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Whitesnake on Rockline


Whitesnake will guest on the nationally syndicated radio show “Rockline”, hosted by Bob Coburn, on Wednesday, September 3 at 11:30 p.m. EST/8:30 p.m. PST. Fans can talk live with Whitesnake by calling 800-344-ROCK (7625). To find a station near you or to listen to the show live via the Internet, go to http://www.rocklineradio.com/.

Thanks to Mike Garrtett for the info.

21 Comments to “Whitesnake on Rockline”:

  1. 1
    Patrick says:

    big woop

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    For those of you, who haven´t heard or seen Whitesnake live on their current tour, I have information!!Mr.Coverdale has lost his voice!!!

    June 13th in Copenhagen I had my heart broken….What I had expected to be a confirmation of greatness, insted turned in to sadness! If it hadn´t been for the great audience and their love for David Coverdale, who desperately tried their best to lift DC and his voice to former glory, I would have left the gig early!

    What is left of DC´s voice today is just a croak….only in the slow songs he shines a little bit like in the glory days!It´s sad to witness a hero and his decline first hand! I sure hope and pray it´s a temporary condition….otherwise…thought I never said this but….please retire David and have your dignity intact, and leave us with the fond memories!!

  3. 3
    T says:

    I’ve seen recent clips that sounded better than what stefan describes–perhaps it was an “off” night. The recent album includes a bonus live disc that sounds just fine. I agree–let’s hope it’s just a temporary condition.

    On a brighter note, David Coverdale is a hoot to hear in interviews. He has quite a sense of humor and is quick with the one-liners.

  4. 4
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I agree, I hope it’s a temporary ailment. I remember Ian Gillan in 1998 having an off night vocally, and thinking I hope this isn’t the begining of the end! Fortunately everytime I’ve seen him since, he’s been in top for, most recently in 2006 during his solo tour.

  5. 5
    Roberto says:

    David Coverdale has lost is voice as Gillan.
    The 1998 show were the better for Gillan,listen to the bootlegs (no more berlin for example), were he really shine.
    I saw some vido on you tube of Gillan 2008 singing and I think it’s better he retires together with David.
    This is natural,they are 60.

  6. 6
    AndreA says:


    shame on you


  7. 7
    Roberto says:

    ‘shame on me’ because I have a different opinion?
    Is this a blog or what?
    Please reflect before write…

    I only want have good memories for my absolute favourite singers.

  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    Sorry Roberto,
    I don’t want fight here 🙂
    but to write “it’s better he retires together with David.” about me is not good thing,I don’t find respect in these words.

    Everybody know thei voice has changed,a lot of people know this…and Gillan and Coverdale Know this,OzzY know this…the time goes more and more…But repect for this people.

    I think i could not say this to anybody,not to me for my job,my passions. If a person love to do something He needs to do it,and he must feel free to do it..

    I can say that Gillan’s voice is worse than seventies..it is normal..but I’ll nevere say he must retires! I can’t dismiss people! not in my mind,never,mainly to my favouritest musicians,to my DP&FAMILY..

    ciao friend

  9. 9
    AndreA says:


    try to think you meet a old man,and this man is very old,very very very…old. he is a genious,he is a great inventor but he loves also painting…one day he reveals his name but because of his age he admit to have flicker on his hands..his name is Leonardo da Vinci; you could say to him to retire from his painting passion? Actors,musicians,painters,love their art until the end of life! they are not workers! remember that Gillan has always imagined to be like a Gypsy,musicians are Gypsys and love to do it for ever if they can! I Know that nowdays I can’t listen CHILD IN TIME live like seventies,butr it is normal.Gillan Knows this but I appreciate him like before,I’ll appreciate him like I did 20 years ago. I admire his soul,his face,his history and his next work! anything he’ll give to us I will be happy,very happy like a little guy…in my life I had onlyone father,only one singer,only one football players,only one actor etc..they are my tops! and I thank to them to accompany methe longest possible along my life,I really think that thay gave to me a good starter to live and also know they continue to give me great emotions…I am happy to have discovered this music,these vocalist,how can I imagine to ask to them to retire?! Pope must retire!

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    Pope must not retire,He is a guide for the catholics.
    And I can’t understand why you are saying this.I thought we were talking about Gillan and Coverdale…
    About Gillan and Coverdale, I still think they have to retire because they should have ‘respect’ for themselves and not become a bad copy of themselves.They are no more able to sing their songs(They have been able untill now but not now and as I said, this is normal, they are 60 years old).This is the reason why. Even if I think they are the best singers of the story of the music and I love them (and I have anything about them)I also think that everyone in the world one day have to retires from his job.To me this day is arrived.

  11. 11
    AndreA says:


  12. 12
    Roberto says:

    this is not a reply
    I suggest you,as done before, reflect before write…

  13. 13
    AndereA says:

    Oh..I have to reflect…yes..mumble..mumble…
    so It is good thing that you send a sms or a e.mail to Gillan to ask him to retire for his own respect…remember to write your thought about him and coverdale…about me i hope in future to listen Gillan again,with old or new stuff (mailny new stuff).
    bye bye

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:


    What has my nick to do with the Roman church, The Beatles and Black Sabbath?

  15. 15
    stefan says:

    You wear a purple robe,born in 1965,have a nose like Ringo and an intellect like OZZY……????

    Bloody hell….SHARON!!!!!!

  16. 16
    AndreA says:

    I try to guess,
    about Beatles
    perhaps you mean
    “The Magic Christian” movie with Ringo star?

    nice game you give us..

  17. 17
    AndreA says:

    ops..no stefan (sorry) but

    I try to guess,
    about Beatles
    perhaps you mean
    “The Magic Christian” movie with Ringo star?

  18. 18
    AndreA says:

    Why Mr.Universe should be retired from music?
    listen this people,I love him
    Palermo 4th of july



    cheers friends

  19. 19
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Gillan: over 60
    Coverdale: well under 60

  20. 20
    Roberto says:

    If I will have the opportunity,I will tell this to Gillan and Coverdale because I love their music.
    Do you have their Tel.number?

  21. 21
    AndreA says:

    no,but the problem it not mine..find it.

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