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Ukraine and Russia tour report

Tour poster, St.Petersburg, Oct 28 2008.

Deep Purple started it’s tour of Ukraine and Russia. On October 12 in Dnepropetrovsk they were greeted at the local airport by two girlsJam at the airport. Dnepropetrovsk, Oct 12 2008. Photo © www.zenbroker.ru in traditional costumes, welcoming the band with an ornate loaf of bread and a capella folk songs. This turned into an unexpected jam when Steve Morse pulled out his guitar to provide instrumental accompaniment for the singers.

Setlist for the most shows have been so far:

  • Pictures of Home
  • Things I Never Said
  • Into The Fire
  • Strange Kind of Woman
  • Rapture of The Deep
  • Contact Lost
  • Well Dressed Guitar
  • Mary Long
  • Wring That Neck
  • The Battle Rages On
  • Don Airey solo
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Space Truckin’
  • Highway Star
  • Smoke On The Water
  • Hush ~ Ian Paice Solo
  • Black Night ~ Roger Glover Solo

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming was also played in Cherkassy on October 17.

Ticket scan. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, October 12, 2008.

More pictures:
Tour poster, Voronezh, Russia, Oct 20 2008.

Thanks to SubAqua and www.deep-purple.ru for the info.

29 Comments to “Ukraine and Russia tour report”:

  1. 1
    Bo says:

    Again and again – WHERE IS “HOUSE OF PAIN”???????????????????????

  2. 2
    Thunderhawk says:

    Not much of changes in the setlist these days, and they have more beautifull songs, songs that real die hard fans wanne hear.
    Cut it with the greatest hits tour, it gets boring!.

  3. 3
    Palkin says:

    I’m praing to Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming in Saint-Petersburg!… This is my favourite song ever!….

  4. 4
    Adrien says:

    I agree… Always the same setlist… :'(
    (Despite some changes, Wring That Neck for example, but that’s all…)

  5. 5
    Thunderhawk says:

    Yeah, i meen there are a lot of other great sons who do very well live like these for example:

    Under the Gun.
    Gypsy’s Kiss.
    Knocking At Your Backdoor(don’t know why the hell they don’t do that song anymore it’s a great song.)
    A Twist in the Tale.
    Talk About Love.
    Speed King.
    Maby i,m a Leo.
    Sometimes i Feel Like Screaming.
    Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic.
    Watching The Sky.
    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

    And why not a Space Trucking with a great Mandrake mandrake root inprovisation(not as long as in the 70ties but still, just to bring back good memmories and let the band do the thing that mad them great and famouse, i would love to see them do that again.)

    They need to make there shows interrestong again, or els they end up playing for 30 people instead of 30.000 on a concert.

    For me, Deep Purple now is just a shadow of what they use to be.
    But they can Chance that, but why they don’t do that i don’t know.
    This line-up can be great, but somehow they just don’t seem to try it anymore.

  6. 6
    Eirik Solum says:

    Is this a greatets hits setlist? No, far from it. It’s just that they have stuck with more or less this setlist for many years now, and we, the die hards, want more change.

    Are these tunes a “great hit”:

    Pictures of Home – not really.
    Things I Never Said – no!
    Into The Fire – not really.
    Strange Kind of Woman – YES
    Rapture of The Deep – no!
    Contact Lost – no!
    Well Dressed Guitar – no!
    Mary Long – not really
    Wring That Neck – no!
    The Battle Rages On – not really
    Don Airey solo – …..?
    Perfect Strangers – YES
    Space Truckin’ – YES
    Highway Star – YES
    Smoke On The Water- YES!
    Hush ~ Ian Paice Solo – YES!
    Black Night ~ Roger Glover Solo

    THIS is a greatest hits setlist:

    Highway Star
    Black Night ~ Roger Glover Solo
    Perfect Strangers
    Space Truckin’
    Woman From Tokyo – incl:
    – Burn (riff and instrumental parts)
    – Stormbringer (riff)
    Knockin’ at you Backdoor
    Child In Time
    Speed King
    – incl chords from Soldier of Fortune
    Smoke On The Water

    Hush ~ Ian Paice Solo
    – Fireball
    Black Night ~ Roger Glover Solo

  7. 7
    Eirik Solum says:

    Forgot to add Strange Kind of Woman as the third song!:-)

  8. 8
    asd says:

    I’ve been at Kiev concert.Not very good,I must say.Their show in 2006 were much better.This time they played almost the same songs(they changed When The Blind Man Cryes and Lazy to Marry Long and TBRO).Also they maked the show shorter.

  9. 9
    Alex says:

    Yes, new album is required:)

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Here we go again


    You are over exaggerating.

    Apart from the fact that large masses say NOTHING about the quality of the product, think Mac Donalds , Madonna and so on….

    DP will never, apart from some special occassion, perform for just 30 people instead of large quantities of people

    1 That would be un economical
    2 It would be below their standards. Not only RB has an ego.
    3 I believe if they will continue like this, playong these kinda setlists along with a certain undeniable professional attitude, it will stay a prosperous buisness.

    I often empathize with the setlist debate .

    At the same time perhaps, like some others wish for, I should refrain from giving my opinion because more and more I tend to skip DP gigs than, as I did once, anticipate them for months in advance

    That s just my persoanl hang up.
    I have been able to enjoy some shows or moments since 93 and giving IT a big chance…..but…..the melancholy kept coming.

    Someone recently, I think it was T perhaps, compared the agression towards the introduction of JLT with the antipathy towards SM s introduction
    He also suggested that they both did NOT get a chance to prove themselves really by one or the other

    I can t speak for others but I REALLY gave the SM thing a big chance and kept on giving it that for years

    But I failed in succeeding to embrace it as a worthy replacement

    I just don t like that sound
    Espescially the solo,s

    But I do like a lot of songs made themselves……and really love the fat interpretations of other parts, I like big fat sounds in the riffing.

    Thinking of that, Unfortunately at the same time Jon s organ went down in the mix for years
    Strangely enough that changed when Don entered.

    Back to the setlist thing


    I tried to stress again and again, that if nowadays, let s be friendly, the so called DP had real balls and integrity they should change their name or play at least 80 percent of the material releases since 93

    But ofcourse, even a real Morse fan should know that, then they would not attract large audiences anymore…..
    Maybe they should have been more adventurous and prove I m wrong, I don t know
    It CERTAINLY would have made me nore proud when they had done that, really

    I do understand their position
    It s quite comfortable now for years

    The money keeps flowing and no pain in the….. who says they should do this and that

    IG, once very much being negative about the formulaistic approach, appearantly settled in the sun of DP instead of the shadow
    The others as well

    People change, that s natural, so I should not really being critical about it, perhaps.

    But still, if I m being honest, it kept me unsatisfied for many years now
    I expected to much of my heroes , maybe

    After all, like RG tries to suggest, they are Only Human after all.
    Personally, me thinks that is a bit too much self denial.

    Ok them a few suggestions again then……

    Place in line
    Sun goes down
    Hey Cisco
    Rosa s cantina
    7th Heaven
    Bird has flown
    Gettin Tighter
    Sail away
    King of dreams
    Truth hurts
    Wasted sunsets
    The unwritten law
    Dead or alive
    No one came
    Living wreck
    Hardloving man or woman. Both…..
    Silver tongue
    Purpendicular waltz
    Loosen my strings
    Cascades I m NOT your lover
    And the adress

    No Smoke, Speed, Lazy, and so on every night, Make it special.

    For my taste ONLY a track like Highway Star should be there very often. That s the ULTIMATE DP TRACK in my book,

    I know someone here agrees. You know who you are, hehehe

  11. 11
    andresihotang says:

    Hey, hey, this is a never ending story.

    Just go to their concert several times and feel the atmosphere there, fantastic or not even with the almost same set lists. So you can make a conclusion is this everlasting debate important enough or not?

    I never go to DP concert (oh, do u know how i miss that thing?) so I do not want to be drowned into this discussion too much. But the idea to put more Morse era songs is really good in my opinion, that’s the way Ian Gillan sing now.

  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “House Of Pain” sucks the big one! Yuck! Can you say “copy and paste the complete into to the Dixie Dregs “Take It Off The Top?” What a bloody rip off that was, not to mention not even getting a publicity writing credit for guitar composition on the track, but using that I guess I can see why, then all the credit goes to Bradford for writing it, Gillan for adding the title and a few words, whilst the riff itself was written by Blackmore sometime in 1979… sheesh! Sorry, saw a mention of that crap and had to go there… another testament to the fact that DP are not 100% all the time according to some… love the rest of Bananas though, go figure.

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 11

    Never going to a DP gig at all seems very awkward for a DP fan
    Why is that so?
    Are you living on some remote yet beutiful island?
    Not wanting to be drowned into that kinda discussion, that s funny
    Don t talk me about the pleasures of having sex, I have none?

    @12 I m not sure if I understand this one well.
    Is it irony or real in some places?
    RB who wrote the riff? Fill me in, please.

    Btw, I like both Bananas and Purpendicular

    Yep, I m a RB fan.

  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Sorry to leave it out, but I figured most knew that Bradford’s riff in “Hop” sounds like pure homage to “All Night Long.” Check it out.

  15. 15
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Have to also comment that one chance was too many for JLT in DP… if it were really formally debated on the internet by every person posting on forums, as to whether thats true or not according to all of us, I’m afraid the results would burry his whiny self slapped arse.(I gave him many a chance before he could be seen doing that infamous butt slapping, that was about all I could take)
    You can only support someone so much before they do such ignorant stage antics, especially in a band like this… yeah, no more money for him from me, although with all due respect, he is a decent singer, no denying, but the job called for better, and better answered, however reluctantly, but neither singer is stupid… they all like the bigger and better gig, thank God.

  16. 16
    Alexxx says:

    Sometimes I feel like screamin was played in Moscow on October 27. Thank you DP!!! Great show, great songs. Deep Purple forever! 🙂

  17. 17
    Frank van den Broek says:

    Well spoken, Purplepriest, couldn´t agree more and couldn´t have said it better.
    And I would pay a lot to see, and I mean a lot, to see a show with that setlist played by Ritchie and Jon.

  18. 18
    andresihotang says:

    @13 purplepriest1965
    Because I don’t have much money, I’m still in school and the ticket price was too large for my account. Deep Purple were playing twice in my country.

    Drowned?? Because it’s not good to give such comments about the song they played in a concert that I don’t even know what kinda situation or atmosphere in the audience when the song was played. Like Gillan or Glover said in intvw around 2006 that they WOULD NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS SUCH DISCUSSION because many of the participant didn’t attend their concert regularly.

    It’s nice to ‘read’ some rarities from Morse era played once or twice or several times on DP concert like they play some rarities from 70-73 era. Tracks such Seventh Heaven, Stole Guitar,69,cascades, house of pain is good.

  19. 19
    stefan says:

    Personally I wouldn´t mind an “all Morse” setlist at all, it certainly would be a refreshing experience!I can even commit sacrilege and suggest they never play “Highway star” again, the bloody thing just don´t do it for me anymore!

    To include songs from HOBL,TBRO and S & M in the setlist is just plain stupid!the first one is crap,the other so so and the last one a Rainbow album…. and why would Ian sing any JLT songs??

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 13

    RG and all the others in DP and around say a lot……
    Perhaps that remark is true about lots of others , dunno…..

    Well, I did attend several shows since Morse came on board every tour and for BOTH the Concerto gigs in London I crossed the pond in 99
    I saw them In Germany during ABANDON in 98 while I saw them already in Rotterdam, Holland that year
    I saw them in 2000, the AHOY Rotterdam gig.
    I saw the Purpendicular show, 1996
    I saw the in between show at Classic Arrow Rock in Holland, 2003
    I saw the ROTD tour in Amsterdam, 2006

    After that one I really could not take it anymore, so i think I really tried.
    8 shows in 12 years, not bad for a RB fan.

    And, indeed, regularly might mean every 6 or 12 months or so?
    Ok, I fail then.

    Maybe I ll reconsider next time, dunno…..


    Although IG is for me THE DP singer I have a lot of love for the others as well
    Why he should or can cover songs Rod did in the first place and NOT songs by the others is beyond me.
    As long it s something suitable for his voice, etc.

    As far as opinions go…….I do not share your vision on those 3 albums, but that s allright.
    In my book HOBL is a great album but undermined by wrong 80 s thinking .
    2 tracks I do not care or can stand, but still there s a lot to enjoy…..

    Bad Attitude
    The Unwritten law
    Dead or Alive
    The Spanish Archer
    Hardloving woman

    RB once said That on IN ROCK something should be dramatic and exciting, well, I think there s enough on HOBL and songs like fire in the basement, the cut runs deep, truth hurts, wicked ways, king of dreams excite me so much more than most of ROTD
    TBRO had TBRO, Enya, Twist in the tail, Solitair.

    But, ofcourse, that s my opinion.

    BTW, before you begin ……
    I like a lot Purpendicular, Bananas and only a little of ROTD and Abandon

    But, for crying out loud, NOT playing 7th Heaven and loads of relatively strong tracks from ALL formentioned albums seems a crime against their own pride.

    But, again, I do UNDERSTAND how they make setlists.

    Ofcourse, understanding is something different from what I feel.

    Sorry for repeating myself.

  21. 21
    Botzy says:

    Hello fellow Purple people,

    I agree with the most of you about changing the setlist.

    But I think a lot of you forget that since the introduction of the Machine Head album in late 1971/ early 1972 the setlist almost remained the same until the MK II split-up in 1973.

    When the reunion emerged it was stil almost the same setlist “filled” with tracks from the Perfect Strangers album.
    The same happened with THOBL and TBRO albums, and nobody complained back then about it as now.

    Only with S&M the setlist was changed around, as with the Purpendicular album.
    At the beginning of the tour for Abondon, Bananas and ROTD it was a reshuffled setlist but as the tour progressed it became more and more the same case as it was the eighties.

    So it is not so strange they don’t change the setlist so much around anymore.

    I do, however, completely agree that there seems to be not so much “fire” and improvisation as before.

    As for a regular DP concert visitor, I’ve been to almost every DP concert here since 1991.(Don’t have the time and the money to go to more Purple concerts outside Holland)
    – 1991 Ahoy! Rotterdam Netherlands
    – 1993 Ahoy! Rotterdam Netherlands
    – 1996 Ahoy! Rotterdam Netherlands
    – 1996 IJsselhallen Zwolle Netherlands
    – 1998 Ahoy! Rotterdam Netherlands
    – 2003 Lichtenvoorde Netherlands (First Arrow Rock)
    – 2004 Weert Netherlands (Bospop Festival)
    – 2006 HMH Amsterdam Netherlands
    – 2007 Hellendoorn Netherlands

    I think this counts as a regular visitor in my book.

    But this is all just my opinion

    gr. Botzy

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:

    The set list on paper is always predictable and discouraging, but bring on any arguments about it when you’re standing there in front of them, getting off enormously on them no matter what song they play, it’s how they do it, not what they do(.) Argue all you want, the odd fan or two thats here and got short changed for this or that reason, should reason concerning the set list. If you check here and see what they’re playing on tour and don’t like it, skip the show or eat it, cause you know it makes no difference when they’re blowing you away in concert, it’s just the same old unsubstantial whining. I’d like Ian to still be able to sing CIT, but then again it’s not 1970 anymore. Get over it!

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I love THAT SONG, but……
    I dont want IG singing Child in Time, too painful, I m sorry

    That was already so around 85
    I admit over the years his voice got better again but not enough to do jusice to songs like that.
    There is PLENTY of songs to pick from.And YES, ,mostly from the Morse PLEASE…..

    Again, referring to others as the one are that buried in the past and so on ,is an opinion you and some others like to give, but many others just THINK differently.
    Not, like you suggest, the odd fan or two.

    On the other hand, you can tell the same to DP now then cause they play mostly songs from around 72
    Ofcourse now and then they change something, but its not enough!
    Like someone in the DTB mentioned…..Can t Steve find other songs than those he plays now for years?
    And why YOU dont ask him to do more from HIS catalogue, if its that great?

    I received Darker Than Blue, the mother of all Deep Purple fanmags 2 days ago.

    And its packed to the rafters with opinons, incl Simon Robinsons aswell,who are very negative about the setlists.
    Ofcourse there also a lot like you guys who dont mind the setlist, as long as they play whatever

    They re indeed catering for a large group but it s not adventurous and absolutely not serving their pride.

    After RB left they went out with loads of different old and new tracks

    Even RB minded people had to admit they were doing quite well, apart from the fact ofcourse that WE just dont like THAT SOUND the new guy was bringing in.
    And very solo sounding the same does not help either.

    But even fanatics like me tried to adapt and found some stuff to enjoy.

    I dont think its unsubstantial whining to use that argument.
    They really should have been proud with their selfwritten songs, say FUCK YOU! to all the critics, RB followers , RB himself,,,, and demomstrate friends and enemies they could do it on their own.
    And that purpose is not served with falling back on RB pencilled tracks every tour
    The argument of some, incl Roger Glover , that they have to do that because they dont sell tickets is SAD and says it all.

    I know that WE are repeating the same criticism over and over again and that you think that should be forbidden or something, but…….

    WE are fans as well and many follow the band since decades.

    That WE should get over it, is your opinion.
    That WE are not going to get over is our thing.

    Why do you not take the stand and ignore us, whiners?
    Why does it annoy you so much?
    Ate you not above that?

    Last note, please stop hammering from your side that I want RB back
    Thats not what it is about, this debate
    I just think they could and should have done theirselves a better job instead of this half hearted approach, mainly directed by money.

    Thats ok if you choose that stand, I can understand but please then dont serve the integrity issues and whine……about radiostations who do not support you with your recent catalogue.

  24. 24
    ormandy says:

    Back in the 70’s it was pretty much the same old setlist once a tour got started. But back then, there was no internet to spoil your surprise.

    Sure, I’d love for them to play No No No (great political rant!!!) Rat Bat Blue, Time to Kill (a purple classic!!!), House of Pain, Fools, Place in line, Strangeways, Hey Cisco, Hard lovin’ Man, Seventh Heaven, Wasted Sunsets, Dead or Alive, The Unwritten law, No one came, And the Address, etc….

    but I’ll take whatever they want to play.

  25. 25
    Rascal says:

    These guys cant please everybody with their setlists……………….

    If the people who post at THS are a typical cross section of DP fans……………the BAND dont stand a chance of pleasing everyone…….

    And as been stated before its about playing what they believe the majority of fans want to hear, because its the majority that fills the venues, buys the merchandise and contributes to the ‘pension fund’………

    So stop whining……………..ladies

  26. 26
    Sergey says:

    Photos from Moscow


  27. 27
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Sergey…..GREAT SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!



  28. 28
    ANDREY says:


  29. 29
    Thunderhawk says:

    I love to see a set like this:

    Into The Fire(Right behind Fireball).
    A Twist in The Tale.
    Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming.
    Under The Gun.
    Wasted Sunset or Clearly Quite Absurd(instead of WABMC).
    Strange Kind of Woman.
    Solo Don into Perfect Strangers.
    Solo Steve, starting with Well Dressed Guitar Ending with Contact Lost and after that jumping rigt into Anya.
    The Battle Rages On.
    Loosen My Strings.
    Rapture of The Deep.
    Highway Star.


    Space Trucking(with a Small Mandrake Root Inprovisation just like in the old days).
    Black Night(with te Chorus of Child in Time, and a little bit of Hush than right on back to Black Night.)
    Smoke on The Water.

    I love to make Setlists, when i make them I see DP play the set in my head.
    And than i go and Daydream of how cool it would be if they realy played that set 😛 .

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