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New Living Loud album in the works

While being in Australia, Steve Morse and Don Airey met with Bob Daisley to discuss the schedule to complete recording of a new Living Loud album. 3 tracks have already been laid down and are awaiting Jimmy Barnes to complete the vocals. The plan is to find some time in October to finalise the rest of the material for an early 2011 release.

Steve Morse writes in his latest update from the road:

Type A in Taipei… I am still getting used to being in Asia, food-wise, but they sure have managed to keep order out of what looks like too many people in a small space. The audience in Taipei was incredible, very energetic! We just arrived in Hong Kong, and you just can’t imagine the immensity of high rise buildings on top of hills, everywhere.

Australia was a blur, I think I was still trying to get over the change of day to night, and then we were gone. It was better than last time, I think, and it felt like a good result for all. A guitarist that I met years ago at a Guitar Player guitar concert, Nathan Cavaleri, sat in with us, and played very well, as I expected.

I touched base with Living Loud bassist Bob Daisley, and we made plans to finish the tunes we started. I do wish Australia would float a few thousand miles closer to the USA, though! Always a good experience.


33 Comments to “New Living Loud album in the works”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Man this is great, just last night I indulged in the unreleased show DVD. Steve Morse was born to be in this band, it works so well and he actually sounds like part of a band with some kind of direction. Its some of his best rock work imo. The band is just so good together, awesome chemistry! I was thinking to myself just last night how this needs to be continued somehow, uncanny!

  2. 2
    HZ says:

    Good news!

  3. 3
    kraatzy says:

    Livng Loud … Living Loud … Living Loud … oh no …
    I wanna read the following words …

    “NEW DEEP PURPLE Album in the Works” !!!!



  4. 4
    Jack11 says:

    Now this is a Supergroup!

  5. 5
    grannypants says:

    Awesome!! This is a better fit for Steve (and Bob Daisley is my fav bassist)!!

    Don’t count on a new DP album with the current lineup.

    I’m now convinced that DP the “institution” needs to change. I think in order to give it new life they need to recruit new members and let them take Purple in a new direction. Sure the current lineup are still great to watch do the same old tunes but new life would spur DP to new heights. Put the old members on some kind of board (bored) of directors, determining the lineup and continuing to manage the brand name and image of DP.

  6. 6
    Harrie says:

    Hey does anybody know if Lee Kerslake is in on this one ??
    He was replaced in Heep for health reasons, but when I last met Lee he had 50% of his health issues back in order.

    Would be so great to see him drumming again…..

  7. 7
    Tommy H. says:

    @ grannypants: Sad to say, but I totally agree …

    I’ve been reading the comments on THS.com for years, but now I feel that I have to put my thoughts on the table too.

    Everyone around DP is working on something new or finished an album. Even Jon Lord wondered months ago why there isn’t anything happening. I mean, it’s been five years since ROTD-release. I’m aware of the fact that they’re not the youngest musicians anymore. But that’s another reason to take a break from touring and recharge batteries. It’s unmistakeable that Ian Gillan – my favourite singer – would need that the most. It’s one thing to give your best to make something even better and another to struggle almost the whole time which is a lot more painful for the singer than the audience. Recording new material is a thing of creativity and watching them on stage doesn’t make me feel that they are too old for that. I feel that something has to change which for me is the singing or the singer.

    Bysides that and the recording-thing everything else feels good. I’m looking forward to more Living Loud material …

  8. 8
    Andre Sihotang says:

    Glad to hear Morse and Airey will produce a new music. It is gonna be awesome..but who is the vocalist? I have not enough idea about this band.

    grannypants :
    I’m second to you seriously. Since Deep Purple has been evolving within various line-ups, it is really make sense to have a young generation of Deep Purple. Gillan, Glover, and Paice can of course be sort of “House of Representative ” of Deep Purple and they have grant to determine and choose the right man on the right place for a new Deep Purple line up.

    Deep Purple brand name has been internationally having its place in the world of rock music, so no wonder it will continue in a new and fresh line up for many many years. Deep Purple is really not a company about “Smoke on the Water”,”Highway Star”, Blackmore, Gillan, Lord or else. A new Deep Purple album with a new energetic line up can make all listeners in heaven. Deep Purple music will live forever..


  9. 9
    dave_wallis says:

    Good news. I also enjoyed the first album a lot. Hopefully we’ll get to hear mostly bran new material instead of covers.

  10. 10
    Peter says:

    I was lucky enough to meet Steve after the Canberra show and I asked him about plans for a new album. Steve was in a bit of a mood that night (in his own words … lots of shit going on) and he said the chances of a new album in the short term are not good. He said that the Internet is killing them as no-one wants to buy CDs any more – everyone wants to download them for nothing. He also said that DP is run as a business and it takes 3 to 4 months to make an album during which time there is little or no money coming in and not many businesses can survive for 3 months with no income.

  11. 11
    Cameron says:


  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Kind of unrealistic, especially when its all cut and paste anyway. No way on earth can this hold Purple up any either, funny how some @3 dismiss anything that doesn’t have to do with a new Purple album. Just sayin there is more to life.

  13. 13
    Roberto says:

    living loud new album???? they should take care about a new deep purple album!!!!!!

  14. 14
    byron says:

    But sadly the great Lee Kerslake will not be part of it I presume? He’s semi retired now

  15. 15
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Yes this is good news. I agree with Ghost here. Steve really seams to meld quite well in this outfit. I don’t care too much for Jimmy Barnes vocals in this though…just my personal taste. A great singer, don’t get me wrong. Just not the style I would seek. Would love to hear a more bluesy, deeper voice. Doogie White or Jorn Lande. But it is what it is and it is good either way. I’ll have to pull out my signed copy of the DVD and CD to give it a listen again….


  16. 16
    Sergey says:

    It`s good.

    But I wanna see words “NEW DEEP PURPLE Album in the Works” !!!!

  17. 17
    Bill The Wizard says:

    #5 Are you serious? Thats probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard!!! No disrespect to you, but come on, Ian would pop you one, if he heard that. Purple will stumble into the studio soon enough! As soon as we quit talking about it, Probably about the same time as the New Snake CD comes out, the new Purple CD will show up!! Hey Tracey, where you at man? Cheers BP

  18. 18
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    #5- No recruitment necessary. And as much as all of us bloggers toss opinion into the mix with natural humanly imposed self righteousness, the band with its current constituents remains a machine. But yes, changing the oil with new material, along with pulling some old parts that still have life in them, can only help in moving forward to the next bend in this Purple highway.

    There, that’s my toss into the mix…..



  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    EXTRA…EXTRA…Read all about it!!!!!!!!

    Grannypants…..to go along with your expression regarding Purple’s Future…

    I already posted an entry a while back regarding Gillan in the ‘American Idol’ 3rd World Copy in Armenia selecting his replacement for the future….”Unfortunately, that ‘Blog’ is gone, due to being pushed out by needless ‘Tour Reviews’ that belong in the ‘Tour Review’ section (Now, do you see why I made such a stink about it???)….LOL.”

    From what I understand…(inside scoop), they will finish touring this year, and in 2011, Gillan and Morse are gone and they will Revamp and Reemerge and pursue a New Direction with yet a NEW MK9 Lineup….From what I understand, Satriani is free from ‘Chickenfoot’ due to Hagar touring as a Solo act again, thereby putting him up for Purple Grabs again. He was actually originally selected, and toured to save the day when the ‘Man in Black’ became the ‘Man in Tights’ and called it quits AGAIN, back in 1994. Now he is FREE to take the position that he had to turn down then due to Contractual restraints. So, a new Singer (unknown at this time) and SATCH is Back and now it’s time for PURPLE to Rise Again….

    I’ll miss Morse, but based on the history of this band, 4 albums seems to be the limit regarding line-ups and the creative mood. This is the only way to carry the band into the future, with New Material…..(so THEY SAY).


  20. 20
    Made in England says:

    @19. ROFL.

    You may well have an inside scoop about Gillan and Morse. I have no way of knowing whether it’s true or not but it’s a comedy scenario that beats the Jolene fiasco hands down to suggest that Paice, Glover and Airey will continue, as DP, with a new singer and Guitarist. Personally I think Paicey’s had enough so if the other two bow out he’ll go too and I have difficulty imagining Glover carrying on if that was the case. If your inside scoop about Gillan and Morse is for real then that’s the end of DP. Anything else is laughable.

  21. 21
    Tommy H. says:

    # 10: Maybe some recently unknown internal problems are now bubbling to the surface. To me it doesn’t sound like money is the main problem although I’m not involved with their financial situation. There’ll always be people who download everything either if it’s DP or not, like there’ll be those who buy records on CD or vinyl. That’s nothing new. When I think of the crouds they played to the last years, I can’t imagine a better promotion because finally this is what counts. They also tried out new songs live before recording them when you think of the past. Like I said before, it’s been five years since RODT-release and there isn’t a single new song.

    # 19: That Gillan and Morse are about to quit doesn’t fit to what I heard of but it doesn’t feel wrong either. Especially when you search the Internet for interviews where Gillan repeatedly states that there’ll be a new album. I suppose something in the band isn’t right anymore which changed their plans. Fair enough when you think about the long time they’ve been together. Perhaps they fear that when the tour is over the band will split, so they keep on touring. Maybe a “fade out” is their way to deal with it this time round.

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Huh? Second part of an already expressed ream of yours or something? I’m sure the “inside scoop” factor and “so they say” is a gesture. Now that I’m officially booking a big nation-wide tour that may be expanding into Europe, for an artist within the Purple family that you are aware of, I’ve learned quite a bit about how difficult it is to schedule any kind of life around consistent touring. I don’t blame them for not staying on the road all the time, but I think some scheduling creativity could be injected so everyone makes out, of course that includes the fans, just a fairly educated opinion. As for records, well Mr.Morse, instead of complaing bout free downloading, build it and they will come… he should have someone who knows what they’re doing crunch the numbers and see just how many would actually pay to download it if it were released in such an alternative format, and sell their latest CD at every single show they do, instead of some shows here and there. Trust me, it would make a difference in sales, although you still have to PROMOTE an album or you can’t expact AAYONE to buy it, which is another story, one for the labels who are supposed to support their acts by doing so to consider, ya think? I’m just saying Morse sounds more niave than he probably is, and its a friggen cop-out when he does that, although he doesn’t have to answer to anybody, afterall he did replace a guy who never did. lol!

  23. 23
    Edwards Coletta says:

    YEEEEEEES!@!!!!!!! That’s what the world needs most – new album from Living LouD!!! Who needs a new album from DP while we can have new LP’s from anybody else :DDDD.

    Bruce P., keep on rollin, mate!!!!!

  24. 24
    Steffi says:

    There will be great musicians in a wonderful combination, moving on a creative path to give their inspirations to us all, who love and take strength of this kind of music.
    I`m thankfull and with happiness looking forward for their new explorations for us all!!!
    For “LIVING LOUD “!!!!!!

    Cheers Steffi

  25. 25
    Mark says:

    I always thought John Lawton would have been great in Purple or Rainbow, most likely too late for that.

  26. 26
    HZ says:

    I agree with you Tracy. Maybe they should open the door for some new vocalist, because, in my opinion, that was a weak link, even though I enjoyed the whole album. Also, can’t wait for another Steve’s solo album – just can’t stop listening to Split Decision (I know maybe that’s not the best, but I really enjoy it).

  27. 27
    stoffer says:

    grannypants @5 VERY interesting and GREAT idea but it probably will never happen. What if maybe they could guest on tour whenever they wanted??

    Tracy……….good news…although I will believe it when it is reality C:

  28. 28
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Just in from a back patio elixer relaxer lunch in the sun with ROTD listening session. These lads remain freaks. Screw, yes with near no respect, screw the likes of Green Day, Pearl (toe) Jam etcetera, etcetera….. C’mon lads, CREATE FURTHER!!! Screw MTV nation! WRITE AND RECORD!!! Until the nails are tapped into the collective boxes, let’s pray for more ART! “Our father, who art in heaven…..”

    Vavoom! She’s restless this afternoon whilst I chalk my cue….



  29. 29
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Hey Ghost….

    I had a feeling you were working on something regarding Purple. You have been way over the top in your sudden “Present Purple” coveting and “Past Purple” bashing. Yeah, I know you always did support Present Purple to an extent, but suddenly you are very protective and outgoing in support. Almost like you are “Selling yourself” to them. Hey, good luck with the Booking. Don’t sell you soul, It’s only Rock and Roll.

    As for my “Scoop”. Well obviously You have an inside contact now according to you. Might want to ask Him….unless you are afraid of jeopardizing your project…..


  30. 30
    fernando says:

    I believe that we are losing something, I think the new album actually do not want to record with Morse, and that more than a few surprises we’ll get, maybe Satriani, or the return of the man in black for a world tour?
    As fans of all the purple family, it would be a dream that happened.

  31. 31
    Chris Stobart says:

    We’ve been five years without new material from Purple and that’s way too long considering how stable the line-up is.

    I agree that maybe it’s time for new blood. Steve Morse may be a much nicer guy to work with than Blackmore, the stability of the band since 1994 is testament to that, but if he wants to do that many side projects then surely it’s time for Purple #9.

    Janick Gers for guitarist anyone?

  32. 32
    Tony Lind says:

    As a bloke who has experienced DP ( Roundabout ) before they became DP, what a lot of rubbish !!! Either they stay as they are now, or they (new members) become “New DP” or whatever name they prefer. But they just cannot get new members to become what is a very respected old group. Steve and Don without question are the last musicians with enough skills and ability to be DPurplere.
    I remember, and shared stage with, Roundabout in 1968 in Denmark. They did Hush as a early stage tune, bought the 45 record, and then after only a few weeks, we heard of this group DP, and realising that we recently has shared stage with those fellows, boy, were they good. Made us feel good too, and forever DP fans.
    Stay as DP, with the 5 fellows as now, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, a new album, or albums, is/are required badly !

  33. 33
    NWO says:

    No New Material.
    No New CD’s, LP’s, MP3’s, whatever ees you want to use,
    No Lineup Changes.
    North American Classic Rock Tour with Orchestra.
    Fade To Black.

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