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Summer in the studio?

Deep Purple in Montreal, July 28 2007; Photo: Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

A rather cryptic message from the band has appeared on the official site:

DEEP PURPLE are very excited by the prospect of making a new and significant album. To that end they have decided to extend their writing and recording period through the Summer of 2012.

Ian Gillan said “We know we will disappoint some of our fans this Summer however we look forward very much to our Autumn/ Winter Tour and continuing our Worldwide tour with our new album in 2013

It remains to be seen what exactly does this mean as it doesn’t quite agree with the fact that tickets are already being on sale for the first few (unconfirmed) dates of the European tour in July and August.

71 Comments to “Summer in the studio?”:

  1. 1
    dale says:

    I am willing to be disappointed by the fact that they will be touring less while writing their album let’s hope the album won’t disappoint us like “Rapture” did!!!!! A decent producer is a big factor I think but I don’t think Roger will take it on. My advice just let loose and have lots of fun while recording as “Rapture” was too serious album for my liking. Good luck DP

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    at least now we know…here’s hoping its worth the wait

  3. 3
    NWO says:

    I am not really waiting on anything special from Deep Purple at this point in their career. It is quite obvious that what they have on tap is nothing special. That’s why they keep delaying the new recording. At least they care enough about what they are putting out. Unlike BCC. A third BCC album seems a bit much. I don’t think they are that creative at this stage in their career. Love BCC but 1&2 sound alike. I have listened to the BCC records dozens of times. I have a hard time naming 3 songs.
    Oh here is a CANADIAN band that rocks. What DP should sound like 😉
    They’re doing it old school. On the road. Not even on a label yet.

  4. 4
    mike says:

    as thay say i think thay have in the can already

  5. 5
    josh says:

    2013 will be a wonderful year ! And the end of 2012 too 🙂

  6. 6
    Bottocks says:

    Significant….could that possibly mean their last album?……i hope not!.

  7. 7
    Wim says:

    Ok lets see and wait what will happen.

  8. 8
    Drdp says:

    Maybe they have heard the cries of the masses. It’s The WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

  9. 9
    Roberto says:

    they will not play a gig per day…just a show every two days…lazy guys…;)

  10. 10
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    The Official Site doesn’t show those summer Dates. They are wide open between February and November according to that site. Apparently they don’t post ‘tentative’ dates there, only confirmed dates. Maybe…..just Maybe, they are seriously going to address this Album situation so that they can begin performing some of the numbers toward the end of the year. I like this statement. Better late than never. 13 just happens to be my lucky number. Was hoping for something this year, but if it takes this time allocated to produce the album ‘they’ feel needs to be put out, then that is what it takes. Their call and effort, our gift when it finally happens. Looking forward to it though more than ever. I do believe this will be a good effort. One as different as the last 4.


  11. 11
    Rick Freeman says:

    That’s what I have been wondering. Nothing live March-Late July. Still Paicy has a few Clinics coming up and Steve will tour with Flying Colors. So that leaves say April-Late July. Not putting much into this. It was in London back in ’09 when Gillan mentioned they were headed into the Studio. The up-coming break, Early ’10. I saw Steve with his band that Oct. of ’09. He said they were going to record. Saw him in ’10 again with his band. Got the impression he did not want to talk about the missed sessions. Airey this past summer told some fans after a show that he was disappointed in the lack of studio time. Other than that he was very content. Just every member has something different to say. Maybe they should hold a press conference and announce it like Black Sabbath recently did. Like the song says “Don’t hold your Breath” Still if it happens, it happens. My favorite group. Come back to the states!

  12. 12
    Maybe I'm A Leo says:

    Awesome! A new album, can’t wait.

  13. 13
    Scott W. says:

    Doesn’t seem cryptic to me. At least they are planning on recording sooner or later!

  14. 14
    T says:

    As I have indicated numerous times in the past, Deep Purple could retire today and they would remain the greatest hard rock band in the history of the genre. Their accomplishments, pedigree and longevity put Purple head and shoulders above any group anyone would care to name, and much the same could be said for the various spin-off “cousins” in the band’s family–many spawning the stellar careers of various high-level rock musicians too numerous to list.

    However, as long as Deep Purple continues to exist, a contemporary product to promote is mandatory. Riding the “wave” of past line-ups and continuing to play essentially the same old songs does significant damage to the reputation of Deep Purple.

    The output of the band has been nearly nil since the turn of the century. Two albums in over a decade reduces the legitimacy of the legacy as well as the current band. Regardless of the quality of live performances, no group can continue to play in the same venues with essentially the same music year after year after year without reducing the status to “inactive” at best and “tribute” at worst, particularly when one considers the shows are mainly constructed of decades old compositions recorded by previous members.

    It is also detrimental that the band continues to release live album after live album, all maddeningly similar. Adding an orchestra was interesting, but consisted of merely re-packaging the brand, much like adding racing stripes or new trim to a classic automobile design. Very cool perhaps–but not improved. Ironically, the most significant part of the last tour was not the addition of an orchestra but the inclusion of “Hard Lovin’ Man”.

    It is due to the scant number of new releases that Deep Purple has a great deal riding on the next record. Perhaps this is the very reason that the members feel reluctance or even trepidation in recording one. While cousin groups are highly consistent in releases with some extremely significant works coming to light, Deep Purple remains a touring band. Comparisons will be inevitable.

    Deep Purple formerly had nothing to prove; however, with the time between albums being measured in many years instead of months or a single year or two, coupled with the current line-up only being lukewarm in the studio, the pressure is on and enough to reduce the recording experience from one of catharsis to one of necessity. This is all to say nothing of the fact that given the time between records, any new album would likely be Purple’s last as the follow-up wouldn’t be due until 2018! The facts conspire to make the next album as significant as any in the Purple catalog.

    I predicted in 2009 that Purple would not release an album in 2010; last year, I predicted that Deep Purple would not release a new album in 2012. Despite the encouraging news, I stand by that assessment and I challenge the band to prove me wrong!

    This band retains the capability to live up to their own legacy as the greatest hard rock group on the planet, providing that the recording is done within the confines of the band and without outside interference. The talents and creativity of Roger Glover and Ian Paice need to be utilized in the studio and the band itself should produce their own record. A band of this caliber and musicianship hardly needs someone looking over the shoulder telling them how to do things.

    Black Country Communion proved that the vintage-style hard rock music for which Purple is famous remains in vogue and audiences are starving for it. After a couple of decades of rap and hip-hop, the time is ripe for a magnum opus from the likes of Deep Purple. Fans are ready for a back-to-basics, top-jam, overdriven Hammond-based, guitar-screaming, blues-based barn burner that would fold back the eyelids of the harshest critic or punk who wears backwards or skewed and oversized baseball-style caps.

    Come on. Let’s go space truckin’.


    T (a.k.a. Stratkat)

  15. 15
    Willy says:


  16. 16
    TedTheMechanic says:

    I’m a lot more disappointed if they go on tour without a new album !!!

  17. 17
    Paul Jacklin says:

    Great news – really do hope this comes to fruition. It’s probably going to be the last studio album from a great rock legend.

  18. 18
    Al says:

    It is about time !

  19. 19
    ormandy says:

    I’ll buy a copy.

    I’ll buy two copies if it’s mastered to audiophile quality standards.

  20. 20
    biz says:

    @1 . i was not in the least disappointed by ‘rapture’. in fact, i consider it the best DP album since perfect strangers and the house of blue light and wouldn’t mind having a new one on a similar level.

  21. 21
    Tommy H. says:

    A new album heavily influenced by Blues and classical music would be god damn nice. There was too much Jazz within the last record. Going back to where they come from can’t be wrong. I’m looking forward to it!

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    One thing is worrying me the most.

    I am not getting any younger. : (

    I m being confronted for many years now by people I once held dear and felt inspired by depressing the hell out of me.

    Evidently very talented musicians leaving many years blank space while they could have been working on an impressive backcatloque. THAT saddens me deeply.

    Once they thaught me live for the max and BURN.
    Now I m getting the message over and over again of ……

    We’re not inspired, we actually don’t care a lot anymore and we’re just dragging ourselves through the dirt of it all….just to cement a good old days pension.

    “What about the heartache?! What about the emptiness inside?!THAT all just does not fade away…….” : (

  23. 23
    Steve Hawker says:

    A new album? What will be new?

    Do you remember 1996? We’d gone through the turmoil of lineup changes (also not new) when finally not only did we have a stable lineup with a better-than-good guitarist (a dearth of squealy pig would make that label “great”) but we also had a new album that sounded fresh from a band that was truly reinvigorated. The gigs that Spring were magical: Colston Hall was fantastic but Brixton was even better and one of my favourite boots. Purple were back and it was exciting, it really was.

    I liked Abandon. Morse’s influence was to the fore and the band still sounded interested and the songs sounded, how should I put this, erm, differentiated. As I emigrated to California I didn’t catch any gigs so I can’t comment.

    Since then? Bananas was, frankly, rubbish. ROTD I played maybe 3 times and between those 2 “offerings” I cannot tell one song from another. I saw the Warfield gig with Thin Lizzy and Satriani guesting on the encore. It was a snoozefest.

    So for 10 years DP has done nothing that would win me back, live or studio. It’s upsetting because they hit such heights for so long.

    If they had the balls, they should record this album and hold onto it for some time. Then they should listen to it with the ears of a 30-year fan. If it chugs along anonymously like Bananas and ROTD, they should throw it away and announce their retirement as a band. If it sparkles and crackles like MH/PS/_|_ then they should use their vast wealth to loudly proclaim the return of the greatest band in the world with a real marketing campaign.Heck maybe they could even play some proper venues.

    So gents, a new album with the emphasis on No More Chugga-Chugga like some demented Rolf Harris Wobble Board. I thank yew!

  24. 24
    Wildtrooper says:

    If this new album is not better produced and written than Rapture, then there is no reason to release anything. Things have gone from promising to a downward spiral since Purpendicular 🙁 A good album is not about trying to compete musically with the modern Prog bands. Just great songs with great production PLEASE!!! (we all know you can play boys!)

  25. 25
    korhan says:

    We will always love Deep Purple- whatever happens-.Hope to see them this year in Germany.
    I wish health and happiness to Deep Purple.I am sure that they will give us-the fans-another good album -gift-.(Business is different than music, so nobody knows what will happen)

  26. 26
    Alan says:

    At last! Gillan still seems the problem though. You get the impresssion that it all very last minute and rather rushed. I want to see them ‘revive’ on what could potentially be the final album. No fillers please.

  27. 27
    Joanna says:

    Glad to hear it. I hope the new CD will be better than the latest one. Alas, to be sure, I was tired of Rapture very soon, it was like a comet, to admire for a year only.
    Many new exciting songs I wish!

  28. 28
    Bo says:

    I hope that they at VERY long last will make a Deep Purple rock album, but then they need a rock gutiar player. I like Morse a lot, but he is not – and will never be – a ROCK player.
    NO more touring before there is new album out. Right now it’s the same and the same and the same. Just done much better 30 years ago, and 40 years ago

  29. 29
    Gary Mayer says:

    If it’s as good as PURPENDICULAR, I’ll be happy!!

  30. 30
    Roberto says:

    T: your posts are always too long to be read and you focus too much on band’s history trying just to make the point…this is not an offence, just what I notice everytime I try to read your posts…

  31. 31
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    @16 is an imposter! It’s not me! Make sure you keep that name connected as one! :>


  32. 32
    AndreA says:

    2013…..and somebody hopes that the next ( in 2013) will be not the last: ahah!
    However I would have been impatient if there was Blackmore (and Lord) because after all these years Morse gets me tired even if i admit he is a great musician..but his sound and his playing i don’t like anymore…

  33. 33
    Pete says:

    Great post T,very well said.It certainly will be about time,and nothing in rock music excites me more than a new Deep Purple album.I sincerely hope this will not be their last album,why should it be?Gillan and Paice have frequently said they want to go on forever,and the band are playing as well as ever,gaining new fans all the time.If the new album gets a great reception,it could reinvigorate the band and get thier creative juices really flowing again.As T says,Deep Purple are the greatest rock band of all time,no one else even comes close.Deep Purple In Rock never fails to make my hair stand on end,even after all these years.To hear Hard Lovin’ Man live for the first time was unbelievable.For the band to really let rip and make an In Rock 2 would be incredible!

  34. 34
    Pete says:

    Fantastic post T,very well said.It certainly is about time from the greatest rock band in the world,no one else even comes close.To really let rip and record In Rock 2 would be sensational.I don’t think this will be their last album,why should it be?If the new album gets a great response,their creative juices would really flow again,they would be fired up to unleash their magic on the world again!I really can’t wait for this,nothing in rock is more exciting than a new Deep Purple album.

  35. 35
    Emo says:

    It would be nice, (sounds like Ian on one eye to..) If they could ask R.B. and J.L.
    to provide a small contribution as well. Or am I dreaming.
    Anyway great news!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    I hope the writing and production of the album can be documented. This will probably be the last record by one of the last great bands of the rock & roll era, and it is definitely worthy of a documentary.

  37. 37
    Bill Major says:

    Not sure what Dale [1] was listening to on Rapture. I can’t say I was disappointed in that album. Some really good stuff there. That is what happens late in the careers of the legendary acts. No one can let go of the classics and it is easy to expect vintage 70s stuff. Remember, they thought the hit from Machine Head was going to be “Never Before”. SOTW was done as an afterthought. They literally were finishing the track when the police were banging on the door to throw them out before they “ended up at the grand hotel”. I guess the point is you never know. Hard to imagine after all this time, with all the unbelievable talent and history that this won’t produce some really good stuff. Listen, be glad. I’m 57 years old. I remember all the albums coming out and the anticipation. With the exception of the decade in the late 70s and early 80s we have had Purple for almost 44 years. How many people can claim to be legitimate and relevant for anywhere near that long. How many of you guys my age thought this would be possible after the disastrous Come Taste The Band tour? They were worse than dead in the water. Phoenix Rising is appropriate. Because they rose from the ashes. It just took 10 years. I for one am grateful. Bring the new one on.

  38. 38
    kraatzy says:

    yes – its very very very time to get a new DP album



  39. 39
    Peter says:

    Summer dates are not probably going to happen. So Canadian tour and then European Tour in fall – maybe with some new tracks already in set (it seems to me like that from the news). I think that album will be out early in 2013. 🙂

    Producer – I´m sure for 100% that Bradford is gone, luckilly. I think that Nick Blagona will be the producer for new record, maybe with Roger´s “co-production”. The key question now is, how many material they currently really have and if any already worked stuff is going to be used, because AFAIK there was just one writing session in early 2011 about which are very varied opinion in band (or better say what was said to public). I would take as the most important informations those from Roger´s sites – these are probably actual.

    To be honest, I really dont think that they do not have ideas for songs… They are very productive in solo careers, I think that they may have an issue to do stuff “together” that they think that fits to the Purple. 🙂 As IG said, No Lotion For That should have been originally Purple track many years ago.

    BTW – I´m just listening to Rapture and I really HOPE that they will make a new album in the way of heavier tracks on THIS record…. Its strange but on Bananas – the best ones are NOT the heaviest ones, but on Rapture its just oposite… And I think that Paicey said that new record should be heavy album I really think that heavy is meant in way of heavy Rapture tracks (I just “rediscovered” how awesome opener Money Talks is)! 🙂

  40. 40
    dale says:

    Just out of interest DP will spend the summer recording an Album while IG recorded his excellent “One eye to Morocco” Album in just one week in Canada about 2 years ago. The longer time DP spend on recording their Album the more it will sound so perfect!!! Maybe gone the days of recording live and raw first talk. As well IG and RG always used to say that they never planned any of the previous album they just go and do it when the time is right. Change in style I think!!! Interesting.

  41. 41
    OL says:

    Dale : Rapture is a jewel, not a razor-sharp one like in rock, but a jewel nonetheless.

  42. 42
    NWO says:

    Well the Rock Gods love me!! As I stated in post #3. Here is a band that will inspire Deep Purple into recording some stuff. Breaking news – Monster Truck just announced as the opening act for Four Shows! All you fellow Canadians come early and check out Monster Truck. They are opening up for Deep Purple on these shows announced so far: Ottawa, London, Toronto & Hamilton. April Wine is the opening act in Kingston, Ontario. http://www.paulmercsconcerts.com/

  43. 43
    MarinStoikov says:

    ALL the summer concerts are cancelled, so this news is true now

  44. 44
    George Fotis says:

    What`s happened to the old day’s back in the 70’s when they used to release an album every year. Mark 3 got together mid year & then recorded Burn later in the year !
    Plus all they did was use the Rolling Stones moblie unit & the sound quality is still very good . It shouldn’t be that hard for them to sit down for a weeks & record something. They have been playing music all their life. I thought Blackmore was supposed to be giving this band a negative vibe. Even with him out , they still can’t release anything good.

  45. 45
    André says:

    Why do they record a new album? Their audience want them to play only the old stuff! So, a new recording is a waste of time. The setlist won’t change, except maybe one or two songs in the first months of the new record… We must admit : “That’s all, folks”. Go to their concerts, enjoy the songs from the magic period. New stuff can’t be better!

  46. 46
    Scott W. says:

    #s 23 & 24
    I agree! I hope the production and songs are more ‘ In yer’ Face’ on the new one!

  47. 47
    josh says:

    @ OL # 41 Yes, truer words were never spoken !

  48. 48
    Roberto says:

    @36 …”it is definitely worthy of a documentary.” that’s relly true!

  49. 49
    George says:

    I consider Rapture of the Deep as one of the greatest studio album they’ve ever released. It’s on my personal DP’s top 5 after In Rock, Machine Head, Perfect Strangers and Purpendicular.

    The drive it has (Wrong Man, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye)
    The bluesy joy it has (Junkyard Blues, Girls Like That)
    The depth and spirit it has (Rapture of the Deep)
    The drive, depth and spirit, at the same time it has (Clearly Quite Absurd)
    and…. and the breathtakingly epic, spiritual, philosophical song it has (Before Time Began)

    what else could you ask from the GREAT musicians, if the album has drive, spirit, depth and joy?

    Come on people… I’m not ageist but what I see is that the elder fans of DP. who has seen the band live in the 60’s and 70’s, mostly do a lot of critical (and sometimes offensive) comments to their latest, 2000’s stuff. Ok, not all of them, but most of them.

    This becomes also offensive for me and other young fans. What if I’m 22 yrs old and I saw them live in 2009 for the first time? (then in 2010 and ’11). For me DP is what I saw them live – Gillan/Morse/Glover/Paice/Airey – This IS the Deep Purple I listened live and this IS the Deep Purple I LOVE! Not only me. I’ve a lot of Purplefan friends and it’s the same here. Elder fans keep saying: “oh, come on, Gillan is bad, he isn’t what he used to be”… “Morse is great but he’s not Blackmore” and so on…
    While we, younger fans keep trying to convince them that what WE see live, what we hear in the studio (e.g. Rapture) is GREAT and we love it. I’ve not seen Blackmore live, I love, but don’t miss him. I’ve not seen Lord live. I love, but I don’t miss him.

    With no doubt, the opinions of everyone of us here and there are subjective and we speak with our own personal experience with DP. I understand the one, who has seen Gillan live in KB Hallen, 1972… But it was Ian of past days. Now we have Ian of modern days. Ok, he did the earth shuttering screaming in the past, it was great then. NOW he has the absolutely amazing depth and spirit in his voice, especially in the lower notes (Before Time Began, Holy Water) and that’s GREAT also, NOW!

    and… Morse? The outstanding colorfulness of the musical texture and ideas he brought to Purpendicular, for example…

    Come on guys, please, just get over it: “Seasons change, then was then and now is now”

    P.S. and again, if you didn’t love the current stuff of dp, you wouldn’t be here.

  50. 50
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @49 Very good comment. I am amazed at all comments from people who actually seem to think there will be an “In Rock 2”. That was then and this is now, indeed. Everyone involved then, both fans and musicians, were younger then. The times were different then. The music climate and business was extremely different.

    It’s very weird how people seem to have a problem of letting go from a favorite band. People who surely has let other things go over the past 40 years.

    The old albums will always be there. No matter how Rapture or the new album sounds, it will not make the old albums disappear. If you don’t like it, listen to the old stuff like you’ve surely done a million times already. If you like something new, open your ears and listen before you pass judgement.

    With that said, I agree with the people who wonder what use a new album really is for DP. Sadly, most fans are not like George. Most of them prefer the old material. The band seem to prefer to cater to these fans. As has been said before, I also think a couple of new songs will appear in the set at the beginning of the tour and will then be dropped when they don’t get the same response as Smoke on the Water. Of course they won’t get the same response. Times change etc. (See above again.) And without playing those new songs, they will never get the chance to even begin to climb towards the popularity of the old material.

    I would still like to see the band take the chance to go out to smaller venues and play more newer material for the fans who actually enjoy the Morse/Airey material. Or do like Rolling Stones did a bunch of years ago, play more than one date in the same town in different venues. One big show for the people who only want to hear the old stuff and a club gig the next day with only Morse material.

  51. 51
    Ralle says:

    @49 and @50 you’re so right. I’ve said it here and do it again: I’m so fed up hearing Highway Star, Smoke …, Space Truckin, …, Strange Kind … and even Knockin’ and Perfect Strangers all the time live and on every Live-DVD/CD . I can’t hear it anymore. It frustrates me when I visit DP concert an they still play that stuff over and over again.

    Strangely enough for example today, during my work, i suddenly had “Under the gun” in mind and how great that was in the ’85-concerts. Not to mention the unbelievable great ’96 an ’98 Tour with Steve and Jon Lord in full flight and Paicey playing drums again and with lots of new material in the set.

    Even in ’74 they maintained only a few songs in the set from earlier material.
    I love listening to the new songs. Wrong Man and Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and all the new stuff with Don were so great during the past years, during the concerts. That kind of groove. No one else can play like that. They would have build up a whole new reputation since ’96 with new material, but instead they increased the old stuff during the past years. It’s up to them, but i can not understand that.

    I also like the Rapture-Album a lot. Firstly, i thought the sound was strange, but after reading somewhere that they tried to use the same microphone-techniques as on “In Rock”, i thought “ok, why not …”
    And I also love “The House Of Blue Light”, I know a lot of people will bash me here. I think the album is great.

    That’s what Purple is all about: Each album was different in sound, mood, songwriting. I love the experimental side, try to make something new, unique, challenging.

  52. 52
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    dale @40;
    When it comes to doing solo albums such as “One Eye to Morocco”, the production time isn’t the issue. Ian, as with Roger state they are writing all the time. Most composers have a stash of tunes they have worked on that are slated to at some point in time to wind up on a record. A band such as Purple is a different thing all together. To be a legitimate Purple album, the main body of work should come from the coalition and contribution of the members influence together. Not to state here that a few numbers over the years aren’t actually tunes that one member might have contributed on his own in the past, but the majority of the album should be a Band effort. Yeah, when they individually announce their interest in doing a solo album, it seems soon thereafter it is released. That’s due to the individual already having his material written and just needing recording and production, whereby Purple have to get together and allocate ‘quality time’ towards just getting down some songs to work with, and then they have to judge each one as to whether or not it qualifies to them as a Purple Album worthy tune. Quite a different and more tedious project.

    PP @22;
    Dude yes, you aren’t getting any younger. NONE OF US ARE. You of all people whom constantly complains of your aches and pains and health issues aren’t near the age of the majority of Purple’s members. Yeah, their age and 40 plus years of the biz has changed their approach and output. I wouldn’t state here that Purple have slowed down by any means. Yeah, maybe on the album front they have reduced their productivity, but on the other hand, they have made up for it with constant touring. Some fans actually prefer it that way. Especially those whom enjoy seeing them LIVE in concert. It’s all relative, but one thing is for sure, they truly have been quite busy. Now back to you…..Just from most of your recent descriptions of your own ailments, I’d have to state here with total and utter confidence that you ain’t even half the man you were just 10 years ago. Weird how you are also the first to complain about these Older Than You Geezers, whom still tour and play harder and more than most bands half their age. Where is your allegiance?

    Bill Majors @37 and Peter @39;
    Love your points here.

    T @14;
    Zzzzzzzzzzz…….good though.

    Either way I am pumped and ready for the next offering from these Giants. Once they call it a day, that will be that and all we will have left is what they leave for us (except for Priest, he’ll already be gone). Another album will be much welcomed by this fan of over 40 years. With their age and other fellow friends and musicians of their same era (Tony Iommi/Jon Lord/DIO/ Gary Moore) facing major health issues and even death, the odds are against them. I just hope they all live long enough to finish this album and tour it proper. I too hope for a harder edged focus, but whatever direction they go, will be where they are today, and I trust it will be worth the wait. I ain’t been disappointed yet.


  53. 53
    LRT says:


    I agree, ‘weird’ as all f*$# INDEED! Ask any doctor and they will tell you the same, it’s some sort of inner cry for help if you ask them.

  54. 54
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    George @49;


    Thanx George and to all others whom are picking up and carrying the Present Purple Torch. I love it when a youngster expresses such a mature point regarding such a varied subject. To think that this band in it’s obvious twilight years of existence, after so many years and line-ups presently makes such an impact on such a young audience in this day and time where such a variety of music is being offered throughout the world. This is a fantastic testimony to the music STILL being made and played by this incredible band. Now, if only the Band would take heed to this and put more of their newer songs in the set-list…….


    Cheers from one of those Old Guys you were referring to whom gets it.

  55. 55
    Black Sheep says:

    @49 Love that post!!

  56. 56
    Prem says:

    OK!! So studio time..and an album hopefully out soon. And hope they dont have Michael Bradford on production duty. Hated the sound of Bananas and ROTD. The mix was bad. It sounded muddy and jumbled at places. Hopefully something along the sound of perpendicular/Abandon would be more welcome. And no fillers please like in ROTD. The long wait doesnt warranty it

  57. 57
    Roberto says:

    ‘one eye to morocco’ production is great…Nick Blagona is The Man.

  58. 58
    Roberto says:


  59. 59
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wrote something but my pc saved us from me posting that.

  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Your pc is probably PC……

  61. 61
    George Fotis says:

    How is Rapurte Of The Deep supposed to be such a great album. It is one of the worst along with Bannanas & Slaves & Masters ! The production is real bad, Ian’s drums come at you to much, plus it’s flat. There isn’t as much guitar work here by Steve. A few interesting songs then it goes wayward & commercial. Before Time Began was a very sad way to end it. You have got to question , if it was so good why didn’t they do a follow up soon after. Plus who is expecting another In Rock? not me , you just want something that sounds good the whole way whrew, with a similar sound to how they play live. The way Roger has mixed Down To Earth & Purpendicular sounds great, all the instrument’s sounds apart & crisp.

  62. 62
    Eric E. says:

    Ill be happy for a new record because I am through with live shows until Im told they are playing more Morse era material and not the same old set list

  63. 63
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    @ 60;

    Maybe that’s Your list of Purple’s worst albums. Obviously everyone has their favorites and non-favorites. Just as with song choice. But I’ll put their worst record up against pretty much any other band’s best, anytime. ‘Before Time Began’ is an epic track that again, is something totally different from anything they have done prior. The Beauty of this band is their versatility. My only complaints are that they don’t include enough songs from this album and the prior 3 in their ‘Live’ set and lagged on album output. I’m really looking forward to the next tour and some songs from the upcoming album. Hopefully some more thrown in from the last 4 too. I’m still begging for ‘Sun Goes Down’ Live.
    New album? New setlist!!! 2013 is a far-away-time, but looks to be an awesome one. BCC and Purple to release new albums? How can it not be? Plus we have ‘Flying Colors’ coming out to tide us over until then.


  64. 64
    Roberto says:

    @61 I too believe ‘Rapture’ is not that great but I really can’t share your motivations…they are untrue to me…

  65. 65
    LRT says:

    Flying Colors should do more than that, if you like this sort of thing. How can you until you hear it? Nothing like it ever made, so if you’re interested in something this new, you will be pleased.

  66. 66
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    I presume that response was aimed at me. You wrote:

    “Flying Colors should do more than that, if you like this sort of thing. How can you until you hear it?”

    I guess that was in response to my stating it will tide us over till the next Purple album. Yeah, it may be as good as you state. I hope it is. You have really gone out on a limb in your promoting its wonderment. I’m ready for something of magnitudenal relevance. Hearing will hopefully be believing. I have confidence that it is. Hell, look at the band members. It should be. But, either way, for me, it still will be a buffer till PURPLE releases their new one. That is the “crème de la crème”.


  67. 67
    purplepriest1965 says:

    We ‘re getting more crazy every day.

    Say Larry……

    Is it already the first of april?

  68. 68
    Drumguy1988 says:


    What Deep Purple Should Sound like. What the hell is wrong with you!?

  69. 69
    Anjohl says:

    Saw DP for first time, first Canadian date, concert was amazing! Don Airey is one of my heroes, and Steve won me over with his virtuosity.

    Ian sounded amazing for his vintage, and I couldn’t detect any vocal sample/lowered key shenanigans.

    To hear “Rapture of the Deep” and “Black Night” live was overwhelming. I don’t understand those tht criticize their post Blackmore output…it all sounds great to me, and it all sounds natural. I am a huge Blackmore fan, mainly for Rainbow 1-3, but really digging in on the 90’s on stuff is resulting in many treasures. Purpendicular, Rapture, Bananas, all treasures.

  70. 70
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Anjohl @69;

    Nice to see a fresh ‘non-dinosaur’ narrow mind here…good post.


  71. 71
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    They should make a deal to Co Headline or open for Fleetwood Mac . They would blow them off the stage .

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