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Sunflower Jam 2011, photo: Axel Dauer

Sunflower Jam 2011, photo: Axel Dauer

(Not really) behind the scenes

California Breed’s record company apparently decided to inundate us with hype about their first album by posting a new promo clip every week. This one is supposed to be behind the scenes from recording, while in reality is just talking …

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Good Old Boys on tour

We have a whole bunch of tour dates for The Good Old Boys, the band that features Nick Simper on bass and Pete Parks (of Fandango and Warhorse fame) on guitar. The lineup also includes Alan Barratt singing, Simon Bishop …

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California Breed acceleration

Glenn Hughes spoke to Metal Talk recently. (watch inside)

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You keep on moving

Deep Purple with friends and family perform an extended version of Hush at the conclusion of Celebrating Jon Lord event at the Royal Albert Hall on April 4. Plus, another video of the ‘Glenn Hughes segment‘. (watch inside)

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From sundown to rising sun

Roger Glover posted this on the band’s official Facebook page. As Facebook does not seem to provide permalinks, we take the liberty to reproduce it in full here:

A whirlwind two weeks; from great gigs in Luxembourg to Antwerp

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Church organist by day…

David Baranowski, a.k.a. Bard David, keyboard player for Blackmores’s Night for some 11 years, was interviewed by his local Connecticut e-paper. This provides a rare glimpse of the band’s inner workings from a perspective slightly different from the titular …

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Purple return to Budokan

Deep Purple live at Nippon Budokan (Tokyo, Japan 2014-04-12)

After more than 40 years of worshipping all things Purple, I finally made my pilgrimage to The Budokan in Tokyo to hear Deep Purple play at this storied arena, the place …

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Budokan filmed

[Confirmed] As soon as the band got off the stage at Budokan in Tokyo on April 12, rumours started circulating that the gig was professionally filmed. As said rumours are coming from all the sides now, we feel we should …

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Carthago delenda est

Lars Ulrich commented to the Rolling Stone magazine on this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thingy. And he was nailing his point down quite hard:

I’m not gonna get into the politics or all that stuff, but I got

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Loudest thing since El Alamein

Being on tour with his other band, Don Airey was interviewed in Prague by Jan Krempl and Petr Cejka from Deep Purple CZ, who graciously offered us the original text for publication here on THS.

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Happy birthday to THS

Believe it or not, before there were Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, there was this little musical fan site called The Highway Star.

20 years ago the site went online for the first time. The announcement was made on …

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Midnight Oil

Another track from the upcoming inaugural California Breed album — Midnight Oil:

Glenn Hughes comments:

It’s a refreshing animated video that really captures the lyrical concert and message of the Midnight Oil single. We didn’t want to make a

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Deep purple in Tel Aviv

Deep Purple live at Nokia Arena (Tel Aviv, Israel 2014-02-22)

A superb performance by the band and they sound the same as they were 40 years ago. Being a fan in the great audience I enjoyed the whole performance , …

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Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Rick Wakeman, Murray Gould (guitar), and the orchestra perform Burn during Celebrating Jon Lord show at the Royal Albert Hall on April 4:

Thanks to Clint Walker for the video.


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