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Setlist poll: the inFinite edition

Us fans, have a most peculiar favourite pastime — telling the band what to do, what not to do, which songs to play, and which not. In particular, every Tom, Jane and Joe know best what the ideal setlist should be, y’know, the one that “surely pleases everybody”.

Despite the fact that the band repeatedly stated that they will not listen to any outside opinions and will choose the songs to play on the upcoming tour that will feel right to themselves, if we don’t voice our opinion, they won’t have much not to listen to, right?

What songs from inFinite would you like to hear live? (choose up to 5)

  • Time For Bedlam (19%, 684 Votes)
  • The Surprising (17%, 604 Votes)
  • All I Got Is You (16%, 576 Votes)
  • Birds Of Prey (15%, 550 Votes)
  • Johnny's Band (7%, 267 Votes)
  • Hip Boots (7%, 250 Votes)
  • One Night In Vegas (7%, 234 Votes)
  • Get Me Outta Here (4%, 128 Votes)
  • On Top Of The World (3%, 100 Votes)
  • Roadhouse Blues (3%, 99 Votes)
  • Paradise Bar (2%, 73 Votes)

Total Voters: 834

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34 Comments to “Setlist poll: the inFinite edition”:

  1. 1
    Keith Livingstone says:

    Am I not right in thinking a few of the new songs were tried out live last year (Hip Boots)?

  2. 2
    Peter says:

    I choose those songs in THIS order of priority:
    The Surprising, Birds Of Prey, then Time For Bedlam, All I Got Is You (both singles) and Johnny´s Band (as fun song). + please keep some stuff from NW?! in set too!!!

  3. 3
    CHIP says:

    Birds of Prey is a must…and it should be stretched out to a 10 minute jam.Same for the Surprising. Time for Bedlam should be the opener. I also picked Hip Boots, Johnny’s Band. Id prefer All I Got is You…but would prefer the do 6. Then leaves time for 7 classics (SOTW, HS (close show) PS, Hush, Black Night, Lazy, Space Truckin

  4. 4
    Milan says:

    Funnily I voted the exact same songs as #2 Peter.

  5. 5
    Korhan olcer says:

    5 is not enough really.please make it 8

  6. 6
    Korhan Olcer says:

    5 CHOICES are not enough make it 8 please and i want to choose one as an encore besides the setlist .johnnys band

  7. 7
    Tommy says:

    I’d like to see Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming back in action. That is a great total band song and Steve’s soaring guitar never fails to send chills up my spine!

  8. 8
    al says:

    @ 2
    as much i like Now What?! I would not mind at all if the choose to drop those songs or keep one or two,for more Infinite albums songs.There are 3-4 songs on this album that screams to be played live! just saying.

  9. 9
    Adel says:

    I have attended so many DP shows to be pretty sure what will work from the new album.
    All I got is you sadly won’t be a great live song unless it’s inbeded as instrumental. It is not a momentum gainer.
    The surprising is too long and fragmented so the audience might get a bear or two while its played so it won’t be great live.
    Bird of prey is a craking song due to the amazing guitar play. But the manipulated voice of Gillan on the song won’t be easy to sing live. People might think he is miming.
    Johnny band is ok but not a live song to be blended with the classics
    One night in Vegas is ok but not a live song to be blended with the classics
    So that’s leaves my choice
    Time to bedlam
    Hip Boots
    On top of the world with a bit of Gillan’s word rapping
    Get me out of here
    Now I think they won’t sing more than two of the current album on their American tour as the share the stage time with Alice Copper

  10. 10
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Also, a cover of the Wiggles’ song ‘Wake-up Jeff’!.

  11. 11
    D'ablo Bicasso says:

    We’re a bossy lot, so why the [_blank_] can’t we get these guys a #1 record??

  12. 12
    Nigel Young says:

    @ 1
    Only Hip Boots in 2015.

  13. 13
    dave says:

    I’m not too concerned about the main set list as the make up of it is almost endless but I think it’s about time the encores were changed as they seem to have played Hush & Black Night for about the last ten years.Go on lads surprise us !!

  14. 14
    KC1961 says:

    It’ll never happen, but I’d like them to play a set full of Morse era songs. Altho’ for me what DP did in the early 70s will never be bettered, that was then, this is now. They’ve easily got enough good material over the last 20 or so years to play 2 hours of Morse stuff.

  15. 15
    George Martin says:

    Time for Bedlam, All I got is you & Johnny’s Band are all perfect to play live simply because there great songs and there not to long. Hip Boots would also be good as well. I am thinking about getting the most songs as possible for the time they are onstage. If they play The Surprising and Birds of Prey that means something else will have to be left out. I still want to hear Hell To Pay from Now What and when you add in the 6 songs they have to do there’s not much time left. Whatever happens please don’t play Roadhouse Blues. God I hate that song. If they wanted to do a cover they should have done Lucille. Remember how great the Gillan version of that song was. Also wouldn’t it be great if they played a kick ass version of Smooth dancer? I know it won’t happen but dare to dream.

  16. 16
    byron says:

    And the address,Anthem,Chasing shadows (with a 20 mn solo from Paicey) and Hey Joe.

  17. 17
    Renzo says:

    My favourite live setlist:
    1 A Simple Song
    2 Knocking at your Backdoor
    3 Time for Bedlam
    4 Above and Beyond
    5 The Battle Rages On
    6 All I Got is You
    7 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    8 The Aviator
    9 Body Line
    10 The Surprising
    11 Bird of Prey
    12 Perfect Strangers
    13 Smoke on the Water
    14 Speed King
    15 Roadhouse Blues
    16 Black Night
    17 When a Blind Man Cries
    18 Hush

  18. 18
    Steve Hunt says:

    Gotta play Hip Boots,that tune rocks big time.Since I am seeing them in Vegas,One Night In Vegas would be cool.

  19. 19
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    This is just a guess, but I suspect that when being played live, some of Roadhouse Blues may be worked into Strange Kind Of Woman during the instrumental jam. It kind of fits.

  20. 20
    The Mechanic Ted says:

    I’d rather they do a song from each Morse era album (SIFLS, Watching the Sky, Sun Goes Down, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Blood from a Stone, Birds of Prey)

  21. 21
    chip says:

    I know this is an odd spot to be in…but the set list should be developed as a promotional tool for the new record.

    Start with Time for Bedlam. End with HS. Alternate new album track every other song for the 10-12 song US split headliner list. In America, the classics aren’t as well known…so as long as you play Smoke and Highway Star you can gby with a 50/50 split old to new.

    Easy Peasy. Promote this album with the live shows…don’t just put the new stuff in as an obligatory gesture. The material is too good not to put out there live and can help drive album sales. Have big Ian push the new album in between songs…

    Tours used to be an opportunity to promote a record. Nice to see they have this opportunity again.

  22. 22
    Jet Auto Jerry says:

    I like Johnny’s Band just because it is a fun song. Of course they will Bedlam. They could do Black Night and then segue into Roadhouse (like I.P. says his “Keep In Practice” band does) for the encore Then you really do get that the Future is Uncertain and the End is Always Near in its appropriate place, at the end (I have that quote printed on my checks). Really, I enjoy the whole album but I relish the entire collection and like I have said before, I would like each and every studio album (even the JLT one) to be represented somehow. A song from each is out of the question of course (IG singing Burn?) but maybe they could a medley of the different line-ups during an instrumental jam and acknowledge their entire history since it may be their last tour.
    I am going to see them in LA but it is the second night in a row (Vegas the day before) for them and when I saw them the last 2 times out on the NW tour the first time was the second of a Back to Back and they were good but not great, not dangerous and not a lot of fun. The last time they were off the day before and the show was much better with a lot of interplay between the players. At least it is at the beginning of the tour.

  23. 23
    Jet Auto Jerry says:

    And they really don’t have to play “Into the Fire” anymore.

  24. 24
    Johnny says:

    I love your list Renzo. Absolutely great! Cheers 🙂

  25. 25
    Twinkling Ray says:

    Don’t you just hate it when you write a reasonably lengthy post, and then the submission fails? I was even careful enough to copy mine to the clipboard, but then failed spectacularly when I decided to re-post using Chrome (instead of the problematic Microsoft Edge) and copied the url link; thus losing the post LOL. So second time of trying…

    It seems that my choices are reasonably aligned to the most popular (“Time For Bedlam”, “The Surprising”, “Birds Of Prey” and opting for “Hip Boots”), but even though I prefer “All I Got is You” on the album I decided that “Get Me Outta Here” might work better live. Not in my top five, but I can imagine them performing it on stage well. I was thinking that making a change to the somewhat-predictable-of-late encores might be in order too, and I can imagine walking out of the theater very satisfied after hearing the final notes of “Birds Of Prey” as a last song. Anyone else think this might work? (“Hey Cisco” was played as an encore back in ’96).

    While I was considering this, I had a look at the links to previous set-list polls on this site, very conscious of how strongly fans (including me) feel about them. I was surprised to find a few posts that were directed as modern-era fans, arguing that the band had falsely represented their previous set-list limitations as arising from Blackmore, and subsequently failing to make any effort to avoid the stagnation that some people seem to think exists. This doesn’t necessarily seem to be substantiated by facts. The poll that was run 10 years ago (2007) lists over 60 songs that Purple have played live since ’96. Compare that to the set-list variations during the early 70’s, or even between ’84 and ’93. Purple are a band who have, in the past twenty years, played a lot of different songs live yet – in my opinion at least – haven’t quite got it right.

    It seems to me that the band (or certain members of the band) have never quite attained that confidence in the strength of their post ’96 songs. And, as a result, have failed to turn these into live classics in the way that, say, “Perfect Strangers” (or even “The Battle Rages On”) became. I don’t know why this is. The same poll I referred to earlier lists “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” as #3, which is one higher than “Smoke On The Water” (#4), and several higher than the next listed “Made In Japan” era song (“Lazy” at #10). I totally get that the voters in this poll are genuine Purple fans, and that the generic Classic Rock member of the audience won’t sequence in that order, but still… the point is that people who have invested so much of their lives in collecting and listening to this music value the FULL band history. “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” (and others) should, by now, be included in any fans list of potential live classics.

    I would love to see a set-list with a good balance of MkII classics, Morse/Airey material (1996 – 2013), and a strong selection of songs to promote inFinite. I’m pretty confident that no “Classic Rock” fan will walk away disgruntled because Purple plays “’69” instead of “Into The Fire”.

    Wouldn’t it be great if, on this tour, Purple played two gigs in each city. Large venue for the usual set. And a smaller venue for a Morse era set? I’d do both…

    Finally, can I just say that I really hope Morse is Purple’s last guitarist and that this is the last Deep Purple line up. All of the individuals deserve that…

  26. 26
    Dr. Bob says:

    Alice Cooper did a segment of songs in his last tour where he did a medley from other bands including a Doors song. While Cooper is touring with Purple it would be interesting if Roadhouse Blues was done together. So I have that on my list along with Birds of Prey, Time for Bedlam, and Hip Boots. I’d love to hear that opening riff of Birds of Prey get stretched out. It’s the best 25 seconds of the album.

    I am surprised that so many like The Surprising so much. I think it is the weakest track on the album.

  27. 27
    Thorsun says:

    I might probably get a slice of slap for my analtyic approach here, but anyway, let’s celebrate the freedom of speech…

    Firstly, think about couple of edge conditions – if you want to have your setlist any realistic:
    – age of the men and their physical condition – show can’t exceed 100 – 105 minutes total
    – instrumental interludes are needed for Gillan to rest, to give him space to recuperate his last bits of power to sing over the wall of sound that the boys make
    – there will be a huge clash of ‘play the old’ vs ‘we want to present the new material’ when setting the list of songs AND the members are not too fancy to please the hardcore fans, more casual audience and themselves…

    Basing on those – my combination of dream setlist and setting some realistic, calculated edge to it would result in something like this:

    1 Knocking At Your Backdoor 7′
    2 Time For Bedlam 5′
    3 Bloodsucker or The Battle Rages On 5′
    4 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming 8′
    5 Steve Morse Solo > Cascades Finale 6′
    6 Birds Of Prey 8′
    7 Strange Kind Of Woman 6′
    8 Loosen My Strings or Clearly Quite Absurd 7′
    9 The Surprising 7′
    10 Don Airey’s Solo 6′
    11 Perfect Strangers or Lazy 7′
    12 Johnny’s Band 6′
    13 ’69 with jam 9′
    14 Space Truckin’ Coda 4′
    15 Speed King > Ian Paice Solo 8′
    16 Woman From Tokyo (part) > Smoke 8′

    This gets you ca 91 minutes of main show (with possible twists on some songs) and circa 16′ for encores. This could be manageable and for this kind of set – oh yes, I’d go to see it. 🙂

  28. 28
    Twinkling Ray says:

    An interesting list, Thorsun. I’d be happy with that kind of coverage, although I wouldn’t have the drum solo in encore. (Then again, I wouldn’t have a drum solo at all…!). I like Renzo’s too.

  29. 29
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    I reckon any number of RB era songs could be woven together into 1 or 2 medleys throughout the set, so as to leave heaps of room for Morse era songs. Well, if Status Quo & Lynyrd Skynyrd & others can do it, then why not DP?. It’s just a thought….

  30. 30
    Thorsun says:


    Thanks TR. I would do without the drum solo too, honestly, but they installed this habit from 1996, so I would assume it would return with “Speed King” anyway. I’d be more for the song of course and a long bit of crazy call-response between Don and Steve. Wouldn’t mind an instrumental bit of “Burn” there too (which Steve scarcely did in 1996 here and there), it was such a cool idea turned in by of our very own beloved Ritchard The Banjo Player. I always thought that with Gillan resisting singing “alien” material they could have at least played the solo sections from this classic squeezed in one of the improvisations.

    Also after the assembling of the set, I thought that they could bow down to Don Airey and open the set with “Bad Attitude”. I do trust it’s a favourite among most of the old and new fans and would be rapturously well received. 30th Anniversary this year.

    Dreaming is free, one say, my calculations only tell us plain and clear all that as time moves on, we’re gonna get less and less from the guys. Ageing is inevitable and we can’t expect from them rocking on the level that would break their bones. We’ll see in 3 weeks what they come up with.

  31. 31
    Rock Voorne says:

    It depends on which day you ask me but on this moment it would be something like :

    1. And the adress
    2. Simple song
    3 The battle rages on
    4. TED
    5. Lazy
    6 Rosa’s cantina
    7 Fools
    8 7th Heaven
    9. Kiss tomorrow goodbye
    10. The surprising
    11. The purpendicular waltz
    12. Place in Line
    13, Hey Cisco
    14. Sun goes down
    15. Time for bedlam

  32. 32
    Ivica says:

    0The Planets, Op. 32
    1.Time for Bedlam
    2 Bloodsucker
    3 Hard Lovin’ Man
    4 Strange Kind of Woman
    5 All Got is You
    6 Johnny’s Band
    7 Contact Lost/Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    8 Vincent Price
    9 The Surprising
    10 Lazy
    11 Keyboard Solo
    12Perfect Strangers
    13Hell to Pay
    14 All The Time In The World /acoustic version /
    15 Birds of Prey
    17Bass Solo
    18Black Night

  33. 33
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Let’s face it, they should just play the whole album ‘infinite’ in one go & be done with it. That way everyone gets their favourite song from the album played. Add a few of the regular tunes & there’s your setlist.

  34. 34
    Juan says:

    – Time For Bedlam
    – Bloodsucker or Into The Fire
    – Hard Lovin’ Man or Fireball
    – Strange Kind Of Woman
    – Black Night
    – Demon’s Eye or Livin’ Wreck or Rapture Of The Deep
    – Steve Morse Solo
    – Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    – Birds Of Prey
    – Don Airey Solo
    – Above And Beyond
    – The Surprising
    – Perfect Strangers
    – Space Truckin’
    – Lazy
    – All I Got Is You
    – Smoke On The Water
    – Never a Word or Loosen My Strings or The Aviator
    – Hush

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