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Deep Purple – Live at Xfinity Center, August 27 (Sunday night!)

So we all came out to Boston…. (yours truly driving in from Montreal, Canada). On a Sunday. For a religious experience? Well, having seen Deep Purple for most of the tours that have brought the band near and around my hometown since 1984 , the road trips have become more of a roving pilgrimage not only to see musical history but to experience true class in the rock world. On to the show; while seeing Edgar Winter was a musical treat, it was difficult to get excited over 2 songs that are still in the constant rotation of the classic rock stations. Or maybe I’ve just grown tired of “Free Ride” . And I`ve always thought of “Frankenstein “ as a novelty song – but hey, that’s just my (right/wrong) opinion. Alice Cooper: What can be said that hasn`t already been said at the Highway Star; he is a true showman. Total entertainment, great rock show with the expected flash bombs, a Frankenstein and (why not!) a head removal!!. Of the 3 bands, Alice was definitely the most theatrical. Mind you, some of the sound was buried under the 3 guitarists, but when Alice is snarling around on stage, throwing knives at big balloons, who really noticed.
The boys came on with a nice orchestral build up that eased them seamlessly into Highway Star. And yes, the crowd erupted. Big Ian seemed to struggle with the lyrics of Fireball that followed HS but I doubt many noticed. The set list didn`t change and in away made the show slightly predictable. Personally, I could live without SKOW and would have preferred Birds of Prey or anything else from the Morse Era. In concert, the band is the band. They are tight, insanely professional and no doubt could do this in their sleep ( but probably prefer not to!!).

If this is the last tour and if this is the last time I have the opportunity to see them, then I am content. They have never disappointed me in any of the shows I have seen and this show was perfect. Say what you will, but if a band can perform with members who are in and near their 70`s and continue to entertain the fans, continue to release excellent rock music, AND still leave the crowds ( and there were many) wanting more, then the deserve praise for having accomplished something thing that few bands have ever done. Thank you for the music!!
That`s it, the preaching is over.

• Apologies for the lateness of the review – I had to drive back to Montréal ( about 5 hour drive) and go to work ( the horror) – the next day. I`m not as young as I used to be!

Gary in Montreal

4 Comments to “Deep Purple – Live at Xfinity Center, August 27 (Sunday night!)”:

  1. 1
    D'ablo Bicasso says:

    Was at the same show and enjoyed every minute

  2. 2
    D'ablo Bicasso says:

    Was at the same show and loved every minute

  3. 3
    GaryH. says:

    Hey Gary from Montreal! Nice review. We saw it more or less the same way in our respective reviews. Cheers, Gary from Ottawa!

  4. 4
    Mary Kelley says:

    DP put on an awesome show in Houston, Texas on August 18, 2017. The band was in rare form and delivered an excellent performance! It’s amazing how these guys continue to perform for us. Thank you Deep Purple and I hope to see you again!!

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