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Q&A with Steve Morse

Steve Morse, Toronto, Feb 12 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

Flying Colors have published a first batch of Steve Morse’s answers to fan questions submitted through their Facebook page:

Steve, are there any young guitar players who you particularly like? I mean we all know what your influences are but is there any new name that has caught your attention lately?

I’m not sure how young any of them are, but have recently enjoyed more visibility: Alexi Laiho, Guthrie Govan, Gus G, Corey from Jason and Massive Attraction (we just had them open up for us), and about a million others that are so good that I don’t have their names readily at hand. The list of guys that I know have been around for a long time and are great, is huge, too!

Read more on flyingcolorsmusic.com

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

16 Comments to “Q&A with Steve Morse”:

  1. 1
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Steve seems fired up about the ‘Flying Colors’ effort, along with the exceptional talent involved. A similar expression I remember him stating when joining Purple. I think the lack of getting together with the boys from Purple creatively is the main catapult for this venture. What a shame the breaks were applied and the album output reduced to so little from the Purps. Individually they each seem to have the desire to make music, but unfortunately for DEEP PURPLE, the creative output is elsewhere. Man if only the same fire was aimed at keeping Purple up front regarding new material since 1994.

    I am really looking forward to the ‘Flying Colors’ album. I think we will get a glimpse of what should have been allowed in Purple regarding letting Steve go full throttle and the band joining in rather than the other way around. The momentum they started with on the first two albums ‘Purpendicular’ and ‘Abandon’ fizzled way too soon for a band that expressed such bliss and new found comrade-rey. One can only hope he is as exuberant and excited about the upcoming Purple album as he is with this…..They really need to take this one serious. Hopefully the rest of Purple are reading some of the interviews and statements regarding the enthusiasm being expressed about ‘Flying Colors’ and will follow suit with a craving for the same….Come on Purple, ‘Fire it UP’!!!!


  2. 2
    Scott W. says:

    You have not heard it yet??? It’s not bad. Kind of patched together though. About 4 or 5 tracks i really like. Then along comes a track that sounds like it was done from a different band!

  3. 3
    HZ says:

    From what I saw and heard, FC will be great music refreshment. One family member more.

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Kind of hard to hear something that hasn’t been released yet….(unless of course one steals it in advance online). I will hear it when it comes out and I support the cause by purchasing it. Glad to read that it apparently has very different types of sound though. It’s as I expected and hoped for then. Various influences and each getting a shot. Nice.


  5. 5
    Phil says:

    @1. Fire it UP would be a perfect name for the new album. However
    watching Live in Montreux with the orchestra noticed on Highway Star Gillan has changed the lyrics to 6 cyclinders instead of 8. Maybe it’s his way of reducing his carbon footprint. Ha!

  6. 6
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    As long as he doesn’t buy into the shamefully Government Backed ‘electric’ Chevy Volt I am happy. Nothing wrong with a ‘Turbo Charged Six Banger’. Lean, mean highway machine….


  7. 7
    Wildtrooper says:

    Purple members have been too busy writing new material for the various solo projects. That is the reason that the new album has taken soooo long. Songwriters need to refresh on a creative level and Steve’s constant writing for other projects would mean that some his best ideas go elsewhere. As the lead guitarist of a guitar orientated,hard rock band, the other members will be looking to him to come up with the riffs and chord structures that build the foundations of all great hard rock songs…My suspicions tell me the next (possibly last) Purple album will be a stinker (in terms of songs) I really hope that is not the case 🙁

  8. 8
    LRT says:

    Not so, Gillan’s last solo album, and Glover’s for that matter were compiled of mostly already written songs, years prior to the final product. Plus, Purple respond to demand, the more demand for a new album, the more they gave it some thought. Now things have them extremely under pressure, and if they work best that way, as most tend to, it will be all it can be.

  9. 9
    Wildtrooper says:

    @ 8 Most tend to work best under pressure?? Even the creative process? Surely more planning and forethought should be involved? Gillan tends to wiite spontaneously. For instance, he only contributed words and melodies to OETM. Steve Morris (and others) wrote the riffs/chord progessions etc. Roger, not sure if he has any ideas, but he has contributed writing to other projects including his daughters. Steve and Don should be the main protagonists here and they have been writing loads!! An under pressure album with dried up writing ideas sounds like a recipe for dissaster to me!!….Oh well, we shall see.

  10. 10
    LRT says:

    It’s not that contrived, ideas come and go with the direction of the wind when it comes to such talented veterans. It boils down to timing and inspiration coinciding with great difficulty to book the time and be prepared when the bills are busy getting paid for every individual it feeds. If anything it’s touring before recording now, and the common sense of it all points to that as the main source of the difficulty, since it’s a reverse process. Business getting in the way of creative priorities as usual. Since it’s been going on since late ’93, it should be easy to spot by now. 🙂

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I found the cd and listened to it.

    I must say I m positively surprised!!!Great album, I keep on playing it.

    Good opening songBLUE OCEAN.
    Nice solo by Steve in “Love Is What I m Waiting For” btw.

    I really love the vocals.

    So…..It IS possible.
    A great album to open spring 2012.
    And I m not annoyed by anything yet!!!!!

    It is april, sun and rain keep follow each other here.

    Duch saying :

    April doet wat HIJ wil. °April does what it wants°

    I think it should be :

    April weet niet wat ZE wil. ° April does not know what she wants°

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh, he could not keep it DOWN untill the end.

    Annoyment and agony again.

    But still……

    What does it mean that this album grabs me more from the start and long after that than Rapture Of The Deep…..

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Did I forget this fabulous drummer?!


  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Before people are wondering where I have been in the last 2 decades……

    I know Portnoy already since I heard Metropolis Part 2.

    It is just that the complete band often could not make me into a fan because I cant stand the sound of the singing. : (

    Nowadays certain solutions come to my aid and so……
    Listen to this : )


  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Fuck me!!!

    When it all falls down has runs that instantly reminds me of a certain Man In The Black.

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    In the meantime this is slowly becoming one of my favourite albums.

    The last tracks has a nice intro in which Steve plays something I wish Ritchie could have done for this band.
    After he stops the song for a short while shows a chugging King Of Dreams tempo.
    Am I delusional?!

    Guess not!

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