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The greatest Purple in Melbourne

Awesome! What a weekend that will go down as. Me and my son can not speak highly enough of this show, and of the members themselves.

My 9-year-old son is a huge Deep Purple fan, so the two of us went to the Saturday night show in Melbourne. We had tickets in the first couple of rows, so were really excited about the show. We want to thank the ladies again in the very front row, who grabbed my young bloke, and put him right in the front with them. Thank you ladies, if you happen to read this!

The day got off to an unbelievable start when we walked past the Palais Theatre to see what was happening in the afternoon, and were fortunate enough to meet Roger, Paicey, Steve and Don as they left the sound check. I can not complement them enough on what great people they were! So friendly and down to earth. They were happy to sign items and pose for photos.

I have read mixed reviews on the show itself, but let me tell you, as far as my son and I are concerned, the show was red hot! To me the guys seemed to be in unbelievable form, and seemed to be enjoying the show themselves so much. Ian Gillan made my son’s night when he leant over and shook his hand! We got guitar picks from both Steve and Roger, and I even caught Rogers towel when he threw it out at the end of the show.

Personal highlight of the show for me was Perfect Strangers. I have always loved this song, but Steve’s guitar work to the song adds a new dimension to it, it just goes off!

They’re absolute gentleman each and all, and we can not wait until the next Deep Purple tour!

Danny & Josh O’Sullivan

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