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Deep Purple Live Switzerland Arena Geneve 20.5.2017

Good concert the fans were enthusiastic and more than willing.
Especially the new lids are live class

Special Guest: Monster Truck, Band from Canada

Set List:

1.Time For Bedlam
2. Fireball
3. Bloodsucker
4. Strange Kind Of Woman
5. Johnny`s Band
6. Uncommon Man
7. The Surprising
9. Birds Of Prey
10.Hell To Pay
11.Don Airey Solo
12.Perfect Strangers
13.Space Truckin’
14.Smoke On The Water
Green Orion
Hush / Bass Solo Roger Glover (very Good)
Black Night

My Favourites. The Surprising, Birds Of Prey, Time For Bedlam, Uncommon Man, Very Good Live Tracks

Denis Zuercher / Switzerland

http://www.tdg.ch/culture/musique/deep-purple-blues-annees-70-jusqu-retraite/story/25379702 (French site review)

47 Comments to “Deep Purple Live Switzerland Arena Geneve 20.5.2017”:

  1. 1
    CHIP says:

    Don’t like it when they don’t perform HS. Wouldn’t it make sense to play a it of Roadhouse Blues instead of Green Onions if they need to do that?

    That being said, better HS being pulled then one of the 6 Infinite and NW?! tracks. I’d be happy if they pulled Bloodsucker and replaced it with Hip Boots or All I Got Is You.

  2. 2
    Dave says:

    Hush and Black Night for encores really !!! They were playing these as encores ten years ago,surely there are better songs to finish the concert off with.
    Unless this changes I am seriously thinking of giving the UK Tour a miss.

  3. 3
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Hell to pay & Johnny’s Band are the pop songs of the piece… & while the more discerning fanatic might appreciate something a little more to their personal taste, these lighter poppy tracks help attract a broader spectrum of ticket buyers. In any case, I really love those songs… But then “I saw the sign… & it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign…” there’s nothing wrong with their pop songs, they’re still 100% better than most stuff in the top 40 charts. Mull that one over, I speak the truth…. Smiles to ya!.

  4. 4
    Tommy H. says:

    They played the same set in Vienna.

  5. 5
    Tommy H. says:

    Monster Truck, the support act, is great too. Amazing vocals and guitar playing …

  6. 6
    Adel says:

    That’s 6 live songs form the Steve Morse and Don Airey era. I am so proud that they finally letting go of the Richie Blackmore ghost. I wish they can drop strange kind of woman for Bannas and give up the long extended hush with green onion for Silver Tounge as it will link up nicely with Hush.
    To infinity and beyond keep rocking us guys.

  7. 7
    Russell M says:

    What happened to Perpendicular and Abandon songs?

  8. 8
    Carlos says:

    I think they did not play Highway Star because they forgot that Highway Star was on the setlist or maybe they were tired. Normally, Deep Purple has played Highway Star in every concert of this tour. We can not forget that they are playing nearly every day and they are not young.

  9. 9
    nupsi59 says:

    A video from the band has been put on youtube:


    It’s the complete concert in Zagreb, filmed from the audience.

    Have a nice Day and enjoy it!

  10. 10
    Chas Malkin says:

    @2: Dave, while I agree that the encores need freshening up, I’m surprised that you’re considering missing a tour that promises no fewer than six songs from the last two albums. It’s a long tine since a DP tour felt so relevant.

  11. 11
    pat says:

    still don`t understand.In the last 15years they didn`t change the last 6-7 songs of the set list.
    Very boring…every year the same show,Don do the same solo,Steve morse doesn`t even do solo anymore.I know its deep purple,i respect them,i love them,but if they want to play,then shudn`t be careless about the show and the setlist.If they just don`t wanna be at home,then find a good hobbie,but don`t ask to pay for ticket for this.

  12. 12
    Another Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Denis. Can you believe that my one and only favourite band, the one that has been my musical lifeblood since some 45 years, decided to play on the exact date of my partner’s 40th birthday? She got mildly irate when I invited her to the Geneva concert for her birthday, and even more irate when I told her she could change the date of her birthday more easily than I, that of DP in Geneva. But alas to no avail, all my arguments fell on deaf ears (well, they must be such, since she is not DP fan), so I missed out this time round. Will there be a next time? There had better be… (PS I know many would call me a wimp, but frankly, peace at home is priceless).

  13. 13
    NWO says:

    Attention all European Deep Purple Fans:

    Go see the support act. Monster Truck ROCKS!!!

  14. 14
    Ger Leenders says:

    Great review, But :

    I’m completely shocked about what happened monday-evening in the manchester arena, it can happen anywhere …. shocking ….. I will pray that such a barbarian thing won’t happen at a venue of DP, and all venues in the world. I intended to visit DP at June 2th in Amsterdam, cannot succeed because lack of money, but after manchester, and former brutal attacks (for instance ‘bataclan’), I don’t know if, for me personaly, it is worth for me to take the risk.I understand, we can’t capitalize for terror, but we all are (most of us) human ………. with Feelings …..

  15. 15
    mike says:

    @11, I am with you, same old same old.

  16. 16
    indra kusuma says:

    all i got is you ….wonder why not included on the show list ? blaknight is kinda boring as encore for many years they did it.

  17. 17
    Tony says:

    As a real purple fan, I’m glad they made great record.
    But….. to be honest I’m not so happy with the setlist, Always the same. Pfff Stange kind.. hell to pay
    perfect strangers, bloodsucker, hush.
    Where is Fools, speed king, somethimes I feel like screaming, hey cisco, contact lost, well dressed guitar, and child in time?? I’m sure Gillan can sing child in time, maybe not everyday but sure sometimes.

  18. 18
    Chas Malkin says:

    @14, Hi Ger: I share your feelings of revulsion but we mustn’t let the barbarians change our way of life. If we do, they will have won.

  19. 19
    Dave says:

    @10 Chas,I will be at Birmingham as I bought tickets as soon as they were released,but more over I will be there to see my favourite band for what will probably be the last time.
    Set lists are very subjective and there is no way to please everyone and whilst I am pleased to see some new songs (as you would expect off the new album) the overall set has a tired look about it,especially the encores.How about finishing off the night with Speed King !!

  20. 20
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @17 Tony, I’ve always thought IG could take a leaf out of Queen’s book when it comes to performing Child In Time. When Queen have done Bohemian Rhapsody since they started playing again without Freddy, they play the tune & have stock film footage of Freddy up on a big screen singing the words.
    So I would imagine DP could have IG sing most of the song & then just play archival film footage of him singing the difficult parts from the glory days, as the guys play along.
    Well, it’s just a thought. Lynyrd Skynyrd do something like that with their song Travelling Man, that features a duet with both singers Johnny Vanzant & his late brother Ronnie singing up on a big screen.
    Anyway, Smiles to ya!.

  21. 21
    Bill Steiner says:

    I have supported Deep Purple for 45 years. They have always been one of my favorites even with all the different line ups. But it seems to me they don’t care about what the fans want anymore. SAD . That is a real RIP OFF !!! If you can’t sing the songs anymore its time to quit fooling your fans. The setlist blows. HS only when they decide to play it. Nothing off of Who do we think we are. Great album and all great songs yet you only ever hear if your lucky Woman from Tokyo or Mary long. Never play Super trooper or Smooth dancer Great songs. Abandon Any ful kno that or Almost Human where are they. I bet the band doesn’t even read these reviews. Back to they don’ t care about their fans anymore. Time to stop charging for tickets.

  22. 22
    Tommy says:

    I don’t agree with nitpicking the set list. It reminds me of someone receiving a gift of a bottle of fine wine and then complaining that it isn’t the vintage you preferred. You’d better enjoy it now because come next year the gifts may stop coming.

  23. 23
    Paul Jacklin says:

    @10 will be at Birmingham with 12 year old son (and Rainbow gig at O2 also in 3 weeks)

    I presume you get in a car sometimes – far bigger risk of dying than at a concert. I’m with @10 – we must continue as normal
    “Be safe, be happy and don’t let anyone make you afraid”

  24. 24
    MacGregor says:

    Dave @19 – I imagine the encores are a mellower way of ending the gig for Gillan’s voice! Speed King is a hard song to sing for him these days, perhaps! As you would be aware, most artists play a hit or two as an encore! I enjoy the fact that they have always played Hush, a good nod to the MK1 band & it is a good song also. Cheers.
    Blackwood @ 20 – all due respect, but please Sir, no video holograms etc, I loathe that, the current Dio farce is just that! There have been others also. Not that you are mentioning that concept as an entire performance of course, but even a little bit would go too far in my world! And that is with Gillan still with us live on stage! No, No, No, No! PS. Do you like the Sir title? Sir Blackwood Richmore! Has a certain ring to it don’t you think! Cheers.

  25. 25
    Denis says:

    My first concert of Deep Purple was 1973. Meanwhile against 60 concerts which I visited. That is why I liked the new songs extremely well. Were also exellent played. In Geneva, Switzerland, there were no big surprises apart from the new songs. As an encore, Deep Purple could make a Meddley. This was on the tour with Joe Lynn Turner. It has enough exellent songs. Missing is certainly not the bass solo of Roger Glover in Black Night. Alternative songs: Demon’s Eye, Into the Fire, Living Wreck, Pictures of Home etc.usw.usw.ususw. Highwaystar, Vincent Price, Out of Hand was missing for me too. Sure, many fans want to hear the “old” songs. Without Smoke on the Water it is not. In this sense: Deep Purple is the best live band, no matter what they play. Deep Purple will return to Switzerland in June. Even if the set list is exactly the same, I will also visit this concert. Enjoy all this Infinite Tour.

  26. 26
    Chas Malkin says:

    @19 Dave, the tour promises to be emotional for all concerned. I’ll be at Manchester, savouring every moment and trying not to think too much about the likelihood of it being my last DP gig.

    As you say, set lists are subjective but I’m sure you’d agree that the current selection is a big improvement on the “greatest hits” offerings of much of the noughties. You’re right about the encores feeling tired, not least because Black Night has lost much of its spark over the years. It’s become a plodder, far removed from the incendiary performances of the early 70s.

    Speed King would definitely be a welcome addition. Couple it with Highway Star and we’d have an explosive finale.

    Here’s wishing you a great gig!

  27. 27
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 11, Pat:

    Be happy if you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Deep Purple concerts frequently. I haven’t seen them live for almost 14 years and therefore I’m greatful to see them doing those songs. And by the way: Don’t you think that it’s kinda late to argue about this or that?! After all, it’s the long goodbye tour. The guys will play in front of big audiences for the last time. They’re in their 60ies/early 70ies now. If you were complaining like this 20 years ago, I would have understood. But now it’s quite ridiculous. You can either accept certain weaknesses while cherishing those features which are still great or listen to what the band was doing in the past, and there’s plenty to enjoy.

  28. 28
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @24 MacGregor, thanks man, I’ve always wanted to be knighted! “Sir Blackwood Richmore”… Hmmm… Slips nicely off the tongue… I like it!. Bonza, you little beauty!.

  29. 29
    Dave says:

    @26 Chas,I almost feel like I am being unfaithful by criticizing a band that means so much to me.My problem with the encores is that they have turned into what amounts to karaoke versions which is not what Deep Purple are about.
    I hope you enjoy the Manchester gig,perhaps we can compare notes afterwards ?

  30. 30
    MacGregor says:

    Sir Blackwood Richmore @ 28- Glad you have accepted the honour, some pass it up! It will be interesting if any other aficionados here at THS acknowledge it! Cheers

  31. 31
    Pat says:

    @Tommy H.

    Don`t be upset.But the fact is they`re careless about the show and the setlist.I mean to me there is no show anymore,and in the case of the setlist :its not about age.Doesn`t matter that you are 70 or 60 or 40.
    But,as we see,in the last15 years the setlist the same,at least the last 6-7songs.Even the jamming chords.
    It`s showin how they threat the fans.Just don`t give a shit about the setlist at all.
    And well,still…they shouldnt play time for bedlam.they tried but its just dreadful..Good track on the album,but for Gillan its just doesn`t work at all on stage.
    Anyway i love them,respect them,i became an orchestral composer because of Deep Purple and Jon lord,they give so much to the world,but they need to change the setlist,and remove that bloody stage design,and don`t make MTV from the Deep Purple`s stage.

  32. 32
    Pat says:

    This would be a great setlist for them

    2. Fireball
    3. Silver Tongue
    4. Strange Kind Of Woman
    5. Paradise Bar
    6. Uncommon Man
    7. The Surprising
    9. Don Airey/Perfect Strangers
    10.Money Talks
    11.Johnny`s Band
    12.Space truckin
    13.Black Night
    14.Smoke On The Water

    All I Got is You
    Highway Star

  33. 33
    Bennie says:

    Viewing the setlists of the shows so far, I know exactly what to expect when I see them next Friday in Amsterdam. How on earth can they be happy playing the exact same set every night? Why not change a few songs every night? I don’t care about Johnny’s Band. Songs like All I Got Is You are way more interesting. Maybe I’m whining, but a little more adventure setlist-wise is required here…

  34. 34
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @30 MacGregor, well One cannot expect to much from the riff raff these days… however, One knows One’s duty… ‘Tis merely to serve & protect the honour of One’s Rulers… our Mighty Lord Purple & all whom hath partaken of sacred the sacred ritual of performing within thou holy band of troubadours… Hmmm now one fancies a royal Bundy & coke….!. Touche! Indubitably yours,
    Sir Blackwood Richmore Esq.

  35. 35
    Tommy H. says:

    @ Pat, #31:

    The setlist features four songs from “InFinite” and two from “Now What?!”. The rest comprises of greatest hits (apart from maybe two exceptions). During recent interviews the band (well, most of the time it was Paicy) explained repeatedly that there are a lot of discussions about the setlist within the band and it’s said mixture they all agreed upon. “Time for Bedlam” is the opener of the new album and IMHO the only song on the record which is reminiscent of the glory past. Maybe that’s exactly why they’re playing it as an opener at their concerts – kinda like an old tradition.

    I’m not upset by the way, I just wanted to point out that it’s too late for the criticism of yours because it’s already the last tour. The setlist will most probably stay this way and most importantly has to suit the stamina of the singer above all else.

  36. 36
    Chas Malkin says:

    @29 Dave, I agree that criticising Purple feels treacherous. They’ve been my favourite band since I stumbled upon them as a 13-year-old in 1974. But I reckon that degree of loyalty – and money spent- gives us the right to speak our minds. I agree that the encores have a pedestrian feel that’s far removed from Purple in their heyday. Yet, for me, much of the rest of the set is fresher than for a long time. It’s encouraging to see that two tracks from Now What have been retained. Traditionally, it’s the Morse-era songs that have been dropped on the release of a new album.

    Changing tack, I can’t agree with Bill @21 that anything from the current set list should be droppped for mediocre fare from Who Do We Think We Are.

    Good idea about comparing notes after the gig. I’m sure we’ll both have a great time. Cheers, Chas

  37. 37
    Ivica says:

    List set is good , new songs are OK, great moments of concert / Maybe replacement of “Johnny’s Band” with “All I Got Is You”? /. For me ,missing a ballad or blues moment, like “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” or “Don’t Make Me Happy” … between Perfect Strangers -Now What!? / empty 30 years /

  38. 38
    Bill Steiner says:

    @36 I stumbled ( using your words ) on the band before Burn in 1974. I saw the concert in 1973 which supported the Who Do We Think We Are album and it was incredible. The also played for just under 3 hours including every track on Made In Japan. So my comments are from experiencing that tour !!! What is a Deep Purple show without Highway Star. Machine Head opened up the doors for Deep Purple in the U. S. Even though DP might have been big in the UK the 1973 tour sealed the deal for them in the U.S. Blackmore and Lord solos in the songs on this album are great !!! It is a lot better than NO NO NO on Fireball.

  39. 39
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @37 Ivica, but I like Johnny’s Band….

  40. 40
    Chas Malkin says:

    @38: I don’t doubt that Purple were on sensational form in the US in ’73. The personal differences in the band never seemed to affect their live performance. Having said that, I’m not too sure to what extent that tour could really be described as supporting Who Do We Think We Are. If my research is correct, Mary Long was the only song from WDWTWA to find its way into the set.

    Be that as it may, I have to say that I’m envious of you seeing MkII the first time around. I was too young to attend gigs on my own at that age and had no one to take me. I first saw DP at Knebworth in 1985.

    Looking at all the chatter on the Highway Star, I reckon we’re all guilty at times of being overly critical of the greatest band of all time. After all, mediocre Purple is still infinitely preferable to most of the output of other bands!

    (By the way, I love the Fireball album. It’s massively underrated and, in my view, No No No is a classic: genre-defying Purple at their best).



  41. 41
    Bill Steiner says:

    @40 We have 4th row center seats in the orchestra pit in Phx Az to see Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and The Edgar Winter Band this year on August 15th. I am hoping that some of this hype will have them switch their set list around a little bit. We bought the VIP package which entitles us to meet the band after the show. I am sure that this is it for this band. I saw Coverdale, Lord, Bolin, Hughes and Paice Feb of 1976 on the Come Taste The Band Tour. I was fortunate enough to wind up with Tommy Bolins guitar slide after the show. I am hoping that Ian Paice will give up a pair of his drum sticks at this show. This will be the 7th time that I’ve seen this band over the years. Hopefully they have a great performance on this night. I will let you know !!!

  42. 42
    Bill Steiner says:

    @40 By the way the night we saw the Who Do We Think We Are tour in 1973 the band played Woman From Tokyo, Rat Bat Blue and your right Mary Long. I saw where they said Mary Long was the main song from that album that they played. But the night I saw them that wasn’t the case. Ian Gillian was pissed off at the people at the arena for trying to shut them down at midnight and turning on the house lights. So the band continued to play for another hour and 15 minutes. It was a belly bumping contest between DP and the Arena ( It was the 70’s remember ) The arena finally gave in and turned out the house lights and let them play. What a deal. I paid $4.25 for my ticket. Rory Gallagher and Fleetwood Mac were the opening acts. Can’t go to concerts like that anymore.!!!!

  43. 43
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @42 Bill Steiner, you lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky bastard!. Lol. OMG, would have torn off somebody’s left arm to attend that gig!.

    @40 Chas Malkin, yeah Fireball was a fantastic album…. my favourite was probably “The Mule”…. It describes every single relationship that I’ve ever had with women…. (No offense meant, all you ladies out there!). ” Anyone’s Daughter ” rules!. “Fools” tells the truth about our human behaviors towards one another… & so on.. Gillan is very observant of people’s ways & expresses his observations with a sharpened wit!. The players themselves delivered with exactitude, like with the current song “Birds Of Prey”. Wonderful, glorious stuff!. Anyhoo…. Be Happy….

  44. 44
    Thorsun says:

    @ 42
    Bill, you were there, so who am I to disagree, BUT!!! … not a one bootleg from 1973 has Woman From Tokyo or Rat Bat Blue on it. To my best knowledge Mk II A either never did them on the supporting tour for WDWTWA, or you’ve seen the only performance of those by the band (and no recording of this exists)!

    1973 Tour was great despite the bad mental shape of the band (as was the 1993 one, both are best ever for Deep Purple). They played like The Apocalypse Riders. TV footage from New York proves that. Non-believers and doubters could listen to the 25th June Tokyo show and then kneel and pray (this is what I say) 😉 It was one of the best shows of their career – on par (if not better music-wise) with the 1972 shows.

  45. 45
    Chas Malkin says:

    @41 and @42: Wow Bill, I so wish I’d seen those gigs in 73 and 76. Let me know what you think of the Phoenix show and I’ll do likewise after the Manchester gig.

  46. 46
    Bill Steiner says:

    @44 Sorry you can’t find the bootleg you are looking for. I know what I saw and heard. The band was in rare form and trying very hard to please the audience. They gave all that they had that night and MORE !!!! It was incredible and unforgettable to this day. I can honestly say I have seen over 300 concerts in my lifetime ( Still have the stubs ..and a 1976 Come Taste The Band ticket unused ) and this show is still in the top 5. 1979 Van Halen tour, 1976 Aerosmith Rocks/Toys in the Attic tour, ( with Ted Nugent, Montrose, And Bob Segar ),1972 Jethro Tull tour Aqualung/ Thick as a Brick, 1975 Rod Stewart with Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1976 Elton John not including The Police , Led Zeppelin Etc. I was fortunate to be just the right age growing up in the 70’s and 80’s to see all of these bands before they were ROCK STARS. They were young, hungry and trying to make a living. LUCKY ME !!! I would go back in time in a minute if I could. These were great days !!!

  47. 47
    Bill Steiner says:

    Deep Purple played 13 songs last nite in Monte Carlo ( which includes keyboard and bass solo ) . So 11 songs and No Fireball. Just gotta say that that’s BULLSHIT !!!! The set list has been getting shorter and shorter. I think they have played Highway Star one time on this tour. RIP OFF. Time to retire when you can’t see the audience anymore…YOUR PAYCHECK !!!!

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