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Steve Morse on Guitar Planet

Steve Morse recently has done a quite entertaining interview for GuitarPlanet.com.au. Ever wanted to know why is that SOTW is banned from the music stores or why the Y2D guitar comes only in 3 colours, watch it. And if you didn’t, watch it as well.

If you are more technically inclined into guitar gear, check out his second interview about the Music Man signature guitar and the photo gallery documenting Steve’s implements of trade on the recent Australian tour.

Thanks to Nigel Young for the info.

5 Comments to “Steve Morse on Guitar Planet”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    “Smoke on the Water” has been an enigma for a long time. Even Blackmore fluffed the chords for a while. Bolin played the riff in his own way, and it’s ironic that Morse points out that most play it “incorrectly” since even he is guilty of the same! There is no vibrato in the riff, yet Morse tends to give a bit of a warble. Every guitarist is going to have a different fingerprint–something that is characteristic of the instrument.

    The great thing about rock music is that there are no rules–as opposed to classical music, which must be played exactly as written.

  2. 2
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    As noted, always entertaining, especially the flight shtuff. He has a Russian trainer in his arsenal…

    Speaking of entertaining, this Sunday afternoon in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the great Stretch are performing in a boardwalk club across from The Stone Pony. Steve’s bassist Dave LaRue, the great Glenn Alexander on banjo, and Bill Elder on the skins. If the logistics are right, check ’em out. These trio thangs are great.



  3. 3
    kraatzy says:

    Ohhh yeah, he is a nice guy our Steve, isn´t he ???

    But – in fact – at this time and his age now, Ritchie is (mostly) a nice guy too …. 😉 Years ago – he wasn´t …

    The one need only 20 years … – othe ther one needs 60 years plus a “Candy” … ( to be a nice guy … )

    😉 *LLRnR* 😉


  4. 4
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    #1 T,

    So well put. Bravo!



  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Weeks later and still just 4 comments.

    Maybe we should arrange a SMAS?

    A Steve Morse Appreciation Society.

    That would be so smashing!

    Whatever I think of him does not matter.
    The man worked his ass off since they hired him.

    I honestly think they did not give him enough space.

    Bah, unadventurous Rog and Gillian.

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