singer with your OWN name, or be a contributor puppy???

    It was RB and Rainbow that made JLT popular, NOT like Gillan, not like Coverdale, not like Hughes.
    IG, DC, GH – they all played in DP but they have their own name, own success and own fame outside Deep Purple. especially Gillan & Whitesnake, 2 bands which were TOP acts in the early 80’s…

    NO other former members has covered Deep Purple… but JLT did it, and does it now… He’s a looser who didn’t manage to be JOE LYNN TURNER!

    Ian Gillan – the name tells everything itself
    David Coverdale – the name tells everything itself
    Glen Hughes – the name tells everything itself

    but Joe Lynn Turner – what does it tell to you? just another GOOD (and NOT great) vocalist-contributor with his numerous cover-bands!!!

    So, people calm down, you’re in euphoria…
    I thought you liked real musicians, real names and not ordinary cover-acts.
    Listening to the man who ONLY manages to use others’ fame to do more bucks? No, it’s not my cup of tea, so let me post NOT negative, BUT realistic things about JLT and listen to the authentical, fresh music…



  45. 45
    tony carey says:

    hey george? blow me. best, tc

  46. 46
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Lol… hahahaha, that’s our Tony… what’s George on about? Sheesh man, taker easy!

    Joe is always best in his element, and here he seems to be pumped!
    A little to go around for everyone George, that’s what music always has to offer.

  47. 47
    Rascal says:

    I have to say that im very disappointed……..

    JLT and his ‘circus performers’ didnt meet my expectations……

    Where were the clowns, the bearded Lady, the fire-eater, knife thrower, and the sword swallowers?

    I expected at the very least for JLT to arrive on stage in a little car, just before the wheels, and the doors fall off!

    Even the encores didnt seem to mention JLT and his ‘human cannonball act’………

    Did anyone see any jugglers??

  48. 48
    Crimson Ghost says:

    T should have your head, lol!

    I think the biggest thing besides the fact that it’s how they make their living and they like doing what they do, which is a rare thing. Is that the songs deserve to be enjoyed once again, after all these years, they’ve got to be fun to play and why not by the people who had something to do with them? Ritchie not wanting to doesn’t mean the others don’t and that nobody wants to hear them.

    It isn’t that serious, and certainly not a crime, as far as I know.

  49. 49
    Stefan says:


    Yes,we have lift off! I´m still sceptic and expect a major “crash & burn”, unless they write some original material and change the name…..It´s still too close for comfort! I´d love them to prove me wrong….JLT´s a great singer and TC´s a great composer,so the potential is there! We´ll see if I utter the words “I told you so”….or if they prove us wrong!! ROCK ON!

  50. 50
    Rascal says:

    ‘T’ wont see me ‘eat crow’ thats for sure…….lol

    And I will have to deny him amusement as a reformed ‘naysayer’…….as I havent ‘jumped the line’…..

    But it is good to see that JLT still has that ‘amusement factor’……..Im still laughing now!!

  51. 51
    Roberto says:

    I think everyone in this blog agree with this…

  52. 52
    Rascal says:

    YEAH………and bring on the clowns too….

  53. 53
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not sure I agree until they’ve put it to the test, and since when do albums come BEFORE tours anymore? I know they should, but lets be for real, they don’t anymore… work is work, always has been, always will be.
    (someone always calling shots from the sidelines, it’s a tough business, but some here think it’s a cake walk, obviously, although it used to be, for those who earned it, and when better people were on the sidelines instead of record company owners wives taking over the labels and such… watch out for that battleaxe!) Don’t forget the media groups, they’re running the game these days. It’s all demographics now, sadly but surely $$$$

  54. 54
    james jay says:

    T-correct. the JLT bashers are now choking on feathers. I have said before—the lip stick and hair gel has nothing to do with his singing talents.
    #36 thanks–I do appreciate any visuals posted on this site–I mainly was commenting on the quality. It would be difficult to evaluate some of the material based on the poor quality of the video. thanks again.

  55. 55
    Rascal says:

    Choking on feathers……..I dont think so.

    My ability to JLT-bash has not diminished in the least……..

    This farcical attempt is purely a ‘nostalgia trip’ that will run its course, and lose momentum as boredom, and reality bite…..

  56. 56
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I think antics such as his do take away from the music, or it’s ability to thrive on stage anyway, come on, that is a valid point concerning Joe and he doesn’t seem to care. As talented as he is, nobody is perfect.
    Putting down his obvious talent isn’t so bright though, especially from those who know they bought every Rainbow album he was on, and DP for that matter to. It’s like saying there was never anything there. Constructive criticism is okay, but blatant flaming really isn’t. Not one guy here wouldn’t trade places with him, although denial is a strong force.lol!

  57. 57
    Kimmen says:

    Well, this may not be the ultimate reincarnation of that band, but still it’s kind of magic to see it all, isn’t it?

  58. 58
    Rascal says:


    Flame on!!


  59. 59
    james jay says:

    #54 all good things eventually come to an end. Rather have JLT out there making music than the status quo AC/DC took 10 yrs to fart out. thanks.

  60. 60
    Crimson Ghost says:



  61. 61
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I am eating crow on this one! Because I was one of the few who was looking forward to this project, and didn’t have a problem with the name “PURPLE RAINBOW.” Sorry but I am not impressed, and I am actually a fan of Toney Carey & Joe Lynn Turner. What happened to Craig Goldy?

  62. 62
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Sorry; Tony Carey!

  63. 63
    eiricd says:

    to me, the clips sound good. especially considering this is the first gig.

    I’ve alway stuck up for JLT. he is a very good singer, and one of the few singers of that generation that is as good as he ever was.
    his “problem” is that he followed well known and loved singers in already famous bands. Kind of like tommy thayer in kiss. he is awesome, but because he replaced ace frehely – alot of people will not like him – no matter what.

    I hope they take Over the Rainbow to Scandinavia as well as other places in the world, and that they make a live dvd out of it!

  64. 64
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    I hope I’m not included in your group of Sibyls that are rolling over and playing mouthwatering whore to this Tribute Act. I am taking the same stand I have since Purple Rainbow was discussed (without the Blackmore Prodigy).


    Your statement: “Not sure I agree until they’ve put it to the test, and since when do albums come BEFORE tours anymore? I know they should, but lets be for real, they don’t anymore… work is work, always has been, always will be”……

    I have to disagree with that one.
    Point 1). A Real Working Band that has been away for a while and already ran a world tour on their last effort, generally produces a new album and then tours again.

    Point 2). A New band (unless they are just a Tribute Band) has to first make a record for fans to hear and then tour it as promotion and a paycheck.

    I don’t know any band or performers that are trying to make it as a Real Band without first offering something Of Their Own as the unit they are involved in, other than TRIBUTE BANDSs with relative names to the band they are Tributizing…….

    Sorry, but somebody has to stay grounded here and not be “Starstruck” over the first little inkling of a sound bite. I have to ignore this YOUTUBE stuff being that the first video of ‘Kill the King’ is ruined by the crowd singing so loud, you can’t hear the band. On Ariel, it is clearer, but it is a snippet of a Stranger in us All cover and is too muddy to grasp. Overall, it looks OK as it would be hard not to. I’ve witnessed many a cover band do Rainbow and Purple material and am usually moved by how Great is sounds. It’s hard to not like it. I loved it then. Why wouldn’t I now? Hell, I get a bang out of just humming the tunes to myself…..I do look forward to seeing them live though. I love the music. That’s why I have ALL the Original Records. Watching a Tribute Band play some of my favorite tunes is a great way to spend an evening. I just wish they were addressing other than the approach they are…..A Tribute.

    Tony Carey:

    Remember our last correspondence, before JR and when you were ‘Purple Rainbow’? As I advised then, check with JLT and see if he remembers the ‘Blackhorse Saloon’ in Nashville. He played there with Scrap Metal. A fantastic venue for your band, and it was a packed house. Seems they love that era of music there. It’s a must play when you come to the States. Would love to assist Joe on ‘All Night Long’…..Hmmmm?

    I do like what I saw of the set-list though. Good array of tunes. You may make a believer of me yet…..But I guarantee, had you guys First produced something Original, and included some tunes from a new album along with the ‘Covers’, 99% of the negative complaints would not exist….You guys created that turmoil by taking the Shortcut and just running on 20 year old merits from a band you each Used to be in…Separately. Except of course, The Prodigy, whom is really the ‘Carrot’ in this whole ‘Masquerade’…..


  65. 65
    james jay says:

    #62 Very True–They are out there only to be compared with the original–ask S. Morse. But it takes a pair to step forward and fill the void.

  66. 66
    SEVEN-47 says:


    Very good analogy! I am a big fan of “KISS,” and Ace is my favorite guitarist, even though I believe he is inferior to Vinnie Vincent, Bruce Kulick, and Tommy Thayer. I did think he was better than Mark St. John though. I agree with Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero that when there is a new member, they should have their own persona and make-up.

  67. 67
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I know Tommy Thayer, he’s from Oregon as well, and actually recorded the Ian Gillan failed Dreamcatcher sessions in L.A. with both of his Black ‘n Blue band mates Pete Holmes, who I went to school with, and their former bass player Mark. I also went to school with the singer as well, who plays drums as good as Pete.(I interviewed Pete about the whole session in my drummers column… I mean to get a copy of the tape some day)


  68. 68
    Joe says:

    Turner should not be fronting this band at all his voice lacks strength even from his Rainbow era of songs so apart from Ronnie Dio the only guy with the right voice is Doogie White he could sing any of Rainbows songs with power and ease including the ballads so my opinion is Turner is the weakest link and the band should have had insisted on having 2 singers from Rainbows previos lineups and not settled for the one with the thinnest voice

  69. 69
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Used to used to Tracy, I know you live near Nashville and see things more abundantly concerning the music scene, but I live near Seattle, the town that helped put the situation where it is today.

    It should still be the way you describe, but it simply isn’t, it’s do or die… I’m sure you’ve met a promoter and or two, ever meet one with an honest bone in their body? They’ll tell you anything to get you up and running. If tours follow albums then what has Purple been able to do in that department since 2000? It’s been nine years of touring and throwing in a couple of albums between, not the other way around, they’re a prime example. Comebacks? Hell, these days a comeback is what you’re reduced to if you had a big hit record just two years prior.

    It just doesn’t fly straight anymore, and hasn’t since the early 90’s for most rock bands that have been around.

    Still, I agree it should, but it doesn’t. Did Heaven and Hell make an album or tour the bloody world first? Another prime example and comeback oriented.(a compilation with two knew easily put together tracks doesn’t exactly cut it)

    Win some lose some, but do something when given the opportunity these days, or do nothing at all.

    Anything for a buck, as the topic says, as long as it feels right.
    These guys aren’t crooks, they paid their dues and aren’t exactly being led by the nose here, if any too tacky of bullshit goes down I’m sure they’ll sod it.

  70. 70
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Meant to say “as the other topic suggests” the topic where T has some healthy reply to his limited words of wisdom.[sic!]

  71. 71
    Roberto says:

    Yes Turner is an exceptional vocalist but more melodic and for the Dio era tunes is better Doggie White which hold more power…despite this I will surely listen to thir album if they will ever do one…

  72. 72
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    CG: I still have to stand on the “Make an Album First” platform. Actually, “Heaven and Hell” did write 3 New Tunes that were included on their Dio Years CD and played all 3 when they toured, so you blew that analogy. Plus, your description of Purple touring without a new record isn’t Apple and Apples with my point. It’s like this. Every time Purple changed line-ups, they put out an album from the New Members and then toured. Touring throughout the years between albums is a big bonus as far as I’m concerned. The are ALWAYS TOURING. Using your analogy, they would have to put out an album twice a year….LOL.

    ANY NEW BAND that ISN’T A TRIBUTE BAND should produce music of their own to show the public who they are. Otherwise, they are just a Tribute Band, and who they are is whoever they are Tributizing. Even my little Cover Band ‘LOzT CAUz’ had a couple of original tunes that we played in the pubs. Over the Rainbow should be ashamed of themselves for not at least putting out an EP with something new, BY THEM……


  73. 73
    Crimson Ghost says:

    No way imo Tracy my brother, as I said, three tracks or whatever and then book a tour under a former album title as your name, is hardly cutting it, I have the thing autographed and was at the first show in Vancouver B.C for representation on the Hub, see my review…

    Of course I was all for it, but the point is they didn’t make no album and then tour, the record company put the three hastily recorded tracks on it, and they were on the road within weeks of the release, and there is a difference, ya think?

    And back up a second, Don was on tour for a while with them before recording Bananas in L.A. in fact I saw them in August of 2002 in Reno with him, the show that sadly wasn’t bootlegged because Satriani showed up and jammed with them for over 30 minutes that night, and catching up back stage was surreal indeed, Satch having worked with Don already in G3 had them chewing the fat and joking it up, great stuff…

    Then it wasn’t till February of 04 before they were back on the road touring Bananas, caught them in B.C. on the first night, the premiere show of MH in it’s entirety, and the only night they played those tracks in order, a pumped show that was.

    A line up change with plenty of touring before going into the studio, inevitably of course because he replaced Jon on tour, but didn’t Satch and Morse do the same. Morse did many a show with them before entering a studio. Notice no question mark.

    It’s all good, I just give in to the fact that things aren’t what they used to be. Regardless of how they SHOULD be, it’s a fact I face and don’t like, but it is what it is, man.

    Should, could, would, it’s all subjective, as you know.

    I disagree they should put out product before they’re tested on the road, although you think they should, but in the case of many others, I might not. It’s wide open for dismissal as it is, take a look around here for that much information.

    Why make risk two mistakes, I don’t think it’s that serious. HTP proved not a cost effective thing cause they made two albums, where did it go? I just feel their risk factor is already sizable. No big deal, if I’m wrong I can live with it, I’d like an album too, but I’m just being the real/optimist that I am, lol!

  74. 74
    Alex V says:

    Joe Lynn Turner his is voice is not strong enough to sing the first three classic Rainbow albums….. he is definetly the WEAK link in this band. what a tragic mistake. If Not Dio, at least Doogie White!. JLT is not a good singer, he is a poser.

  75. 75
    Crimson Ghost says:

    See more here, good quality and interview… Nick, run a seperate blog for this please!



  76. 76
    Joe says:


  77. 77
    George says:

    wow, what a surprise, JLT told himself: “we take the original songs and we make our personal TRIBUTE to the band and to Ritchie”

  78. 78
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    You still miss the point. Using Heaven and Hell is a perfect example that you are ignoring and just sticking to your point.

    Unlike ‘Over the Rainbow’, ‘Heaven and Hell’ (though due to Contract Obligations) was the title given to a band that already existed…..’Black Sabbath’. This is a True Reunion of a band that already existed. Unlike ‘Over the Rainbow’ which is a totally new band with a line-up that never existed before. Discounting the 3 songs that ‘Heaven and Hell’ rushed to put out is ludicrous. Good or Bad, Rushed or not, they were NEW SONGS that the band wrote and performed while on tour. In their case, it actually wasn’t all that necessary. They were a true reunion with THEIR OWN SONGS from THEIR LINE-UP which they were centering on. No Songs were performed from Other Sabbath Line-ups. ‘Heaven and Hell’ are and were already an established band that was gone for a while and reunited. Now, they are going to produce a whole new album and tour on it. That’s how it is done…..PROPER.

    Your Purple analogy doesn’t hold up either. Blackmore left during an ongoing scheduled tour. That tour was in Direct promotion of ‘Battle Rages On’. Purple could have very easily just canceled the tour and bit the bullet, but they chose to maintain their obligation and finish the tour with a replacement. Yes they even offered Satch the job permanently, but he declined. He wasn’t an Official Line-up change. He was just a session player helping to finish their tour.
    Steve Morse was chosen as the next ‘try-out’. They played a couple of gigs in New Mexico and one in Texas, testing the water. They liked what they saw and heard and quickly asked him to join permanently. He accepted the permanent position as Purple’s Guitarist and they immediately went in and began writing songs for a New Album. They went directly to the studio and began work on some songs for the New Record, ‘Purpendicular’, from this Official New Line-up.
    They scheduled a small ‘Secret Outing’ which was basically unannounced and comprised of 4 dates. One of which was on March 4th, 1995 at The Sunrise Musical Theatre, in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I was there, in the front row. I even recorded that gig, and some of the bootlegs that have surfaced are from my tape recording of this gig. There were 3 songs from the upcoming ‘Purpendicular’ album played. “Ted the Mechanic, Purpendicular Waltz, and Soon Forgotten”. After the gigs, they then scheduled and World Tour, released the album and the rest is History. So, as you can see, they put together a new Official Line-up and wrote New Material, and then went on tour.
    Later in 2001, they returned to this venue and recorded the show for the DVD “Perihelion”. I was there also at about Row 3 and am visible in the crowd many times, waving my big white Banner. I went to the Meet and Greet afterwards. My review of the gig is here: http://www.thehighwaystar.com/reviews/static/01-2/01-2_reviews7344.html

    MK-8 was similar, except the transition was smoother. Jon Lord actually was involved in some of the writing on Bananas before he left and they even played some tunes which would later show up on the MK8 Records. ‘Up the Wall’ was one which later was retitled as “I Got Your Number”, and also ‘Well Dressed Guitar’. Don Airey was already being groomed for Jon’s replacement and Jon handed over the Hammond to him gracefully. They toured on their new record ‘Bananas’ and again, the rest is history.

    Just as with your HTP example. At least they put out an ORIGINAL Release and toured on it. Not one, but 2 actually. How lucrative it was is always a gamble, but cementing your own identity is what makes it and Keeps it REAL.

    So, my point again is this……
    New Band? New Songs or Record.
    No New Songs or Record? Tribute or Cover Band.

    Pretty Simple isn’t it….


  79. 79
    james jay says:

    #50 the circus tent is sitting in your back yard and the Habatchi Grill is cooking your crow. Enjoy 🙂

  80. 80
    Crimson Ghost says:


    No I’m not Tracy, but it’s always a good idea if you feel your point is strong.
    What I’m sticking to is what I prefer a band do in order to exist in this piece of shite business these days, if they don’t, goood fucking luck! Period. You have to think inside that box or you won’t get a gig for christsakes, 100% fact, unless perhaps you’re Iron Maiden who is not actually making much, but it looks like it, and that’s all they care about… if they keep this up they will all be broke soon… their current success is nothing but an illusion because they want to look like they call each and every last shot of their own… smoke and mirrors man, they’re likely all pitching into the pot right now, just to do what they do. No promoter would take the chances they take right now, that’s why they’re footing much of the bill. It’s a huge compromise, but in the end it will break them.

    I never made any comparisons to H&H and OTR, I just used one example concerning the hoop jumping and original idea making that goes on these days… you sound like bands can and do call their own shots in order to make records then fill halls on the back of them… that’s a used to be thing in the industry. It’s either start sniping the pencil necks or take the best offer they give you, there is no alternative, unfortunately.

    Every thing I say holds, I’m just not you… to elaborate on what you say about the Purple factor in all of this, they did what they had to do, the rest is irrelevant. But I appreciate your attempt to try and dismantle my points and examples, nice try, but we both win as long as we do not pass this line_________________________ lol!

    It sounds to me like you’re holding on to your point and confusing me as doing so, really, you brought it up, lol!!!!!!!

    Just to add, they did not immediately go in and start writing songs for Purpendicular, he made it damn near around the entire globe with them before that. Bombay, South Korea anyone? During that time they had a writing session and came up with The Purpendicular Waltz and Ted, and played them at some shows, Bombay, Sunrise Florida 95 anyone? The rest of it wasn’t embarked on till they entered the studio. You act like they stopped touring and got right down to business recording, and if that’s true, then it must have took nearly a year to do it, with no dates on the road, which is not the case, check the tour dates man, they rolled… not to take anything away from how they did things compared to OTR, “I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid, sometime I ramble, and then I’m lucid’ just like yourself, passion speaks louder than words brother.

    I never labeled OTR as anything, you’re doing that, I just see it for what it is, which might not be what you see it as, take the thing at face value man, it’s your only concrete option.

  81. 81
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Sorry CG:

    Wrong again……

    Here is the very first ‘Try Out’ gigs with Steve Morse, and their set list, which was a carryover from ‘TBRO’ tour:

    11-23-1994 Palacio De Los Deportes Mexico City Mexico
    11-25-1994 Venue Unknown Monterey Mexico
    11-26-1994 Johnnyland Auditorium Corpus Christi Texas USA

    Highway Star
    Ramshackle Man
    Maybe I’m A Leo
    Perfect Strangers
    Pictures Of Home
    keyboard solo
    Knocking At Your Back Door
    guitar solo
    Anyone’s Daughter
    Child In Time
    The Battle Rages On
    When A Blind Man Cries
    drum solo
    Space Truckin’
    Woman From Tokyo
    Paint It Black
    Speed King (encore)
    Smoke On The Water (encore)

    After accepting him as the permanent guitarist, they took almost 4 months off and had a writhing session in Orlando, Florida for THEIR UPCOMING ALBUM, ‘Purpendicular’. Since they were fresh out of their writing session and there were some days available before their scheduled tour which was to start on 3-18-95, in Seoul, Korea, they did a couple of Surprise Florida Gigs as mentioned. One in Orlando, and one at Sunrise. I happened to be listening to the radio and heard about it. The tickets went on sale the following weekend and I managed to get front row seats for the Sunrise Show. As I stated, 3 songs from ‘Purpendicular’ were played live.
    Again, I know, I WAS THERE.

    Below is the set-list played at the Florida Gigs after their 4 month writing session:

    Black Night
    The Battle Rages On
    Ted The Mechanic
    Woman From Tokyo
    The Purpendicular Waltz
    When A Blind Man Cries
    Perfect Strangers
    Pictures Of Home
    Knocking At Your Backdoor
    Anyone’s Daughter
    Child In Time
    Soon Forgotten
    Speed King
    Highway Star (encore)
    Smoke On The Water (encore)

    3-3-1995 Tupperware Centre Orlando Florida USA
    3-4-1995 Sunrise Theatre Fort Lauderdale Florida USA

    Below are the dates from the scheduled tour, right up your ‘Bombay’ reference, which is as I stated, is AFTER the Sunrise gig. The tour continued through mid ’95 and the set-list took on more ‘Purpendicular Songs’ as the tour progressed into 1996.

    3-18-1995 Olympic Park Stadium Seoul Korea
    3-19-1995 Olympic Park Stadium Seoul Korea
    3-24-1995 Saambou Bank Arena Pretoria South Africa
    3-25-1995 Village Green Stadium Durban South Africa
    3-27-1995 Arts Theatre Cape Town South Africa
    3-28-1995 Arts Theatre Cape Town South Africa
    3-29-1995 Arts Theatre Cape Town South Africa
    3-30-1995 Arts Theatre Cape Town South Africa
    4-1-1995 Nasrec Johannesburg South Africa
    4-2-1995 Nasrec Johannesburg South Africa
    4-8-1995 Shahji Raje Bhosale Kreeda Sankul-Andheri Sports Complex Bombay India

    Now, as far as ‘Over the Rainbows’ success as you seem to feel is what matters prior to them putting in the effort to write something new, thereby legitimizing them as a Real Band and not a Tribute Band, I believe you are wrong there too. Just going off your last sentence.

    You wrote:
    “I never labeled OTR as anything, you’re doing that, I just see it for what it is, which might not be what you see it as, take the thing at face value man, it’s your only concrete option.”

    Thankyou, you just rubberstamped my point. I am taking it at face value. Simple is as simple does…..NO ORIGINAL MATERIAL, PLAYING SONGS FROM ANOTHER BAND AND ERA makes you nothing more than a Tribute Band. The ONLY WAY TO CHANGE THAT will be when and if they EVER WRITE AND OFFER NEW SONGS FROM THEIR BAND.

    Using ‘Success First’ as their reason to skip the writing process is a cop out and is what places them into the category of a Tribute Band. It doesn’t matter why they are doing it. What matters is what they do, and at this point they are just ‘OTR’….”Old Tune Rip-offs” the Tribute Band.

    It don’t get no plainer than that, and that’s a FACT JACK.

    Now, I know you don’t want to ruffle any feathers here since you are showing signs of ‘Schmoozing up to Tony Carey. I don’t blame you for not wanting to piss him off before you get your ‘exclusive OTR interview’…….Hmmmmmmm? I seem to remember you having my view of the Tribute Band before you flipped over and basically French Kissed TC at #12. Since when do you sign off with ‘Larry’?

    Hey, maybe they will add ‘Starstruck’ to the set-list just for you, Larry…….LOL


  82. 82
    Rascal says:


    No crow on my menu……….

    And I shoot clowns on sight!!


  83. 83
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I forgot about the piece of garbage “Soon Forgotten” because I soon forgot it, for sure.(puke!) Had to go there, it’s forgettable indeed.

    But it’s that bigger set of gigs that was my point, regardless of exactly when, gigs are gigs, I’m not big on remembering tour dates, but I have hundreds of tickets stubs and THOUSANDS of bootlegs of DP and can care less where and when they played them, talk to Nigel or someone for that, it means very little in my scope of compiling. But fair enough, my point remains that without a good jaunt or two in order to feel any real sparks, you have to gig.

    It doesn’t apply really, they aren’t going to do what you say man, so pushing it on them is only irrelevant to them. Like Joe said, “more people are for this, than against it” and that is about the biggest relevant fact here.

    If you take it at face value, leave it there too… and that’s a point you should deal with as well, no need to get out the encyclopedia over it, but thanks anyway. Keep ramming it down their/our throats all you want, but it’s verging on the cut and paste procedure you know you don’t like when others do.

    I should drink more, we’d see better eye to eye. lol!
    You might be bigger on details than me, thank god someone is willing to carry the petty torch a step further, it’s exhaustingly spun by now.lol! Tee Hee!


    I’m going to draw one more line and that’s it.


    Bottoms up, mine is Harbin, Japanese lager!


  84. 84
    james jay says:

    #81- If I am not mistaken–3 members of OTR played in R-bow at one time or another–so playing R-bow songs does not constitue a Tribute Band. Gillian sings some Rod Evan bits–Coverdale some Gillian bits—so is DP a DP tribute band? as is Whitesnake a DP tribute band? Which MK-line up of DP is DP and which MK-line up a DP tribute band? They played each others tunes. Clarify please.

  85. 85
    Crimson Ghost says:

    As is Blackmore’s Night a Tielman Susato – DeGuyers and Rainbow DP tribute band.(not to mention pay tribute to the artists they always cover on their albums, in their own style that is)

    Not unlike Susato himself to also pay tribute in his days, heavily. Probably why Ritchie has no shame in such a thing.


  86. 86
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    The only reason I went to the trouble to point out the Dates and Set List, was in direct response to your statement: “Just to add, they did not immediately go in and start writing songs for Purpendicular, he made it damn near around the entire globe with them before that. Bombay, South Korea anyone?” My examples are vindicated with Facts. ‘Purple’ did write songs each time they changed official line-ups, including when Morse officially joined and immediately toured to promote their New material. ‘Heaven and Hell’ did also, which is contrary to your statements. That is what this has been about, and I felt the desire to clarify it for you. ‘Over the Rainbow’ didn’t. THAT’s WHY THEY ARE JUST a TRIBUTE BAND.

    My point all along has been regarding ‘OTRs’ status as a band. I simply stand by the situation which is obvious to the most casual observer, “Playing Old Songs done by a Different Band ONLY and offering nothing from your Present Band makes it a Cover/Tribute Band”. It’s an impossible thing to argue against. It’s exactly what it is. Take if for FACE VALUE as you state. Good or Bad it is what it is. I will definitely pay to see them if they come near enough, as I stated before, I spend plenty of money at local pubs watching Local Cover Bands. How could I pass on this. I support their venture, but not as a Blind Rat being led by the Pied Piper. They would have my TOTAL SUPPORT if they would ditch the Tribute Act and do BOTH. Something Original along with their past greats.

    Look, I go out of my way to make my points if I feel they are valid enough to express. Not to argue or cause turmoil. My sarcasm which encroaches into my jargon is just how I express myself, but I choose to back up my points with facts rather than just spew out opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I am very opinionated and there are places here for that too, but when it comes to pertinent statements, isn’t it better to back them up with actual facts? I’ve read some of your posts reflecting what others would call miniscule nit picking when bashing it out with ‘T’, regarding the technical aspect of music. When you know something, you know it, and you drive home your angles in order to get your point across……and your posts (or novels…LOL) are perfect evidence.

    james jay:

    surely you are not for real here. What part of what I wrote do you not understand? Yes, most members were in Rainbow at one time or another. This isn’t Rainbow. It’s ‘Over the Rainbow’. Ritchie Blackmore would have to be involved if it was ‘RAINBOW’. It was HIS BAND. All ‘Over the Rainbow’ is doing is covering ‘Rainbow’ Songs. Hence……TRIBUTE BAND. They will and should do a great job covering those songs. It’s the kind of music they play. I look forward to seeing them if they come, but any way you slice it, it’s a Tribute Band and that’s OK, if that’s what they want. Relating them to Deep Purple whom DO WRITE NEW MUSIC as well as play stuff from the Purple History is what a Real Band does……


  87. 87
    Crimson Ghost says:


    In all of that your point may be well taken by now, but it looses itself because it’s too surrounded by unimportance, it’s too small of a point not to when you become so adamant about it. I made the mistake of a very small detail but was nevertheless doing it IN PASSING, nothing more. I can hang with my own failure to properly detail a small thing, man. Sorry I said it, but it’s still minutia, if you know what that means.

    I know one hell of a lot of facts myself, ya think?
    But I don’t care about the small shit, man.

    Taker easy dude.

    If assholes could fly, this place would definitely be an airport today… (stolen from someone I’d rather not credit)

    The difference between you and I is candor, not much else though. You can excuse it as ‘sarcasm’ but then you reveal that you know you’re doing it… you drive longer nails into the tree of knowledge than I do, mine only go as far as needed, no repetition except for the positive factor.

  88. 88
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    “It’s the Little Things, that drive me wild”…….Alice Cooper.

    When a discussion is opened and something as ‘little or simple’ as the fact that OTR is a Tribute Band is refuted in the discussion, and all the evidence stacks toward that fact, it then escalates to the next level in said discussion to close said discussion with said facts, thereby coming to terms with the fact that one of the two in discussion with opposite views has to be wrong or right. It isn’t about who wins, it’s about setting the discussion straight and disclosing the information which supports the stand in the subject.

    Candor? I think we both express ourselves with great candor. Mine is just a tad more sarcastic. Hey, and knowing it is half the battle….LOL


  89. 89
    kraatzy says:

    Dear Mr. “GEORGE” ….

    At this time – everybody (in the “Straight between the Eyes” -way) had consider, that you don´t like Joe Lyn Turner.

    I think, that is OKAY. And now STOP !

    Because now, you have to ACCEPT, that other guys are not in your mind.
    And it is not a complimentary way, to behave improperly in the way, you are going.

    The same invitation to TONY CAREY ( if you are THE Tony Carey or not ).

    And to both: Intelligence is, if you are stay above this !!!

    Hey guys – we are fans of this great music around DEEP PURPLE and want to have fun and no S T R E S S.

    Thank you all, for reading this with the hope, I have engage your attention and cooperatin.


  90. 90
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Fair enough, that’s a little better, but we all now Alice is insane by design, therefor not exactly always honest for such statements.
    It’s like Zappa, some of it is politically correct, some of it is just senseless.

    Cheers, your famous last words effort is that of the best I’ve ever witnessed, my friend! End of story.
    (but I still don’t care about the small stuff, one man’s trivia is another mans treasure, is it not? I hope you understand, I do)

  91. 91
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    True on the trivia……..and isn’t Trivia treasure to a Tribute Band?…….LOL


  92. 92
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Must be… some tribute bands aren’t bad at all, there are some Japanese and South American guys that can really impress with the Ritchie clone factor, right down to moves and attire.

    Myself, I’d like to hear a Gillan tribute band, but I can see why there isn’t any out there that I know of, he is ten times harder to copy that way than Ritchie imo, you don’t sing with your fingers, lol! Plus it would definitely have to be the Real McCoy, how easy is it to find someone who can play bass like that and look like that, lol!

    John is highly underrated, his bass chops in Gillan were solid… I used to compare Metallica’s “Anistesia – Pulling Teeth” with John’s bass solo on “Double Trouble” to the kids of the time back then, and although Cliff’s fuzz tremelo was cosmic, John’s solo had it beat though, all the way, and that’s not easy, Cliff played the thing like a guitar or something!

  93. 93
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Talk about Reunions……That is what whould be great to see. The next Gillan album being done with his Prime Gillan Line-up. Gillan, Townes, McCoy, Underwood, and Torme……

    That would truly be a reunion worth the ‘Trouble’.


  94. 94
    Rascal says:

    Do you mean………….a proper reunion, with the original line-up?

    As opposed to a tribute act…….the name of which the newly imposed censorship forbids me from saying?……..

    It could lead to ‘Trouble’……..’Double Trouble’…..

  95. 95
    Rascal says:

    Do you mean………….a proper reunion, with the original line-up?

    As opposed to a tribute act…….the name of which the newly imposed censorship forbids me from saying?……..

    It could lead to ‘Trouble’……..’Double Trouble’…..

  96. 96
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I detect a slight bit of negativity……..be careful, ‘There’s No Laughing in Heaven’…..


  97. 97
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:



  98. 98
    Rascal says:

    Youre right!! I should be ‘fearful of the wrath of the gods’……….

    They might evoke the ‘Thought Police’

    #Lost my faith in this old train
    Ain’t no better than a broken drain#

  99. 99
    cp says:

    They’re out having fun, playing songs folks complain they never get to hear, maybe making a few $$, and from the clips very obviously entertaining a good size throng. If one doesn’t like what they do, don’t go if they’re in your neighborhood or watch the clips online.I remember when being a fan was fun, not being part of a bitch police.This looks like fun. Best of the luck to the band.

  100. 100
    Annemie says:

    #74 You know, Doogie sound awful these days!
    #84 Agree!
    #99 Yes, this blog looks more to a mix of an encyclopedia and a code book!
    They are still very special and original!
    I count the days until they reach Belgium…at least I hope they will! 8)

  101. 101
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Since you brought it up that Doogie sounds awful these days, here he is with “White Noise” covering ‘Tarot Woman’……I think I like it better than the JLT version……JMO.



  102. 102
    Annemie says:

    To Tracy

    I agree, this sounds good!
    I do not know so wel,but isn’t this about 2005?
    I like Doogie and I almost wish it was more recent.

    This, because I was refering to La Paz-Doogie White Glasgow 2009.
    Of course, everyone can have a lesser period, but imho,when you listen to these songs , I think you can understand what I mean…
    Also about the band (drummer,guitarist)..I find them slow and week…

    Of course, one activity never changes: Cheers 😀

    Cheers 🙂

  103. 103
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I don’t know the date, but it was ‘White Noise’ also with JLT performing some songs. I doubt that Doogie lost his voice since then. He had a very strong voice that I believe was much better to cover all the Rainbow era tunes, and I will bet that if TMIB does anything in the future as far as Hard Rock, he either uses Doogie or finds a totally different singer for the job. He and Doogie really hit it off and I’d be surprised if he went back to the 20 year Past, to a ‘selective frontman’ when he could get the job done ‘totally’ with someone who could do it all. If I was Ritchie’s promoter, that’s where I would go. Of course, he could always do it with Candice and get her some Vocal Training for Hard Rock. That would be cool too. I have no problem that. Something totally different would be refreshing.


  104. 104
    Annemie says:

    Yes, not to mention the quest for the band’s name !Cheers! 😉

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