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Photo: Nick Soveiko

Photo: Nick Soveiko


And this, boys and girls, is how you promote a Deep Purple gig (choice of track on the second video notwithstanding). (watch inside)

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Like father, like son

Early February this year German TV channel NDR aired a short special about Jürgen Blackmore. Here’s the gist of it courtesy of our correspondent on location: After five years of lack of communication, he met his dad again when he was ten. It was a very moving moment. They were in a dressing room in […]

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The rainbow that doesn’t rise

A report appeared on BraveWords today titled “Iranian Rockers Stopped From Paying Tribute To Rainbow Rising Anniversary” (it is 40th anniversary, by the way). So what, I thought — people living under a theocratic regime are having a hard time with their hard rock. Move along, nothing to see there. But the story was with […]

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August 17, 1972, Tokyo, Japan

Title says it all. Watch inside.

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It’s easer to not have to deal with guitar players

A 20-minute documentary about Jon Lord’s quest to produce the ultimate verstion of his Concerto for Group and Orchestra was posted by the official DP channel a couple of days ago. Starring: Jon Lord, Paul Mann, and Marko de Goeij. Long time THS contributor Nigel Young gets a name check.

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Deep Purple Kick Off Japan Tour in Sapporo

Once again I had the privilege of seeing Deep Purple perform, this time in Sapporo, Japan on this past Monday night May 9th. I last caught them at London O2 in December, 2015 and as I mentioned in my review then, these guys are showing no sign of slowing down. In fact the 5 month […]

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Addiction and satisfaction

— Why do you always go on tour — on, and on, and on, and on? — It’s like any addict, very difficult to give up what it is that turns you on. A 2000 vintage interview with Jon Lord (with Paicey joining in towards the end) was posted by the official Youtube channel. It’s […]

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No new Rainbow album

Italian publication SpazioRock has an article on Ritchie Blackmore with several quotes from the man (and this time it’s not in a machine-reverse-translation). The most important points included him ruling out the possibility of a Rainbow album or a full blown world tour: No. Also, there won’t be any Rainbow new studio album. He reaffirmed […]

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Schlager vs. hip-hop

Another interview with Blackmore in German. This time he professes his love for Schlager music, talks about his arthritis and the recent finger surgery he had. He didn’t call any of the old Rainbow members for the fear of the band becoming an “old men’s club”. JLT in particular was not tapped to sing because […]

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Big fat tires and everything

Ritchie Blackmore recently spoke to German national newspaper Die Welt. Quite curiously, his interview appears not in the arts or entertainment section, but in the automotive one. Here’s the gist of what Blackmore the motorist had to say: He didn’t get his driver’s license until he was 39. He still keeps his first car — […]

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Glenn’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

Not sure if RnR Hall of Fame induction has raised Deep Purple’s profile in the States, but it certainly did for Glenn Hughes. He sat down to talk with Loudwire for their Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? series, where he recalls — to the best of his abilities — different episodes mentioned on his Wikipedia page. […]

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UK dates added to Hughes’ tour

Nine dates in the UK have been announced for Glenn Hughes’ joint tour with Living Colour. The dates are slotted between November 8th and 20th, right before the tour moves onto the continent. Tickets are either already on sale or will go shortly. Full details on our calendar.

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Not a studio report

Roger Glover sends a brief update on what he’s been up to: Not much to add since my last report except to say that work continues. Meanwhile, I’ve had a few precious weeks at home before the next round begins. My family and I went to a dream called Venice for a few days. A […]

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A Ritchie Blackmore band, but certainly not Rainbow

Rockpages.gr has an interview with JLT, in which he talks about his current projects (he just finished an acoustic tour of Greece), recalls what happened to Over The Rainbow, and gives his opinion on the current incarnation of Rainbow. Ah, and we think he called us “a bunch of idiots”. For we shall heap coals […]

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