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Fall tour in Europe

Deep Purple on stage. Photo Nick Soveiko © 2002.

We have more confirmed tour dates for this Fall autumn: Deep Purple will continue touring well throughout September, October and November. They will start this leg with an open air in the midst of the oil fields of Siberia, then visit Israel (where they haven’t played since 1991), then off to the bullrings, beaches and biker fests of Spain. In October the band will be off to the east again, this time for a massive tour of Russia and Ukraine, of which only two dates have been confirmed so far: Moscow and St.Petersburg, but little birdie tells me there’s more to come. From Russia they are straight to Germany (all German dates have been confirmed), and finish with a gig in Switzerland on November 18.

56 Comments to “Fall tour in Europe”:

  1. 1
    George Martin says:

    Once again the USA gets forgotten.
    Thank God when Gillan tours he comes here.
    Thanks for nothing Purple management!

  2. 2
    Purple Princess says:

    The USA? What about the UK?! DP come to the UK do a handfull of gigs then never come back for aaaaages! It’s their home country (well for most of them) and they hardly ever come here. Gillan won’t even do a solo tour here. It’s not fair!
    Oh yeah, there doing like 1 gig in London this year. WOW!!! Not even a tour, a friggin’ motorshow!

  3. 3
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I haven’t had an opportunity to see them since the summer of 2005. Like George Martin says, at least Ian Gillan makes the rounds in the U.S. when he’s doing his solo gigs!

  4. 4
    alessandro says:

    Maybe the fact is tha in continental europe purple seles are higher than in usa and uk: rapture and banans entered the top30 in italy. Made in japan remastered cd in the last 3 month have been in the top 100 and last year reached n.30!

  5. 5
    Mark Bee says:

    Nice…keep touring all those third world countries and skip America.

  6. 6
    ormandy says:

    A new studio album please.

  7. 7
    Patrick says:

    this is bullshit man 🙁 come to florida please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8
    T says:

    The point that sales in the US are low compared to other countries is well taken. Then again, when you don’t tour in the US, you can’t expect people to buy the records. The climate here is slowly changing and the time might be right to come.

    Purple Princess is right. They most definitely should tour the Homeland–as much as I would like them to tour the US. The hometown fans deserve that.

  9. 9
    rich t says:

    they do seem to get here(uk) every 2-3 years, so not too bad considering inbetween they are touring around the world(mostly) and do an album, although i think they should do an annual tour in the uk, just because 🙂

    i’ve decided on their next tour i am going to do several dates, take a week off.

  10. 10
    George says:

    The reason DP has low album and ticket sales in the USA is that they DOESN’T promote anythind connected with DP.
    Deep Purple’s management hasn’t run ANY commercial of Rapture of the Deep in the USA, so,, why do they expect album sales to be high? Deep Purple will not have high sales untill they promote albums properly. In comparison, Whitesnake promoted “Good to Be bad” album via USA’s popular TVs and Radios. and the result? “Good To Be bad” reached top5 in USA and sold amazingly.

    Also Deep Purple doesn’t promote their tours at all. No advertisings and no commercials on TV. And the Result? DP, world’s one of the greatest band can’t to sold out even 1 500 capacity theaters in USA. the ONLY date promoted during DP’s 2007 USA tour was some open-air, and the attendance of audience was 100 000, beleive it. 100 000 people in Deep Purple’s concert In USA, because they promoted this date properly.

    How they promoted other dates? they only posted tour dates on ths.com, d-p.com and dp.com. Is that promotion?

    I Think Deep Purple must change promouter…

  11. 11
    Jesper says:

    likewise in europe.

  12. 12
    terry says:

    How about a gig or two in Portugal especially Albufeira in September when i am on holiday there. They can count this as an official invite , the bullring at Santa Eulalia will do nicely, any night except Friday because the bulls tend to get in the way.

  13. 13
    Gary N says:

    When the guys get around to playing the UK next time, can the promotor PLEASE try to accomodate the fans and sort out a theatre tour, rather than playing aircraft hangers such as Wembley, the NEC or any other shed that provides such poor visuals and more importantly, such poor sound. Might mean a bit more work for all concerned but like most bands, DP are SO much better at close quarters, always have been.

  14. 14
    George Kikonishvili says:


    As you see, the topic about DP 2008 European tour has turned into “Deep Purple promouting” topic.

    I think IT IS TOO MUCH IMPORTANT TOPIC for the band.
    Someone wants DP to have a little concerts in theaters, while someone (e.g I) wants DP to promote their tours via TV and radios and to sold out large stadiums.

    It’s undoubtedly important, that band promoters MUST promote new albums and run commercials via TV to increase album sales.
    DP members always complain that they have LOW ticket/album sales in the USA and people forget them. But I think, it happens NOT because audience doesn’t like DP music, BUT USA is too large country and when management promotes tour in such a big country only with posting tour dates on official web-site, the band shouldn’t expect ticket sales to be high. as I remember, During DP 2007 USA tour, some dates were cancelled, ’cause tickets weren’t sold at all. (I think it was some “House of Blues” date in august).

    So, reaching high ticket and album sales BY promoting tours and albums properly, with commercials and advertisings is TOO MUCH IMPORTANTD for ANY band.
    I think, It’ll be great that you open topic in ths.com blog, titled as: “Deep Purple promoting”

    The topic will include:
    1.Official information from management, if HOW DP promotes their tours and new albums.
    2.If they want high album/ticket sales, then WHY they don’t ptomote band properly
    3.What is people’s opinion about this.

    Pleaseeeee, open topic about this.
    I remember that you posted blogs about setlist, ’cause some people liked current setlist, some don’t, some wanted other songs…

    promoting DP is highly controversial subject, so, please, Let Us write our opinions about this, in new blog.

  15. 15
    SEVEN-47 says:


  16. 16
    Cupcakeocaster says:

    Cool on how they are touring through over there.
    When will they come to Columbus Ohio????
    I was glad that a North American tour flowed through, but then they skipped Ohio!
    Me and my daddy cried. . .

  17. 17
    George Kikonishvili says:

    hmm… I forgot to say. During 2007 USA tour DP promoted the ONLY 1 date and the attendence was….. attendance was… beleive it – 100 000 people… 100 000 people on Deep Purple’s concert, in the USA, in 2007… only because this date was advertised and promoted via TV and Radio.

    should I add anything?? 🙂

    And do not forget 1 “house of blues” date, which was cancelled because of not having ticket sales at all because of NOT promoting this date properly.

  18. 18
    George Kikonishvili says:

    look, I found this on deeppurple.com forums: http://forums.deeppurple.com/viewtopic.php?t=175&sid=cad22975755d5f2f24233420214b0f2b

  19. 19
    Gazzagary says:

    After the motor show gig in London is when more U.K. shows will go on sale.

  20. 20
    AndreA says:

    DP come here in Milan Italy on next July but the price I’ll not go to the concert because of price:
    from 58 to 80 euro…
    this is s***t,
    DP should find better hall to play not palace-teatro with high price,they should care to their fan,that mean also me.

    in the past I’ll never loose DP’s concert here in my town,but now I’ll miss there,this is the first time I want to renounce to them: very sad!

  21. 21
    Roberto says:

    I remember the 2005 and not 2007 outdoor concert with 100000 people.
    Foxfesr Iowa festival Michigan Usa,supported by Blue oyster cult.Probably you are referring to that gig…
    I will have the dvd because of that huge crowd and the wonderful band and Gillan performance

  22. 22
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS!!!!!!

    They Do Not Promote Properly. PERIOD. I’ve bitched about it to the Band and to Bruce Payne. All they say is “That the record companies fault”. If I were Purple, I would take charge and I wouldn’t sign with any record company without first coming to a strict “Promotion Agreement”. It is always the same thing here in the States. Their CDs are never promoted and neither are their concerts. None of their CDs that have been released since “Battle Rages On” have been posted on sale in the “New Release” section of the record store sales adds. Not ONE! The Only Way I find out about a CD or Concert from Deep Purple coming to my town is on this website. Otherwise, I wouldn’t hear or see anything. You can’t bitch about poor concert attendance or record sales if you don’t promote it properly.

    Granted, I do realize that they have found that ‘World Touring’ is paying off very well, but a little better promotion in the States would go a long way toward filling venues.

    Pretty Basic Comon Sense…..


  23. 23
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Why does people seem to think that a band can just show up and play anywhere they like? There are a lot of factors that have to be right and the most fundamental is, there have to be enough people buying tickets. The band has to get paid. If you don’t get paid, you go somewhere else where people are prepared to pay.

  24. 24
    Tracy Heyder says:


    IN ORDER TO SELL TICKETS……YOU MUST PROMOTE!!!!!!The same for selling Records……

    They do a POOR JOB Promoting. They alway have. Therefor, Ticket Sales is sketchy and Record sales are below par.

    If you don’t Promote, then “Nobody’s Home”……


  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:

    My belly is aching.
    I ate too much……

  26. 26
    Tracy Heyder says:

    So is my head.
    I thought too much….


  27. 27
    Patrick says:

    this is clearly quite absurd !!

  28. 28
    Tracy Heyder says:

    No, I just realized…..not from thinking….but drinking…


  29. 29
    George says:

    Waitting for NiCk Soveiko-s answer…

    Please, open topic about promotion on ths.com

  30. 30
    Jeffs says:

    It’s all very well promoting the new albums etc. But the band need to get a decent producer in for the next one…the sound (especially the drums) on the last 2 with Michael Bradford at the helm, just cannot compete with modern rock production…In fact, you could get a better drum sound in your bedroom!

    This band need to be taken care of when studio recorded and when this happens (providing the material is good) the record companies will spend more money promoting the product. Not sure who in the Purple camp is hung up on MB but they should get a reality check ASAP!

  31. 31
    Purple Princess says:

    Gazzagary, I hope so! 😀

  32. 32
    NIKOS says:

    deep purple… please come to GREECE !!!!!!


  33. 33
    Bo says:

    I can only agree 101% – with no promotion NO sales (concerts or records).
    I love to see Purple around, BUT right now I feel that Purple in Europe is an “now they are back again with no news”. The special event feeling disappeard long time ago. They play they most strange places every summer with only a few people (2-3000 or so).
    I’m sure that if it was Mrk II or III there would be far more people around, but it’s not. Therefore Bruce Payne and the local promotors have to do MUCH MUCH better than they do now, if they want Purple to the big event the name deserves.
    If I could I would prefer Gillan to tour Europe this summer, and then in 2009 see Purple back with a new fresh hard rocking (like House of pain) high in the charts.

  34. 34
    Mike Eriksson says:

    DP pretty much lost the US market in the late 80´s and without a hit it´s going to be difficult to make a stir again, so tours with other acts in bigger places or mid-sized halls by themselves in certain places is the option they have. In Europe and elsewhere, the profile has been much higher, both with classic re-releases that has sold very well and new records. I think DP with Morse has spent an awful lot of time in the US, playing festivals and double-bill shows, considering. They have tried like bitches to regain lost ground. You should respect that. You should also remember that these guys are pushing 60 and they are NOT protected by the “original lineup” (MKII) thing. The music industry is an ugly place, but if the majors thought that they could make a killing on DP they would all be there fighting for them. At this point it hardly matters how good a new DP record is, the majors will not take a chance. I kind of like DP for being the underdogs that they are in the US, and that they never ever give up regardless. I love that attitude. But to ride the charts high again, you need a song that catches on with the masses. This is tricky stuff. “Smoke On The Water” was not a hit on it´s initial release. In any case, DP is still a major band globally speaking, no matter what.

    Mike Eriksson

  35. 35
    big al says:

    The only way to tour the states is in a package deal ie 3 bands, share the costs/gear/promotion/etc
    my choices would be quo,purple and uriah heep or marillion, purple, ufo. another great idea from me.(the other one is a new collection of new stuff called morse code to show the mis informed what the band are doing now) night night.

  36. 36
    George says:

    I read somwhere “Deep Purple & Aerosmith Touring USA together”

    It’ll be great for DP, they will see huge audience once more, after Perfect Stranger Tour 😀

  37. 37
    JayW says:

    I’d love to see them in USA again soon! The shows I’ve been to in and around Minneapolis-St.Paul over the last 10-12 years have generally not been well-attended. I agree with others that there is little to no promotion done. And whether it’s right or wrong (or very old news), some fans from the past still say without Blackmore they won’t go. I happen to think they’re still doing strong material and am sad to see small crowds, but I still will jump at any chance to see one of the greatest bands ever…

  38. 38
    Omer says:

    They are coming to Israel!!!
    Does someone know how many songs from the “Golden age” are they doing normally?And do they still preform as good as the were in the past?

  39. 39
    George says:

    Most of the songs are from “Golden age” (Blackmore Era) of DP.
    They ALWAYS play:

    Pictures of Home,
    Perfect Strangers
    Black Night
    Highway Star
    Strange Kind of Woman
    Space Truckin’
    when A Blind Man Cries

    and of course, Smoke On The Water

    Deep Purple FREQUENTLY play:
    Speed King
    Woman From Tokyo

    During Rapture of the Deep Tour 2006-2008 they ALSO played:
    The battle Rages On
    Knocking At Your back Door
    Mary Long

    Now what about STEVE MORSE ERA SONGS:

    From “Rapture of the Deep” 2005 album they ALWAYS play:
    Well Dressed Guitar
    Rapture of the Deep
    Wrong Man
    kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    Things I Never Said

    From rapture 2005 album they ALSO played:
    Before Time Began
    Junkyard Blues
    Back To Back

    They very frequently play other Steve Morse era songs:
    Sometimes I Feel like Screaming
    Ted The mechanic
    Loosen My Strings
    Contact Lost

    Deep Purple with Gillan NEVER play Coverdale (1974-1976) and Turner (1989-1991) Era songs

    Setlist for the 2007 European Fall and 2008 South American tour was:

    . Pictures of Home
    . Things I Never Said (from Rapture)
    . Into the Fire
    . Strange Kind of woman
    . Rapture of the Deep (from Rapture)
    . Mary long
    . Wrong man (from Rapture)
    . kiss Tommorrow Goodbye (from rapture)
    . Steve Morse Solo + well Dressed Guitar (from Rapture)
    . The battle Rages On
    . Lazy
    . Loosen My Strings / or Sometime I Feel Like Screaming
    . Keyboard Solo
    . Perfect Strangers
    . Space trucking
    . Highway Star
    . Smoke On The Water

    . Hush
    . Black Night

    What about how they perform, I have read almost all concert reviews not only here, but in Music Magazines and I HAVE NOT READ ANY BAD REVIEWS ABOUT THEIR CONCERTS, ABSOLUTALY EVERY REVIEWER SAY THAT DEEP PURPLE NOW PLAYS ALMOST AS GREAT AS IN 70’S. They are really amazing band.

    If you want to see how great DP is, watch their latest DVDs:

    1. Live At Montreux 2006 (realased 2007)
    2. Around The World Live (realased 2008)

    They are real music masters

  40. 40
    George says:


    You’re really lucky man if you go to DP concert.

    If you want to see just good show and great scene-design, then go to Rolling Stones or Madonna’s Concert

    If you want to hear heavy music, but every songs boring and similiar to each other: then go to Iron Maiden’s or AC/DC’s concert.

    If you want to hear just the same old hits concert by old musicians, just go to Black Sabbath or Genesis live.

    Or If you wanted to see boring and WITH NO FIRE concert, then, why you missed Led Zeppelin Reunion at London O2?


    If you want to see and hear and enjoy REAL MUSIC, REAL LIVE CONCERT FROM THE LIVE MASTERS, If YOU WANT TO FEEL FIRE FIRE AND FIRE ON THE STAGE, then go to Deep Purple’s concert. It will be the best you have ever seen. Modern, Hot, Full of Fire and Energy, fresh and just amazing show 🙂

  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It s a pity I m not on medication anymore….
    Allright, that did not help either………….still hated HIS SOUND.

    Maybe I should take real drugs?

    Booze …………

    Too much is not enough?

  42. 42
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Talking about drugs and their effect.

    I heard KAMELOT will be supporting Iron maiden in the fall.

    That’s some band that really gets my blood flowing!

    Go go go Kamelotians!!!!

  43. 43
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Hi JayW;

    Good to hear from a fellow Minnesotan! Did you catch the show at “The Taste Of Minnesota in 2005? I was somewhat annoyed with the number of casual fans there berating Morse, and chanting “Where’s Ritchie”!

  44. 44
    George says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, guys, who cares about fall tour,




  45. 45
    knowitall says:

    hi – regarding DP tours, I read somewhere here 300 shows x 200k etc.
    well, 60 million dollar tours are big news in anybody’s book, were that true.
    alas, it’s not.
    truth is, DP goes out for about a third of that – and that’s the gross
    when they sell out – which is rarer and rarer, unfortunately. the difference between the gross and the net on a rock tour is shocking.
    one young man points out that he won’t be paying 80€ for a seat in a
    1500-seat theater… even if it sells out, do the math, there’s no free lunch. what lands in the band’s collective pockets isn’t the stuff of millionaire’s dreams.
    the real money is in the publishing, and as dp’s classics were all 5-way songwriting splits, 3 of the current 5 are doing okay from performance royalties.
    regarding promotion: modern radio doesn’t promote anybody in europe over 30. pretty much same for america. there was a complete radio boycott of ‘radio nowhere’, which went on to win a grammy for best rock song,though I doubt if bruce cares. if you hear a springsteen, elton, or purple song on the radio it’s 20+ years old. ‘lion king’
    songs are on the radio all the time, but the last 10 EJ records – all great – have been ignored.
    further, a major label considers anything under 2 million units to be a flop – which is why kanye rules the waves, and 60+ rockers haven’t got a chance.
    it was never any different – elvis killed sinatra, got killed by the beatles,who got trashed by rock, punk etc.
    where I imagine the DP crew clean up is in merchandising – which is what everybody else does these days, too. 30$ t-shirts, etc.

    bryan adams’ last record sold 45,000 in america – completely ignored –
    as did jlo’s etc. that’s why everybody and his brother is out on the road. I’m not talking about musical taste here, but economics.

    one more point: since the digital revolution, recording studios and labels and retailers are dropping like flies. these days you can (and most do) make a record in your living room with a mac computer and one of several programs, and sound as good as your talent allows – studios used to cost thousands of dollars a day – and there are millions of releases competing for a dying market, precisely because you can get one recorded and printed for 10k.
    one last point about money: the big paydays are now completely off-the-radar corporate things where money’s not an object and no tickets are sold. you’d be amazed at some of the names playing this circuit. VW or red bull don’t care what they pay the star at their yearly sales meeting.
    to conclude: everything’s new and different. a bad thing? cream still rises.

  46. 46
    SEVEN-47 says:


    Very informative, and I know you’re right! In 2006, during Ian Gillan’s solo tour, I was in the motel room, (yes motel room), next to whoever handles the finances. The walls were extremely thin, and I heard this gentleman on the phone, telling someone he didn’t know how they were going to pay the band. I was thinking how can this be, but come showtime I was one of maybe 200 people in attendance! It was a great show, but very sad! Ian Gillan after the show, greeted all of those who stayed, and didn’t leave until everyone who wanted an autograph got one. He also invited my girlfriend and me onto the tour bus for a beer and conversation. Gillan is a very nice man, and I will never forget him giving me the best birthday I ever had!

  47. 47
    knowitall says:

    you’ll never meet a nicer bunch of people than a) been-there-done-that rockstars and b) recovering alcoholics… 🙂

  48. 48
    knowitall says:

    one more ps: my much-missed late father once told me’kiddo, you spent 80% of your money on hookers and blow – and the rest you wasted’.
    when you’re up there in the thin atmosphere, it’s a long way down… and nobody in their 20’s feels mortal, anyway. about the only exception to this i can think of are the stones and bon jovi – they
    still fill stadiums, one as godz and one as non-aging popstars that can charge what they want, there are always enough housewives who miss highschool. and would love to be heather or denise for a night.

  49. 49
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Actually I’m a functional alcoholic! 🙂

  50. 50
    knowitall says:

    well, seven, I won’t ask your age, but good luck – after about 40 your
    body has subtle little ways of telling you to slow down – (like not being able to drink fast enough to keep from going into withdrawal) –
    I know you were kidding, but no shit the recovery rate for drunks and abusers is WAY under 20%… and has nothing to do with willpower or
    personal strength – I would have loved to watch jimi or jim or janis grow up in public….

  51. 51
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I know what you’re saying knowitall, I’m 48 and have really dialed it back. I just make sure that I work all the time, and drink only when I’m off, Which is hardly ever! 🙂

  52. 52
    George says:


    Rapture of the Deep Tour gained over 60 000 000$.

    The simple arithmetic: Booking Deep Purple for concert, costs $200 000 per show.
    Deep Purple held 300 shows during Rapture Tour.
    300shows * $ 200 000 = $ 60 000 000,

    Am I right?

  53. 53
    to george says:

    No George. You’re wrong. You’re not even close. Listen to what Knowitall says. He’s much closer to the truth than you are.

  54. 54
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I do not need more symptoms of severe depression.

    So I ll very probably will not go to see them anymore as long…….

    Maybe that’s “moving On” too?

  55. 55
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Promoters sell tickets, they don’t waste much too time on advertising, which should not be confused with “promoting” they’re not into the loss margains.
    It’s all broken down by what is called “cost per thousand” and that is a fact, take it from someone who has managed a ticket outlet. Look it up online, you can probably google ‘concert promoting’ or ‘stage managing’ and find that mentioned, easily, as it’s how they divvy, guaranteed.


    Sad to hear about only 200 turning up at one of the Gillan’s Inn shows… wasn’t the case in Vancouver, it was a completely packed house, and you could also barely move around in the dressing room after the show.

  56. 56
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Whatever the Margin is, they definately rely on touring for their income as a band these days. the last time I spoke to Roger, that was his basic statement. He blamed the change in music sales as we know it and the download pirates. My problem is this though. When they release new records, they are never promoted in the major stores sales adds under the “New Release” section on sale. NEVER!!!! When they come to town for a concert, you never hear radio or tv promotions and unless you check through Ticket Master or the Highway Star “Upcoming Tour” section, they would come and go and you would never know. That is a Crime. Then, even if they do make a blurb on the radio, announcing a show, they only have “Smoke On the Water” playing in the background, and never mention the fact that they are Touring in regards to a New Album. All you get is the SOS that “Deep Purple, the band that gave us Smoke on the Water” is going to be at…….

    I truly do not know anyone, besides the Purple Fans that even knew they had anything new since Machine Head. That’s how long they have been so “obscure”. Yet, when I turn my friends and aquaintances onto their present stuff, they freak out and wonder why they haven’t heard any of it on the radio.

    The band is partly to blame. For years it was well known that they didn’t do promo-interviews and videos during the ’80s when they made their return. There after, they chose to refrain from all the “hoopla” of being a major act, when they were still somewhat in the age bracket for atracting young folks. Now they are feeling the reprecussions to that way, and it has cost them in the end.

    I believe they could still be a major US act, if they promoted it up right, and the band bit the bullit and went out of their way to be more public. Exposure is what it takes and they need to crawl out from under the shy curtain.


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