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In the press

Several items of interest have either been published or are about to be.

Uncut magazine, 2018/09 issue

September 2018 issue of the Uncut magazine is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the band under the Ultimate Music Guide moniker. Albeit we’re told that the inside content is ridden with errors. For those still interested, the issue can be ordered online.

Paicey and his Mercedes-Benz 500SEL AMG are profiled in November 2018 issue of the Classic Cars magazine.

Back in January Chris Charlesworth mentioned in his blog that he is “at present engaged in revising my 1983 biography of Deep Purple for publication in a different format later this year”. As a taste teaser, the post has an expanded anecdote circa 1970 of him sneaking a girl for Ritchie into a Paris hotel past an overly diligent night porter. Also, check out his another Purple detour from a couple of years ago, which contains a slightly different version of the aforementioned Paris anecdote.

Deep Purple at 50

Purveyors of very expensive books Rufus Stone are exercising another foray into the realm artificial scarcity with a 3 volume collection sold via Pledge Music. Deep Purple at 50 includes:

  1. Jon Lord All Those Years Ago with a mounted inside the cover postcard personally signed by Jon Lord;
  2. Whitesnake The Purple Tour signed by David Coverdale and the whole band;
  3. Deep Purple The California Jam signed by Ian Paice.

The set is said to be limited to 50 copies and comes with a princely price tag of £795 (approx $1053/€902) and a promise to ship in the first week of December 2018. 28 copies are left unclaimed as of the time of this writing.

Thanks to Jim Collins, Nigel Young, Doug A, and BraveWords for the info.

9 Comments to “In the press”:

  1. 1
    Alexander Taylor says:

    I’ve got it. Its actually very good

  2. 2
    Andy Coulibaly Thompson says:

    No new photos thought there might have been a hidden gem for the price

  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    I’ve had the Uncut Purple issue for a few days now.Not long enough for a proper read.
    Aside from an”Ian Lord” and “Roger Coverdale” which I caught on quick perusal,it seems to be a decent tribute.
    Who knows what a deeper dig will unearth,but,for now,I’m glad I bought it.

  4. 4
    Steve28 says:

    This Ultimate Guide is well worth getting. Yes, a few errors in there that can be spotted but some interesting articles and re-reviews of all the albums. I don’t necessarily agree with them but at least it’s not the ass-kissing that was the Led Zep ultimate guide where every song seemed worthy of 4 or 5 stars. Both mags do show how awful most of the music press were to heavy Rock bands, even at their supposed peak. You do wonder how vitriolic some of the articles not chosen for the magazine were. It’s good to read some actual RB interviews and comments rather than him always being absent. And you realise that it’s always worth listening to the wise words coming from Ian Paice.

  5. 5
    Philip says:

    Overy diligent? A Freudian slip or was the night porter trying to minimise the risk of paternity suits…

  6. 6
    rik_uk says:

    UNCUT magazine…..i spotted a Roger Coverdale!

  7. 7
    Nick Soveiko says:

    Philip @5:

    sometimes a typo is just a typo 😉

  8. 8
    Buttockss says:

    Is good reading, extra with the album reviews are very to the point. If you have not picked this up you should try to…..i very much enjoyed the articles and the pictures.

  9. 9
    mike whiteley says:

    OK,I’ve read the Uncut mag,cover to cover,A full week’s read. It’s quite well done.Yes,there are a handful of editorial errors,but these pale in comparison to the insights into the band that are provided.
    There are a few opening paragraphs from Ian Paice.
    Every album & song is graded,from 1 to 5 .The ’60’s and ’70’s catalogue is given a fresh review,roughly a page per album.The ’80’s,90’s & 2000’s are bunched together;a single page a decade.Unfortunate,but the mag’s 120 odd pages as it is.
    There is also an essay on the many live albums the band has made as well as the myriad compilations.
    The treasure of this magazine,for me,is the archival interviews from British publications Melody Maker and New Music Express.These pieces are,I imagine,new to anyone who didn’t live in Europe at the time.
    ( All but one of the articles are pre-Internet – 60s.70s.80s).
    A piece from 2017 pretty well brings things up to date.
    There is a fair bit of print given to Rainbow,a passing glance at Whitesnake.
    This magazine is a worthwhile addition to my Purple library and won’t see the recycle bin anytime

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