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Putting everyone on notice

Roger Glover was featured with a lengthy interview in the Antihero Magazine. Yep, it’s Roger sharing his thoughts in response to interesting, off-the-beaten path questions. No further hype is needed.

Mark Dean: Do you find these press schedules get easier or more difficult as the years pass by?

Roger Glover: Actually, probably easier, because when you’re young you were scared about saying the truth. When you’re older, you don’t give a shit.

Mark Dean: You’ve got a new album coming out and obviously then the inevitable tour. The tour’s being called The Long Goodbye. I just wondered if that was clever marketing, or a conclusion and drawing to a close on your career as a band playing live?

Roger Glover: Well, first of all, we tour anyway, whether there’s an album or not. It’s not the tour that follows the album. Although, it is literally, yes. You are correct. All we know is sooner or later we’re going to end. We’re all either above or below our seventies.

So, you know, the writing is on the wall. Sooner or later this will end. We just don’t know when, but we’re putting ourselves and everyone else on notice that, you know, it is around the corner, we just don’t know when. I think, personally, we’re touring this year around Europe and the States, and there’s certainly other places we should go to if we’re going to say goodbye. I’d like to say hello and goodbye to lots of places, really. If we can.

To find out how he retains passion about creating new music, what he thinks of Slaves and Masters, how much of the new album he wants to play live, what he thinks on the reactivation of Rainbow, the state of his book of memoirs, which song really started him on the path to making music his life, how does it feel to be a rock celebrity, how the whole music landscape has changed over his lifespan, that secret track that Gary Moore guested on that is still unreleased, and many, many more, continue reading in Antihero Magazine.

Thanks to Nigel Young for the info.

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    Blackwood Richmore says:


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    Nigel Young says:

    RG interview from Milan on Tuesday.

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    Nigel Young says:

    “Sunday 2nd April at 7pm, Deep Purple and Rainbow legend Roger Glover joins Wyatt to play the artists that inspired him!” http://www.planetrock.com/on-air/my-planet-rocks/

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