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It looks like there’s a new band in the purple family. It’s called Purple Rainbows and the lineup is Joe Lynn Turner — vocals, Bobby Rondinelli — drums, Tony Carey — keyboards and Craig Goldy — guitar (no word yeat as of who’ll take bass duties, but I hear that Glenn Hughes might be available).

Now, anybody who’ve followed JLT recently knows that he’ll take any job. Tony Carey hasn’t been heard in years in the hard rock context. And Craig Goldey did a damn good job on Rainbow numbers with Dio. (One time I saw them, he even pulled a white strat for a Stargazer, and he did a very faithful rendition to boot.)

On the balance of things, it could be half interesting.

The band is currently looking to book concerts in 2009.

Thanks to Blabbermouth.com for the info.

379 Comments to “Purple Rainbow”:

  1. 1
    stefan says:

    Anything to chase a buck JLT….Bad taste indeed, to plow the Purple name in the mud!!I´m convinced such an hoaks is beneath GH´s integrity and dignity!!!Shame,shame,shame & utterly rubbish!

  2. 2
    George Martin says:

    I don’t have a problem with these guys touring under the name Purple Rainbow. But please Joe only sing songs from Slaves and Masters and the Rainbow albums you’ve appeared on. If they do Smoke or Highway Star or Burn I’ll puke. I hate it when a singer does other peoples songs, it never ever sounds good, it’s always is a big dissapointment. If you throw in a token Stargazer because Tony Carey is in the band I could live with that. There is enough good material available to play live without doing any Gillan, Coverdale etc. I think Coverdale is a great singer but when I used to here him sing Smoke and Space Truckin live I thought man this is really bad. Why do you think Joe only did one album with Purple? It’s because he can’t sing any Gillan tunes well. Thats not meant to be a knock on Joe but if you’ve seen him live with Purple you know what I mean.The only song I’ve ever heard live that wasn’t sung by the original singer that was an improvement is Ian Gillan singing Hush. Good luck boys!

  3. 3
    Crimson Ghost says:

    This is sketchy at best right now and I can’t believe it’s being run as news here and the locations http://www.molidicrock.com and Blabbermouth. For one, they might not be able to use the name because there is already a tribute band of the same name touring about, and they might have a publishing right. Two, Bobby Rondinelli told me this today “Hi Larry, hope you’re well, really not sure if it will ever happen, but we’ll see.”

    I wouldn’t go getting in an uproar just yet, they might just be testing the waters, as it seems to be a feeler at this point, looking for reactions. As BR says, “we’ll see.”

  4. 4
    nsoveiko says:

    > I can’t believe it’s being run as news here

    that’s why it’s not posted in the news section, but in blog. THS blog is a place for the editors to post stuff they find amusing. it does not necessarily contain news as a fact, but may contain rumours, innuendo and other things that are sometimes called “opinion”.

  5. 5
    Luc Brandoit says:

    it’s not a good idee, but they do what they want… Many desapointment Tony Take part of This.
    Why not a Rainbow tour with, Dio-Blackmore-Carey- Rondinelli- Bob daisley (Ok blackmore can take Candice in for the second vocals…), it will have more interest.
    Joe Lynn Turner is a really gentle man…why not continue his way, he have talent, but more when he don’t play purple and Rainbow songs.
    Joe, play your own songs, it will be a chance to became someone out of the shadows of Purple & Rainbow…

  6. 6
    Martin Cook says:

    No more of a tribute band than the current line up of DP! There’s only one original member in that band now.

  7. 7
    kwf says:

    Very true Martin, Nobody says that the current line up of Purple play only the current line up’s songs, do they? How many Purple people are on Difficult To Cure?
    RB,RG,JLT and DA…

  8. 8
    stoffer says:

    They can do whatever they want as far as I am concerned, but CHANGE THE NAME!! no need to drag the name of of 2 great bands down at once.

  9. 9
    George says:


    maybe this “musicians” don’t have enough money and they decided to use 2 greatest band’s names to fill 50 capacity clubs 😀

    What a shame. I wish Glen Hughes NOT TO JOIN this “band”. I think JLT hasn’t the proper right to use Purple’s name. Ok, he was a singer for Rainbow, but for me, he was just tour filler for Deep Purple. Replacing Ian Gillan with JLT as a vocalist, was THE SILLIEST line-up change Deep purple has ever done.

    Fortunatelly the band soon realased that JLT was NOT proper vocalist for Deep Purple and they hired him.

    What about “Purple Rainbow”, as I see, it will include the lowest-degree musicians from Rainbow and the worst-ever vocalist of Deep Purple. So, for me this band will be a lowest-degree one.

    If they’re good musician why they need to use Deep purple’s and Rainbow’s names??? NO OTHER musicians from this band used DP or R’s names.

    When Gillan left DP, he continued as a solo-artist and his solo-career was gret and highly successful.
    When Ritchie Blackmore left the band, he created a new band: Rainbow, and it was one of the greatest and successful band.
    When David Coverdale lef the band, he created Whitesnake – one of the greatest band.
    Glen hughes continued solo-activity successfuly and used his OWN name
    Jon Lord made a great job in classical music and is now highly appreciated as a great composer, he uses his OWN name
    Ronnie james Dio created his great solo-band and is Highly Successfull also.
    Ozzy Osbourne even NOW is one of the greatest rock-star. He also uses his own name

    ALL of the DP and R’s musicians, who continued solo-activity, used their name, or created new bands and created great music.

    Who needs the band named after other bands and filled with the low-degree and unsuccessful musicians? I don’t know. If anybody needs, I wish them success… But I can NOT beleive that so called “Purple Rainbow” can create any kind of interesting music and reach ANY success.

    Wish them sincerely to think about other ways how to gain money…

  10. 10
    Russ says:

    So much for JLT not sining other people’s drivel.

  11. 11
    Matthew says:

    “The only song I’ve ever heard live that wasn’t sung by the original singer that was an improvement is Ian Gillan singing Hush”
    IMHO Gillan had total respect for DP Mk1 songs. All the ones he covered (Hush, Mandrake Root, Bird has flown, etc) compilment, if not improved, upon the original. I never felt this with MK3 or MK4 especially Mr Hughes’s Stevie Wonder monments. Listen to any MK3 version of space!

  12. 12
    Bo says:

    Great. I will love to see and hear the. Purple are only playing the same numbers as they did 15 years ago + a very few new ones and RB wont do Rainbow, so yes here we alle can hear a great singer and person with some other great people playing great music noone else are playing.
    all you lost souls who only can say bad tings about Joe – stay home and let me and other people listen to this grewat new adventure. With Glenn on bass and vocal – I know who I will put as my new farorite band.

  13. 13
    Sami says:

    Spot on, Bo! Let the whiners whine…

    who cares!!!

  14. 14
    Patrick says:

    russ lol bo = well i kind of agree , but still change the name or somthing

  15. 15
    Jack11 says:

    Will JLT just go away? PLEASE

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hey Nick, I understand that, sorry for any confusion or speculation on my part, but do you really find this “amusing?”
    I don’t, it’s as serious as a heart attack, however potentially amusing it is, Bobby Rondinelli tells me it may never happen, but it’s Tony Carey that had it sent to press from his PR, and it is in fact a “go….” although it was very difficult to organize He also says JLT has asked to have it edited to include some of the songs he co wrote, and seemed to be snippy about it not including tracks like “Street Of Dreams.”

    So we can all rest assured this wil be happening and we will have a chance to judge ourselves once we see it, or hear some audience recordings. I wouldn’t count on a record deal though, but worse things have happened… so what more than a tribute band it is, depends on our criteria for that, but one thing’s for sure, if there is a trademark on the name “Purple Rainbow” which a well known tribute band already uses, they will have to call it something else.
    I say there is a better cance Ritchie would do a guest spot with them, than ever do one with Purple, regardles of his many statements on the subject. You never know, after the wedding Candice will be headed off to location for the movie shoot that you guys seemed to not want to cover as news that I sent a while back, and Ritchie will have some time off to do such a thing, so it’s something to ponder anyway. I hate to think that Ritchie will just be sitting back and doing nothing musical at all during her time on location. Unless of course he has to be there to make sure no funny stuff goes on between her and Geoff Tate.[sic!]

    All for now

  17. 17
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Btw, Greg Smith looks like the biggest candidate for Bass, as Glenn Hughes would not touch such a thing in my opinion.(don’t quote that though, he does some surprising things for sure, or at least says some anyway)

  18. 18
    SEVEN-47 says:

    PURPLE RAINBOW? The name immediately garners attention, smart move if they can back it up with a quality product, I have no problem with it. When you consider Goldy’s work in Giuffria, I believe he and Turner are a good fit. I enjoyed Tony Carey’s “Planet P Project”, and his 1984 solo release “Some Tough City.” Combine this with the drumming skills of Rondinelli, and I think you have the making of a pretty good band, on paper anyway. I’m going to wait and see how they sound before I pass judgement.

  19. 19
    Roberto says:

    Still a tribute band…Joe please stop!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    Jesper says:

    i think there is a dutch tribute band called purple rainbows

  21. 21
    AndreA says:

    this is coooooooooooooooooooooool
    they can do whatever they want as far as I am concerned..
    we know that JLT and GH gave us good stuff…
    Tony Carey is one of my favouritest Keyboader (on RISING and on ON STAGE he is fantastic).
    Graig Goldie is a good performer (DREAM EVIL with RJD is a real fender sound)
    about GH on the bass,we all know he is able to do everything he wants,with the bass and with his VOICE!

    so about me it is a good new!

    about the name,I don’t care

    cheers people

  22. 22
    AndreA says:


    and Rondinelli is the best (after the good Cozy -rip-)

  23. 23
    AndreA says:

    Members Of DIO, RAINBOW And DEEP PURPLE Introduce PURPLE RAINBOW – June 21, 2008

    ooohh but this new is dated June 21, 2008
    I got 40 years!!

    people gimme the best wishes pleaaaseeee!!!!
    Annemie send me KISSES please! 😀

    happy birthday to AndreA!!!! and best wishes toPurple Rainbow: they have born under a good sign!

  24. 24
    SEVEN-47 says:


    And I agree I look forward to what “PURPLE RAINBOW” has to offer.

  25. 25
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Here’s a thought I’d like to submit for discussion: Although Glenn Hughes would be my first choice for bassist for “PURPLE RAINBOW”, what about Nick Simper. Just a thought!

  26. 26
    stefan says:

    I have a name for the band….They´re all very small men with the exeption of Craig Goldy, so why don´t they just call themselves….”Short Stories”!!! Just a thought!!

  27. 27
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Jsper, did you read my post before commenting? I said if there is a trademark on the name because of said tribute band, they will have to use another one.

  28. 28
    SEVEN-47 says:


    You crack me up, that was funny!

  29. 29
    SEVEN-47 says:

    If a trademark exists; how about “PURPLE RAIN”? Or better yet “PURPLE REIGHN”?

  30. 30
    Russ says:

    They should call it Deep Rainbow. And ads for the concerts should be of an upsidedown rainbow in a cave.

  31. 31
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Upsidedown rainbow in a cave? I like it! And at the entrance of the cave, a pot of gold!

  32. 32
    George Kikonishvili says:


    JLT is absolutely stupid person and he is UNREALASED as a vocalist… he stills seeks the ways how to gain popularity but he can’t beleive, his days are gone… hmmm sorry, his days have even never come 😀

  33. 33
    Roy says:

    This is BS!!! Joe lynn is out to earn money from other peoples work, but nothing surprise me when it comes to JLT. That man has got no integrety…whatsoever…and the same goes for the rest of the bunch!

    If they only could change their name to something like The JLT Band…that would’ve helped, and it would’ve helped if they did only songs that they were part of creating! As it is, they’re out to earn money from (mostly) Blackmores work.

    Shame on them, and shame on anyone who supports this BS!

  34. 34
    vadim says:

    purple rainbow What a fucking shame!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35
    panos says:



  36. 36
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I wonder if there was this much backlash when Black Sabbath’s “Seventh Star” line-up was announced.

  37. 37
    marco polo says:

    this is obviously a wind up why are you all taking this so seriously….get a life do some work…studying or something usefull with your lives instead of talking nonsense about this trivial group….

  38. 38
    AndreA says:


    “Seventh Star” is great!

  39. 39
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I agree “Seventh Star” is great! My point being I gave it a listen before pre-judging the line-up. To marco polo; I work 64 hours a week, my recreation includes friendy discussions with other fans of Deep Purple, among other things.

  40. 40
    stoffer says:

    Cudos to you SEVEN-47 thats a lot of hours, I also do this for recreation (?) and entertainment. I think Purple fans are some the best in the world, but back to blog at hand ‘CHANGE THE NAME OF THE BAND’.

  41. 41
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Joe Lynn Turnner putting a band together is one thing. He has put out some pretty good material over the years since and during his short lived stint with Deep Purple and Rainbow. Unfortunately, Joe can’t seem to shake his attraction towards the ‘Purple’ relationship.

    It also seems that he must read these blogs, because he is doing exactly what I stated Blackmore should do regarding putting another Rainbow band together. If you will remember, I stated that the Best thing Ritchie could do today, would be to gather the likes of Jon Lord, Rondenelli, Glenn Hughes, and a singer such as Doogie white ore Jorn Lande. Funny all of a sudden, our “arrogant little Cinderella Boy” does almost exactly that.

    Again, I don’t blame him for putting a great band together. That’s his profession by trade. But, to reduce the credibily of the effort by “ripping off” from 2 other band’s names shows what his problem has been all along. Lack of Credibility, Integrity, Creativity and most of all Respect for himself.

    He should call his band….

    “JLT, Someones Else’s Drivel”

    or even better….

    J.L.T. Band: “Joe’s Lazy Tribute Band”


  42. 42
    Roberto says:

    Hey Joe ,Vinny Appice and others made the same thing one year ago(more or less) with another name!!!
    Joe is not a vocalist and an artist,He is only a performer.
    Tribute band:trying to make money with others’ compositions.

  43. 43
    marco polo says:

    after all the drivel again, this is the band that should get together…ritchie blackmore guitar,rod morgenstein (the best rock/jazz drummer around)drums,stu ham bass,jon lord organ and paul rogers vocals,,,,,hear you have the best of his trade and would produce better music than all the rest mentioned above…

  44. 44
    Sami says:


    Read Tony Carey’s statement, it’ll give
    you a hint of what’s in store!(They could do better
    with a different name, though!)

    Tracy : playing War Pigs-cover etc. in a bar band to a
    handful of people…what’s your problem with JLT
    exactly? Why don’t you practise what you preach?!?

    To Seven-47 : Respectable working hours, hat’s off,
    seriously!!!(7th Star is a GREAT album, underrated,
    but a classic in my stereo anyway!!!)

    Cheers to you all nice Purple People!

    p.s. Tracy, I’m going to check out Mr. Nugent next month
    here in Finland with the wife…kinda curious about his
    act 🙂

  45. 45
    Tracy Heyder says:


    See what I mean when in another blog where I went on about responding only to one word or sentence? That’s what you just did.

    I have no problem with JLT doing covers. AT ALL. It’s how he goes about it. Making reference to my little cover Band LOzT CAUz as a comparison is no where near the same thing. That’s what LOzT CAUz is. It is just…..A Cover Band. (Hopefully our “Smoke on the Water” performance will be posted on You Tube soon.)But we aren’t claiming to be anything else. Nor are we relating ourselves to some other band as a sales pitch.

    JLT can sing what ever songs he so desires. But, when the band he is organizing has to take the name from other bands and I’m sure he will probably mostly do songs from those bands, he isn’t just a Cover Band, he becomes something even more sinister….. “A Tribute Band”. Do you know what a Tribute Band is? It’s a group of musisians whom have a “Groupie Like” interest in a particular Band and decide to perform and act and look like that band and are truly just “Frustrated Musicians” whom wish they were in that band. Kind of like a “Security Guard” who can’t quite make it as real “Police Officer”. There is nothing wrong with that, if you never really made it. But Joe Lynn Turnner has been given the gift of being discovered through his alliance with Deep Purple People and now he is reducing himself to becoming just a “Tribute Act”. Come on. Surely you see the difference. Maybe not….”When a Blind Man Cries…..”

    Enjoy “Uncle Ted”. He ain’t no Cover Act! I saw him twice with Purple and once as a headliner. Just Pure ROCK & ROLL.


  46. 46
    Lajos says:

    There will be more people on stage,than in the audience.
    Factoryjobb next guys 🙂

  47. 47
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Stu Hamm, haven’t heard that name in years! Excellent bass player, I loved his “Radio Free Albemuth” album, as well as his work on Steve Vai’s “Passion And Warfare” and “Fire Garden.”

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I did NOT read everything above……
    It’s late…..


    I love Joe and I like the effort being done………….


    I really despise them using the name of PURPLE RAINBOW , a great working tribute act for years now……

    Such a shame.

    Is it really that hard to make up another name?

    Mario, go get the ********ers!!!!!!!

    They are stealing YOUR thunder!

    Truth hurts…..

  49. 49
    stefan says:

    First of all….Congrats to Andrea!!! To Seven-47: If my memory serves me right, it was a corporate decision to call “Seventh Star” a Black Sabbath album.For what I know, Iommi had practically no say in the matter if he wanted it released!! A Black Sabbath album it definitely isn´t…..but great it is anyway!!

    Seven-47….64 hours a week!!! Are you nuts??Man…If anyone deserves a vacation on some sunny “Purple island”, I think we have found our man!!!Don´t burn yourself out…kick back,put “Made in Japan” in your CD-player and go “Lazy” my man!!! Take care!!Cheers to ya´ all!!!

  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Seventh Star is as much “Black Sabbath” as is “Born Again”, “Heaven and Hell”, “Eternal Idol”, etc.

    It was titled “Black Sabbath” and they even did a short 5 gig tour…..(Hughes couldn’t carry his fat ass on stage at the time though). As with Purple, their have been many line-ups. Some favored by some and some not. But, still Sabbath.

    Now, if they had titled the band “Purple Sabbath” or “Black Purple” or “Deep Black” that would have been total “Bullshit”. You either have the credentials to take on the name in total or do something completely different.

    I think that puts in all into perspective as to JLT using the names like that.
    It’s Just Wrong…….and he should know better.


  51. 51
    David Sanderson says:

    Oddly enough a tribute band called ‘Black Rainbow’ were in town last week, we could get just about any combination of current and past Deep Purple ‘family tree’ members and call it something like ‘Black Purple white Rainbow snake’ or something.

  52. 52
    Sami says:

    Tracy : I got your point, well put.

    I personally think that cover-/tribute bands
    have their place(& audience). It’s an easy way,
    but people want to hear certain songs(familiar
    songs) & be entertained. It makes it harder for new unsigned bands to showcase
    original material, which is a bitch though(been there, done that).
    Living jukebox of sorts.


  53. 53
    kwf says:

    hahaha…calling them a tribute band like they are a bunch of kids…”Rainbow” without Blackmore isn’t much different as “Deep Purple” without Blackmore…but yeah, the name could be better…

  54. 54
    David says:

    Wow what a cool idea! A lineup of great musicians with a Purple/Rainbow…and I guess Dio connection. Regarding JLT I think he owns Gillan on vocals…sorry but that is the truth whether most of you whiners accept it or not. Gillan is long past it and now struggles during most songs whereas JLT can still hold the notes. People shouldnt fault him for wanting to try and milk his and Purple’s past. DP have been doing that since Ritchie Blackmore left the band………

  55. 55
    SEVEN-47 says:


    Bold stance to take on this site! Although I don’t totally agree, I respect your moxie!

  56. 56
    Chip says:

    I’m not a big JLT fan but he did sing and co-write the most popular (from a charting/radio airplay perspective)Rainbow tunes. And he was, despite my fondest desire to forget it, the singer for DP for a short time. Based on the rest of the lineups pedigree I don’t really have a problem with the name.

    It might be interesting musically and it would be even more interesting if they recorded some new music.

    As for JLT being a mercenary…as a professional singer without a steady band or any recent hit songs, I’m sure JLT needs to keep looking for ways to pay the bills. Who can begrudge him that….

    I do agree that playing songs like SOTW would be in bad taste though…although it would certainly make the casual fan happy….

    I can’t help but think how much of a market there is for this band…but god bless them.

  57. 57
    kwf says:

    ok, who here would skip this because of JLT if TMIB was in the line-up?

  58. 58
    SEVEN-47 says:

    GOOD POINT! kwf

  59. 59
    TruthHurts says:

    Fantastic! Sounds like this band will kick some ass. Hope they also tour Europe next year.

  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder says:

    The Point isn’t whether JLT is in the band or even the line=up of musicians. Does anybody actually read what others write, or are they so wrapped up in their own oppinion that what is written is of no comcern.

    The only issue to all of this is the fact that JLT is stupid enough to rip from the name of prior bands that he no longer is part of. He was sacked by Purple after just one record and when Blackmore finally put together another “Rainbow” record in ’95, he didn’t choose to bring back JLT. JLT is basically begging to be linked, but it seems nobody else wants him.

    As I stated way back with the “SCRAP METAL” Blog, whereby JLT sang 3 songs, ‘stone cold, street of dream, highway star’, it was enough to make one puke.

    When Coverdale went on after Purple, he paved his own way and made his own music and stuck with it and gave it credence by doing so. “Whitesnake”. Ritchie did the same. “Rainbow”. Gillan did the same. “Gillan Band”. Glenn Hughes did the same. “Glen Hughes”. Rod Evens did the same. “Capt. Beyond” (actually he did get caught in 1980 doing a pirate bogus Deep Purple Concert which got shut down after Capt. Beyond was done). Nick Simper “Warhorse”. Roger Glover “Roger Glover”. Tommy Bolin “Tommy Bolin Band” and then “Dead”…..and so on.

    JLT can sing what ever he wants and call his band whatever he wants, but……Surely you must admit that choosing a “Tribute Band” type name is about as cheesy as it gets and is a good indication of the man whom chooses it.

    Again, it isn’t his singing or his line-up that is the subject or the problem here that is being ridiculed. It is the Band Name that this imbicil is using.

    I have every cd JLT has done thus far. He has great talent. He writes very nice stuff. He would gain a lot more respect if he didn’t come off like a little kid who wasn’t welcome in the “Big Boy Club”. He needs to grow up and move on, pick a band and stick with it. That will go a long way toward him gaining respect.


  61. 61
    stefan says:

    Couldn´t have said it better myself…Thanks Tracy!!

  62. 62
    stoffer says:

    Well said Tracy, the key word is RESPECT. I would even respect his band if they would just CHANGE THE NAME!

  63. 63
    T says:

    The idea to collect former members into a new band is both interesting and overdue.

    Given the success and quality of the Hughes-Turner Project, Joe Lynn does have a track record at this kind of endeavor. He did covers of songs with which he was associated as well as original numbers.

    Blackmore’s choices for Rainbow members have been among the best musicians available in their respective fields. Therefore, the suggested line-up of this band has potential.

    Only the name needs work. Perhaps a rainbow-related word like “Spectrum” could be employed to suggest a rainbow without actually saying it.

  64. 64
    tony carey says:

    hi everybody. I’ve never commented on one of these things before; I will now.
    Leave JLT alone – this was MY idea and I’m grateful for joe’s cooperation. he’s an old friend and a great singer. so get off his back and jump on mine, if you like.
    Over the last 30 years I’ve done everything from film soundtracks to solo lp’s to producing other artists (lots of that). not to mention planet p project ( ‘pink world’ available at ebay for up to 200$ a copy)
    What I HAVEN’T done is play hammond in a hardrock band in all that time, actually I play more guitar than keys these days and am always the singer at live shows – so I’m looking forward to this. go to http://www.melodicrock.com, where this press release was stolen from in the first place, and you’ll see a statement from me that will calm some of you down. Other than that, I’ve been following the controversy regarding the name, and hey – for my money DP’s a coverband, cozy’s dead, ronnie’s not available, and I think I’ve made the best choices
    to revitalise this music. ‘a rose by any other name’…

    we’ll be doing a pizzeria tour of sweden soon, so see you out there.

    best to you all, tony carey

  65. 65
    Patrick says:

    im with tracy – i love JLT and i have mostly all of his stuff JUST CHANGE THE NAME !

    stick with the stuff HE wrote and everything will be all right, dont sing other people’s drivel !!:)

  66. 66
    T says:

    Very classy of Mr. Carey to take the time out to clarify things.

    As I said above, these guys are not amateurs and this project has great potential. Give them some time to sort it out.

  67. 67
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Tracy, although I can relate to lots of things you say(again)you are here.Well, IMHO, going a bit over the top?

    And calling one of your favourite singers an imbicil does not like respect to me…..

    I do not know if that was the REAL Tony Carey, but…..

    I can relate to things he said as well….

    No pun intended here, but…….
    I do remember Tony was NOT being treated very kindly way back during Long Live Rock and Roll days.
    I even recall “LA Connection” being about him?.
    Dio wrote that lyric, so…..I think that both RB and Dio are out of the scheme for joining this new “Roundabout”?

    I say this because earlier on, after reading the news and being annoyed by the fact that they take the name of a well known and harbouring DUTCH tribute act(PURPLE RAINBOW!)I was triggered to fantasise about things to come…

    I suddenly remembered the story of ELF(Incl Dio)which was being taken over completely(without the lead guitarplayer, ofcourse)by RB for the first Rainbow album, not the tour.
    After that he ditched the backing band and went on with RJ Dio, Powell and so on….

    Maybe RB can step in after Dio asks back Goldy for DIO?
    Or should RB take over, ask Dio again….

    So that we can have Rainbow MK …..(, or whatever…
    Blackmore, Dio, Rondinelli, Carey(probably to be ditched again by RB? Get Don Airey back in after he jumps ship from DP? Or ask Jon Lord to step out of his “retirement”?
    On bass, Glover, he leaves “DP” to make up with RB?Or “just” Gregg Smith?

    Well, this is all nonsens, ofcourse. Or it is not?

    I m getting confused again..
    Setlist time again?

    A GOOD setlist for the new Tony cary outfit?

    Gates of babylon
    Long Live rock and roll
    Truth hurts
    Death alley driver
    King of dreams
    The king of rock and roll(Well, Goldy played that one before with DIO, so…)
    Sunset superman
    Difficult To Cure(as we are)
    Insatiable(Gregg Smith will like that)
    Tearing out my heart

    I love everything as long they will NOT play

    Speed king
    and so on…..

    We do have another tribute act for that(…)

  68. 68
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Pizzeria tour?
    Count me in!

    Will Rondinelli bake them?

    That last one probably indicates that it was NOT from the real TC.

    I love pepperoni.

  69. 69
    tony carey says:

    hi PP – sure that was me, where’s your sense of humour? and BTW, who says I didn’t play on ‘Long live R&R’ – go back and read the books…

    best, tc
    ps check me out a http://www.truebeliever.de, I’ve been busy…

  70. 70
    Patrick says:

    “tony” did you call DP a tribute band ?? hell tony carey would be just another joe like me if it wasent for RB and WTF is planet p project ? never heard of it and prolly never will … the only tribute act i see here is the one were talkin about on this blog

  71. 71
    Patrick says:

    if your really tony carey answer this…….. what happened in your hotel room involving ritchie blackmore that resulted in you leaving rainbow and taking the next flight home ?

  72. 72
    tony carey says:

    some kind of black-magic practical joke involving burning tarot-cards and a trock through my window – I said, ‘I’m outta here’….

  73. 73
    paul anderson says:

    well another version of dragging up old music and rehashing it. JLT has done some great albums and i would love to hear them live but suppose the climate now goes to the old stuff.
    Look now at receant lineups of bands that have toured and cant use the name beacuse of one member now owning the name, or a band touring because they wont do new material because then the venues wont get sold out eg heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) and more recently and jigsaw version of Bad Company coz PR is off with Queen, though Brian Howe and Rob Lowe did great jobs with BC.
    So back to PR. God i remember the compilation album of the same name!! So if you are going to do this project, idare you to go a bit further tha just tour the material. What about new stuff and an album, or at least give us your up t date versons on cd. Go On DARE YA!!!

  74. 74
    Roberto says:

    Hello Tony,
    I have one song of yours in the ‘Rainbow famly’ cd compilation and it’s very nice.
    Could you suggest me a cd or a compilation of yours?
    And why don’t ask to Ritchie to reform Rainbow?
    thanks a lot

  75. 75
    tony carey says:

    hi roberto, search me at amazon.com, there are several compiliations…
    as for ritchie, he’s doing what he loves – somehere in sherwood forest… in the 70’s he’d carry a cello along on tour… plus we never got on that well… 🙂

    anyway, that’s enough out of me – I joined this discussion cause I didn’t like all that hate going out to JLT – send it my way instead, or better yet save it up for when you might need it.once again, see you out there.


    tony carey

  76. 76
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hello Tony,

    No hate hear for JLT….just some of his antics. Obviously none of us would even know of JLT or YOU for that matter if it weren’t for the music that has been bestowed upon us by you both and the bands we obviously enjoy listening to. Rainbow was mostly important because it was a Deep Purple Spin-off group. I saw Purple in ’74 when Elf (Dio’s old band) openned for them at the Orange Bowl in Miami Florida. A year later, RAINBOW came about when Blackmore left. DEEP PURPLE CONTINUED. Had that not happened……YOU WOULD BE UNKNOWN TODAY, the same goes for JLT.

    Not everyone on this site has been a Purple Nut as long as me, but many of them are even more nutty about the band than me. We love Purple and “Most Things” connected to it. That is why the “Purple Family Tree” is so well known. No other band shares that kind of sentiment towards the host of musicians whom come and go. Most people who love Deep Purple can’t get enough and are willing to try anything connected to it. Some of it is actually “Rubbish” but we still find ourselves enthrawled in the music and effort. Most of it as great.

    But, one thing that matters is whether or not the “Spin Offs” are done tastefully or not. Like any “Fan Based” profession, there is going to be some scrutiny from various levels of your peers. Some find everything you do to be perfect and others truly judge the performances and direction.

    You’ve been gone a LOOOOONNNGGGG TIME. Now is not the time to rush in to a site, where people actually are interested in DEEP PURPLE and of course, the many Spin Off groups and think you can be JOE LYNN TURNNER’s Knight in Shining armour. JLT, as I’ve already stated, has great talent. As you once did……(whouldn’t know these days). What he or you do with it is what counts. It’s up to those, whom you try to sell to ultimately decide. So far, it ain’t looking too good. Again, so far, nobody is complaining about the line-up. Only the Band Name and the posibilty that you will only cover or rehash your “Purple Connected Tunes”. START WRITING and DROP the NAME!!!

    As with all of JLT’s recordings, I have all of yours too. ALL Of THEM. Only because I have made it a passion of mine to aquire ALL THINGS PURPLE. As I stated earlier, some of it is Rubbish. But it fits into the catagory of my collection. PURPLE and PURPLE RELATED.

    Another thing I stated at the beginning of this Blog was that it is kind of funny how I had just mentioned a great Rainbow line-up for Blackmore to put together on a different blog, and all of a sudden JLT (or you) does something very close to what I suggested. At the beginning of this blog, I made mention that “JLT must read this stuff” and now here you are, responding. Looks like I was right AGAIN. I would have to say the DEEP PURPLE connecting obsession with JLT has shown to be true and I do believe he reads this stuff and took it from there. Or maybe he has you doing the “I Spy” stuff.

    Just my oppionion, but seeing JLT perform a few times live and most rescently with “Scrap (crap) Metal” in Nashville, Tn. only doing “Purple and Rainbow” covers shows he is “Lost in Purple Hollywood”, and probably could use some psyciatric help so that he may find himself.

    Again, No hating here, I’ve never used the word HATE. I dare you to find that anywhere. I didn’t know that constructive criticism is now a form of Hate. But I guess in the Performing (Liberal) Arts business, anything that doesn’t “Complement” is derived as Hate. Sorry I’m not very PC. Neither is my Uncle Ted Nugent, but at least he didn’t disappear for 30 years and then come back trying to hook up with Purple Spin-Off leftovers and then actually call the Nucleus of the whole thing which is DEEP PURPLE a “Cover Band”. That just goes to show one thing I’ve always said…..

    “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”……Your JLT type arrogance, calling Deep Purple a “Cover Band” shows your desperation…….

    Maybe you 2 should name your little “Tribute Band”….”JLT’s Planet Penis” because it looks as though you both come from where-ever the hell that is…..I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere around….”Ur-anus”. Could be a match made in Heaven.

    Now, stop wasting time lowering yourelf to “Blogging” on this “Cover Band Web-Site” and go write some songs for your new band. That is what will seperate your venture from being a Tribute Band. And CHANGE THE NAME!!


  77. 77
    T says:

    Perhaps I am in the minority, but I was intrigued by this project the first time I read about it. Something like this is long overdue. We have had long discussions about such a band, then when it comes, it is the object of ridicule.

    It is well known on this site that I believe “Slaves and Masters” to be among the best of the ‘Reunion’ years albums in terms of production, playing, and composition. It did not do well mainly due to lack of promotion and timing. In America, the early 90’s was not a good time for rock music due to grunge and hip-hop–much the same way that Rainbow nearly fell into a vacuum in the late 70’s when disco and punk were the rage.

    That’s why Blackmore went to Turner in the first place: To revitalize the band into a version which ended up being the most known and successful among its incarnations–like it or not.

    It’s easy to slag Turner, but I’m with Carey: Lay off JLT, and let’s get this thing going.

    I’ve been listening to HTP, and holy smokes…he’s a great singer. What do you want? 50 Cent? Lil’ Kim? Ludacris? I’ve had about all I can take of the spittin’ and spoofin’ and am ready for a band like Carey-Turner.

    Long Live Rock & Roll!

  78. 78
    stoffer says:

    Now there’s a good way to promote your “new” band, go the DP website and call our beloved DP a cover band. Maybe you could take a tip from them and show a little more class. I don’t have a problem with anything but the name Purple Rainbow, like “T” said Carey-Turner now that is much better that Purple Rainbow!

  79. 79
    T says:

    On a separate note, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    The argument that the current Purple is a “tribute band” is a legitimate one in that they perform many numbers with which several members have no association. In the literal sense, Ian Paice is the only “real” member of the “original” Deep Purple.

    I DO NOT AGREE (underlined six times) with this argument because the current line-up in an evolution of the original band. I don’t consider Purple to be a revolving band like Menudo. However, I can respect the very-well made and legitimate point.

    Turner, on the other hand, is associated with three (of the most commercially successful) studio Rainbow albums and a (very well made) Deep Purple album. From a promotion standpoint, it would be ridiculous not to make the connection.

    Gillan’s solo album and tour poster contained the phrase “The Voice of Deep Purple”. Glenn Hughes’ distributor also proclaims “Deep Purple bassist and vocalist” and I have seen numerous similar messages to promote sales.

    JLT is entitled to use his connection in a promotional campaign. He’s earned that right–many times over. Indeed, a record company would most likely insist on such an angle. The association is the whole point of creating this band. “Includes ex-Members of Deep Purple and Rainbow” (!). I’ll be the first in line to buy the album.

    If musicians can make a living using Purple and Rainbow music (tribute bands), why can’t musicians who were actually a part of those bands do the same?

    No one said anyone HAS to buy the album or attend the show.

    Heck, I’d like to see a Mark VIII version of “Burn” and a Morse-powered version of “Mandrake Root.”

    Then again no one said I was right in the head, either. 😉

  80. 80
    big al says:

    A tour of uk pubs is being lined up as we speak…

  81. 81
    cpt. hook says:


    T – Gillan will never sing “Burn”. it would be like when he had to sing “Heaven And Hell” in his Sabbath days. his voice doesn’t fit these songs.

    call it “Purple Rainbow” or whatever you want… I hope, that they’ll make it on stage and get a major contract. JLT is a fine singer. and all the others are great musicians on their own. it’ll be interesting, how they’re going to sound on new material.

    is it possible that this was an idea by the man in black himself??? encouraging JLT to keep the “Rainbow”-flame alive???


  82. 82
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This evening it began to dawn on me………..

    Is this just a DUTCH hoax?

  83. 83
    stefan says:

    As I remember, a couple of Tony Carey´s albums are really good.I loved “Some tough city”, and Tony have a great voice and a lot of potential, in forming an interesting outfit! But Tony please….change the name,it´s not right to abuse these legendary band names in an attempt to originate interest or money!I´m sure you can do it on your own merit….You sure have enough talent and experience!!

    Why don´t you name the band after some of your songs??
    Just from the tip of my toungue…two names popped up right here,right now….What about “TINSELTOWN” or “SHADOWLAND”….That´s right….your songs,Tony!!Hey one more, “EDDIE GOES UNDERGROUND”!!! Good luck Tony and a BIG salute to all the passionate PURPLE PEOPLE out there…..You know who you are!!

  84. 84
    stoffer says:

    I am pretty sure anyone on this site knows that Ian Paice is the only original member of DP, but feelings for this band (DP) run deep (no pun) and strong. The new band has every right to use material associated with themselves, but do it tastefully. I wish them well and I won’t go or buy without a name change.

  85. 85
    Rascal says:

    Whine whine whine

    We are all aware of JLT’s ‘Tribute Act’. Not content with just the songs, he now combines the names of the two biggest bands he has been asociated with. Not surprising really!! What else has he achieved?? Any memorable solo work??? Obviously not!!

    Who is JLT? Im not sure. He last sang for Rainbow almost 25 years ago, and sang for DP on a bad selling tour and album. Anything else thats memorable?

    Still, DP continues on the ‘Pension fund’ tours, why cant JLT.

    Good luck Joe, you’ll need it. Fortunately it’ll be over before it even starts.

    Whine whine whine

  86. 86
    Dag Swanö says:

    I hope this is some kind of a joke.
    The only guy from the “classic” Rainbow ( T.C ) dosen´t even like the music on the album he was involved with. JLT coulnd´t sing the Dio songs in their original keys 30 years ago. No matter what people think about Ritchie he did the only right thing for a player 60+: Do your own ( fresh ) thing or get out of the bussines !

  87. 87
    Roberto says:

    It’a a fine fine day!!!!
    what a beautiful song!!!

  88. 88
    David says:

    Hey Tracy,

    Thanks for your hilarious rant. Please tell me you are taking some anger management courses…..

  89. 89
    SEVEN-47 says:


    Any word on a bass player yet?

  90. 90
    Jeffs says:

    1. Tony’s keyboard intro on Tarot Woman was phenomenal – He’s a great, great musician and has played with Blackmore and Dio…Respect.

    2. Ian Paice may be the only original member of Purple left but Gillan and Glover wrote all of the biggest and most important tunes. The band was not big before they joined and hence they are as (if not more) important the Lord and Blackmore (And I’m a guitar player!!)

    3. Tony (if that is you) The only issue I think anybody has here is that your new band will be exploiting Purple/Rainbow…you know what i mean by this, I won’t get personal.

    4. If you need a guitar player…Call me! I’ll even write some new tunes for you;-)

  91. 91
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks……and NO, I don’t take Anger mnagement Classes. I release my anger through idiodic areas like this. It’s the best form of releaf…..

    Besides, there is no anger here. Just a place to be my sarcastic self, regarding one of my favorite subjects. But it is almost too easy here. Gotta find a more challenging site…….Gee, I hope JLT and his bitch Tony Carey put up a website….
    That should be full of all sorts of “Teenie Bop Blogging” to address. Nahhh, that would be too much like a Cat fight.

    Rascal, T., and others who have this “Deep Purple is a Tribute Band” view:

    It amazes me how one can call Purple a “Tribute Band” because the “Original Members” don’t exist. Just listen to what you say before you type. If that is your true feeling, you can’t have it both ways. MK1 is the “Original” Deep Purple. Therefor, in your infinate words of wisdom, the sacred MK2 line-up doesn’t count either. The Revolving Door idea is not a Purple thing, it’s a Rainbow thing. Deep Purple would love to keep the same musicians, but personal and selfish issues have constantly crept in and musicians have come and gone. But, each time this has happened, the new line-up was always intended to be permanent. It just hasn’t quite worked out that way. But at the same time, it has been a committment from those whom were left to pick up the pieces and continue on. This is what keeps it alive and real. Through contracts and committment from the those who stayed during each change. the Deep Purple Name is true today as the day they made their first change into MK2 back in 1969. Hell, even when Deep Purple officially quit back in 1976, nobody had the stupidity to use parts of the name to whore over. It stayed untouched until the reformation of MK2 in 1984. So, I guess with all due respects to you Deep Purple Legitimacey Critics, that was just a ‘Tribute Band’ and Perfect Strangers wan’t really a Deep Purple Record, because it lacked Rod Evans and Nick Simper…….WAKE UP!!!!

    Now, enough from the Purple Doubters. We are able to continue to look forward to “New, Fresh Deep Purple Records and Concerts” because they have maintained and carried the name and musicianship, through thick and thin.

    Finally, back to the real subject,

    Here’s a song for “Purple Rainbow”….
    “Hey Joe, where ya goin’ with that Purple Headed Darth Vader up your ass……”


  92. 92
    T says:

    Joe Lynn Turner’s résumé is not up for debate. It speaks for itself for those who are familiar with it.

    In addition to being the lead singer in the most successful version of Rainbow, he was the lead singer in Deep Purple–and again, the album was more a victim of the musical climate of the time (rap, hip-hop, grunge) than anything else. Go back and listen to it.

    Be that as it may, Turner was also supposed to be supported by the Purple management who preferred to ignore him until he went away. Despite that, Turner did work with former two-time Rainbow drummer Chuck Bürgi on several projects.

    Turner was also in high demand as a session artist. He worked for such luminaries as Cher, Michael Bolton, John Waite, Bonnie Tyler, Billy Joel, Lita Ford, Leslie West and did a STELLAR studio album with Yngwie Malmsteen–and followed it up with a stellar live album. A second-rate singer does not work for such well-known artists. His reputation is well-known and respected in the industry.

    In addition, Turner turned up on several Deep Purple tribute CDs with awsome vocal performances. He sang a re-worked rendition of “Black Night,” as well as great versions of “Stormbringer” and “Speed King” on the “Deep Purple According to New York” album. His rendition of “Lazy” on the tribute album “Smoke on the Water” is considered by some to be the best of that collection. On Malmsteen’s “Inspirations” Turner belted out “Demon’s Eye” and “Pictures of Home,” showing that this guy can–and DID–do vocal duties on Purple songs and do them justice. He went on to sing just about every major anthem in the DP catalogue–and sang them well.

    Turner did two “Under Cover” albums on which he re-worked songs that sound better than the originals, among them “Rock Bottom” and “Unchained Melody” along with a plethora of classics that can compete with the original artist recordings.

    Have you heard Turner do “Dance the Night Away” on the “Little Guitars” tribute? He blows Roth into the weeds. Awsome.

    If that’s still not enough, Turner put out a string of solo albums, EIGHT that I know of (is eight enough?), and the EXCELLENT Turner-Hughes Project albums.

    This only scratches the surface. The man has been busy guesting on all kinds of albums in addition to doing commerical studio work and is well known among the public in the New York/New Jersey area as well as with those in the recording industry. He is more than qualified to sing in a group–any group–and does not deserve the harping he has received.

    Neither does Tony Carey. In these blogs, members of the forum have long wondered if any of the Purple family reads our suggestions. When one comes in and participates, he is greeted with cynicism and negativity.

    We’ve been calling for a group of former members. Now we might have it. No one seems to like the name, but few have offered any alternatives. Carey-Turner Group? Carey-Turner’s Spectrum? TRC?

    Maybe someone here will name this group.

  93. 93
    T says:

    And Tracy…you’d better go back and read what I wrote before you type. I said I did not AGREE with the idea that DP is a tribute group, but that I UNDERSTOOD the argument.

  94. 94
    Rascal says:

    And Tracy….you’d better go back AGAIN and read what I wrote before you type……engage your brain…..and pull your head out your ass!!

    I said JLT is a DP ‘TRIBUTE ACT’………….


    Whine whine

  95. 95
    stoffer says:

    That is some resume for JLT and honestly I don’t care. How about naming the band POT OF GOLD (as in at the end of every rainbow there is a).

  96. 96
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Name the band what you will, I personally have no problem with “PURPLE RAINBOW.” I wish them good luck, and await to hear what they have to offer!

  97. 97
    Andrés says:

    Hey guys. When are you gonna learn? It’s all about the music. Everybody say “we miss Rainbow… MKII… We hate Blackmore’s Night, JLT, or whatever…” Don’t you miss good old hard rock? Here we have a bunch of first class musicians… And it’s all about politics! DP is great (all MK’s), and so Rainbow, BN, Whitesnake, HTP, Sabbath, LedZep, Gary Moore, Yngwie, and so on. Thanks all of them for keeping the fire alive through the years. Hope they never die.


    “Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST… ”

    Frank Zappa.

  98. 98
    T says:

    Stoffer: Pot of Gold. Not too bad.

    I don’t think anything has generated this much interest and passion in a long time. That’s a good thing no matter what your perspective.

  99. 99
    Sami says:

    Any kind of over the top fanaticism is a bad thing!! Some

    people here ought to get a life!! Personally, I’m

    really looking forward to the project, tribute band

    or not, what the **** does it matter…not sure about

    the name though : Turner/Carey-band is good, how ’bout

    Catch the Rainbow, Shades of Rainbow, Starstruck,

    Planet Rainbow etc. etc….blaaahh, I don’t know 🙂

    Well, KIPPIS to you all, the wife & son are sleeping so

    now it’s ‘my time’, and I’m making most of it by

    sipping good beer & cognac and listening to

    Purpendicular for a change. Have a good weekend

    everyone, until next time.

    Yours Truly, Ur-anus 🙂

  100. 100
    Henrik says:

    If the man who i reckon as one of the best musican ever wants to play some hardrock again along with his friends, then let him. I have seen TC a couple of times and i would just love to see him in a hardrock band. I love DP, saw them a couple of times but come on; how many versions has there been and Rainbow..How many versions were t h e r e? The name “Purple Rainbow” maybe isnt great but what the hell? Big deal. Its only rock´n roll you know?

  101. 101
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wonder…………….
    Would it have made a difference if JLT was not involved here?

    For some reason(s) he gets gets attacked more than other DP related people .

    I was not the biggest fan of Slaves and masters and I m a HUGE IG fan……
    S and M had some great tracks….
    And(in addittion to other people about this)he did do so much more……

    BRAZEN ABBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But who am I?
    The one who also thinks any line up of DP without the man in black lacks serious credibility…..
    Ok, “Come taste the band” had some credibility……

    I can’t change it…….


    Well, hopefully, this won’t land flat on his arse……………

    What about a double album?
    Disc 1)
    New versions of old Rainbow /DP classics
    Disc 2)
    New songs without the will to sound modern/80’s(I said then : This is wrong and we all agree now it was)……

    A real producer, no drumcomputers(Hell, we have Bobby!!!!!), no fucking-maybe a bit- synths all over the place(sorry TC), no JLT who tries to scream(we all know that DC has lost the plot with that in the last 25 years)but sings. Craig Goldy who ‘ll show he can play without sounding too much metal(PURPLE and RAINBOW were NEVER about metal), and………………

    A bass player who remenbers the quote :

    “It’s my job to keep a firm bass line going while all hell is breaking loose on stage.”

    After all these years of trying to improve a great recipe(With annoying results) it’s best to do what was good in 1972 again.

  102. 102
    Sami says:

    Your’re absolutely right Henrik!!! Aren’t people taking

    it too seriously….or maybe they are just sad old men who

    can’t bare to see “their” band/band name taken to another

    use, so to speak! ‘When a Blind Man Cries’, indeed!!!

  103. 103
    stoffer says:

    “T” much interest and passion indeed, lets see how this thing shakes out and all Purple People enjoy your weekend!

  104. 104
    T says:

    Sami, good name suggestions. Purplepriest1965, good observations and album idea. And yes, I think the fact JLT is involved struck a nerve.

    I think these comments are more helpful to anyone who may be watching.

    Schönes Wochenende

  105. 105
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “Deep Purple is a tribute band” my my… “the sun don’t shine nightly” Blackmore stiffs. Anyway, it looks like Tony now says that he will likely play bass(pedal) and that the world is big enough for two tribute acts going around with the same name, as they won’t likley bump into each other on the road, hhmm??? Pretty scary, he needs to check for a trademark or risk being sued. Now I call this a tribute act and then some, just because it’s made of some dropped member who passed through the ranks and wound up with no more than temporary status within the two bands in question, doesn’t mean it’s anything more than an homoge fest, and one to theirselves at that.

    I don’t care how the musicians rate, I don’t care much for JLT but he works enough in order to earn a good living off many consumers, Tony Carey on the other hand is right up my alley, I’ve followed his career and there isn’t a single thing he’s ever recorded that I don’t like. Bobby Rondinelli I consider a friend (see here)http://www.runboard.com/bforgillanfansonly.f42.t70455
    They do have some serious cred, but saying DP even remotely don’t, as they are today, can only come from one thing really, and we all know too well what that is. (see when the sun don’t shine!)

  106. 106
    Shannon (Smitty) Smith says:

    Hi folks….that is really Tony Carey chiming in. He actually told me about the ongoing discussion here.

    Bottom line is: great musicians, great music. Why over analyze everything? Just enjoy life and appreciate all that we have.

    Shannon (Smitty) Smith

  107. 107
    stefan says:

    I have absolutely nothing against JLT, and have all his solo work in my CD rack! The reason why so many fanatics keep slamming him is beyond me. Maybe it has something to do with his short stint in DP,and the fact it was almost blasphemic in their opinions for JLT to succeed Ian Gillan!Besides that…he´s always been a bit of a prancing,poofing peacock on stage and the only one who could do that convincingly, was the late “Überqueer” Freddie Mercury!!

    Honestly….No one in their right mind can call “Slaves & Masters” a DP album, no matter how good! Personally I think it was a good album….A good RAINBOW album that is,with Lord and Paice thrown in as icing on the cake!

    JLT and Carey can do whatever they like. If they want to form a band together….Great, I wish them all the best,we sure can use more of the “old school riff & hammond hard rock”!!!! But again….please change the name and create something good on your own merit!!

  108. 108
    Shannon (Smitty) Smith says:

    Hello everyone…..as Tony Carey’s “official archivist”, I am pleased to announce that Tony has extended the following invitation to all of you:

    “write me at http://www.truebeliever.de, and I’ll be happy to talk about stuff.” – TC

  109. 109
    steve stewart says:

    does anyone realize how difficult it is to earn a living in the music industry? these guys are veterans.
    as much as they have had success in the past im sure they have struggled to earn a living.give them a break and let them work.not to mention the fact that these guys can perform.as far as the tongue lashing joe lynn turner takes on a daily basis,listen to the glen hughes turner records,the guy is amazing

  110. 110
    T says:

    Well said Stefan.

  111. 111
    Tracy Heyder says:

    T. and Rascal:

    First T:, Yes I noted the fact that you stated that you don’t personally agree with Deep Purple being a “Tribute Act”, but then you state this: [“The argument that the current Purple is a “tribute band” is a legitimate one in that they perform many numbers with which several members have no association. In the literal sense, Ian Paice is the only “real” member of the “original” Deep Purple.”]

    I think someone earlier called you a “Fencewalker” for continually staying in the middle, trying to please both sides therefor allowing yourself the have no “Real Stand”. This is a good example. If you totally disagree with the “Purple Tribute Act” view, then you truly should be unable to “understand” the “legitimacy” of the arguement. You loose total credibility taking the “PC”, non-stand.

    Rascal: sorry for misreading your entry, BUT…..your statement: [Still, DP continues on the ‘Pension fund’ tours, why cant JLT.] makes one view that you are throwing Purple in with the same likes as JLT’s “Tribute Act”. Just my interpretation.

    Now back to Mr. T.:

    Your depiction of JLT’s resume is what most Purple fans should most likely be aware of, and “YES”, he has done all of those things you have stated. Just look at what it truly is……”Continuous Rehashing Purple and Other band’s material”. Most of his work has beenm about that. Does he do it well? Sure. He should…..It’s what he does. That’s probably why more than not, he gets criticized so much. As I have stated over and over again, “I DO AGREE THAT JLT HAS A TALENT”. HE SINGS WELL. I LIKE MOST OF HIS OWN MATERIAL.” BUT, that doesn’t mean i have to like EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. As I also stated earlier, in my view, “HE NEEDS TO BE HEARD SINGING, NOT SEEN.”

    That’s just my point of view. And I STAND BY IT! No fencewalking here.

    Also, this has been done many times before. Every band he has gotten together play the same stuff. HTP, Brazen Abbott, JLT, Scrap (Crap) Metal, etc. Same hit, only the names change, which brings me back to the original and actual ONLY GRIPE any of us have…..THE NAME!!!!!

    An annoucement of JLT putting a band of gypsies together is nothing new. It’s what he does. There are tons of JLT line-ups to listen to. So big deal, here is another. He floats around on the Purple Cloud and falls into the same old net. Every time. Except this time he took it too far……hence “Purple Rainbow”.

    After remembering his “Resume” as you put it and hearing his statement on the “Heavy Metal Pioneers” DVD, where he very adamantly state: “I don’t want to sing someone elses drivel”…….It’s all he has done ever since.

    How about this for a name…..”JLT and I Don’t Care-y”.


  112. 112
    Sami says:

    Oh dear….

    JLT made it big(because he could sing GREAT!!!)in the

    80’s…obviously you didn’t, Tracy!! Stop living in the

    past & whine about things you don’t have a say anyway!

    NEWSFLASH : You’re not RIGHT AGAIN, as you put it…

    men of your age tend to be patronising!! Furthermore, what’s

    wrong for “T” being civilized?!? Don’t think this site

    is about taking sides…you may, but that’s your lost!!!

    I expected a WHOLE LOT MORE from you Tracy : have to

    say that you’re just another sad old man!!!!!

    Go ahead, have the last word…as usual!!


  113. 113
    Zynity Uyol says:

    To Sami,
    Agree and applause!

  114. 114
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To Sami,
    I couldn’t have said it better myself! 😀

    To T and Purplepriest1965,
    Thanx for the valuable comments.

    To Zynity,
    Shouldn’t it be ‘standing ovation’? 🙂

  115. 115
    T says:

    To Tracy: Yes, that’s exactly what I said. And, if you had kept reading, the very next thing was:

    “I DO NOT AGREE (underlined six times) with this argument because the current line-up in an evolution of the original band. I don’t consider Purple to be a revolving band like Menudo. However, I can respect the very-well made and legitimate point.”

    How much more emphatic can I get?

    About being a “fencewalker”: First of all, NOTHING is black and white. Second, the point is that I can APPRECIATE AND TOLERATE other opinions without necessarily AGREEING with them. I prefer to DISCUSS rather than ARGUE.

    Tracy said: “If you totally disagree with the “Purple Tribute Act” view, then you truly should be unable to “understand” the “legitimacy” of the arguement.”

    That is an example of close-mindedness.

    Tracy said: “Your depiction of JLT’s resume is what most Purple fans should most likely be aware of”.

    Untrue. Someone asked what Turner had done outside of Purple and Rainbow since then. I answered the question. It’s an extensive résumé about which many are not familiar. As it relates to the topic at hand, it is not out of context.

    Tracy said: “Does he [Turner] do it well? Sure. He should…..It’s what he does. That’s probably why more than not, he gets criticized so much.”

    That’s a contradiction. If he does it well, why should he get criticized for it? STOP WALKING THE FENCE.


    STOP WALKING THE FENCE. Do you like him or not?

    Tracy said: “That’s just my point of view. And I STAND BY IT! No fencewalking here.”

    *Ha ha ha*!!! That’s okay, Tracy…I appreciate your stance. I even understand what you mean about Turner.

  116. 116
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hhahaha… the simplist thing anyone of us on this blog can do, is easily dismanlte others post’s. It would be a lot nicer and substantial if people could speak their minds and be respected and elaborated on without being taken apart piece by piece, myself included, but I stand on the issue of staunch Blackmore fans and their tendancy to bran DP as a tribute act, it’s some kind of cop out for not following them well enough to opine with some objectivity about that, as far as I can tell, otherwise they would, wouldn’t they? The rest is all chaotic banter that could use some moderating from the people who have unleashed us on one another, which is a good reason I hardly ever get involved here, besides the fact that it’s going on in enough Purple forums already, can we move on from it folks? I’m ready an’ willing myself, how about you’s?
    (Now for a question, how do people feel this is really any different than Company Of Snakes or M3? They seemed to have gotten quite the embrace when they did this, so lets hope this lot make an album or two.)

  117. 117
    stoffer says:

    Not to change the subject but, Happy Birthday to Ian Paice (in 2 hours USA time). As Gillan says………..Ian Paice on the drums…yessss!!!

  118. 118
    T says:

    Blogs can’t be dismantled if they are accurate. If something I said needs to be clarified, I’m more than happy to oblige.

    Speaking one’s mind and showing respect is something that I have always espoused–and the regulars here know it. I don’t bow to insults and name calling, expletives and other sophomoric behavior–just rhetoric.

    I have opinions and ideas, too. But if someone is going to challenge or misquote me, I WILL respond–incorporated quotations be damned. That’s called “debate”.

  119. 119
    SEVEN-47 says:

    stoffer I welcome the respite, Happy Birthday Ian Paice!
    And now on with the debate.

  120. 120
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I ve been told that other fora carry more intelligent debates.

    Is it intelligent to debat about these subjects anyway?

    David Coverdale : “Talking about music makes no sense, it’s like singing about basket ball.”

    Well, I m gonna light some more candles in the wind today in The Hague…..Hopefully the weathergods will approve…..

  121. 121
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Intelligent? Maybe not. Interesting? Most of the time. Entertaining? Definitely. Informative? Always! I don’t consider myself a casual Deep Purple fan, but I have learned some pretty cool things from the participants of these exchanges. Thanks to Tracy Heyder I was exposed to post Deep Purple Rod Evans (Captain Beyond). Thanks to AndreA and Roberto I have two new Uriah Heep CD’s in my collection, “Sea Of Light” and “Wake The Sleeper” (I kinda lost track of Uriah Heep after the 70’s). And I always enjoy exchanges with stefan, stoffer, Sami, and many others. Tracy Heyder, purplepriest1965, and T; allow the “Battle To Rage On”! You’re all very passionate about your beliefs, and I enjoy reading your opnions. I’m taking a day off from the two jobs, going to enjoy a few ice cold Bud Lights, and listen to some of my recent additions to my collection. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!

  122. 122
    Sami says:

    Well, maybe I was a little bit too harsh towards Tracy :

    just got sick & tired ’bout his rude & disrespectful

    attitude towards people(inc. JLT), and the constant need to be

    ‘right’ all the time. Where I come from…one doesn’t

    need to be an asshole in order to be sarcastic,

    intelligent and passionate!!

    Wish you all well, Cheers

  123. 123
    Annemie says:

    To Sami,

    Your comments are nevertheless very true.

    I learnt to have respect by reading opinions and thoughts of many other fans.I was very fanatic myself before, which was not wise and certainly not necessarily.

    I think too, that Tracy should handle respect for all, and not being so bosy or insulting amongst other minded people.

    There is such a great difference between him and T, who manages to give his opinions without insults and never forgetting respect! And this with modesty!
    Tracy should take an example on him!

    Anyway, a very lovely evening for you and all others! Cheers!

  124. 124
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I see it is time to dawn the “Purple Rainbow” sunglasses and see things through the “elve’s eyes……..

    Are you all serious? Do you do as my ex-wife and only skip through the total point of one’s submission and just harp on the few words that jump out at you at first, disregarding the rest of the message?

    Let me do a little fine tuning here….

    First, I agree with Priest about whether or not we should even be debating any of this.

    Second, the only way it becomes a debate, is when someone comments negatively toward the oppinion another person has stated. In this instance, I started my opinion about JLT and his poor choice as a name for his “Tribute Band”, and all hell broke loose. I can only express MY OPINION. Everyone has one of their own, and to bee honest, WE ARE ALL BLOWING HOT AIR. It’s All BULL-SHIT. These musicians whom we like or dislike, (again, that is each persons taste) are going to do whatever they want. Their music will either be good or bad. (Again, that is up to each other’s taste). We each will have our own opinion about it. I have yet to discredit JLT for his talent or music. Now, his choices in how he carries himself and expresses himself as a person…..That’s entirely different.

    T:, after I gave a perfect example of your “Fencewalking” you actually neglected that I did give you credit for staing that you “DO NOT AGREE” with the Deep Purple is a Tribute Band idea, underlined 6 times. That was the reason for the Fencewalking statement. You see, to say as you state that “Things aren’t black and white” isn’t true for all things. There are many things that are Cut and Dry or Black and White. Such as a true feeling one has about something. If you truly DO NOT AGREE with Deep Purpe being a Tribute Act…..THAT IS AS BLACK and WHITE as it gets about the topic. Unless you “maybe don’t quite agree”…..then that is the “middle of the road, FENCE WALKER” I was referring to. I can tell you that “I DO NOT AGREE” that Deep Purple are just a Tribute Band, and I will Stand my that without any wavering. Again, it’s just my opinion, based on what I feel to be relavant factors. MY OPINION, and I give MY REASONS or FACTS when I stress MY OPINION. I go out of my way to clarify my point, because when i Debate or Discuss an issue, I want my point to be as clear as possible, so that there is no misunderstanding.

    You gave your list of JLT accomplishments, “Outside Purple and Rainbow”. But, all Of those times he has done the same thing as he is going to do with this effort, ‘Purple and Rainbow’ Tributes………SOS, just different players. That has been my only point along with the name problem.

    This is going to be my last entry on this subject. It’s really not even an issue worth the effort to type this much.

    When the CD comes out, I will buy it as I have all the rest. I will disect it as well. I will go see them play Rainbow and Purple tunes live, if they come somewhere near by………

    I will wear my “Rainbow Colored Glasses” and enjoy it I’m sure.

    Still…..CHANGE THE NAME!!!!!


  125. 125
    jim says:

    First of all like a few of the previous comments Turner did say he was’nt going to sing anyone else’s drivel I remember it well on the radio when Slaves was released so how big of him because since he was sacked from Purple thats all he’s done 95% of his time since then.He was’nt a very good choice Rainbow singer at all in fact a really weak link because he’s very plastic especially his fucking hair style fucking ridiculous really fucking ridiculous I can still see it now and I’m laughing like fuck right now in fact the only song Purple wise I would listen to him singing is King of Dreams.Nobody wants to listen to him anymore and that suits me because he’s really a bad pop singer but Ritchie did give him another chance and I might add after he slagged off Candice and Ritchies management about trying to contact them about starting a tour with him and GH so think about it guys the real deal is always the best this deal is only worth a fiver a head at best you know what I mean PUB SINGERS

  126. 126
    Tracy Heyder says:


    I guess you are one of the ones whom doesn’t get the WHOLE POINT. Sorry that you are too young (I’m just an angry old man according to you) to know the difference between making direct and explicit points when communicating, even if means having to endelve in a little sarcasm for grins. READ IT REAL SLOW…..maybe it will make more sense. Or, have your Mom or Dad read it for you and have them explain the relative abrstract twists that are included. If you rehash this whole blog from the beginning, it will clear things up. MY WHOLE POINT HERE is the Name of the band, and JLT’s overbearring clinging to the Purple Connection, and his poofy stage bouts. Even Ritchie punched him out after a gig. Of course that’s like bitch slapping a little chic.

    Anyway, it is clear that we have whipped this dead horse far too long and this “Old Man” need his medicine……..”Jack Daniels, here I come. Meet you in the Hot Tub”……

    So till the next Topic……(probably will be about JLT’s next venture, sinse I’m sure this one won’t last very long) may we get some news about the actual band that is truly important here….DEEP PURPLE, to discuss?


  127. 127
    Rascal says:

    Bitch slapping!! ……………
    and I bet he deserved it!!

  128. 128
    cpt. hook says:


  129. 129
    PurpleElefant says:

    Well said Henrik!

    Shannon (Smitty) Smith says:
    Bottom line is: great musicians, great music. Why over analyze everything? Just enjoy life and appreciate all that we have.
    Well said too!

    Many thanks Mr. Carey to take the time and participating!!!
    Love all his albums!

    Wish to this bunch of great musicians good luck and all the best!

    BTW, 90Jeffs says: Gillan and Glover wrote all of the biggest and most important tunes.

    I’m a HUGE fan both of them, but never heard they (or someone else) claim that……

    best you all

  130. 130
    Roberto says:

    Don’t forget the Abominog Uriah heep album if you are interested with the ’80 albums
    …and bucharest ’92 dvd the highlight of Ian Gillan solo carrer!!!

  131. 131
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I’m making a trip to the record store today, Thanks Roberto!

  132. 132
    Crazy Horst says:

    Whose fault is it anyway?
    Old musicians find it hard to make a living without cashing in in some way or the other on their glorious (or semi-glorious past).

    That is partly true for DP – setlistwise and referring to the relatively conservative interpretation of the songs that is – but at least they still make records with new songs and play them live.
    Some other bands that hail from the 70s do NOTHING except playing their evergreens and releasing the umpteenth BEST OF and LIVE album with at best two new songs as fillers.

    So whose fault is it anyway?
    Of course the record conmpanies are bad, because they are only ready to invest money if they can be sure of the return. No spirit of enterprise anymore those guys. No mind for art pour l’art and an adventurous live on the edge. Stiff administrators of trendreports they are.
    Of course the media are just as bad. Any idea of educating people has eluded them. Where is the next John Peel?
    And the consumers are the counterparts of the boring old farts in the media. Glad if someone tells them what they should like or shouldn’t like, because otherwise they wouldn’t know what they are living for. What if DP played a concert with only post 1993 material? What if Carey and JLT hit the stage and DID NOT deliver a single DP or Rainbow song?
    Let’s look at ourselves? How often have we resigned to the relative comfort and familiarity of a purple record instead of going out there and giving a new young band a chance?
    Just thinking

  133. 133
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I just read a review on the latest efort from Heep in Classic Rock Magazine. They refer that term about them being a “Poor Man’s Deep Purple”, and according to the auther of the refiew, they say this actually is ‘More Purple than Purple’. Meaning that the Keys and Guitar battleing is very prominent and that the whole record is outstanding. I got a very high rating. I am looking to check it out ASAP.
    As far as Abomigog, ONE OF THEIR BEST! For sure.

    I loved the Gillan stuff in the 90s, but I am more partial to the stuff he did with Torme, McCoy, and Townes in the 80’s.
    I’d like to see that Fire in him again with the likes of: No Laughing in Heaven, Vengeance, Unchain Your Brain, No Easy Way, etc…


  134. 134
    Crimson Ghost says:

    …. the new album “One Eye To Morocco” awaits, hopefully you’ll get your wish Tracy, it should be out by January or so.

    I have to comment that anyone who says something like “Blackmore is the best” with no room for discussion is stating their opinion as some sort of fact, and not willing to show any respect to what might be actual fact, or perhaps there are no facts in such a field of discussion . It’s an opinion, and it should be expressed like one IMHO, but thats just an opinion as well, but certainly a more relentable one, see where I’m going with this?

    There aren’t a whole lot of facts in music, or someone once said in an online exclusive interview with me.(MLJ to be exact, the lawyer, creative manager and guitarist for Ian Gillan)
    But someone here continues to put it best for me: “whine, whine , whine!”

  135. 135
    Crimson Ghost says:

    One more point in all of the “tribute” talk, if DP are currently a “tribute band” then what on earth were mkIII and especially IV? hhmm?
    I refere to them as much more of one if people are going to be so adement about it. And much worse at it to boot, although it also must be pointed out that if the current DP were a “tribute band” it would be much easier to call them that if the band had broken up for any period of time, calling a day, and then returning with a different line up such as this one, then I would likely have to consider such a thing as a “tribute” for sure, but since that wasn’t the case, I think it’s a trash mouthing thing to say, and I really do find “T’s” “evolution” asessment as the gospel according to the status of DP as we know them today. The same can be said for mkIII and IV, if you like that sort of thing, but it’s a much more acceptable debate as far as my opinion goes. But some don’t even get that, which is their choice, but it doesn’t make either incarnation a “tribute” band. I think if anything, post 84 DP has always had a “tribute” element to it, as it’s been purely stylized after the mkII-A substance. But a full fledged one it’s never been. The problem is the comparison factor, which is inevidible with some, and explains why they don’t like the current line up, more than anything I’ve read about it from the fans.

  136. 136
    deep lavender says:

    As for DP being thought of by some as a cover/tribute band, we can only thank classic-rock format radio for that. Shunning Morse-era songs from radio airplay has left much of the world oblivious to some good music. Perhaps if radio would play more of the newer music, DP would incorporate more of it into their live shows.

  137. 137
    T says:

    Seven-47: What you might find interesting (if you can locate a copy) are the couple of albums Nick Simper did under the name of Nick Simper’s Fandango: “Slipstreaming” and “Future Times”. Both albums came together on a CD in 1994. Favorite track: “Time Will Tell”. Interesting lyrics.

    On the back, it says, “The former Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper’s two long deleted Fandango albums…”

    All the ex’s do it… 🙂

  138. 138
    Roberto says:

    Gillan’s Bucharets ’92 dvd and Munchen ’91 cd are both bootlegs.This is a shame because they are wonderful!The performance of the band, the great crowd and Gillan’s screams make these the highlight of Gillan’s live show.
    It’s so sad that only few people know this….
    Aboout Uriah Heep I can suggest all the 70 albums(including that with Jhon Lawton who sing on the wonderful Roger Glover’s Butterfly ball), for the ’80 ‘Abominog’ and ‘Head first’ (both really great with vocals of Pete Golby of Trapeze) and for the ’90 ‘sea of light’ and ‘sonic origami'(which I love,particulary the first).
    About the last Uriah heep album you have to consider that these reviews have been made to promote the new album which is surely not so great as they say(except for the first track)
    As true Uriah Heep fan(my favourite band after Deep purple) I give my opinion.
    don’t forget Gillan bucharets ’92 dvd….!!!!!

  139. 139
    T says:

    Tony Carey tells me “‘winnie the B’ is our bass player, a fantastic german musician,” someone he has known for some time.

    I am extremely excited about this project. Tony keeps repeating his enthusiasm to get back to playing a Hammond.

    A Hammond-based rock group. This is like a dream come true.

    Despite some misgivings that some may have, I respectfully suggest that we give a show of support for this endeavor and suspend undue criticism until we have heard this band.


  140. 140
    Tracy Heyder says:

    As somehow clouded in my entries, I will repeat: I Do Support the Band…….Not the Name. And Only if they are going to produce an original Album. If they only go out and tour doing Purple and Raibow covers…….I’M OUT!!!!

    We’ll just have to see…….


  141. 141
    T says:

    Fair enough! 🙂

  142. 142
    tony carey says:

    gee, tracy, we’ll miss you. don’t let the door slam you in the ass on your way out. tc

  143. 143
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I’m in, and excited about the project!

  144. 144
    stoffer says:

    maybe tc should show a little class like the BANDS they are naming theirs for!

  145. 145
    Patrick says:

    i wonder what ritchie has to say about all this ??????????????????????????????????????

  146. 146
    Patrick says:

    i agree with tracy on this one ……at first i dident beleive that was TC but guess it is , i had a question my dad had me ask him earlier in this blog about an incident that happened on tour with rainbow in the 70’s that confirmed that it is indeed him

  147. 147
    Tracy Heyder says:

    No problem TC.

    I haven’t missed you while you were gone from the music that you really didn’t like playing and now return to reap the benifits of. I guess you didn’t fair too well with your financing. “Money Talks”. The Pot of Gold at the end of the Purple Rainbow ain’t gonna help you much either, if it is as successful as the rest of JLT’s After Rainbow ventures…….

    As far as the Door slaming me in the ass on the way out……I’m afraid that won’t be possible because from the sound of things, I won’t even make an attempt to enter in the first place. I will be right here, reeling in all things Truly Purple. Come to Nashville’s “Wildhorse Saloon” where JLT played with “Scrap (Crap) Metal”, if you are promoting a new Album. Maybe I’ll stop in. I’ll be wearing the Deep Purple MK8 Tee Shirt, but if you are just going to do the “Tribute Thing” with nothing new to offer……..NOT!!!!

    Good Luck though and after this falls through, maybe you can hook with some other Rainbow Leftovers, in let’s say another 30 years. Nah, that would way too soon as far as I’m concerned.


    Good Luck

  148. 148
    Patrick says:

    yea here’s a thought – of course tony on keys/grahm bonnet vocals/jimmy bain bass/ chuck burgi drums/and a ritchie blackmore impersonater like yngwie malmsteen or some other talentless fool

  149. 149
    purplepriest1965 says:

    “Don’t be afraid, it’s the Black masquerade”.

    Oh oh oh…….

    Nothing to add actually…….
    Who do I think I am……

    Been told as well that long replies do not always help one man’s caus(Z?)e…..

    No pun intended here, just a thought.Experience.

    This is gonna be a dubious day anyway…..
    According to the weathercast and, erm, my “changing moods”.
    After some weeks Off to the beach again…..

    Hopefully it will interact positively with some of my DNA, which is definitely (Difficult To Cure) set in Blackmore mode now.

    Yesterday ,meeting LIVE the amazing AnneMie, ……
    After times off letting it go, I watched DVD’s which A was so happy to provide(I have NONE) with the “happy man” .

    I REALLY wanted to watch “it” with an open mind.
    Failed to be impressed, again.
    Playing DVD’s with “the man in black” and after before did not help either……

    What would Blackmore think of all this?
    Strangely enough I never met him.
    Some of my memorabila are signed by “everyone” except him as well.

    Does he give a toss?
    Does he really spent one second contemplating things we do?

    Are we just a bubble in his beer?


  150. 150
    Rascal says:

    Does ‘The Man In Black’ contemplate on the opinions and postings that appear within ‘The Highway Star’???

    Probably not.

    Do I care…………not a bit

  151. 151
    R says:

    Please don’t use this name!

  152. 152
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Has anybody heard Winnie Bucher play? He seems to have performed with numerous artists (none of which I’ve heard of other than Tony Carey).

  153. 153
    stefan says:


    Ritchie who??????

  154. 154
    Annemie says:

    Yesterday I met in ‘live’ the most impressive Purplepriest.
    We Watched DP over all times.
    Priest guided me after that through some JLT/Rainbow stuff that was unknow to me, and I find out that the knowledge and concert experience of my visitor was unlimitted.(and for much more bands/genres then DP.)
    It will take time for me to get familiar with a lot of ‘new stuff’.
    From now on I must say, I do like a reunion, and I don’t mind the name so much, but above all this…I would love to see Richie in action again like ‘in old times’.
    Cheers to you all, and thanks for the day Priest! 😀

  155. 155
    Annemie says:

    Ohhh AndreA, 🙁

    I have overlooked the 21 june…this is unforgivable…
    Please may I still sent the best wishes , all love and a bunch of kisses?


  156. 156
    Rascal says:

    Unknown JLT stuff???…………post Rainbow most of his stuff is unknown isnt it??

    Priest sounds most experienced


  157. 157
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Rascal; I can’t tell if you’re sincere, smarmy, condescending, or sarcastic. You’re living up to your name, “playfully mischievious”!

  158. 158
    Patrick says:

    regarding ritchie not caring ………. well after the charlotte NC show wich we were guests of the management with second row seats rite in front of ritchie , i tried to get ritchies autograph but after a few hand shakes he was gone, well i got candy to sign my village lantern and me and dad had a “breif” chat with her , met de geyers and squire malcome , we were even given a insiders wink and a knod to be at a certain bar later at a certain time ! u can guess why !! but we couldent make it b/c we had to get back to tampa early a.m…. shortly after we arrived back to tampa , we were expressed mailed a really nice photo of candice AND RITCHIE SIGNED by both . we got free tickets , a tour of the concert hall before the show !

    so to everyone who says blackmores night and management doesent treat fans well , that is really a false assumption

  159. 159
    jim says:

    Tracy read all your stuff and agree Turner is just trying to make money off Purple and Rainbow triumphs he really was the worse Rainbow and Purple singer ever the makeup and the hairdo really terrible.Ive seen Rainbow videos and Purple videos with him and his stupid posing on stage is pathetic his singing has no depth especially live.I heard the Turner /Hughes project live and on king of dreams Glen stole the vocals big time……so if they have to tour then they should call it An Evening Of Purple Rainbows with close Friends

  160. 160
    TruthHurts says:

    Jim – What a load of baloney – you don’t like JLT because he has long hair, wears leather and make-up?!? You’re in the wrong genre,or maybe you don’t like rock star front men at all (Elvis, Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger,David Coverdale..)

    Here’s my opinion: JLT was overall the best frontman for Rainbow. He joined in 1981, sang the old hits well, and co-wrote three accessible,coherent and entertaining albums.

    In 1990, JLT was the ideal choice as DP’s lead singer, having worked so closely with Blackmore and Glover in Rainbow, his vocal and RB’s guitar were an excellent match (go back and listen to the records) It was a more realistic proposition considering the sour relations between Blackmore and Gillan, and let’s face it our beloved Mr. G had let himself go, both visually and vocally (whereas JLT was/is a great looking, close-to-note-perfect singer). The resulting album “Slaves And Masters” is one of my Top 5 DP favourites (the others being In Rock, Machine Head, Burn and Come Taste The Band)and I personally would not have minded in the least if this line-up had continued.

    JLT was the singer of Rainbow and Deep Purple. He has put together a line-up of notable former Rainbow members, and the renowned guitarist Craig Goldy. I’m looking forward to hearing my favourite Rainbow and Deep Purple classics performed by this band.


  161. 161
    danielle says:

    i dont care what name they use as long as i can see them rock again! one of the best bands of the 80s

  162. 162
    stefan says:

    I accept your opinion TH….Though I don´t agree for several reasons!It´s true JLT posesses the qualities as lead singer as such, but not for Deep Purple!

    When RB had the horrendous idea to go commercial, I agree JLT was a perfect choice!When he was drafted to DP for the “Slaves & Masters” album,Ritchie chickened out!Instead of picking someone completely unknown (like Coverdale in `73), or someone with more stamina and power(Paul Rodgers,Jimmy Barnes or Bob Catley etc), he opted for the simplest solution and turned to JLT!

    In my book that´s playing it safe….but totally boring!As a result of Ritchie´s lack of balls,we just ended up with yet another version of Rainbow(MK 411) with Lord & Paice as a bonus!!

    It´s still a good enough album,but I´ll never call it a Deep Purple album!In all honesty….Who does???

  163. 163
    T says:

    I have to go with TruthHurts on this one.

    I can’t add anything to what he said except that if one’s argument against Turner in Purple is based on an album that didn’t “sound” like Deep Purple, well…

    Neither did “Purpendicular.”

  164. 164
    Rascal says:

    “playfully mischievious”……..or maybe just ‘bad to the bone’!!

    JLT’s camp performances are the stuff of lengend. Not Purple legend though…. thankfully.

    ‘Smoke on the Water’ with pouting lips, hand s on hips, spandex, makeup, and hair spray….MMmmmm a kind of Purple ‘drag act’. If anyone can do it, JLT can!!

    And the Purple machine keeps turning…….or is that squirming????

    If you feel your career is failing, your last hit was 2 decades ago, and your successful friends dont want to know you. Dont despair!! Reach for the DP song book, grab your lipstick, name drop ‘Blackmore’ in your interviews , and sing, sing, sing…… ‘oh im a lumberjack, and im ok’……………

  165. 165
    purplepriest1965 says:

    To take away mis understanding :

    Lots of JLT stuff I can appreciate, espescially the 3 rainbow albums, the Brazen Abott stuff….

    But I m really NOT fond of him rehashing old DP stuff again and again……

    On the other hand, I m bored to death hearing Smoke on the water for the zillionth time……

    Probably the last time I really could appreciate it was when RB played these beautiful intro’s for it during the TBRO tour!

    Yesterday I saw DP Lazy in Detroit 1987, and also some other performances in Wien, Muncich……woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow………………………

    I really have fond memories of The HOBL tour gigs(I saw 4).

    What the hell happened that it still went sour?!

  166. 166
    AndreA says:

    THX Stefan for the best wishes you gave me for my birthday and
    of course “I really thaaaaankYOU!” Annemie for yours all love and a bunch of kisses you sent..oh my wonderful Fairy,I am so glad!
    and BRONCO BILLY? :-X

    about Purple Rainbow I think that all musicians do it because they love to do it..it is good think that any musician enjoy what he cares,what he wishes and it is sure if they could make good stuff,we’ll love it!
    Let spend time!

  167. 167
    stefan says:


    Hilarious….especially the “lumberjack” reference….ha,ha!!Well done!

  168. 168
    stoffer says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion so here is mine. Dio was by far the best lead singer for Rainbow, Slaves and Masters is in my bottom 5 DP lp’s of all time and I would not like to hear DP and Rainbow (Dio) classics performed by this band.
    Happy b-day to a great DP fan…… AndreA
    Please everyone enjoy your Independance Day!

  169. 169
    Annemie says:

    To AndreA,
    Oh, Bronco Billy was exiting, touching and beautiful.
    yet, it was completely different then I ever could imagine!
    Thanx for the info again!
    And…quite another genre from movie with C.E…I enjoyed this week ‘Any which way you can’…that was just too funny…and even with a bunch of hardrockers… 😀

    I know what else…I wish you two times happy birthday… “What you think of that…” 😉

  170. 170
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I agree that Ronnie James Dio was the best singer Rainbow ever had. “Slaves and Masters” in the bottom five of Deep Purple releases? I’m torn on that one! I enjoy the music, but tend to agree with those who state it was more of a Rainbow album. That being said, it was however a Deep Purple release. Mmmmmmm; here’s my top five Deep Purple lp’s of all time: 1. Machine Head
    2. Purpendicular
    3. Perfect Strangers
    4. In Rock
    5. Stormbringer
    Have a great holiday weekend everybody. Unfortunately I have to work. 🙁

  171. 171
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Why stop at five? 6. Who Do We Think We Are?
    7. House Of Blue Light
    8. The Battle Rages On
    9. Come Taste The Band
    10. Fireball

  172. 172
    SEVEN-47 says:

    YIKES! You’re right stoffer, Slaves and Masters” is probably in my bottom five. It’s hard to rank such great music. (This list is studio releases only).

  173. 173
    T says:

    The bottom line is that if Turner keeps to songs with which he is associated for this project, it would remain totally appropriate and within his RIGHT.

    Seeing “King of Dreams,” “The Cut Runs Deep,” “Death Alley Driver,” and the extended ‘Live Between the Eyes’ version of “Tearin’ Out My Heart” (to name a few!) would be very exciting when well-executed and balanced with new numbers–as had been the case with HTP.

    I maintain that putting ex-members together is a long overdue idea and am looking forward to seeing what they come up with. I can find no fault in this proposed project. I’ve had enough of the hip-hop, “rap crap” (to borrow Ian Paice’s expression) and am ecstatic that something like this has come along at last.

    All of the Rainbow singers were great or they would not have been in Rainbow. Most would agree that Dio fit best in Rainbow’s context of hard rock while Turner gave the band its biggest commercial success.

    Turner is also responsible for Rainbow gathering legions of new fans. My wife made the point that had it not been for Turner, she would not have discovered the earlier Rainbow songs that she enjoys equally well.

    The most overlooked album was “Down to Earth,” which enjoyed two successful singles but still managed some of Blackmore’s best playing ever. With Glover’s production and Powell still in the line-up, “Down to Earth” was a powerful blend of radio-friendly anthems and turbocharged heavy rock.

    Don Airey said that had this band remained together, they could have been “another Led Zeppelin”. How ironic then that two of the members of this line-up remain in Deep Purple–and that these same two were involved in the first Turner-era album.

  174. 174
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I agree T; and by the way no luck so far on those Nick Simper releases you told me about, but I’ll keep looking.

  175. 175
    stefan says:


    I have nothing to add….well said! Except for a suggestion of band name to Mr.Carey & Jolene….What about “The Leftovers”???Pretty much sums it up,don´t ya think??

  176. 176
    stoffer says:

    Down To Earth is such an awesome album and I might add that I do not dislike Slaves and Masters it is just the others are so damn good. JLT certainly has every right to perform the material he helped write and perform w/ DP and Rainbow (just not DP MKI, II or III classics).

  177. 177
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Again, we can’t argue about tastes.
    But PURPENDICULAR on 2????????

    Lists are nog good and don’t make sense, but…..

    Here are some Rainbow/Dio(…), DP tracks I d love to hear :

    1) Firedance
    2)Eyes of fire
    3) Stranded
    4) Tearing out my heart
    5) Gates of babylon
    6) DreamEvil(Or one of those other gems of that UNDERproduced album)
    7) King of dreams
    8)Fire in the basement
    9) Truth hurts
    10) Death Alley Driver
    11) No release
    12) Wicked ways
    13) Miss mistreated
    14) …….well, you get the picture.

    They could do “other things”
    as well, but PLEASE no mk 2 songs(DP), instead chose something from Odyssey or Brazen Abbot…..or something from the Rondinelli album, some JLT solo tracks…..

    Yeah, I know…..we have to swallow again the same old……
    Because loads of people like to hear those “things.”

    And what if you are about 12 and have never seen DP or rainbow live?

    In 1981 a friend of mine(You know who are)had this interview with RB after the Rainbow show…..

    He asked : “Why did you have to play Smoke…again?”

    RB : “Can you explain…..why are the lights in this hotel burning?”

  178. 178
    Bluespurpe says:


  179. 179
    stoffer says:

    Seven-47, thought a lot about a top 10 while I was doing the BBQ thing (studio only? well OK) here goes:
    1. Machine Head
    2. Burn
    3. Perfect Strangers
    4. In Rock
    5. Who Do We Think We Are
    6. Rapture Of The Deep
    7. Stormbringer
    8. Fireball
    9. Perpendicular
    10.Come Taste The Band
    honorable mention – Purple Passages (MKI comp)
    too bad you had to work, hope you got time & a half

  180. 180
    stefan says:

    Stoffer & Seven-47!

    Since I can´t include the greatest album of all time period, live or studio (Made In Japan)!My list……
    1.Machine Head
    3.Come Taste the Band
    4.In Rock
    6.Who Do We Think We Are
    7.Perfect Strangers
    10.Rapture Of The Deep

    Well…There you go!In my opinion “Come taste the band” is probably the most underrated DP album ever, if it indeed is just that…..Can´t make up my mind.No matter what,in my mind it´s bloody brilliant!!Take care fellow DP nutters….wherever you are!!

  181. 181
    stoffer says:

    stefan, great list and I agree about MIJ!! Montreux 2006 would be there too……

  182. 182
    T says:

    “Come Taste the Band” IS underrated and suffers from “Slaves & Masters Disease”: Many fans do not consider it a Deep Purple album but “something else”.

    The album contains some fine playing from Tommy Bolin–a much underrated guitarist.

  183. 183
    tony carey says:

    we won’t be playing anything from early Purple, thought I’d cleared that up. when we started this project GH was involved, (for a one-time
    show that never happened;) the press release got leaked and still contained references to the DP classics. It’s been corrected…
    so please don’t worry about me pissing on the gods…although here’s a teaser – I still consider ‘long live rock n roll’ one of MY albums,
    there’s more of me on there than most people know – I left the band towards the end of the recording – and I can’t wait to play ‘kill the king’ live. ps http://www.purple-rainbow.com is up and running, albeit in it’s infancy.

    best, tc

  184. 184
    TruthHurts says:

    That’s a pity, because I’ve really enjoyed JLT doing DP classics like

    Perfect Strangers,
    the Black Night/Child In Time/Long Live Rock’n’Roll medley(okay, 1/3rd of that was a Rainbow song),
    Highway Star,
    Smoke coupled with Woman From Tokyo,
    and Hush tacked on to The Cut Runs Deep

    I think everyone here will agree that the band should do lots of “Slaves And Masters” songs. If all these elements were fused together with the Rainbow classics, you would have a pretty spectacular show…and probably be on stage for six hours a night!

    Looking forward,

  185. 185
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, Tony

    That sounds promising, though I really wonder if Joe is the right man to dosongs like Kill the King justice.

    He really delivered on ODYSSEY which had damn heavy songs, but that was 88 and after Slaves and Masters I thought his voice got less.
    In the STUDIO he might be able to pull things like that off but I feel worried about the LIVE side of things.

    Glenn involved in the beginning as well?


    Right now I m playing some Cozy Powell stuff from the early 80’s.
    Is there a chance Bobby could do something along the lines of what Cozy did with the 1812 Overture?

    Kind regards, well that’s if you are REALLY the man who delivered that wonderful Tarot Woman intro.

  186. 186
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Pissing on the Gods?


    Visited the INFANCY website of your band………………….

    Made me scratch my head again…………

    When will be the day we are being told this is A HOAX anyway?

    Winnie The Butcher on bass????

    I need some more coffee………..

  187. 187
    tony carey says:

    hey pp 65, show a little respect for your elders. you’re right about the site, if we’re talking about the same thing (we are), that was my oversite and is history.
    I’ll be seeing joe on the 10nth here in germany and we’ll think up a few new ways to fuck with your head before you’ve had your coffee.
    🙂 best tc

    ps bobby’s got the best technique I’ve ever seen, cozy’s bit (no disrespect intended) was a little too hollywood for me, plus you could never see him, lit from underneath like that. and you never knew how much flash powder was in those boxes,his tech was a wildman with a pyro license. I used to just turn around (I’d seen caljam) and pray at the end. plus we smoked on stage… ah, the 70’s.

  188. 188
    tony carey says:

    ps PP tarot woman was a half-hour alone with martin birch at musicland studios in munich, not really
    playable live cause it’s two monophonic minimoogs, each needing both hands to control the portamento. I like the bit on ‘onstage’, (still I’m sad’ better, that’s doable.

  189. 189
    deep lavender says:

    I may be alone here, but I would’ve liked to have heard another Rainbow album with Graham Bonnett. Has anyone heard him lately? Does he still have the “pipes”?

  190. 190
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Here’s a Song For Ya…… with lyrics, just for you JLT and TC. The beauty of it is, you can take the shortcut and just sing my drivel, without having to write a single word and play the music which has already been done. I’t “PERFECT, but No Stranger” than what you are offering. Here ya go……

    “HEY JOE- 2008”

    “Hey Joe, where ya goin’ with your Purple Darth Vader in your hand?

    Hey Joe, where ya goin’ with your Purple Darth Vader in your hand?

    I’m goin’ to meet Tony Carey, we’re gonna make another Tribute Band.

    I’m goin’ to meet Tony Carey, we’re gonna make another Tribute Band.

    Hey Joe, I hear you and Carey laid some cover tunes down..

    Hey Joe, I hear you and Carey laid some cover tunes down..

    Yes we did, we rehashed some old tunes, because I’m just a Poofy Tribute Clown.

    Yes we did, we rehashed some old tunes, because I’m just a Poofy Tribute Clown.

    Hey Joe, I hear you failed again, so who ya gonna run to…

    Hey Joe, I hear you failed again, so who ya gonna run to…

    I’ll find another wellknown band who made it big, and sing their “Drivel” my way…

    I’ll find another wellknown band who made it big, and sing their “Drivel” my way…

    Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Brazen Abbott, Various Artist Tribute Albums,….but mostly Deep Purple and Rainbow, are my best Pay Day ……”

    Written specifically for Joe (the poofy) Lynn Turner and Tony (I don’t) Carey of the Tribute Band “Purple Rainbow”.

    Tracy Heyder

    Hey JLT/TC. Feel free to use this. I believe it would sell. And if not, the unsold boxes of CDs along with the rest of your solo stuff will burn very nicely in your “Fire Can” keeping you warm at night under the bridge with the rest of the Homeless Hasbeens….

    Damn, now I can’t get this tune out of my head. It just keeps on “going and going and going, and I can see JLT srutting and strutting and struttin..it’s like a Chinese Torture……AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    Must wash it away with some “Real Purple”. Time to plug in “Rapture of the Deep” and dive into the Hot Tub sipping on some “Crown Royal Reserve”…..with my lovely wife….”Girrrrlls Like That…..ha ha.”

    Oh, and don’t forget. Reach way down inside and see if there is a tiny shred of dignity left in your non-creative bones and…CHANGE THE NAME! Not only are you doing a Tribute Act, but you are even MUCH WORSE than that. You are ripping off another established “Tribute Band’s” name. Isn’t that an oxymoron? You are actually a Tribute to a Tribute Band….that says it all right there.


  191. 191
    knowitall says:

    tracy, you must be one frustrated son of a bitch, huh? jealous much?
    hungover? old and fat? out of work? it’s a bitch, right? all that time on your hands and nothng to do since she left you but tear other people apart so you can feel important.
    BREAKING NEWS: you’re NOT important. to anyone.

    ha hah haha haha hahah ahaha ha ha.

  192. 192
    knowitall says:

    once more, tracy. ‘homeless’? google ‘tony carey’ or ‘planet p project’ then go on over to amazon and do the same, you’ll be doing yourself a favour and sparing yourself some (more) ridicule. Carey’s done fairly well for a homeless person.

  193. 193
    T says:

    TruthHurts was right on the nose with those suggestions. I’ve collected many live S&M-era JLT YouTube soundtracks and put together an “album”.

    The “Slaves” material did indeed work well live–actually, more than well…it was great–as did much of the older material. Blackmore was in particularly fine form. An official release is a void in the catalogue.

    It is also true that Turner proved himself with his work with Malmsteen. The live album was also very powerful.

    With Carey in the band it is legitimate to play things from “Long Live” and “Rising” and Turner did some of that from his days in Rainbow. I think Turner could do justice to a song like “Do You Close Your Eyes”.

    Tracy is out of line. This has gone beyond criticism of a project that has yet to come into existence and has become sarcastic and hateful–even bitter and personal.

    I do think it’s nice of Mr. Carey to keep us informed despite some of the negative and premature feedback. This is unprecedented, in fact. How many times in history have fans had a chance to participate–albeit in a small way through suggestions–in the formation of a band that is in its embryonic stages?

  194. 194
    stefan says:

    Have to go with T on this one…..I fully support Tracy on the issue of band name….But Tracy, my man go easy on the insults….And I thought I was bad….!

    I fully support this project by Carey/Turner if they…. 1: Do an album 2:Majority of songs played live from said album 3:Only touch songs from the past they were involved creating/recording 4:Change the bloody name of the band!!

    I hope hope they can prove all of us sceptics wrong and create a killer album!

  195. 195
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Apart from the fact that TH is still having a point, honour to those who deserve that, I resent the level of his outings.

    That’s a shame, but……

    It is like it is.
    We are all what we are.

    I keep feeling that the way TC is talking too is something I d not expect from the real one.

    Let’s think about that.

    You fool no one?

    What the **** do i know?
    I never met the guy, he might as well behave like a hooligan instead of a gentle and civilised keyboardplayer.


    Well, I m off sleeping.
    Well, I hope so anyway(…)
    See you all in Insania Land, tomorrow.

  196. 196
    tony carey says:

    you’re quite right, we’ve never met. what would your expectations be
    from a stranger? and why are keyboard players gentle? ever see keith emerson? and if you’ve followed me even a little, why would you consider me a ‘keyboard player’ anyway? I’ve made 30 records and published roughly 1000 songs since 1978. everything’s not
    quite that black and white, friend. I’ve never fit comfortably in a slot or niche – here in germany where I live, I’m known as a ballad singer/producer/guitarist and nobody remembers rainbow.
    what I DO know is that I’ve thrown the cat among the pigeons on this
    blog, and it’s been fun. don’t forget to write me at http://www.truebeliever.de. best, tc. see you out there.

  197. 197
    stoffer says:

    tc I find that hard to beleive that nobody in Germany remembers Rainbow! As far as we “pigeons” are concerned why do you even care what we think?

  198. 198
    Patrick says:

    well if it wasent for RB tony would be a pigeon

  199. 199
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hey “T” I see your point about Purpendicular, but at least it didn’t disgrace and did succeed on not being typical Purple, nevertherless it was very Purple actually, even The Aviator managed a Purple vibe not found anywhere on S&M, somehow. It’s like comparing a masterpiece to a trashterpiece, but I still agree with your overall point, although I sense the same old guitar player/Blackmore is the best syndrome everytime you post with any kind of comparing vibe.[sic!] Why mention it when one was so much better than the other, that someone is bound to point that out. Purple manged to sound more like Purple without Blackmore, than they did without Gillan, which is something you can deny, but can’t prove by the material.
    Lord and Paice all of a sudden are vintage Lord and Paice worthy, Glover can be heard audibly for the first time, and Gillan put some heart and soul into the mix for once in who knows how long. Compare that to the commercial nonsense of S&M and you’re comparing apples and rotten ornages… To further my point, every single DP album with a line up change can be considered very non Purple at the time, including InRock, but they are all good still, S&M being by far the token dud of them all though, so the point is understood, just not so important when you compare those two in particular as far as most would say.


    Tony Carey, your work since Rainbow Rising is some of the most underrated in the Purple family, but you aren’t going to find many staunchers here to change that. Hats off to all of it, man, from “Tough City” with the lovely sublime “West Coast Summer Nights” right up to this very day, you’re a great musician who plays all of the instruments yourself and I’m a huge fan of it all, some here just aren’t familiar with it, that doesn’t take anything away from it, and the susccess you actaully did accomplish on the first PlanetP album and “Fine Fine Day.”
    (I’m a friend of Steves from your old myspace group btw, cheers!)

  200. 200
    Tracy Heyder says:

    And the “Battle Rages On”….
    this is long (as usual), but I felt the need to answer this in my usual Sarcastic Format….”Not for the Thin Skinned” types to read, so if you find me a little brass, you have been warned……

    Knowitall….or is it Knowsnothing?

    FYI to Purplepriest65 and All….I clicked on the name and it shows the same link as Tony Carey. It goes to http://www.truebeliever.de./
    So either you and TC are one in the same, or you are TC’s Bitch, as he is now JLT’s Bitch…

    Nice Try though.

    Now let’s get started here: Answering you from 191 and 192.

    Knowitall/TC said: “Tracy, you must be a frustrated son of a bitch”…..
    (No I am not. On the contrary, but judging by your response……YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “Jealous much?”…..(Not at all. I have accomplished most of the things I wish to accomplish and envy no one. Every day is the beginning of another perfect day…..YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “Hungover?”……
    (Not yet, but I’m working on it…YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “Old and Fat?”….
    (Not as old as you, I believe you were born in 1953. You’re the old fart here. I’m 6 feet tall at a strapping 190 pounds…..YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “Out of work?”….
    (Actually I’m retired and don’t have to ever work again, for the rest of my life. I made some great choices in life and am fairly well off….YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “It’s a bitch right?”….
    (don’t have a clue as to what the bitch would be…..YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “all that time on your hands and nothing to do since she left you but tear other people apart so you can feel important.”….
    (What Planet (I guess P) are you from? I actually do exactly what I want, when I want, as much as I want all the time. I am living the life that my early hard work gave me and now I bask in the day to day life of living “la vida loca”. Who left me? Unless you can’t read, I have been married to a beautiful lady whom is my best friend and lover and 10 years my younger for 13 years. She makes me feel as Important as I need to feel, and that isn’t one of my needs from anyone else…..YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: “BREAKING NEWS: you’re NOT important. to anyone.”…..
    (News Flash, My importance or the lack of it is not even an issue. But I guess if that is how you relate your existance in life, well I don’t recall you name coming up at all as being missed until you and JLT sprung yourselves onto this Blog. Until then, truly nonexistant….YOU?)

    Knowitall/TC said: ” google ‘tony carey’ or ‘planet p project’ then go on over to amazon and do the same, you’ll be doing yourself a favour and sparing yourself some (more) ridicule. Carey’s done fairly well for a homeless person.”…..
    (I don’t need to google your bloviated shit. I’m fully aware of your accomplishments. I have most of it. I am an avid Deep Purple and Deep Purple Related Collector. I have tried to listen to your solo stuff since your short Rainbow stint, but It just doesn’t do anything for me. That is not to say that you have no talent or that it isn’t good. It’s just that it’s not for me and it shows very clearly why you didn’t even enjoy the music of Rainbow. In fact, I actually even have most of it in Vinyl, including the “Pink Vinyl” version of Pink World. You should thank me for that matter. I own almost every recording you have put out and even duplicated the vinyl with the CD versions. I would have to say that most of the people who buy you stuff is due to the “Deep Purple/Rainbow” connection, not because they listen to it. Trust me, the Avid Purple Collectors are just that precise. All of your records and CDs are stored in a box marked “Deep Purple Related Spinoffs/Non-listenable”. Again, that is just my taste and no reflection of it’s quality. I guess 20 years of “Feeling Important” in your little Pink World and being “Creative” on your own has only gotten you a large catalogue of records that wind up in the clearance ben and a website devoted towards YOU trying to show YOUR IMPORTANCE to HOPEFULLY ANYONE who may remember you from Rainbow, the band that gave you some exposure. Now you are crawling backwards 20 years, begging for some sort of Re-connection so you may finally be IMPORTANT AGAIN. Whores will be whores and I guess that would make Rainbow and Deep Purple your new pimp.)

    To everyone else who has been putting up with my approach to this pompos ass, I am Deeply Sorry if you are taking this to heart. I do love messing with you all and sharing information and opinions on this site concerning my favorite Rock Band. But I also try to maintain who I am. “Hated by many, Loved by few”. But that’s my load to bare and I welcome the challenge.

    If you are all “Star Sruck” by being able to correspond with this dude, then all I can say is “Make youselves proud”. The fact that he came on this site and basically Demands Respect and recognition, and at the same time, has to chip away at the credentials of Deep Purple by calling them a Tribute Band, just to raise his own stature, shows his desperation. I find that to be a little sad and I actually feel sorry for him…..NOT!!!

    So I try and keep it real, and sometimes Real is a little harsh. I realize that, and those who grace this site and take the time to correspond with me on these issues…it’s always a blast, and “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming”, but I choose to do it through my “Silver Tongue” instead……

    Now, let me get back to more important stuff, like working on tomorrows hangover in the Hot Tub overlooking my hilltop and waterfall along side my walkway….with my favorite Rainbow tune, “Ariel” playing in the background……


  201. 201
    purplepriest1965 says:


    That’s something to take in the moment before sleeping.

    I ll try to keep this aside for later……..

    I m already having a tendency for nightmares. No pun intended here.

    Goodnight Mister Passion

    BTW. I think too it’s a strange remark to say that nobody in Germany remembers Rainbow.
    Why making a new outfit leaning on that band when Rainbow is not remembered at all?
    Because the band is still being remembered in Japan?
    Because you think NOW is the time to jump in that gap?

    Wait a minute, I , still responding…………
    Yeah, I know i m F***ing NUTS.

  202. 202
    jim says:

    Tony Carey if you are the man from Rainbow and you live in Germany well there’s something that dose’nt quite add up here about you because Germany is Ritchie’s favourite place and where he would always love to be so my thinking is the Germans will always remember Deep Purple and Rainbow and more importantly Ritchie Blackmore not to mention Blackmores Night which makes me think that you are on an ego trip here..So if you are the guy from Rainbow then why should they remember you or JLT,,GH and whoever you’re gonna play with before they remember RICHIE BLACMORE AND RAINBOW SO AM I SAYING IT LOUD AND CLEAR HERE SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME…Germany knows of Ritchie’s feelings for their country so I dont think you are the person who you say you are but if I’m wrong I’m sorry so no disrespect to you but Germany and Ritchie love each other so if this is just to let people know that you used to play with Rainbow then how will Germany remember any of the songs if they dont remember Rainbow so does that mean Germany is a no go area…IN YOUR OWN WORDS TONY

  203. 203
    stefan says:

    I zink ze Germans are highly passionate people, that hold old heroes like Ritchie,Rainbow,DC,GH and Purple very close to their hearts! Of course they remember…..!!Furthermore,as Jim points out….It´s a well known fact that Ritchie is, and always have been kind of a “Closet” German!!

  204. 204
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Tony is German himself, ever heard him speak the language? He may be just another passing Rainbow member to some, but he is of genius artistry to others.

  205. 205
    T says:

    I was born German as was both my parents. Does that count? I remember Rainbow… ;p

  206. 206
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost

    We’ll just have to disagree on “Slaves & Masters” and chalk it up to being a matter of taste. I’m still blown away by its production, the arrangements and the fact that Blackmore, Lord, and Glover in particular are *on fire*.

    As for the Blackmore thing, although I do prefer Blackmore’s work and contribution overall, I have sung the praises of Morse for a long time for his technical brilliance and consistency–a style “opposite” of Blackmore’s, which translates to it having both its ups and downs. But I’m not a “Deep Purple is not Deep Purple without Blackmore” guy.

    Here is my shocking list of the Reunion-era albums in order. This list will have to be filed under “opinion” as you are right–there is no real way to prove anything. I’m mostly basing it on my (limited) experience playing guitars and keyboards; the rest is just personal preference.

    1) “Purpendicular”. A new approach for Purple with the new guitarist given full reign and freedom to explore–something which Blackmore was not allowed to do. The songs are different in sound and structure than any previous album. It’s not a “hard” album, but it is very maturely done and remains the benchmark among the Reunion Era albums. Unfortunately, at least in America, it suffered the same fate as “Slaves & Masters”, i.e., being released at a time when that kind of music was just not in vogue. I never heard any of it on the radio.

    2) “Slaves & Masters”. The production is the best of the Reunion Era, the instrumentalists are at the top of their game (“Fire in the Basement” just SMOKES!–no pun intended), and the album had a hard edge to it in the thick of the Grunge and Hip-Hop rage–the main reason why it didn’t do as well as some others–as it was a victim of the times. “Slaves” was too sophisticated for the popular audience. Arguably a “Rainbow” album, it was a damn good one–perhaps it was recorded by the line-up Rainbow should have had in 1980. Turner was much more adept at slower numbers than Gillan–at least until “Purpendicular” came along with a production sound that Purple has been unable to duplicate. Interestingly, “S&M” charted better than “Purpendicular” (US & GB); however, I do not believe that means much when one considers the climate of music at the time.

    3) “Perfect Strangers”. With similar production to “S&M,” “Perfect Strangers” had outstanding playing from Ritchie and Jon Lord and Ian Paice just thunders through that album. “Perfect Strangers” had just the kind of back and forth instrumental banter that made Purple famous in the first place (“Gypsy’s Kiss”). The title track remains one of the highlights of Reunion Era Purple. The remastered version sounds fabulous.

    4) “Abandon”. There are parts that hark back to “In Rock,” and it’s not just “Bludsucker”. “Seventh Heaven” is as hard as anything DP has done, and “Watching the Sky” has those over-the-top dynamics. “’69” and “Whatsername” also have a rough texture with an attitude and vibe similar to “In Rock” (think “Living Wreck”). But the album has some similarities to its predecessor as well, with “Fingers to the Bone” mimicking “The Aviator”. A much underrated album and one of my personal favorites overall.

    5) “Rapture of the Deep”. ROTD is proof of life after Jon Lord AND Ritchie Blackmore. Purple survived what should have been the death knell for the band after the loss of their second major soloist. Lyrically brilliant, the album contains the “Perfect Strangers”-like title track, and the thundering “Wrong Man,” both very Purple-sounding in attitude and execution. The oversight of previously not including a studio version of “The Well-Dressed Guitar” on “Bananas” was corrected with the Tour Edition. “Money Talks” is an opener worthy of any of its predecessors, and the album is a reminder that “Purpendicular”-style feeling has not completely eluded Purple. I eagerly await the next recording.

    6) “House of Blue Light”. “Bad Attitude,” “Unwritten Law,” and the awsome “Spanish Archer” are highlights, with the latter in particular an example of a sound that needed to be explored. “Mitzi Dupree” has great blues guitar Blackmore did on a demo off the cuff and refused to polish. Just as well–it didn’t need any. On the other hand, this album suffers from a tinny-sounding mix and the horrid “Hard Lovin’ Woman”. “Call of the Wild” was another attempt to be commercial. They never learn…

    That bottom two tie. I moved them around and around, back and forth several times before deciding one really doesn’t precede the other–despite the fact that Deep Purple’s “worst” would be anyone else’s best.

    7) “Bananas”. Despite some really good tracks and clever lyrics, it just wasn’t worth the long wait. Purple fell out of the groove. From the questionable title, cover, and female background singers to the production qualities, it lacked what “Abandon” promised. There had been just too much time between albums. Including “Well-Dressed Guitar” would have been a saving grace, as would an extended instrumental passage on the title track…but it didn’t happen. Highlights: The title track, “Silver Tongue” (similar to “Wrong Man” in texture), “Sun Goes Down,” as well as the clever lyrics to “Picture of Innocence.” Purple does best producing themselves or allowing Roger to twist the knobs. This album sounds RUSHED.

    7) “The Battle Rages On”. Most of these songs were likely for Joe Lynn Turner and several were already recorded that way. Gillan seems to struggle on some (wrong key?) and the lyrics leave a bit to be desired. The KISS-sounding title “Lick It Up” is just trite. The album’s strong points include “The Battle Rages On” and the epic “Anya,” the latter of which became a latter-day “Child in Time” on stage. The album ended up being a “pick up the pieces” transitional opus. Oddly, TBRO was the last Purple album to chart in the US–even if barely. Ian Paice has never had a bad day on any album–this one included (“Twist in the Tale”).

    Thus, my list is very well-rounded. The top spot is a MORSE album, and both Morse and Blackmore share the bottom spot. Tracy would say I’m walking the fence, but this is how I see it. I just like Deep Purple–period. It doesn’t matter which mark or which era, who was singing or who was playing bass.

    I could make the same comment for Rainbow.

  207. 207
    Patrick says:

    battle rages on is killer , i know i might piss alot of people off but … i think its better than rapture…hell…… alot better

  208. 208
    Patrick says:

    my dads been a purple fan since 72′ ……. after all this time he keeps finding himself playing abandon rather than purpindicular,rapture,bananas! he says it only has two weak songs , he doesent care for bludsucker remake and dont make me happy , so he’s concluded that abandon is the best morse era album .

    oddly enough out of in rock fireball machine head and who do we think we are , he likes who do we think we are !?

    regarding rainbow ; he’s seen blackmore ,powell,dio version 77′ …….. and the glover/turner blackmore outfitt in 82′ .. he said there was more “magic” in the air in 77 , but he was real impressed in 82′ when during beethoven’s 9th a roadie came out and straped a guitar on joe lynn turner and he was playing the riff note for note with RB !

  209. 209
    T says:

    “Who Do We Think We Are” is another VASTLY underrated album.

    Interesting comments, Patrick. I remember Turner and the guitar. I’m not sure, but I recall it being an SG.

  210. 210
    tony carey says:

    okay tracy, you win. can’t beat your negativity. but with all your ‘darth vader helmet’ and ‘bitch’ references, tell me, were you in prison? if not, you’d probably feel a lot better about yourself if you came out of the closet, the worst homophobes are those still in hiding..
    when I say ‘don’t remember rainbow’, I’m referring to my own audience,
    who weren’t even born in 1975.
    BTW, I’m american, although I do speak german, along with a couple of other
    useful languages.
    good luck with that hangover, pard.

  211. 211
    Rascal says:

    Toney Carey……dunno who he is, or what he’s done………..no doubt someone will bring me up to speed! Maybe I should google him?? Is it worth it??

    Ive seen JLT with that guitar strapped to him, hips thrusting, lips pouting, spandex, and makeup…..what a treat. Just wish someone hadnt reminded me of it though……….taken years of therapy, and financial sacrifice to try and forget that image….

    Someone call me a doctor!!!

    Maybe the Germans tried to forget that image too….

  212. 212
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Tony, assuming this is you, I get the impression some here don’t…

    The German is just so fluent it threw me off, sorry to assume.
    These days I’d rather be from Gemany sometimes myself though, this place is sucking hot air at terminal velocity.

    To “T” that was very well put, every word of them and all in the same length, thanks for that.
    They go up and down for me but the bottom 3 would have to be TBRO, Abandon, and S&M, in that order.

    So I take it you like S&M…
    Fine to disagree, I certainly do with most of the material and the production, at least it wasn’t to me how you rate it. But I must admit to having the time of my life in Maui when I picked up the promo from Tower Records and proceeded to party all night on it. After not being too happy with Gillan’s Naked Thunder.

    But two things about it and Purpendicular… I do think both albums fit well into the times they were out, I don’t know about where you are but on the west coast rock of this type on S&M was at it’s peak, going away by the next year though, and that album died with it, AOR and hair metal was abundant, so abundant it was over, too many of them, so the story goes… And Purpendicular had the variety of songs that did try to fit the times, it had the grunge feel in Ted, and the rest you can relate each one to something around at the time, so I’m saying I believe for once they were a band of the times again, but that doesn’t mean it succeded commecially, I think they were more interested in finding their socks in the morning, as Roger so brilliantly put it, cause they had done something magical.

    I really didn’t pay too much atention to which place you rated each of them, you took enough care in rating them the way you did with some fine points. Although I do think Bananas was rushed, I still like the tracks, although one or two of them I never play and sometimes they alernate. I wouldn’t rate Abandon so high, it wasn’t that bad, and the similairities in the InRock factor were spot on. The argument of ‘I like something and you don’t’ or vice versa shouldn’t go too further than those five words sometimes, but that was worth getting out of you, thats for sure… good read.

  213. 213
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Botton Three? Mmmmm, interesting. Sorry; but mine would be: Deep Purple, Shades Of Deep Purple, Book Of Taliesyn. Mark I was my least favorite line-up. I was too young to appreciate them when they started, and by the time I discovered them, I was too used to the Mark II sound.

  214. 214
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Can we please end this thread untill things become more REAL?

  215. 215
    T says:

    I didn’t compare the “modern” to “classic” Purple because too much time, technology and outside influences had gone by.

    I agree that as the embryonic version of Purple, Mark-I is the weakest; however, there are certain songs that hold their own alone: “Mandrake Root,” “And the Address,” “Wring That Neck,” “Hush,” “Emmeretta,” “The Bird Has Flown,” and a personal favorite, “The Shield”.

    Those first three albums are an odd mixture of heavy rock, psychadelia, classical and harmony pop. Take all the best songs from those three albums, stick them on one, and you have a killer DP album that rivals any line-up.

  216. 216
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Agreed, mkI were in a class all their own, but commercially it was a only just a starting point for where the name went. If I were to rate them I’d put them much closer to the middle or top, than the bottom though.

    I’ll be interviweing Nick Simper as soon as I get the questions wrapped up, perhaps it would be a good idea to ask him what songs would make up such a compilation? I think I’ll do just that, thanks for the idea “T.”

  217. 217
    stoffer says:

    OK lets get on with our favorite MKI tunes.
    1. Hush
    2. Chasing Shadows
    3. The Shield
    4. Mandrake Root
    5. Why Didn’t Rosemary?
    6. Hard Road (Wring That Neck)
    7. Emmeretta
    8. Kentucky Woman
    9. April
    10.Hey Joe

  218. 218
    stoffer says:

    WOW I’m almost through listening to that list and can that Jon Lord PLAY!!!

  219. 219
    T says:

    One of the things I’ve liked about Purple is the large spectrum their work encompasses. That includes MkI.

    Here is my list:

    And the Address
    Hey Joe (Unedited “Early Years” mix)
    Wring That Neck
    Fault Line/The Painter
    Bird Has Flown (“Purple Passages” mix with no reverb on the organ solo)
    Mandrake Root

    Listen, Learn, Read On
    Emmaretta (BBC Top Gear Session)
    Kentucky Woman
    The Shield
    Chasing Shadows

    Bonus Track: Wring That Neck (BBC Top Gear Session)

    Some of Blackmore’s best work was done on that ES-335. Bigsbys are a little slow, but he made it work. If I’m not mistaken, ‘Child in Time’ was done with it, and he voided the warranty many times on ‘Mandrake Root.’

    Don’t tell me Gillan can’t do other line-ups’ songs. Ever hear his version of “The Bird Has Flown”? Holy smoke on the water…

  220. 220
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Yeah “T’ I’ve been jamming on ‘TBHS’ at the BBC 69, since 1980.

    I much prefere some of the mkI and II BBC recordings myself, to many of the other versions. Also ‘Hush’ and a superior ‘Mandrake Root’ were done very well on stage with Ian singing, even though ‘Hush’ was done rarely. He also gave ‘Kentucky Woman’ and ‘River Deep Mountain High’ a shot and did not disgrace them.(infos for those who don’t get that into the extreme rarities)

  221. 221
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Excuse me ‘THBHF’ tee hee…

  222. 222
    stefan says:

    Sorry guys….DP MK I leaves me cold….Am I the only one who think they´re crap?

  223. 223
    TruthHurts says:

    You could well be…I think MkI were fantastic. Go back and listen to Mandrake Root, Hush, Wring That Neck, And The Andress etc. etc. The whole “Book Of Taliesyn” LP is recommended by me, a classic in my opinion.

  224. 224
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Every one who says(seriously?)that Mark 1 is crap really needs a check up.

    Everything what made MK2 great was already there, maybe produced a tad lighter.
    Great vocals, even more skillful lyrics.
    Blackmore and Lord in great form.
    A young Ian Paice already sweeping the floor with other drummers.
    Lots of classic tracks……

    Man, if you really rate this at the bottom….


    I m off…………….

  225. 225
    T says:

    I think some people are turned off MkI because of the lack of direction. They listen to “Love Help Me,” “One More Rainy Day,” “Shadows,” “We Can Work It Out,” “River Deep, Mountain High” and so on and get the impression this is a 60’s pop band. One has to filter out some of the more questionable material to get to what would become the direction DP would take.

    Certainly “Mandrake Root” is as strong as the MkII material, as is “Wring That Neck” and “Hush,” all of which found a place in the setlist in early MkII shows.

    Mark I is very much Rod Evans, Jon Lord and Ian Paice. It seems like the smaller the kit, the better Paicey plays, and he was all over those drums in the early days (“Emmaretta,” “I’m So Glad”). Jon’s organ is always high in the mix and very prominent–some of his best playing ever (“The Bird Has Flown,” “Kentucky Woman”). Rod’s voice is very rich and well disciplined with a wide range–a great ballad singer (“Anthem”).

    Mark I suffers from some bad production. “The Book of Taliesyn” in particular was very tinny-sounding and weak. The remixes went a long way to cleaning this up. By the third album, things were sounding better.

    I would recommend that non-MkI fans try making a mix from the suggestions above, play it through, and if it still does nothing for you, fair enough.

  226. 226
    stefan says:

    Tried to check in at the local nuthouse,but the entire left wing was already reserved for one Mr.Evans!Apperently charged for some bogus DP trip, and totally out of touch with reality!

    Sorry about that…..couldn´t resist! Seriously….I stand by my statement! Not until Gillan & Glover came in, some of the MK I songs really took off,not to mention Evans etremely weak voice and poofy image!I admit the entire group looked silly in those days, but Evans in particular sticks out on a negative note!I´ve tried to persuade myself to like MK I, but…..sorry….everytime I hear those cheesy songs,I laugh myself silly! Just beacause I´m a DP fan, doesn´t mean I think everything they´ve done is great….And MK I was,at least as far as I´m concerned…. pretty cheesy and mostly crap!! Sorry!!

  227. 227
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I made such a compilation years ago, when I was finally mature enough to appreciate the music. Occasionally I’ll play some Mark I, but more often than not I’m listening to Mark VII or Mark II. After that it’s Mark VIII or Mark III.

  228. 228
    AndreA says:

    Fabolous,TONY CAREY here on website!
    I thank the gods for having got LP like RISING and ON STAGE where I can listen one of vthe best Keyb.player.

    Tony: you have to know I have always admired your playng even if I have not a lot your stuff!

    from the fist your piece with TAROT WOMAN intro you conquered my soul.

    nobody can remake the sound you did along the rainbow’s tours (the solo in STILL I’M SAD you are wonderful)

    My Best Wishes To You

    I really Thank you for emotions you gave me!


  229. 229
    T says:

    Stefan: Some of those songs were indeed pretty cheesy, and the image definitely needed work. You’re entitled to your opinion–sounds like you gave it a shot. Nobody said we have to like EVERYTHING. I feel the same way you do about the song “Hard Lovin’ Woman” and “Lick It Up”.

    Seven-47: I’ll agree that I don’t play MkI as much as the others, but I grew up with the stuff and knew a lot of this version of the band before others. I even have a vinyl silver Tetragrammaton-labeled 3rd album (The Harvest release is better…”April” doesn’t fade out so soon).

    AndreA: Thanks for the show of support for the Carey project. I was beginning to think I was the only one excited over this.

  230. 230
    Tracy Heyder says:

    So “Starstruck” it is?…..

    Purplepriest, you are 100% correct, let us move on….which is why we must also face that MK8 IS DEEP PURPLE. It’s about moving on.

    As to this new discussion (how it relates to the topic of this blog is beyond me), I would like to convey that everyone will have a different list as to the taste for a particular Deep Purple album. That just shows the variety of impact this band has. I loaded every studio song that exists from this band onto an MP3 player. I set it up per album. I found that I truly enjoy putting it on “Random Play”. I never know what song, from what album will pop up. I hadn’t been giving much listen to the MK1 era as of late, due to really giving most of my attention to the newer tunes. But this format of listening to all of their recordings is a great eye openner to just how talented and important each and every member and lie-up is to this ever evolving long time band.

    There are some tunes from MK1 that are as today as anything they have recorded. Remember, it was the late 60’s and they were trying to find their direction. The Beatles, Neil Diamond, and other covers didn’t “Help” their situation. But the 60’s was the foundation to what music was to become and luckily they saw the handwriting on the wall and progressed to MK2, centering on a direction that has maintained to the most part for the rest of their existance till now.

    Putting all biasness aside and forgetting about “Your Favorite MK”, and openning yourself up to the variety of music this band has produced is very inlightning to say the least. There are a few MK1 tracks I find just as enjoyable to hear as anything from the many to follow. Not as many, but again, that is why they revamped. I find it difficult to believe that anyone who truly likes any Deep Purple record can call any of it “Crap”. There are songs and records that may not do it as much as others, but it is not truly possible to call any of it “Crap”.

    Just give “Hey Joe” a proper listen, casting asside your “favorite” players. How that song was not chosen over the “Hendrix” version for radio airplay is a huge mystery to me. The shear power and emotion in this version to this day sends goosebumps up my spine.

    Anyway, I don’t have a list to present because there truly are great songs from each album and I choose to just click past the song that I don’t feel like hearing at that moment, but funny enough, I find myself later going back to hear the one I skipped……..

    Oh yeah, sorry but I must finish something else here, in answer to TC #210:

    TC said:
    “okay tracy, you win. can’t beat your negativity. but with all your ‘darth vader helmet’ and ‘bitch’ references, tell me, were you in prison? if not, you’d probably feel a lot better about yourself if you came out of the closet, the worst homophobes are those still in hiding..”

    (All I can say to that TC is, you started the namecalling when you called me a “Son of a Bitch”. Also, if you are going to quote me, do it correctly. The ‘darth vader helmet’ was actually termed “Purple Darth Vader” and I didn’t use helmet at all, but it was used as a corelation to show JLTs self centered approach to himself (and it went quite well in the song lyrics of “Hey Joe 2008” that I presented to you for use. Can’t wait to here you guys do it live). I would have to say that you must be the homophobe, because I don’t recall making any negative reference towards that particular lifestyle. How it came up in your reading my stuff and how relates to you and your view is your problem, but I think this might be a sign that YOU are either a homophobe or a homo yourself. One of the two caused you to take it that way. I guess you were offended or maybe turned on by the ‘Purple Darth Vader’ thing. Again, if you read all of my response to the end, you are aware then of my status and to my preference.

    And prison? No, never been their. As there is “No Laughing in Heaven” there is “No Drinking in Prison”. Plus, I’m too afraid they might sentence me to 10 years of having to listen to your solo stuff. That’s enough to keep anywone on the straight and narrow…..he he he.”

    Now, this one finger typing takes forever and wears me out. I’ve typed my “Finger to the Bone” and must cool it off, holding an ice cold “Bloody Mary” (shaken not stirred) while watching the sun go down while sitting in the hot tub, ironically listening to “Sun Goes Down” in the background.


  231. 231
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Tony’s work is outstanding, as taste obviously differs, there is still no disputing it if you have “taste.” Good is good, whether you, I or Mickey Mouse likes it. I think it’s better to just say if we like something or not… afterall we’re talking about first class music here, like it or not, just like you say Tracy, none it is “crap” whether it be DP or anyone who’s worked with any of them. I’m not the biggest fan of some of his work, but it’s still good and I like something in all of it. The most oustanding stuff is on the first solo album and the first Planet P album imo, every song on both of those are up there with the best, especially “Planet P” have you heard tracks like “Ruby” “Tranquility Base” and “Armageddon” not to mention “Why Me” and the haunting classic “Static?” If not, do yourself a favor, talk about variety, he mastered it on that very relaxed album, one of the best albums of the 80’s by anyone, a true underrated masterpiece imo. Your mileage may vary, and thats cool, but I suggest you pick up both “One Tough City” if you can find it, and “Planet P” which by the way, features just Tony on every instrument, making it even more a work of mastery.(I mention this simply because you sound as if you really can’t be aware of it)

    It stands out in the over 7,000 official titles I have in my vinyl collection that started in the late 70’s. Tony is not whistling Dixie when he talks of the value of “Pink World.” Things such as that are what I specialize in collecting. I’m not interested in your argument with him, but talking that way about his music seems to have something to do with never getting wind of it in your neck of the woods, but hopefully I’m wrong about that and you’re at the very least a closet fan, as I recommend you become one if not. I hope that Bloody Mary worked, one or two of those never failed me.[sic]
    (I just don’t see the need, someone always has the last word though, I’ll give you that much on the subject) And I’m still not exactly behind ‘Purple Rainbow’ yet, but Tony will always be a great composer if you know enough about it. As someone else said, lets see what they do together.

  232. 232
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Sorry Tracy, it’s “Some Tough City” can someone direct me to a better posting option in this Blog? I’m just adding comments that can’t be edited, but I notice people can place smiley’s and hyperlinks here, which I can’t do, as I’m just replying in the “add comments” box below the Blog from the “read more” link on the front page os THS and there is no editing or linking features. Starting to annoy a bit.

  233. 233
    purplepriest1965 says:

    We do not always get along, Tracy and I but……..

    Here I like to say something.

    Besides my impression he very often KNOWS stuff…….
    He also wrote, if I m not mistaken that he owns a lot of DP related stuff, INCLUDING the Tony Carey ones, so…….
    WHY are you trying to tell him this and that about it?

    Or is it me and the late hour I m tyoing this one, with 3 fingers , that is.

  234. 234
    stoffer says:

    I’m sorry “stefan” thinks MKI is crap, I can not possibly see how. MKI has its faults just like any other MK but the foundation being laid for my favorite rock band is just outstanding. I will not try to change any minds, its not a big deal, but IT IS 40 years later and we are still talking about MKI that must stand for something!

  235. 235
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Purple Priest, I ask you on behalf of Tracy then, why buy it?

  236. 236
    stefan says:


    On the seventh day, God created what became the greatest hard rock band in the world!He was however hungover that day and soon saw his mistake,and promptly removed the weak links(Evans & Simper)!!Satisfied with his creation he leaned back,cracked a heavenly lager open,smiled and uttered the words….”Boys,the world is yours to be taken….you are on your own”!!

    But low and behold….The almighty had underestimated the sinister and venomous Black adder, smirking behind his deadly weapon…..the black Stratocaster!!!
    (To be continued)

  237. 237
    Crimson Ghost says:

    No wonder…. lager is indeed “crap” LOL![SIC!]

  238. 238
    Rascal says:

    Forget all this Tony Carey (who is that man?) nonsense.

    We should all go the hot tub and bloody mary route…………and chill!!

    What shade of lipstick does JLT prefer these days ‘sunset blush’, ‘cherry berry’ or ‘just kissed’ ??


  239. 239
    stoffer says:

    stefan..I didn’t know God drank? LOL…Cheers

  240. 240
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Crimpson Ghost: Here is the condensed version………

    1. This blog subject matter is “Purple Rainbow”.

    2. The fans and fellow bloggers began this whole thing with their response to the name. Some in favor, some not, some in between, and their you have the start of the debate.

    3. Very few are critical of JLT or TC for putting a band together and touring or playing the music that made them known.

    4. Most of the true fans or even those who analize their approach to the name of the band are only expressing what they feel about the “Tribute Rip-off Name” and I concur with the complaint.

    5. Tony Carey decided to jump in the discussion and bloviate on his “past contributions to Rainbow and defend his pal JLT.

    6. Let’s just say that this shows how lame a person he is and how desparate he must be. With all the critisism that has been thrown out regarding Steve Morse or Blackmore or Don Airey or whoever else people remark about, you don’t see them lowering themselves and responding to our BS rheteric. They are established and don’t need to be stupid enough to wind up in an arguement over whether or not they are ‘Liked, respected, known, or even worth a shit’.

    7. RE-READ MY statement in #200. I make it very clear that I am AVID Deep Purple collector. I have a huge collection, probably the largest in the US which includes very rare stuff and all of the connected “SpinOff” material. I purchase it no matter what. It’s a hobby of mine, just like my Hunting and Fishing. I have a huge amount of vinly, even 8-Tracks of all things Purple. There are tons of it that I do NOT listen to, because I don’t care for it. Again as I stated…..It doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, it’s just not my taste.
    EXAMPLES: Tony Carey’s solo stuff, Roger Glovers Butterfly Ball, The Wizard’s Convention, Most of Jon Lords orchestral stuff,……etc. I own it due to the Deep Purple Connection, but I don’t listen very often. I have given it a try…..just not my taste. Out of the thousands of records and CDs that I have, I can choose which ones I listen to. That is what music is for. ENJOYMENT.

    9. As far as the Last Word…..well sorry to say, but no matter what discussion there is, someone always has the last word. It usually ends when both recognise the point of compromise or one just doesn’t care to continue the discussion, but there is alway the Last Word to any discussion. I didn’t notice you and “T” holding back trying to make your points earlier in the other Blogs. You both were passionate about a particular subject and therefor took over the blog trying to convince each other you were right until guess what……Somebody got the last word.

    10. Last but not least…..”CHANGE THE NAME” and there will be much more positive response to the “Tribute Act” to come….It’s obvious the Majority feels this way….and I were seeking Fans, I would listen to those whom you are the largest in number to come. Non-Deep Purple and Rainbow fans won’t be the ones to attend or buy into it, so why push an issue that obviously offends the crowd that you are marketing?

    Nuff Said:

    Now, if Tony Carey will start writing his songs for his Tribute Band and stop concerning himself about his Popularity or lack thereof, maybe I will move on, but I “Won’t Back Down” and if you think I will, you’ve got the “Wrong Man”…..

    OK, maybe this wasn’t that short, but much shorter than my last input…..


  241. 241
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Jon Lord and Roger Glover have both entered DP discussion forums in order to set people straight before, not this BLOG, but another well known forum.

    I’m not interested any of that, BUT one thing catches my eye Tracy, is you say you probably have the biggest DP related collection in the US? Please… when I say I have over 7000 titles in my vinyl collection alone, Tracy, I’m talking about official pre-during and post DP and family ONLY, and if you can fathom just how that is possible, we’ll be onto some interesting discussion about record collecting. I wouldn’t turn this discussion into a “who’s got the bigges wanker” routine, it’s not worth it, but at this point I’m laughing at the laughable. I think you have no idea what a real large DP inventory looks like, so lets not bore the people any further about it.

    If you can name me some rare Deep Purple records worth over $100 for instance, I’m all ears.

    Btw, I clearly stated my concerns about using the name “Purple Rainbow” just about as far back here as anyone else, did I not?
    I’m not exactly supporting this thing, and Bobby Rondinelli and I talk all the time, I still don’t think it’s the greatest idea.

  242. 242
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Look, I am not interested in a “Cock Off” either. I moved from Florida to Tennessee 2 years ago and my collection is mostly stored in Boxes at this time and hopefully soon I will get around to unpacking it. As far a $100 pricetag piece, I have many, but I’ll have to get back to you on that one. The Dollar value was never part of my motive for the collection, but I can say that I spent that on a few items back in the 80’s when I really went balls to the wall, trying to gain every item I could find. Somewhere in the boxes is an inventory book that I had started back then which whould make it easy to recollect which is more valuable than others. One thing in particular that I have, which actually isn’t that old, but is as Rare as it get’s because it is the ONLY ONE in existance, is the alternate unpublished version of Gillan’s Album Cover for “Glory Road”. It is the actual original version presented to Virgin Records that never made it to the streets along with various other artwork which was offered. There is a black and white glossy of the band along with other pictures and the actual negatives in this package. I am going to be putting it here on the site for view as soon as I dig it up. I paid $130.00 for it back in ’82 and I know it is worth much more than that now. As far as trying to list anything at this point for you, you’ll have to wait….but I will get to it right away, because you have given me reason to break into that project……but I would say that my Deep Purple and Related Collection is one of the largest….maybe not THE largest, but I guarantee it is right up there.



  243. 243
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I tell you what, since it seems to bother you so much, why not make it easy and put state here some you have, and I’ll see if it jogs my memory as to whether or not I have it also…..


  244. 244
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Sure, starting with over 300 picture sleeve 45’s from over 40 countries might be a start, some worth up to $400, some worth very little.

    But how about:
    Concerto For Group and Orchestra US on silver Tetragrammaton label
    which was pulled within a week or two, and replaced with
    the green Warner Bros. label reprints because they went bankrupt
    right after it was released, worth over $500

    Lets not get too carried away, but I’ll give you one more:
    The Battle Of Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple tin film can set from Japan
    Polydor MO 9369/70 – worth $325 and increasing in value.

    If you want to really talk about the crazy world of collecting, contact me privately any time, I’d be glad too, but people are likely to comment on the boredom here, lol!

  245. 245
    SEVEN-47 says:

    WOW! I feel like an inferior fan now. I thought replacing all of my albums and tapes for CD’s was an accomplishment. I have every U.S. release by Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, and Black Sabbath. I toast you both Crimson Ghost & Tracy Heyder, I appreciate your passion!

  246. 246
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Again, the dollar value isn’t how I based my collection, so it escapes me as to the most valuable piece I have. I also have hundreds of the 45’s in various sleeves including pre-Purple stuff such as Episode Six, The Flower Pot Men, The Artwoods. I even have the very rare (don’t criticise the spelling, I’m sure it is wrong) “Bisecles de Belsise” sound track album with Episode Six. Many of Blackmores session singles including “Ritchie Blackmore Orchestra” which features Little Brown Jug. The original album which includes Jon Lord with the “Santa Barbara Machine” tunes. There are 3 I believe. As far as Deep Purple Vinyl, I also have many of the originals you speek of. Plus various import versions and varient album sleeves. Again, my brain doesn’t do well at recollecting the inventory, but I would love to throw some stuff back and forth in the future once I unearth it. That’s part of the fun of collecting. Sharing with those of the same interest.


  247. 247
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Maybe we should start a new blog with this in mind…..folks sharing their most prized Purple Memorabilia. That would be a nice change of pace……and motivate me even more to start digging…


  248. 248
    nsoveiko says:

    Crimson Ghost said: can someone direct me to a better posting option in this Blog?

    the comments facility is really very basic and was never intended to have discussions about the meaning of life, universe and everything. as you know, we have a forum for that: http://forum.thehighwaystar.com/

    that being said, comments allow posting of URLs (subject to spam filtering), use some rudimentary HTML, and autoconvert text smilies to graphics.

  249. 249
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Sounds like you have collected along the same lines over the years, I’ve got all of the Blackmore Decca singles, or most anyway, this stuff is rare. Yes, there were 3 tracks with Lord on Santa babara MH.
    The dollar value was to get down to the nitty gritty off the bat and see if you colected collectible imports and the like.

    Some stuff is worth a small fortune and some is worth next to nothing, but it’s all mostly a sentimental thing, and records are only valued so much outside the interest of how collectible the artists is.

    Sometimes we have to bump heads to find out whats really going on, lol!
    Memorbilia is a lot more fun for me these days, I snap that stuff up as much as I can. I know what you mean about ‘boxes’ I haven’t had a shrine in years, but it will be nice some day to have one again, till then my folks’ insurance rates make a better home than mine does for it all.

  250. 250
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Oops, missed your post Nick, I’m a regular in the forum.



  251. 251
    Tracy Heyder says:


    You mentioned insurance. Believe it or not, I don’t have mine insured as of yet sinse I moved. It will take decades to itemize it. Now I’m panicing……toddy time..


  252. 252
    nsoveiko says:

    Crimson Ghost: i know, and i encourage all the regulars here to register on the forum and continue their conversations there. the comments are really only a quick way to provide additions, corrections and other feedback to the post. forum is much more convenient to discuss insurance coverage for your purple collections. 😉

  253. 253
    Crimson Ghost says:

    … or not to mention argue like crazy over simantical nothingness?

  254. 254
    Tracy Heyder says:

    The pot calling the kettle?……..

  255. 255
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Nope, was speaking for myself as well, lol!

  256. 256
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Alrighty then……..

  257. 257
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I come here too often.

    And now it gets seriously intimidating as well………….

    I knew money rules the game……….

    But right now I really feel……..

    Well, I m gonna find a stone to hide myself under.

  258. 258
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not so, really Priest.
    Put together over 20 years of accummulation and it comes out valuable.
    But I would never pay the price that some stuff goes for these days, it takes quite a while for most stuff to become worth anything. Some of it didn’t cost a fraction of that it’s worth today.

    Collecting bootleg videos is cheaper and much more fun, but not worth much anything, over 300 DP DVD’s later and half of it is trade bait junk.

  259. 259
    T says:

    Is it time for my last word? 😉

  260. 260
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Well, spit it out man….spit it out!!!!!!

  261. 261
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ok then…….

    What about Ritchie then?

    Ritchie Blackmore on guitar then…………

    I just struggled myself through “Around the world” live…………..
    Although I kinda enjoy bits and pieces and mostly disc 4.

    It’s definitely NEVER going to happen that I appreciate this man and his horrendous sound as a suitable replacement.

    I now tried for ages…………….

    I still can’t handle it without symptoms of pure grieve, agony and disgust.
    No,Tracy I do NOT want to move on.

    I listened to Live 1993 in Germany……

    That’s the thing…………


  262. 262
    stefan says:

    The straightjacket´s being prepared for you Purplepriest,and a trip to the nuthouse is eminent! There you will have complete seclution in a wall to wall rubber cell,with pictures of Steve Morse behind break proof glass.The speakers will be playing DP Morse era albums, including all his solo efforts 24 hours around the clock! If that don´t cure you….well….we´ll just pitch in and get you a one way ticket to ga-ga land!Don´t forget your happy pills before bedtime!

  263. 263
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Nice Rip-Off Stefan:

    From my words on being “sentenced to TC’s solo stuff for 10 years in prison”.

    Very appropriate though and well covered, as good as any good “Tribute Band” would do….

    No really, cudos to that one Stefan….Good wit and hopefully Priest will find it just as creative. Now, hopefully we aren’t going down that same “Priest Blackmore Highway Star” program again.

    Hmmm, I wonder how Priest would like it if Blackmore’s Night did Highway Star. He seems very critical about certain songs being played by certain folks. Woops, what am I saying? Ah, but of course, he would probably be fine with Blackmore playing with his “Family Jewels”. Blackmore is GOD, eh Priest? NOT!!!!!!! I don’t think GOD wears little pointy shoes and tights and answers to a “Monotone Harlot” for security like a 2 year old needs his pacifier. MOVE ON Preist, Deep Purple did and they have lived “Happily Ever After”. You really should refrane from Deep Purple and join Ritchie’s little following band of pan handlers. What a happy little forest that would be. No electricity needed. Just the thumping of logs and twanging of strings and banging of twigs. “No Head Banging Allowed in that Forest”. Maybe then you will finally get the long desired rest you crave. It sure puts me to sleep………


  264. 264
    Rascal says:

    Nothing quite like the earthly sounds of ‘thumping logs’, and ‘banging twigs’, Blackmore style………..

    But…………’No head banging allowed in the forest’? Are you mad? What has the world been reduced to?

  265. 265
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, that puts things straight again…..

    After backing you up I tried to remember what went on between “us” on THS, why did I even care , what was the dispute, who said what and so on……

    One (…) of my problems is, compared to some of you guys and girls, I do not posses a very good memory of all what went on here .
    Neither do I feel inclined to search back and forth.

    I KNOW that is is not very strong behaviour.
    Espescially when you give the impression to mingle on a board and say you care.

    Respect to those who handle that better than me.

    On the other hand, Tracy being a very passionate man and trying(….)to be precise about lots of things keeps repeating certain errors himself.

    And in the past he gave the excuse he just wanted to stir and tease , or something like that.

    Well, to me it’s utterly boring and non convincing to suggest again and again that I am a Blackmore’s Night worshipper who does not care what and how they do things.

    Ok, putting into words what I feel about the SM thing is in itself repetitive, but…..

    1) It’s TRUE that I keep coming back and try again to aprreciate it.HONEST.

    2) I did NOT see certain(well most of them, anyway or not for many years) DVD’s before, so that makes it a current experience.

    3) “Moving on”.
    I do not have a problem with that in itself but I have to LIKE the progression/the change.”Change is good”, RG once said.

    “Change” is being overated all the time.
    It’s a “thing” which stems from some kind of art paradigma in the 20th century.
    Before that they held a more “conservative” view.

    Everyone with a SANE mind can look around in this world and see a lot of things changing and NOT for the good.
    But ofcourse, when you are wealthy and rich you can permit a view of your own.

    4) It’s not my fault DP does NOT move on in a positive fashion.

    It’s not “black and white” cause there are certain elements I like and the professionalism and musicianship of most of the band is without question.

    But you really cannot be serious saying this line up is as good as the ones before.
    Just saying : It’s only different but as good as always…………NO WAY!
    THEY know that as well, but CHOOSE to do so.
    For which THEY have their reasons. Reasons I can understand but not respect, really.

    Again, being repetitive, but still :

    MOVING ON really would have meant that by now(it’s *****ing time!!!!!)they would have ditched most of the Blackmore era tracks live, playing MANY songs from the last albums since Purpendicular.

    Talking about repetitive……
    You really don’t have to be a musician to HEAR lots of solo’s of SM sound the same.

    It’s true that it’s a opinion that after many moons I still can’t grasp their choice to integrate this “sound” into the band while to me(AND NOT ONLY ME) it’s obvious it’s out of place.

    Well, for a few songs it works, but even then…….it gets boring.

    I know, moving on in the book of Morsey adepts mean that certain people like me should jump train or shut the f*** up.

    I seem to care about this, so is it really logical in consequenze just staying away from all current DP stuff and let you endulge in your love for what’s NOW?

    Is it really my place(in line)to keep silent cause I do not like what’s happened to MY band?

    There is a common thing in DP and BN :

    Both have “projects” that have run their course years ago.

    And no, I do not need, BN to cover all kinds of DP and Rainbow tracks.
    Certainly not!

    Never thought I d see the day I d skip gigs from both outlets.

    Well, here’s a man who also writes too long and too often.

  266. 266
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Oh my… I take it you guy’s know each other? te he

  267. 267
    Rascal says:

    Dont be fooled they have a ‘mutual respect’,’admiration’ and ‘love’ for each other.

    They ‘complete’ each other

  268. 268
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Rascal is correct…….

    Priest, “You complete me”……”Why do I surroung myself with such friggin’ idiots”????

    Just quoting “Austin Powers” priest…..oh I forgot, you stated before that you weren’t familiar with the movie…..you won’t get it then.


  269. 269
    Rascal says:

    You may be a cunning linguist, but I am a master debater.

    Yeah, baby, yeah!

  270. 270
    Nigel Powers says:

    “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intollerant of other peoples’ cultures, and the dutch”

  271. 271
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Priest….as far as your statement; “There is a common thing in DP and BN: Both have “projects” that have run their course years ago.”

    That is clearly quite absurd. One Blackmore’s Night album sounds the same as all the rest. It’s all good if you like it, which I actually do, but they do sound the same. You can’t deny that..

    But, each Purple record since MK7 has a totally different vibe or feel. Purpendicular, Abandon, Banana’s and Rapture of the Deep each have a totally different sound yet aside from the Lord/Airey swap the band is the same. Therefor, (I know it’s hard to believe) I would have to disagree with you again on this one. Purple hasn’t yet run it’s coarse. THEY ARE THE COARSE. It’s the others whom have run their coarse, otherwise they wouldn’t have to rely on PURPLE Tunes all the time…..OK. Must stop here before I begin foaming at the mnouth again like a “Mad Dog” in my Nylon Shirt.

    Rascal; “You Fool No One”. Me thinks you meant “bater”…..he he


  272. 272
    T says:

    Priest, you and I are on the same wavelength in certain ways.

    The “Live in Europe” ’93 is a staple of my collection. I edited the two shows together, and in many respects this is Purple at their finest–Blackmore’s performancea on “The Mule” and “Paint It Black” are particularly stunning. I morphed the two performances of the latter together to make a long jam out of it, and it became my favorite of the two-disc collection.

    A part of what made Purple great was Blackmore’s unpredictability in the sense that many solos continually changed from night to night. I also prefer his style of playing and his sound. Morse, on the other hand, is extremely reliable and more true to the songs–an extra clean player as well. I would not say that the modern Blackmore-era DP is always superior to the Morse era–just different.

    It is not a prerequisite to like any version of Purple in order to be a fan. On the other hand, I do consider myself fortunate that there is very little that I do not like–and as someone already mentioned, none of it is “crap”.

    However, I also agree with Tracy on a couple of respects as well. Mk8 continues the Purple tradition of progression with no album really sounding much like any other. Except for the long break between “Abandon” and “Bananas,” they have been very consistent. Like other line-ups, some albums are better than others. But I would NOT say they have run their course. More than anything, they are due for the next album, which unfortunately doesn’t look like it will come anytime soon.

    I also agree that Blackmore’s Night has become more of the same. I am a Blackmore’s Night fan, of the first three albums in particular and especially of the acoustic instrumentals; however, I would like to see a string of rock albums with an occasional Blackmore’s Night album thrown in.

    Candice Night is not out of place in that regard, as her contribution to “The Stranger in Us All” was appropriate and beneficial to the sound (“Ariel”). That line-up’s lifespan was too short.

    And no, we don’t need a Blackmore’s Night version of “Strange Kind of Woman” or “Bloodsucker”. Some numbers work–others wouldn’t.

    As long as Blackmore is out of the picture in the rock sense and the current Purple leaves some fans wanting, there is room for a Purple Rainbow-type project.

  273. 273
    AndreA says:

    T you are right on the last post..
    at the end Blackmore is a free man that does what it need to do,but we all admit that we miss a real hard rocker guitar like Blacmore dares…We miss Blackmore…about me the last Blackmore’s I bought was the first Blacmore’s Night…I need to listen it,with another his project,another Rainbow MarkX,another rockband…so..I am happy to listen now this PURPLE RAINBOW: I wait them..

    Annemie: how are you? You miss me..here..it is long time I don’t read “you” here..to be sincere I don’t know about missing between you and Blackmore..perhaps you? perhaps..

    wishing well to you all purplepeople


  274. 274
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “Monotone Harlot” hilarious!

  275. 275
    stoffer says:

    “T” is right there is room for a Purple Rainbow type project, just don’t try to confuse it with (the) DEEP PURPLE or(the) RAINBOW, PR is missing something. They don’t have a “star” personality to front them, ie. Gillan, RB, Morse etc. If they would just change the name and put on the sleeve “former members of Rainbow and Deep Purple” everything could be cool.

  276. 276
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I’m of a completely different mentality, Ritchie is a star, Gillan is a natural… if you want to call him anything, you can do just that. JLT is a star,may not be a huge one, but I think this is one of his many opportinities to make a shot at it, lets hope he gives it his all, we will get something along the libes of him at his best, and we must admit that we all like Difficult To Cure and SBTE, not tem mention S&M and perhaps a few more.

  277. 277
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Libes? Time for a new keyboard, either that or a night light. [sic!]

  278. 278
    Annemie says:

    To AndreA,
    You put again the smile on my face! 😀

    Be sure…I follow every inch of this blog… enjoying you also on the other blogs…
    But I never interfere with the topic when it is not enough known to me.(I’m learning here from all off you)

    You know,this week I travelled to the Netherlands ,my neighbour country, visiting Priest. He did the effort to make me become more and profounder informed and familiar with the Rainbow history…and Dutch beer…

    DP now and earlier are for me more and more two ‘different bands’.I never have difficulties myself, listening to SM. But during my Dutch visit ,after watching and listening to RB all over the times, I respect and understand all the fans who can not find the same vibes and power in DP now without RB and Lord.I think there is no reason why they shouldn’t speak their honest thoughts too.
    The artistic musicianship and passion of Ritchie, his temper and mood expressions and beautiful melodic tunes,are indeed irreplacable.
    Like you and T and many others,I’m happy there is still a (for me also now) wonderful DP, but I prefered the MK2 and I would certainly buy my ticket for a concertvisit, like in the old days if this was possible!

    I’m waiting for PR also with curiosity and enthousiasm. But of course…always more your original replies! 😉

    Lovely weekend for you all,full of Purple Music and alcohol 🙂

  279. 279
    jim says:

    Is it not about time you all shut up and let this thing take its own course instead of you all going on and on about who’s good and who’s not so good if it happens then I for one wont be going cos JLT is a crap vocalist and looks like a big transexual a ugly one at that knee deep in makeup and hair lacquer…its only my opinion te he he

  280. 280
    AndreA says:

    wonderfull about your travelling in Nederland Annemie:
    it is a nice country..and I love cycling..
    about Mark2..it is sure that it means the top for us all fans..but the past is the past and not the present..so…we remain always on rocking..this afternoon when I got a trip with my byke I remind to old Gillan’s LP and I realized (for example) that DOUBLE TROUBLE,Magic etc are more rocker than the good last DP,I find that Gillan’s have a sound more european that the last DP,less commercial but heavbier,evil,nearer to a real hard rocker guy…I love that sound (take Restless,I’ll rip your spine out,Sun Beam..:wonderful pieces)

    ciao Annemie

  281. 281
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Andrea

    Is it not irony you want to promote “The past is the past” and then you step “back” to great albums like Magic and Double Troble?

    IG at that time was at a peak vocally, IMHO.

    He even got rewarded in England in the polls aeound that time when people voted he was the best singer. He was 37.

    Maybe THAT gave RB the final trigger to step in the Deep Purple reunion plans?
    But oh Irony again,……then Ian got into trouble with his voice……

    In the end resulting in, amongst other and better(…) things the horrible recording of DP in Paris 85.
    Which gave, like Come hell or HighWater a not so representative picture of the quality the band still COULD have.

    I m always apalled when people take these 2 shows as an example for what DP’s , RB’s or IG’s qualities in general.

    Never had the honour and pleasure to see GILLAN live in the early 80’s. I really should have.

    HADELY BOP BOP all the time for me!!!!!!

  282. 282
    jim says:

    Oh I forgot to add Blackmores Night are a great band yea its not rock and roll but as the man in black says himself its just rock only played much quieter so all you non believers take a chance and listen to some of it there’s some dance along songs and some really nice ballads not to mention the instumentals and like any other band on the planet there’s the album fillers but all in all some geat music played by this band and of course always done very professional…and live the band is and sound fantastic go see for youself and if dont like them then complain

  283. 283
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Jim

    First, you want US all to shut up in order to be the last who says something about it?
    And then you you just fall back on insults?

    It reminds me of the time when DP got back together with Perfect Strangers(About a century ago!)and certain members of the press tried to belittle them by referring to their age(…), wigs, prosthesis and so on……

    Would it not be nice to stay away from personal attacks?

    Oh, wait a minute, I will now hear I insulted SM by saying he smiles to much, looks my neighbour, overrated by loads of(appearantly)crap Guitar magazines over the years.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, he makes this out of this world music OUTSIDE DP.
    Well, for the zillionth time : bring it on in DP then!!!!!!!
    It’s about bloody time after about 15 years.
    O shit, I forgot, he’s too friendly to put a stamp on the proceedings and happy just to go with whatever is being asked……

    Maybe I should pity the guy instead of insylting him.
    Steve, I empathize! I m being miss used as well.

    Next time better, bro.

  284. 284
    jim says:

    Hi purplepriest1965

    Why go on about Morse to me he was’nt even part of my comment…my comment about Turner is my opinion if you dont like it tuff…I bought all of Rainbow’s albums at the time they where released through all the lineup changes and personally think Turners just a pop singer theres nothing dynamic about him or his voice and the live stuff I’ve seen through concerts and youtube his voice is weak and I’ll even name a song I like very much he sings for DP that being King of dreams but on this occasion he sang it with Glen Hughes live..Glens parts where great and the music was good but Turners parts where oversung as if he was trying to outsing Glen and he really does look like a transexual

  285. 285
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It seems to me our post crossed the last time, Jim.

    Yeah, why go on about anything at all? Duhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Repeating your personal attack towards JLT . Isn’t that…….?

    Apart from that, I can envisage a certain thing from JLT’s appearance.
    I witnessed that a long time ago at the ODYSSEY show in 88, I believe it was.

    But it was the singing which did the trick, I suppose, ’cause I can’t remember that being a problem, so……

    Well, anyway……

    Finally watching(Thanx to the amazing AnneMie)Ian Gillan’s “Highway Star, A Journey In Rock I must say it is a truly enjoyable experience.
    It brought back a lot of memories and the occasional smile.
    I do have some points to make about it as well ofcourse, you know me…..

    Maybe later……

    Let’s not spoil the moment.

    Or is MOMENTUM, the word I borrow a lot since I once read those words from him in his book “Child In Time” ?

  286. 286
    AndreA says:

    Hi purplepriest1965 !

    well..when I say “the past is the past” I mean to a any reunion…I don’t wait for this Mark2 reunion even if it is the best Mark for me…but this does not mean I like enjoy the old Gillan’s.
    do you understand what I mean now (I remember always to my self that my english is bad but..).

    I think it is not usefull to hope or speaking about a possible reunion: I have to enjoy my present,this band and I wish the best to them for the future (Arey,Morse,Glover,Gillan,Paice)..
    It is not a good living to see always foward to the past..even if I know that perfect strangers CD reunion is fantastic..after nothing is the same like PERFECT STRANGERS…but good.

    ciao purplepriest1965 🙂

  287. 287
    jim says:


    dont make excuses for Turner here because to me your groveling as in most of your posts you think you’re the last word on Purple and Rainbow…well you’re not..why not all ex musicians that where involved in both bands with the exceptions and they are the obvious…and go through Tony Carey if it was him ..I think Graham Bonnet and Dougie White and any of the 95 players in Rainbow would do it..So this rules out JLT and Carey as the only vocalist and instrumentalists so lets be honest here we’re talking mostly Rainbow players here so the set should be at least 4 hours long with no top of the bill on any night because all Rainbow variations where as good as each other so if Glen turns up then of course a few more Purple songs but all in all Rainbow in 3 lineups vocally and in 4 lineups musically and of cousre Deep Purple in 2 lineups then its a big show and if the guys that are in the show can persuede the big guns to get involved then I’ll support it all the way

  288. 288
    purplepriest1965 says:



    Whatever you say, Jim……

    Ciao to ya 2 Andrea…….

  289. 289
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Room for more Purple or Rainbow stuff?

    On the subject as to whether or not there is room for a Rainbow/Purple side project, I don’t think there is any apprehension regarding any Purple Related personel doing anything on the side. I believe there is always a welcome interest to anything that these various talented individuals do. There are so many that have been attempted and much of it has been great. As long as there is an attempt to bring something NEW to the table. But to make such a feeble approach by totally relying on the names of a prior band by name as though you are trying to be “Another Version” of an ‘existing’ or ‘past’ band is quite lame and results in much warranted scrutiny.

    Therefor to get back on track here……CHANGE THE NAME and CONCEPT. I don’t think anyone minds the Rainbow/Purple connection. It is the USAGE of the name and connection which is revolting and at first glance is a “Turner Off”.

    Isn’t Rondenelli still playing with Blue Oyster Cult and Craig Goldie still with DIO anyway?

    Go Get ’em Priest…….you Blackmore Groupie…he he he.


  290. 290
    T says:

    I never took the idea to be an extension of the current (or past) band–just some ex-members with like music philosophy getting together based on their common thread.

    I assumed a new recording was a given.

    As for the name, it is apparently a consensus that it’s not the best choice, although its use was to call attention to who these people are–and they succeeded to that end.

    Since no recording has been done, it’s still early enough for a name change. “Carey-Turner Project,” “Carey-Turner’s Spectrum,” “TRC,” “Purple Parallel,” “Reign of Purple”… Perhaps make an allusion to a rejected name, such as “Fire” or “Concrete God”–whatever.

    Or they could go with something completely unrelated to past bands. The possibilities are endless. The name at this point is relatively unimportant.

    “What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
    Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
    Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
    What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;
    So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes
    Without that title.”

  291. 291
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Ronnie James Dio is recording a new studio release with Heaven And Hell, as well as touring with them, which should free up Goldy for some time. Jules Radino is the current drummer for Blue Oyster Cult.

  292. 292
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Thanks 747:

    I knew about the DIO thing, but he atill maintains his band in tact usually. I didn’t know about the BOC drummer though. I have a BOC Live DVD from ’06 with Rondinelli on it. Not a big fan of theirs, but aquired it due to the line-up with him on drums. Pretty descent show.

    Priest: when you were foaming at the mouth all ‘Starstruck’ yapping with TC, you asked him if Rondinelli would be doing a Drum Solo in the same style as the late great Cozy Powell did. He even had the audacity to do as he did with Purple and defame Cozy and praise Rondinelli. Another example of TC’s lack of Class. Why would you not want to see an “original” RONDINELLI style solo, instead of a rehashed copy of something so original as Cozy’s. I guess this takes us back to the ‘Blackmore’ obsession. Must Purple be Purple to you only with “Blackmore” or a “Blackmore Clone” and must the musicians only reconstruct what was done before, in your favorite time of being for you to truly enjoy it? Just another observation from your own personal SHRINK……

    If you yearn see a Cozy Powell type drum solo, it’s already being ripped off by Simon Wright of DIO. Check out any of his latest live gigs on DVD (I have a few). He does the same basic solo as Cozy with a recording of an Orchestra in the background where he accents all the main points just as Cozy did, but……….IT AIN’T COZY!!!!! That would be like Steve Morse doing Beethovens 9th or Ritchie doing Well Dressed Guitar as a guitar solo. I’m sure they each would do a jam up job, but ‘It Just Isn’t Right’. And that’s what separates a “Real Band” from a “Tribute Band”. It’s called ‘Class’, and a true artist knows which lines NOT to cross in order to save face.

    The only way to justify doing a Cozy Powell copy solo, would be to verify that this project is truly a “Tribute Band”. Then it would be appropriate to do anything at all from either Purple or Rainbow. That’s what “Tribute Bands” do. TRIBUTIZE.

    By The Way……..JLT already did a whole concert on August 4th, 2006 with the “New Japan Philharmonic” in Japan. In fact the concert was titled “Tribute to RAINBOW” with Joe Lynn Turner and the New Japan Philharmonic. I have a double CD of the show including a copy of the Show Poster. The setlist was as follows:

    1. Eyes of the World
    2. Catch the Rainbow
    3. Gates of Babylon
    4. Weiss Heim
    5. Rainbow Eyes
    6. Tchaikovsky’s from Overture “1812”
    (dedicated to Mr. Cozy Powell)
    7. E.Edgar’s March “Pomp Circumstance”.
    8. Spotlight Kid
    9. Stone Cold
    10. Can’t Let You Go
    11. Stranded
    12. I surrender
    13. Maybe Next Time
    14. Street of Dreams

    The show is actually very good, as should be expected, but again it’s what he does best. Tributes. And he “covers great material”. I still can’t wait to hear him sing “Hey Joe 2008”.


  293. 293
    T says:

    Rondinelli is a great percussionist in his own right, complete with trademark soloing that included pounding the skins with his bare hands. There is no need for him to emulate anyone.

  294. 294
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Tommy Aldridge is the only drummer I’ve witnessed drumming without sticks. He was with Ted Nugent at the time, very impressive!

  295. 295
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Although I m never foaming at the mouth(I guess you do “sometimes”) I refrain from suggestions which lead me further into confusion.

    No more shrinks please.
    I m hopeless.

    I could have picked out anything of what you guys write, but……….

    I m kinda “lazy”…….


    SM cannot play DTC because it is a RB track?
    And RB cannot play Well dressed guitar…..?

    Well, logically I think it’s ok to say that when he cannot touch RB’s material he should refrain from playing ANYTHING RB wrote, hehehe

    BTW, I am convinced RB could(If he wanted to)easily play that SM piece.

    But HE does not(…) have to.

    SM on the other hand appears to HAVE TO play other men’s material to earn his livelihood.
    Which in itself is completely understandable from a practical point of view, ofcourse.

    Shipping out the garbage and still in clouds of confusion(PP1965)

  296. 296
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Something which occurs to me now for the first time :

    Does the Well Dressed Guitar track in certain ways resemble The Hall Of the Mountain King Instrumental?

  297. 297
    SEVEN-47 says:

    UMM; NO!

  298. 298
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Priest, when one is as narrow viewed on an issue as you are with the Blackmore thing, the overall point is obscure to you, due to not seeing the whole picture.

    The examples I gave regarding Cozy’s Solo were made based on the musician’s personal attachment to their particular self-made ‘signature’ effort. In other words, Cozy had a particular style of playing and feel which he put into his own Solo which was his own. Blackmore did the same with his ever so present and repeated solo Beethovens’s 9th. Steve has his which is Contact Lost and Welldressed Guitar.

    As far as Steve playing Blackmore’s material…..sorry, but he is playing Deep Purple material, and his job is to play the guitar parts. When you join a band (he was invited to join, they needed, wanted and seeked him), you then take on the role as a Band Member and therefor must play the music the Band plays. He has done that very well. That is his job. But he has made his position very clear. HE IS THE GUITARIST in DEEP PURPLE and doesn’t mind playing someone else’s “Drivel” when need be. When he came on board, they finished the last leg of the tour that Blackmore baled out on, and immediately went in the studio to produce one of the best Purple records in existance…..’Purpendicular’. They are not a Tribute Band. They produce very good records still to this day and are HAPPY TO DO SO. Look at MK1 with Blackmore. They covered many other artists songs. The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Joe South, to name a few. They weren’t Deep Purple Songs at all. No band, when there is a line-up change ever ignores the important songs of the band’s past. That would be concert suicide. I guess Coverdale, Hughes and JLT aren’t worthy either, due to singing songs from MK2, (though I didn’t care for their versions). Sorry Mr. Priest, but Steve Morse isn’t in some Purple side project and ripping off Blackmore’s material. He was brought into the actual band due to Blackmore leaving, and aside from the Blackmore Nuts, hasn’t been missed too much and Deep Purple haven’t skipped a beat without him. As a matter of fact, I think it’s long overdue for them to do a MK4 tune in honor of Tommy Bolin. If Ritchie ever chose to replace another guitarist in some other band (let’s say just for grins Lynnyrd Shynyrd), you don’t think he would be playing their known tunes from the past like Free Bird or Sweet Home Alabama? (Wow, I gotta say, that would be pretty cool now that I think about it). But Ritchie has his “solo” and Steve has his, Cozy had his and so on.

    As far as Rondinelli goes, I remember seeing him with Rainbow where he does the “Stickless” portion, bare handed. That was back in ’82. So he has his own thing…..he doesn’t need to imulate Cozy and most likely won’t out of respect.

    Once you have joined a band, there truly is no song that the band has that is off limits. It’s up to the ‘existing band mates’ to decide what they want to play and when.

    Ok priest, get off the couch now…..your time is up.

    IT’s TODDY TIME for this shrink!!!


  299. 299
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I believe I posted the URL to my interview with Bobby Rondinelli at my forum, here in this blog, I suggest you read it Tracy, you will see that he is in The lizards and does some sitting in with Zebra, and departed with BOC.
    Just in case… one more paste of the URL can’t hurt.

  300. 300
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Tracy, I already posted a phone interview I did with Bobby, here in this blog, he is in The Lizards and does some sitting in with Zebra, and departed with BOC.
    One more time own’t hurt, I guess.

    By the way, even though you make a good effort in explaining the key components in discussing relevancy of the current reality surrounding Deep Purple to Priest, it will never work, as it’s not going to keep him from speaking his mind about it without the Blackmore element clearly leading his way, according to how he feels, and he also doesn’t seem to feel that he needs to understand the whole grand shceme of it in oreder to express himself about it, some just don’t communicate that way, they just want to post their thoughts and not have to be responsilbe for their expressions by getting simantically into that. He has something to say, thats for sure, but no one is going to get away with turning his mindset around.

    The subject is all too volitile, it’s become a soap opera just about everywhere it’s discused on the net. I’m as guilty either way as the next, for free expression about it. There are no amount steps to measure how to mend this kind of thing, it’s just live and let post, or guns get drawn, so to speak.

  301. 301
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    Dear friends above,

    The possitive side of exchanging this thoughts is to my opinion that the schrinks everywhere will do very good business.This because there are many RB-lovers and hard fans on this site, and I understand they all are recommended to go to the schrink? Why pretending it would be just one R.B. fan? And even what if this was so? I’m one too with all my heart, and I even know that Ritchie could play Well Dressed Guitar far more and better then Morse. At the same time I know this is not the point, I just want to show free right of opinion without becoming insulted. Like also great R.B. fan, T says, RESPECT !
    The negative side according to me is that no-one can speak honest thoughts about R.B. or there comes a red telephone call from the ‘Yankee White House’ to a few allied minded minorities.
    Who needs a schrink here? Oh no, it is hot tub cure time…quick Tracy…your dripping nonsense…

    btw: oh Tracy I am not personnal you know, It is just a little Russian humor, I’m sure you understand and like it! I assure you all it is only amusement 🙂

  302. 302
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the Lizzards thing. Forgot about that one. I also got to see his “Hands Only” Solo with Black Sabbath during Tony Martin’s last effort with them at the Sunrise Musical Theatre in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (same place where Deep Purple’s “Perihelion DVD” was shot which I am seen waving the big banner towards the front of the stage).

    As you suggest about the Priest thing…..I already have come to the conclusion about his attachment to his view, but as you also state, the bloging is about views, oppinions, sharing info, communication what is on the mind. If I don’t have something new to present, then I respond to what gets my attention, and try to convey a point in which can be digested. When one tends to “regurgitate” the same reteric without regard for what has been expressed by the other party, then I try and stress it from another angle. I’m not trying to change his desire for Blackmore or his blatant preference for the man in black. But there are certain aspects that just don’t make since and I love to hammer issues that are in a since…….Black and White to the most part. I totally understand his attraction the Blackmore and his playing. I for one, am a true Blackmore Fan. With Purple and outside. But one must also know when to accept certain issues regarding where they are today, and why. I thinks I made a fairly good sumation of what was being discussed regarding the SOLOs.

    Don’t worry about me and priest going at it……IT’S WHAT WE DO…….Hell, I think he enjoys it more than I do. I work too hard at it. And it actually brings out some good views and reminders of other areas with all things Purple, and is a good filler for the rest of the gang, waiting for a new subject.


  303. 303
    Crimson Ghost says:

    SEVEN-47 says:
    Tommy Aldridge is the only drummer I’ve witnessed drumming without sticks. He was with Ted Nugent at the time, very impressive!


    John Bonham? I know you said “witnessed” but I have to add that it’s always been a tribute to him, me thinks.
    As for Bobby, could be that someone is capable of showing they can do it too, at the very least… kudos to him, he blew the entire band off stage when he was filmed doing it in San Antonio in 82, I have the directors cut, very nice indeed.
    Not hugely different than banging congas, as far as how it affects the hands.

  304. 304
    Annemie says:

    To Anzor Denisultanov

    What a relief that I’m still normal being also a Blackmore fan and being allowed to share the same opinions as you and Priest(and likely many others) Because, at the moment I need all my money to buy some new Blackmore stuff 😀 ,and I don’t have any money for a schrink. 🙁
    Cheers !

  305. 305
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Anzor Denisultanov:

    Maybe it is the language barrier that interferes the most. I am also a Blackmore fan. SINCE 1969, long before Steve Morse was even known. But, I’m not naive enough to not accept the facts as they are and the facts are…….RITCHIE IS NO LONGER DEEP PURPLE’s GUITARIST and hasn’b been for almost 15 years. And most likely never will be. So Enjoy all of your Blackmore music that exists like I do and everyone else must do…whether it be his “Frolicy Forest Music”, or his past efforts in Rainbow and Purple. There is tons of it to enjoy, AS I DO all the time. But you just won’t be hearing anything new from him in Purple. That’s what Steve Morse is for. Keeping Purple Alive and Well, “Come Hell or High Water”. We’ve gotten some really good music from this band since Steve took over and I think his contrast to the past makes the band that much more interesting.

    “Yankee White House”?…..Oh, you must mean the Great Protectors of the Planet. Kind of like Steve Morse…..Saving the Day. The world without the “Yankee White House” would be like Deep Purple without Steve Morse……It probably wouldn’t exist anymore. And if it did, it would probably suck.


  306. 306
    Tracy Heyder says:


    read the above words, they are for you too………I have never NOT been a Blackmore fan. I follow all of his efforts. He is a true iconic figure and amazing player whom has done some amazing things. One of the things he did was QUIT DEEP PURPLE. Why cry about it here. Cry to Ritchie on the Blackmore’s Night Site for your unhappyness. He did it. He left. Steve Morse is there now to help you forget. Plug in “Rapture of the Deep” and lose yourself in the “Rapture of the Present”.


  307. 307
    jim says:

    What about calling it an Evening of Purple and Rainbow

  308. 308
    jim says:

    But Dio,Bonnet and White need to be involved then you’ve really got a show

  309. 309
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To Mr. heyder
    If you are the great protectors of the earth, then each individual speech in freedom without insults can’t be but all right to you…

    So, very clear and simple:I do regret every day that R.B. has left D.P. and I prefere him to S.M. Do you have a problem with that?
    And further more: NOBODY can predict the future,
    NO-ONE can say R.B. will never be back in D.P. We just don’t know.
    I wonder now why my view would lead me to a schrink?Do you?
    Na zdorovje to D.P.

  310. 310
    Annemie says:

    To Uncle S…euh…Tracy 😉

    I discovered that Steve Morse (who I like very much as you know) is here just to REMEMBER Ritchie.
    I taste the difference between both every day.
    I like the current line up so much, I like the
    MK 2 more!

    Whether I like to cry and weep for whatever or not, that is my business.
    Thanx for your concern but I don’t need any mental assistace ,I’m quite capable to make my own opinions! 🙂
    CHEERS !!!

  311. 311
    stefan says:

    Speaking of ol´ Blackers….Just heard his latest effort,the Blackmore´s Night album “Secret voyage”….My god it is a stinker!!!Someone called Mrs.Blackmore “monotone harlot”…and rightfully so!

    They´ve totally slaughtered the beautiful “Rainbow eyes” and the old Elvis number, “Can´t help falling in love”….cheesy and laughable! Sorry all Blackmore obsessives (you know who you are)….Just beacuse it´s RB doesn´t mean it´s any good,in fact it´s CRAP!! That´s just my humble opinion,and so is the wish for RB to return to the hard rock stage ASAP!! Cheers!

  312. 312
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Guess I m not the only one who feels certain Americano’s are trying to dominate the opinion.

    I don’t like to generalize but I must say certain outings from people on the board understress the perception Americans really are big headed, loud mouthed, dominant and so on…….

    Yeah, I know they saved my country from itler.
    I m afraid(Id did study some History lessons) that that was not only for altruistic reasons but also to save a market where they could go on with their buisness.

    Like everyone with a sane mind knows USA mostly rescues countries in possession of oil.

    I think IG will share my view on that one.

    It will take time, but it will come, there will be a day they ALL confess they were just trying to do a job , have some fun at the same time, during the Marks without RB.

    Regardless of what his part was in this sad story, that for me and countless others take away the fact that HE will always be the most important guitarplayer they ever had.

    And yeah, they made some nice tunes without him, but…….

    1) WHY don;t they play them more often?!
    2) Answer to 1 : because they don’t stand up really to what HE wrote.

    IG tried to cover “the set list question” in his DVD.
    I think it’s nonsense, well partly.
    I know they will have to try to satisfy certain youngsters who never saw DP and desire to hear MK 2 songs.
    But …….

    Those youngsters will appreciate the new stuff at the same value.
    Or not?

    Well, even me would enjoy it more.

    I gave set list options before……….

    Come on, 80% SM era stuff and some rarities.
    The quality(???)of the stuff will please everybody.

    Or not?

    Goodnight Seattle, I love you!

  313. 313
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Tracy wrote:

    Don’t worry about me and priest going at it……IT’S WHAT WE DO…….Hell, I think he enjoys it more than I do. I work too hard at it. And it actually brings out some good views and reminders of other areas with all things Purple, and is a good filler for the rest of the gang, waiting for a new subject.

    As symantics often do… including making people concerned, not to be confused with actual “worry.”

    To some of the ohters, is someone trying to say that even one anti Blackmore fan exists in the entire online Purple fan base? Now there is something hilarious, if thats what I understand someone is thinking, jumping Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! I highy resent such a theory even remotely existing. THE WORD “MINORITY” PROMPTED THAT!

    As for the new BN album and the rest of their catalog, I’m a huge Purple/Morse supporter, but also a BN fan club coordinater, if thats possible to anyone… I think Ritchie’s playing in the songs where he clearly is into the arrangement, he continues to make an effort to bleed from his soul with zero loss in his inspiration and abitties, and the result is stunning, but what it’s surrounded by is where the room for argument rears it’s head.
    Listen to him on SV, he really shines when he surfaces, and shows that he still has his chops intact, but what I don’t like isn’t aything too complicated to nail, and thats the cut and paste of Susatto’s repeated arrangements like he keeps doing, there is a melody thats laced through two r three songs on every BN album, that does not change, it’s the same melody over and over, just placed in different tracks. It’s become his signature of late, but I wish it were his own, instead of verging on BN being a Susatto tribute band. (sorry if I spelt the composers name wrong, I can care less, BN are nostalgic as nostalgic gets) But Ritchie still has something left in him, lets hope tat when she is on location for the movie shoot, which should take five months minimum, that Ritchie isn’t stuck monitoring her kisses to Geoff Tate like some sort of investment stalker, and does something we “all’ can enjoy again… my bet is he does do something outside the BN box for once in decade now. The last thing I can think of was “Apache” but even tat was a tribute, and he couldn’t even detach Candice from tat, I don’t here her on the as always “instrumental” track, but the credits say otherwise. Oh, and I also find since FAM, BN have been using traditional arrangements that sound better on the movie soundtracks they seem to get the idea from. Sometimes a fantasy trip can really cause chaos.

    One more thing Priest, they are not paying tribute to Blackmore just because he played guitar and came up with his part on those songs, they belong just as much to the rhythm section and lyric writers as they do him, period! There is no crime in them playing what obviously remain their favoite numbers of all time, just because one or two decide to jump ship, no matter what the reason, thats always been what happens in this band, it’s business, nothing personal, although people who think they write the job discription for guitar and organ in this band seem to think otherwise.

    Good night Vancouver USA, its a better place to be in WA, although I know what you were referring to, it’s just that I happen to live in the state. te he

  314. 314
    T says:

    Very interesting comments.

    Tracy’s point that Morse was hired to play the guitar parts for the current version of Deep Purple is well taken. That is in fact a large part of his job. Tracy also said, “But you just won’t be hearing anything new from him in Purple. That’s what Steve Morse is for.” This is very true. As I have said before, it would be inappropriate for Blackmore to suddenly usurp Morse. It’s academic at any rate. I don’t see it ever happening.

    On the other hand, being a Blackmore fan is not a mental disorder! Even if my family might think otherwise!

    I disagree that Blackmore merely played “some parts” in the classic era DP. Much of Mark II Deep Purple has Blackmore’s fingerprints all over it. Over the years, various members repeatedly commented that “most of the ideas were Ritchie’s”. In Mark II, it was a situation in which we had a group of geniuses who fed off of each other, but Blackmore was the catalyst. Certainly, Purple was more than just Blackmore, but his contribution cannot be simply written off. Most likely, they self-destructed with other members discovered they had more and more ideas of their own.

    Mark VII and VIII proved that there is life without Blackmore. Steve Morse plays the old numbers quite well. Unlike Joe Satriani, who sounded like he was afraid to put his own personality into the songs (sacrilege?), Morse made many of those numbers his own.

    I prefer the Blackmore versions of the old numbers, especially the riff to “Smoke on the Water” which Morse plays very staccato and with finger vibrato! However, that is only natural. How much space has been devoted to this blog regarding singers singing their own songs–and why is that? On the other hand, Morse does an outstanding job on the bridge to “Woman From Tokyo”.

    Sure, Blackmore could play “Well-Dressed Guitar” as it is composed of a lot of repeating figures across open strings–something at which Blackmore is very adept. But it would sound strange to the ears, because he would play it in his own way, and it would never sound the same twice!

    And yes, Americans are loud and obnoxious. But we keep things interesting. 😉

  315. 315
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Did somebody “disregarded Blackmore?” I don’t ever see anyone doing that at all, just because they seem happy that he is no longer in the picture, it really isn’t anything to do with the music in general, it’s his attitude toward both the bands enthusiasm and detirmination continue, and the fans alike… is there something wrong with that?

    And why confuse it with his contribution to the music? I didn’t use the term “merely” nor did I insinuate that, maybe you confuse DP with Rainbow or BN. Those two can be considered his invention and sole responsibility as far as you’re concerned for all I care, but DP never was, it’s that simple, no rocket science to it.

    Did someone actually say here that “being a Blackmore fan is” generally “a mental disorder?” If so, point it out, cause I missed it.

    I also prefere Blackmore’s parts done by him as well, I also don’t think many would argue with such a thing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be happy with someone with a degree in music thats only ten years behind him making records either, and he started out with a good deal, he didn’t have to struggle in the business for 4 years to get the deal with Capricorn. The guy has the chops to cut it, and his own contributions to Purple are oustanding.

    The point is that some people are musically flexible, and some simply aren’t, I take the former and I’m proud of it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand those who don’t, I was once seventeen too you know, but as Blackmore says himself, at that time my opinion was of no consequence. Make any sense? If it doesn’t, don’t blame me, I only quoted him. The two camps are not what they seem… the Morse line up suporters still like Blackmore as much as ever, what are they thinking if not? But the Blackmore supporters seem to hate Morse, or at least thats how things seem to be divided, does that sound fair to you?

    I don’t see anybody here ranking on Blackmore’s contributions, but some are so quick to sum up those who support MkMorse as dissing on Blackmore’s skills, and thats pathetic, but it doesn’t dismiss their opinion, it’s just not very usefull to discuss things that way, it’s like going one way in both lanes on a two way street, and it’s just old hat.

    About TWDG, I don’t know, even Blackmore has said he has had days where he felt like nothing more than an average guitarist, knowing clearly that on most days he is aware of his own talent.

    I have so many recordings of his work from night to night, week to week and month to month, hundreds of live recordings man, and I can easily show you some bunk performances, many of them… one in particular with JLT in DP, in good quality video, where you would swear it was a bad rehearsal, till the cam zooms out and you see they are in front of an audience and can’t believe it, atrocious… he would have to feel the whole “TWDG” vibe in order to pull it off with much good result… he can play anything, but feeling with any honesty it is another story, and it comes out when anyone has that problem, i.e, Morse on the Purple classics… see what I’m saying, he could do it, but I highly doubt I’d prefere it to Morse doing, although it’s an interesting thought. Priest said that it sounds something like ‘HALL of The Mountain King” and there is some truth to that simply because neither Blackmore or Morse actually wrote either track, they just took them from composers and embelished them, although Mores came up with his own title and Blackmore kept the title, but you have to admit, both are creative titles.

    What you once said, something about each guitar player having their own unique approach to playing, or whatever it was, it’s true, so why should it not apply in the case of reasoning with a respective replacement? It applies to singers too, but you don’t hear many ranking on MkIII’s former insitance on singing the MkII songs pretty horrendously… it’s always been my opinion that they did, but I have never and will never rank on their abilities to sing, that would be just plain ignorant… but I see all the time people saying extreme comments like “Steve Morse can’t play guitar” simply because he chooses to play SOTW in a way that he feels comfortable with, and the arrangement has plenty of room for… you may not have said it T, but I can copy and paste from around the net where people have, so I’m not joshing, some people are that juvinal about it. It’s irritating, especially those who just do it to wind others up when they know it’s not true, that one always astonishes me.

  316. 316
    Rascal says:

    I did hear a rumour that some fans would remain, regardless of the banjo player, or the guy that hollers.

    Quote ‘As long as they enjoy the music’!!

    Dont these imbeciles take into account history, legends, and birth rights???

    Surely thorough research, band member quotes, likes & dislikes, pedigree, personel history, instrument techniques and styles, should all be considered before you can safely judge whether to enjoy the music?

    Ive heard some idiots start ‘foot tapping’ without even knowing the basics of a band, some not even knowing the band name!! yes, yes……..its hard to believe.

    I know, I know……a sickness exists, and is within our midsts.

    Musical enjoyment without dissection, and analysis………….get a fucking grip!!!

  317. 317
    Crimson Ghost says:

    A Castle Full Of Rascals

  318. 318
    SEVEN-47 says:


    You are “Bad To The Bone”, “Have A Drink On Me”!

  319. 319
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Priest says: “Guess I m not the only one who feels certain Americano’s are trying to dominate the opinion.

    I don’t like to generalize but I must say certain outings from people on the board understress the perception Americans really are big headed, loud mouthed, dominant and so on…….”

    Come on Priest, are we now going to make this a racial “Flag Waving” page too? Are we now taking a survey on what country’s fans are more relevent? I don’t recall anything being stated where that has to be thrown in. I was only responding (in my usual sarcastic way) to the comment thrown at me from “Anzor Denisultanov” #301 regarding his term “Yankee White House” aimed at me. I did not cast that stone, but one thing for sure, as all good “Yankee White House” folks, I will Defend to the End. Now, let’s move on from that area. That will surely get us nowhere and only finally result in true pointless animosity in the end.

    Now let us all make a toaste here, as we are all a bunch of fans to this great band Deep Purple, with different Shades of view…….so here goes:

    Friends may come and friends may go,
    and friends may peter-out you know.
    But we’ll be friends through thick or thin,
    peter-out or peter-in.


  320. 320
    stefan says:


    Hell yeah!Let´s have a loud rebel yell for the mighty Deep Purple and fans!!I salute ya´ all….wherever you are! Cheers!!

  321. 321
    Tracy Heyder says:


  322. 322
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Kind of reminds when I was down in OZ for the Total Abandon tour and attended the show in Newcastle, I had some good rapport with some folks at DP Downunder and met up with one of them, a seemingly decent chap who’s name I will not mention. It was great to catch up with the man and I’m gratefull for him taking me and my wife along for a fun trip around the city and surprises us with all access passes. Bit I was extremely apaalled by his review at THS when he reffered to us merely as a couple of “yanks” because he didn’t come off to us like that sort of person at all, but the internet is a place where you can act quite unlike you do in real life, although thats no excuse at all for his online behavior, needless to say the relationship ended right there and then,I didn’t give him the time of day after that move, and to this day I’m positive he wonders what happened to our correspondence.

    Can’t believe some people and what they resort to when they find equally passionate others, but come from a place they don’t, the truth about them comes flying out in such an ugly and unnecessary way.
    It’s only rock and roll.(personally I think he tripped when the guys rolled out the red carpet for me, since he provided the passes, but he had never met them, and they were flabbergasted at seeing me so far away from home)


  323. 323
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Darn, still don’t know what to do with salad and scrambled eggs.

  324. 324
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost said, “Did somebody ‘disregarded Blackmore?’ I don’t ever see anyone doing that at all…”

    I simply meant that there was more to Blackmore than just playing a guitar part, and his contribution to Classic Purple can’t be dismissed as just a single line in a bigger work. Writing a song goes beyond that.

    As for the “liking Blackmore mental disorder,” (LBMD?) I’m not the only one who’s made mention of it. Anzor said, “The possitive side of exchanging this thoughts is to my opinion that the schrinks everywhere will do very good business.This because there are many RB-lovers and hard fans on this site, and I understand they all are recommended to go to the schrink?” It was rhetorical, but here’s the answer anyway: No.

    Many have brought this up throughout the blog, usually but not exclusively as a reference to Priest’s fervent preference for Blackmore over Steve Morse. He’s entitled to his opinion.

    Tracy made the comment, “[Morse] was brought into the actual band due to Blackmore leaving, and aside from the Blackmore Nuts, hasn’t been missed too much and Deep Purple haven’t skipped a beat without him.” I agree with that conclusion. That’s a given.

    However, the Blackmore Nuts are entitled to their opinion, too. As the saying goes, you may not know a lot about art–but you know what you like. Crimson Ghost pointed out that these preferences could also be applied to vocalists. To some, Purple is not Purple without Gillan, and the Gillan Nuts cannot accept Turner at the microphone. Same difference. To each his own. 😉

    Crimson Ghost also made the point that Blackmore had his off-nights. This is very true. As I have said ad nauseum, Morse is a much more consistent player and can be counted on from night to night.

    The downside is that all the live albums tend to sound the same. Blackmorists point out the “Blitzkrieg” style that made Purple so exciting back in the day–something that today’s Purple lacks. Morse is quite capable of his own brilliance, however. Take the live “Seventh Heaven” from “Total Abandon,” to name only one.

    “Hall of the Mountain King” is indeed derived from Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt Suite”. He’s done this before. “Exposition” from “The Book of Taliesyn” comes from the allegretto of Beethoven’s 7th. “Difficult to Cure” is really “An die Freude”. I wasn’t aware, though, that “The Well-Dressed Guitar” is a take on a classical piece. Which one?

    The title is apparently a tongue-in-cheek reference to J.S. Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier.” There are two books and a ton of préludes and fugues to that work. Did I miss it? Anybody know the BWV number of Morse’s model?

    I agree with Crimson Ghost that replacement singers (with the exception of Dougie White) sang their predecessors’ songs “horrendously” at times and the point is well taken. Mark III was obligated to sing Mark II songs because, first of all, the fans expected to hear certain songs, and second, Mark II was at the top of the charts at the time–still riding the wave from “Made in Japan”. They kept the Mark II numbers to a minimum, however, and most of the set was from “Burn”.

    I think the consensus is that the current Purple should do a couple of expected and rotated classics, some “oddities”, and have Morse-era tunes complete the rest of the setlist. For the most part, [I think] they do this to the best of their ability. (I still believe Gillan could do “Burn” though!) 😉

    Who said “Steve Morse can’t play guitar”? Certainly not ME. He’s a musician’s musician and any comment to the contrary is just nutty. That’s like saying Caravaggio can’t paint, or Cervantes can’t write.

    I don’t care for Morse’s interpretation for the “Smoke on the Water” riff–that’s opinion–but I give him kudos for making the attempt to make those songs his own–as he should. That was just an example of one that I didn’t care for.

    He did to a much better job on the “Total Abandon” extra–the cut from the multicast with all the (muted!) kids playing along. The whole band was on fire there. That’s the version I chose for my “Live & Loud” Morse compilation. Morse also tore it up with the stunning jazz interpretation of “Smoke”. The guy can do everything.

    I don’t care for Jackson Pollock–but that doesn’t diminish his accomplishments and I wouldn’t say he can’t paint. It’s just a matter of taste.

    And I know what I like.

  325. 325
    AndreA says:

    It is a continuation to debate between Morse and Blackmore,this is normal of course..
    About me like many fans I miss Blackmore but i like to enjoy Morse! I am sure only about thing that is:
    I really really miss the sound of


    Morse is great guitar player but often I don’t like his “rumor”,sometime its guitar seems a plastic sound,too much compressed…The FENDER gives me always a good feeling like open infinite space,more lovely…it makes me falling in love for music.

    I miss FENDER!

    cheers FRIENDS

    have nice good time


  326. 326
    Crimson Ghost says:

    T, … I was standing right behind Morses stack in that clip of “Seventh Heaven” on Total Abandon, taken from Feb 98, I tripped down south for all four nights in a row at HOB Hollywood. That first night was actually cybercast on the net as it happened and then archived here at THS for years. That was a cool set up to witness.

    I’m not sure which classical piece Steve used for the basis of TWDG, but he sure took it from something and I’ll wage some good coin on that, sorry to assume it, but I know a profound classical approach when I hear one, he didn’t invent those progressions, they’re centuries old. “Gillan sing Burn” all that gets is a simple no thanks from me, but perhaps he could at least do it as good as Coverdale does now.[sic!] But seriously… I don’t desicrate Turner for stepping in when he did, but it literally flopped hence the record company threatening to drop them if they didn’t get Gillan back, but then I seem to remember you mentioning that as some sort of hype?
    I rather liked it while it lasted, but I did have a feeling they gave it their best shot and didn’t have much left in them to continue, turns out I was right. He, like many “was” great in his time while he lasted.
    Most all of them do not have their best days ahead of them.

    About Purple and what to do concerning set lists and touring in general, well I say it’s been a good run and you have to know when to stop, filthy lucre tends to cross the noodle on that one.
    I say retire from the constant touring, because they certainly will be doing that sooner or later… keep making good records, schedule less frequent tours very creatively, and boost merchandise sales and head up their own archive department. How does that sound? They aren’t spring chickens anymore, but can certainly cut it on a much less heavy schedule… but the almighty dollar seems to be the spell they’re under. I don’t have any problem saying that about them, but I might not be as happy if they did it, as I’m an up to the minute follower, but to digress, I’d like to be a free man from it all myself someday. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  327. 327
    Crimson Ghost says:

    To AndreA;

    Are you sure it’s the Fender that gets that sound you like, and not simply the type of pick ups and certain palm techniques etc…?
    I can name 50 fender players who sound absolutely nothing alike.
    Steve can never get that sound with humbuckers, no matter how hard he tries, oh, and MLJ tells me a good tube amp helps… have you heard him play SOTW live? “T” has, in person in fact, and if he didn’t notice a great replication of Blackmore then he likely was just caught up in the excitement of playing it on stage with him, but there is many a piece of footage to prove he nailed Ritchie’s “sound” in SOTW, something Dean Howard, as much as I love the chap, can’t seem to get, and he tells me it’s not the guitar, it’s the player and how they approach it, he even said he can sound just like that on a Telecaster too, but if he used the Less Paul, there go the humbuckers again….

  328. 328
    AndreA says:

    Crimson Ghost
    perhaps…you are right,anyway I mean about the guitars sound between Blacmore and Morse,so included pick.ups etc…you have understood me…I wrote about what my ears and my soul reaches…BlacKmore is more poetic immaginary with his style..Morse is different sound,from different school,from different countryby diiferent hidtory and culture, more techical with his many guitaring stairs..sometime boring..

    DP were born in GB,and there Blacmore has got influence from classic,baroque,blues,prog judt little bit.

    USA has different culture,find a hard rocker guitarist playng near to Blacmore sound,is very diificult: van halen,morse,hagar,rush guitarist,journey guitarist,jake lee,ted nugent,Mountaing guitarist etc..they alre all very very great and I like them,but they play american…

    perhaps only the GREAT RANDY ROADS showed his classic inluence and I’ll miss him forever..

  329. 329
    Rascal says:

    The ‘George Formby’ sound achieved major success in the uk with his syncopated ‘split stroke’ technique. One of the British Greats, the ‘Formby Style’ was often copied but never equalled. A man whose poet genius can easily be heard in such tracks as:-

    “With my Little Ukulele in my Hand”
    “Mr Wu’s a Window Cleaner Now”
    “My Granddad’s Flannelette Night Shirt”
    “With my Little Stick of Blackpool Rock”

    and of course the world famous “Leaning on a Lamppost”

    Some people rejected his style and poured scorn on his ‘funny dated clothes’, the ‘stupid songs’, and his ‘banjo’……..


    “It’s Turned Out Nice Again”

  330. 330
    Annemie says:

    To Rascal

    Incredible you remind us to George Formby…I adore him and his movies!
    ‘Mr.Wu’s a window cleaner now’ is my favorite, and I try to find it again for years!
    I remember again the scene at the end with him desperate singing ‘oh how the wind blow cold…’ and no possiblities to escape!
    Cheers with ukulele and Mendez orchestra to you! 🙂

    To AndreA

    I agree completely with you!!!
    Have a lovely day 8)

    PS: my cellar is refilled with stout 😀

  331. 331
    Rascal says:

    ‘Eeh isn’t it grand’

    Some folks like the weather cold, it’s healthy they tell you.
    It may be dense but where’s the sense if your nose keeps turning blue?

    On the day that I was born I was just ten minutes odd.
    I popped my head ‘neath the clothes and said, “Brrr! don’t the wind blow cold?”

    Sailor Joe got shipwrecked on a raft that pitched and rolled.
    He yelled and raved as a shirt he waved “Oh! don’t the wind blow cold?”

    There’s no sense in shivering until you start to freeze.
    What’s the use of quivering and shaking at the knees.

    Cried Maudie on the pillion seat, “it was great fun I was told
    But when you ride with you’re legs astride, Oh! don’t the wind blow cold?”

    A Scotchman for an advert once around the town he strolled
    On a pair of stilts in Scotchman’s kilts, Wow! don’t the wind blow cold?

    While Miss Jones was in her bath, our Curate called I’m told.
    He saw the door ajar, giggled, “There you are, Oh! don’t the wind blow cold?”

    There’s no sense in shivering until you start to freeze.
    What’s the use of quivering and shaking at the knees?

    Six Fan Dancers did their dance, six Fan Dancers bold.
    They only had five fans – so what? Oh! didn’t the wind blow cold?

    I saw some lovely bathing belles, upon the beach they rolled.
    They jumped to their feet when I said, “Tweet tweet, Oh! don’t the wind blow cold?”

    When Godiva rode her horse round Coventry I’m told,
    She cried and sobbed, “Eemy hair I’ve bobbed, Oh! don’t the wind blow cold?

    There’s no sense in shivering until you start to freeze.
    What’s the use of quivering and shaking at the knees?

    A girl I cuddled in the park said, “Please, let go your hold.
    Something’s ripped and I think it’s slipped, Oh! Mother don’t the wind blow cold?”

  332. 332
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost said: “retire from the constant touring, because they certainly will be doing that sooner or later… keep making good records…”

    I heard THAT! I wish they pumped out records as often as some people do. I only get to see Purple once every so many years. But I listen to something EVERY DAY. I LIKE that suggestion! 🙂

    As for the Fender, they do have a very characterstic “bell” sound to them. I don’t know how else to describe it. I think it might be the neck, too.

    I recently won an American Standard Fender Telecaster, and it has that “sound” AndreA is talking about. I’m running it through a Vox tube amp. You can see it by clicking on my “T” above. At the end of the video I demo it–unfortunately I do not have proper mixing equipment for video and it ends up sounding thin.

    My wife just bought me a Laguna that I’m using to “replace” my Strats (both are too collectible for daily duty) since I could never afford a Music Man.

    Crimson Ghost is right in that there are a thousand ways to set up a guitar–strings, effects, amps, settings–but the combination of Blackmore’s technique and the Fender guitar just creates a sound unlike any other. Maybe the secret is tossing it around. You know, there are sounds you can get with your feet…

    AndreA is very perceptive. Blackmore is just “different”. It might be his temperment and personality that comes through via the guitar. He’s not known for being a social butterfly and tends to prefer to be on his own.

    But I still think that Blackmore did some of his best work on that old 335.

    As far as the humbucker thing is concerned…that’s why I like guitars with a coil tap! Problem solved! 😉

  333. 333
    Rascal says:

    Ahhhh the enviromentally friendly guitar…….

  334. 334
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To AndreA

    You have the passionate soul like the Russians! Like blackmore…like Annemie and Purplepriest1965 and likely others…big T…Mysterious Rascal…

    The Fender translates Blackmores soul and temper…NO school to learn that…the technique IS totaly diffrent then SM.
    I like DP now very much, but al fanatic defense for SM is unnecessarily IF he is that brilliant that we could forget about Ritchie!
    The respect for the freedom to express regrets for Ritchies abcense is therefore at a very normal reaction and right to me, and not a strange phenomena or crime.

    PS In the old USSR, when the brainwashing didn’t work, we had saltmines in Siberia in stead of the US shrinks for those who spoke ‘crimes’… 🙂


  335. 335
    Rascal says:

    Saltmines of Siberia………isnt that where Purple Rainbow will finish their tour?

  336. 336
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To Rascal,

    Hahaha! You’re great!
    Na zdorovje 🙂

  337. 337
    Annemie says:

    To Rascal,

    WOW!!! 😮 I can’t believe you did this!
    Oh what a joy to read !
    You’re aammmmmmaaaaaaaazzzziiinnnnnnnngggggggg!!!

    THANX 😀

  338. 338
    AndreA says:

    Annemie,T,Anzor Denisultanov
    thank you all for changing words here with me,it is a real pleasure to read you so I am so glad…
    tonite a beer,stout beer and cheers to Annemie! 🙂

    I fear to offend american friend when I try to speak about my point of view among american musicians and european musician,but I want only say that exist a difference between the music from this 2 continent.

    there is only a difference,I don’t want to mean that one is better than other,that all friends.

    about fender,I think to remember that BlacKmore did not play a fender in DP IN ROCK studio recording,
    am I right or not?

    hey people,it is a pleasure to “meet” you here
    thank you
    cìn cìn

  339. 339
    Rascal says:

    Fender or Epiphone??? its all the same kind of Ukulele for Blackmore these days!!

  340. 340
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I agree, I don’t miss the Fender, I miss the man behind it though, Gibson, Fender, or whatever… and nothing to do with Purple either, he doesn’t need them, but he does need to do something to rectify being so missed, and I do find him often very boring these days, would he sound excited if he were still with Purple… pretty doubtfull, but it would be better than hearing him in BN, he claims to be more inspired, but I don’t hear it, I just hear a happiness for once, but I don’t think that brings out the best in him, as it never has.

    Btw, if you read my posts you will see that I understand 100% the desire to keep opining in Blackmores defense, but that doesn’t change reality and never will. There is nothing to defend, it’s not like he is lobbying for a return to Purple and saying it’s his right to rejoin them and take over again, that would be just silly, he forfitted.

  341. 341
    Crimson Ghost says:

    … at that point I just turn off Morse and pop in something with Blackmore on it, works for me, instead of longing for his place within songs he would never touch being a part of anyway. Can’t say I’d like to hear him on any of the material since he left, but I’d be happy to hear Ian Gillan sing “Fire In The Basement” and one or two others from S&M, but also can’t fathom hearing JLT on TBRO, it’s too heavy for him, and probably had a lot to do with his rejection.

    Can you really imagine Blackmore on numbers like “Walk On” or “I Got Your Number?” I sure can’t, and although the title track “ROTD” seems an alright fit, I think that was Don’t point, or sounds like it anyway.

  342. 342
    T says:

    We’ll never know what Turner sounded like on “The Battle Rages On.” His vocals were re-done.

  343. 343
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not true, have you heard “Stroke Of Midnight?” It’s on his latest album and it’s his version of “One Mans Meat” and it’s mediocre at best imo, and although I think the song is musically pure rehash, I like the vocal Gillan did on that. But I didn’t put it that way, I said I couldn’t fathom it, there is a difference, and anyone knows that he was fired because of his performance over the tracks, you can argue it because you might be interested in hearing what it sounded like, but it won’t change that fact.

  344. 344
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I like analogies :

    Would you marry someone who is definitely NOT giving you goosebumps while the memory of someone who ALWAYS triggered that effect is gone…
    Would you proceed only because you think : Something is better than nothing?

    I don’t like to be alone, but hopefully I ll never succumb to something I hate.

    One has to stay true to oneself.

    I did make some choices over the years just in order to survive, but it still gives me an empty or dirty feeling.

  345. 345
    stefan says:

    Nevermind the goosebumps,I settle for one without the crabs!!

  346. 346
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Long ago I settled for someone I thought was THE ONE…..I was WRONG. Wow, when I’m wrong, I’m Really Wrong. I finally dumped the “Anti-Christ” and was rewarded with bliss. I was fortunate enough to be blessed by the presence of an Angel, and everything is right as it should be. It’s all in keeping it real. You gotta keep on keepin’ on. You get what you get.

    “If you are worth a shit, the right fly will come and carry you off”……”If you aren’t, then may the dung beetle have his way with you”.


  347. 347
    T says:

    “Latest album version” and something done fifteen years ago which we’ve never heard are two different things. You tend to theorize and pass it off as fact.

    The FACT of the matter is we will never know what were on those tracks. Most likely they were wiped so no comparisons could be made. You tend to forget the PR side of the industry. Many answers in interviews are stock answers. You’ll never hear Gillan or any other member say, “You know…the Turner versions were so much better but we went on anyway…” Get grip!

    Several of those songs–and which ones are not entirely clear, although I can guess by the arrangement–were written with Turner in mind, and when they were re-done, “The Battle Rages On” turned into a mediocre album mainly because Gillan had trouble fitting his lyric to it. That’s why we get songs like “Lick It Up” and “One Man’s Meat” .

    Blackmore saved that album with his playing on the title track and “Anya,” the only two classics in the real sense. Ian Paice is ALWAYS on fire.

    The Turner version is irrelevant anyway, as that song was the worst one on “The Battle Rages On” anyway.

    There were many reasons why a personnel change was made, but I’m glad you were present at Turner’s firing; otherwise, we’d never know these things. 🙂

  348. 348
    AndreA says:

    perhaps I am wrong but saying that play a fender is the same as with a gibson or whatever it makes me not agree…

    The sound are not the same,have you never seen Van halen or Thin Lizzy with a fender? there is a big difference among these guitars…

    Angus Young with a fender?

    Blackmore with a gibson?

  349. 349
    T says:

    AndreA, you are correct that guitars do have a difference in tone. Una buona osservazione penetranti!

    I own 23 guitars from various manufacturers and they all sound different–and FEEL different. Some are more challenging to play than others.

    Just changing guitars makes me play in a different way. It’s not just the pick-ups, but also the “feel” of the instrument. Some are big and bulky; others are small and comfortable. Some are long-scale; others are short. Some have a place to put your right hand; others have a weird position. I have a lap steel that has the cord plug right where your hand is supposed to rest. That’s awkward!

    A couple of my favorites are the Danelectro Dano Pro and the Yamaha RGX A2. They are “short” guitars with very “fast” necks. The Dano only has 19 frets, and I love it! I also tend to play well on the SG–which is notorious for having a heavy neck.

    For me, the Stratocasters are a bit more challenging to play (I have a ’57 and a Strat Plus), but I do very well with the Telecaster I just won in a contest. If you haven’t already looked, you can see it by clicking on my “T”.

    Only three of these were made, so I won’t be playing it very often–but it’s REALLY comfortable for me. (I never used to like Telecasters. I thought they were a bit too “country”. Then my wife found a woodgrain one and I tried it…)

    Ritchie used to play a Gibson ES-335 in the early days. In my opinion, he played better on it (he recorded a lot of “In Rock” with it–I’m fairly certain “Child in Time” was recorded with it, and very possibly “Speed King”. He used the 335 to play “Mandrake Root” live with Mk II as well).

    But the Strat was more to his liking. I believe he liked the Fender neck better as well as the tremolo arm. The Gibson used a “Bigsby” which does not have as dramatic an effect as the Fender tremolo, and Blackmore loves to pull on that tremolo arm!

    I consider myself to be a Fender guy–but I keep an open mind and like to play different guitars BECAUSE I play differently on each one! I would never say “Gibson sucks” or “Fender sucks” or whatever. That’s just ignorant.

    I never met a guitar I didn’t like! I found a cheap Gretsch for $140 and it ROCKS.

  350. 350
    flyingvee says:

    What many of you bozos fail to realize is that JLT did 3 albums with Rainbow and the live video which is the same that Dio did, and bringing in Rondinelli and Toney Carey gives him enough Rainbow ‘credibility’. As for DP, thats iffy. The one record JLT did with Deep Purple was really more a Rainbow album, (JLT, Roger and Ritchie) than a DP one. Just stop whining. Too many of you Gillan is a god so you hate anyone else, so just cut JLT some slack, he is a greta singer as well. And with all the crap rock music being put out today, I wish more of the older 80s musicians would get bands together.

  351. 351
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I prefere to call it as Jon Lord does; “you have to be me, to sound like me, it comes from the sound in my head first.”

    I’ll address your misguided comments to me once this day is over “T” expect some huge enlightenment concerning recordings, opinions and facts when dealing with me, as usual, I’ll point out the goods, opposed to your hair splitting and spiffing approach. Hopefully you’ll wait intstead of replying to this, lets see if you can handle that much at this juncture, since you’re so hell bent on arguing with me for self entertaining results at best.

  352. 352
    T says:

    The purpose of a forum is discussion.

    Some of that discussion concerns OPINION. There is a difference between OPINION and FACT.

    I don’t “argue” with people. I make it a point not to. Rather, I discuss.

    But some people cannot handle a difference of opinion because they are so bent that they are “right” that they can’t handle any opposing viewpoint. That’s a little fascist–don’t you think?

    I am not going to get into a “Whose is bigger” argument. I don’t claim to be the expert in Purplology that you do. I’m just an average fan. Nothing more.

    I don’t spend all my money on every version of every recording done by anyone related to Deep Purple, including the next door neighbor’s cousin’s album. I’m not that anal. I just buy what I find interesting and pass on what I don’t.

    I just like the group.

    From a musical standpoint, “Slaves and Masters” was a superior album to most. In contrast, I didn’t like “The Battle Rages On” all that much.

    Some people can’t accept Purple without Blackmore. Others are just as adament about Purple without Gillan. That’s cool.

    I liked the Turner-era. So sue me. I have a Constitutional right to be misguided. Someone once said that stupidity is not against the law, but is a God-given right.

    Don’t tase me bro!!

  353. 353
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hey Priest,

    First; I see you haven’t responded. I hope the “Dung Beetle” hasn’t had his way with you……

    Second; See how these two [‘T and Crimson Ghost’], “Guitar Nuts” go at it? Just as I described in a different Blog, regarding the “Lead Guitar”/”Front Man” Syndrome…….their head swells up like an infant. Ever see the size of an infant’s head compared to his body7 SAME THING. Now, watch the sparks fly. Same thing I discribed about the Blackmore/Gillan thing. FRONTMAN SYNDROME. That is how I [the drummer] became the lead singer in my ‘cover band’ LOzT CAUz. {check out WAR PIGS by LOzT CAUz on YOU TUBE). The Singer couldn’t stand sharing the spotlight with our masterful guitarist and left the band. I bought new sound equipment and took over the singing, and he was never missed (like Blackmore). A four piece band became a three piece band receiving better recognition and better pay (less is more). Extra baggage is something to get rid of, when you can. It only takes time for the HEAD to swell to the point where it isn’t worth the HEAD ACHE.

    See what I mean Priest? “Blackmore Syndrome” was the decline of the Deep Purple you love most…….But, Deep Purple is alive and well without him. You want Blackmore? Buy “Blackmore’s Night” records or listen to OLD BLACKMORE records. “IT IS THE WAY. IT IS DONE. MOVE ON”. Be THE SHIT. Let the right Fly take you away. Don’t let the Dung Beetle have his way with you. It’s a “shitty” way to finish life……

    Now, I must retire to the Hot Tub, with my MP3 player in my ear playing “ALL THINGS PURPLE”, MK1 thru MK8, along with a sip of Merlot to help blend the Rainbow of sounds……thinking of “Things I Never Said”……and if you say I did, you’ve got the “Wrong Man”…unless of course I cry, then you have the “Blind Man”, but then “I Never Cry”……(tribute to my other main band “Alice Cooper” whom I am going to see in St. Louis, Missouri on August 7th, at the Pagent Theatre, where I saw Deep Purple, last year). Those who know the “Coop” know what I’m saying here.


  354. 354
    T says:

    That’s kind of odd, Tracy, since you had a go at Ghost in this very blog. You two never did decided whose was bigger, and frankly, no one cares.



  355. 355
    Rascal says:

    ‘next door neighbor’s cousin’s album’…… sounds the business!! Is it worth dissecting, analysing, and reviewing??

    Im not really that fussed as to ‘whose is bigger’…… But, i will tell you something ‘mine is enormous’ A Monster!!!

    ‘Let the right Fly take you away. Don’t let the Dung Beetle have his way with you’………its like a frikkin wildlife debate on here!!!

    So many ‘syndromes’ out there……..I dont think I can step out the front door!!

  356. 356
    Rascal says:

    And I aint no ‘back door’ man!!!

  357. 357
    Rascal says:

    Angelegenheit für den Nebeneingang

  358. 358
    Anzor Denisultanov says:


    I see YOU HAVEN’T responded yet to YOUR OWN NEW YOUTUBE SONG 😀 on the ‘NOTES FROM THE ROAD’blog!

    btw Is it still not obvious to you that some people have more important things on the mind then answering your same old repeated reply stuff.

    I don’t want to be personal with that, just being straight me.
    Do you see what I mean, Tracy…

    I want RB back -like many others-in a hard rock evenement.
    So stop that idiotic pushing with pointing only at BN. We are not retarded, but I become more and more doubting you are! 🙁

    If you need it, take some more Jack Daniëls and some more sleep.
    And now…your hot tub is waiting…my time is up 🙂

  359. 359
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Anzor Denisultanov:

    I answered……as far as “My Same Old Repeated Reply Stuff”….read what you just wrote and it says it all. That part “Repeated Reply” is due to the same old topic that the “Blackmore Worshippers” keep repeating. You repeat the constant crying of his jumping ship?…I repeat and remind the fact that the ship is running strong without him.

    Now, repeat after me…..

    Blackmore is happy in his little forest, and is no longer Deep Purple’s Plucker.
    They hired a new gun by the name of Steve Morse,
    and he’s a bad ass guitar playing Mother Fucker”.

    I would like Blackmore’s Night to play the “Worm Song” though. Very cool tune and is perfect for their style of play…..Blackmore should sing it also…..riiiiigggghhhhhtttttt.


  360. 360
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To Tracy Heyder, manipulating in true Yankee style 😉

    As long as you visite this site…you WILL read and accept the many Blacker replies who miss Ritchie.

    I can’t help that you seem to belong to the crying and weeping type. Normal people don’t ‘cry’ for RB, we just speak our thoughts.

    It would be great BN singing the Worm Song, what joy it would be for all of us…
    D.P. could also do this, perhaps you can suggest it to them at one of their meet&greets, I will do the same!

    If you read this often enough , I have all confidence you will get this in the end…probably even with that head of yours like a big soapbell 😀

    Pazhaluista, cheers!

  361. 361
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Yankee Style?……Here we go again.

    Here is the difference:

    You and other “Blackmore Worshippers” constantly do Cry for him to return to Purple. That is a FACT. The Purple fans that are wise enough to understand the present, don’t waste their time whining and CRYING about His decission to leave, and enjoy his separate work along with Purple as they are. I never start to rant, I only respond to you and your fellow whiners who seem to miss him so much. Believe me, if you wouldn’t cry and whine so much, This Yankee wouldn’t have to do what we always do…..wipe the tears from those who in the end need us to put their life back in order. So, as with most of your other battles that you have lost and we have defended……get past it and move on, or forever live in your Purple Blackmore Past, filling empty gobblets with tears…..”No More Tears”


    Back to my little friend “Gentleman Jack”, and a listen to Steve Morse “Major Impacts”.


  362. 362
    T says:

    I for one do not want to see Blackmore return. It would be inappropriate when the guitarist is Steve Morse, who, as you have pointed out many times, IS the guitarist for Deep Purple. Blackmore’s return would cause the same rifts and problems that have plagued the band for years.

    That is not to say, however, than I can’t be a tremendous admirer of Blackmore’s work–past and present–and hope for a return to his rock roots. I still consider the man to be the greatest overall hard rock guitarist in history, and that could be said just based on certain points in his career–even certain SONGS.

    If “battles that you have lost and we have defended” is a reference to the war, it needs to be pointed out that it was the Red Army that had the greatest hand in defeating Germany, taking Berlin and forcing Dönitz to sue for peace.

    I AM NOT IGNORING the contribution of the remainder of the Allies and their importance in the post-war world; however, the effect of the Soviet army cannot be underestimated and they do not as often get the credit as we Americans do. Let’s not forget the Battle of Britain, also–a MAJOR turning point due to the RAF.

    Without the Soviet advance on the Eastern Front, the war could have been twice as long–or gone the other way. I should know–my grandfather fought against them, and my mother’s uncle fought against them before saving the last round for himself. They were ferocious fighters. (I’m planning a book on all this).

    It was not a good time, and it was a world effort. Let’s hope there will still be a United States and Allies to pick up the pieces next time.

  363. 363
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Well said T…..But as I stated above, I do not pick the fights…..I do jump in though and do my part. As with the Blackmore Issue. I have stated over and over again how much I appreciate Blackmore. There truly is nothing he has done that I do not enjoy, including his present and now long time venture Blackmores Night. I drove 6 hours to Charlotte, North Carolina to see them. It was well worth the trip. Again, it isn’t that I have anything against Blackmore. I don’t. And of course, his return to something heavier is long overdue. I truly do not understand his ignoring the masses of fans whom are impatient for his return to ROCK. But I do understand that he is the artist who does what he wants and this is what inspires true artists. What they feel at the time is what you get. Like it or not. I trust that there will be a Rainbow reformation of somesort eventually and it will be a welcome day for sure.

    BUT; I agree with what you have stated (I’ve said the same thing over and over)regarding Steve Morse being DEEP PURPLE’s Guitarist. If Joe Satriani had stayed and been there till now……then JOE SATRIANI would be DEEP PURPLE’s Guitarist. It’s that simple. The only time the Blackmore/Morse issue comes up, it’s from the Blackmore Worshippers who not only miss him playing Rock, but hate the fact that he is no longer and hasn’t been for 15 years, Deep Purple’s Guitarist. I agree that everyone has their taste and prefference, but to constantly whine and cry about that, no matter what the Blog Subject is, is fairly silly don’t you think?

    It’s like travel across the country with the family and the 5 year old in the back seat repeating over and over again…..”Are we there yet?”

    Oh, and on the War issue…….I am not going to go there. This is not the forum for it and like discussing Religion and Politics, it usually ends in disaster and friends are lost……

    I enjoy the Purple Talk here with all of you too much to allow that horrid subject to become the “Great Divider”, so I am going to opt out of that one if that’s OK.


  364. 364
    T says:

    Well said, Tracy. All true!

  365. 365
    T says:

    Oh…and “Major Impacts,” yeah…those two albums were fabulous.

  366. 366
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To T,

    I know this is a music site with the D.P. music heroes who are standing also very much for freedom.
    Freedom with respect that turns not into egoism, is one of my true aims in life.
    Freedom for crying/laughing/whining/boozing/or whatever, but without harming my neighbor.

    I want you very much to know I’m deeply touched and astonished by your(btw always)wise words about our (all)history.
    I lost almost my whole family during the war…without only a bitter reward after and no-one remembering facts of our ‘part’ and misery at all.
    I thank you for your honest words!

    I noticed you possess all the qualities for writing very well, short/exact/witty/informing…I DO hope and wish you manage for a book.

    I like to make clear that I only used the name ‘Yankee’ to focus(and not to hurt) the attention for some to act not so bossy and pretentious.The lac of respect and tolerance for another ones opinion or thought is a proof of arrogant narrow-mindedness.
    This even if I would wish to weep an whine every day for a nursey rhyme! 🙂

    CHEERS, to you and whole your family T !!!

  367. 367
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Anzor Denisultanov:

    If we must respect the Freedom to be negative and whine, cry and complain, then is it not as important to respect the Freedom of the opposite point of view which finds the positive side to the whining, crying and complaining? Isn’t that what comunication is all about? Expressing either an oppinion, a view, a perspective, a subject, a feeling, a common or uncommon ground, a topic, etc. with someone, and the other person returning their response, either in agreement or disagreement? Isn’t that what we do here? Share our thoughts, regarding this band and responding to each others different view with the intention of either expressing your point due to the feelings and knowlede that you posess about the topic? Surely it isn’t that uncomplicated to understand the redundency in the constant Blackmore is Gone from Purple Complainers. Like I stated above…..”Are we there yet?…Are we there yet?…..Are we there yet?…..The answer is always going to be the same to same old question…..so again, If you don’t like the repeated response from those who don’t agree with your constant Blackmore Rant, then don’t bring it up every chance you get or in every Blog of a different subject. That’s a fairly simple approach to this don’t you think?

    “Are we there yet?……..

    “There ain’t no good guy,
    there ain’t no bad guy,
    There’s only you and me,
    and we just disagree…..”

    BTW, since we again are on the ever tiring Blackmore subject, I have finally been able to give “Secret Voyage” a listen. My view thus far, after only one listen, is that they should have changed the name of their band to “Candice Night, featuring snippets of Blackmore”. Very disapointing regarding the lack of Blackmore. I have expressed my personal attraction to this style of music and there are many other renaissance bands out there that are as good, but when I wish to hear Blackmore, I obviously would put on some “Blackmore’s Night”. He is basically absent here. What the bloody hell? That is like putting a Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow album out and everyone else is highlighted and Blackmore not heard. Are there a few spots that are memorable? Very few. Good album overall as far as the type of music they are supposed to be doing, but exempting the sole person that is the main attraction to this band, is insane and makes no sense. Again, for those folks only interested in some nice renaissance music fayre, you can’t go wrong, but if you are mainly interested in Blackmore, you will be very disapointed.

    Anyway, how about this…..change of subject….you know, back to the actual Topic of the Blog…

    Is there any updated news regarding the subject of this Blog…..Purple Rainbow? I see JLT is touring. Seems he should have some of the chaps he is recruiting for Purple Rainbow guest appear during these dates as promo highlights…..Just a thought to get away from the “Blackmore Issue”.

    But I will give “Secret Voyage” another listen this evening, while relaxed in the Hot tub, sipping on a “Musical Enhancement Refreshment” of course……


  368. 368
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    To Tracy Heyder
    First, YES we must repect the Freedom for everything, and give each single thought an eaquel value. Especially if this is not our own voice of the heart .Regretting /redemanding back etc.the departure of anyone anywhere is not negative or whining and crying…it just IS an expression of feeling and thought as you write here above.
    If many do so this about RB -as you say- then it is for sure just daily life business…if it are only a few, then I believe there is no need for you to feel so upset or bored with.
    Supressing feelings/thoughts about our heroes in the past or pesent and all stuff regarding that is not showing an open (and yes..a true American) mind !

    For the other part about BN I’m rather in the middle of opinion.
    I like very much ‘Dances Tambouilles’ a kind of old French folk and Rennaissance dances , with true ancient instuments and of a high level.I spare you the russian folk with rather to much mood/soul! 🙂
    My hear lies in the (Hard )Rock world.

    I go tonight rather for an icy shower after my sauna, and then the cherryvodka is waiting with of course a beautiful… 😉

  369. 369
    T says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Anzor.

    Tracy, we’ll need to start a string about “Secret Voyage” because the webmasters are likely pulling their hair out with our using the “comments” section for a blog.

    Perhaps they could install a hyperlink from these news items directly to a forum? Just a suggestion.

    “Wouldn’t it be nice
    When everything
    Falls into place?”

  370. 370
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Again, just answering to the “Blackmore or MK2” desire for Deep Purple is expressing the other side of the coin. But if we took a pole here, I believe the majority would not support breaking up Deep Purple MK8 for another go at MK2. Most of those that would support that, only look at the issue from a very narrow point of view, without looking at the wider range of effects this would have. Most likely it would be the end of Deep Purple. Ritchie has proven to be a temporary member, whom leaves whenever things don’t go his way. You all have to admit that wishing for Ritchie to return to Purple is in truth wishing for Purple to end. If you had it your way, they wouldn’t exist anymore, because if Purple isn’t Purple without Ritchie, then I guess you support them doing nothing while he is doing nothing…….Just a view from the other side, or should I say, most likely the Moral Majority……

    There is a Blog regarding “Secret Voyage”. Just click on Blog and scroll down. I invite all who are interested to go there with more comments on that…..


  371. 371
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “T” wrote:

    The purpose of a forum is discussion.

    Some of that discussion concerns OPINION. There is a difference between OPINION and FACT.

    I don’t “argue” with people. I make it a point not to. Rather, I discuss.

    But some people cannot handle a difference of opinion because they are so bent that they are “right” that they can’t handle any opposing viewpoint. That’s a little fascist–don’t you think?


    I can express a balance of opinion and facts, and you sense some facts coming on so you feel you have to act big, just read your words as I post them back to you and tell me who’s “facist.”

    Some people? Exactly what are you?

    The way you ‘tell’ people what “the purpose of a forum” is, whatever, big guy.

    “T” wrote:
    “Latest album version” and something done fifteen years ago which we’ve never heard are two different things. You tend to theorize and pass it off as fact.

    The FACT of the matter is we will never know what were on those tracks. Most likely they were wiped so no comparisons could be made. You tend to forget the PR side of the industry. Many answers in interviews are stock answers. You’ll never hear Gillan or any other member say, “You know…the Turner versions were so much better but we went on anyway…” Get grip!


    I didn’t pass any theory off as fact, I’m now telling you the facts because you seem to require them.
    JLT was sent a tape with two of the completely recorded tracks, and thats where he got “Stroke Of Midnight” aka “One Man’s Meat” and there is another one he is saving, so it is closer to a fact than theory that another one will surface… and just to prove that, here is an interview exerpt from his website via Classic Rock Revisited:

    “Ritchie had emailed me to come to his Christmas party but I couldn’t make it because I was in the studio. He told me to work up this number so we did. The other song he sent is called “Cruel” which is a song that Ritchie wanted to do back in the Rainbow days but I am saving that one. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to sit down and write – we wrote a handful of songs on that record.”

    As you can see, the other track is titled “Cruel” FYI.

    Telling me to “get a grip” this is real mature?
    Btw, I tend to get more than the average blanket statements in my interviews.


    “T” wrote:
    Several of those songs–and which ones are not entirely clear, although I can guess by the arrangement–were written with Turner in mind, and when they were re-done, “The Battle Rages On” turned into a mediocre album mainly because Gillan had trouble fitting his lyric to it. That’s why we get songs like “Lick It Up” and “One Man’s Meat” .

    Oh, is that a “fact” or your opinion? Take your pick, it can certainly be argued as to why it was a mediocre album, and even by some that it even was “mediocre” and the production would likely be first in line.


    “T” wrote:

    Blackmore saved that album with his playing on the title track and “Anya,” the only two classics in the real sense. Ian Paice is ALWAYS on fire.

    More “facts?”


    “T” wrote:
    The Turner version is irrelevant anyway, as that song was the worst one on “The Battle Rages On” anyway.

    There were many reasons why a personnel change was made, but I’m glad you were present at Turner’s firing; otherwise, we’d never know these things.

    The “worst one” are you sure, is that a fact, or your opinion?
    Again, take your pick, mkaes no fifference to me, I just disagree.

    Was that last part a joke?


    “T” wrote:
    I am not going to get into a “Whose is bigger” argument. I don’t claim to be the expert in Purplology that you do. I’m just an average fan. Nothing more.

    I don’t spend all my money on every version of every recording done by anyone related to Deep Purple, including the next door neighbor’s cousin’s album. I’m not that anal. I just buy what I find interesting and pass on what I don’t.

    I just like the group.


    Is that so? Could have fooled me, you… not a “serious fan?” I think you can do a little better than that. I don’t have 20 something guitars either, get it?


    “T” wrote:
    Some people can’t accept Purple without Blackmore. Others are just as adament about Purple without Gillan. That’s cool.

    I liked the Turner-era. So sue me. I have a Constitutional right to be misguided. Someone once said that stupidity is not against the law, but is a God-given right.

    Don’t tase me bro!!


    Fair enough… but where it is you’re misguided is not there.

    There are just certain things you don’t know, and you tell me I’m theorizing.

    There is a nice addition to S&M and even TBRO that you should check out.

    “Slaves And Master Studio Jamming One”(10 tracks)
    “Slaves And Master Studio Jamming Two – Outtakes and Sessions”(17 tracks)
    „The Battle Of Slaves And Masters Demos“

    Demos & Rehearsals
    Contains session material from the two studio albums,
    “Slaves And Masters” & “The Battle Rages On”


    Ramshackle Man (demo)
    A Twist In The Tale (demo)
    Anya (demo)
    The Battle Rages On (instrumental demo)
    The Battle Rages On (demo)
    Lick It Up (rough take)
    Solitaire (demo)
    Fire In The Basement (instrumental demo)
    Fortuneteller (demo)
    Slow Down Sister (demo)
    Jam Session #1
    Jam Session #2
    Jam Session #3
    King Of Dreams (unplugged version)

    So I wasn’t teasing, I believe I used the term “enlightenment” with all due respect.

  372. 372
    Crimson Ghost says:

    make_difference, sorry about that.

  373. 373
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Crimson Ghost:
    I have a version of the CD you refer to as Demos and Rehearsals. It is call “Outtakes” but has the same songs. Some are of good quaility but others aren’t. I would have loved for the Ramshackle Man demo to be a complete version. My favorite tune from TBRO. I am not aware of the others you have mentioned here…

    “Slaves And Master Studio Jamming One”(10 tracks)
    “Slaves And Master Studio Jamming Two – Outtakes and Sessions”(17 tracks)
    „The Battle Of Slaves And Masters Demos“

    What is the quality of the recordings and where would I find them?


  374. 374
    Crimson Ghost says:

    You have the one I failed to mention “TBRO Outtakes” which is yet even different.
    The recordings are decent but super hard to find in CDA quality, but .mp3 is available until they turn up, which is neither here nor there to anyone who wants to hear it bad enough. There is one instrumental track, “track 8” on one of the S&M discs where Ritchie smokes, no vocals but what sounds like a finsished backing track that never surfaced on the album… JLT did not record vocals over all the tracks, apparently only the ones he wrote lyrics for, so some were instrumentals he never got record, there is at least one track called “Long Goodbye” on the S&M one that you can tell was complete at some stage but never got used. It’s all worth hearing and helps fill the gaps that were created at the time, at least some of them.

    Send me an email and they’re yours

  375. 375
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Thanks, I just sent you some scans of the Outtakes CD and Inserts. If there is anything different off of it from yours, let me know and I will send it your way.


  376. 376
    Crimson Ghost says:


  377. 377
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Slight correction “T” Joe was talking some other inaccurate info in that CRR interview.
    He did record “Cruel” one of the songs he co wrote but the backing track did not make it onto TBRO.(does he know what he’s talking about there?)
    “Lonely For You” is the other track, and “Heart Like A Hurricane” is another TBRO one, not sure if either of them were of the erased vocal tracks reused, but I suspect both of them are and it is possible we will hear them. The guitar riff on “Stroke Of Midnight” sounds just like Ritchie and you get the whole idea, and I just don’t prefere it, but at aleast I’ve heard it.

  378. 378
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Appearantly yes

    I dunno

    Could have been a black out

    Maybe I thought why bother, I do not remember

  379. 379
    BadKidd says:

    The name is not purple rainbow . It is Over The Rainbow. JLT, rondinelli,carey, greg smith, and on guitar…… blackmore. Not richie but, Jurgen, his son. Blackmore Jr. The have a website (think its a myspace). Based out of the ny metro area. Probably rehearsal in NJ. PS, they will do the classics but want to write new material…….( I think they are bating Richie )…word keeps getting back to him. Question now is will there be a big enough fan base for this to make it worth it to continue.

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