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Morse: New album coming up

Steve Morse, Toronto, Feb 12 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

Jeb Wright did an interview with Steve Morse for Classic Rock Revisited. In this lengthy interview, Steve talks about Flying Colors, Purple, and his obsession with Native American art.

Jeb: You are not an egomaniac musician and neither is Neal Morse. Did that make the process of having all that creativity manageable?

Steve: I certainly appreciated it and I really respected the amount of talent that everyone has, that’s for sure. I’ve gotten a little bit spoiled by always getting to work with great musicians. What really blew me away was the writing process. I was spewing out ideas and so were they, and nobody had a chance to get a word in edgewise. I was actually struggling to keep up. I really think this is one of the favorite albums I have ever been involved in.

Regarding Purple:

Jeb: Do you see your career, at some point in the future, going away from Deep Purple and more into the area of Flying Colors?

Steve: Yes, I definitely do. I don’t think Deep Purple can keep up the level of touring that we do, forever. I have always pushed them, sometimes too hard, for some control in the scheduling so that I can book stuff when there is a touring gap.

The problem I keep running into is that when a gap becomes available, then it is too late to book the dates for my solo stuff. I don’t find out about the dates being totally open until pretty late in the game. That is my only complaint with Deep Purple; I wish I had more control over the schedule. I think it is naturally going to slow down, somewhat.

Jeb: I hear a new Deep Purple album is on the way.

Steve: There is one coming up. The way we do it is that we record some ideas without vocals and then we present the ideas to Ian [Gillan]. There is more writing sessions scheduled in May, and then we will start recording in June and July.

There is a lot more where this came from.

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  1. 1
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Ouch!!! I am a little miffed by the tone here. My breakdown……

    {Jeb: Do you see your career, at some point in the future, going away from Deep Purple and more into the area of Flying Colors?

    Steve: Yes, I definitely do. I don’t think Deep Purple can keep up the level of touring that we do, forever. I have always pushed them, sometimes too hard, for some control in the scheduling so that I can book stuff when there is a touring gap.

    The problem I keep running into is that when a gap becomes available, then it is too late to book the dates for my solo stuff. I don’t find out about the dates being totally open until pretty late in the game. That is my only complaint with Deep Purple; I wish I had more control over the schedule. I think it is naturally going to slow down, somewhat.}

    I’d have state here that he sure was quick to respond to the fact that he leans more toward FC and less toward DP. He seems mostly concerned about his control influence in regards to scheduling his time away from Purple touring for his own solo ventures than truly being concerned about Purple music.

    {Jeb: After almost two decades is it still fun to play “Highway Star” and “Smoke on the Water?” I mean you are playing with rock icons.

    Steve: I have been with them for eighteen years. If I have a difference of opinion with them when writing music, I don’t think about who it is that I am arguing with, I just think, “You’re wrong.” They think the same way about me. We are just like brothers in that sense. We have differences of opinion, as things like that do happen. I have a tremendous amount of respect for every member of that band and they have the same respect for me.}

    Brothers?? Me against Them doesn’t sound like brothers. More like one on the outside against those on the inside. He has a tremendous amount of respect for the members of that band…..I guess he doesn’t consider it as ‘his band’. Wow, an 18 year session player I guess.

    {Jeb: I hear a new Deep Purple album is on the way.

    Steve: There is one coming up. The way we do it is that we record some ideas without vocals and then we present the ideas to Ian [Gillan]. There is more writing sessions scheduled in May, and then we will start recording in June and July.}

    As I stated in another subject a while back….Gillan drug his feet resulting in the last 2 albums delayed release due to waiting for his vocal tracks to be added. Hopefully he will be a little more punctual here since it’s already 7 years since the last album.

    I have to say I’m quite displeased with Steve’s attitude in this interview. It’s a sad state of affairs when one is selected to replace one of the most Iconic Guitarists in the world, in one of the most Iconic Bands in the world which finally gave you a proper pay day and worldwide recognition and yet he seems to basically be pissing and moaning. The scheduling with Deep Purple over the last 18 years of his music career put more money in his pocket and gave him more notoriety than all of his prior years in all of his solo and other bands he has partaken in put together. Purple has set him for life. Pretty amazing when you consider he almost hung up his guitar and left music behind in pursuit of a regular job as a basic airline pilot back in the late 80’s due to some bad moments in the biz while floundering along in the band ‘Kansas’. Luckily for him, Lynyrd Skynyrd invited him to play at a re-union concert and he soon came to his senses and returned to music. He then formed the Steve Morse Band. Though he got plenty of attention, thee payday still hadn’t caught up. All those years, then the gift Anybody in his shoes would jump at….and he did. Now he seems to be ‘slapping the gift horse in the mouth’. Just my opinion.

    Now, put on your big boy pants and do a proper Purple album. You may be pationate about ‘Flying Colors’, but the color ‘Purple’ truly put you on the map.


  2. 2
    Jeogger Matthews says:


  3. 3
    Tommy H. says:

    Seems to me like he sees the end of Purple being in a not too distant future and the upcoming record is obligatory. It’s a bit strange too that the singer isn’t part of the instrumental writing as he might be able to throw in something too (singing melodies, harp or whatever). It rather sounds like the king sitting on a throne waiting for his subjects to arrive and please him. The ship is sinking. No offence but that’s the message here to me.

  4. 4
    Eirik Solum says:

    Like post 1 here, I too see a little too much of the “me against them” feel here. Musically I’m not suprised, Morse and the rest of the band come from totally different musical worlds. And to me those worlds combined does not blend in a very interesting way. One album (Purpendicular) ok, but it’s definitely not a marriage made in heaven.

    Morse is a “clean” musician – and he loves clean kind of music (and country style, like Brad Paisley). He plays with a glossy sound, with the delay constantly on. The rest of Purple are more raw – yet sophisticated. Those two combined makes no sense, really, in the long run.

  5. 5
    Joanna says:

    If the band don’t tour as much as in the last year, they will make a good album, i.e. better than “Rapture”. Recording needs some rest from gigs!

  6. 6
    MacGregor says:

    Steve Morse is a realist, simple as that! Nothing lasts forever, absolutely nothing……………………….I think I remember a comment somewhere years back, when asked about joining Purple, & one comment jokingly no doubt, but a classic was “at least I don’t have to lug my own gear any more” or something like that…………..being realistic again! His favourite keyboard player is Jon Lord, I am surprised he is still there, all these years after Lord left! True musicians are always looking ahead for another opportunity to expand their musical ensemble. Morse is one of these musicians, moving forward!

  7. 7
    Markus Horster says:

    The attitude of Ian Gillan over the last years is setting a different light to my estimation about Richie Blackmore`s behaviour in his final years in the band. It comes to my mind that he eventually is not the only bad guy in this game.
    It seems that Deep Purple isn`t a band of equal members on a democratic base anymore, something what Gillan always mentioned as his work habits after Blackmore quites.

  8. 8
    Roberto says:

    Steve Morse: is this a member of a band or just a session man ???!!!!!

    Yes Deep Purple will stop briefly: they are old and not motivated anymore…Steve thinks more to Flying Colors than to Purple (and I can’t understand him, they sound mediocre to me) and Ian Gillan doesn’t have a clear head…sad

  9. 9
    big al says:

    bollocks. Ian gillan has always put words to the music, pretty much after it was written, so dont read too much into that. Secondly anyone who has seen purple recently will tell you how much the like each other onstage and off, what mr morse is saying is time is ticking, it wont last forever….enjoy iy whilst you can….

  10. 10
    JohninNJ4you says:

    Maybe if Deep Purple played more Morse era songs and less Blackmore era songs, Morse might be a little less focused on doing solo material.

  11. 11
    Scott W. says:

    Wow… Steve seems frustrated. I have met him and he is a VERY nice, DTE guy. I do not think he is agressive enough in putting forth his ideas as far as steering the band the direction HE wants. It just isn’t in his kind nature. I think Gillan is definitely the boss of DP since Jon left especially. Now it makes sense how Ritchie tried to have his way for so long however wrong his methods may have been at times! If RB was in the band he would not stand for this lackadaisical approach to writing new music/albums. And, he would not be up for the constant touring of the same old setlist just for the cash grab of the lucrative concert tickets $$$!
    I liked how in this interview the subject of his native american necklaces came up! Now, someone please ask Steve ‘Sleeveless’ Morse whats up with those shirts!
    Come on Steve, YOU tell the Band what YOU want and let’s have Purple go out on a high note!

  12. 12
    ormandy says:

    Cool. New dP on the way!!!

  13. 13
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    I think Steve is just stating the obvious that Purple are going to be slowing down. Need not go into all the variables that appear on this site i.e. age and Ian’s voice in relative decline. If he wasn’t so politically correct, like so many band mates aren’t, he would tell the world that he wishes Purple were recording at least every other year. He is never at a loss for music throwing countless ideas to the band. He throws the idea out in this interview like he has, and did, in one of the Purple DVD’s.

    Go ahead and get, or stay(?), pissed at front man Ian. I’d lay life’s savings betting that he is the 1/5th reason they don’t regularly record….

    Just some perspective, right, wrong, or indifferent.


    P.S. Myself and others have spoken to him into the wee hours of the morning after gigs for over 30 years. There continue to be pointed questions at times that he artfully dodges but often times giving his opinion indirectly with dry humor….

  14. 14
    Robert says:

    I have got the feeling that Steve still has got nothing to say in the band. I wonder how that is for Don Airey. Steve is the guitarist for Purple since 18 years! Ritchie hasn’t played Purple from ’68 to ’74 and from ’84 to ’93… that’s less time than Steve.

    I think Ian Gillan is a real big influence in the absence of a new record. He just wants to tour, but doesn’t want to write….

    I always considered myself a true fan, but I’m starting to loose my interest. The only thing that will help is a new album.

  15. 15
    LRT says:

    Every old ship sinks… if you can’t figure that out about age by now… well.
    Nothing wrong with firming up plans with such a great band to transorm into as Purple extits this world. The album certainly holds promise for much more to come from Flying Colors. @Tracy, we can discuss it here all ‘they’ like, ha ha… last FC thread took a dive, hhmm… I wonder why?(I know, you don’t like being censored either, but cut completely seems even worse and quite SNOBBY indeed!) We all have something to say, but it obviously depends on where in order to say.

    And, how on earth Morse could control the recording aspects of Purple for any other outcome, when he can’t control manything else? I don’t see anything wasted on his part, they record at their own pace, like it or not, but he has nothing to do with that, even though some think he was the one against making another album, which I believe is not true.

    I wasn’t too far in front of Jeb Wright on this campaign, but now he is obviously getting the spot here because he publishes his work as he goes, rather than every two months like myself. I talked to the singer Casey, but only about Flyting Colors because he’s rather new on the scene, but my concetration with them is on them, nothing to even remotely do with Purple, except the fact that Steve is in the band.

    Jeb is great, he has a review of the album as well, but described nothing about it really. I much prefer his interview style to his web review style.(can’t win ’em all, Jeb) -He is a nice guy, and I’m reviewing his current book in fact.

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    I blame the typos on my sudden disalusion of THS. lol

  17. 17
    LRT says:

    And for that one, having no spell check feature here. 🙂

  18. 18
    George Martin says:

    I think what he said reads worse then it probably sounded. He knows Deep Purple has made him a wealthy man far beyond what he ever could have done on his own. I remember before he joined Deep Purple he used to play at a club here in Jersey called Club Bene. He would be lucky to have 200 people in attendance. Now when Purple plays in Jersey there at the Arts Center in front of 5,000. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.

  19. 19
    Dave smith says:

    Thats how they’ve always written albums! You doom mongers make me laugh-you spend all your time moaning about new material then when it’s stated that they are gonna do a new album you moan about how they are gonna write it-unbelievable!
    Steves always moaned about purples schedule from day 1 till now. End of story.
    Stop reading interviews and trying to figure things out from them and assuming certain things. Journalists have a way of changing things round from what was actually said in a certain context to something completely different.
    How about just sitting back and waiting for the new album THEN forming an opinion when you have actually heard it?! Radical concept I know, but hey it might just catch on!!

  20. 20
    stoffer says:

    there is an old saying that goes something like this “believe 50% of what you see and 10% of what you hear” ………….. lets calm down and see what shakes from this, there is one thing for certain DP cannot keep touring at this pace forever (how long is forever?) when the touring stops or even slows down that will really “tell the tale of where this band will go” ….as a fan since ’72 wherever it goes its been a helluva ride
    cheers and cheer up

  21. 21
    Al says:

    Let’s be real people,the Purple that we grew to like are turned into Glover/Gillan project.I loved the first Purple/Morse album “Purpendicular” because it was fresh and inspired after all the turmoil and problems when Ritchie left,but after that it’s all boring and put on.Morse is repeating the same solos and NOW is “throwing the band under the bus ” cmon dude you had a career because of Purple,they put you on the map and you started cashing in.I’ve been telling all along they should tour less and make more music in the studio.I wish Satriani would have stayed in because his style and volume could have been perfect with Deep Purple music.Please Steve just leave already and Gillan stop being lazy and throw some ideas and finish that album already!

  22. 22
    Purple Princess says:

    From the first time the new album was mentioned, it was said to be a ‘significant’ album, which to me indicated it would be their final album. You can’t stop father time. I will be saddened when it all comes to an end but you can’t blame Morse for looking at the bigger picture. He is the youngest of the group after all.

    As for saying the vocalist isn’t part of the instrumental writing, from the interview that isn’t quite true. It actually read as they present some ‘ideas’ to Gillan. It’s no good writing lyrics for a love song when the beat it hard and heavy. When he then conjures up sone lyrics, I have faith that they will all be together in the studio.

    Just my opinion! 😀
    I never trust text interviews anyway, words can easily be manipulated.

  23. 23
    Mark O'Neill says:

    Morse leaving would not be the worse thing that could happen, but not Sattrianni a more old school guitarist please.

  24. 24
    TruthHurts says:

    Miffed? Many of us have been echoing the same sentiments about this era of ‘Purple’ for a long, long time, and now you’re getting it from the (gift) horse’s mouth.

    I wouldn’t single out Morse for blame though. The DP core (Gillan, Glover, Paice) as a whole obviously hasn’t been bothered for years, content to go through the motions, making a lot of money from playing Richie’s riffs endlessly.

    As for the new album, in my opinion Gillan/Glover/Paice would be better allowing SM a chance to go full tilt in a progressive rock/jazz direction and come up with something that is truly his signature, instead of silly attempts to be ‘heavy and pop’ again like the old classic days.

  25. 25
    Richard H says:

    Me thinks Steve is articulating some frustration he may feel. He’s been a member for 18 years and to this day, his contributions to the band are marginalized. One only need look to the set list for proof.

    “Now, put on your big boy pants and do a proper Purple album. You may be pationate about ‘Flying Colors’, but the color ‘Purple’ truly put you on the map.”

    I respect your opinion Tracy but Steve had quite a solid career going long before Purple. His joining the band actually prolonged Purple”s career.

  26. 26
    HZ says:

    Well, Morse was never in root of DP, DP is Blackmore’s and Lord’s band, or Lord’s and Blackmore’s to be correct. He was a good replace for original member, but he doesn’t have that kind of history in the band to say I’m the foundation of it.

    He’s merely honest, polite and realistic.

    You shouldn’t expect him to have some big emotions for DP, emotions and stuff are with Ritchie. Proof, Gillan and him like lovers (even though they aren’t gay :-)) ) fighting, loving and hating each other.

    Steve wasn’t member of DP in that manner, he was great guitarist, really good, but not in Ritchie’s way, he was replace, he has got the gig, it was good, earned some money, and that’s it.

    But I’m not concerned with that – I love their music. FC will be great thing.

  27. 27
    Al says:

    and who cares about his solo stuff anyway,I call them guitar lessons .

  28. 28
    SueB says:

    We are talking about the future here guys, Steve is a tad younger than the other guys, and in 4 years time a few members of the band will be 70 years young and will probably not be touring as much. I dont think Steve is disrespectful at all just looking to his future.As for the recording they al live in different parts of the world as you must know. Im sure they like a bit of time at home, and can still do some writing. Long Live Dp with Steve

  29. 29
    John says:

    I met Steve after a show in Hartford when he first joined. I asked him “what’s it like being in DP”, his reply was, “it’s like winning the lottery”. nuff said.. Long live the Morse Era!! btw, Abandon rocks!!

  30. 30
    AndreA says:

    Blackmore Jr?

  31. 31
    Roberto says:

    @6 I didn’t know Jon Lord was Steve Morse’s favourite Key player…but I rember he said Don is one of the best living key player of the planet

    And as someone said: yes, Steve Morse is realistic…but I can’t figure how good will be next Deep Purple album with a guitar player which seems (to me) more worried about his future than here and now…only time will tell..

  32. 32
    Roberto says:

    @24 “As for the new album, in my opinion Gillan/Glover/Paice would be better allowing SM a chance to go full tilt in a progressive rock/jazz direction and come up with something that is truly his signature, instead of silly attempts to be ‘heavy and pop’ again like the old classic days.”

    …in fact “castrate” yourself to write and play just a kind of music could easily narrow your expressivity…

  33. 33
    Les Hedger says:

    If Steve is upset, I couldn’t blame him. The least the band could do is open the concert with a Morse era song (House of Pain, Cascades,I’m not your Lover would both make good opening songs). The reason I still havn’t bought the Live with the Orchestra CD/DVD is it’s all old material. This is the first release I didn’t buy right away when it was released. I’ve lost a lot of interest in the band. (I hate to say).

  34. 34
    Al says:

    @28 I agree we re trying too read too much into the lines.He (Steve ) is telling the obvious,whether we like or not
    the guys are old and pretty soon they are going to call it the quits.We’re too emotional about it and let’s have the cool heads prevail and hoping for a good (final) album in the end.I still think that the others members are as much too fault as Blackmore We all just hope for a good rock’n roll album.

  35. 35
    LRT says:

    Like Ritchie’s pain is clearly felt in his playing, for once Morse expresses it on FC. There is even a blues solo where he shows how he would sound with Purple playing Mitzie Dupree. You will hear him lift the whole attitude and sound of the solo, including some exact bars from it. Inspired, and inspired by Blackmore indeed for once.

  36. 36
    Hard Rock Pete says:

    All of the above comments have elements of truth,some not so much. What is it they say about assumption? Any way all I know is I have been listening to the band since 1972 and have most recorded output in my collection,but when they were last in Brisbane, Australia.( 2010) I didn’t go. says it all as far as I am concerned.
    I love Steve. Met him a couple of times in Oz and the US. True gent and I wish him all the best. I doubt his medium to long term future is with Purple. If he goes they should stop. IMHO.

  37. 37
    CP says:

    Scott W wrote:” If RB was in the band he would not stand for this lackadaisical approach to writing new music/albums. And, he would not be up for the constant touring of the same old setlist just for the cash grab of the lucrative concert tickets $$$!”
    Are you serious?The reunion Purple put out very little of great merit,and trotted out basically the same set list from the 84 tour on to 93.And we won’t even talk of Blackmore’s current output.
    As for Steve, I’m sure he has done well financially,but on the other hand,he was making good cash doing material for commercials before Purple called,which is a very lucrative business.Joe Lynn Turner made probably more money for jingles than he ever did playing.Steve DOES love to play live,but Purple’s touring schedule has been hellish,and in truth,it has eroded their value.Taking more time to record,and making a tour an event might have been a better approach.Now,touring is the only option they have.

  38. 38
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 32
    That seems to be Steve’s natural style.
    Trying to do a ‘Blackmore’ and come up with heavy memorable simple riffs is not what he can do.
    This is what I think other Purple members have been pushing for, and it hasn’t worked.
    Let him run loose with his own original ideas, and then we will probably get a good album.

  39. 39
    Bob says:

    People are reading too much between the lines. Deep Purple has always written the same way. Gillan & Glover are 66, Paice & Airy are 63 and are likely to retire from the band in the next few years. Morse is 57 and thinking about his post-purple music career.

  40. 40
    Tommy H. says:

    After reading the interview again and again I’ve to admit that Steve’s answers tend to be taken the wrong way. To be honest there’s (again) nothing really new, but it’s very polarizing when he talks about future plans. I’m sure that Deep Purple will do the album in a way that works out due to their massive experience over the years since they’ve already done so many albums. What comes through is our sensitive and nerous response to anything concerning the future of our favourite band. I hope that the guys themselves keep a cool head and write some groovy heavy rockin’ music. Patience is a virtue.

  41. 41
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Yes I realize Steve has been around a long time before Purple and has done some amazing stuff prior, but you can’t deny how much he has benefitted from the massive exposure and paycheck he has received during his Purple tenure. And yes, Purple did continue on after Blackmore thanks to him, but that doesn’t mean the same wouldn’t have happened with another guitarist. Had Satriani been available, it might have been him, but there are many guitarists out there that could have been chosen, some of which might have fit better. None of this is the issue here though…

    The main issue is this interview and you don’t have to read between the lines to sypher the fact that this guitar hero has taken a turn toward his ‘non-Purple’ future as his present attitude. He complains about all the touring in what should be viewed as ‘His Band’ instead if ‘That Band’. He points out how much time it cuts into his family and home life, yet between every little break he gets, he does session work or records with somebody else. As much as I love Steve and his playing (been a fan long before he joined Purple), his verbal representation of the band isn’t a very positive one. Obviously their days are numbered at this point just due to the average age, but it’s unnecessary to convey that in his position. As for folks here expressing that some of us are panicking or getting too insightful or reading too much into the interview, all of that could and would be non-existent if our heroes were more productive and less lip service….

    Though I am looking forward to the Flying Colors CD, it doesn’t come close to the anticipation of the up and coming Purple offering. What a shame that there is so much vacancy in records over the last 18 years. It would have been better for fans and band alike had there been more output from this era to relish and represent the ‘Blackmoreless Period’. As with the Bolin line-up, I wish he hadn’t passed and there was more from him. It’s almost criminal when one realizes that we are looking at 2013 (8 years since ROTD) for an album. Just as long as the period between Come Taste the Band and Perfect Strangers. Pretty sad. Title for new album….”Strangers in the Studio”.


  42. 42
    Chip says:

    There really isn’t anything in this email that hasn’t been said before. What is everybody getting their panties (knickers for my friends across the pond) in a wad about?

    Their touring schedule is notoriously rigorous is it not?
    There has been a 6 year delay frm the last album. That is certainly frustrating to a fertile musical mind like Steve right?
    Is it whining or is it truth telling?

    I suppose on the last one it depends on your POV. I don’t think you can fake the on stage chemistry of the band, they obvioulsy get along well. But they have a schedule that would be taxing to any musicians…no less a group whose youngst member is in their mid 50’s. They always don’t get along on some of these issues….nothing new there.

    If the new Lp gets made (I give it a 50/50 chance) I would be shocked if it wasn’t the last one. Maybe a year or 2 of touring were they 5 songs from the new album….then 4…..then 3…..then…?

    Well you get the picture.

    I thought ROTD was a great recording and it is on a par (from my ears) with Purpendicular, so I am more optimistic about the potential output of a new record. Just doubtful it will actually ever happen.

    After the new album tour….that will likely be IT, except for an occasional one off gig. Time beats us all…and with Ian pushing 70….I think that all we can expect. It’s sad but honestly, this band has produced more memorable music than most groups could ever dream of…anything else we get from here out should be seen as a blessing and not an expectation.

    I just pray we are blessed with one more studio album that could serve as a suiting CODA for a remarkable career. If I don’t get it I will be sad…but cmon…we can only expect so much.

  43. 43
    George says:

    I’m drastically surprised how one word can change people’s mind from one to another, radically. People who posted a lot of love-messages towards Stevie are now blaming him for the “ship sinking” and naming his amazing solo stuff as “just guitar lessons”. This is not a good action.

    Come on, people. This is the *Real future* of DP that made you furious, not Steve. He just opened our minds and clearly and sincerely told what will happen in future. He says: “Deep Purple won’t last forever” – is there anybody out here and there who doesn’t think the same way?

    You’re furious towards Steve not because he told something wrong, but exactly because he told the absolute truth – the truth that we’re afraid of – The End will come to DP sooner or later – and this is TRUTH!

    As long as I’m on THS.com, I keep reading constant blaming for the band’s enormous touring schedule from fans. Now, at least one band member, Steve declared publicly that such schedule is harmful for him and suddenly you discover, that you like Purple doing 100 shows per year?

    Come on! Don’t blame the man for being sincere and TRUE!
    Love u Steve

  44. 44
    George says:

    By the way, it was Steve, who saved Deep Purple from sinking, NOT vice-versa.

    Ok, DP was a big ocean liner at that time and Steve was a small ship, but it was DP sinking, not Steve.

  45. 45
    al says:

    @41 not every one can be Frank Zappa who issued like 60 albums throughout his career.lol

  46. 46
    HardRockPete says:

    Steve’s been with Purple for 18 years now. If you watch the backstage DVDs (Around the World, Gillans 40 years in rock DVD and so on) you’ll see that his life is filled with fun, friendship, respect, touring around the globe and great music. If he wasn’t pleased with his situation he would’ve left by now. I guess that “you can’t have it all” or “you can’t have it both ways” apply for Steve Morse too? Yes, he may be dissatiesfied with all the touring, but he keeps on doing it. Why? Money? No, I don’t think so! I think that, deep inside, he really loves Purple and he really loves the friendship, fun, respect, touring and great music. Steve knows that not all bands, if any, can give him what he’s got with Purple and the Purple guys, so I think he’ll stick to his guns:-)

    Purple are huge at the moment (like it or not…..if you’re a Blackmore fanatic). They are in demand, and I hope they’ll continue touring, and hopefully recording (soon), for as long as they are able. Gillan may not be 21, but at age 66 he still sings better than a lot of other singers on the scene today. And yeah, Purple play their own instruments!!!

    Long live Deep Purple! Long live the legacy! Long live Steve Morse! Long live Don Airey! Long live Rock’n’Roll! Long live the new album:-) Hey, maybe they should just call it that? Deep Purple “The new album”?

  47. 47
    Scott w. says:

    @CP Yes i am serious. When RB was in the band DP never had a gap of 8 years between albums! Ritchie himself has said that he always liked to be moving forward, creating new music (which is what he is doing now, like it or not), not stagnating and certainly not playing a different lineups music every night!

  48. 48
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    HardRockPete, Did one of your legs really live in Calico? :>

    More good perspective…. Kudos.

    Ah, I have to go. The waitress just came over to freshen up my drink…


  49. 49
    LRT says:

    @Mediocre -people often eat their own words…. these should taste pretty nasty by the time you hear what you think sounds that way. It reminds me of someone being able to tell from soundbytes whether or not an entire song has any value. When has anyone been right about that? I think some fans just don’t want to hear a better album than Purple is capable of, in fact it’s beginning to look like members of Purple are even concerned about how good it is, and whether or not it’s worth standing up against. I just want good quality music to thrive no matter who’s bloody name is on it.

  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    ‘Strangers in the Studio’ makes more sense. ‘The New
    Album’ will disappear quickly Live. They will more than likely go back to the old staples soon after…..(just going by past precedence). Therefor
    “Strangers in the Studio, Comfort on Stage”. Man I hope I’m wrong!


  51. 51
    OzMcErwan says:

    Oyoyoy. What a great amount of disrespectful statements!
    I think the story of Steve Morse thinking “You’re wrong” just means he talks to himself, not criticizing the rest of the band in his thoughts.

    I don’t like most of the solo stuff of Steve, and I certainly don’t like Flying Colours, and his work with Purple is not as exciting as was the one with Blackmore. But in my opinion, this man IS a great guy. I couldn’t blame him, for he’s done a lot with (and for) Purple.

    He’s not even critisizing the band. Just ONE details which doesn’t please him… The one of the LATE-scheduling. Not even the constant touring! (As some here might have believed, regarding their posts in this subject).
    And also, he talks about FC, but just for the future, not for now… And that’s logical: for me, Purple is the greatest band in the world, but saddly, also the oldest =). And against that, neither you, nor Steve Morse can do a thing.

  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 50

    Strangers In The Night? : )

    This week I listened to the BootlegBox, released by UFO.

    Some great shows, but now it finally became clear to me how much they “doctored”the SITN album in 1978.

    I always loved the album, still not tired of it.

    I m glad that the original undoctored recordings are not bad at all.
    But it remains a bit disenchanting to read they made RockBottom out of 3 gigs.

    So THIN LIZZY’s Live And Dangerous was doctored, this one sort of.

    I m so happy Live In Japan wasn’t.

    Or was it? : (

    So, Tracy are “Built For Comfort, Built For Speed”? : )

  53. 53
    Emanuel Kilismanis says:

    What will be will be, Steve Morse has the right to have an opinion. I have been listening to DP since the In Rock days, and I still think they make good music for thier fans. Nothing will last forever although I’m sure all the people that love this band wish they would. Sooner or later we all get old and begin to slow down, enjoy them while they are still are around cherish the moment when you see one their live shows and enjoy listening to their music on cd or vinyl as one day DP will be no more.

  54. 54
    al says:

    Could you please stop coming up with an album names ?! it’s ridiculous.

  55. 55
    Jeogger Matthews says:

    I say disband, get mark III back together, start over and move on!!!

  56. 56
    LRT says:

    @51 -if you ‘don’t like Flying Colors’ -you must have heard the unreleased album or how can you say either way… don’t tell me sounbytes do that to you too. Trust me, it doesn’t have ware off appeal. I have never once listened to Transatlantic, so I don’t know if this is that kind of thing or not, I just know there is not one band in the business I can think of that is doing anything this interesting.

  57. 57
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    You drive a hard bargain, but I must concur with you at this point. In Purple or not, he has not been lacking on the output level. Now, is what he is doing actually relevant? That’s according to taste. If one doesn’t consider his lute music worth listening to, then there is a major gap since his departure from Rock in 1993. Almost 20 years ‘since he’s been gone’. What a shame. That must be some fine poon tang.


  58. 58
    Robbo says:

    Well said Tracy!

  59. 59
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    At a…

    Really? You are taking these album names serious? They are used to make a point….never mind. I can’t believe I actually took time out to respond and explain that.


  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    @58, I was responding to #54. Damn type-o’s….

  61. 61
    Jeogger Matthews says:

    How about “Everlasting Strangers, The Farewell Tour”…

  62. 62
    George says:

    D’you remember those words?

    “Look at the good things you’ve got!
    Think while you still have me
    Move while you still see me
    You’ll be lost
    You’ll be so sorry
    When I’m died”

  63. 63
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, at least Paul McCartney will agree with you that they were the greatest band.

  64. 64
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    They should re-do ‘Lazy’ for this one….

    “When your lazy, you don’t make new records.
    When your laaazy, you don’t make new records.

    You just want to tour, singin’ the same old songs.

    When you’re touring, singin’ the same old songs
    When you’re tourrring, singin’ the same old songs

    You don’t want to write, too easy playin’ the same old songs”


  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Trace

    Cut them some slack, will ya?!
    Hehehehe : )

  66. 66
    Scott W. says:

    Good one Tracy! Made me chuckle..! I think i can come up with one. Hmmmm, give me a bit. I always change lyrics to songs on the radio as i get so tired of hearing the same old crap!

  67. 67
    Scott W. says:

    (2nd verse continued from Tracy’s):

    When your writin’, you got some brand new songs,
    When you wriiitin’, got some brand new songs,

    When you go out on tour your not gonna play ’em no more no no!

  68. 68
    Peed Rupple says:

    All DP members except Steve are in their 60s.

    DP has benefited from Steve’s participation as much as Steve has benefited from DP.

    Steve was a major factor in DP’s recovery from Blackmore’s attempt to sink the band.

    All things comes to an end – even DP – and it would be surprising if all band members were not assessing their options after the inevitable happens.

    The end of DP is nigh. Read the tea leaves.

    There are people who jump on any excuse to criticize Steve because he is not Blackmore.

    If Blackmore had his way, DP would have ended in 1993. Steve’s participation has given us 19 magnificent years of DP since Blackmore’s departure.

    Quit your juvenile whining and be grateful for what you’ve got.

  69. 69
    LRT says:

    I know some here, perhaps Tracy have maybe met a promoter or two, tour manager or two? Try telling them you want to play something new when they’re only after what sells tickets. They’re money grubbing a-holes most of them I’ve talked to. I would even go as far as to say if they don’t know one song a band of this familiarty wants to play, they will frown on the idea of doing so. This is just one angle to apply here, but it makes the most demographical sense on tours with a lot of money at stake, considering I always go out of my way to speak with them back stage at shows of everyone I can, Sabbath, Gillan, UFO(comped by Charlie Wilson in September, they don’t like questions about it either)

  70. 70
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Cut them some slack Priest? Come on….Lazy is, as Lazy does. They redid ‘Bloodsucker’ for ‘Abandon’ in protest to the Record Business ripping off musicians. Lazy would be an appropriate redo in a self-confessed way toward themselves ripping off the fans by becoming a
    Greatest Hits band…”When your Laaaaaaazzzzzzy, you stay out of the studio”!!!


  71. 71
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Whats the thing with UFO?

  72. 72
    MacGregor says:

    Peed Rupple @ 68 says ” Steve was a major factor in DP’s recovery from Blackmore’s attempt to sink the band”.
    What was Blackmore’s so called attempt to sink the band? He became uninterested in it, simple as that, he was bored & wanted out & left, simple as that! There was no attempt to sink the band ever, just certain people’s fears that if he left, maybe they would sink! But that does not mean he was leaving to escalate anything to do with the bands demise!

    “If Blackmore had his way, DP would have ended in 1993. Steve’s participation has given us 19 magnificent years of DP since Blackmore’s departure”. Why do some people assume Blackmore was leaving to destroy the band, I cannot get my head around that absurd line of thinking!

  73. 73
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wish I had the money coming out of DP royalties Blackmore received, just since 1993 alone.

  74. 74
    Peed Rupple says:

    While recognizing that there exist among us those who consider that one’s friends and neighbours might be entertained by the party trick of talking out of a bodily orifice not normally associated with intelligible speech, the Theatre of the Absurd offers the following references pertaining to Blackmore’s efforts to sink DP:

    1. “A Hart Life”, Colin Hart, ISBN 978-0-9557542-7-2:

    “France followed , then we made it to Switzerland, where Ritchie summoned me to his dressing room after the show and announced he would be doing the two shows in Spain the following two days…Well the aftermath of this little tantrum cost the band $75,000 in cancellation fees plus whatever it cost to keep band and extensive crew in hotels along the way.” p.169

    “In it [the letter to the band] he [Ritchie] agreed to play through to Helsinki, the last date on the European leg, but wouldn’t do Japan as, once more, this had been sprung on him without his knowledge, let alone his permission.” p.170

    “Here’s one for you, Colin. If you don’t get Bruce Payne here by show time, there will be no show” he [Blackmore] said, obviously believing that Bruce was back in America and I had got the unsolvable problem, the last kick in the balls, the parting gift to the band.” p.174

    “He [Blackmore] thought, I believe, that he could bring Purple to its knees. He allegedly told this to Bruce, told him he wanted a clean sweep, a total clear out of the band, crew, just everybody and now it had totally flip flopped on him.” p.176

    2. “A Castle Full of Rascals”, Martin Popoff, ISBN 978-0-9811057-2-7

    “Ritchie’s behaviour’s been fairly well-documented. He despised the audiences, he would walk off in the middle of the show, he would refuse to do encores, and seemed to have a perverse delight in being destructive.” p.138

    “And I think at that point, that’s when Ritchie tore up his Japanse visa. He did it to underline the fact that he’d made his mind up. It came out of the blue that Ritchie decided to leave. And then he told the crew that they were fired. It was right in the middle of the tour. We had about two or three weeks left of the tour before Japan, when he announced he was goiing to quit.” p.141

    “But backtracking a bit, at the end of the European tour, there was the matter of whether Deep Purple would live on, and whether they could snap back to some semblance of life fast enough to honour the band’s Japanese dates.” p.144

    3. “Perpendicular” liner notes:

    “Finally, Ian, Roger, Jon and Ian would like to thank Joe Satriani for his great help while they were crossing that bridge, and Steve Morse for gloriously helping them to rediscover what was over that bridge.”

    4. “Smoke on the Water”, Dave Thompson, ISBN 1-55022-618-5

    “His [Blackmore’s] last words to the band, he later recalled, were “Get yourself another guitar player, because I want out of this.

    “The group was shattered. ‘I am never going to describe what went on in that dressing room after Helsinki,’ Gillan reflected, ‘because it is deeply personal, but there were some unconstrained emotions.’ He acknowledged, however, that, without Bruce Payne, the band might have broken up there and then.” p.274

    5. “Child in Time”, Ian Gillan with David Cohen, ISBN 1-85782-3206

    “With Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple has no future.” p.256

    “Ritchie leaving Deep Purple was critical, and we had to decide if we would carry on or not.” p.261

    Now, I realize that our gentle readers include among their number an irreducible minority for whom corroborating statements from several eye witnesses to the events at hand (i.e. reliable evidence) are irrelevant. Oh well. Richard Dawkins addresses this phenomenon in his book, “The God Delusion”, which, while specifically addressing the proclivity of human beings to believe fairy tales in defiance of all available evidence, in general addresses the inability or unwillingness of people to make an effort to ensure they know what they are talking about. There are political parties who pride themselves in welcoming such like-minded individuals into their ranks. But enough about me.

    See ya’ll later, ya’ll.


  75. 75
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 74

    Ok then, what’s your point? : )

    Maybe you are delusional yourself?

    Ridiculing persons, armed with quotes from questionable books?

    We, even Blackmore fans are waiting as patiently(NOT!!!) for the new opus by DP.
    If its good, we ll love it.
    If its not, we will laugh our asses off. What’s wrong with that? : )

  76. 76
    Peed Rupple says:

    It is so sad to observe members of our gentle posters whose biological electricity generating apparatus is not quite up to the task. Age and abuse of one’s corpus can cause that I s’pose. Anyway, such a situation can lead to less than optimum functioning, possibly aggravated by excessive resistance in one’s cranial circuits, that dims one’s inherent bioluminesence.

    But enough about me. I’m off to stick my point into an electrical outlet.

    See ya’ll later, ya’ll.


  77. 77
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 76

    But …..”bioluminescence”? What?

    I suppose you are talking about masturbation.
    I never got that far that I could not recover.

    Certain other “gymnastical efforts” probably did hit me harder.


  78. 78
    jeff says:

    So, when you boil all this down, let’s get one more ( good or great ) album before they wind down and stop playing/ touring….Blackmore/ Shlackmore- he left 19 years ago- get over it ! If it was not for Morse and the stability he brought to DP, their epitaph as a band would have been done and dusted by now, well and truly.

    Hope the last album is a great legacy to a great band…..cheers

  79. 79
    Rick Freeman says:

    I love what SM said in Record Collector Magazine about Ian Gillan saying all they did was talk Football and go to the Pub. He said IG went to Pub. They recorded a new album. You have to understand IG. A lot of Double Entendre going on. He also said IG had a lot of work ahead of him sorting what to use and which lyrics apply.

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