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From Atlantic to Pacific and back

The recent Deep Purple’s visit to Moscow was not all glitz, glamour and rubbing shoulders with rich and powerful. Russian promoters SAV Entertainment and Russkij Show Center have announced that during the band’s visit they have “reached an agreement” for another massive tour of Russia and Ukraine this October. The dates are very preliminary and itinerary is very much subject to change. So preliminary and so subject to change that in fact for now we are not even putting them in the tourdates list.

Oct 6 Kiev, Ukraine
Oct 7 Odessa, Ukraine
Oct 9 Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Oct 10 Volgograd, Russia
Oct 12 Voronezh, Russia
Oct 14 Kazan, Russia
Oct 15 Yekaterinburg, Russia
Oct 17 Novokuznetsk, Russia
Oct 18 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Oct 20 Vladivostok, Russia
Oct 21 Khabarovsk, Russia
Oct 23 Irkutsk, Russia
Oct 25 Novosibirsk, Russia
Oct 27 Moscow, Russia
Oct 29 St.Petersburg, Russia

Thanks to www.deep-purple.ru for the info.

19 Comments to “From Atlantic to Pacific and back”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    Touring the Russian tundra is all good and fine; however, one cannot complain about being ignored in the US when one makes no or minimal effort to tour there. If Purple wants to break into the lucrative American market, they might want to consider coming rather than concentrate on niche markets.

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    yeah,who´d ever expected DP to follow the steps of so many innocent Russians and famous dissidents, and do a “Gulag Tour”….hmmm…strange times indeed!!!

  3. 3
    Palkin says:

    Oh yes! =)
    October,29 =)

  4. 4
    Miguel says:

    Your compassion towards “innocent Russians and dissidents” is so touching….I am nearly crying….but we will take care about ourselves somehow without you…. or you don’t want DP to tour Russia, because we are not democratic enough in your opinion? You know nothing about Russia except for stereotypes, have you ever been to our country?…I somehow think that if something was wrong, the band would never show up in our “tundra”…but if they do it means that they know and undertand a lot more than certain people here…

  5. 5
    Georgia says:

    Tour in Georgia pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    btw, I will fly to Ukraine to see DP concert 🙂

  6. 6
    Palkin says:

    Yes. Don’t think that Russia is bad or wrong country!

  7. 7
    mcquey says:

    We will wait for you in Odessa. Good luck!

  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    hurry to Garri Kasparov! he had bad words for Russia democracy…

  9. 9
    AndreA says:

    On 24 November 2007 Kasparov was arrested in Moscow for having taken part in an unauthorised event/parade, organised with a view to the Russian parliamentary elections. The sentence this time is 5 days in prison…

    but this can happen not only in Russia,I know…I know my coutry..my Italia is not much different…


  10. 10
    stefan says:

    Dear Miguel(strange name for a Russian?)!
    The comment was irony,toungue in cheek you know! What I ment was, that the world have really changed since DP started out in the late sixties/early seventies.I could never imagined that DP, or any other hard rock act would ever tour Russia or any other country behind the iron curtain that used to divide Europe.If anyone have told me in `73 that DP sometime in the future would tour eastern Europe and Russia….well…I would probably have tld them:not bloody likely!!!

    I have nothing against DP touring the former eastern block, as long as ordinary people get the chance to see them!I do however object when they prostitute themselves and play private gigs for a so called “democratic elected President” like Putin! I´m sorry Miguel…but anyone with just a tiny understanding of democracy would never include Russia in that category!As an former hockey player I´ve been to Russia many times,especially in the “Good old days” of the eighties,but also a couple of times later after the fall of the Soviet empire. In the spring of 2005 I visited St.Petersburg with my wife…lovely city!

  11. 11
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Once again, do not make the mistake to think that DP can just show up and play anywhere they like. They can’t just travel around playing in the USA just because they want to, someone has to book them. Well, unless they just play on the local square sometimes with a hat in front of them. If no American promoters offer them a tour, but a Russian promoter offer them a tour, it’s not hard to guess that they’ll go where they get paid.

  12. 12
    tucky says:

    having seen deep purple on there north american tour last summer (pacific amptheater la) they were aursom they played a lot of gigs in the us last year and now there going to russia? rock on you russians take no notice of any americans here, have a good time at the concert and to all you americans who were at the same concert as me last year we were the big mouth brits cheering above the silence you guys made.

  13. 13
    AndreA says:

    Right Svante,
    also because DP are not a political Band,so I think it is a good thing they play every where they can,Russia included. Politic with his problem is another matter,another field,another speech. people in Russia love DP and it is a great thing they go to the concert: have FUN Russians,youngs and older Always On Rockin’!

  14. 14
    nsoveiko says:

    AndreA et al.:

    i’m just speculating, but i kinda know how things work in russia. and this particular tour might as well have been conditional on the band performing at the kremlin. i repeat, this is just a speculation, but i don’t think it’s just a coincidence. ’em kremlin folks can be a tad persuasive when they want to ;).

    and it’s true — musicians themselves don’t play politics, they play music. they have a manager to take care of the politics.

  15. 15
    George says:


    I’m very sorry to say this, but DEEP PURPLE BECOME POLITICAL BAND.

    Listen to Bananas album, pay attention to the principles they developed about politics in this album:
    “The strangest people have the power
    To lead me to my darkest hour

    How can you be sure it’s me
    When it’s payment on delivery”

    and then, they played private gig for “The strangest people, who have the power” – I mean Putin and Medvedev.

  16. 16
    George says:

    btw, I’m very glad to see them performing in the Ukraine, as I’ll fly from Tbilisi to Kiev to attend my first DP show.

    Actually, I’d like to flow to moscow for DP show, but Xenophob putin wouldn’t like to see even 1 Georgian man to fly to Moscow 🙂

    and you’re talking about how democratic is Russia???
    ridiculous…just ridiculous

  17. 17
    T says:

    Actually, Purple *can* choose where they tour. They choose not to tour the US but continue to complain about declining interest there.

  18. 18
    Tom says:

    Just reading the news about DP playing in the Gazprom 15th Anniversary party in Kreml. Gazprom is maybe the world’s biggest (read: richest)gas company. Russia’s soon-to-be president Dmitri Medvedev, with a big grin on his face, is pictured with the DP guys. As a DP fan since 1972, I can imagine Medvedev’s feelings. He is said to have been a fan of DP since late-70’s. Remember that Western rock music was officially banned in USSR those days. The music was on self-recorded c-cassettes, buying vinyl records with Western music was very difficult.
    You can be cynical and say, it’s just a publicity stunt from the PR department of Medvedev. Could be, but what’s that going to help with his presidential campain?
    Most of Russians haven’t even heard of DP, not to mention that they hardly listen to that kind of music.
    I think he’s just a fan that has got at last a chance to meet his favorite band.
    They could have had many other band’s instead if they would have wanted to.
    As a Russian support band was Ljube, which plays patriotic rock. That was maybe the essential ideological part that was required to make Putin happy.

    About politics…as a Finn, I also keep an eye on news from Russia and I know that a lot is still wrong in that country. But remember, it’s the State and the way the State is run. There are good people that don’t have the same freedom and possibilities as most of us in the West. I know that Moscow has more billionaires than New York, so the money doesn’t go to everyone’s pockets equally.
    But they want to enjoy good rock music too. Just like we do.

  19. 19
    Alex says:

    I’m waiting this tour since 2006.I’ve been at DP concert in Kiev 11 October 2006.And it was great!!! I think that DP is a great band not only for their music,but they don’t shame to visit such small cities like Khabarovsk or others.Can you name such bands?Rolling Stones didn’t came to Ukraine as they want 2000000$ for the concert.Money to big for us.So good luck to Deep Purple.Thousands fans in Kiev waiting for them.And sory for my english.

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