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Morse: “Music works across the borders”

Steve Morse, Cosmo Music Hall, Toronto, Oct 18, 2009; Photo: Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

On January 3rd Steve Morse spoke at length to the Long Live Rock show. The hour-long interview covers a lot of ground — touring all the weird places, the act of recording being a charitable event, his new SMB album, Steve Howe influences, Steve’s stint with Kansas, Purple camp plans for 2010 (touring in Australia, Asia and US was mentioned as a possibility, but no immediate plans to go into the studio), and many other things. Listen to the interview (mp3, 32kbps, 14MB).

Thanks to Blabbermouth.net for the info.

38 Comments to “Morse: “Music works across the borders””:

  1. 1
    George says:

    Purple’s ticket sales will simply die if they won’t release new album in 2010…


    Dear Purple guys, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee…. we really want a new album 🙁

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    Sounds like a tour of the US is indeed a possibility, but I would rather it be DP headlining smaller venues like the last tour, not second billing to inferior but more popular bands. Deep Purple should not have to be second to anyone but I will still go without hesitation to hear them! Hope it works out and congrats to Roger!


  3. 3
    Crimson Ghost says:

    The proverbial studio factor is ever so conflicting. I’ll count on Ian’s comments from the stage lately myself. I disagree with Steve’s comment on every level, other than however he means finacial wise… but if recording Purple albums don’t come out in the wash at least from the consistent supporters/concert attending fans, then they’d likely give up touring too… I just don’t get it, sounds like he is resorting to very poor excuses, because last I checked they didn’t pay themselves, we have one hell of a lot to do with it.

  4. 4
    GillanisedGer,Assen,Netherlands,age 52 says:

    Not really on-topic, but I wrote a tribute to Ian Gillan in the topic “Man, did we have a ball …”

    And Steve : you’re the best in what you do !

    Cheers and bottoms up to you all
    ( Ger, Assen, Netherlands, maybe the greatest Ian Gillan-fan in the universe 😉 )

  5. 5
    George says:


    I agree with you.
    They (Purple guys) should read their history again. DP was the biggest band of early 70’s after Led Zeppelin, and even in 1973-1974 Deep Purple were outselling Zeppelin, Stones and Beatles.
    They have written world’s most famous guitar riffs, they have sang world’s greatest rock-vocal performances, they invented the whole new genre and are followed by the generations of musicians, they were one of the greatest touring act in the early 80’s (and greatest tour act in the USA), they have sold 150 million albums and tens of million tickets, they have played over 3000 shows for 40 years… Their name is written with GOLDEN LETTERS in the history of ROCK!

    They MUST NOT be seccond on ANY bill…

    I was shocked when watched the video of 1988 Giants Stadium show. Deep Purple headlined over GunsN’Roses, but Aerosmith headlined over DP… Still can’t believe how they played at the show where the headliner was Aerosmith???

    They’s better play more Perihelionesque gigs and be in their own way, than to be hadlined any other act…

    Actually, Arosmith headlining over DP is the only one fact which I know so far when DP wasn’t a headliner…

    in 2005 DP headlined Fox Fest, and the attendance was 100 000 people…

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Steve sounds like he s not in DP anymore….

    Had a hard time to focus listening cause the quality of the recording of the interview is kinda bad.
    I suppose Americain English is not helping for me, I prefer REAL English, sorry…..

    I listened to a lot of tracks from his new album now and i have to say I think he did a better job than Ian with OETM…..

    Isnt that weird?!

  7. 7
    Just Me says:

    I am a 48 year old single mum from Melbourne in AU with a very small child. Every single day is a battle and struggle. I live very isolated with no family or someone I can turn to. I am struggling with depression and many nights I have thoughts of “pulling the plug”. I am a Christian and prayed one evening late to my God for help. I was once such a ‘strong person’ .. I could do and achieve anything. On days that I feel I can’t do it no more, I take out my Steve Morse dvd and listen to Steve’s music. It takes my mind completely off the bad things. I do hope you will tour AU but I know I can never afford to be at one of your shows. Steve you are awesome and the power of your music helps me so much. I don’t think you will ever know how much. All of the best.

    From Me

  8. 8
    evil louie says:

    OK, let’s see here…

    Jon just announced a new CD, Glenn has a new CD project in the works, and once in a while we even see a new CD from Tommy – and he is no longer with us!

    Yet it’s such a problem for Purple themselves to get around to a new studio CD?

    It’s been five years already – how about it, guys?

  9. 9
    Robert says:

    I had a chance to chat with IG and he mentioned that they are planning to record new album in 2010. Whether it will be released same year or in 2011 is unclear yet.

  10. 10
    Gary says:

    Hi ‘ Just Me ‘, I’m sure the fine folks of the Deep Purple Down Under Fan Club can break you out of the doldrums. A lot of them reside in or around Melbourne. They also have get-togethers you might enjoy. Sorry, I don’t have the link handy but I’m sure somebody who posts here does.

    Hang in there 🙂

  11. 11
    stoffer says:

    Hi George @5, a lot of the US tours that DP play (except the last tour) they do a “co-headlining” arena tours, where they take turns being the headliner. Some years back it was with the Scorpions and before that it was with Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Like you I really prefer DP only, with 100% DP fans in the house, but we can’t always get what we want. I still remember in the 80’s going to see Rainbow as back – up to REO Speedwagon!! ARRRGGGHHH……nothing against REO but c’mon. LOL


  12. 12
    marcinn says:


    Hey Just Me,

    Try to contact people from Deep Purple Down Under. Those people should help you.


    And remember no matter how tough it sometimes gets, there’s alwasy plenty to live on. Steve’s music is just an example.

  13. 13
    james jay says:

    @5 I have read the Giant Stadium Concert(NJ) with DP shot GnR to rock stardom. I would have to believe the GnR axe man was a DP and Ritchie B. fan. The dude did wear a black top hat too–first worn by RB back in the day of early rock.
    I agree DP should be Gold in any classic rock resume and in no way should play second fiddle to any band…led zep included.

  14. 14
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Unfortunately, it appears that Purple have chosen to do minimal output regarding albums and push the efforts toward where the money is these days. TOURING TOURING and more TOURING. From a business sense it is the smart thing to do. I don’t have a problem with them pushing the capitol buttons, but when it totally consumes all their time to the point that nothing new is offered for such a long period of time, that’s when it begins to take a toll on the Fans. Seems their creative juices are flowing more toward their Solo interests than toward Purple. I think they’re trying to hold onto the Purple Brand as their monetary security whereby putting minimal effort toward New material, but capitalizing on the Name by touring, while they look toward their solo interests instead as their true concern musically. A good thing for the many whom haven’t seen them before or as often as us Purist Fans have, but for us whom do want More Material from our Heroes, we are being stiffed in the end. Over the last 16 years without Blackmore, there should have been at least 5 albums and a 6th in the can by now. That would be a measly album every 3 years. For a band whom supposedly really gets along and enjoy each other, you would have thought they would have slammed out and overwhelmed us with Deep Purple music, but here we are with only 4 studio albums and not much enthusiasm it seems toward doing the next one….

    Shame really…


  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Just Me

    Unfortunately I can empathize with experiences of poverty and depressions.

    Ofcourse everyones story is different.

    Apart from the difference, you find solace with Steves work…..I dont, I feel happy for you you have something to hold on to.

    Maybe Steve can get you on his plane and provide you with a place on the guestlist.
    Cant be a problem, hes that kinda guy, dont ya think?

    I wish I could find some support from MY heroes.
    After all, I did put myself on the course of too much money into things Purple since 77 while I should have known my real priorities.

    But still I must admit the music and sometimes a gig gives energy to start a troublesome day.



  16. 16
    Mike says:

    If they go into the studio again, change producer. Go back to Roger Glover or take someone who can bring out the powerful sound of DP again. The drums on the last to albums sound like old pearl maxwin drums with skins made of carbon paper! How can you make a drum kit worth 6000 euro sound like it was a kids toy kit? Overall the production of those two records are totally uninspired and dead. I want a big cooool sound. By the way Paice best drum sound ever was recorded on CTTB, period. If the drums sounds good the whole record benefits from it.

  17. 17
    T says:

    Re: 16

    Mike, you are absolutely right. Very astute observations. The bottom line (bass, drums) is often taken for granted, but it is that foundation that brings out the rest of the band. A strong rhythm section is critical in bringing inspiration to the other instruments. As you noted, Come Taste the Band is a good example of that. I liked the snappy sound of Ian’s little kit during Mark I (“Emmeretta”) as well as the huge drum arrangement used during the later days, such as on CTTB. Offhand, I’d say Perfect Strangers marks the zenith of the Paice sound in the “modern” era.

    Your comment about production is also right on the mark. Glover needs to take over once again, or the band needs to produce itself. Bananas and Rapture of the Deep were fine albums but lacked identity, sounding more like solo Gillan albums than Deep Purple much of the time.

    On another note:

    I find it ironic that since the last two albums, members have found time and money to record their solo efforts while Purple continues to support a five-year old album. Both Gillan and Morse managed outside projects, and it seems that Don Airey might be working on his SECOND effort since Rapture of the Deep.

    If an album is indeed a “charitable event,” then we need more donations to the main event and less resources allocated to spin-offs.

  18. 18
    Soren says:

    Can´t say i care much about the drum sound on the last three albums, as i see no reason at all to listen to them.

    But, to me, the greatest drums sound he´s ever had in the studio (he and everyone else i´ve ever heard!) is without doubt Come an´ get it.

    Not exactly his peak playing wise, but the sound of the drums on that album is… Perfect, i think.

    All the best.


  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I suppose thats meant he was on a low point ?

    IMHO Both Blackers and Gillan kinda forgot their real personal sound due to commercial or insecure inclinations.
    But around 1990 ….1993 they came back in full flight.

    Yesterday I listened to This Time Around Again which I had not done for some years.

    The sound of this one was and is very good and Paice was in absolutely heavenly heights.

    Although I m a strong defender of Glenn I must hearing this album made me cringe.
    I forgot how much he went into overdrive on this one.
    Such a shame that a man with a God like voice cant economise his enhusiasm a bit.

    I NEVER had enough of Gillans screams in his heighdays but what DC and GH tried to do during the CTTB tour was a painful exercise in screaming your balls off.

    Both are great in their own right but have often stepped out of their range or overdid it.

    Concerning a new album I open to anything …..but in this format, missing the CORE and TRIUMVIRAT of the instrumental originals ….after 16 years I CAN say that…..I think theres not much to expect.

    I d rather see Don or Jon solo and so on….

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I meant Blackers and Paicey…….


  21. 21
    Gary says:

    Hi Priest, ‘ Zenith ‘ means ‘ the ultimate ‘,
    the ‘ best ‘ ….Take care 🙂

  22. 22
    Just Me says:

    Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think I will ever get on Steve’s guest list. I believe they will be in Melbourne on the 2nd of May 2010. What are the changes? I think minus 10000% to be on that list. Unfortunately I don’t think he reads the discussions here. Sure would have helped if he did and me just saying hello to him.

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Somehow I did think ZENITH meant something like ZERO.

    Wasnt there once a Russian camera in the 80s with that name?
    I remember the turning thing of the diaphraghm was rurned around compared to Western cameras.


    In general I think prices of a show like that are not that high compaerd to DP ticket prices and so on.

    Maybe the problem lies more in the DISTANCE you have to travel and the costs of that?

  24. 24
    Gary says:

    Hi Priest, Zenith is an American? manufacturing firm that produces electronics products, mainly tvs. Good name for a company like that, don’t you agree ?

  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Gary

    Did not know that.

    Zenith is a word used by one of the posters above us……

    He was saying that Ian Paice found his zenith during Perfect Strangers, as far as I understood.

    IMHO when DP reformed they were not the band they once were.

    Paicey came back into his 70 s playing around 90 …93, like Ritchie did.

    Gillan was in a bad shape, espescially after he did cut his long manes, reportedly because he saw Bruce Dickinson…….
    He never really recovered though he had his strong moments.

    Glover improved along the way, years after RB suggested him he could do much better by rehearsing more.
    That did help, unlike with Morse who does that many hours a day….

    Lord was always good, apart from the periods his mind got plastered thinking synths are equal to the mighty Hammond.

    But hey, what do I know?!

  26. 26
    Just Me says:

    Deep Purple will do a show in Melbourne AU on the 2nd of May ..


  27. 27
    Gary says:

    Hi ‘ Just Me ‘…There you go ! Now make some friends with the Deep Purple Down Under Fan Club ( The link is above ). They’re a fine bunch of guys and girls mostly from the Melbourne area.

    And most of them say Hi , or rather G’Day, to the band after the show 🙂

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Just me

    DP must be a more expensive thing to do than the one with Steve.

    Did you find a sponsor?

    Good for ya!


  29. 29
    Doug says:

    Purple needs to come back to the U.S. Enough said. I am worried about Steve. I have followed him since the Dixie Dregs in the 70’s. I am sure he is DELIGHTED to be in Purple. But I am concerned that the other guys are getting older and not up to working as hard as he is on new material. I just hope he does not leave! EVER! I DON’T want Richie back and DON’T want any other guitar player to be so foolish as to try to fill these impossible shoes of Steve’s! We love ya Steve!

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Doug

    You suggested that Steve is working harder on new stuff than the other Purps.
    Do you feel his material is being rejected?

    I dont know if he is STILL delighted.

    No pun intended but I can imagine the opposite
    I mean…. listening to his last interview and the FACT that he has not been really able to put his stamp on the band.
    Hell, even Tommy Bolin had more influence!

    Apart from the fact that Steve is not my man I do feel they did not let him have the influence lots of people were curious for.


  31. 31
    Just Me says:

    No Mark .. the DP tickets aren’t even for sale yet here in AU. I wish I knew somebody that knows SM personally *smile*

  32. 32
    Just Me says:

    I have been looking at youtube clips and noticed how frail Ian Gillan has become. I rented a DP dvd from their Australian tour in 1999 and watched a clip on youtube which was recorded in November last year .. oh boy! shocking how old and frail Ian has gotten. Steve has been with DP now for 15 years ..

    Question :: Don’t they get tired of playing the same songs over and over and over year in year out. Steve has been with them for 15 years now and its the same style and Smoke on the water stuff over and over. Ian battles to get the high notes etc. How long will they still carry on?

  33. 33
    Gary says:

    Hi ‘ Just Me ‘…Nobody in their right mind would admit to knowing Steve or anybody else in the band to somebody who doesn’t leave a proper given name and gives a story that can’t
    be verified.

    I suggest you follow my advice given a few posts above.

  34. 34
    Gary says:

    …and I hope you get your wish 🙂

  35. 35
    Just Me says:

    I am sure the webmaster has all my details including my email address, name and ip address. If somebody really wants it, they can ask me to email them.

    xxxx 😉

  36. 36
    Gary says:

    That could work. Best of luck to you 🙂

  37. 37
    Gary says:

    Hi Just Me, I have a couple of ideas you might like for the Melbourne show if you’re interested. The address highlighted by my name is for The Deep Purple Fan Page. I am the moderator and will not make your information public.

  38. 38
    mrjone says:

    Off topic: How does Steve’s Angelfire stuff sound? Are there any electric guitar soloing on it for instance, or is it purely acoustic?

    My speaker system has broken down, so I can’t find out yet…

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