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inFinite early reviews roundup

inFinite cover artwork; image courtecy of earMUSIC/Edel

With inFinite already out in some parts of the world, while in others still hours or days away, here is a brief roundup of early reviews from around the web.

The Rockpit:

The single that preceded the album ‘All I Got is You’ is quite possibly the best thing here, a track that manages to capture vintage sounds and past glories without sounding either too self-conscious or indulgent, all it really lacks is that killer hook, but it more than passes muster.

The rest of the album is as you might expect is a bit of a mix, though thankfully rather like it’s immediate predecessor ‘Now What?’ its a mix of the good and the very good, with, rather nicely, a lack of any too blatant or obvious filler.


Some veteran rock outfits desperately attempt to recreate decades past on record, sonically and thematically. Conversely, this sounds effortlessly ’70s Purple, and it’s not just the bluesy licks, fat Hammond organ or Ian Paice’s distinctive drumming. Hip Boots’ Zeppelin-esque swagger scores; Johnny’s Band and On Top Of The World find vocalist Ian Gillan in his storytelling element. A middling Doors cover flatly ends an otherwise solid affair. Seasoned fans mightn’t be easing up on their copies of Machine Head or Burn anytime soon, but should give Infinite a shot.


…InFinite is a winner; it proves not only that Now What?! was no fluke, but that Deep Purple, even at this stage, still have plenty left to offer musically and creatively.

Uncivil Revolt:

All in all, the fans are in for an enormously satisfying release that will last a while. And so are the masses, if they can finally wrap their head around a band they have no vast knowledge of, particularly in America, but of course everyone’s heard the name. A name that very well could be releasing one of their best albums to date, as well as their last. There is a sacred chemistry and ultimate spirit to this band that appears will somehow never fizzle. And the mastery of Bob Ezrin helps to maintain that pot of pure musical gold. Subscribe to what you will, but subscribe to them either way.

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55 Comments to “inFinite early reviews roundup”:

  1. 1
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    & may I add…. SPLENDIFEROUS!. Huge smiles to all!.

  2. 2
    uwe hornung says:

    Listening to it right now. First impression: More immediately accessible than the initially bit more cumbersome/unwieldy, but rewarding in the long run Now What?!

  3. 3
    Rockman says:

    Ok, here’s my take after a few listens to infinite (a buddy gave me his promo copy to check out yesterday… my copy is due today) First off as starting with Now What Gillan is singing with authority, what I mean by that is that he appears more comfortable in his mature voice, I believed that the Bradford produced Bananas & Rapture put Gillan in an uncomfortable place, I base this on Bradfords comments at the time (he wanted to hear the Gillan scream & so on, which although sadly those days were gone by then)

    So the new album, very good & I agree with most that it’s a bit heavier & proggier in spots, better yet self-editing, haha, no bodyline on this one, to my ears no weak track, ok Roadhouse blues is a quick one off but cool groove, my buddys promo has Paradise bar & Simple Folk both are good but I see why they did not make the 10 track version, self editing again?
    Best tracks for me so far:

    Time for bedlam, great groove, great lyric, this is what purple does best

    The Surpising, great work by Steve, Freaking great work from Don & Ian Paice’s “feel” on this one, wow.

    All I got is you, In a lesser bands hand this does not work, nuff said.

    Birds of Prey, Nice to see Steve in & out of Steve mode, & again the groove….

    Honorable mention: Top of the world, A type of song Purple has messed with during the Morse years, could do without the spoken bit tho, haha

    So, all in all great album, I have been a fan since I first heard “In Rock” at 13 years old I know some of the folks commenting still, miss Ritchie, as we all do but Ritchie is doing what he wanted to do for years, I am happy for him, But this IS Deep Purple, we should enjoy it while it lasts as time reaches out for all of us…

    Ok lastly My ranking Fav Morse era now:

    Perpendicular, Abandon, Infinite, Now what?, Rapture, Bannanas…

    & ok my ranking for all eras, as of today anyway…
    In Rock, Fireball, Perfect Strangers, Perpendicular, Machine Head, Burn, Abandon, Stormbringer, Who do we…,Infinite, Now What?, House of the Blue Light, Come taste the Band, Slaves & Masters, Rapture, The battle Rages On, Bananas, Self Titled 3rd (Mk1) Tie for last place Shades & or Book


  4. 4
    Thorsun says:

    Man, what a strange affair this album is.

    Firts bashing goes to the whoever “authorities” are – record the album in January 2016 and put it out in April 2017. Sheesh. For this elonged period of anticipation – you really need to have a big dagger up your sleeve. “inFinite” falls a bit of a kitchen knife in this scheme, it can stab a bit, but killer blade it ain’t.

    Very even, that’s the first thing coming to mind, solid but… I don’t know – it just didn’t shake my senses anyhow. At least not as much as “Now What !?” did – well, that was a brilliant punch in the face, back in 2013. What has given it the huge impact? Was it Jon’s passing? One will never know.

    But let’s shake off the clumsy bits at start.

    The only thrack I don’t get at all is “On Top Of The World”. The spoken part is useless, especially with IG’s voice processed. Plus the ultra rapid fade out of the instrumental part after. Why Bob allowed this, I don’t know. Disc in total is bit under 46 minutes – really this kind of edit for a band like Purple seems mindless.

    I could do without The Doors cover, too. If you compare this to the “Statesboro Blues” recorded with Tommy Bolin in 1975, you’ll understand where the difference lies, when Purple plays a tribute of blues shuffle and wins their case.

    Every other track carries out something interesting in it; but most of them is both as enjoyable as indistictible from each other – just not specifically sticking out of the line from others. Tracks chosen for singles, now in the context of the album, sound especially strong bits of material (among the bunch of other solid goodies).

    After three spins, only two cuts in my opinion seem to be destined to gain the status of instant Purple classics.

    “Birds of Prey” with the swaggering, slow tempo, and all the proggie goods inside. Lotsa balls, lotsa fine playing. The chord progressions founding the track sound somewhat familiar from somewhere (dunno yet from where), but what Don and Steve do inside – is their spiffy, glorious business. Not to mention that Don uses some nasty keys colour almost sounding like refined Tim Morello-like guitar. Gillan sings really mightily with couple of especially brilliant lines (“Bad news travels with the speed of light, good news – not at all”) – all in all this is a scorcher.

    And – the absolutley genuine DIAMOND of this record – start to finish. This might be as well one of the greatest songs of Morse era, all twenty two years counted. “The Surprising”. As Rasmus wrote, in his THS review – there is this Shadows feel to the verses, but it’s simply miraclous – beautiful, floating, haunting. And paired with the middle assault of a’la “Machine Gun” metalic riff – it’s Purple Heaven. Band is simply killing in it – playing rock and prog blend with brutal artistry. Don and Steve are absolutely sky high on it – every layer, every note. Amazing artifact, this song. I wish it became the centerpiece of the new setlist live. This is almost too perfect for everything that Purple should be. Thrilling beast. My most sinciere congratulations for the Purps for this, absolutely awesome.

    Well… Were I to make the ranking of Morse era’s albums – it would be now like this:

    Purpendicular > Now What!? > Rapture > inFinite > ABandOn > Bananas

    I do enjoy the new record, but the ones I rate higher – I find more emotionally and musically rewarding on the level of composition, because playing-wise – this Team – under the eye of Bob Erzin – is as brave and fearless – as we all know they are.

    I now just hope that the guys will wisely pick the new stuff to the live setlist. “Now What!?” promotion suffered from omission in the set of “A Simple Song” and “Weirdistan” – great cuts never tried on stage. I hope that “The Surprising” and “Birds Of Prey” get their recognition to the live set.

    Enjoy the record!

    PS. Now I know why these chords from end of “Birds of Prey” sound familiar! A nod to Yes – “The Wurm” section of “Starship Trooper”…. And Rick Wakeman is narrating the document included to “Infinite” box editions! Coincidence? (smile) No, just a big classic-prog-rock Family, still on the surface of Earth.

  5. 5
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Yay for a well written, carefully thought out review/comment, Thorsun! I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    Your no nonsense approach does dismiss most of the album, but if only the absolute gems can survive, so be it. I still hope some of the other tracks will grow on you in time. 🙂

  6. 6
    Thorsun says:

    Thank you for the so kind words, Rasmus!

    I’s been coulple of years since I wrote last for jonlord.org, so it was sweet to sit to the keyboard with the disc still hot and spining and share my very raw, firts thoughts!

    I am, however, NOT DISMISSING the rest of the album, the only tracks I do are “Top of the World” and “Roundhouse”. I already LIKE most of the others, I just can’t say I LOVE THEM as I would say to “Loosen My Strings”, “Fingers To The Bone”, “’69”, “Picture of Innocence”, “Never A Word”, “Clearly Quite Absurd”, “Simple Song”, “Weirdistan” or “Aprez Vous”… Hope you get me more now. 🙂 I think some of the “inFinites” will join the above list with time, yes. 🙂

  7. 7
    al says:

    listen to the album and I love it! cannot stop playing it,love Now What?! but i love this one even more,I think it is up there with Purpendicular of this line up,my only “critique” is that I wish that the album was a little bit longer,but my favorites songs are Birds Of Prey,The Surprising,All I got is You and time for Bedlam,love the beat the sound and the rhythm.Paicey is on fire and just bashing that skin like it was 70’s all over,Don Airey is the highlight of the album and his signature of Hammond is all over.I disagree with some of the reviewers,complaing for the lack of riffs and not so much playing of Steve Morse guitar!His playing is so tasty and he keeps pushing and pushing especially on Birds of Prey,very evocative and dreamy playing.Gillan has settled to his voice and range that goes with the age and he sounds better and better like good ol’wine!Glover is just Roger the glue and songwriter for this band!the only song that i really didn’t dig much was Top Of The World,especially the spoken words from Gillan,but still listenable one!These guys are legend and I cannot wait to see them live and hear some of these songs live.I just hope for that trinity with the mighty Ezrin to complete the magic.These guy,really got the best out of this talented band,and I wish he produced the previous albums like Bananas and The Rapture ….with some good ideas but overall lacking something.Hail to the kigs,go out people and order the album!!

  8. 8
    Nicky says:

    Hey all. Did anyone catch the snippet of ‘Louie Louie’ in Johnny’s Band, courtesy of Roger?

  9. 9
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    Surprising! Totally!

  10. 10
    Kim Peters says:


    I think Bananas and Rapture of the Deep were rock solid. I personally think Michael Bradford did a fine job with Purple. I recall the mastering was the biggest issue.

  11. 11
    scottbuster2000 says:

    Easily the best since Purpendicular

  12. 12
    Ian Gillans Pants says:

    Very fruity.

  13. 13
    Michael says:

    Wow and hmm.. It’s certainly not an instant like. We will see.. Maybe enough time will prove initial feelings wrong.

  14. 14
    Michael says:

    Another thing, maybe the “moderation” thing should be scrapped for a more “alive” discussion…?

  15. 15
    David Sanderson says:

    I try as much as is possible in the internet age to avoid ‘spoilers’. I like to see a film, read a book, see a band live or hear a new album ‘fresh’. I’ve deliberately avoided hearing any snippets that have been put out as tasters and I’m currently listening to infinite. Usually the first few listens I familiarise myself by having an album on while I’m pottering about in the house or garden. When it’s sunk in a little I give it a ‘proper’ listen. Even at this early stage I’ll go on record (no pun intended) and say it’s a good one!

  16. 16
    David Sanderson says:

    Just as an after thought. When I popped into HMV (Grimsby) to buy infinite it was playing in store so I actually heard it there first. I got into a brief chat with a couple of the 20 something year old staff members and they seemed quite impressed with the album.

  17. 17
    al says:


    Very good records,no doubt,but like i said,something was amiss,I’m not sure whether it was the producer or the Mastering,but you can never compare the job of world class producer Bob Ezrin and Michael Bradford,no offense to him.Purple never had a producer to this status since the Martin Birch era back in the 70’s.The Rapture of the Deep sound comes to mind……no good,but that is only my opinion of course.Sun Goes Down a very good,dark song,in the vein of Sabbath,too short maybe and makes you want for more in the end that cuts way too short for me ….but hey it is what it is…..

  18. 18
    Nicky says:

    Thumbs way up to Deep Purple for doing it yet again. I am so enjoying Infinite – even more so on day two, and all is right with the world.

    The musicianship on Infinite is awesome, fun and exciting. No band in the world can approach the sound of Deep Purple. Big Ian sounds relaxed and in total command of his craft; his best vocals since the wonder that is Purpendicular. Steve is just amazing – powerful, nuanced, expressive. Some of the notes Steve reaches on guitar are tear-jerkingly emotive. Little Ian is pounding the skins these days with the precision touch, joy and intensity that struck me way back to In Rock. Roger’s contribution to this band is immense – as a bassist, lyricist and as a personification of the band; his bass is so vital to the power and smoothness that characterizes the Deep Purple sound. And Don…his majestically indispensable sound is pitch-perfect Purple. And finally, no one captures the Deep Purple sound better than Bob Ezrin.

    Now…let the countdown begin for studio album number 21. My recommendation for a title is Purpetuity!

  19. 19
    Adel says:

    Hi guys I hope you having fun listening to infinite so here is my take on the album.
    Time to bedlam is by far the best song on the album in terms of the musical material and the production and also this song will be great live with a degree of improvisation.
    Hip boots is a very catchy groovy tune that gets under your skin after s while but the final mixing and lyrics will prove to be a classic live song.
    All I got is you is the best instrumental song with added lyrics and Ian sings with immense believe in every word as if it sums up what trouble he get himself into from extensive touring away from his love.
    One night in Vegas…..hum how can you keep the momentum after the first three songs. It’s a song created on lyrics so it’s just a story with confused playing of instruments and the same goes for Johnny’s band.
    Get me out of here is the heaviest song and I love as Roger rules this one.
    The surprising….Ian Paice blast from the past.. He drums as hard as child in time and It has a great organ play from Don and Steve also is superb.
    On top of the world….how clever from Bob Ezren to inject live into a poor song by making Ian read the lyrics of he story with no instruments. Very new territory for DP song.
    Birds of Prey….the limitation of Gillan’s mature voice is behind the computerised manipulation of his voice on this song and it’s left me so sad as I love it so much. Its a song that will left you into heaven. Well done Steve.

    Bob Ezren made a piece of carbon rock shine like a diamond. He is the genius that should have his face carved in rock. If it wasn’t for him that album would have been a carbon copy of ROTD.
    He is the man that I would pay 200 dollars for a VIP ticket to get my picture taken with.
    Can’t wait for the trilogy.

  20. 20
    Tommy says:

    Two songs that are seldom mentioned as standouts on inFinite are One Night in Vegas and Get me Outta Here. Keep listening folks. These two numbers are fast emerging as great favorites of mine. The jammy Roadhouse Blues is also a treat. Bottom line: From start to finish, this is one helluva a good album. I also think Paradise Bar (as an add-on) is great. Can’t wait to play that one on the boat this summer!

    Thank you, DP, for being in my life!

  21. 21
    JohnJP says:

    When I read reviews here, I sometimes wonder how much people allow their preconceptions and theories colour their judgement, and indeed how much they actually just listen.

    I’ll keep it brief – I can sum up my feelings about this album by saying that I wish they’d let the band just go on and on on some tracks, none more so than on Birds Of Prey, which as far as I am concerned could have been allowed to just go on forever. The DVD is well worth buying, I got an insight into the band I’ve never really had before, and now feel I understand Steve Morse much better, was very moved by him.

    I’m not going to dissect each track – it sort of misses the point to do so I think. There’s lots of good grooves rather than plods of the past, it’s alive, and I feel lucky that they can produce something this good.

  22. 22
    Scott W says:

    To me The Surprising is by far the standout track!it is heads and tails above anything else on the album. Many early Genesis motifs and themes throughout the CD.

  23. 23
    Yance says:

    Fully agree with 21, a wonderful roller coaster of an album. Some very in depth reviews and opinions on here , as ever. But taken as a whole , how lucky are we to be able to still listen to something so vibrant and vital after so many years. The quality of this album only makes the thought that we are nearing the end so much sadder.
    Let us enjoy , and yes criticise , while we still can,. Long live purple. Health and happiness to them all!

  24. 24
    Tommy H. says:

    After a few spins and listens using both a nice pair of loudspeakers and my Beyerdynamic headphones I would like to share my two cents:

    As an album Infinite is more cohesive than Now What?!. I’m actually not in favour of the opener because IMHO a great deal of it is a 4/4 signature copy of Pictures of Home (including the drumming, tempo and key) which is a better song after all. The standout song for me is “The Surprising”, I instantly thought that this song is really good. Otherwise I could spot a bunch of nice ideas and I really like the lyrics on this album which I found to be particularly strong. However I’m not at all impressed by the organ playing, on other albums Don was far better (both Deep Purple and solo albums). Also Steve’s guitar isn’t balanced with the organ, the latter is too dominant in the mix and arrangement. The DVD, which is a jewel, shows why that is. Sometimes I thought: Man, does this producer even want Steve to play the guitar?! Generally Steve appeared raddled to me, he definitely had seen happier days. It’s sad what’s happening to his hands but I’m not sure if it’s just that. And I have to disagree with Roger who said that the sound is as important as the songwriting. Without proper songwriting there would be no reason for me to enter a studio in the first place. Deep Purple’s early albums did not benefit from the sound quality they achieved with Bob now but the songwriting was amazing. You could play these melodies on a piccolo and it would work. What I didn’t like at all is that the album closes with the Doors cover Roadhouse Blues. If it was the last studio effort it should definitely be closed by an original song written by the band, so “Birds of Prey” then (I laughed when I read the title because there already is Uriah Heep’s Bird of Prey – good song by the way). In the end I was thrown off guard how fast the album play time was over. In fact it is shorter than Now What?! by two songs. I know, in the early days they’ve only recorded 7 songs per album or so. Maybe it’s just some substance I miss here, whatever. All in all I appreciate the album but more so I appreciate the DVD – good stuff!

  25. 25
    stoffer says:

    OK, this could be the strangest analogy ever…. inFinite is much like a ‘very good meal’.. anticipated, fresh and thoroughly enjoyable..BUT when warmed up and reheated the next day..WOW!! after the flavors have melded together it’s EVEN BETTER!! really enjoying Day 2..lol.. Thank You DP and Bob Ezrin

  26. 26
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    As I listened to inFinite, I couldn’t help but notice that Purple has freed itself from the (somewhat narrow) stylistic “rules” it imposed on itself after Fireball.

    It’s great to hear the band experimenting and having fun. And absolutely killing it.

    Also, the production!

    I’m digging so many of the songs, I can’t begin to review them individually. On the other hand, Hip Boots has yet to grab me, and I can’t really get into the lyrics for On Top of the World.

    An excellent, fun, and challenging record!

  27. 27
    Nicky says:

    I have to shake my head at the persnicketiness of some fans who are so hypercritical of aspects of this album. Looking a gift horse in the mouth, are we?

    Miraculously, here we have a treasure trove of great new songs from our favorite band and what do we hear? Oh no, they covered a Doors song. The album is too short. Don didn’t do this. Steve should have done that. Ian talked. The mix is off balance (Are you sure your hearing is on balance?) That song faded too soon. That lyric… Aargh!!!

    A rock album doesn’t have to change your life, for Christ sakes! That old rockin’ horse’s teeth are lookin’ damn good; hop in the saddle and ride. Hey, it’s only rock and roll, man – and I like it!

  28. 28
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Don’t worry about it, a couple of days & it’ll grow on you. In a few years from now, people will look back on inFinite as a classic album. I’ve seen it before with Stormbringer, CTTB, THOBL etc. Like it or lump it.

  29. 29
    jörg says:

    My thoughts about infinite:

    There are two titles, they where outstanding to me: Birds of prey and The surprising. But I have to admit, that this titles were the only one I listen up since friday , hihihihi….
    Steve Morse shines on both titles and the sondf sounds heavy, progressive to me.
    As if those two tracks were the only godd ones, the album is quite good , or better sensational, enough.

  30. 30
    WCSO #755 says:

    My second favorite Morse era album, Purpendicular being my first!

  31. 31
    WCSO #755 says:

    Great analogy stoffer!

  32. 32
    Leslie says:

    I love it. One thing I noticed today though is the guitar riff in Get Me Out of Here is very similar to Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machine. Just foubd that intersting.

    Overall it is a remarkable album. Being a fanboy of DP…i tend to overstate…but this takes the goodness that was Now What? and ups it to a whole different level. I have two friends that arent DP fans that have bought Time For Bedlam…the boys hit a home.rum with this one.

  33. 33
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 27, Nicky:

    Seriously, do you need other people’s opinions to make up your own? If you enjoyed the entire album, then why bother? I think that an honest opinion is worth more than blind worship. If you liked everything, fine. But if there’re things you’re not happy with, as long as you offer a (well-thought out) reason, it’s fine too, you know. Every album is an achievement, however only very few are true masterpieces. Heros have always been measured by their exploits – believe me, there are more unbearable fortunes to experience in life.

  34. 34
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @33 Tommy H., Mate, I don’t mean to piss in your pocket, but Nicky is right…. I don’t need to pick my turds to pieces to know that: a) I ate well the day before, &, b) It felt good when I expelled them.
    Although, I guess anyone is entitled to your opinions, IF they should they choose to read, or listen to them.
    Oh, the fun we have!. Now… Keep your eyes on the road & your hands upon the wheel… Smiles to ya.

  35. 35
    Denis says:

    Nach NOW WHAT waren meine Erwartungen sehr hoch. an Infinite.
    Vorweg ein sehr gutes Album!
    Für mich das Highlight von Infinite: The Surprising. Dieser Track ist echt eine Überraschung.
    Im weiteren sieht mein Raking so aus.
    All I Got Is You eine Gillan in Hochform
    Time For Bedlam
    Birds Of Prey mit einem starken solo von Steve Morse
    Hip Boots genau überraschend.
    On Top On The World na ja der schlechteste Song auf dem neuen Werk
    Und für mich guter Durchschnitt: One Night in Vegas / Get Me Outta Here / Johnny`s Band
    Roadhouse Blues ein gutes Ende dieses Werkes.

    Fazit: Ein sehr gutes Album mit einer weiteren Entwicklung von Deep Purple

  36. 36
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 34, Blackwood Richmore:

    So, the message is: Uncomfortable opinions are allowed but unnecessary or, in other words, if you have uncomfortable things to say then it’s better keep them to yourself. For some people it seems to work well. You know, if you read my comment (#24) you’ll find quite some appreciation too, you don’t have to pick out the things I didn’t like.

  37. 37
    Adel says:

    Hi guys
    I can’t understand why some people are angry about the Doors cover song. I just didn’t listen to it and pretended it’s a bounce track. Just like paradise bar which didn’t make the main set list.
    Please enjoy five awesome songs and enjoy how lucky we are to get an album with 5 briilent tracks.
    Time to bedlam, Hip Boots, All I got is you, The surprising, Birfs of prey.
    Can someone tell me when was the last DP album that had that much beautiful stuff.
    Even the weak tracks has some parts you can enjoy.
    One fact which is the album play time is the shortiest since the 70s stuff. It’s because vinyl is back in trend. 46 min is the magic play time for optimum sounds.
    No one can come up with that briilent wealth of material so look around if you find anything better. No that’s a fact
    Enjoy it for now and cry when the curtains are down one day in the not distance future!!!

  38. 38
    tim says:

    Wonder if the band ever sit down and look back at their career from 84,until 96 and think what could have been if Ezrin had a hand on the tiller starring them.The last 2 albums have been unexpected and both surprisingly endowed with some great songs ,sure there is a passing nod to “Jack Ruby” and “Rapture” and lets be honest an utterly pointless and not very good version of a Doors classic but that aside there is a lot to enjoy on Infinite, in particular “Birds of Prey”.
    Rather than go in depth with words I still tend to judge how good something is for me, by the amount of times it still gets played,with that in mind of the morse era, Perpendicular quite often,Bananas
    for running,Abandon occasionally ,Rapture very occasionally just to see if there was something i missed,Now What often for the 1st 3 tracks which were as good as anything in Morse time
    I m just amazed they can still put product like this out ,interesting also has been how they have embraced modern marketing activity and promotion its been good to see, even if IG has come across as something of a miserable grumpy old man.
    So all i hope for now is that some of this newer stuff gets into a live show just to freshen it up,
    just a bit,and if it is the last we get from DP then its a fine way to sign off

  39. 39
    Kev says:

    I’ve stuck my (somewhat lengthy) review under Rasmus’s original review article. However, I’ll just say here that I think it’s a stunningly good album. That said and rrading everyone elses musings, it does seem to divide opinion… But then again, what Purps album doesn’t?

    I hadn’t spotted the Pictures if Home crossover in Time for Bedlam, I see it now though. Is that a bad thing? Don’t think so, it still stands as a song in it’s own right.

    Someone mentioned the fast fade out on top of the world… Although not so quick, I thought it a shame that Birds of Prey didn’t drift a little longer. That said, if it had gone on another five minutes I’d have said the same thing! Brilliant track.

  40. 40
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @36 Tommy H. The only importance that any of this shit has is that which you give it. Once upon a time I had a Mrs… & she was never so happy as when she was whinging & complaining about something or other.
    Did you by any chance ever hear a song called ‘Cascades’ from an album called Purpendicular?.

    Quoth the raven:
    “When I gave you everything, it didn’t seem that much. You gave me your opinion with your usual heavy handed touch.”. & ” I only insult my friends, the rest can go to hell. You can read it any way you want, oh well, you’re not so bad yourself. What can I do, about the rain that falls on you?, I’m not your lover now, I’m not your lover now”.

    Yeah, song lyrics… but somehow appropriate in this arena. By the way, I am comfortable with what you wrote… I’m a big fat comfortable old bastard, so how could I not be?!. You’re entitled to your opinion or message…. & I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I just think that Nicky is on the right track. It’s just a whole bunch of rock ‘n’ roll. So…. ENJOY!.

  41. 41
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 40, Blackwood Richmore:

    I know that there’re people who’re never happy and others can’t take critism, even if it’s justified. The lyric quote fits very well, thanks – I own every album of our beloved DP, an astonishing work of a lifetime … You’re right, it’s only important what matter to you. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, sometimes an honest opinion moves things forward. Cheers

  42. 42
    LeonR2Z says:

    Just listened to it for the first time and love it. Will give it several more goes before posting a more complete verdict.

  43. 43
    Roger says:

    If we all had the same opinions it’d be boring. Here’s mine – if you dont like it, dont read it!?!?

    The title is appropriate when it comes to outstanding brilliance of world class profis – INFINITE excellence. I hear no “fillers”, loving all the tracks*, albeit for different reasons. The production is as infinitely tight as an extra-economical yorkshireman at the end of January in Zurich – as is the playing, but only where it has to be.

    Now What?! was the best thing since Purpendicular (which was the best since Machine Head), but even it had fillers. I like the teasing too, many “prog-70s lights-out-gropes”, the bit of wit, and the wide mix of styles, just missing a bit of 70s Funk, or slap bass. However,

    I’d have been happier with “Paradise Bar” or a re-record of Space-Truckin/SKW (live?) than a Doors Cover at the end (see tracks* above), though a great alt.-version. Well you have to cool all engines, dontcha?

    I’ll give my preference to “The Surprising” and “Time for Bedlam” and say they saved the best (studio album) til last – like comparing the finesse and functions of a Porsche Turbo S (= “Infinite”) to the balls-out- one-track-mind of a Big-Block Muscle Mustang (= “Machine Head”).

    They excelled themselves …. incomparably.

  44. 44
    Tommy says:

    When ever I read the occasional shitty review, I just smile and prance around the house singing “Got my hip boots on,..Got my hip boots on!!!

  45. 45
    uwe hornung says:

    It’s just a bit short – that’s my only gripe, I like it when the band stretches out. Gillan in fine form, lyrically and vocally.

    No issues with the Doors number, I see it as a bonus track and it has a pleasant laid-back groove quite removed from the intensity of the original. But I don’t expect a senior citizen Ian Gillan to ape an angry young man Jim Morrison in nihilistic passion. The way Purple play it, is more Little Feat muso-music than the dark poem as which it started with the Doors.

    The Surprising is a masterpiece. As others have written, Gillan is often best when he lends his voice to what are essentially instrumental tracks. That is then the icebreaker on the top – pardon the laboured pun!

    At this point, I found Now What?! upon initial hearing even more impressive – that really floored me after the somewhat lacklustre Rapture -, but Infinite still has plenty time to grow.

    Did I say it was a bit short?! ; – )

  46. 46
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @41, Good on you Tommy, be happy mate!.

  47. 47
    ERROLL ARIAS says:

    #deeppurple #Infinite is sad to see that a band that still can create songs like “Bird of Prey” or “The surprising”,present an album so uneven..

  48. 48
    Neil says:

    Good solid professional. I love these guys but let’s not get carried away here. It may be good by current standards and what it has to compete with these days, which as Paicy says is not much, but compared to albums like In Rock,Fireball,Machine Head,Burn or Perfect Strangers it is really pretty average. One or two good tracks but nothing really inspiring.
    It is nice to hear something new and while I understand the comments made by band members about live setlists and using old numbers maybe the new tracks would grow into something better if they gave them a chance and performed more of them live. This certainly happened before. Some of the best versions of purple numbers are the live versions.

  49. 49
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 44, Tommy:

    You know, there’s no harm in being a little controversial. Sunshine all the time makes a desert. Also to me it’s suspicious if people like everything they get served. Purple’s 20 studio efforts offer a colourful palette of different songs of different qualities performed by various musicians. It’s only natural to have your favorites and everything that the band adds to the catalog is automatically compared, almost unconsciously. And while we’re taking about colours: I think you too have a favorite colour, right? Music and painting have a lot in common. Even the best artists in my book painted pictures I wouldn’t even put on my wall if I got them for free.

  50. 50
    Ian Gillans Pants says:

    Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t the guys do a set list comprising of post RB stuff with just Smoke as an encore? The new album? Bananas!!

  51. 51
    Simon says:

    I think it among the best album they have ever made. Love it.

  52. 52
    chip says:

    Here is a set list that would do it

    Time For Bedlam
    Johnny’s Band
    Perfect Strangers
    All I Got is You
    Space Truckin
    Hip Boots
    Birds of Prey (with extended solo spots built in (ditch solo spots and add long improved solo spots here)
    Black Night
    The Surpising (with extended solo spots built in (ditch solo spots and add long improved solo spots here)

    Highway Star

  53. 53
    Darryl says:

    Not bad. Time for Bedlam, The Surprising and Birds of Prey are superb. However my two main gripes remain….when will Morse write a riff and I hate his guitar tone. Half the time it sounds like a synthesiser. Some one buy that man a strat and a Marshall.

  54. 54
    uwe hornung says:

    “Half the time it sounds like a synthesiser.”

    No, he sounds like Steve Morse and it is actually almost impossible to copy his sound because it has a lot to do with how he plays and the way he is constantly alternating and micro-adjusting his sound while he is playing. The big difference between the two is that everything Steve plays sounds upbeat and positive, even when he is soloing in a minor scale, and everything Ritchie plays sounds dark and dramatic, even if he is playing in a major scale (as he does more often with Blackmore’s Night than with any outfit before). You could just as well say that Steve sounds very Yank and Ritchie very Yüröpeän.

    Steve Morse’s EBMM y2d signature model guitar is made to emulate both Stratocaster and Telecaster sounds (along with Gibson ones), it is regarded as one of the most versatile guitars around if slightly confounding to any novice due to the myriads of sound possibilities it gives. All that said: If you gave Steve’s guitar and amp set up to Ritchie and had him play it, the result would be a typical Ritchie Blackmore sound, just as Steve would sound like Steve if he grabbed one of Blackmore’s scalloped Strats and played it over the minstrel’s Engl. They both have idiosyncratic and immediately recognizable styles (as did Tommy Bolin – anything he played, you knew it was him), but they are on different ends of the spectrum as rock guitarists go.

    I’m still hoping to hear them together one day. I’d love to hear an album by the two with acoustic guitar instrumentals. I believe that it wouldn’t be a pissing contest at all, but a really interesting communion.

  55. 55
    Jay Tee says:

    Hi Darryl @ 53.

    On Birds of Prey, Steve, indeed swaps
    his Musicman guitar for a Fender to double the soloing to close out the track.


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