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Mel Galley R.I.P.

Mel Galley of Whitesnake and Trapeze fame passed away on July 1, at his home in Heath Hayes, UK. He had suffered from cancer and in February had announced that doctors determined his condition as terminal:

Rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself I intend to make the most of the time I have left with my family and friends. I am blessed with a fantastic wife and two sons who I am very proud of. For now I am just aiming to make my 60th birthday in March.

I have enjoyed a great life, travelled the world having some amazing experiences, met all sorts of people and played with some of the best musicians there are.

In one of his last messages on Myspace Mel wrote on May 10:

Hi to everyone and thanks so much for your continued kind words and wishes. They are truly appreciated by my wife and I. I want you to know that i am no longer going out to the pub – now the pub is coming to me. I have friends visit me at home each day, I have drugs in me 24/7, and I have a plentiful supply of Gin & Tonic by my bedside. I even have my own ice machine! In fact it’s just like my Whitesnake days.

Thanks to Nigel Young and Express & Star for the info.

32 Comments to “Mel Galley R.I.P.”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    This awsome clip is a fitting tribute to an outstanding guitarist and member of the best version of Whitesnake.

    The fact that Mel’s passing was not unexpected does not lessen the shock.

    My condolences to Mel Galley’s family and friends and special thanks to Mel himself for all the years of music.

  2. 2
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Another sad loss to the Rock Community! My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Galley’s family, friends, and fans. I loved his work on Trapeze’s “Medusa”, as well as his work on Whitesnake’s “Saints & Sinners”. I toast you Mr. Mel Galley! R.I.P. šŸ™

  3. 3
    George says:


    At first I read: “I Gillan R.I.P” and I was just shocked and began trembling…

  4. 4
    SEVEN-47 says:

    After hearing this it kind of puts things into perspective. All this bickering over “Purple Rainbow” seems so trivial now. Life is too short, live and let live!

  5. 5
    Andy W says:

    What a loss, great guitarist, great voice and possibly most important a great family man.

    Thanks from the memories from the Snakes concerts especially Donnington.

    My thoughts are with his family and friends.

  6. 6
    stefan says:

    I was fortunate and old enough to have witnessed Mr.Galley live.Fond memories of the Whitesnake gig in Stockholm january 1983 pops up! Ozzy Osbourne as special guest,shorthaired and fat and totally bonkers!Whitesnake with Mel on guitar and the great late Cozy Powell on drums….They sure made in hot in that icehockey arena that night,despite the freezing temperature outside! An unforgettable evening!

    Thank you Mel…..For the memories,for the music and everything in between!!!

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Not long ago we heard the sad news he about to leave us.
    I dared to dream it was not so, that he could get better.

    Well, let me say no more.


    My experience of witnessing you in Utrecht 1983, espescially during that highlight during “Crying in the rain” was unforgettable.
    I seldom or never remember a certain live solo……Can you belive that?
    But that……that’s the one.

    Good luck and Maybe Next Time….

  8. 8
    stoffer says:

    Really great clip, Mr. Galley will be missed. My sympathies go out to all family and friends. I am going to look through my old Trapeze vinyl and remember fondly.

  9. 9
    Rikk Desgres says:

    A sad day. R.I. P. Mel. You’ll be missed. You left behind some great music.

  10. 10
    Elinor says:

    I think you will find he died on July 1st, though the newspaper articles are confusing. The report was posted in the Express & Star on July 2nd saying he died the previous night.

  11. 11
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Mel was a fabulous soul, a real true class hero.
    Praying for his exit from this world and entry to the next.


  12. 12
    AndreA says:

    sad day…Thank you Mel for your music I got and I put into my room: I’ll never loose them.

  13. 13
    LUC BRANDOIT says:

    I have the chance to met Mel after a concert gig of whitesnake in Belgium,NaI love the way Mel is playing guitars and composing Music, Especially on the “You are the Music, We just a band” Trapeze album.
    His sons and Wife must be proud of what he has done in the Music area. Perhaps “Life of every days” was not perfect, but for vho is it? So we never forget this very

  14. 14
    Vampy says:

    Rest in Peace dear brother of ours!

  15. 15
    Jeffs says:

    Thanks for your irreplacable contribution to great music Mel…you’re a legend both on and off stage.

  16. 16
    cpt. hook says:

    thank you for the music! best wishes to Mels family.
    he’ll be still with us through his music.

    “(…) and know that I’ve had times
    so good
    from coast to coast
    leavin’ my hard times behind (…)”


  17. 17
    Nacho says:

    My best whishes for Mel’s family, RIP from all Argentina fans.-

  18. 18
    nsoveiko says:

    Elinor: thank you for pointing out my mistake.

  19. 19
    Lajos says:

    Thank you for the music,and rest in peace Mel

  20. 20
    Karl-Heinz says:

    What a loss!

    All thoughts go out to his family and friends. Especially to his friend Glenn Hughes.

    I love his work with Trapeze, I’m proud to have all existing vinyls.
    After Bernie Marsden left Whitesnake, he was the one who fitted very well to the group.His style was bluesy but heavy and clear.
    I saw him and the late Cozy Powell with Whitesnake in Hamburg 1983. In fact it was my first serious rock-concert. Ozzy was support. It was a very loud, but very good concert. Now two of them are dead. I’m glad to own the Donnington and Ludwigshafen (Bootleg) DVD’s from this era.

    R. I. P. Mel

  21. 21
    paul anderson says:

    RIP Mel
    Great inspiration musically writing, playing and latter years for living

  22. 22
    Carlos says:

    Heaven’s band has got a new member and a valuable one! Rest in peace Mel!

  23. 23
    scott says:

    god bless you mel! you’re probably jamming with cozy right now!

  24. 24
    Aishah Bowron says:

    I am very sad to hear about the death of Mel Galley. He was and still is a very talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. I like to thank him for the wonderful music that he made with Whitesnake, Trapeze and Phenomena. I will miss him a lot and my thoughts and condolences go to his family and friends and also to Glenn Hughes.

    Rest in Peace Mel

  25. 25
    Hugo says:

    Goodbye old friend of my adolescence. You give me a gift with your songs and your way of play the guitar in Whitesnake! Listening “Slide It In” will be my permanent tribute. Rest in peace brother

  26. 26
    John Russo says:

    R.I.P Mel. You will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the great music and the graet guitar solos in all the bands you have played in. Long live your legacy. May your music live on. Your in Gods arms now. I am very sad today. Goodby and may you Rest In Peace my brother

  27. 27
    isthmus says:

    Rest In Peace Mel.Russian fans of your talent are very sad.No more words. God bless you.

  28. 28
    Simon Smith says:

    Just had to write how sad this make me. In my opinion Whitesnake were at their musical peak during Mels period on lead guitar with Mickey Moody and they went badly down hill thereafter.

    The guy was a great musician and had the soul and character sadly missing from susequent WS lineups.

    He will be missed but we have some great recordings and memories

  29. 29
    The Cat-That-Sleeps says:

    Phenomena I is such a great album… He contributed along with Tom Galley. Splendid work. I appreciate Mel’s words on his last days. Great philosophy…

  30. 30
    Michael says:

    Mel, just keep on playing in heaven. You are and will be forever my favorit guitar player!!!!

    The clip shows a konzert in Germany with was broadcasted on TV. It was the first time I saw Whitesnake LIVE. After 2 or 3 years I lost the VHS Tape and now, more than 20 years late, I can see this solo again….. ( I still know every note!!)

    God I am so sad…. Cheers Mel, I raise my pint!!!!

  31. 31
    Sir Laz Space Burns says:

    The time for humour is over now as I take in this dreadful news of one of my favorite guitar players and songwriter. His work from Trapeze(Debut) to his Whitesnake and latter days was just unbelievable and he sounded alot like Toni Iommi. Take some Medusa and Trapeze Debut stuff to prove this over.
    He definitely could have succeeded Jimmy Page if the chance ever came and he was surely the soul of Trapeze in all of its lineups keeping it going and going.
    This makes me even more sad for I had hoped that Mel Galley would once again team up with Glenn Hughes and return with an explosive return. Although Dave Holland is in prison for strange stuff he still was a good drummer. With Mel’s death goes the dream of seeing Trapeze again. It is remotely possible that David Geffen maight even release the only NEW TRAPEZE album due to this misfortune, in an effort to keep the Trapeze dream alive. I’m sure that along with Glenn, Pete Wright and other Musicans his family is suffering most of the pain.
    He is playing with Jon Entwistle, Cozy Powell and doing twin leads with Tommy Bolin right now.

  32. 32
    Dave Holmes says:

    Just wanted to say how i cried when i heard the news.Both me and my wife Julie had the best times of our life, travelling up and down the country in the 70s to see one of the best guitarists we had ever seen and had the pleasure to meet.We would both like to thank you for the memories you have given us and will never forget you.

    Thank you Mel

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