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Rapture Rages On in Oz

What a great evening, a night out with Deep Purple on the first show of the Australian tour 2010.

The Brisbane Convention Centre is the right venue for Purple, great sound, lighting and of course great vibes (Gillan agrees).The stage setup was great with Paicey’s drums forward and Don forward centered, giving the fans that ‘up close’ feeling.

The show opened with Highway Star which had all the fans seated on the floor rise to their feet and most standing throughout the whole show. The set went in a new direction for Brisbane and included several tracks of ‘Rapture’ and several new suprising intro’s to the classics.

Evening highlights have to include Steve Morse’s solo going into ‘Contact lost’ – ‘Sometimes I Feel like Screaming’ – ‘Well Dressed Guitar’, and what a surprise to hear ‘The Battle Rages On’.

I think the rest of Australia are up for a treat with this show and set list. A great ‘Album Tour and not just the ‘greatest hits’.

Thanks to the Purple Team for being regular visitors Down Under…. 5 visits in 11 years!

15 Comments to “Rapture Rages On in Oz”:

  1. 1
    kraatzy says:

    …. nothing new from down under … 🙁 …

    I am not the only who is still waiting … for some new songs … still waiting … still …

    … … … but how … long … … I have to … wait … ???

    Or is this just THE point, Ritchie Blackmore has above-said a lot of years ago … they (the DP members) are not very creative … more in the direction of lazy writers, if it´s time to write and to produce new songs and to get this into a record.
    R.B. was the inovative and creative part and he has the incentive power in Purple and later on in his own projects…

    … and now we´re still waiting … hoping … waiting …



  2. 2
    Velzy says:

    In reference to Kratzy’s comment , its all about the timeless LEGACY of their songs for which they can totally rest on their laurels without having to prove anything to anyone … and thats good enough for me . At their point in their careers , its not about how creative they have to be from here , they dont even have to write one new note . Re RB , maybe those comments were maybe meaningful in their heyday but it doesnt wash now . DP are like a fine wine now , and thats what people are going back for these days . I was at Brisbane and thought the vibe was great .

  3. 3
    T says:

    Kraatzy–very good point. Deep Purple–sans Blackmore *and* Lord–lack two major forces and creative foils.

    They *have* managed two reasonably good albums and are thus more than capable–but do seem to lack that spark.

    The inclusion of “several new suprising intro’s” to old songs might be an indication that they are at least thinking about it…

  4. 4
    George says:


    I’ve rad Gillan’s interview published in 1990, where he complains that Deep Purple is the band of lazy people. He says that he was tired of so much touring and was persuading bandmates to record 1 album each year but nobody followed him.
    Now I think that he wasn’t sincere at that interview.
    Ritchie isn’t in the band anymore, Gillan is the leader of Deep Purple and they do A LOT OF touring and NO new records, even NO 1 single in 5 years. 🙁

  5. 5
    Paulwrecked says:

    To me and millions of fans DP was Blackmore Gillan Glover Lord Paice, and some great stuff from Hughes/ Coverdale and dont forget Tommy, and er Nick and Rod !
    But Steve does a great job as do all of em in keeping the greatest ever band on the planet alive!

    but I love Blackmores riffs, and Lords Hammond etc etc.. !You cant beat 1970 to 73 !

  6. 6
    marcinn says:


    You will have a chance to talk to him about that, buddy!

  7. 7
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah George … and that is THE point of my request and heartly wish:

    New songs, a new album … maybe only for US … the fans.

    Maybe also only for ME .. a simple fan … before they get retired.



  8. 8
    HZ says:

    Agreed, kraatzy. What I can tell, listening to everything that has any connection with DP, is that Ritchie can be described as explosion of creativity. Yes he is eccentric, yes he can sometimes fall into his dark mood, yes he doesn’t know to laugh and be easy as Steve – but he is musical genius. His sound, his emotion, his interpretation when he’s in, his virtuosity (no matter whether it’s DP or Rainbow); all that makes him the most subtle and the most prominent guitarist in my opinion. And he’s like that when he’s in charge, maybe they don’t agree with him, but in the end you have great album and you cam listen to it, and everything is in place (we still love TBRO, aren’t we) – and the rest can make epopeya of sadness because he was so cruel not to put some song in some place. Not that he has any clue about the business and PR, his PR is 0 or lower. But the fact that he’s loved by his fans is that rock fans weren’t caught by hype, mostly, so they love quality and still Ritchie is the biggest for very very huge group of DP and hard rock fans. That’s why we have this kind of DP and in the same time OTR – all playing those great and unforgettable riffs created by moody dark guy, sometimes acting so childish.

  9. 9
    kraatzy says:

    Hey HZ.

    Reality has shown us, that DP is this DP now. But for my opinion, they are a little bit too lazy with making a new album.

    Ritchie is away on his (music-)planet. An JR gets his chance to get pupulary with JLT.



  10. 10
    DK_DP says:

    I totally agree. The interest in this amasing band is there, but I have to look in the mirror and ask my self. What are they coming up with, to maintain the interest? Look at the creativity of Lord and Blackmore. Just amasing. Come on DP, time for a record or else it ended as a ballroom band! Just not what you deserve…..

  11. 11
    HZ says:

    I’m just saying kraatzy, for the sake of IG, they need to stop playing MkII setlist, if this is the DP, then they need to change the setlist and exclude Blackmore – Lord composed music, and be the DP. All hard rock people play Blackmore whether it’s Black Night, SKOW, Smoke, Speed King, Burn, Stormbringer, Stargazer, Kill the King, LLr’n’r, Perfect Stranger etc. The guy is really the man when creativity and recognizable style and riff is at stake (IP said that he can create r’n’r album in one night if he wants, so OK we know that, he is the composer). They need to change setlist and stop playing old things when IG was able to participate with his great voice, they need to play new stuff, or to create something original which will attract people just like Machine Head, Made in Japan, Burn, or some other old thing, but this time within IG current limits. He’s really at pain when try to scream like in old days, he can’t do it again, or he can but in very limited occasions. Those first days are gone…

  12. 12
    CP says:

    Purple can’t win,so why bother?When they do a new record, then it’s piss and moan that the cd isn’t any good, Jon and Ritchie are gone, Steve sucks,the new tunes don’t work live,bring back ***** oldie into the set list,etc.Or they don’t do a new record, play said oldies,and get taken to task for not DOING a new cd.And Don and Steve still suck,and god knows THEY have nothing interesting to say musically,based on the past recording,etc. etc. etc.

  13. 13
    George Fotis says:

    You don’t really need a new album to hear how they sound , just see them in concert in a good position . You will soon understand how good they still sound! The band feel they don’t really need make a new album, which is probabley why they choose to tour a lot, so all the fans can hear them.

    They definatley can make an album like Machine Head or Pertfect Stranger’s even with Steve but they choose not to , it’s not like they can’t! The concert last week in Melbourne sure was powerfull & nice , one of the best that iv’e seen.

    Ritchie played well on The Battle Rages on but it sure wasn’t his best playing , & Slaves & Master was so bad. His best playing was behind him with Rainbow.

    This current line up is adding new songs to show’s, Steve is playing really well ( and gives them a modern edge) . Ian’s still drumming like he alway’s did , Don’s a very experienced player, Roger still good on the bass. That’s where the interst still is, otherwise all the fans would leave the concert’s . It really didn’t matter at all last week that you went to the concert with out a new studio album out, because the show was so good.

  14. 14
    james jay says:

    I believe DP without a doubt in the top (5) of
    classic rock bands. Of course No. (1)on my list. That said, any new album that may appear will certainly have to contain enough juice to ride the coat tails of a “Fireball” “Machine Head” or “In Rock.” If it does not, we all will piss and moan.
    Is there a new album in the mix? Who knows. But I can say it appears as if the band is having a blast on stage and may be reaping the awards of a long successful career.
    Hopefully, if a new album is created, it cuts the mustard.

  15. 15
    Paulwrecked says:

    Think the new album should be hard rock, no compromise, get it back to the heavy days. just a straight hard rock album,anyone agree?

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