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No screaming in Brisbane

I consider myself lucky to see Purple again and enjoyed listening to a gig of very professional musicians. I enjoyed the venue again in which they played (Brisbane Convention centre) and I thought the sound was very clear and precise. All the members of the band were in top form and like always seemed to be having a great time. Steve and Roger with their constant smiles.

I suppose it’s always hard to please everyone with the set list but I felt a little disappointed that Ted was not played and I was a little hopeful for SIFLS as well. I thought the strongest song of the night was ‘Wrong Man”; which was heavy, clear and powerful. The new songs went down well, and the classics were played with enthusiasm. Ian Gillan putting in 100% in every song and actually looked and sounded much younger than the previous Purple gig. Ian much better choice in clothes as well.

Deep purple are always great, but any show with Steve Morse are fantastic! It doesn’t get any better.

Clear sound and good vibes all around. The only downfall I had was the idiot in front of me (the one who climbed the stage twice). I had a great seat about eight rows back but was stuck behind him. To make up for it I sat beside a very pretty girl who was lucky to receive a drum stick from Paicey!

Ian Gillan jumped off the stage and walked around the front during Black Night and was greeting the crowd. At the end of the show he mentioned that the security needed re-training. I think I agree with your there.

Dave Chakley

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