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Vosselaar Over The Rainbow – superb

Over The Rainbow at Vosselaar 21/4/2010 was such an exciting and astonishing experience ,that I would like to share a bit of this unforgettable concert with all other fans. 🙂

I saw OTR the first time at Uden last year, and that show was truly great. This show however, was a non-stop firework of the five members in action with unlimited power and speed and first class playing!

They opened with Tarot woman and it was at once very clear, that the band was in great shape, bursting with energy!

The rest of the setlist was: Kill the King, Man on the silver mountain, Street of dreams, Death Alley Driver, Eyes of the World, Can’t let you go, Ariel, Wolf to the moon, All night long , Jealous Lover, Stargazer, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, I surrender, Since You Been Gone, Can’t happen here, Spotlight kid.

Rondinelli, my favorite drummer, was more alert as a soldier in full war, and his drum work an explosion of skill and fastness. I like one of his great specialties, and that’s the changing of the rhythm at complete unexpected moments, and this was so noticed and appreciated by the audience! We loved his solo, his hand drumming, and this time the gong was also present at stage. 🙂

Paul Morris was much better to hear as in Uden, and so we could much more enjoy and become aware how gifted this man is. He is never dominant but his keyboard accompaniment support the band consistent harmonious and sensitive and with special effects when needed. Truly inspiring and refreshing.

Beautiful solo also. 🙂

Greg Smith is not only a full of live bassist, but what a voice has this man! And he never stopped one moment with giving all contribution of one could dream and even more… of one could not dream of! Vital with style and untiringly !

Joe’s voice was excellent, and his well known and true friendliness gave great pleasure …Turner gave all in singing and performing, touching, energizing, rocking! He added nice personal messages… and yes… this man is true, and he is not repeating the same words at every place! He has such a warm heart for the fans! 😀

Jürgen’s playing is in one word beautiful. He is not a show off, although he did kick the ass of Greg Smith… He is very relaxed, he accompanies very adequate and with touching solo’s every song! He expressess feelings and moods, and he is not only stuffing up songs with noise as so many do these days!

There were also people from the south of Belgium and even France to see them, and we all wanted other fans to know that OTR becomes day by day more superb, fast and exciting !!!.

There are many good hard rock concerts, but at an OTR concert, one would need an extra couple of eyes and ears…so much was happening in a wonderful speed…not in hurrying, but in creating not one dull moment !!!

Only one remark but not to their address…can’t the concert’s in future not take place in bigger hall’s? We were now like sardines in a box ! Can we buy CDs next time?

Thanks to smashing good looking OTR for this unforgettable evening in Belgium.

16 Comments to “Vosselaar Over The Rainbow – superb”:

  1. 1
    Bo says:

    Why are OTR not on their way to Denmark?????
    Cant wait to see them!

  2. 2
    John says:

    OTR should open up for a major band like Iron Maiden, and go on a huge U.S. summer tour! Doogie White could join OTR for this tour! It would be fantastic. AND JURGEN MUST START PLAYING THE STRATOCASTER ALL THE TIME!! !!! !!!

  3. 3
    Lotte says:

    Last year I had to travel to the Netherlands to watch OTR in Uden, and I knew at once that I wished I could see them again as quick as possible !
    My friends and I were most happy that this time they visited Belgium in Biebob Vosselaar on 21/4/2010 !

    Just before OTR came up, we heard ‘Dance with the devil’ from Cozy Powell and that was very well chosen and increasing our tension and impatience !

    Then they started with Tarot Woman wich released all the joy and happyness in our rock hearts.
    The sound was very good and the mixing too, so that we could hear also each individual playing very well and clear !

    The full hall was truly too small and in JLT warm welcome words he said that we were all standing glued to eachother ! But no one cared, for we all felt the members were in fantastic shape !

    The rest of the setlist was :
    Kill the king, Street of Dreams, All night long, Eyes of the world, Ariel, I surrender, Death alley driver, All night long, Long live rock and roll, Wolf to the moon, Man on the silver mountain, Jealous lover, Stargazer, Can’t let you go, Since you ‘ve been gone, Can’t happen here, Spotlight kid.

    Great and important to report was the high speed tempo, untiringly ,and all songs were first class quality.
    Every member gave all he could with love , heart and humor.

    Joe‘s voice was clear and powerful and in fantastic shape. Joe reached the highest notes and this was most exciting !
    His singing expressed superb every mood the song was supposed to feel! He does not only perform with the voice but with all his body ! What a rocking and dancing and moving singer !
    We loved his warm words to all of us , but especially me…for I got a kiss on my forhead during ‘All night long’ 😀 !

    Greg is an exceptional agile but also super dynamic bassist ! What a cool style he has but also… what a strong voice ! Never out of key and so clear. Truly amazing !
    Without realizing, Greg became also true famous amongst us , Belgian, after the show, for his specialism knowledge of the Belgian beer varities, and even more for his capacity of consuming them 🙂

    I adore Ian Paice and Cozy Powell, but Bobby most of all !He is just unique ! He is so fast and non stop reacting as a rocket. And what what differences of speedy rhythms he creates . We just got wild from him 😀 ! Only the stage was very small for his impressive equipment. One cymbal felt on the ground during the solo and the roady saw it rather late, but Bobby managed to play firther without any delay. The cymbal had to be taped on the floor to hold !!! What a sensation.
    Bobby also did in the drumsolo the hand drumming and the gong was present too. Wonderfull !

    The solo’s of Jürgen were much longer then in Uden and we were so happy about that !
    Jürgen plays ravissant, supporting, touching our souls or dynamic rocking ! He is so leisurely but noticing everything !
    A very funny scene was Jürgen playing with the stratocaster the ass of Greg and kicking his ass to end the song 😀
    Just awsome !

    Paul Morris did a hell of a job too! He never overrules the others , but he has exellent ears to support his mates and give the songs a remarkable exquise style. He gave gorgeous and beautiful solo’s too !
    I do backing vocals in an amator band, and when Paul heard that, he was so extremely kind to invite me and a few of my friends afterwards. I could ask him all I was interested in.
    It was an extremely great honour, but completely unimaginable was also the to sit on the table with Jürgen and company and Greg !

    Jürgen was truly interested in what we thought of the setlist.When some one of us said : ‘’ Can’t you skip ‘Since you’ve been gone’ ‘’ …the whole table shouted together : ‘’Noooooowwwwwwwwwwww ! ‘ 😀 This song for us is like ‘Smoke on the Water’ for DP!’’
    Then we proposed very seriously ‘Still i’m sad’, and ‘Catch the rainbow’…and at home we thought we forgot to propose the most impressing song :‘Tearing out my heart’!!!
    Anyway the setlist was superb and the concert magnificent.

    I got new friends fans out of the south of my country (The Ardennes) and we all felt pity that we couldn’t buy CD’s. So I would like to pass this through.
    Perhaps in future also a DVD ???

    Thanx OTR for uploading us with this fantastic show.You are five ‘Highway Stars’ ! 😀

    As long as the concert takes, one can’t get his eyes from the stage.Never a boaring moment.

    Cheers 8)

  4. 4
    stoffer says:

    Thanks Annemie for the post, sounds like it was a great show!
    I have to admit to some confusion, with the exception of very few on this site, people are pissed off that DP doesn’t have a new album to tour with. OTR not only doesn’t have album of their own to tour with, this lineup has recorded NOTHING together. Why the free ride for OTR at least DP has several albums togehter plus the library. I want OTR to succeed and would be there see them if given the chance, but lets ask for a new LP from them too if we are gonna get “down on our knees” and plead for an LP from Deep Purple!

  5. 5
    Lotte says:

    I remember that Jürgen and Greg told us, that they really want to make an album, and I think that they had -or were working on it- already three new songs!
    If I remembered right, Jürgen said also he likes composing 🙂

    I believe too that there would be a lot of interest and joy at the fans !

    I support and wish with you and the other fans they may succeed 🙂

  6. 6
    big al says:

    sounds great but lets face it if purple wont record an album due to online piracy etc then OTR probably wont either. Would love to see both bands in the uk!

  7. 7
    T says:

    Re: #4

    Interesting comment.

    I see it as just the opposite. OTR is criticized for not having an album to promote and is seen as a “tribute band”.

    Purple currently plays old songs with which only some members were involved, and all without the soloists of the time. They, too, have no album to promote, and haven’t had one for half a decade. Yet, they get a pass.

    I agree with a poster on another topic that DP has nothing to prove–that they could never record another note and still remain the greatest rock band of all time.

    On the other hand, if OTR is dubbed a “tribute” band on the basis of a lack of product and musicians who have not played on certain songs, the same must be said of Deep Purple in their current circumstance.

    Over the Rainbow doesn’t have the resources and name recognition that the Purple organization has–nor have they been around for every long. It is thus easier to excuse the lack of an album–for the time being–than it is for Purple. If, in four more years they still don’t have an album out, then I will agree OTR is a tribute band merely out to suck the blood from the Rainbow legacy.

  8. 8
    HZ says:

    Maybe JLT waiting in hope that Ritchie will throw look on them… I agree, they should record as OTR, something new because JRB is fresh and seems to me “the boy can play the rock”.

  9. 9
    kraatzy says:

    #2 = John…
    JR plays at the last ORE-gigs a sunburst-strat all the time !!!

    #8 = HZ…
    JRB is fresh and “the boy can play the rock”. I ve seen him in Bremen last year and he is allways fit for a record.

    #2 = John…
    To support a super-groud like Iron Maiden !! ( why the hell Iron Maiden ?? and not pre-suport for the next germany Marillion/Deep Purple -Tour in this year ???)

    JR is a very good guitar player and OTR are fit for supporting Ritchie himself !!!



  10. 10
    AndreA says:

    I dream for waiting a new studio release by this band. I’d like it but they don’t seem involved by rumors I hear. nowdays my passion for DP is going down because they are only on stage since long long time,since many years: TOO MUCH! I need freshness so I expect more by OTR than DP also because they are younger and full of passion for the music. J.Blackmore in these mounts has reached a brilliant level with his sound to cover the old piece from Dio’s era,he plays very well (see their myspace.com, for ex GATES OF BABYLON where he plays a superb guitar solo,one of the best written by R.Blackmore, if I am right I note also that J.B. uses a fender…)..
    No more words: I would like to see them here in Milano one day, and mainly to get one day their new studio release.

    AnnemiE,it has been to “see” you here on THS.com after long time.
    Best fairy wishes to You my dear..

    L O N G L I V E R O C KnR O L L ! !

    ciaooo purplefriends

  11. 11
    kraatzy says:

    #10 = AndreA…

    You have seen it right. JR always use a very beautyful white fender strat to play “Gates of Babylon”. And now he performs on stage always a fender strat (in sunburst design).



  12. 12
    Annemie says:


    I always follow THS, so you’re never out of sight 😉

    I do a lot of work abroad, and because of that , I’ve little writing time.
    But for this occasion…I HAD to !!!

    All great fairy wishes to you too ,but let the new albums be no fairytale 🙂

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Purple has always been a band that doesn’t let personel changes mark its demise, this DP line-up is no less evolved than any other, a tribute is not an evolution and has nothing to do business wise with the real thing. Its not like they broke up and dumped their people and came back years later with Steve and Don. That would likely get no argument being called a tribute because Purple fans wouldn’t play… this is business as usual with a musical landscape that isn’t geared the way it used to be so the amount of touring helps create that sort of theory but its just frustration getting the best of you and taking up valuable brain space. Its kind of ignorant to dismiss them as a tribute unless you haven’t been following for a significant amount of time and just assumed it because of the new guys who’re really the old guys by now. I would just look at it more like their magic wearing off along the way to the point where you leap to conclusive theories out of the boredom you blame them for creating.

  14. 14
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    T:….I never expected you to jump on the Purple is a Tribute act bandwagon. You seemed all this time to be a little less superficial than that. Your description of a Tribute Band is Bogus regarding Purple. The Name has continued since 1968 with various line-ups and an 8 year period when it actually didn’t exist from 1976 to 1984. In 1984, after the 8 year hiatus, had they regrouped and only Toured and played the old material without putting out Perfect Strangers, they would have been by proper definition at that point….A Tribute Band. Doing the job correctly and producing New Material, and then going out on tour in promotion of the New Material, along with the old standards separated them from many other Classic Bands whom tour the circuit under an Old Name just playing those Old Songs, never to produce anything current that legitimizes them as anything But a Tribute Band. “Grand Funk Railroad”, “Thin Lizzy” off the top of my head. KISS was going down the Tribute Band path for Years until finally last year they released a NEW Album with the present Line-up and toured it.

    By the way, speaking of “Thin Lizzy”, I don’t know if you all have seen this but they have formed another line-up, and still no album in sight. The line-up now is: Brian Downey, Scott Gorham and Darren Wharton are joined by Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell on guitar and bassist Marco Mendoza while vocal duties have been handed to the excellent Ricky Warwick of The Almighty…..TRIBUTE BAND.

    Purple put out 2 albums from the MK7 line-up and 2 from the MK8 line-up and toured those albums and now play tunes from all around. That’s what Real bands do. OTR has NO ALBUM. They don’t play OTR Songs. They play Rainbow songs……TRIBUTE ACT, PERIOD.


  15. 15
    PALUMBO says:




  16. 16
    Sami says:

    …and oh my god do I just love all those tribute bands…

    give me ‘Thin Lizzy’ & ‘Grand Funk’ anyday, with just a

    little OTR and ‘DP’ on the side 🙂

    Cheers, be well

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