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Purple hit in Sydney

I just went to the Sydney Deep Purple double trouble show with Status Quo and support act Swanne.

It was unreal! I was front row against the stage barricade. I caught a pick off Roger Glover and a pick off Steve Morse. I got both signed after the show.

I was filming Steve Morse in solo in Highway Star with the camera on my phone; and Ian Gillan was on my left swinging his mic stand around like he does. The mic stand came loose flew across the stage and hit me! It didnt even bruise me, but Ian came over really concerned asking if I was okay. He said sorry again after the song.

After the show we waited backstage for autographs. Chatted with the whole band. They apologized for hitting me. Ian explained his personal mic stand had been stolen and the new one wasn’t any good. They gave me and my two mates free tickets to the show the next night! It was so awsome!

Both shows totally rocked! The first show Jimmy Barnes guest appeared in Smoke On The Water. He’s a well known famous Aussie rock legend from Cold Chisel.

I can scan in all the stuff I got autographed, pics, album covers and tickets if you’d like to see them 🙂


Deep Phantom

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